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Romance / Re: My First Gee Plus. by Yusufisraelj(m): 9:33am

But river na highest,but u gats choose wisely because male rivers wicked pass their female counterparts

This one na another level be that. grin grin

Marine spirits brutal be that? Lols
Politics / Re: Ex-French President Sarkozy Jailed, Can This Happen In Nigeria? by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:19am
The challenge is that the Judiciary and Legislature currently in Nigeria doesn't function with the level of autonomy as enshrined in the Constitution.

As far as they can be poked and influenced from wealthy or powerful quarters, justice and laws of the land can be adjusted to accommodate criminals who should rot in prison.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Zimbabwe Vice President, Mohadi Resigns Over Sex Scandal by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:10am
Why not stay and prove your innocence? Even Bill Clinton that was guilty fought for his name and presidency not to be dragged aground, which was even wrong in the first place, you that is innocent is bowing out.
Romance / Re: I Was Embarrassed For Trying To Help. by Yusufisraelj(m): 7:26pm On Mar 01
You should learn to have emotional "shock absorbers" when dealing on a public forum like this, your opinions will be subject to varying opposing ideas, so operate from a point of conviction or be open to better ideas and ignore silly depositions.

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Romance / Re: My First Gee Plus. by Yusufisraelj(m): 4:52pm On Mar 01

and you know this how !

Lols, let's say I know a little bit about my FAITH. Some discussions are beyond NL. Cheers
Romance / Re: My First Gee Plus. by Yusufisraelj(m): 3:29pm On Mar 01
my only problem with this post is that people liked it ... wow.. Nigerian men are really useless ... So that what y'all like ? free money ?... shame @op

Lols, hmmm you don't know how far I guess. You think people love going to jazz men for the fun of it? Life and situations pushes people to such ends.

There was a case like that, as I was told the husband lost his job, couldn't find any, the wife was supporting the family alone, things got so bad that they needed more than what the wife was earning to meet a dire need, long story short, she slept with her boss to raise that fund.

Believe me, people are not stupid, however I will never ever advocate going to such ends like compromise or meeting spiritualist for money or help.

But you see every man including you @Feddytune is limited by their level of mentality or relationships or help he can source from the unseen; these three influences the kinds of problems they can solve, results they command and heights they can reach in this life.

A wise book I love so much says it is those who know their God that will be strong and they shall do exploits. grin grin grin


Everything is fake to you guys ... because you have never left your bedroom and face the real life out there .. those who know about what I said know.... you're quick to comment fake in every thread as if In begging you to believe... ndi ara

OP the Alfa didn't give you the full gist, there was something that was exchanged for that money, you will need someone with thorough understanding of the things of the spirit to tell you the transaction that took place between you and the wealth. Lols

Life is deep ooo


Romance / Re: Some Reasons Why Many Women Don't Marry On Time Or Will Not Marry At All... by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:56pm On Feb 27

@Yusufisraelj good to read comments like yours on here shows we have men that reason rationally here. I agree with your coment men cheat too ladles cheat people cheat but that is not disputing that we don't have honest men anymore or honest ladies

Thank you, simply the truth 100%, good people still exist.
Romance / Re: Why Will A Girl Always Say She Will Call You Back by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:54pm On Feb 27

I dont understand your last question. We've been friends for a year before now.

Hmmm okay, you must be really into her then.

But my guy relationship na two way street, make she no keep you on a leash, while she is doing her thing.

But if you think she is worth it, then find out what's important to her and work at it to get her attention from a place of sincerity, and if she can't see your honest efforts to woo her and make it easy for you, then my brother block her line and move on.

No time for unnecessary drama.


Romance / Re: Why Will A Girl Always Say She Will Call You Back by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:41pm On Feb 27
Like I am curious. This is a girl I am just friends with though I like her. Anytime I call her it's either she doesn't pick, she cuts the call and call back or she picks it and say she will call me back of which she will.

