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Politics / Re: Amotekun Begins Recruitment In Ondo by yellowman2225(m): 6:06am On Jan 23, 2021
Mind you- The only good Fulani is the one that lives among people in the town. All others that live in the bush are either thieves, bandits, rapists , kidnappers, farm destroyer, terrorist - because living in the bush - away from realities of civilization makes you to be wild like animals and passionless for human lives. Think about it again.

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: You Cannot Threaten Or Arrest Me (Video) by yellowman2225(m): 5:08am On Jan 23, 2021

What does it take to live in Borneo, Or Enugu, Or Ibaban?

Is there any document I'm to submit in the State government?
What it requires to live in any place in Nigeria is to pay/ rent a space / house and live in peace without constituting nuisance.

Those Yoruba /Igbo etc living in the North paid/ rent houses with their money, but can you say same about these marauders living in the bush?

1. They live illegally on someone else's land without rent.
2. kill the owner if he complain
3. kidnap for Ransome
4. rape underage girls on farmland
5. graze on livelihood/ farmland of their host
6. maim and kill their host if they complain
7. They say no to education despite given nomadic schools under GEJ thereby - have same ideology as those who said BOOK IS HARAM.

FULANIS are destroyers - They must be checked to avoid story that touch.

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: You Cannot Threaten Or Arrest Me (Video) by yellowman2225(m): 4:59am On Jan 23, 2021

And if the Fulanis in Katsina ask the Yorubas in Funtua to leave, what would be your reaction?

Some of you really don't think at all
You are the one that don't think.

Why not sit back and ask yourself, Why is it that Only Fulani is being asked to vacate middle belt, south South, and south west? Why are we not asking Hausa, IBO, delta, ishekiri, igala, nupe, tiv, kanuri to leave pur Land?

The simple answer is - Fulani's are the ones constituting nuisance across
Africa. The Ghanian President chased them away too. Why don't they chase away other ethnicity like that?

.Fulani is causing nuisance everywhere, and the days of reckoning is coming in Africa, when they will reap all the fruits of their atrocities.

Only time will tell - Buhari can't protect you forever.

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Culture / Amotekun Is Here - No Lies Can Stop A Moving Train by yellowman2225(m): 6:41pm On Jan 11, 2021
Those pushing the narrative still think demonising AMOTEKUN will score for them political points. In their fancy, they are already drawing a link between the Amotekun and the fabled SARS which some youths rose against last year. They are wrong and totally miscalculating because it is a faulty narrative.

Weaponising ethnicity with a view to destroying AMOTEKUN will meet with a solid brickwall and it will, also, not work.
And because they failed in their bid to stop the launch of AMOTEKUN, they have now resorted to twisting facts and creating their own bubble of alternative and fictional reality. They will fail again as they failed before.

Placed side by side, facts will always trump fiction, lies and incitement.
That AMOTEKUN strategically launched six counter-banditry, counter-kidnapping and counter-terrorism operations in four local governments, simultaneously, on Saturday, deserves credit.

Yet, more deserving of credit is the inclusive nature of the rainbow coalition that went after the criminals.
It comprised Amotekun, Vigilantes, Hunters and Miyetti Allah Vigilante.
In fact, not just members of Miyetti Allah, but some Fulani were part of the operations, with the Seriki being fully briefed about the operations.

Some lives were lost; some sustained injuries. Those killed in the process were criminals and not herdsmen.
And, the coalition, led by men of AMOTEKUN, succeeded in sending a very clear message to criminals terrorising the people: that enough is enough.

But strange and stranger narratives are being woven round AMOTEKUN’s noble effort to rid the thick forests of Ibarapa East, Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North, as well as Iwajowa Local Government Areas, of kidnappers and bandits.

Some of the victims of the criminals have been Fulani as well as Yoruba and other tribes.
Which explains why AMOTEKUN worked in concert with Miyetti Allah and Fulani supporters who have been victims of kidnapping.
Those who are struggling to sell the lie that AMOTEKUN
killed Fulani are doing so with the wicked intent of creating ethnic tensions. They will fail.

Meanwhile, arrests were made, pieces of useful information are being extracted, and the criminals have been handed over to the Police.

