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Food / Re: Sallah: Sellers Lament Low Patronage As Ram Costs Jump To ₦750,000 by zikter(m): 10:10pm On Jun 11
Let them first buy tomatoes and peppers before buy ram o. Hmmm


Celebrities / Re: Portable Meets Tiwa Savage At London Airport (Video) by zikter(m): 9:12am On Jun 04
Heheehehe grin grin grin

Portable reminds me of my life story
My dad preach that going to University was the greatest thing ever.

I always told him that things have changed
2020 is not 1980... Things don change
In 1980 going to University was considered the greatest thing ever
Some mumu parents still think like that today, wasting 500k just for one useless paper grin

Thank God I no listen to that man at all
Instead of Uni I went and hustled instead
11 years later I thank God for that decision
Back then my dad will say I'm useless
Because I refuse to get degree
Now that I have made money, he is the one boasting with my name at home.

With the funds I have now I can go to any university if I want grin grin

In this hard time I'm the one feeding my family and siblings that have masters and PhD grin grin

This life is truly funny...

Will you allow your children to go to school?
Travel / Re: Air France Flight From Paris To Abuja Diverts To Chad by zikter(m): 8:27pm On Jun 01
Air France, what happened?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Terrible Experience Applying For A High Paying Remote Job by zikter(m): 11:10am On May 06
So sorry about this painful experience. Please don't sound defeated, keep trying

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Politics / Re: TUC Rules Out Possibility Of New Minimum Wage By May Ending by zikter(m): 11:25am On Apr 26
Hmm, irresponsible state governments will still not pay it, when it finally comes


Foreign Affairs / Re: Saudi Arabia's First Alcohol Store Has Opened In The Diplomatic Quarter by zikter(m): 9:59am On Apr 25

The bible never condemn drinking of alcohol. It only condemn drunkenness. St paul advised Timothy to take a little wine.
Secondly Jesus turned water into wine. Though it was not recorded if the wine was alcoholic or non alcoholic but common sense will tell you that what are usually served at ceremonies at that time were fermented grape juice which translates to alcohol.

You can choose not to drink because of personal reason but don't be enslave by what your pastor says about alcohol.
Professionally, once you say wine, it automatically implies presence of alcohol. Fruit wine or whatever does not really exist in the sense of it. They are supposed to be called fruit drinks

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Celebrities / Re: Cubana Chief Priest Celebrates With Okocha & Yobo After Getting N10m Bail(Video) by zikter(m): 5:29am On Apr 19

Go and face ur useless life of problems idiot. Na to dey worry for matter when no concern Una sabi. The politicians and top government officials that spray and chook bundles inside pussy for public wetin una fit do. Oh I forgot ur just another dumb govt ass kisser with no brains
I was just trying to correct some foolery. by the way, this is public matter and you can not decide for any one on which topic to comment. If it was not to be commented on, your foolery would not have been noticed.
Celebrities / Re: Cubana Chief Priest Celebrates With Okocha & Yobo After Getting N10m Bail(Video) by zikter(m): 4:14pm On Apr 18
Where are those Nairaland fools predicting watery beans for their Father... U think everyone is in ur league. Envious bastards
Between you and chief priest, I don't know who is more confused. Why call people fools when what you are displaying is more than foolery. His alleged offense is bailable and he was granted bail. Bobrisky was sentenced because he pleaded guilty, otherwise he would have been granted bail. Chief priest will go on trial for his offense and if found guilty, will be sentenced accordingly, if otherwise he will be discharged.

He is only being foolish by putting up public shows like this instead of staying low for his trial. What is the win he is celebrating here? His case is not murder afterall

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli War Cabinet: No Going Back On Attack On Iran In Clear & Decisive Manner by zikter(m): 7:00pm On Apr 16
Iran said they had nothing to do with the October 7 attack, that Hamas acted on their own.

Did you also believe US when they said Israel didn't inform them before striking Iran's consulate in Syria?
Can you show where Israel said they carried out the attack on Iranian consulate building? Mind you I am not in support of any of them, but just using your logic of Iran denial in involvement of Oct 7 attack on Israel


Politics / Re: Nigeria Struggling To Find Oil Buyers For 30 Cargoes by zikter(m): 8:42am On Apr 13
If they explain Nigeria to you and you understand.....that person didn't explain it well...na lamb e dey give you.

Thought they told us even dangote and other local refineries can't see crude to buy because buhari government has sold everything in advance.

