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Politics / Re: You Won’t Return To Senate In 2027 – Wike Threatens FCT Senator, Kingibe by Yujin(m): 7:00pm On Jul 01
In Rivers Boxing Ring, they're supporting Wike.
In Abuja, who will they support?
When tribalism clashes with hypocrisy, which will win?

Watching Abuja with my microscope 😂 😂 😂 😂

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Politics / Re: Herdsmen Attack Four Jigawa Communities, Police Sue For Peace by Yujin(m): 10:18am On Jul 01
[quote author=adamusuleiman1 post=130737698][/quote]
Criminals rearing cattles attack peaceful farming communities with dangerous weapons and the Nigerian police is calling for peace. I have never had of this before. I thought destructive invaders are meant to be arrested and prosecuted? Or is it because the invaders are Fulanis? Are they above the law? Farmlands have been destroyed in the midst of the current hunger in the land. Will the invaders pay for the damges?
This is unbelievable!
Politics / Re: Bini And Ijaw Were Able To Enslave Igbo Because They Were Not United - Omokri by Yujin(m): 9:48pm On Jun 29

It's the main reason. The ibos were a bigger tribe than those other minority tribes but the ibos were not united as one indivisible unit. This made it easy for even smaller tribes like the igala or ijaws to raid or poach small Ibo hamlets to catch slaves. It's difficult for smaller groups of people to defend themselves especially when there are children and women in those settlements as well.

Many of you just wake up and start writing incorrect stories about Ndigbo that you love to hate. I wonder what you seek to achieve through your misinformation. If it is to psychologically sell the idea of Ndigbo being an inferior people, then clearly you're delusional. Ndigbo have never felt inferior to any human not even the Europeans that came with superior technology.
History is history and can never be changed especially when there are facts on ground to back it up. The only ethnic group that indeed raided and enslaved some Igbo communities where the Igalas. They did this mostly in the Northern fringes of Igboland around the Nsukka area. Though they became Igbonized overtime due to the superiority of the Igbo culture, some of their vestiges still remained. In northern Anambra, they didn't enslave anyone because they didn't succeed. They eventually settled down and also became Igbonised. The Awka people have a story to protecting an unknown Igbo group who ran to them for protection from their pursuers who were raiding them. Awka people gave them a land to occupy within Awka before facing their pursuers who most likely were Igalas and decimated them. The land given to those Igbo groups fleeing was called Ama-obia and is still called by the same name today.
As for the Ijaws, there's no single record of them raiding a single Igbo community. Whatever slaves some Ijaw merchants (middlemen) had, they purchased from Igbo slave traders who were mostly Aro Igbos on the Eastern and Southern parts of the Niger Delta. The same Aros sold Igbos to Efik merchants who were the middlemen in Calabar slave ports. Notice Igbo language didn't feature in Calabar because Igbo middlemen weren't there as fellow traders with the Efiks but in Bonny and Kalabari areas in Rivers state, Igbo middlemen alongside Ijaw middlemen bought enslaved people of different ethnic groups with Igbos being the majority simply because we had a dense population far above the rest.
On the Western side of the Niger, another Igbo group sold enslaved people. This was done by the Ukwuani Igbos and they sold them to Ijaws of Brass who took them further down to Kalabari areas and sold to both Igbo and Kalabari Ijaw middlemen. There are books that explained this very well.
Ijaws were also heavily fragmented and weren’t effective for anything on land. They were mostly known for piracy on the waterways during those days so it's a thing of wonder to say Ijaws raided any Igbo community.
The Ukwuani Igbos mostly of Aboh got the enslaved people who they sold mostly by buying them from Igalas and others they got from raiding and defeating communities around them with whom they had problems. Aboh was very powerful back in the days. Among the enslaved people they bought from the Igalas were other Igbos(I am certain were victims of the Nsukka raids), Hausas, other middlebelt ethnic groups and probably minorities from far away Adamawa region. Igalas raided other ethnicities of the middlebelt for slaves too.
Finally, the Itsekiris were very tiny and faraway from any Igbo community. They have no border with any Igbo community and must travel pass a lot of Urhobo communities before getting to the fringes of Ukwuani who had a powerful kingdom at the time. It's madness from Reno Omokri to put Itsekiri and Igbo in one sentence.
Finally, as a yeriba, you should take out the log of wood from your eyes before attempting to talk about the speck of dust in our eyes. You were raided and sold by many ethnic groups. It was well documented. The Binis ruled over the entire Ondo state and parts of Ekiti where they exacted slaves. The Fon raided and sold yeribas at Ouidah slave ports. The Fulanis raided and sold yeriba slaves and the Nupes also raided and sold your people after destroying the old capital of Oyo kingdom known as Oyo Ile. A Fulani emir even rules you yeribas till date and his descendants will continue to rule Ilorin till the end of time.
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 12:53pm On Jun 29
I just want you to display your full madness here. You claimed you didn't say anything about the election tribunal. You are here saying the election tribunal truncated justice. You were telling someone here that he didn't know more than the judges that did not convict kanu and that he should allow JUSTICE TO RUN ITS COURSE. Now you know more than the judges that threw your obingo petition to the dustbin of history.