One of the strange and contradictory deductions is that the same media warriors and politicians condemning insecurity in Oyo State, are the same Vuvuzelas and mouth organs being used to misrepresent, misinform and churn out false narratives about the exploits of AMOTEKUN.
If the intention is to dampen the morale of corps members, it will fail. If the plot is to paint Oyo State or parts of Yorubaland as ungovernable, they will equally fail.

There are gaps being filled in the bid to make AMOTEKUN more responsive and professional and His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, has assured of that.

Whereas there is a cogent and verifiable consensus that stereotyping, criminalising and profiling members of any ethnic group do not help matters, one is then left to wonder why it is now fashionable for some enemies of the state to empathize with criminals by deploying ethnicity? Why are some people weaponizing ethnicity against AMOTEKUN’s onslaught in it’s war on criminals? Do they want to destroy it? They will fail.

This is Yorubaland and those toying with the cobra of banditry and criminality should look up to other areas of Nigeria that have become playing fields for bandits. It is this same type of indulgent narrative, of twisting facts and misinforming people of the real dangers these criminals represent, that has made bandits, criminals and terrorists to take over some parts of the country; where some governors have got no other option than to negotiate with bandits and criminals.

We are daily being served chilling and horrific tales of criminals and bandits who now hold state governments to ransom and engage in profitable negotiated settlements of crimes and criminality.

Governor Makinde will not tolerate that. His principal responsibility is the welfare and protection of lives and properties of all the indigenes and residents of Oyo State, irrespective of politico-religious and ethnic background.

The people pushing false narratives simply want to distract Governor Makinde.
But the Governor remains resolute and focussed, deploying the Blue Ocean approach to governance, an approach that has seen him devise creative means of doing projects at a time of cash crunch; he received commendation for his handling of Covid-19 and #EndSARS protests; as well as his novel welfare package for workers and pensioners in Oyo State.

This is our Oyo State and we must not allow enemies of the state to succeed. This is Yorubaland and criminals should not be allowed to do harm to our people.
Let us join hands to secure our dear Oyo State and Yorubaland.
Politics / Israel, The Most Proactive Country On Earth. Inoculate Faster Than Any Country by yellowman2225(m): 8:02pm On Jan 08, 2021
Israel Inoculates Its Population at Lightning Speed

The main reason Israel has won all its wars is because of it's proactiveness in dealing fast with its adversaries. She (Israel) applied same power in applying covid 19 vaccination to its Citizens.

The story of Israel’s lightning-fast inoculation of its population with the corona virus vaccine – a far greater percentage than any other country has managed to vaccinate

Over one million Israelis have now been vaccinated against the corona virus in the first weeks of the country’s rollout, a per capita rate that is by far the fastest internationally and which has stunned observers from around the world.
More than 11% of the country’s population has now been given the COVID-19 vaccine — more than three times the next-fastest country, Bahrain, and well above the global average of 0.13%, according to data from Oxford University’s Our World in Data.
Israel’s rate of inoculation so far is thus nearly 100 times that of the average worldwide: 11% instead of 0.13% — an extraordinary feat.

Max Roser, an Oxford researcher who founded the initiative, tweeted Friday that Israel “is rapidly getting to a point where mass deaths and mass lockdowns are over.”…

Canadian Member of Parliament Peter Kent tweeted Friday, “how + why did Israel procure enough vaccine to treat more than 100K people everyday this week? Because it had to – Israel acted early, effectively and with organization driven by national security.”

The nightly news accounts I watched managed to turn a story of Israeli success into something not quite as winning. They delivered the news of Israel’s rapid vaccination of its population, but did not go into all the steps the Israeli government had taken, in planning the timetable, buying very large quantities of several different vaccines months in advance, preparing for swift distribution (which required special care to ensure that the Pfizer vaccine could be stored at -70 degrees Celsius (and the Moderna vaccine at -20 degrees Celsius), and then vaccinating people at facilities open round the clock (a simple and obvious step that, apparently, many other countries have not been doing).

But having shown Israelis being vaccinated, the news item switched quickly over to pictures of black Africans in their own countries not being inoculated, and the voiceover compared their inability to obtain any vaccines at all with the Israelis who, by having or about to have enough vaccine to cover their entire population, are somehow being blamed for the paucity of vaccine elsewhere. Why blame Israel for that lack? Why not, say, blame the U.S., or the U.K., or China, or India, which are using tens of millions more doses of vaccines than tiny Israel, which has only 0.11% — that is, one-thousandth — of the world’s population? Should we begrudge Israel its success? Should Israelis feel guilty for having bought millions of doses of both the Pfizer and the Modena vaccines early on, and planned so well for rapid distribution of the vaccine to its citizens?

