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How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by livingnuts(m): 11:02am On Jun 06, 2006
Can nigerians earn money online legitimately? What way should I take to earn legitimate money only?

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Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by Olumide7(m): 11:29am On Jun 06, 2006
Of course Nigerians can earn money online legitimately. You can earn money online by going into e-commerce.
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by Horus(m): 3:40am On Jan 03, 2010

[size=15pt]The Unclad Truth About How to Make Money Online in Nigeria[/size]

A lot of people have nurtured the wrong thoughts and beliefs that as long as one resides in Nigeria, that one can not equally make money online in Nigeria. Please that's a wrong perception, however, if you happen to fall into this mindset of people then I would advice you change your psychology as quick as possible, before you become a prisoner of your own mind, and deny yourself the unlimited internet business opportunities enjoyed by many smart; open-minded Nigerians, just like you. Without wasting words, I am going to stress one very simple fact and that is: "the internet is one borderless breakthrough", openly available for everyone and it has ever come to stay. So having said that, it does not matter what colour of skin covering your body, your academic level or your location on planet earth. Needless to say, the internet doesn't understand such jargons. To make money online in Nigeria and as a Nigerian, all you need are; the right mindset, good business idea, right information, plus a sound coaching advice. Let me break them into points so you don't miss anything: The right mindset:- A lot of people have erroneously been made to believe that internet business does not really work in Nigeria, sad to say, they take every toxic information they perceive and swallowed it, which further pollutes their mindset and sense of belief. On the other hand, if all you have heard is true then what would "a complete internet-based business company" like e-Tranzact.com, be doing at the Nigerian Stock Market?. I am not even mentioning other small online businesses that probably you do not know that has turned its owners into information age millionaires, in no distant time. The only thin line separating you and these people is simple - the difference in mindsets. A good business idea:- For you to succeed online you need a good profitable business idea, and the best way you can get this idea is by focusing on your own unique strength or passion, then use this quality to create something you can give, in exchange for other people's money. Certainly, anybody you meet have a problem. So, do not just carry yourself about. Try and re-invent yourself; look for something unique you have that other people will be willing to pay for. This is a timeless formula for wealth creation.  The right Information:- The truth is, you ca not get any meaningful result without the right source of information, which is even the reason why the internet is alternatively called "the information super high way". The search engines and online forums have already made it easier for anybody to garner useful information and resources, and they are always at your reach.

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_956938_3.html
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by owner(m): 10:16am On Jan 03, 2010
Nigerians can earn money online legitimately through Google Adsense. I earn up to €280 monthly.
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by guruno1(m): 11:55pm On Jan 03, 2010
Many ways abound



1. Introduction

2. 4 lies most internet marketer will tell to trick you

3. What I do

4. Want to start?

5. How to start

7. Conclusion



These Might be a very long write up ( But you've just got to read every word
And sentence you find here)

At the end you will thank me for spending such a time to type all these just
for YOU.

My interest is to take you by the hand and teach you how to pull hundreds of thousands
within a short time( continuously) These is no gainsaying

Internet/(Online or Offline) business is one very good business BUT requires
you to know the cons and tricks to be able to succeed in it.

What most people do is to want to rush to make money ( Don’t worry
you will make money). They don’t want to sit than and prepare themselves
for harvest, Everybody wants to just start reaping without sowing.

I big mistake you will make is to make money instead of building a business
Weather part time or full time.

Get all these right.


4 lies most internet marketer will tell to trick you

1) “Quick Riches” – This one is self-explanatory. Usually includes a
Relatable situation and a rags to riches story.
Dear friend
In this life you never have legitimate quick riches cos I can't tell you the entire process
does not require a startup capital, experience, risk involved, as long as you can read or
write you are qualified to do this business
My answer is NO! And if that’s the case then its hype! Hype!! Hype!!!. There is no business
that doesn?t require coaching, little experience, little or big risk.
“Wealth is built and not stumbled upon”

2) “Do-Nothing Programs” – This is the most FALSE marketing ploy?
of them all.
“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”
Vidal Sassoon

3) “Guarantee” – This one is almost always combined with a “Do-
Nothing” program…And remember; only 7% of people will actually
follow through with a guarantee.

4) “Testimonials” – Be sure to take ALL testimonials with a grain of
salt…Many times, they are in combination with a Joint-Venture.
Before spending YOUR hard earned money…Take notice of HOW many of
the 4 marketing ploys are being used on the sales page. The more ploys
being used, the more likely that the program, or information you are buying,
will be a complete WASTE!
Be sure to notice what it is that you are buying…
Do you know EXACTLY what you will receive for you money?

What I do

Right now I have over 30 information product I created personally by myself
and sell none for less than #1500.

Examples of some of them are

7. HOW TO GET LAPTOPS 95% NEW AS CHEAP AS #25-45K FROM USA and A Nigerian Agent( Make money with these, Also learn how to be an agent in your locality)
10. HOW TO ADVERTISE CHEAPLY ON NIGERIAN NEWSPAPERS(making money from the Nigerian hungry market)
11. HOW TO PRINT RECHARGE CARD AND MAKE LOTS OF MONEY SELLING IT(start you own gsm money making venture today)
12. MAKING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS AS A FRELANCER(take up jobs online and earn in dollars after completing your job)
13. (WRITE AN EBOOK AND MAKE 100K) package of books that will help you fully pen down, package and sell your ideas for great wealth

7HotWays dot bloggspot dot com

If I make a #20,000 advert on Punch, Sun or Vanguard. I get just 500 sales of #1500 each
( mind you more than a million are reading these papers in print and online.

500 times #1500= #750,000 Kull and clean in your account without yahoozing, killing
somebody,etc Right in your bedroom.