When you finish running mad and you are ready to take your drugs, let me know .
I've challenged you to post any of my comments that has to do your 2023 Presidential election and Peter Obi's victory or whatever. You've been unable to do so. Like I said earlier, if truly the result of the election tribunal reflected the true choice of the people, there would b have been jubilation at least in majority of the contraption. The absence of this jubilation and some obvious irregularities of the electioneering process showed that the result of the tribunal wasn't the true will of the people. I care less about Nigeria though which means the result didn't surprise me one bit.
Like I'll always say; enjoy your Nigeria while crying "ebi npawa".
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 12:33pm On Jun 29

Even with that,let your Nigeria government come in terms with ipob that if Nigeria gets 30% vote, Nigeria wins
😂 😂 😂 😂 Chai... are you guys this desperate to keep Ndigbo you so much hate with you in Nigeria? Are you seriously begging for 30% for Nigeria? Are you guys cursed to always lower the mark in everything? Can't you see the destruction it has led Nigeria into? Do you mean the wishes of 30% should decide the fate of the 70%? Where's you education? You clearly don't value peace because if you do, you'll respect the wishes of the majority.
Those sellout politicians and few popular persons who would prefer Nigeria can choose to nationalize as Nigerians and remain with you guys.
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 12:21pm On Jun 29
you igbos are begging for nnamdi cownu release I thought that he's so powerful that nobody can arrest him,or Ipob or ESN no get power to go to Abuja and released him from DSS were he's enjoying watery beans and watery egusi soup and eba
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a freedom fighter and will continue to fight until our Biafra is established. Everything has its time and his time to leave the Nigerian gulag by any means possible. Your foremost yoruba leader, Obafemi 🐸 lowo also went to jail and we all know how he ended.
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 11:33am On Jun 29

So it is now SHAMBOLIC COURT CASES? I thought you said the courts were good because they could not convict your hero, Kanu. If they could do a SHAMBOLIC case and throw away Obi's petition, why cant they do the same shambolic case and throw kanu to life Imprisonment? I am stupid
You can say it a again and again. You're indeed very stupid. Does the inability of your court to indict Mazi Nnamdi Kanu automatically grant them goodwill and credits their result a fair judgement? As you know, all cases aren't exactly alike with some being more technical with lesser rooms for manipulation. The same Nigerian courts have been pushing and tossing his case from pillar to post while holding an innocent man in detention for over 3years. Is that the idea of justice in your head?
In case you don't know, the Nigerian court currently has a very poor rating internationally which was further compounded by that same result of the election tribunal. A result from them that didn't see the masses jubilating in the streets tells the world the truth and truncation of justice they need to know.
A goat thinks better than you. If not, you won't write the trash you wrote here.
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 11:12am On Jun 29
@Yujin who happens to be your fellow IPOB apologist thinks otherwise. Infact he believes Nigeria judiciary is the best and he thinks they did well by sending the stupid petition by Obi and his team of lawyers to the dustbin of history.
Don't use me to score cheap political points on nairaland. I've not said anything in the mould you're claiming and I advice you to edit this post and expunge whatever you wrote and tied to my thoughts.

I've refrained from your Nigerian Presidential Selection and her shambolic court cases that followed because I know better that it is a waste of time. When others (Obidients) still hopeful of Nigeria elections get to the level I've gotten, they would join the chorus for the division of Nigeria.
You're not in my brain to know what I think hence I urge you to edit your post and correct it.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 10:30am On Jun 29
You mean the same court that you lots said was bribed against Obi? You now know cases are not dealt with by emotions but your people want the judges to declare obi president based on twitter votes. You people are so delusional
Your stupidity knows no bound. Can you quote on single comment I've made about Obi and the Nigerian courts? You should learn how to respond to every individual by the contents of his posts both present and past ones.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 10:16am On Jun 29

look....this year in year out arguments mean nothing....

is not that common none ibos can even help una get biafra sef....

yorubas were smart and saw the possible destruction to their region that they quiet down with theirs....

