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Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Tied Usifo Ataga's Hands Before Stabbing Him To Death by witworth(m): 10:14pm On Jul 03
Now the matter don loud like one poli.
E don light am self to smoke.
Now as the story don change, get ready for another chapter.
The bottom line will be someone or some rich people or associates of this late CEO might be involved in his death.
I see a deal gone wrong and a sabotage in the matter.
It happens in many countries, not just here in Nigeria. But Nigeria is still the most useless country in the whole world looking at the natural resources against human resources.
Politics / Re: DSS Butchered Saheed Adisa 'Adogan' After 48 Bullets Failed To Penetrate - ICYMI by witworth(m): 10:08pm On Jul 03
AFONJAS dying for Igboho's sake

many have died for many, many have died for nothing, so keep your observations to yourself, nobody needs your cowardice advice, we know what we want and what we are fighting for. The country Nigeria is a useless country and Yoruba nation will be achieved.

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Politics / Re: Police Recover Arms, Charms From Yoruba Nation Lagos Rally Protesters (Photo) by witworth(m): 6:12pm On Jul 03
Each time I see Nigeria useless police parade suspects as criminals before court judgement, I see it as jungle justice too.
Each time I see Nigeria useless police displays recovered charms as evidence of crime. I see the so called police as street illiterates.
For God's sake these people don't even know their work.
What's the meaning of all these charms exhibition now.
Crime / Re: Gunfight At Tin Can Between Hoodlums In Apapa, Lagos by witworth(m): 6:08pm On Jul 03
Na Lagos everything dey burst.
Na the same Lagos be the reason the north no fit allow yoruba go in Peace. But the north go pieces one day. Shey boko haram never kill Dem finish, bandits don join. Na still dat terrorism wey their so called leaders take dey do business so go still destroy Dem and their blind followers finish.
Politics / Re: Police Recover Arms, Charms From Yoruba Nation Lagos Rally Protesters (Photo) by witworth(m): 6:02pm On Jul 03

This present clueless terrorists infested(sympathizing) administration & the NPF are a shame to Law.
Big time propagandist!!!
Very anyhow charlatans in power.

We need a political paradigm shift and young visionary leaders come 2023.

my brother, as Nigeria so called government amazes me with this their unknown useless style of government so, they also amuses me, which file Dem wan write charms for now as crime. Bro the foundation of the country was wrong, no matter how high we want to build, it will still collapse someday. Am not giving hate speech but Fulani are not respecting the rights of other tribes and regions.
Politics / Re: Killing Of Girl At Oodua Rally: The Wound On The Body Is A Stab Wound - Police by witworth(m): 5:58pm On Jul 03
Na Nigeria police worst pass for the useless country so. Whether na dem kill the girl or not, nobody believes known liars anymore even when they're probably saying the truth.
Politics / Re: Police Recover Arms, Charms From Yoruba Nation Lagos Rally Protesters (Photo) by witworth(m): 5:43pm On Jul 03
Shey government don dey recognize charms as crime or exhibit now. Mo fo o

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos: Gridlock As Police Search Vehicles At Berger, Ketu by witworth(m): 12:39pm On Jul 03
The so called government of the people, by the people and for the people is now so scared of the same people.
My questions are....
1) Is the government not equal to the people?
2) if not, then is the government bigger than the people?
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Protesters Storm Ojota, Lagos (Pictures) by witworth(m): 12:33pm On Jul 03
Those ones wearing white dresses would take to their heels at the sound of a gun shot

Forget all that fake white clothe packaging
so your only aim is for them to hear gunshots, or you wish police shoots them right. How come you only think of such things, You should be ashamed of yourself.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: I Am In My House In Ibadan, I Wasn't Arrested At Guru Maharaji's by witworth(m): 12:28pm On Jul 03

Must you do anything or fight government?

Even the scriptures says you should obey those in authority.

Who gave Sunday Igboho the majority mandate to fight for a Yoruba nation?

is he fighting government?
If the scriptures says you should obey the authority of the land, why then did moses fought for the freedom of Israelites from Egypt.
Did the children of israel had to vote for majority mandate for moses.