They are now telling us they can't see buyers for our crude oil again.
I just tire in all these. They will be shouting there is no crude to local refineries but see them hawking the same crude on the international market. Who can explain this confusion please

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Politics / Re: Air Peace: Patronise Local Airlines On Int’l Routes, Keyamo Tells Nigerians by zikter(m): 6:44am On Apr 12
Yes, it is a major way out not only for air peace , but for Nigerians to be free from foreign exploitation and strangulation


Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran To U.S : Step Aside So You Won't Get Hit. by zikter(m): 3:00pm On Apr 06

Israel is not the only country in the world, it is a rascal, lawless and anarchical behaviour for Israel to bomb a consulate. They have virtually broken all laws known to have kept the modern world far away from anarchy and strife.

it's time for the U.S to hands off and allow Israel be taught a lesson.

The major reason why the U.S have no choice than to assist Israel is to prevent Israel from using nukes and to have a democracy/reliable based in the middle east. Conventionally Israel would be levelled in less than a month fighting Iran, rather than them loosing they would take the nuclear route, hence the reason for the constant U.S interference.

Modified: One thing very common with Nigerians especially some so called commenters here on Naira land is hypocrisy and ignorance. Some people still believe that Russia is fighting Ukraine, or cannot defeat Ukraine. They don't understand international politics, war strategies and the actions and motives of certain international actors and situations.

To the Israeli issue, no country in the world has broken international Law uncountable number of times deliberately and overtly like Israel not even North Korea.

You speak against the lawless behaviour of Nigerian politicians but support the ultra lawless behaviour of Israel in the international system due to sentiments such as religion, God forbid!! I would be that type of person. The same people shout and complain about how Nigerians are gullible to religious ideas but support a government virtually promoting anarchy in the world due to same religiosity they complain about.

After watching a video where a former CIA personnel stated that Israel is neither Americas friend nor ally and how most wars America has been fighting especially in the middle east was orchestrated by the Israeli regime and it's allies and lobby groups in Washington. I was happy that Americans are waking up.

In 2006 Israel could not defeat Hezbollah backed by a sanctioned Iran in Lebanon, but some experts believe that Israel would defeat Iran conventionally without the interference of America.
This thin pain you very well. Sorry. But why will the generals be hiding in an embassy building to plan attacks against Israel? They made that building a command and control center, therefore it became a legitimate target. In any case, Iran says it will revenge. So don't over vex. Is not as if Iran who is sponsoring terrorist organizations in the middle east are saints.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Pleads Guilty, Convicted By Court For Abusing Naira by zikter(m): 2:42pm On Apr 05
Nigeria government don't have anything against the Yoruba lady.
Is he the only person to have abusing Naira.

They are just punishing her for his way of Life because no law in Nigeria can be used to punish him for that.

Nothing much.

According to police, you don't catch all the thieves at once before you catch thief.
Education / Re: Law Students Admission Into Nigerian Universities 2022 By Region - StatiSense by zikter(m): 5:51am On Mar 27
In few Years Supreme Court and High Courts Statistics

NW 100
NE 90
NC 70
SW 50
SS 20
SE 6

Nigeria magic of mediocrity
Please, people choose bench or chambers practice on their own. Majority of those few lawyers in the north always go to bench while majority of the south lawyers will always prefer chambers.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Tricked Us Into A Hall Then Opened Fire, Okuama Residents Speak by zikter(m): 8:11am On Mar 20
I don't understand

Before or after the soldiers were killed?
They are talking about after the killing of the 16 soldiers. The soldiers came to the community for a meeting, gathered the people, and trouble started when they wanted to arrest the community leaders but the people resisted them.

The narration maybe true. I have seen this happened before in Gbeji community of Benue state when similar incident of killing soldiers during a communal clash. The soldiers came in the guise of peace meeting and gathered the people, without warning they opened fire and killed many.
Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by zikter(m): 9:43pm On Mar 18

Let equity, justice and sincerity be in place let's see if insecurity will not be stamped out. Injustice, corruption and insincerity has greatly demoralized those in the army that want to commit to fighting a good fight and a just cause.
Very true, some people wish the status quo to remain, it is where they make their billions. Insecurity will greatly improve once the abnormally are corrected
Crime / Re: Soldiers Kill 50 Okuama Villagers – Fleeing Residents Say; Army Denies Claim by zikter(m): 9:40pm On Mar 18
This is 2024 .
The Nigerian army cannot be behaving like 1999.