Another noticeable omission in these television reports was any mention that Israel was vaccinating all of its citizens, Jews and Arabs, with equal rapidity. There was no mention that the 1,000,000th recipient in Israel of the vaccine was an Arab, Muhammad Jabarin, in the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, whose vaccination was highlighted in Israel as part of the campaign to persuade its Arab population to get the vaccine. Why was Muhammad Jabarin not shown, being congratulated by both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, and why no mention of Israel’s intense effort to get Israeli Arabs vaccinated?

Why did none of the coverage on television mention that Arabs in Israel were receiving doses at the same speed as Israeli Jews, and in the same order (with essential medical workers first, then inhabitants of nursing homes and then the elderly, and so on)? Wasn’t that newsworthy, considering how many charges of Israel mistreating its Arab citizens are made at every international forum, including, most infamously, the U.N.?

Many of the stories of Israel’s vaccination of its citizens mentioned that the Israelis had not provided vaccines to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. But the Palestinians are responsible for their own health care under the 1990s Oslo peace accords.

Why was this not mentioned? Is it Israel’s fault if the Palestinians did no planning at all, in the months following the first worldwide outbreak of the pandemic last March? And why did Abbas continue refuse to have any dealings with Israel, even when Israel wanted to discuss possible cooperation on vaccinations? According to Abed Rabbo, head of the Health Ministry in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority only began approaching drug makers in the last few weeks – that is, in late December — long after other countries had made their own vaccine deals. Was that failure of the PA to act Israel’s fault? Is the colossal mismanagement and corruption endemic in the PA government, that goes far beyond its inability to deal with the pandemic, Israel’s responsibility? The financial crisis in the PA, which partly explains its inability to pay for vaccines, was brought on by the Palestinians themselves, who until December refused to accept the more than $800 million in taxes on imports that had been collected for them by Israel; the Jewish state was eager to turn over that money, but Mahmoud Abbas had refused to have any dealings with Israel – he refused to take the money until the beginning of December — in yet another grotesque example by the PA of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

How should the story of Israel’s vaccination success have been covered?
Like this:

“Israel has already managed to vaccinate more than 10% of its population, a far greater proportion than any other country, more than ten times the percentage vaccinated—0.84% — in the U.S–and nearly 100 times the percentage of 0.13% vaccinated that is the average worldwide.

How did it do it? First, the Israeli government has been planning for months. It was among the first states to commit to buying millions of doses of both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines, almost enough to cover its entire population of 8.7 million. It agreed to pay top dollar, twice what was being paid by European countries and the U.S., for the vaccines, in order to ensure delivery.

“Second, Israel planned the roll-out of the vaccine like a military campaign. It made sure that special sub-zero freezers, able to store Pfizer vaccines at -70 degrees Celsius, were available across the land, at all hospitals and other distribution centers. Unlike in other countries, the vaccine has been given not only during the day, but round-the-clock.

“Third, Israel’s Health Ministry carried on a very effective campaign of persuading citizens to get the vaccine. Special attention was given to Israeli Arabs, who were deemed more reluctant to be inoculated than Israeli Jews. When the one-millionth person to be vaccinated turned out to be an Arab, Muhammad Jabarin, much was made of this: both the Prime Minister and the Health Minister were present when he was inoculated. It was part of the effort to persuade Israeli Arabs not to fear, but to welcome, the vaccine.

“Fourth, Israel has already bought close to the total number of doses it needs to cover its entire population. It has also said that it plans to buy more, and if it ends up with a surplus it will provide those extra doses of the vaccine to the Palestinians. And no doubt Israeli Health Ministry planners will also aid the Palestinians — who until mid-December had not bought any vaccines for themselves — in the complicated logistics involved in getting the vaccine to millions of people.”

