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Education / Re: Thread For PHD Students by wip2: 10:50am On Sep 17, 2020
Research on Rapid-point-of-Use Sensor

My lab is currently building fantastic and commercial viable sensor technologies using molecularly imprinted technologies. The sensor are able to detect multiple heavy metals in various sources, food pathogens and their toxins and cancer biomarkers.

Here are our recent work.

Collaboration with African-based Researcher:

To assist and train interested researchers in Africa, I am wiling to collaborate with few persons interested to carry out research in the following fields:
1. Electrochemical sensors
2. Wastewater treatment technology via photocatalysis
3. Energy storage devices
4. Advanced materials for biomedical applications
5. AI related scientific research
6. Slow -release agricultural nutrient loaded hydrogels

The aim is to train the researchers on how to carry out research, write reputable papers and publish in reputable journals so that person can create another chain reactions.

Progress will be disseminated timely

I will put up some characteristics and profile I am interested to work with.

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Education / Re: Thread For PHD Students by wip2: 10:18am On Sep 17, 2020
Ogbeni, peace be upon you. I am not here to trade words with you. Nevertheless, I am bigger than you.

Actually he has a lot to learn ...too much .......and I hate it when African do this....its embarrassing.


Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 7:04am On Feb 24, 2013
udehraphael: Please mr wip7 have metu started giving admission and also i need to know how the maths and english exam am going to write is like,,pls reply,,i need to know ,,in order to know how to prepare,,if u can get a past question on it, pls forward to me,,,linus4real20@yahoo.com,,thanks

I cant reply with WIP7 (dont know why). Admission process has not started. There are no past questions in most schools in Cyprus. The exam for English is set to test your speaking, listening and writing skills just like TOEFL, so if you are from Nigeria and pass WAEC English, you will not have problem. Maths exam for students aiming to study engineering. So read your maths textbooks, learn calculus or meet your friend in 100 level Engineering in Nigeria and read their first year maths. This exam is set to actually know if you are fit for engineering or other departments
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 4:04pm On Jul 18, 2011

@ Wip5,

Hello, I sent you a mail about the Principal's course but I got no reply.

Sir, i did not receive your message, i do reply all my emails within 1 business day!
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 1:23pm On Mar 24, 2010
which place in Northern europe, am hearing this for the first time anyway, which countris they northern europe or u mean all these Nordic countries like norway, sweden and finland? ok you can try them. Good luk and God helps
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 12:30pm On Mar 24, 2010
@ SUXES 2005,

i will surely repl y u but i need concrete info ad real info b4 sendin anythin to u, let me go there and come bak cos i i like real thin than sayin i hear i hear , u understand.


most skools in turkey do not offer Pgd programs so i tink alot of universities and skools offer Pgd in Uk. chek out many options for urself and see how we go move forward. the only option is to transfer to final year undergradutae to earn thier own Bsc and proceed for masters and so has to do with what u studied, most social sciences can hav one or two options compare to sciences and engineering for Pgd. so do more research
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 8:19am On Mar 24, 2010
@suxes 2005,

wtin i do you bro, i was just telling the goodguy in turkish that he should chek internet for infor on visas as said by u and goodluk, since all these days u neve learn turkish ooooooohhhhh na dutch u want to learn i forget, let me say some dutch to you since na adutch some parts speak in belgium, Maak u geen zorgen dat iedereen goed zal zijn.
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 8:12am On Mar 24, 2010

which kind of a year program are you looking at? almost all master program in Turkey runs for 3 semesters or 4 semesters which is more than a year. Unless you hav aother 1 year program you intend to run. Turkish university admission is of high standard cos first with your HND you ant be accepted to go for Masters you may only be transfer to some years in undergraduate. for masters you need to earn a minimum of 610 in GRE math section to get admission even you score 608 you will not be attended to, so you see that the admission requirement is high but i know that you are guru u can even score 790, lol
Mind you durin my Msc, a nigerian girl score 770 and she was admitted for Phd instead cos you can apply to PHd straight in turkey with ur BSc. Masters in turkey is around 650dols/semester. then about job prospects just read my earlier posts on this thread that should asnwer ur questions. dont beliv that runing away from Nigeria wit ur HND to turkey or other european countries will better ur finacail level, as a HND holder why cant you look for something to do in Nigeria that will better your live, you can start somethin urself than lookiing for ffailed Government work to do. Are u not a graduate? start fish farming, soap making, food material supplies to eatry, barbing saloon or just anything and innovate it to make it good and help u, Am not boastin here but does who know me physically can tell u or confirm and i can mention names are on NL, in nigeria i do have a big farm that stocks fish, cow, goat, chicken etc and 7 offices in Nigerian states, i established these b4 leavin naija for better education abroad without no capital but high creativity and ideal, the poorest man is the one witout no ideal, just think of somethin oh but if u say naturkey by force just chek this www.greatistanbul.com goodluk
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 7:11pm On Mar 23, 2010

