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Let Discuss Tarasha And Return Of Tarasha By Oyinprince. / The Return of Madly In Love With A Non-human(SECOND CHANCE)SEASON 2 / Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Pinkfeet: 11:13pm On Jul 30, 2017
thanks for the update
Trasha get well soon

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by astute28: 11:20pm On Jul 31, 2017
tarasha get well soon rex ur end is near

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by edoboy33(m): 3:04pm On Aug 01, 2017
tarasha get well soon rex ur end is near
i started from part 1 since July first now am here
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Dusby: 9:25pm On Aug 01, 2017
i started from part 1 since July first now am here
congrats... Sleepless nights were ur bosom friends
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Xerox01(m): 9:37am On Aug 02, 2017
Nice piece Oyinprince, keep the good work coming. *Whispers* abeg make Tarasha no die or go jail oo

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by AloyalNigerian(m): 12:51pm On Aug 03, 2017
Thanks man.
The funny thing is that I've not seen the movie Nikita, I've been wishing to since Donkross1 told me about it and other people have been comparing this story with it. But I guess I have to search for the this holiday
YoungIcee, please I need to communicate with you asap. sad

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Auric(m): 7:05pm On Aug 04, 2017
Read ur books weeks ago and I could not help but be in awe of ur work here. No doubt this piece is simply out of this world but what I find even more Interesting is how u have placed our country Nigeria in front of the world as a better and happier place to be in the years to come.. Imagine leading d world economically, technologically and even in terms of security.. yes I see that happening.
You are not just an awesome writer but a patriotic Nigerian and for this I salute u.. please keep up the good work..looking forward to more updates...

translation:: guy u dey write madddddddddd u story na die.. abeg where u take dey do d jazz see as u finish work..carry on ooo... I loyal to ur regime

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Auric(m): 7:08pm On Aug 04, 2017
Anoda thing of Tarasha die ehn I go find u see so she better not die..how I wish she fit even con now con finish all dis our politheifans sef

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Xerox01(m): 9:38pm On Aug 04, 2017
Anoda thing of Tarasha die ehn I go find u see so she better not die..how I wish she fit even con now con finish all dis our politheifans sef
I de tell you my guy

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by astute28: 6:03pm On Aug 05, 2017
Read ur books weeks ago and I could not help but be in awe of ur work here. No doubt this piece is simply out of this world but what I find even more Interesting is how u have placed our country Nigeria in front of the world as a better and happier place to be in the years to come.. Imagine leading d world economically, technologically and even in terms of security.. yes I see that happening.
You are not just an awesome writer but a patriotic Nigerian and for this I salute u.. please keep up the good work..looking forward to more updates...

translation:: guy u dey write madddddddddd u story na die.. abeg where u take dey do d jazz see as u finish work..carry on ooo... I loyal to ur regime
that guy na witch how he take write am like say i dey watch real movie guy u are indeed a genius

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Xerox01(m): 12:50pm On Aug 06, 2017
Where Oyinprince de na?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Olabantu(m): 12:00am On Aug 07, 2017
Tumbs up bro... Oyin i guess u are a unilorite, if yes what faculty

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:03am On Aug 07, 2017

YoungIcee, please I need to communicate with you asap. sad
You sent me a pm and I've replied you
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:06am On Aug 07, 2017
Read ur books weeks ago and I could not help but be in awe of ur work here. No doubt this piece is simply out of this world but what I find even more Interesting is how u have placed our country Nigeria in front of the world as a better and happier place to be in the years to come.. Imagine leading d world economically, technologically and even in terms of security.. yes I see that happening.
You are not just an awesome writer but a patriotic Nigerian and for this I salute u.. please keep up the good work..looking forward to more updates...

translation:: guy u dey write madddddddddd u story na die.. abeg where u take dey do d jazz see as u finish work..carry on ooo... I loyal to ur regime
Thanks man. Updates will be more consistent from this week
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:18am On Aug 07, 2017
Chapter 8 PT 12

Time : 12am

Location: Maitama, Abuja.