The act of killing our soldiers is very bad and the hoodlums should be dealt with but not in this fashion of killing innocent peope in their houses.

What happened to tactical investigations to fish out the group that carried out the killings.
Kai, the same modus operandi they used in Zaki-Biam(Gbeji town) in 2000s, they also gathered the people for a meeting and opened raw fire on them. Very crude in this age of top investigation methods


Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by zikter(m): 9:27pm On Mar 18

Then so be it. But if it was the core north the military will not be threatening like this cos most of their personnel are from that extraction. When I say north I mean the core north and definitely not north central. The military is not sincere in the fight against insecurity in this country, truth be told
Maybe or maybe not,One can't be definite about it. Attacks of this nature hardly occur there, I haven't known any myself. And yes, it maybe partly because of what you said, many of them are active in the military, therefore, maybe they don't need to mount such attacks on their own who are majority. Head or tail, such has not happened that I know of. The closest I can point to is the El zakzaky issue with the army then, if you can remember. Many were killed simply for obstructing COAS. But again, it was tilted towards the religious angle of the Sunni and Shite Muslim rivalry. It is therefore neither here or there.

Yes, corruption is a major issue. Many top goons in the military, both south and north are hugely benefitting from the chaotic situation. So it is true that they are not sincere. But it must be noted that, the gorilla and ideological warfare as being fought in the North is difficult to be defeated even by any sincerity standard. Ours is worse as we agreed on the point you made

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Politics / Re: Defence HQs releases photos, names of soldiers murdered in Okuama, Delta State by zikter(m): 8:17pm On Mar 18
So sad

But where was the Nigerian police?

How come the police weren't called upon first?

There's no reported case of external aggression, so why was the military the first to get there instead of the police?

Is the Nigerian military now trained to settle community issues? 

No one is asking these pertinent questions.

While we condemn these acts, this could have been avoided. 

Our military is now getting too involved in acts that are under the purview of the Nigerian police force. 
Very true, but the gross failure of NPF can't be overlooked as well


Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by zikter(m): 8:06pm On Mar 18

For innocent people to suffer means the military is not well trained. Truth be told our military are not well trained at all
Yes, what I emphasized. That is why I told the person who was saying the military should do what they could have done if this occured in the North. Many people are of the opinion that the military will keep quiet of this happened in the North, but it is never so. I can't recall the Delta scenario in North East or West but I witnessed it in North Central and the experience is not good. Instead of the army to use intelligence and fish out the culprits, they go on wild destruction of life and property. It is very unfortunate. But again, anything military operation anywhere in the world always affect innocent people no matter how trained the army is. Look at Gaza, when US and allies where in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. it is quite unfortunate but once the soldiers are out of their barracks in this way, it is unavoidable to affect innocent people
Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by zikter(m): 7:29pm On Mar 18

If bandit resides in bush does that not make clearing them all the more easier?
I don't understand your question very well. But in any case, we do hear that soldiers kill bandits and bandits kill soldiers. I think my point on bandits/terrorist and the similarities or otherwise of Delta/Zaki Biam example I made in relation to the message I quoted is clear enough. You can read it again. Making it easy to clear bandits/terrorist in the bush or otherwise is a different topic.

But again, the scale of Military operations going on in the North, if you must be sincere can't be compared to anywhere in Nigeria. Majority of the Bombs, fighter jets and artillery are concentrated there. So I don't understand when people say the military is not operating in the North. You are also free to pont it out to me where the military went on a peace keeping mission between warring communities in the North and where brutally murdered and nothing happened. I already gave one in Benue and the consequences of which I don't pray for any community. It is not pleasant as innocent people suffer brutality from the army
Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by zikter(m): 6:20pm On Mar 18
The military should treat this matter like it has been treating other issues of like nature in the north. No selective reaction to things
If they treat it the way they do in the North for such cases, it won't be nice o. I remember the Zaki-Biam attack where similar issue occured in North Central, many towns where sacked as far away from the incident place as possible. It wasn't funny. In the North East and west, what is happening is not similar to what just happened in Delta. The army is in a war with terrorists and bandits who reside in forests and bushes and not community, infact, the communities are constantly under attack by bandits and terrorists. The only similar case to Delta I know is the Benue example. But it is a cruel revenge by military, innocent people suffer for what they know nothing about

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Politics / Re: Military Deploys Armoured Vehicles Into Bomadi Creeks by zikter(m): 2:53pm On Mar 18

By the way, can you mention a community in the North that has killed soldiers in this manner?