Böylece, dostum haftanızı arayacak bilgilerine ve hakkında bilgi için vize turistik türk büyükelçiliği internet sitelerine veya suxes2005 istemek için rehberi bu. Goodluck
Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 7:03pm On Mar 23, 2010

The language Barrier really affects alot of things for non-speaker and this may limit the oppurtunities. All country in this world have diffrent forms of rasicism which exist in America, Turkey, Nigeria, Uk even in sudan but the degree of rasicism differs. If smbody says Turkish are rasicst then what will the person say aout RUSSIAN or UKRAINIAN or NIGERIAN( or you want to tell me pple in jos are not Nigerian and who is killing them? is it american?) , so each country has diffrent forms and degree of rasicsm, so almost everybody that lives in aoda man country is bound to meet one form of rasicm or the other and if the person is lucky enuf might not come across any during his /her stay abroad. BUT remember some pple might be rasict due to what other pple has caused, for instance some citizens might developed thick skin to other citizens due to what they have caused earlier like polluting their land with hard drugs, trafficking etc so hearing or seeing you as a man from such country agrevate some as a law of motion but am sure if you behave yourself and dont invlove or move with illegal pple you might not face any rasicm cos the only one i faced wa wen i needed to open an office in istanbul , it took me sometime and the money was high but the same outlet was given to my citizen she-friend at a lower price but it does not really bothers me so far is still my shop cos such can also happen in naija by inflating the price becos of skin but i dont think they wont want to rent a shop to anybody sha. so for you to relocate you nid to do alot of online research and even talks and see what you will be doing their after you relocate although is cheaper compare to many other european countries but relocate to do what, Naija sweet oooo anyway . If you are a creative man and innovative you will atleast make it but if you ar a dull person that belivs money is on the street of turkey or europe and ready to pick then , you dey OYO.     IF  in nigeria you can legally make atleast 50k in a month without depending on anybody just your brain legally, i think you should be ale to make sometin also here but i dont know how much oooo, then if you think you want to work here hmmmmm  Size iyi söz türkçe

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Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 6:35pm On Mar 23, 2010

suxes2005 has said it all.
There are alot of oppurtunties in most of these european countries but one major problem is the LANGUAGE BARRIER. In the remote area or city high percentage speak their language which is also peculiar to Nigeria cos in the core North pple their speak their own dailect or language for example i was lucky enuf to speak fulani and hausa well , during My NYSC in zamfara state most copers then do have communication problems with pple around and dis limit the opputurnities becos the indigen will feel comfortable to speak with the person that understand thier language and such person can easily get job or do one or other things in such area but you cant compare the level at which pple speak diffrent language and ENGLISH in ABUJA to zamfara thereby Giving pple upper hand and chances to penetrate SO the same thing applies in most european countries TURKEY inclusive.

let me give you liitle clue about TURKEY.

TURKEY is an Eurasian country bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest; Greece to the west; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan (the exclave of Nakhchivan) and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south; the Aegean Sea to the west; and the Black Sea is to the north. The predominant religion in Turkey is Islam and its official language is Turkish,Turkey is classified as a developed country by the CIA and as a regional power by political scientists and economists worldwide. Turkey has the world's 15th largest GDP and 17th largest Nominal GDP. The country is a founding member of the OECD and the G-20 major economies. Turkish economy are dependent on industries in major cities, banking, construction, home appliances, electronics, textiles, oil refining, petrochemical products, food, mining, iron and steel, machine industry and automotive. Turkey has a large and growing automotive industry, which produced 1,147,110 motor vehicles in 2008, ranking as the 6th largest producer in Europe (behind the United Kingdom and above Italy) and the 15th largest producer in the world. Turkey is also one of the leading shipbuilding nations; in 2007 the country ranked 4th in the world (behind China, South Korea and Japan) in terms of the number of ordered ships, and also 4th in the world (behind Italy, USA and Canada) in terms of the number of ordered mega yachts.
The major cities are Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, adana, Gaziantep etc and there are smaller cities like siran, Buharkent etc Doing Business is good in Turkey if you have the means, you can buy from turkey and export to your home country for sells which is a good return. Also Turkish universities are highly rated in the world like MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY which is ranked 499 in the world webometric ranking 2010 jan, BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY, BILKENT all these universities mentioned were ranked above loughborough university UK ad many US universities, check to confirm.

