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Romance / Re: Angeline Francis Gives Up Billions Inheritance To Marry Her Nigerian Lover by wiringdpt(m): 9:05pm On Sep 04, 2023
Crime / Re: @PIDOMNIGERIA Exposes Human Trafficking Ring In Akwa Ibom State. by wiringdpt(m): 8:59am On Sep 01, 2023
It is 2023 and you guys still do this nonsense on nairaland, are you people not ashamed?
These are Yoruba extended families.

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Programming / Re: Muili Seun Sells Off Gocampus To Vickram Sybri, Indian Tech Guru by wiringdpt(m): 2:02pm On Jun 21, 2023
What an idiat
Celebrities / Re: Popular South African Musician Costa Titch Slumps, Dies On Stage (Video/Photos) by wiringdpt(m): 6:24am On Mar 12, 2023
You just had to be unfortunate
Instead of you to eat SA fufu, tuwo or pound yam with better soup three hours before you climb stage but no, na alcohol, ciggar, cocaine, weed go full your body.

Well Fellas, You better check your ingridient before you get an Overdose

Rip rapper

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Family / Re: My Girl Said She Can't Marry Me Yet While I Stay In Selfcon, Anything Wrong With by wiringdpt(m): 9:35am On Mar 06, 2023
Forget marriage for now and focus, also stop letting women know how much you earn you simps
I work and trade crypto and forex, my girlfriend knows how much i earn, but because i have plans, i still live in a modern selfcon in an estate.

So tonight i asked my girlfriend whom i wish to marry, if she would be willing to marry me as i stay in this selfcon, even if i don't have money to rent 1bed room.

She said she can't, please what does this mean? Possibly not my class? Possibly might leave when things go bad?
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Has Set A New Record In Thr English FA Cup (Pic) by wiringdpt(m): 9:59pm On Jan 28, 2023
And what are you doing with your life you bloody degenerate
His mate are in the champions league career dying at just age 26


TV/Movies / Re: See Randburg, Sandton City Where BB Titans Is Hosted In SA (PICS) by wiringdpt(m): 8:08am On Jan 27, 2023
Visit south africa first before spilling rubbish

But only the whites live there
Health / Re: Oyinbo Woman Spotted Barefoot And Looking Unkempt In Ajah, Lagos (Photo) by wiringdpt(m): 11:18am On Jan 22, 2023
Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Block The Guy She Cheated With by wiringdpt(m): 1:07pm On Jan 04, 2023
First of all you be fool for still staying in the marriage, you are already doomed. Still calling her your wife, cheaters never stop they are just get more careful
Good day naira landers and happy holiday. I am writing this base on the challenge am having in my marriage. Some of you might have known little about the issue i had previously cos i brought it to the forum.

It happened that my wife was having emotional affairs with another man which i knew through her chat.

Though family and pastor were involved and have tried everything to resolve the issue between us. I have decided to forgive and forget and also give her a second chance even though it was a difficult situation for me, I decided to let go cos of my two daughters and don't want them to share from a broken home.

Now the issue am still having is that my wife has promise to change and be a better person and also promise to cut any emotional tile with the man. But I wasn't confident with that, so i told her to block this guy on all social media and also delete his number so there wont be any communication between them cos i sense if they both keep in touch, they might go back to what they were doing before. She got angry when i told her this and she said she can't block the guy cos they have been friends for many years even before she got married to me.

She started dating the guy last year under my roof and her reason was that i pushed her to do such act cos i wasn't giving her enough attention and love which is totally a lie.

So house, pls just let me know if i did wrong by telling her to block the guy or i over did it. I just felt blocking him will be best for us cos i noticed my wife is not fully detached from this guy emotionally.

Pls if you are in my shoes, what will you do house. If you want to get more insight about what transpired, you can go to my details nairaland.

Pls mod, help me by doing the needful.
Romance / Re: Sisters; Never Give A Man Sex On First Date Or He'll Leave You. My Experience by wiringdpt(m): 12:56pm On Jan 04, 2023
If 99% percent of naija men cheat, how come we have the highest paternity fraud in the world? Don't generalise because you met some bad ones

What really do you people want? Why do you cheat on a woman you claim you love? Cheating is in the blood of 99% of Naija men. A man will convince you he loves you and your mind will already be at peace thinking he's the one, only to start ignoring you after that. I think you people should tell us what u want shocked angry angry angry angry
Romance / Re: Sisters; Never Give A Man Sex On First Date Or He'll Leave You. My Experience by wiringdpt(m): 12:13pm On Jan 04, 2023
Have you heard of post nut clarity? If you like the keep sex away for year, we decide if the relationship will continue or not after the first sex. You do not get to decide the relationship unfortunately. Me and some of my exes had sex on our first date and still dated for years also women should learn what a man really wants, everything isn't about pretty face.
We have been conditioned to believe that sex will keep a man glue and obsessed about you. No.

I read a thread yesterday of a man dating a single lady who's denying him sex, but the man doesn't still leave her. See that angry.