go ahead and fight to get biafra from people that have bigger guns than you....
You've been corrected for over a decade on spelling Igbo correctly yet you persist in defiance and disregard to our correct name. In turn, I'll refer to your people as yeribas.
The year in year out arguments tells you that Nigeria is stagnant politically while socially and economically,she has degenerated to the lowest levels. The people of Nigeria have become increasingly damaged mentally because of the failure of Nigeria. The result is increased poverty, educational degeneration, social and religious degradation with majority increasingly becoming hopeless. This is the key reason behind most Nigerians running away from Nigeria with many having damaged mindsets. Expect more protest against Nigerians from other countries as the years go until Nigeria is divided and the new countries work on themselves to better themselves.
Nigeria can't be worked on for obvious reasons. I've been consistent about this for over a decade. Your Nigeria is set for division in less than ten years from now.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Allegedly Face Xenophobia In Benin Republic by Yujin(m): 9:38am On Jun 29
Zangbeto? Fon/Eguns.

Ketou? Yorubas.

Even with the ties some of us share with folks from that end, we've managed to avoid coming in contact with some of them because the black man is his own problem, now throw the word 'Nigerian' into the mix and coupled with those soiling and spoiling our already battered reputation in the eyes of the outside world you'd discovered that the average Beninoise is justified.

Maybe, this is a wake up call for some of us still stuck up here dancing on the political chess board(many are even pawns, they get moved and cherry picked at ease by the good for nothing politicians) to get serious with getting it right.

Nigeria is exhausting.
Exactly. Support the division of the evil contraption so we all can be patriotic to our new countries.
Death to the evil contraption. It has been our prayer for many days.
Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 9:17am On Jun 29

1963? Is there any referendum clause or secession clause in our current constitution?

Wondering why some of you just like to dey argue blindly
Was there ever a referendum clause in any Nigerian constitution? The answer is 'NO'. However, two referenda have been conducted and the results binding. It is the right thing to be done today if Nigeria ever wants any geniune peace and progress. Hateful and envious people like you think you have it all figured out without knowing your sinking deep into your destruction.
Anyway, some people from your end have shown they're a direct enemy to our own course and even existence. Of course, we in turn will get back to all of them in due time in the fight for survival.


Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 8:47am On Jun 29

Is there any referendum in our constitution?

Abeg make una no dey confirm the saying of average Ipob are illiterates
See the barely educated helinues trying to sound smart. You should know your level and the person you're engaging.
There have been two referenda in Nigeria after the October 1960 even without it being in the constitution at the time. The first was done in 1961 for the Western Cameroon to determine if they wanted to remain in Nigeria or join Cameroon. The second was the referendum for the creation of the MidWest region in 1963. Both were done without any referendum clause in the Nigerian Constitution.
Lastly, it shows how low your intellect is when you refer or assume a person who clearly writes and speaks better than you as an illiterate. I no be your level.


Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 8:22am On Jun 29


the only way I think he will be released is when the judiciary is bribed....

his case strong no be small....
china would have executed somebody like home tey tey....
It's been 3 yrs and counting with your courts unable to pin him on a single allegation. Some of them discharged and fined the Nigerian government for damages against him running into millions of naira. I guess you as a person know the law better than the different judges that rendered those judgement in his favour.
Cases are not dealt by emotions especially whether you like a person or not rather, it is based on the dictates and technicalities of the law of a country and other organizations the country belongs to like UN. If it was emotion based, the death you wish him would also be upon you because we don't like you and WILL hunt you too. Therefore, it best you stick to the law and let justice run its course.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 8:06am On Jun 29

Referendum is just like an election which needs persuading people and also spend to motivate people.

The South East politicians would outsmart the Ipob in terms of money and logistics.
Lol. Helinues, you seem to be far from earth probably from Uranus. It's best to leave you in your current state of mind.
Support IPOB's call for referendum and leave our people to decide by themselves. It's the decision of our people and our leaders of which the former ALWAYS decide what we want. Even 'OHANEZE' Ndigbo know this. Governors are part of us who are given just 8 years maximum to prove their worth to our people. Their records determines if they would be elevated to the position of leaders or demoted to the position of criminals or enemies of our people. Our society is that advanced.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Can’t Win Referendum, Igbos Prefer Nigeria – Arewa Youths by Yujin(m): 7:55am On Jun 29
They can have their say while we have ours.
Support the referendum call of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB simple. That is what we have been saying and still saying but the terrorist Nigerian army turned us into dispensable targets for elimination. Thousands of our people have been killed and many more imprisoned simply for calling for the same referendum.
The best progress to be made at present is the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all our people imprisoned after which a UN supervised referendum should be conducted for all our people in all the ancestral lands we occupy. THIS IS THE BEST WAY FORWARD AT THE MOMENT.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Plan To Harmonise Southern Vote Ahead Of 2027. by Yujin(m): 12:58pm On Jun 28
If Tinubu can pull the South together, the biggest winners will be Igbo, the only path to presidency for Igbo is southern unity on election day, but they will never understand, they'd rather continue aligning with the north and when it's time for the north to replicate, they will push Igbos out and shut the door ( Like they did to Obi in PDP).

