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Fashion / How To Style Isiagu As A Mafia Jacket by Xperience12: 9:04am On Oct 25, 2018
The importance of the Isiagu clothing in Igbo tradition cannot be overstated. Isiagu fabric is one of the most revered pieces of clothing among the Igbos. The word “isiagu” means “Head Of a Lion” and is reference to the lion head motif tiled across the fabric.

The Isiagu is used by the Igbo people of Nigeria for formal events. It is equivalent to the western tux or suit in its level of formalness. Usually reserved for (male) chiefs in the Igbo community, it is more widely used now across Igbo culture.

For today’s blogpost editorial, I decided to take the Isiagu clothing to a different fashion dimension. I’ve created this editorial in collaboration with an amazing Menswear Brand @bespokenigeria, and they indeed brought creativity to this by creating an Isiagu overcoat jacket, something out of the norm!

The approach was simple, create something urban out of the traditional cultural attire. It’s one thing to use the Isiagu fabric to tailor an overcoat jacket, but it’s another thing altogether to get the perfect fit and stand out styling right.

Though most times, choosing a fitted outfit is imperative, however when wearing the overcoat, a slightly bogus jacket is advised. This is due to the fact that at most instances, it could be worn as a fourth piece to a three Piece suit or a third piece to a two piece suit.

For an urban look, team your jacket with a pair of slim-cut wool or cotton trousers, could be patterned or stripped trousers like in these looks, a smart button-down plain shirt (white preferably to be on a safe side), a matching canvas and add a finishing touch with some accessories like a tie, brooch caps/hats, sunglasses etc.

For my style, I wore the Isiagu overcoat with a white cotton shirt, a stripped black trouser, a white sneakers and I had it accessorized with a multicolored tie, a brooch and a white facecap, paired with sunglasses. I held a patterned dufflebag to add life to the style.

Though it could look like an awkward dressing, there is nothing like styling something different and unique. When styled correctly, it could top the list of show-stopping urban wear options.

Source: http://chimmiboy.com/2018/10/24/isiagu-overcoat-an-urban-igbo-gentleman/

Instagram: @chimmiboy

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Vs Peter Obi On A Vice Presidential Debate by Xperience12: 7:00am On Oct 13, 2018
APC should properly investigate Peter Obi. The money he stole as a governor is worth billions which he used in creating his many businesses, especially that NEXT in Abuja. That guy is a bigger thief than his boss Athiefu. If the EFCC does it's due diligence, Obi criminal background check will be the longest and dirtiest thing ever brought to life. That guy looted Anambra dry and if it wasn't for Obiano, that state would still look like a pig pen.

Get sense biko

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Fashion / Wadrobe Essentials – The Waistcoat by Xperience12: 1:05am On Oct 08, 2018
Hi guys.

Happy Sunday to you al! How are you doing? Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Today’s topic is clear—it’s about waistcoats.

A waistcoat is an item of clothing that is traditionally a third of the classic three piece suit. Derived from a French word, it is the sleeveless upper-body garment. It is usually worn over a dress shirtand necktie and below a coat as a part of most men’s formal wear. It is also sported as the third piece in the traditional three-piece male lounge suit.

A waistcoat has a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. Both single-breasted and double-breastedwaistcoats exist, regardless of the formality of dress, but single-breasted ones are more common.

Popularly known in the past as “Monkey Jacket” (some people might still refer to it as that), the waistcoat is one of the pieces of men’s clothing that has endured the diversity of fashion over the years and have evolved into new trends.

The waistcoat is once again fashionable for men. A well-tailored waistcoat will bring a true touch of class to any outfit. However, a waistcoat can also be difficult to wear correctly. It takes balls to pull it off magnificently well.

However on today’s blogpost, I’d be sharing some tips to follow when wearing a waist coat:—

1. Get the Fit Right on a Waistcoat

The first and most important thing is fit. Like any tailored piece a waistcoat will only ever look good if it fits. You should ensure your waistcoat fits well; therefore, a tailored waistcoat is to be recommended. The waistcoat should lie flat against your body, with the sides and back cut slightly higher, sit flat across the shoulders, with nice, high arms holes that don’t gape. The back is generally cut slightly higher than the front.

2. Not too short or too long

It’s also important to avoid wearing a waistcoat that is too long or short in length. Ideally, the bottom of your waistcoat should end halfway, or just over, your belt line. It should be long enough to cover the waist so the shirt underneath doesn’t extend outside.