That gives viewers a more truthful view of Israel’s admirable success, instead of singling out Israel for criticism for daring to have provided itself with an ample supply of the vaccine, while there is a lack of its availability in black Africa. Careful planning, prudent risk-taking (in buying millions of doses of vaccines even before their efficacy was fully assured), military-like skill in logistics, have all been part of Israel’s success. And once its own population — Jewish and Arab — is fully protected, Israel stands read to help the Palestinians, supplying them with whatever surplus vaccine it possesses and, no doubt, lending them a much-needed hand with logistics.
Politics / Re: Femi Falana: EndSARS Protesters Not Economic Saboteurs by yellowman2225(m): 5:44am On Dec 18, 2020

Paid hoodlums are also youths

The black SUV was linked to a Senator not Nigerian Government

If Hoodlums who are youth attacked protesters, should the EndSARs youth react by burning innocent people's property, burning and looting people's shop


You forgot to mention that Civillians were killed by our supposed protector.
is your Senator who owns the jeep supposed to go scot free?
Nigeria is upside down
You jail / kill peaceful protesters
you pay ransom to bandits
give amnesty to terrorist
PAY millions to certificate less politicians
yet owed professors in universities
Imagine the current slap where APC the self agreed one APC Governor in NORTH WEST is sponsoring banditry. Shame no set catch these liar Mohemid trainees


Politics / Re: Femi Falana: EndSARS Protesters Not Economic Saboteurs by yellowman2225(m): 5:34am On Dec 18, 2020

Do you have picture of Endsars protesters looting shops?

You forgot to mention that Civillians were killed by our supposed protector.

is your Senator who owns the jeep supposed to go scot free?

Nigeria is upside down

You jail / kill peaceful protesters
you pay ransom to bandits
give amnesty to terrorist
PAY millions to certificate less politicians
yet owed professors in universities

Imagine the current slap where APC the self agreed one APC Governor in NORTH WEST is sponsoring banditry. Shame no set catch these liar Mohemid trainees


Politics / Re: Femi Falana: EndSARS Protesters Not Economic Saboteurs by yellowman2225(m): 5:29am On Dec 18, 2020

I beg to disagree with all due respect to respected Legal luminary Femi Falana SAN

Has much as ENDSARS started with patriotic motive , it snowballed into a terrible Economic disaster

Agricultural produce could not get to markets due to blocked highways, schools got closed with NECO postponed, burnt Police Station triggered insecurity which led to looting of people's business


You forgot to mention that Civillians were killed by our supposed protector.


Music/Radio / Re: Who Produced Better Music Between Lagbaja And Fela by yellowman2225(m): 10:50am On Dec 17, 2020
its like asking who is richer between Abiola and Dangote. Even Dangote will tell you Abiola was a mentor. Na so e go be between Lagbaja and Fela. If same question is posed to Lagbaja, I'm sure he will gradly pick Frla ahead of himself.

Try compare Pele and Rinaldo / Messi and the truth is.... They lived at different times but PELE is the winner.

Comparing 2 people that lived at different times is a different ball case.


Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo Signs $228 Million Deal - The Richest In NBA History by yellowman2225(m): 9:10am On Dec 16, 2020
Yoruba root. When will we see these quota system people ruling any sport or anything outside Nigeria? Nigeria is their breath, that's why they hold on to their dominance in this skewed corntry.

Imagine my Niece scored 100 in Fed Unity School Entrance Exam without Admission and someone will score 10 marks in Zamfara and will be admitted.

Nigeria will never grow with this crazy lopsided cheating.

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Politics / Re: CNN Confirms That #EndSARS Lekki Massacre Happened by yellowman2225(m): 3:49pm On Nov 18, 2020
You can not cover truth forever, its always glaring. soon Aljazeera will release their investigations.

Nothing good can come from Aljazeera. Aljazeera is pro Islam and they know Nigeria is led by by Islamists, so they won't write anything against their terrorist brothers here in Nigeria.