You're a slave and a coward. At the end of the day I will see where you end your life.


Politics / Re: Army, Police Barricade Venue For Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos (Photos) by witworth(m): 9:50am On Jul 03
see fear, chai our government too dey fear, normally nothing concern army with civil unrest, at least for now, na when matter get out of hands army dey involve even in developed nations, but anyway Nigeria is underdeveloped sha.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: I Am In My House In Ibadan, I Wasn't Arrested At Guru Maharaji's by witworth(m): 9:48am On Jul 03
He should make an appearance in Lagos today, then i will take him serious.
Ariwo kọ́ni music
that's why you're not a great or important person till now, because you don't know how to do things, you only know how to criticize. As a matter of fact, no one in yoruba land has done what Sunday is doing now to the federal government.
So if you can't support, then keep shut up and sit down.


Politics / Re: 2023: North Must Give Power To South – Shettima by witworth(m): 7:19am On Jul 03
I won't be surprised when Buhari will come out before 2023 and says he won't support any northerners as president, that power should go to the south so that the igbos can clash with Yorubas.
I won't even be surprised when he will later endorse Osinbajo as his preferred candidate to spite Tinubu. Buhari can claim it's the turn of a christian president again as it has been rotated.
Hmn... Then we will all now enjoy the tragicomedy drama together.
Politics / Re: Oodua Rally: Lagos Police, Security Agencies Embark On Show Of Force by witworth(m): 2:04pm On Jul 02
I know Nigeria government always wish there's no internet for citizens, sorry federal gunmen, this is not 70s and 80s, even government knows their old tricks are outdated. Senselessness
Democratic government my foot.
Politics / Re: Oodua Rally: Lagos Police, Security Agencies Embark On Show Of Force by witworth(m): 1:59pm On Jul 02
I remember when Aphonjas were boasting on how potent their juju can be, how they can leave Nigeria if they are ready, how they fought and won the Fulanis, how they own the unity of Nigeria and can break up when they desire, how they fought DSS officers that came earlier to arrest Igboho and how they over hyped their low budget US Marine, Amotokun.

They called Nnamdi Kanu a fugitive that ran away leaving his people and also called him a coward.

They called Igbos chest beaters.

Now, who's the chest beaters?
Who's a fugitive?

Another Benin Republic loading..... grin
I know how you feel and you have said your own, but unfortunately you will have to wait for the time for everything. You're not God
Politics / Re: DSS Launches Manhunt For Sunday Igboho After Recovering Arms From Him by witworth(m): 11:18pm On Jul 01
The government have shot itself on the foot. It is their undoing that can no longer be undo.


Politics / Re: DSS Recovers AK-47 Rifles, Bullets, Bloody Charms From Igboho's House by witworth(m): 11:16pm On Jul 01
The worst part of the so called government is... These weapons may not even belong to igboho and his people, they may even be brought by so called law enforcement agencies themselves as exhibits, Nigiriya.


Celebrities / Re: Kodak Black Throws $100K Into The Ocean; Flushes Money Down The Toilet by witworth(m): 10:57pm On Jul 01
Call it fake dollars, the ones that will believe it will believe it and will argue with you till tomorrow without proof from both of you.
The truth is he is making more money even by the publicity.
The goal is to make more money by all means
Celebrities / Re: Kodak Black Throws $100K Into The Ocean; Flushes Money Down The Toilet by witworth(m): 10:54pm On Jul 01
Fake dollars. That can never be real dollars
yeah it might be fake, and if it's not fake too, there's no way you can believe it because you, you can't do it.
We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. That's humans for you.
Celebrities / Re: Kodak Black Throws $100K Into The Ocean; Flushes Money Down The Toilet by witworth(m): 10:52pm On Jul 01
Kai! Black man, who curse you?

This is a kind of thing only a black man would do.
yeah if you call it a curse, I won't disagree with you, but it was meant to be, there's a reason whites remain whites and black remain blacks even as all race came from Africa.
If black man no be have like that, oyinbo no fit behave like oyinbo.
And as all black won't act the same, all whites too won't act the same.
There's everything, word and opposite.