Men are wired differently. A man will beg you for sex for many days and immediately you open your leg, he run away after hitting it and stop giving you attention that you deserve. Before you open your leg at all, make sure he's obsessed and his brain programmed to the thought of you alone. This is not difficult provided you don't show him how much you love him. Make him do the chasing. Men like that won't leave you.

There was a guy who was on my case. I like him. But I know Nigerian men. They'll use you once they see you're in love with them. I hoard my love and I told him no sex. No amount of convincing worked. And he was always on his toes making sure he doesn't deviate from showing me love and care.

But still, most of our men are liars and could be getting the sex somewhere else.
That's why a woman should close her leg until you know that he will marry you. Don't fall for their lies
Crime / Re: Onyeaghalachi Stephen Nwagwugwu: NDLEA Arrests Wanted Abia Drug Kingpin by wiringdpt(m): 10:02am On Nov 30, 2022
2022 and you guys are still doing this rubbish on this platform
Onyeaghalachi Stephen Nwagwugwu

"When you see such names... just call 911.

There's 99.9% probability that a crime has happened shocked or will happen lipsrsealed or ....is happening". undecided

Jesus in the Book of Ecclesiastes 4 v 19

Romance / Re: I Am Facing Blockages After Meeting My Girlfriend by wiringdpt(m): 4:11pm On Sep 05, 2022
You are a very stooooopid man sleeping and even impregnating someone with three kids by two different men. Your stooooopid became more glaring when you believed maami water spirit and shit so you deserve everything happening to you. Next you use your head not your dick.
Hello everyone, I am 34 years old and I am here to get honest advice from experienced people.

My story will be short and precise.

I met a girl in April, 2022 (this year), she already had 3 kids, TWO for a man and ONE for a man another man.

Before I met this girl, I have what I need at least, i can rent a house, buy my basic needs and even have savings.

But since i met her, i was turned down in all the places where i was promised Good jobs and contracts.

When we went to make consultation, we were told she belongs to water spirit that she refused to give sacrifices or relate well with her fellow water mates, that the more she didn't do the right things for them, my own Life Will be affected too.

She is pregnant for me right now and I have not had any child before.

My question is this, is there anyone here who has had similar experience?

We were told to appease her water mates, that afterwards, things will change for good.

And i have also heard from several people that most times after doing all the sacrifices, things might not change much for the man.

And all these sacrifices cost money!!!


Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Speaks On High Rent In The United Kingdom by wiringdpt(m): 5:43pm On Jun 06, 2022
I live in SA and I pay 550k per month excluding electricity.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gas Payments In Rubles Would Backfire On EU Sanctions by wiringdpt(m): 8:37am On Mar 27, 2022
You need help
Definitely! It will backfire on the EU sanctions and will give Putin and Russia the upper hand. But this is what I see happening in the coming days/ months.

I see a Scenario where Most of EU and others will go for Israel's Gas tho not directly from Israel as Israel will not sell Directly to them. As of yesterday, I heard Egypt is now going to buy Much of Israel gas and would sell to Europe.

I Believe in times to come this will anger Russia/Putin and will make him to make a move towards Israel. Which is the Ezekiel 38& 39 GogMagog War.

I Believe, Israel gas and resources is the "Hook in the Jaw" GOD ALMIGHTY will use to hook Russia down to Israel. Because what we are witnessing happening to Ukraine now, is quite similar to what will happen to Israel.

The same manner you see the Nations do to Ukraine is the same that will happen to Israel. No one will help Israel. They will be almost annihilated but the GOD of Israel will Come down and Crush all the Collation of Nations that come for that Invasion.

Events are Playing out Prophetically and Only those with Deep Understanding will understand. We are at the End of the End of the End. The RAPTURE will Happen soonest. Be Concious of this and do the Needful
Family / Re: My Wife Is Pregnant Again And Our Kids Are Only 1 And 2 by wiringdpt(m): 1:10pm On Mar 25, 2022
Terminate it if you can, don't listen to them saying theyre gift from God.
My wife got pregnant again even with an IUD. We werent planning for it. As these babies are so small and require so much care already.

Its not like raising them in the village. We live abroad and we dont get help. It means we always have to be with them if not for daycare but then we are working. We are already so tired.

I dont know if I am venting or asking for advice. We are grateful but we are so tired already... what to do...?
Politics / Re: Central Bank Of Nigeria To Spend $8 Billion Defending The Naira In 2022 by wiringdpt(m): 12:11pm On Jan 18, 2022
2022 and you guys are still doing this to each other on nairaland, your lives must be pathetic
The naira is just like local Yoruba musims no value

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Food / Re: As There Is No Meat In The Market, We Saw An Alternative by wiringdpt(m): 7:46pm On Mar 02, 2021
I trust igbo's for that, we really need to do that and take farming serious in SW and SE.
I've even adapted to fish over here
Trust my Igbo brothers to start commercial cow rearing
las Las na North go beg because they'll have to eat their cattles and perishable goods.

or transport to neighbouring countries with higher logistics and with that they won't even beat huge purchases power of the south smiley

their loss las Las because it'll make Southern people adjust
Romance / Re: After I Took A Loan For Her, She Blocked My Number by wiringdpt(m): 10:27pm On Feb 22, 2021
It hurts but let her go and repay the loan. You dodged a bullet.
My fiancee made me take loan with my teacher salary. Big money for her which I am going to repay in five years. Just after I gave her the money, she has blocked my number.