Expecting any reliable news from AJ when it concerns Islam is like looking for Sea in the middle of Sahara desert.
Education / Re: ASSU/FG Impasse: NANS To Protest Nationwide, To Take Court Action by yellowman2225(m): 9:16am On Nov 12, 2020

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Politics / Re: DISCOs Start New Tariff Implementation In November by yellowman2225(m): 8:38am On Nov 02, 2020
Abeg. who knows the fastest/ effective way to start #ENDDISCO/ ENDPHCNTARIFFHIKE?
Politics / Re: DISCOs Start New Tariff Implementation In November by yellowman2225(m): 7:39am On Nov 02, 2020
lets be honest, electricity has improved at least

That's personal to you. Let others too give their experiences. As it improved In your area, I can bet you some Nigerians elsewhere have not seen light in the last 30 days


Politics / Re: DISCOs Start New Tariff Implementation In November by yellowman2225(m): 7:37am On Nov 02, 2020
My transformer for my area get issues for over 1month NEPA cannot do anything now you want us to pay bills when we no the see light thunder fire una ...it will soon be end PHED make una wait very soon you will all run out of business .... owners of phed continue to suck from Nigerian God the watch una no worry

In our own case, we contributed 20k per household to buy a new transformer, buy new poles and cables, yet nothing can be refunded from phcn. All we get paid is huge estimated bills.

We pay for Government inefficiency in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: DISCOs Start New Tariff Implementation In November by yellowman2225(m): 7:23am On Nov 02, 2020
This NLC and NERC that are supposed to be protecting us are the worst sell out in this economy. They have forgotten that NLC s failure was part of the cause of the ENDSARS Protest. They will soon force us to start

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Politics / Re: Aishatu Umar Maigari's 3 Brothers Die In Motor Accident In Gombe (Photos) by yellowman2225(m): 6:51am On Nov 02, 2020
If they die due to over speeding or alcohol abuse, No RIP for them because they are at fault, If they die due to bad road, No RIP for them still cos their sister is still on of those politicians responsible for our bad roads. In other words, No RIP for any Politicians or their siblings. They all enjoy our Stolen yams together.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Salutes Soldiers Who Rescued An American Kidnapped In Nigeria by yellowman2225(m): 8:25pm On Oct 31, 2020
Dem try

They were not painting Nigeria black. the hostage was saved/ rescued from Nigerian Territory. If they were kidnapped in Niger as you claimed, how did they end up in Nigeria if not for the intentional porous borders of the north meant for transferring almajiri and herdsmen.

Same people (USA) would have helped with finishing book haram, but knew its the brain child of some influential Nigerian and would not support its demise.


Technology Market / Re: 500watts Solar Generator Special Offer For 20 People With 1 Standing Fan by yellowman2225(m): 3:34pm On Oct 31, 2020
Show details sir. what's the other specification apart from the 500 watt mentioned. Any pictures of the solar panel, fan etc?
Education / Re: IPPIS: FG Paid Some Professors N8,000 As Monthly Salary – Abiodun Ogunyemi by yellowman2225(m): 1:45pm On Oct 30, 2020

I would like to k ow exactly why ASUU is against IPPIS.
This same platform is being used to pay almost every other FG employee. It is flexible enough to accommodate the peculiarities of lecturers. It is being used in hospitals, esp teaching hospitals where many of the doctors there are lecturers and also visit other hospitals.

If you state the reasons, I will respond

The question you need to ask yourself is this.
Why is NA, NPF, NPA, NNPC, FIRS,NAF , CBN, NNPC, Judiciary, Politicians, not on the IPPS Payment Platform?

FGN just categorized everyone to be stripped of benefits and packed them all like SARDINES under IPPIS.

I Will only support the FGN in the day I heard NNPC, CBN And the Armed forces are on IPPIS

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Politics / Re: Looting: Zahra, Others Who Said Buhari Isn't The Problem Are Misguided - Reno by yellowman2225(m): 12:17pm On Oct 27, 2020

I forgive Those Who Accused Me Of Hoarding COVID-19 Palliatives – Humanitarian Minister


Politics / Re: Looting: Zahra, Others Who Said Buhari Isn't The Problem Are Misguided - Reno by yellowman2225(m): 12:11pm On Oct 27, 2020

Which your useless Party Pdp rendered Nigeria to..
Reno should stop adding pastor to his name... Fake and cheap guy
PMS WAS #97, NOW 170
RICE WAS 6000, NOW 35,000 CEMENT WAS 1700, NOW 3200

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Politics / Re: Looting: Zahra, Others Who Said Buhari Isn't The Problem Are Misguided - Reno by yellowman2225(m): 12:04pm On Oct 27, 2020

How much were you paid to be spamming all threads with this nonsense? I am willing to double it for you if you promise to challenge yourself to start making reasonable comments.