The wristwatch on Rex's hand vibrated and made a beep sound to signify 12 am. It was the time Rex had been waiting for.

After doing a proper check some hours ago, he had decided on the best way to break into the compound and the right tools to use without causing any alarm to the people inside and twelve am was just the right time for him to begin.

He stretched forth his hand to the backseat to take his backpack. He placed it on his laps and opened the main section, he took out a black cloth-like piece of material and wore it on his head, it stretched like a nylon as he pulled it gently to cover his face. He adjusted it till every feature on his face entered the place meant for it on the piece of cloth which happened to be a mask. Then he touched a part on his forehead to test the headlamp in the mask and the light came on, he turned it off immediately. He then took out a set of gloves for his hands and a small tool box which he had neatly arranged his carefully selected tools. He fixed the rope handle of the tool box onto his hand and relaxed back in the chair. He stared thinly through the front glass of the car and took in a breath as he made a quick mental review of all his plans and strategies.

'Stay awake and alert, with your earpiece on always,' he said to Stainless as he stepped out of the car.

The night was silent and calm as usual. Rex crossed the two carriageways and turned straight to the gate. He opened the toolbox and took out a tiny drilling tool, he inserted it into the keyhole of the gate and pressed a button on the handle which rolled the metal in. He held the handle of the gate as it gave way. He removed the tool and returned it into the box before opening the gate gently and stepping in. He stopped at the entrance as he closed back the gate, he looked around for a while, studying everything his eyes could see. Inside the compound was brightly lit as outside was, so he could see clearly every object and what they were.

He walked carefully to the left side of the wall and rested his back at the place the walls formed an angle, facing the way which led to the backyard. Then he opened the tool box again and took out a paper which had something wrapped inside it. He unwrapped it and picked out one of the small tiny balls in it. The balls were as small as the seeds of an orange. He squatted and threw one of the balls straight from where he was, he waited to see the response but got none. He took out another ball and flung it towards the main entrance of the building and also got no response immediately. He rose up slowly and surprised as he expected to get a reaction but as soon as he straightened himself, straight red and hot lights emanated from different points on the floor and the soil beside the fence. The lights were so sharp and hot that he could feel the heat and intensity where he stood. He had expected it but the timing was different. He was impressed by the expertise and intelligence of the person who installed it.

After a minute, the lights went off and the place became as normal as it was. Rex took out his gun and attached a silencer, he shot the two bulbs placed on the top at both ends of the gate first and then the light at the entrance of the building before the first one he could see by the side of the building.

The tiny sharp laser lights came on again but this time didn't take Rex by surprise. He returned the gun to his side and squatted again. The place became darker after the laser lights went off. Rex remained still and listened carefully for minutes, waiting to hear sounds of movement or voices in the house or see anybody or thing come out.


Time : 12:11am

Location : The Underground Facility

'What sign could that be?' Henry asked as the lights in the underground control room fluctuated.

'I don't know,' Cole replied, staring up at the bulbs.

'Could it be that the system is unstable yet because we just installed it?'

'No,' Cole replied sharply. He pulled his swivel back to the table and tapped the keyboard to turn on the screen.

The underground control room was a small one, just about a quarter of the main building control room. The computer system in it were just four and were arranged two on each sides of the table.

'So can it be that someone has already invaded our main facility?'

'Most likely that what it means,' Cole replied as he began to type something fast on the keyboard.

'I and Omotara tried to locate the sources of all the cameras in the main building earlier, half of them were not responding.' Henry said as he began to work on the system he sat behind. 'I have to check now if they've all been located.'

'If they've not been located, connect the ones we located already, we need to know what's up there.' Cole said.

'Okay but who could possibly be up there at this time, the police or Rex?'

'Rex or that man who helped us escape,' Cole stated without thinking much for an answer.

They worked silently for the following two minutes.

'I've got all,' Henry suddenly announced. Cole left his system to see what Henry had. 'Someone is truly in,' Henry added in a low and sad tone. On the screen, the point where the gate bulbs were destroyed was being displayed.