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Travel / Re: Life In Turkey by wip2: 7:44pm On Mar 22, 2010

ah haahhaahaaaaaaaaaaaa iz2much just 12hrs in the airport in istanbul that you cant even distuiguish btwn irananian to turkish , you are sayin there is racism in turkey. bros i always want pple to say things with facts and not just sayin sake.

if there is racism in turkey , did anybody kill you or beat you , u just left Nigeria and u know how pple were killed in jos and various fights from one states to anodawhat will you call that??

i have bin in turkey for years bro , u only one day haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa , am waiting to watch ur many more comments sha
Travel / Re: Any Nigerian In Turkey by wip2: 3:51pm On Mar 21, 2010

first which part of turkey are you coming to? second where are you coming from? must you stay for extra days? have you forgotten that turkey is not like Nigeria where u can accomodate 80 pple in the same room and the landlordwill not say anything?

also, most pple dont know you from heaven , how can i just accomodate a stranger in my house? or you want to hear a story of a friend that help another guy at airport with some of his excess luggage since the criminal claimed he has no money to pay for the excess and this guy decided to help cos he is also black man unkownly to him that the excess luggage contains CODEIN. this good guy was arrested while the criminal scale tru, if not for good technological system at denmark airport this good guy would have been roasted in prison.

advise for you, if you are travelling to ankara or istanbul or what ever city you are going just chek online for cheap hotels and lodge there if you must stay for extra days. am sure you will find considerabble cheap and affordable hotels around.
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 3:36pm On Mar 21, 2010
@ suxes

Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 6:52pm On Mar 20, 2010

Aliamdulilah. All thanks and glory be to almighty Allah. Welcome to island once again! bro anoda advice for you, your mission to the island is education if am correct and i will urge you to give it high percentge in what ever you do. Earning very good GPA will automatically result to scholarship which will help your financial status.

See there re alot of people on that island that has been there for years and they cant leave the island due to poor grades and due to their frustration they begin to discourage others and planing diffrent evils such are the types of people that are always bin deported or always involve in one crime or the other.

a world is enuf for iz2much.

Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 12:05pm On Mar 20, 2010

thanks man, biz is cool. got some infor 4u will update you as the infor complete. Mu, masu lura da kanka abokina
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 6:10pm On Mar 19, 2010

that your school wala too much, i called them more than 10 times today to remind them and i was told it has been taken care of that the message will be redirected to the person in charge and they will meet you.

where ever you are now, if you clear yourself from the immigration at ERCAN airport just go out and you shall see somebody from your skool to pick you but if you cant find anybody from CIU , then you have to take a taxi to CIU is not too far and it should cost you less than 50dols.

you will arrive in around 9pm turkish time and incase nobody piks you up, tell the taxi to take you to any hostel cos almost all the offices would have been closed but when you get to the hostel, you shall see hostel rep or whom ever is in charge of the dorm, just tell him/her you are a new student and you shall be accomodated and tmr go gto the international centre incase of anything.

no wala you will definatly find your way. Have a wonderful stay on the island
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 9:54am On Mar 19, 2010
Iyi Bir gün. Nasılsın arkadaşlar?
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living In Cyprus by wip2: 1:36am On Mar 17, 2010

haha you dey fear make them no round up ur hard earn money. prepare to bring small sack come along to dey pack coins cos they have coins here called KURUS so you can have 50kurus or 5 kurus etc all in coins.

there are phone carrier like turkcell, tellsim and vodafone in turkey but u can only find turkcell and tellsim in NC with tellsim you have 5000 free sms to anywhere even heaven but calling naija on your mobile is expensive so some use international fone shop or calls which is more cheaper or get VIOP software called NONOH on your laptop and just open your account with this nonoh you can anybody in naija for like 14naira pa min and most other countries are even free on it like canada, US, UK , Hungary etc so that will save your money.

the airport you will stay for 12hrs is world class ATATURK airport in istanbul not lik MM2 cannot be boring cos you see wat you have never seen before and you see the beautty of this airport and how orgainzed it is not like,
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living In Cyprus by wip2: 6:55pm On Mar 16, 2010

yeah i have sent the stuff to your skool there wala just plenty, but i will keep calling dem on your behalf. sure you will get a place to stay for few days wen you arrive cos you will arrive around 9pm the second day you leave naija. you will spend almost 12hrs at istanbul airport then you enter another flight going to ERCAN so watch out so that you wont be left out cos we had cases of many students sightseeing to buy and eating ekmek and kebab at the airport until they forgot their flight schedules , thats their story.

Also try to change some money at change desk at the airport to TYL may like 100dols so that you easily do some stuffs with that cos changing it with taxi driver or other pple and not bureau might reduce the change rate i tink current rate is 1 USd = 1.52 tYL.
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 8:11am On Mar 16, 2010

thanks man. All glory be to Almighty Allah for making it a reality, i believe the cardinal points of setting up this forum is basically for Nigerians to benefit and learn from others and to discuss issues affecting us and find a way out.