Many people call me and ask what I do generally?.

its so verse really so don't know where to start.

I will start from somewhere.

I do stuffs like

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Info entrepreneuring
3. Investments
4. Trade and e.t.c
1(Affiliate marketing)

Affiliate marketing is like helping sites to sell their books,
software .et.c via my blogs or website. to be an affiliate marketer
one thing is required that you need a website and a means of
Collecting your money
This is one of my affiliate websites

KuteBeautyTips dot blogspot dot com

see the image(books) there: for each purchase made through that link I
am given a commission also you see by the right hand side for each
click ( Google Adsense) Google pays me some dollars. right,

its going to be through PayPal, check to your bank account depending
on the means the website wants to pay you.

You have to learn how to build a website or blog otherwise you
outsource the services of someone else.

2(Info entrepreneuring)

Info entrepreneuring as the name suggests is just packing and selling
infomation products in pdf or software format. like the website you
if I sell an information products that solves a particular problem and
its worth #1000.
its just a game of numbers, If I make an advert of #20,000 weather
online or print

just 500 sales is #1000 times 500 gives me #500,000 naira good money right

but you have to learn all the tricks and cons of the business

marketing, packaging,automation , e.t.c

You can also sell info products to international community: then you
have to have dollar payment option in your website

Recently on the 25th nov, 3rd dec I placed adverts on PUnch and sun and made some breath taking sales , you too can.


Investment: I give US companies money to invest for me, either
forex, stocks,bonds,estates whatever and they pay me interest in
return wither everyday,weekly,30days,100days whatever, Here is just
to diversify and make your gains.

collect money from people and give them a percent lower than what you
are given by the company and there you make your gain.

Buy and sell things online also gives you another stream of income.

I even help some firms, clients, friends to buy books, softwares,physical stuffs online
and charge thtem a percent of what I pay( get money from this also)

Everything I have stated above,

(a) Doing for your self
(b) Helping others to do and charge a fee
(C) Teaching people and organizing seminars also charging a fee

all these three gives more room for more money RIGHT.


Want to start?

If you want me to mentor you( Its your choice)

Personal books worth over $700 for you

I want to state here that I have softwares and books that have cost me much money

to procure but I will give it to you for free.

I am going to personal send and reply your mails at least 3 times a week
to make sure that you make real money online and offline.

How to make sales like craze( People will call you, you will recieve emails, you will
recieve bank alert) and you will get tired( shebi you want money?).You might even need a secetary,
Its home business Your sister of friend can be one( all you do is tell him/her what to do)

You will be my agent wherever anywhere.

Imagine conducting a seminar in your area on all the things you know( how to make money
offline and online)


Just 100 people gives you #5000 times 100 gives you #500,000

#100,000 for expenses and venue fee. kul #400k in your account

do just 3 in month, guess what,


How to start

Do you know that most internet marketers just give out free books that are mere 80%
adverts and 20% content,

Get these raw secrets from me today and smile everyday to the bank.
These might be the most crucial and also life saving investment you might make.



The Ball is in your court.

Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by harshini: 5:48am On May 04, 2012
livingnuts: Can nigerians earn money online legitimately? What way should I take to earn legitimate money only?

There are many legit ways to earn money through online ..But i suggest domain reselling business.
If you are interested in this business get the reseller plan at http://www.goresellers.com/ ..
Through this you will get the domains at cheap price & you can sell it to others..
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by stevenosa: 8:36am On May 04, 2012
Dear Friends, I believe there are a thousand and one ways to make money online legitimately here in Nigeria, only if you know what to do and the right channel to take. There are so many secrets embedded in all the web pages that you have been browsing through all these years that you have had access to the internet and yet, you have not been able to see the real thing - Making money online in those pages. You will find in this book, (PDF format) 501 Websites Secrets, on how to make money using some of the familiar pages that you have browsed through without know how to. This book is for sale. Contact me as soon as you can to get your electronic copy. Email me with with your request and I inform you on the price. My phone numbers are: 08131226146 [/b]or [b]08055463612. You can also reach me via my email address at: stevenosa737@gmail.com

Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by zangiff(m): 11:42am On May 04, 2012
blogging is one sure way but it takes time
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by spikesC(m): 6:51pm On May 04, 2012
join www.infinitbin.com free and earn you work as a freelancer and get paid instantly. no minimum payout,no clearing period. and they even pay into your local bank account
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by commoninfo: 11:37am On May 11, 2012
There are many legitimate ways to make money on the internet online ..However i suggest 3 internet businesses.That Risk-Free,Low start-up Capital,Huge Return on Investment. If you are interested in this businesses, get more info at http://schoolofwealthng.com/start-your-own-online-business
Through this you can start making money online immediately.

Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by marcemusza: 3:06pm On May 15, 2012
Ever thought about mentor programs?
They can save you a lot of time and investment, just by following his lead for a fixed fee.
I think it is really worth the investment.
If you want to know more, check this out http://financesuccessonline.com
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by thn4life: 10:25pm On May 15, 2012
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Then get paid $25 per e-mail you send out.
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That's it! You're done!
You can do whatever you want for a few hours then check your
emails again and repeat the same process!
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We want to make it clear that this program does not involve
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P.S. Due to an increase in demand, there are only a limited number of (5)memberships available, register right now to secure your position!


Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by marcemusza: 6:40pm On May 23, 2012
You should take a look at http://www.financesuccessonline.com
I conduct a free training program for beginners, and you can start making money online by just creating a simple website. Consistent and solid method that will make you a professional in the field. Internet Marketing is what I teach, just like Marketing but in the online world smiley
Re: How To Earn Money Online Legitimately? by Tunjibodmas(m): 10:49am On Jun 28, 2012
Well i go give affliate marketing a trial sha.

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