'And we can't have a playback to see how it got destroyed right?' Cole questioned.

'Yes, we just connected. The only playback we can have is what happens from now.' Henry replied.

'Move that camera and let's see,' Cole said. Henry did as he was told and the view shifted from the gate to some parts of the wall but didn't get to the angle. 'Switch cameras,' Cole said again and Henry obeyed. The view shifted to the entrance of the house and Henry continued to move the cursor without being told anymore. They saw the destroyed bulb at the entrance and saw the pieces shattered on the floor. 'Wow!' Cole exclaimed, releasing a cold breath from his mouth.

'What do we do? Do we tell the boss?' Henry asked. The fear in his heart could be easily heard in his voice.

Cole stared at him for a second, it was the first time he heard Henry refer to Tarasha as the boss. He could have smiled or laughed if it happened in a normal condition but he just kept a straight face. 'She's asleep already, why bother her? And even if we tell her, she doesn't have the strength to do anything physical yet.'

'But she can tell us what to do,' Henry insisted.

'No need to bother her, I know how to handle this for now.'

'Okay, and how do we go about it?'

'Switch into the cameras inside, let's see if the intruder has gotten in.'



16 Years ago

A large open space in what looked like a thick forest, men armed with guns and machetes could be seen working and walking around. Most of them were entering into a smal hutl at one end of the space and coming out with plates of food while some others could be seen on one side sharpening their machetes and others cutting and arranging some sticks.

Every activity seemed to seize as a loud voice emanated from the only bush path which led to the place from behind the hut. The voice spoke in Hausa language and the men began to leave all they were doing to reply in the same language. All the men working and those eating left their foods to respond to the call, they all began to walk towards the hut and stop at the entrance. Soon, the owner of the voice they were responding to surfaced from behind the hut with four other men. The man was Abubakar Shekhau, the leader of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Rikau watched from where he stood with the other men, he was one of the youngest amongst them and the most educated. He finished his Higher National program in his State's Polytechnic and could not further his education due to lack of funds. For five years after his graduation, he roamed about the street without getting a job. He maintained himself by doing menial jobs and in the sixth year was able to get the police recruitment form. He was selected and he went for training. It was during his training he met with a young policeman, officer Elvis Richards. After he finished his training, he went on a visit to his hometown and that was when he was offered a huge some of money to implant a bomb at a certain location which he agreed to and after that he joined the terrorists group fully when they promised to pay him more when he becomes a full member. When he got to find out that he was deceived, it was too late to turn back. He had to accept their philosophy of killing unbelievers for their god to receive a reward of paradise and virgins though it never really made sense to him. He rose speedily in rank amongst the terrorists and soon was one of their top leaders, fifth in command to the leader Shekau and a director of most of their affairs because of his literacy.

'Mallam Rikau,' Shekau shouted the group's leader's name and Rikau replied with a loud voice with words in Hausa and Arabic languages. He came forward and they conversed with each other in Hausa briefly before Shekau turned to the whole group of men and addressed them. Rikau was to leave them for somewhere else and another man was introduced to them as their new leader.

That night when Rikau left the troop he led with Shekau was when he discovered that their Insurgent's group as a whole was also being used to achieve selfish interests of some influential men in the society. It was during their meetings with some of the meetings with an influential man that Rikau got to meet with Elvis Richards again, this time he had risen so high in the force rank.

A year after, he was contacted by Elvis Richards to carry out few assassinations for him and it was done together with the usual Boko Haram attack, giving no room for suspicions. The most notable assassination he carried out was that of the Danjuma's family.

Years later, Elvis Richards became the Inspector General and helped Rikau escape death and punishment which other Boko Haram members faced after their defeat. He also put Rikau into the force, making him start at a high rank. But all these Chief Elvis never did on his own, he had someone backing him, a notable person Rikau never got to know.