Yoruba have no problem voting anyone from any region, but Hausa will never vote anything Igbo, even if you put a gun to their heads. The highest Igbo can get from alliance with the north is VP.

Igbo should bury their hatchet and queue behind Tinubu, if Atiku can contest after Buhari's 8 years, Obi can contest and win after Tinubu's 8 years. Ass licking the north will never favor the South East.

One good stakeholders group in this Tinubu's clamour for a united Southern Front is for him to call for the meeting of all service chiefs of Southern and Middlebelt extraction. They will be a good representation of the people he wants to unite for his 'emilokan' benefit.
Politics / Re: A Clarion Call For Seun To Rise Against The Call For Genocide By Helinues& Floki by Yujin(m): 7:16am On Jun 26

What those guys are doing is called a "false flag" operation. They might have been told by their handlers to sway any potential attack or protests in Nigeria following these Kenyan riots by framing such as another attempt by the Igbo to dominate them. Igbos have always been their favorite fall guys because Igbos are too busy to return fire with fire to them. If you're not careful, you would think they are just rambling but I believe that all the major antagonists on that thread are working from the same room. Including some arguing as Igbos. These clan of agbadorians seem to really have an infinite morbid fear for the Igbos.. Pastor Bakare even told you guys how they planned to snatch Igbo houses in Lagos before the demolitions started.

The fulanis who fought the war with them have been bossing them politically since 1966, so much so you would think they also "lost" the war with Biafra. This sole opportunity that they have really had to be rulers, which was last year, they have been busy using that to taunt, attack and terrorize others. Folks wanted power not to lead but for some ego trips. Since bulabas inauguration, if they're not burning markets in Lagos, they are tearing down mansions to "save the environment", meanwhile all the squalid slum eyesores which litter the whole Lagos are left untouched because they are all populated in the main by our skull mining fellow kwantiri men. Folks wanted power to terrorize others and not to lead.

Fulani will win election and start looting in peace, but Agbadorians will hijack an election result and instead of looting in peace since looting is all they're good at, they're busy taunting, harassing, demolishing and irritating everyone else. No wonder the northerners are starting to plan. Agbadorians are trying to spoil market for them. Agbadorians have cornered all political positions yet they are not happy. Took everything that was supposed to go to Southern Nigeria for themselves. The same people will start a funny "Southern governors" forum once the northerners start to congregate at buharis house in other to make it look like there is something called "Southern unity"..

Una cup go full at the appropriate time
You put it out perfectly. Couldn't have written it any better. Their cup will soon get full. Everything they're doing is well documented to be revisited in due time.

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Properties / Re: Tenants Struggle As Rents Skyrocket by Yujin(m): 1:48pm On Jun 25

I have friends and distant relatives from and in Biafra, no way on this planet will I face my own side and not chook mout for di mata. Na you go comot eye wen I post on Biafra màtá, chikena. No

By the way, South Sudan is still in a mess as they still have factions fighting over oil. I am glad they split up though.
You're glad South Sudan divided yet have issues with Nigeria dividing. Isn't this a case of self sabotage? Your problem is envy against what you think Biafra can become after the division. Whatever the case, Biafra restoration is beyond your capability to stop. You can type whatever you wish but know that there are consequences to being an obstruction in the wheel of our emancipation.
Last advice, keep to your Oduduwa Republic and keep off Biafra,whether you have relatives or not. A word is enough for the wise. I tell you most certainly, all those that have been involved in the killings of our innocent people will be called to answer for it. It is an ASSURANCE I'm writing publicly.
Properties / Re: Tenants Struggle As Rents Skyrocket by Yujin(m): 10:55am On Jun 25

I disagree, nothing will change in Nigeria. The people will be the same, whether as Biafrans, Odùduwa or Arewa.

The politicians will still be corrupt.