Though. there was a time last year. I asked her out and she said no. After close to 4months I didn't call her owing to her saying no. She then called me January to ask why I don't always call her.

So I started calling her like one in 2weeks, anytime I call she cuts the call and call back like 1hr later or she tells me she will call me back.

I know/think she thinks she's manipulating me to continue to be her friend.

grin grin grin grin grin grin

This guy you funny ooo

Well tell her now, about the cutting and calling.

But you self wait ooo, you wan make girl fall for you when she nova check you out and day comfortable around you? Hmmmm
Romance / Re: Some Reasons Why Many Women Don't Marry On Time Or Will Not Marry At All... by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:33pm On Feb 27

We are talking about wife materials. Girls Bleep around alot these days. Don't go marry a runs girl and be happy you have arrived. That's what potential guys need to be wary of.

Too many girls are into runs in this part of the world. Runs runs runs. They are not good for marriage.

Those that are not into runs are stucked with bad habits and past exes.

If you need a good girl, the best places are not clubs or parties.

If you want a good girl, go to serminars, group discussions, get togethers and other reputable public gatherings, jobs seminars and the like.

I think that's where one will see ladies with like minds who are doing well for themselves and ready to build life with any potential man. Not slay Queens that go to club and get bleeped every now and then.

cc: freethesheeple

You just nailed it.

Equally I will add that @freethesheeple

You who want a good lady, are you a good man, do you understand what it takes to accommodate the personality of a lady, accept her past, partner to eliminate her weaknesses and partner to amplify her strengths?

Bkos for me, I look at the mirror first and make an honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, and strife to be better.

Bkos I believe when a man works on himself so well, he will know how to see and spot good ladies or ladies with potential who are sincere but living wrongly.

But even more importantly is that the guy and said lady must be willing to have a plan and set goals to become better in the relationship, bkos a relationship is platform for growth, if that is not present then wahala is close by, maybe that's why so many people don't enjoy marriage, no strategic plan to grow in any area of limitations and find answers to lingering questions on why the relationship is not moving the way it should, the two parties must be willing to work at it for God sake, anything that works is being worked at.

Am not so particular about a girl's past but is she willing to strife and commit to a better life?

This my take sincerely.
Family / Re: HOw Do African Youths Deal With The Numerous Bills From Family And Friends? by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:38am On Feb 27

Walahi God bless you for this master piece...I tolled a line similar to his until I borrowed some sense. Call me stingy! No wahala. But if you no help yourself OYO na that my sibling case. Yes I want to help but I have to work with you and not feed you like a toddler..

Kudos for your piece of advice

Thank you.

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Family / Re: Save Me From Entitled Inlaws by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:38am On Feb 27
Nothing wrong in people asking.
If you can't give say no.

badmusarati this point above may look brief but much wisdom in it, for me the priority is your immediate family not extended, yes you can help to the limits of your ability that's even the petty cash in your budget, once exhausted no more giving. Simple

Equally never allow any soul bully your wife emotionally, psychologically or even physically, end that communication channel, no matter who the person is.

It will suffice to say that prayers be made for your sister's brother, a mindset or spirit is what influences repeated cycles of bad behavior in people. You don't attend to the latter cause with words, a superior force is needed to bring him back to his senses of responsibility. God speed.


Thank you sir. She's no longer with such mentally. For more than two years now till now she don't even want to hear anything from them and whenever she want to talk to her dad she finds a way of doing that without then know but they always get mad because they always miss the opoory to influence their dad by way to telling him what to demand. So she's woke up. grin

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Strictly Friendship by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:57pm On Feb 26
I just replied your mail

Yes, I have responded equally. Have saved your contact.
Romance / Re: Why Do I Find Female Leaders More Attractive Than Other Women? by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:53pm On Feb 26
That's why I always say compatibility is very key in relationship. Here is a case where a man is acting tender and submissive falling in love with a domineering woman and many other men don't like such women. An unwise woman who has been disliked or hated by men who don't like such, may commit suicide thinking men generally like submissive women only, instead of her to pray to find a man who would love to be subjective to leading women like her. Such is life compatibility is very important!