Time: 12:25am

Location : University Of Abuja Teaching Hospital

Chief Rikau finally opened his eyes to meet himself on the hospital bed. He wasn't surprised because he could remember clearly how he was taken from the scene and all that led to his hospitalization. All through his sleep, he kept having dreams reminding him of his younger years and of the Danjuma's family. This made him believe more that Samantha had to be the Danjuma's daughter. He tried to move on the bed but he stopped when the pain in his legs and back was unbearable. He had never in his service as a policeman been hospitalized for gunshots. A tear dropped from his eyes as he thought about his life, was nemesis finally catching up with him?



After taking out two other bulbs by the side of the house, Rex began to work on the first window at the side. He inserted his drilling tool into the points of connection of the burglary proofs to the wall and made a circle round the points which weakened the wall at the points. After a while, he was able to take off the bulglary proof metal.

He turned on the light on his mask and tried to see the different edges of the dark living room before he entered through the broken window. He stopped and looked around for a moment, he located the switch for the bulb and went for it.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:20am On Aug 07, 2017
'Keep switching the cameras,' Cole said to Henry who was already complaining about not seeing anyone for over thirty minutes he had been monitoring. Henry was still seating behind the main computer while Cole was at the other side of the table, trying to configure the other computers

'I think the person has left already?'Henry said tiredly.

'No, I'm sure someone is around.' Cole insisted. 'I just think the person is being wise and dodging the cameras.'

'How possible it for you to dodge something you don't know it's location or direction, the cameras are hidden.'

'Come on, stop talking like this man. Don't you know about camera locators?'

Henry's shoulders dropped as he realized he was arguing lamely, Cole was right that someone could detect and dodge hidden cameras with the right app. He decided to stay for more thirty minutes before admitting his tiredness and need for sleep. Silence took over the atmosphere for the next five minutes.

'Damn!' Henry exclaimed all of a sudden. 'Someone is there.' Cole quickly left the computers at the other side and turned to the other side to check what Henry saw.

On the screen was a masked man trying to find his way from the living room. He located the entrance into the inner parts of the house and began to walk towards the place but stopped suddenly. He stood still for some seconds before turning back and his eyes went straight to the camera.

'Does he know we're watching him?' Henry asked, flashing a quick look at Cole.

'I think...' Cole began to talk but stopped in fear as the man took out his gun and pointed it to the camera. Henry dropped from the chair to the floor while Cole rushed up to his feet as the bullet hit the camera in two seconds. The screen went blank.

'Damn it!' this guy knows we're watching him.' Henry replied, trembling as he struggled to get to his feet.

'Yes, he does.' Cole answered back shakily. He sat on Henry's seat and located the mouse immediately, he closed the source and began to switch cameras to locate the intruder. 'Sit here and locate where he is now,' Cole said to Henry, getting up from the seat to the next one. He tapped the keyboard and the screen came on at once, he typed in the password. 'I have to put on the remaining laser scopes we have inside the apartment.'


10 minutes later

Rex came out again after hiding behind the curtain for sometime. The camera detector app in his phone had been able to help him detect that the cameras in the house were working and someone was monitoring and rotating them. He removed the drilling tool from the tool box and covered the metal before putting it inside his pocket. Then he brought out his two guns and began to move further inside. The exit of the passage led to another perpendicular one which was splited in the two opposite directions. Rex stopped at the exit, undecided as to where to go for a second, then he took the left turn and only took two steps when he heard a noise from the back. He froze and turned back immediately. It was just in time for him to see the laser lines building from behind and coming towards him. He quickly rushed back into the previous corridor and stopped at the middle to watch, but the laser lines didn't give him enough time to watch as the lines after spreading to the end of the first began from the exit of the corridor he ran into.

He ran out of the place and back into the living room. The lasers stopped at the entrance of the corridor and he watched from the middle of the living room. The beams burnt hot and the hotness spread into the living room. Rex knew at that point that he couldn't go further anymore, it was time to return and make a better plan.

'Meet me at the gate now,' he said, wiping off the sweat on his forehead as he proceeded towards the window he had destroyed.