Only difference actually is that Obidients would no longer complain about a stolen mandate without proof. Or maybe they will but dat wan go bí dere Biafran problem, we wey no dey àlá Biafra go jus dey siddon look dem.
Your opinion is respected. Focus on your side and allow us to focus on our side. This is what a divided Nigeria will give us.
Take a look at the old Sudan and what the new countries have become after the division. South Sudan had a brief civil unrest which has subsided and they have picked up development while North Sudan has descended into a full blown civil war. See how the RSF backed Yemen is committing genocide in North Sudan on black muslims and no one is talking about it. If Sudan had remained one country, RSF would have focussed their genocide on the South Sudanese but they can't do so today for obvious reasons. The same is the future of Nigeria. I don't care how the Arewa or Oduduwa people handle their politicians but ours, we will handle them appropriately.
I emcourage you to face your own side and leave us to mind our own.
Properties / Re: Tenants Struggle As Rents Skyrocket by Yujin(m): 8:03am On Jun 25

So when they divide the contraption, people will stop paying rent (and there will be no more suffering) àbi?
After the division of the evil contraption, no one will have the courage to kill another man and ride bike over his corpse in the full glare of everyone. It will carry heavy consequence given the new circumstance. Don't you agree?
Politics / Re: Pius Awoke: DSS Releases Ebonyi Lawyer Detained Since 2021, After FIJ Story by Yujin(m): 7:51am On Jun 25

Oboy d Guy don chop free food tired
May you be subjected to the same treatment so you can "chop free food".

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Politics / Re: Ex-Minister Pantami Mourns As Bandits Kill Deputy Vice-chancellor by Yujin(m): 6:34pm On Jun 24
Pantami has no reason to weep. He is part of those murderers. His own time is coming.
RlP to the deceased if he was a good man.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Abduct Police Orderly, Driver Attached To Traditional Ruler In Rivers by Yujin(m): 3:06pm On Jun 24
They said when God created Nigeria.. He went to his backyard to laugh.......
God didn't create Nigeria... Britain did. Weren't you taught about the amalgamation of 1914? God never created Nigeria. The Britons did solely for their own purpose.
Politics / Re: Zhongshan Fucheng: Chinese Investor Seizes Nigerian Govt Properties In UK by Yujin(m): 2:48pm On Jun 24

Make dem seize am, nothing go happen. No be Nigeria again... abegi. Seize am even look for another property add join sef and take all of them. Very yeye evil contraption living on the sucking the blood of the indigenous people.
Death to the evil contraption.
Politics / Re: 50 Reps Write Tinubu, Demand Nnamdi Kanu’s Release by Yujin(m): 12:36pm On Jun 24

But why did ojuku ran away after many life's of his people lost then. Now kanu boys killed many people in SE yet Igbos outside the SE and online still shouting Biafra as if all that were killed are not human beings. Is that they way to have a republic after killing everyone in the SE. Sowore or igboho mentioned has never killed anyone or destroyed properties.
Your Yoruba 'kalokalo' will soon catch up with your people. It is a certain part in the cycle of life events and when the time comes, I won't pity you people. You can accuse us anyhow you want and lie as much as you want. It won't change a thing when jungle matures. Na countdown we dey.
Politics / Re: Biafra Is Why Ajaokuta Steel Mill Failed - David Hundeyin by Yujin(m): 7:04am On Jun 24

I read the same thing many years back that soviet union after their technical survey and plant design and planning selected onitsha for the steel plant. Iron ore was to be mined in itakpe and transported via river Niger to onitsha while coal was to be transported via rail from enugu to onitsha. Steel products were to be shipped via barges to warri and to Lagos.

But Nigerian factor overtook technical experience and common sense.

From an initial budget og $6b the project has gulped more than $40b and is still a dream project.
Ajaokuta was planned same time with China Steel complex, south Korea Steel complex and India Steel complex. All others are working at full blast today and have been expanded several times but Ajaokuta remained a white elephant project and a sink hole
This is the true story of the Steel complex that was to be built by the Soviets but politics overruled economic considerations and Ajaokuta happened. Nigeria has no future as it is today. We are just wasting time, resources and talents together without making any tangible progress. Reality speaks better and even at that, envy and hatred still has a better hold on the evil contraption. My projection for it's dissolution remains ten years from now.
Properties / Re: Tenants Struggle As Rents Skyrocket by Yujin(m): 6:02am On Jun 24
The suffering go reach everybody. Finally, the most reasonable thing to be done will be done.
Divide the evil contraption.


Politics / Re: Blasphemy Killings Claim 300+ Since 1999 As Police Fail To Prosecute Suspects by Yujin(m): 5:15pm On Jun 22
The legacy of one Nigeria is that Christians can be killed by a muslim mob on account of blasphemy and go scot free. They have the right to kill any Christian an decide the reason that will geabt them a free passage. What a way to be a dead meat citizen.

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