But after sometimes those greedy, poor and naughty thiefs began to use this forum as a way of scamming pple of their hard earn Naira, making it very difficult for many real pple that have information to pass to the society on certain issues to operate.

There is a statement i will like to pass here, THAT NO AMOUNT OF MONEY ANY FRUADSTERs or SCAMMERS REAP from VICTIMS shall be beneficial to their LIFEs , they will always face one or many diificulties and problems in their jony. Many have succeeded duping pple but at the end they all die a Miserable death.

Secondly, most Nigerians do give room for them to be duped. Because if you are too greedy and despirate the next thing is that you fall a victim.i rememberd somebody mail me asking if he can travel from turkey to georgia and sneak to mexico and finally sneak into USA, i replied him that i have never sneaked from one country to another and i dont know those routes but he insisted that i must help me cos he need to leave naija to US. i told him why cant you apply to US embassy directly he said no, later he requsted for my number which i gave him then i was in greece, he called me that i should process greece visa for him but i told him i can only give you direction to get it and possibly direct you to the sites or embassy but he insisted i know the way to do it , i must do it for him if really i want to help him, just imagine, this kind of soul can be scammed, that was my tinking, later he called me that he has clients interested in going to greece that how much will i do it for last price, i was wondering i never discussed price with this man, later i got to know that he posed to 3 victims that am his brother in greece and i will process the visa for them after collecting some money from them,, but God be the glory i exposed him and stop giving my number , so over despiration might leads to scam.
Imagin sombody that has never travel out in his life or have any of his family abroad processing visa and giving information about a particular place or may be the person only travel to Ghana begin to shout about AUSTRALIA here, what i do ask pple sometime is have you been there and can you kindly show me evidence thta you actually travelled there and to do what.
google and many web search tools will go a long way slving pple problem and real info from threads will also be useful,
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 7:37pm On Mar 15, 2010
@suxes 2005,

hey ur reply is on the way just kip calm g2g.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living In Cyprus by wip2: 7:31pm On Mar 15, 2010

hey if you dont have money to buy stuffs in istanbul then rush go VESPA along badagry where u can buy 20 shirts for like 2k and come dey do ur big boy here jeje then wen u get chance after u don arrive as bigger biy level make you enter europen or asian markets in ISTANBUL the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE. you will really love it.

come start skool first b4 you are thinkin of transfer. you wan know everyting first b4 you leave naija, haha am sure you will ask how u can buy brick house soon in cyprus.

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Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 12:56pm On Mar 14, 2010

hey bro just got busy thats why i have not replied. yeah lefkosia apartmnt is a bit expensive compared to other cities in NC. some students skooling at lefkosia do live at famagusta and nearby cities with cheap accomodation, you can take bus to lefkosia for 5TYL. but as a new student i will advise you to atleast stay in skool dorm for the spring semester and watch things around you and see wat you can do.

most off campus apartment might require you to pay for light and water bills which might be inclusive in your skool dorm bills if you stay in skool. your skool am sure will accept instalment payments if you dont have much money for now and you can choose if you wanna stay in room of 4 , 3, 2 dependin on your purse. i dont live in lefkosia so i cant give you any figure to expect as apartment fee but i have friends and cousines that have secured off campus apartment in distant area of lefkosia for 2300GBP/yr and they share the payment among themselves. in famagusta you can see apartment with 2000USD/yr so aprtment has to do with the area and how close to the main skool of skool area. with less than 1000euros you should be able to get dorm in your skool and after that you can learn about any other cheaper opportunities as time pass by.

pls wen you are comin just buy things that will last you for some months if possible like rice, garri, ewedu, ogboroko, lafun, orunla, ewa aganyi, epo pupa, agbo jedi etc so as to cut cost from feeding.

secondly things are a bit expensive in TRNC like clothes and many stuffs but more cheaper in turkey so you can travel to istanbul and do your shoppings, dont forget to visit GRAND BAZAAR MARKET
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living In Cyprus by wip2: 5:28pm On Mar 13, 2010

mine with german accent and spellings cos i learnt from turkish leavin at germany then and wen you move to places like izmir and bursa they speak like mine. is like yours is turkish cyproitic in nature.

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Travel / Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 5:11pm On Mar 13, 2010
@ kheme,

Bu ilerler daha fazlası eğitici mi adada incelemek daha fazla bilmek için araştırdık insanlarla temellendirdi zaman seninki adada yaklaşık yaşıyor
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living In Cyprus by wip2: 5:02pm On Mar 13, 2010

wat have you gotten so far? i senin heveslere bakmak icin hazirlanmis oldugunu um?

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