Very on point brother
Family / Re: HOw Do African Youths Deal With The Numerous Bills From Family And Friends? by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:26pm On Feb 26

My brother, this thing is killing me

My man you have to sit down and balance this thing else you will get worn out. Sincerely it's not easy growing up on this side of the globe, but with proper planning, execution and more importantly the help of God, everything is possible.

Another thing I must emphasize is a willingness to always be a man of prayer and due diligence to God and life, my brother there is more to this life than meets the eye. grin


Romance / Re: Most Nigerian Girls Can't Hold A Conversation by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:17pm On Feb 26

Thanks for the compliment. And yup, I'm science inclined.

Sure! Send a direct mail. I'll really appreciate that.

Very well then, I have. Looking forward to your response. Cheers
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Strictly Friendship by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:13pm On Feb 26
I'm up for this if you're interested.

Yes I have responded, pls check your email.
Romance / Re: Most Nigerian Girls Can't Hold A Conversation by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:07pm On Feb 26

You're right.

cry Like it's not just "Nigerian girls" that the guys in this section talk about. The issue is not peculiar to any gender. We still have boys who can not hold intelligent conversations. The only thing they know how to talk about is the number of girls they've been with. Ask them questions about their state of origin, and watch them fumble.

It's not like I'm saying that Nigerian girls are perfect, but the way guys here sound like there's no lady in Nigeria who has something good to offer is so annoying.

Both genders need to work on themselves. Instead of the whole bashing and rantings, guys should also work on themselves.

They complain about constant billing. Crazy. You've been with a girl for two years and all you do is take care of her bills and call her to come whenever you're in your heat period. In that two years, you've never brought up the issue of her starting a business or acquiring a skill. If the girl is not intelligent enough to do all of that for herself, you're her boyfriend and partner, help her out. Let her tap from your well of intelligence.

When such relationship ends now, the guy will come to Nairaland and rant about how she didn't help his life and business. As if he helped hers.

Like I said, both genders need serious work. The rate at which Nigerian boys want relationship to be about you bringing your body and them bringing their money is also getting scary.

About the conversation aspect. It's only in physics that like charges do not attract. In life, you only attract your kinds.

In my opinion, if you keep meeting unintelligent ladies, then you also need to work on yourself and the kind of places you go to. You can't go to strip clubs and expect the ladies who came there to have fun to start discussing politics and current affairs with you.

grin I come in peace.

This is brilliant and balanced.

From your insightful depositions, I should suppose you are science inclined?

May I send you a direct mail?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Strictly Friendship by Yusufisraelj(m): 7:20pm On Feb 26
I'm up for this if you're interested.

Have seen your mail, will reach out by 11pm, currently busy. Cheers
Family / Re: HOw Do African Youths Deal With The Numerous Bills From Family And Friends? by Yusufisraelj(m): 7:16pm On Feb 26
When dem ask for 20k..me i dey send 5k.when dem ask for 50k,i send 10..i no go kill my sef.

This one way to go


My brother, I don use that strategy but dem call me stingy

My brother, na you day do yourself.

You see I've been in this shoe and I can tell you with all sense of responsibility that if today you leave this Earth (God forbid) your parents, siblings and friends will survive 100% without you, I can tell you this for free, you shouldn't attend to every books dropped at request, sending your siblings airtime, What! You must be joker sincerely.

Your approach is making your circle very weak, complacent and entitled.

To circumvent this, you will have to create systems that generate money for your parents since they are old, equally you may want to encourage them to find avenues they could raise money for themselves within the capacity of strength they can muster, without overstressing to themselves, either open a small shop, or a biker to remit funds to them every week or something, just think, you understand your family better than I do.