Must it be to the letter
Okay, to if to the letter as you put it is a bit difficult, let's loosen it. Please, mention a community in the North that has killed soldiers aside the bandits and terrorists who are in active war with the military
Politics / Re: Military Deploys Armoured Vehicles Into Bomadi Creeks by zikter(m): 11:51am On Mar 18
Something the military cannot do in the north
The way most of you talk is amusing. Have you been to the North you are talking about? Do you know how many bombs have been used and are still being used in the same north? By the way, can you mention a community in the North that has killed soldiers in this manner? Please, as hint, don't mention Bandits and terrorist, they are in bushes and forests and not communities. They fight with the military in a war. Again, these soldiers been deployed should strictly fish out the perpetrators and not deal with innocent people or give collective punishment


Politics / Re: "The Audacity": Army Deletes Cryptic Post After Killing Of Soldiers In Delta by zikter(m): 5:36pm On Mar 17
When will the army revenge over the killings of their colleagues in the north or are they afraid of northerners?
I don't think any community there has gang up to kill military personnel. The north there as you put it, is an active war zone between terrorists and bandits . They kill soldiers, and soldiers kill them too. They are not in a community but in forests and as a matter of fact, launch attacks on communities as well. So I don't think drawing parallel with what happened in Delta is wrong. Except if you have reports otherwise

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Crime / Re: Bandits Kidnap 61 Residents In Kaduna In Fresh Attack by zikter(m): 10:42pm On Mar 12
dey play
Thank God, we are in the internet age. You can Google and find out what happened then, no too much story. A sitting president that his very state was ravaged with banditry, kidnapping and terrorizing. Two members of his advance security team were injured in a shoot out with bandits when he wanted to travel to Daula one time. Just Google and add knowledge
Crime / Re: Bandits Kidnap 61 Residents In Kaduna In Fresh Attack by zikter(m): 9:23pm On Mar 12
Kidnap everyone you like that’s your business

Under Buhari, Una no kidnap.
Now south don sit, una Dey do rubbish.

We no Dey dance to rubbish music.

If northern governors and northerners cant defend themselves, or tell us the truth why they always try to take this country backward. Then you guys can kill your selves. Una use am try kill GEJ.
Plunged nigeria into 20years behind. We ain’t falling for thrash.

Make una go die
There was no kidnapping under Buhari? Which planet that one happened please?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Offers Fresh Appointment To Ganduje’s Son by zikter(m): 8:13am On Mar 08
Nawa o. Favouritism yet they tell us to be patient when they are not employing capable hands.
Wait, is it because he is the son of Ganduje that is why he is not capable? I am a critic of this administration but we must be constructive. It will surprise you that, that same guy has attended the best schools overseas and is more than capable to deliver on the job if he wants to
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 21 Trucks For Smuggling Foodstuffs To Neighbouring Countries by zikter(m): 8:53am On Mar 06

Look, I don't talk to uneducated finks. Bye!
Sorry, I know there is hunger in the land. This kind of rant is expected
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 21 Trucks For Smuggling Foodstuffs To Neighbouring Countries by zikter(m): 8:40am On Mar 06

So those food stuff being smuggled out were grown on the moon and financed by aliens?
It is because of hunger induced by poor governance that has coined the word smuggling for a legitimate business people have been doing for ages. Do you mean Nigerian agricultural products are not exported to other countries or what? For some people, this is their business and it wasn't termed smuggling ever since up untill these unfavorable policies. Infact, government was even encouraging agricultural export and banned import. The government doesn't just know how to handle the current situation. Just doin guess work
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 21 Trucks For Smuggling Foodstuffs To Neighbouring Countries by zikter(m): 10:16pm On Mar 05
So normal export of goods from Nigeria has suddenly becomes illegal
There's nothing we can't hear in this emilokan government cheesy cheesy cheesy
My brother, normal business that people were doing without any hitches. Poor policies couple with wide spread insecurity, resulting to the inability of farmers to go to farm has caused prices to soar and hunger. Instead of government to tackle the root causes, they are busy harassing people doing business.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza War: IDF Uncovers Double Life Of Al-jazeera's Journalist, Muhammad Wishah by zikter(m): 8:35pm On Feb 16
This one strong

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