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho's Wife, Aides Regain Freedom In Ekiti. Lady K, 6 Boys Still Held by witworth(m): 6:44pm On Jul 01
There can never be any congregation of useless touts in the name of rally in yoruba land again!
Yoruba Nation is dead on arrival!
that's your own opinion, it's your right. But my own opinion is Nigeria itself will destroy itself and soon before next general election, Nigeria will scatter in pieces and yoruba and other new Nations will be established. This is my own opinion.
Politics / Re: How DSS Took Nnamdi Kanu To Court With A Hood Covering His Face (Video) by witworth(m): 8:24am On Jul 01
They are making kanu bigger

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Business / Re: Toyota Opens Assembly Plant In Ghana by witworth(m): 4:41pm On Jun 30
Usless Toyota Benz/Bmw any day any time.
as peak milk dey sell, cowbell self dey sell.
But the main fact is both that Benz/bmw assembling plants no dey Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Buhari congratulates China On 100th Anniversary Of Ruling Communist Party by witworth(m): 4:33pm On Jun 30
Slave congratulates his master. Master is hearing you slave, you can go back to your job in the animal farm.
The truth is no matter how beautiful you decorate a cage, a case is still a cage
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Terrorist - Miyetti Allah Tells FG To Use Force On IPOB Leader by witworth(m): 4:28pm On Jun 30
Old beef, I understand, you too you're a terrorist, because even in afghanistan and iraq self, suicide bomber and other terrorist people no dey get uniform, na casual clothe Dem dey wear dey mix with people, so na only you terrorist fit recognize another terrorist. So una too self know each other well. Okay no prob. Una matter na waste of time.
Politics / Re: How Nnamdi Kanu Was Arrested By Interpol While Seeking Support For Biafra- PUNCH by witworth(m): 4:22pm On Jun 30
But mind you, deals were made with Macron "base on agreement". Nigerian government would had to beg the french government as usual as they beg other top world leaders, all for benefits. Even as they give hypocritical speeches when they get back home here flexing muscles.
Am just watching the drama, you know Nigeria is tragicomedy
Education / Re: UNICAL Begs Its Graduates To Come For Their Certificates by witworth(m): 4:13pm On Jun 30
Street don overtake school.
Scam and slay.
Politics / Re: Bashir El-Rufai: Nnamdi Kanu Should Be Locked Up In A Cell With A Cow by witworth(m): 10:50pm On Jun 29
And is this your own so called entitled opinion according to the so called law you and your useless so called president claim to follow.
If Hypocrites man die, na hypocrite man go bury am. Wrong Nation with chaos and calamity
Politics / Re: No Tears For Nnamdi Kanu - Farooq Kperogi by witworth(m): 9:43pm On Jun 29

all I want is Yoruba nation, all these na their own wahala.
Politics / Re: Mele Kyari On Refinery: Dangote Not Happy With NNPC Proposed Stake Acquisition by witworth(m): 7:10pm On Jun 29
Who no like better thing. FG like better thing.
Useless FG wey get money plenty even don borrow money plenty join, Dem no fit repair or replace their rotten refineries, now dey wan lobby for shares for the plate and chairs for the table, Dem wan con dey use authoritative tone. Dangote self... E don tey wey him dey do monopoly, na fence he dey sit down put all these years of PDP and APC rule, now water wan pass garri.
Politics / Re: "The Language Is Now Clear For Everyone To Understand" - Bashir Ahmad by witworth(m): 6:12pm On Jun 29
Why can't you speak the language to igboho then, I thought the IGP ordered his arrest since all these days and they are seeing him moving about, why can't you arrest him then if you know you want to see war.
Igboho is not kanu, and kanu cannot be igboho.
So we are waiting for your useless language this weekend.

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Celebrities / Re: Prince Munir Nwoko Celebrates His 1st Birthday With Lovely Pictures by witworth(m): 9:25am On Jun 29
This boy go still resemble him papa, no matter the cute look right now, ah don see him papa face for him own already, nothing can be done about it,
no retreat no surrender.


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