I don't know why you guys feel so jittery since people alleged that you are behind the selective property Looting and burning in Lagos state. You have employed jobless people to spam the forum with a united south post. This is a dumb Flat head gimmick aimed at ensuring you guys don't get kicked out of Lagos or thrown into the lagoon




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Politics / Causes and Who to blame for the Lekki Killing by yellowman2225(m): 9:02am On Oct 27, 2020
Its so sad that Nigerians have been shouting after the backlash from the gruesome occurrences in the past weeks without looking at the hidden root causes in order to avoid future occurrences.

Here are my lists of the root causes I believe - you can add yours in case omitted.

1. Government: Government is the biggest culprit in this whole fiasco as the protest started solely because of their negligence and irresponsible actions towards public outcry. The Government was never sincere with Police / general reform's The SAS in question has been disbanded up to 4 times in a course of 5 years.

Also, the Government escalated the hitherto peaceful protest by engaging deadly force by the Military -this is corroborated by Lagos state Governor. So, this is not an assumption or hate speech. 25% blame goes to the Government here.

2. The Government closed all land borders of the Country increasing cost of livelihood by whooping 200% 500% within 365 days. 50kg rice - which is a staple. food for most Nigerians soared from #6,000 to #35,000.

The unrest/ protest was more in the south because Police brutality exists most in the South, also cost of living / food prices in the North wasn't as high as the South. e.g A bag of rice sells for #35,000 in the South while same sells for #18,000 in the North. The North plants rice more than any region and their borders can't be entirely closed due to wide kilometers of desert land borders.

The Government removed fuel subsidy 100% and increased cost of electricity by a whopping 60% - an action that shouldn't normally come side by side with Petrol pump price increment . The major fuel of the unrest was ASUU Strike. Government handled ASUU strike with levity and thereby had over 20 million idle Tertiary Institutions students Nationwide available to support unrest. 25% blame still goes to the Government here

3. Trade Unions: TUC and NLC who happened to be leading Harbinger's of trade related rights chickened out of a would be agitation to counter the double hardship of electricity rate increase and total subsidy removal.

The Negligence of these Unions made Nigerians to feel betrayed and took laws into their hands, going all out to protest with full force. 10% blame is apportioned to TUC, NLC

4. Politicians: I believe the level of rascality and escalation in each state can still be attributed to the Political structure and Youth engagements in the state. I will base this on case study of Lagos, Oyo and Abuja. In Lagos, Sanwo Olu made it clear he had COMMANDED the Police to not brutalise anyone (Meaning he took ownership of Anything the Police or Military does)

However, in Oyo State, Seyi Makinke cried out Tweeting that he's unable to control the Federal Agencies as he wishes (Army and police) People labelled him fool for saying the truth , but called Sanwo Olu a hero for giving himself a power he never had.

Hitherto, Civilians casualties as well as Officers died in Ibadan and Ogbomoso, but those death were never attributed to Seyi Makinde because he was very loud the structures receives their 90% instructions from Abuja with only a little from Governors.

With only a little 10% control, Seyi Makinde, deployed the state security outfit code named "Operation burst" Using solely Army and civil defence Officers with clear instruction to PROTECT Protesters. (All these were backed by daily broadcast on the state owned TV and Radio, so the protesters know/ believe (though not totally true) the Armed forces is there to protect them from thugs/ hoodlums.

Opposite of the affore mentioned happened in Lagos where Sanwo Olu believed in his affiliation with Abuja and relied on same until when Abuja cornered him by using deadly force against protesters at Lekki toll Gate. (The truth is Sanwo Olu is not a bad man, but just a scape Goat played for political gains because of his loyalty to God father and his party) Simply put. Sanwo Olu lost because of his trust in Jagaban and Abuja, while Makinde gathered strength because he has no one to run to. Note. The 2 cases aren't totally related but I hope analysts can grab the similarities. Remember - EDO NO BE LAGOS SLOGAN HAS ALREADY PUT LAGOS ON ITS TOE TO SHOW THEIR STRENGHT AGAINST JAGABAN. I wonder why our politicians don't learn.

In this guise in Abuja - some Politicians were fingered in Abuja and some other states to have hired Thugs to disrupt the peaceful protests.

Blame for Politician stands at 20% as the case may be.