3. Avoid overly bright colours

If you can, avoid Wesley overly bright colours. The more subtle the colour, the more it will complement the rest of your outfit. Therefore, the trick is to stick with more traditional and classic colours, rather than try and be too garish. You could succeed in looking fab in it, but then you risk looking “Fashion-Drowsy” in it if not styled properly.

4. Accessories are spices

Accessories are like spices. When added to food in their right portion, they can sweeten the meal. However when too much, they can damage the food’s taste. Accessories are like that. The can make your waistcoat “wow” or “nah”. Accessorizing with small articles of clothing like ties, bracelets, glasses, brooches/Lapel pins or wrist watches is a clever choice. When it is not too much, it helps spice up the outfit.


So I wore a grey plaid double-breasted waistcoat with a black Stripped pants. I accessorized the waistcoat with a stylish chain brooch, a grey patterned tie, a skull bracelet, and a gold chain watch. Finally, I wore and a red patent-suede tassel loafers shoe.

Instagram -@chimmiboy
Source - http://chimmiboy.com/2018/10/07/wadrobe-essentials-the-waistcoat/

Jokes Etc / Re: Guys You Won't Believe This Guys New Brand Of Agbada by Xperience12: 12:37am On Oct 08, 2018
Politics / Re: Sorting Of Votes Begins At PDP Convention (Live Updates) by Xperience12: 7:15am On Oct 07, 2018
I pray Saraki wins so that PDP would be finally buried next year

Chia! Mallam


Politics / Re: Muslim Groups Demand Holiday For Islamic New Year by Xperience12: 7:39am On Sep 07, 2018

Some of you are really brainless.
You were the ones who started the digression, so why blame me?
Did the girls complain to you.
VVF is not as a result of a young girls getting married it is a as a result of lack of health facilities to take care of such healthy complications.
There are states in the USA presently were young girls as old as 13 years get married and have children successfully without problems.

You can accuse the North of this, but not so in Saudi Arabia where people still get married early.
please, look for another lie.

As old as 13? What are u saying, 13 is very very young. Would u sleep with a 13 years old??

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Politics / Re: Muslim Groups Demand Holiday For Islamic New Year by Xperience12: 7:29am On Sep 07, 2018

If you don't hate Muslims and Islam, tell your people to put our own New year into public holiday for your country

On what grounds?
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Xperience12: 10:44pm On Sep 06, 2018
I'm buying bitcoins.

Paxful, blockchain or any wallet.

My rate is great.

Chat me up via WhatsApp...number in my signature.

At wat price will u buy. I have $1000 for sale
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Xperience12: 10:43pm On Sep 06, 2018

Boss I hail o

How much are you buying at
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Xperience12: 10:43pm On Sep 06, 2018
$1000 bitcoin for sale
Business / Re: Google Play Store Urgently Needed At A Very Good Rate by Xperience12: 10:40pm On Sep 06, 2018
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I have 1000$ bitcoin for sale
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Starting Salary In Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), by Xperience12: 8:37am On Aug 30, 2018
Did you wrote the aptitude test ?


Which test? Was any written?
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: “They Said We Can’t Use Eagle Square, ICC” by Xperience12: 7:18am On Aug 29, 2018
Did Buhari do his declaration at Eagle Square when PDP was in power? If Yes, then I will escort Kwakwaso to Eagle Square tomorrow morning. However, if Buhari did not do his declaration at Eagle square throughout the 16 wasted years of PDP, then if Kwakwaso moves near Eagle Square, he and his unfortunate supporters will be shot with AK-47, survivors will be re-shot with AK-49 by SARS Officers who are still very angry at their disbandment.

October 18, 2014 which was a Wednesday, Buhari made his declaration in the Eagle Square. Jonathan didn’t stop him. Please confirm and get back so we know how you and your team would escort Kwankwaso to Eagle Square
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NESTOIL Graduate Trainee Program 2018!!!!!! by Xperience12: 5:34pm On Aug 19, 2018
How do we prepare for the interview for those that were called?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NESTOIL Graduate Trainee Program 2018!!!!!! by Xperience12: 4:32pm On Aug 18, 2018
Mr Xperience Pls Did you apply as an engineer or non engineer.