7:38 am

Henry woke up earlier than he planned to the next morning. He was still deep asleep when he began to hear heavy and violent knocks at the gate. He knew at once that Rex was finally here for them. He flew out of the bed spontaneously, shouting Cole's name with his fists tightened in readiness to fight, only for him to find himself in the room with Omotara on the bed, looking at him with a funny expression. The knock was from the door and not the gate like he thought and it wasn't as violent like he heard from his sleep.

The knock on the door sounded louder this time.

'Yes, who's is?' he shouted, feeling embarrassed as he could see Omotara laughing at him.

'It's me, please open quickly.' He heard a lady's voice as he got closer to the door. He wondered who it could be as he put his hand on the knob, Aisha was dead and there should be no other lady in the house apart from Omotara. It was until he opened the door and saw Tomi that he remembered that there was a new person amongst them.

'Will you allow me in or keep looking at him like you're seeing a ghost,' Tomi barked at him and he quickly moved out of the way for her. He stood at the door, still surprised and wondering why his memory was playing games with him.

Tomi walked in with a tray containing a nylon of drugs, a tea jug and mug, she proceeded straight to the stool beside the bed and placed the tray on it. Then she moved them together to Tarasha's side and sat on the bed close to where Tarasha lay. 'Good morning,' the nurse greeted.

'Why in the world were you knocking like that?' Henry spoke angrily at the nurse, giving Tarasha no opportunity to reply her greeting.

'Do you know how long she has been at the door?' Tarasha was the one who replied Henry.

Henry's gaze moved from the nurse's face to Tarasha's face and back to the Nurse.

'She has been knocking for over thirty minutes,' Tarasha added and Henry's eyes fell on hers again.

His shoulders dropped as he shook his head at himself and hissed. He looked and the nurse again but she wasn't looking at him, he found his way back to the previous position he laid in the bed.

'You're supposed to use some of these drugs every eight hours and that's why I'm here this early,' the nurse explained to Tarasha. 'I've made tea for you,' she said pouring from the jug into the cup.

She stood to help Tarasha sit up and wanted to put the cup in Tarasha's mouth but Tarasha stopped her and collected the cup to take it herself.

'Wow! You're recuperating faster than I expected,' Tomi exclaimed.

Tarasha took a sip of the tea and let out a breath, 'You were expecting something else?'

'Yes, actually the symptoms I saw were of partial paralysis but maybe I was wrong, I can't really trust the tools in your lab since it's not an hospital.'

'The tools there are working perfectly fine,' Tarasha replied. 'I think I was drugged with a substance to induce paralysis but it was partial, so you may not be totally wrong.'

Another knock sounded on the door at that moment. Tarasha and Tomi looked towards Henry expecting him to answer the knock but he turned away and covered himself with a blanket.

'Cole?' Tomi called to confirm as she approached the door, as if she was expecting someone else.

'Yes,' Cole's voice sounded from behind the door. She opened and allowed him walk in. 'I came to see her,' he said to Tomi as if he was seeking permission to proceed but he didn't wait to get a reply.

'You have to wait till she finishes with her drugs,' Tomi said, walking after Cole. 'Where were you all through the night?' she asked him as she sat back in her previous position. Cole stood right in front of Tarasha after greeting her with his words sounding as low as a whisper.

'Can't she listen while she takes her drugs?' Cole asked Tomi, ignoring her own question to him. He knew she would be expecting him to come into the room the night before but he wasn't ready to fuel her the feelings by sleeping on the same bed with her. He was sure having anything between themselves could cause a distraction or problem for them later especially now that they were to work closely. 'I can wait for the answer after the drugs,' Cole added, looking now at Tarasha.

'What do you have to say?' Tarasha asked, stretching her palm to Tomi who placed the tablets in it.

'I don't know if Henry has said anything about it already,' Cole paused and looked towards Henry but Henry did not make any movement or act like he was listening. 'A masked man I believe to be Rex was at the main facility around twelve a.m today,' he paused for a second as he noticed the change in the look on Tarasha's face. ' He was able to penetrate into the building and started searching everywhere, but we were able to turn him back after we turned on the laser scopes inside the building. I'm not sure this place is safe for us anymore.'