5. Military: The Military escalated the issue by using deadly force. They could have deployed hot water canons / rubber coated bullets if they believe covid 19 law or curfew law is been is been violated. We all know anywhere Nigerian Military goes destruction follows - except in the case of Terrorist they couldn't quash for a decade. Everything still boils down to the line of order. who gives the order? Federal government. I apportion 15% blame to the Military who eventually escalated the 12 day long peaceful protest.

6. The people: A lot will want to disagree with this. We are all in it together.

Finally 5% blame goes to everyone who participated in the protest / even those who didn't support it or participate. All of us are guilty. If everyone as Nigerians do what is right, we won't even have any reason for the protest in the first place.

The people protested without looking at what different results could come, police brutalise with great enthusiasm, Politicians steal with reckless abandon, Religious bodies were partisan, Some popular Pastors supported the peaceful protests while some Sheik / Imams were prompting deadly force/ genocide.

Are the lawmaker stealing our monies not Nigerians? Don't they have families among us? Are these Police etc not in our neighbours? don't we have them as families and friend? That's where we all are to blame 5% of the whole brouhaha.

From all these above, since the Government controls the Military, it shows the Government has over 85% blame. Government ordered Military, Government = Poltiticians only the 10% of NLC/ TUC and 5% for the populace is not directly Government.

Pls, constructive criticism is allowed. Point to any Number you are against / add your own. No bashing pls.

Also, if you know you are one of the so called BMC paid to distort the truth, please stay clear as Gods wrath will be on you for selling your Children future for 20,000 (less than 50 USD.

Thank you and God bless.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Osinbajo, Six Governors To Engage Youths, CSOs, Others by yellowman2225(m): 7:27am On Oct 27, 2020
Whenever there's trouble, they always push VP to resolve it. why create the trouble in the first place?
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Visits Victims Of Lekki Shooting (Photos) by yellowman2225(m): 7:36am On Oct 21, 2020
This man said a lot from his short statement. "The forces that acted is beyond him" Tinubu and FG instruction is clear. FG will not attack Lagos without notifying Thiefnubu. SanwoOlu is just a scape goat.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Protesters At CBN Headquarters In Abuja, Say We Are Sleeping Over by yellowman2225(m): 9:33am On Oct 19, 2020
Only state Govetnmrnts feeling the heat.

This protest will not make sense until SOUTH SOUTH Shut down oil production. Buhari government isn't feeling it because he's losing close to nothing in this protest. Once oil production is shut down, ehn Buhari go hear am

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Business / Re: What If DSTV, GOTV Wasn’t Hacked And It’s Just A Means To Distract... by yellowman2225(m): 7:30pm On Oct 18, 2020
Its the government tactics to divert out attention. They know that once we can watch free African magic and super sport, we will stay off the street
Business / Re: FREE EYE TEST!! Can You Spot The Original Rope In This Photo? (99% Won’t Get It) by yellowman2225(m): 3:51pm On Sep 19, 2020
Politics / Re: Is El Rufai Really Bad Or Its Just A Gang Up Against Him by yellowman2225(m): 11:28am On Sep 19, 2020
petition now over 32,000. El Rufai is on long thing. Who noticed he was on low key on the Edo Election since this petition. Now we know our politicians are afraid of losing their visiting HOSPITALS abroad. lol

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Politics / Re: Is El Rufai Really Bad Or Its Just A Gang Up Against Him by yellowman2225(m): 2:28pm On Sep 17, 2020
Just 2 days ago. Reno Omokri petitioned EU and UK Governments to place travel ban on El Rufai and the petition supporters soared to 19,000 within 3 days. What do you think is responsible for this feat? is it just because El Rufai is bad or what? You can see the link below and see for yourself. Positive comments is welcome. No bashing please.


The petition on change.org had reached 20,200. does it means, the EU and UK will act based on numbers ? or it has to get to a particular threshold fotthem to act? Anyone with the criteria can tell us for clarity
Politics / Is El Rufai Really Bad Or Its Just A Gang Up Against Him by yellowman2225(m): 7:22am On Sep 17, 2020
Just 2 days ago. Reno Omokri petitioned EU and UK Governments to place travel ban on El Rufai and the petition supporters soared to 19,000 within 3 days. What do you think is responsible for this feat? is it just because El Rufai is bad or what? You can see the link below and see for yourself. Positive comments is welcome. No bashing please.


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