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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NESTOIL Graduate Trainee Program 2018!!!!!! by Xperience12: 2:18pm On Aug 18, 2018
Just got this last Wednesday:

Dear Candidate,

We wish to invite you for a chat.

Details of the chat are as follows:

Venue: Nestoil Towers, 13th Floor
41/42 Akin Adesola Street
By Saka Tinubu junction
Vict​oria Island, Lagos

Day/Date: Monday, 20 August 2018

Time: 2:00 PM

We look forward to meeting with you.

Best Regards
Recruitment team​​

Who else got this?
Jobs/Vacancies / Nestoil Has Started Inviting Successful Applicants For Interview by Xperience12: 2:08pm On Aug 18, 2018
Hello fellow Nairalanders,

For those that applied for Nestoil Graduate Trainee position and wrote their online exams (was very rigorous and had tough questions with live webcam to confirm no one is helping you), well, they have started inviting successful applicants for interview.

This was their email sent to me:

Dear Candidate,

We wish to invite you for a chat.

Details of the chat are as follows:

Venue: Nestoil Towers, 13th Floor
41/42 Akin Adesola Street
By Saka Tinubu junction
Vict​oria Island, Lagos

Day/Date: Monday, 20 August 2018

Time: 2:00 PM

We look forward to meeting with you.

Best Regards
Recruitment team​​

Please for those who passed the exam, congrats; it wasn’t easy at all. Let’s connect and discuss. Who else received such email?

Cc lalasticlala , Seun

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Politics / Re: 49 Senators Sign Against Saraki, Ekweremadu’s Impeachment by Xperience12: 1:24pm On Aug 07, 2018

What were the PDP senators doing at the Chamber of NASS, that early morning? Do they want to illegally impeach Buhari? Dont they supposed to be on recess?

And why shouldn’t they impeach him. Has Buhari not failed this country already? Kuma Allah Ya azabta ku gabã ɗaya
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Principal Of Ede Muslim High School Over Senator Adeleke’s Result by Xperience12: 7:58am On Aug 04, 2018
Who is the person whose son is jobless but drives a power bike worth millions but has the guts to say "Nigerian youths are lazy ..."? Buhari. Whose finance Minister forged her NYSC certificate but yet, says he is fighting corruption ?Buhari. In whose regime did the price of fuel rise to 145 per liter? Buhari. Whose brothers are carrying cutlasses and guns and chasing farmers of their farmlands? Buhari. Whose IG of police did not obey instructions when told to relocate to Benue to restore law and order? Buhari. Who is the person demanding for 200billion + for INEC elections in 2019 (even though that money can be shared for each and every Nigerian and there will still be change left) ? Buhari. Who is the person running a gestapo like government where the rule of law is ignored by security agents ?Buhari. Whose minister of information keeps spreading lies and half-truths about happenings in the country? Buhari. Who is the person that is slow to respond and visit those who were victims of herdsmen attacks ? Buhari. Who is the person that grants immunity to thieves like Rotimi Amechi and Sen.George Ndume because they are in his party ? Buhari.
Politics / Re: Senator Shehu Sani Reveals How PDP Lured APC Lawmakers by Xperience12: 7:54am On Aug 04, 2018

You Obviously Need An Occulist To Correct Your Eye Defect Of Hypermetropia With A Converging Lens.

His Statements Suggests He Was Offered Bribe To Defect Into The Opposition But He Refused.
Buhari Is A Man Of Integrity, He Has No Business Inducing His Supporters. He Didn't Even Attempt Such In 2015 Before He Assumed Office, Why Would He Resort Cheaply Into It When He's President??
Maybe You Should Ask Qtns As To Why Pdp Polithiefcians Who Couldnt Adapt To Changes Had To Re-camp Into The Mother Ocean Of Corruption. The Answer Is Simple The Foundation Upon Which APC Is Built Detests Amassing Of Public Funds And Abhoring Of Criminal Elements.

But APC offered free oil wells to decampers to remain in APC
Politics / Re: Breaking: APC, Senators Call For Saraki’s Resignation by Xperience12: 9:52pm On Aug 01, 2018

Olodo! My 12 year old nephew just told me to inform you that the party with the majority get the Senate President position.