Secondly you sister must develop herself to become a person with valuable skills she can exchange for money, maybe a hair dresser, tailor, a writer, sells cloth or something, there are businesses she could start with as low as 20K and make good profits to take care of her immediate needs like airtime, pad, transportation to school etc

You keep employing this approach of a miracle worker for every single need within your circle, you will soon become an angry man. Haba

The way it works for me is that I attend to cogent needs that could stress my parents especially when it has to do with heavy payments with short deadlines (school fees and rent), I can't imagine my brother or sister in University expecting me to recharge their phone! I have ensured they develop themselves to become people of value, who can exchange that skill for money.

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Strictly Friendship by Yusufisraelj(m): 6:38pm On Feb 26
I'm up for this if you're interested.

Okay send me a mail then. Cheers
Family / Re: What Would You Do In A Case Like These? by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:23am On Feb 26
Move for reconciliation. It might take time but eventually, they will reach an agreement.

Very on point
Family / Re: Ten Commandments For Ladies Before Marriage. by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:14am On Feb 26
Op are you married?

But great write up. Let me check your channel, if I don't like the content I won't subscribe.
Romance / Re: I Broke Up With My Girlfriend by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:10am On Feb 26
Thanks guys
My mind is at rest now

Sincerely you did well

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Romance / Re: I Broke Up With My Girlfriend by Yusufisraelj(m): 12:09am On Feb 26
This post made me remember what my grandfather told me at my uncle's wedding, i was sitting next to him and we both sat close to the speaker, the sound from the speaker was so loud that i didn't hear what he said.

grin grin grin grin


Romance / Re: Confused About My Friend by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:37pm On Feb 25
Hey thanks, I really appreciate this. You know I also have always been broken at a particular point and felt like no one cares, maybe thats what she feels also and psychology says I am bound to get attracted to such people. Especially your attention to details. I feel like you read the whole story and made some analysis and inference. I really do appreciate you, its the most relatable comment I have read. Thanks a lot. I will leave her for maybe six months and then call her back to start anew if she is willing. But if not, we move.
I will also listen to the audio and email you a feedback. One of My staff sends me koinonia tapes. Thanks a lot, you made today.


My pleasure

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Romance / Re: Confused About My Friend by Yusufisraelj(m): 7:01pm On Feb 25
Yes,I think she has mindset issues or maybe she feel like shes not receiving enough attention. She once complained bout how her dad did not do something she asked for despite his influence and how friends don't stay long with her and how we would have gone separate ways had it been we were dating and how she feels like I am too rich to date her (that was on a day I asked her to send her account number so she can go and buy a car after she complained of fight with an uber driver), she rejected the offer and told me taht if she takes things from me she will bwcome subservient. I once stayed in Abuja and asked her to meet me in my house there but she declined and said we should meet in a hotel. I told her to come with her sister incase she is scare but she told me she wast scare and that she would come, she later didnt show up and told me she was busy with her mum, so I had to wait for her an extra day at Transcorp, she later told me that I should just go and should stop wasting my money because the hotel is too expensive So we decided that I should book a flight and she would come to Lagos, I said okay. The day she was supposed to come she picked up a fight with me because I posted a happy birthday on whatsapp, I really think she shouldnt have issues with me because of that but she said I once told her I like Ethiopian girls and the birthday girl was Ethiopian, I told her sorry and that she should remember she does not want to date me and I am also not dating that girl. The next thing she did was to send a screenshot of the girls profile where she posted my picture and say I lied to her that I wasnt dating that girl was the reason she wnts me to stop talking to her as at that point in time. After that issue she later told me she refused to see me because she is scared of being kidnapped...I found that kind of funny and told her that hearing that from her made me angry, she said sorry and that she doesnt mean it and that she will meet me anytime I come to Abuja again. I really think she has psychological issues. I know I can solve most of her issues and even make her dreams come true but she doesnt k ow how to concentrate or talk real issues, she will loose concentration and later blame it on me. She claims she likes me because I am intelligent but she cant have an intelligent conversation, she prefers talking about candy crush games, celebrities, etc. She doesnt even have a hubby and then she told me I am the closet person to her, just that she keeps misbehaving. I would have used those around her like her sister, mum or brother but she is angry with them all and gets angry if I ask about them or asked about them from her. She will be like, so ypu want to leave me and start talking to my sister. Alot of people might think that I am a simp but I am really not a simp, I am just trying to think from a logical perspective. I feel like she is not happy right now as we are not in good terms but she feels intimidated, probably because I was once an average guy that later became bigger than what she thinks after we had issues and came back a bigger person, I really dont know. But I know she has issues communicating and relating to people. I also think boys play her a lot because she told me about some.