Please help me cry
Islam for Muslims / Re: Accepting A Gift From A Non-muslim On His Day Of Festival by wiringdpt(m): 10:24am On Dec 25, 2020
Religious people are they most retarded


Business / Re: Court To Restrain GTB From Deregistering As A LLC To Avoid ₦32 Billion Debt by wiringdpt(m): 6:36pm On Nov 30, 2020
Its 2020 and this is what some of you still type on nairaland?
It yaf been for them.

Yoruba people should pay my Igbo brother his money. Running from pillar to post is only increasing the interest rate.
Travel / Re: Lockdown: Onitsha Inner Neighbourhoods (Aerial Pictures) by wiringdpt(m): 9:54pm On Apr 12, 2020
2020 and you guys are still doing this on here?
No single Brown Roof

But go to Lagos and Ibadan you will mistake the two states for a shrine .
Brown roofs everywhere .
Politics / Re: Border Closure: 98 Firms Relocate, Others Lose Millions by wiringdpt(m): 5:55pm On Oct 30, 2019
Thank you o
You people will just sit in a corner and fabricate lies, just to discredit the government. Hate! I guess...98 firms without names, industry sectors etc...is easy to just relocate a business like that?

Haters, I hail una!
Crime / Re: Olamilekan Akanbi Ojora Arrested At Delhi Airport, India by wiringdpt(m): 5:48pm On Oct 25, 2019
I know him, na ilasa guy.
Celebrities / Re: Mizwanneka Nwanneka Nkumah & Husband, Willy Celebrate 6th Wedding Anniversary by wiringdpt(m): 11:41am On Oct 19, 2019
thats not 2019 gwagon, thats a facelift

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Prophetic Cure For Scorpion Sting by wiringdpt(m): 11:59am On Oct 18, 2019
Foook off

like I said calm down..
I will close a blind eye to your insults..
I never said don't take a patient to seek medical attention..
am only trying to educate you that the thing you call a lie is true..
cause it has been done in Front of me the girl couldn't be taken to the school medical center it was actually a Muslim man that saved her life that night..
FYI am not a Muslim neither am I blinded by religion..
insult me again at your own detriment
Islam for Muslims / Re: Prophetic Cure For Scorpion Sting by wiringdpt(m): 9:37am On Oct 18, 2019
Shut your trap, seek urgent medical attention if this ever happens to anyone. Dont let religion cover your brain.

dude calm down it works


Family / Re: My Genotype Is AS And My Fiancee Is AS; What Do I Do? by wiringdpt(m): 4:03pm On Oct 08, 2019
[i][/i]I beg you in the name of God, I know it is not easy but please let her go. Don't make innocent kids suffer.
Greetings to this great house,

As I type this message, my heart is heavy.

Up till today, I have never known my genotype till I went to do medical fitness test for my job/employment process.

I've being dating by girlfriend for about two years and seven months now, and I've always seen her as a perfect match to me, not because she's perfect, but because she's very loyal, reserved and calm, respectful, teachable, willing to learn, beautiful and very supportive to say a few.

Kai, the thought of losing her is killing and unexplainable. cry She had been a BLESSING to me all these while.
We've really worked on ourselves and helped each other to overcome our weaknesses.

With the challenges of my new and better job, will I really have that time to woo women and start the process of working on a woman to blend and suit me?

And this is a girl I'm planning to settle down with by the middle of next year, after I must have gotten used to my new job.

I have always believed that my genotype would be AA, but I was wrong!

Somebody told me that there's nothing God can not do, that he has seen people giving testimonies about change of genotypes. I didn't doubt him, it's just that i'm not the "churchious" type who easily believe all those stories.

Now, my questions are:

1.) Is it possible to have just two children without an SS child?

2.) How do I relate this sad news to her (after she has turned down several serious marriage proposals because of me)?

3.) Please, what do I do?

Please, help me and send this to front page for greater views and advice.

Matured and very serious advice needed.


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Crime / Re: Villagers Bury Man Alive For Beheading Brother In Cross River by wiringdpt(m): 10:16am On May 31, 2019
Stupid fake news
Travel / Re: Air Peace Removed Passenger Asking For Safety Instruction Be Read In Igbo by wiringdpt(m): 4:42am On May 21, 2019
The guy no ready travel
Crime / Re: Help Me Guys (FRAUD) by wiringdpt(m): 5:04pm On Jan 31, 2019
This is how we send money home and he is known person. My previous ex-changer didn't have up to that amount that day so I used this ripper. He got his money, he transferred the money to my account and called them behind my back hoping I wont find out. Now he is nowhere to be found and skye bank are not helping.
Get a lawyer as soon as possible before you’re swindle and scammed. But if am a ask why did you do such transaction with know the person fully.

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