Wow your 12 year old nephew is so stupid


Politics / Re: Saraki, Ahmad Defection, Good For Democracy-secondus by Xperience12: 1:41pm On Aug 01, 2018
Pls o..someone should give me a good reason why I should vote for PDP after 16 years of failure. Abeg

Because in 4 years, APC has done worse than PDP
Religion / Daddy Freeze Replies Leke Adeboye Over Shade by Xperience12: 5:10pm On Jul 27, 2018
Earlier, Leke Adeboye, son of the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has taken a swipe at controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze.

He shared a news photo of RCCG donating 7 schools in Ibadan and took a swipe at Freeze. He wrote;

Im sure they will not see this. Maybe they need to sell their wristwatches for glasses or come for a laying on of hands for healing of eyes and mind

See thread: https://www.nairaland.com/4642028/leke-adeboye-shades-daddy-freeze

Well, DaddyFreeze took to his Instagram to reply him. He wrote:
Dear Leke,
No need to sell my watches, I have already bought glasses and all I see is enterprise, false humility, private jets, lies, business centres, more lies, Pentecostal franchising, poverty, even more lies, pastor idolizing, spiritual harlotry and still more lies....... It’s all I see... maybe I need stronger glasses to see the tiny little giving, easily dwarfed by the large, expensive airplanes, monumental harvests and continuous streams of income from some of the worlds poorest people....
Laying on of hands The only things y’all need to be laying your hands on are your CVs! You need to find work, THE LOT OF YOU, starting from the top!
◄ 2 Thessalonians 3 ►
[6] And now, dear brothers and sisters, we give you this command in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: Stay away from all believers who live idle lives and don’t follow the tradition they receivedd from us. [7] For you know that you ought to imitate us. We were not idle when we were with you. [8] We never accepted food from anyone without paying for it. We worked hard day and night so we would not be a burden to any of you. [9] We certainly had the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to give you an example to follow.

Source:- https://www.instagram.com/p/BlvRQAag-ca/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=11g8rw4886tj3


Politics / Re: Tribunal Upholds Victor Umeh's Election by Xperience12: 5:01pm On Jul 27, 2018

Which girl picture is that? She’s ugly
Crime / Re: Cameroon Arrests Four Soldiers Suspected Of Executing Women, Children by Xperience12: 7:13am On Jul 20, 2018
Watch d video here,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnWphqO2lbs it's graphic. Angels abeg blow d trumpet let this world end

It’s good for them. These Boko Haram have no mercy and should be shown none
Politics / Re: Ekiti: MURIC Speaks On Why Fayemi Must Appoint Muslim Cabinet by Xperience12: 9:18pm On Jul 18, 2018

Are Muslims not the majority in Nigeria? Are Christians up to Muslims in number? What is bad if Buhari appoints the majority in his cabinet?
Are Christians not majority in Ekiti? What is bad if Fayose appoints majority Christians
Politics / Re: Presidency Awaits Briefing On Kemi Adeosun’s NYSC Certificate Forgery by Xperience12: 9:05am On Jul 09, 2018

That was exactly what we asked the Jonathan administration to do regarding Stella Odua and her BMWs. She was never Investigated and the case died like many others during the said administration.
It is almost comical that the PDP is now so vocal about this case.

But Stella was removed! We don’t want Kemi to be investigated, let them just remove her abeg. She’s drawing our economy back with her backward policies

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Nairaland / General / I Need A Shop/office Space To Rent In Lagos by Xperience12: 12:39pm On Jul 02, 2018
Hello Nairalanders,

I am in need of a little affordable shop/Office Space to rent in Lagos, preferably payable on a monthly basis and preferably somewhere like Anthony Village, Gbagada, Yaba or areas within! I want to use it for a cloth store.

Have any, drop your WhatsApp or WhatsApp me on 08032030453!
Fashion / I Need A Good Tailor In Lagos by Xperience12: 9:36am On Jun 24, 2018
Hello, I’m currently looking for a tailor that is good in sewing men suit. I’d like to have a suit sewn for me. I have my material and would like the tailor to use and make a suit for me. Kindly drop contact on WhatsApp if you good
Business / Need A Tailor In Lagos by Xperience12: 8:11pm On Jun 23, 2018
Hello, I’m currently looking for a tailor that is good in sewing men suit. I’d like to have a suit sewn for me. I have my material and would like the tailor to use and make a suit for me. Kindly drop contact on WhatsApp if you good

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