I read you correctly Joseph, from your depositions I could say the lady is hurting from lack of care and a show of love from her family first, and with the disappointment from her previous love relationships it has hindered her capacity to really accept being loved, this is a very fundamental issue.

The lady must one to the realization that first she is doing herself a disservice and she represents a person who I angry and bitter about love, life and success.

The fact that she talks about celebrities and life at a superficial level tells you deeply she craved attention and live but hindering herself by a mindset that rejects love from genuine people and who mean well.

The solution I will propose is this Joseph, psychologically related issues and a truncated love life like hers can be settled in two ways either by therapy or prayers, she would have to become a woman of prayer for God to help her with the ability to be able to appreciate being loved and accept being loved.

Equally try to find out what is important to her and start doing it, find a celebrity she likes study the person and wow her with the discussions of those that you've studied, you see in getting people to open up, you must find common grounds they appreciate and is important to them, without that you will never meet the real person. So when she begins to talk and talk, she will find herself opening up, but your discussion has to have an emotional effect on her, hence your need of finding what's important to her and not you, but my brother this is real work, well if you feel she's worth it, then try one last time. Sincerely wish you luck.

Concerning your health, I will like to share a link to something you would find useful on a path to solving the issue permanently;

Romance / Re: Why Do Girls /people Use Jealousy As A Way Of Expressing Love?? by Yusufisraelj(m): 11:11pm On Feb 24
OP there are things you are doing that your ladies use to spot weakness, hence their using jealousy to check if you love them.

They are sending a signal to you that you are not expressive of what they consider love. Since this is a reoccurring event. Check your vibes
Romance / Re: Confused About My Friend by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:59pm On Feb 24
Hmmmm, I actually really feel like I'm her fool always. Honestly even though I haven't been getting the treatment I deserve

OP, a long read, that's not short brother grin grin grin grin

Well well well

You see your lady has a mindset issue, fundamentally speaking, from your tone, you sound agreeable and a person of reason.

What I will like you to investigate is how she grew up?

Who are her clique of friends bkos these are the board of directors, when you are asking her out her clique of friends must matter, how she sees life must also matter.

Behind all those fasad is a deep resentment for wealthy people subconsciously or a limiting mindset that tends to see close friends who are successful in a bad light.

Your lady's mind is as important even more important than her body.

Well you shouldn't dwell too long with her, relationship is for two willing people, understand what she's not saying and let her see reasons.

Stop trying too hard to please her at all cost, lady way wan do no go make am hard for you, just be yourself and maintain integrity.
Romance / Re: Don't Mercy For Any Lady In Her 30 To 40 Unmarried by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:15pm On Feb 24
When these girls are in the 18 to 24 , they fvk any guy ready to spend money on them including married men and sugar daddies . Then when she is getting old and all those men have run away to marry a decent girl .u will see her claiming good girl and playing the victim . Where as she is the one rejecting men and broke shaming them in her prime . So guys don't ever marry or have mercy on any girl in her 30s .she is the cause of her problem . Nothing concern Village people for her Mata .

This your idea is very childish, when you grow up more and life happens to you, you will know better.
Romance / Re: She Would Start Laughing Whenever She Wants To Cum, How Is That Possible? by Yusufisraelj(m): 8:13pm On Feb 24
She is laughing at your destiny been taken away sad Keep on enjoying yourself cheesy

grin grin grin

Wahala be like bicycle

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