'Damn it! Was all that true? I thought it was all a dream.' Henry suddenly sprung up to his feet. He looked like a previously blind man who had just received his sight and was trying to identify his people. Nobody gave him a reply but he turned to the same place Cole was standing and stood beside Cole.

Tarasha didn't say about word until she finished taking the drugs and gulped down the rest of the tea. 'We'll move out of this place but we have to protect it in such a way that no one will be able to use any of our facilities here.'

'How do we plan the movement? I'm sure we've got people monitoring that gate.'

'Get me the wheelchair please, I need to use the control room.' she said to Henry. Henry quickly dragged the wheelchair to her. 'This underground leads to another above ground facility, an entirely different one and that's where we're moving to.'


Watch out for Chapter NINE. More hidden things and people are revealed to Tarasha and it gets tougher and more complicated. Will she recover fast enough and fully to be able to stand the coming challenges? Let's see how it unfolds.

Read CHAPTER 9 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by dimssy(m): 5:36am On Aug 07, 2017
Thanksanh for the update

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by samjeorg(m): 7:58am On Aug 07, 2017
You are too good, boss.
More ink to your pen.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Pinkfeet: 12:47pm On Aug 07, 2017
i really enjoyed reading dis story.
so trasha has another under ground

REX why do run for the laser, u suppose to wait now
Don't worry ur end is near

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by astute28: 4:15pm On Aug 07, 2017
hmm im relieved nw i have been waiting for this update i no fit sleep since i dont knw y i addicted to this story and writing of urs oyinprince u came from anoder planet with this ur analysis ..thumb up bro u are genius

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:48pm On Aug 10, 2017
Chap 9 pt 1

Time : 11:35am

Cole eyes ran around the place in awe as he dropped the wheelchair to the ground and positioned it well for Henry to put Tarasha in it. He took a second to look down the stairs from where Tomi was climbing up tiredly with a big bag hung around her shoulder. The walk from the underground facility to the new structure had been longer than expected, reason being that every single door they encountered had a special way of opening it only known to Tarasha, and it took her more than usual to open the doors because of her inability to stand and use her hands properly.

Cole turned back and met Henry also motionless with his eyes wondering about the place.

'Are you sure we didn't just go in circles? Is this not the same place we're supposed to be running from?' Henry moved in, away from the two others, staring at the walls, ceilings and even the floors.

The underground had led them into a study and it looked exactly the same way the study in the structure that was being threatened looked. It had the same kind of books, shelfs, chairs and their arrangements. The only difference being that this place looked a bit dusty and it was obvious that it had not been used or cleaned for sometime.

'Everything in the other structure is the same as this, so non of us should have troubles using the place.' Tarasha said as she began to wheel herself further. She was the only one apart from Tomi not surprised as to the outcome of their walk. Henry quickly walked back to her and continued to roll her in.

As soon as Tomi surfaced, Cole went back down the stairs to carry the bag he left down the stairs. They had reduced the bags into two and left the others in the underground, to enable them to walk easier and faster.

'But, are you sure this place can't be discovered?' Henry asked as he opened the door of the study and returned to the wheelchair. 'I mean the connection with the underground and the other structure.'

'It can be discovered but that will be after the destruction of so many other properties along this axis,' she replied.

'And that can't be done easily?' Henry questioned.

'It won't be done,' she stated. 'lt will cause the government billions of dollars to control the adverse effects of any attempt to demolish the structure above ground level at the other end, that's enough to keep them busy and limited for several years.'

They continued the rest of their movement in silence and stopped in the living room which looked exactly the same just like Tarasha had said. Henry sank into one of the sofas after wheeling her to the centre of the living room. She turned the chair by herself and wheeled it to the side of the three seater sofa where Henry sat directly opposite. Both of them remained in silence, waiting for Cole and Tomi.

Tomi showed up with her bag in the living room two minutes later but Cole showed up five minutes after. Tarasha knew he would have been taking his time to look around the house and wonder why Tarasha had set up exactly same structures in two different points in Maitama and how she connected them together through the underground.

'I think this place needs cleaning up too,' Tomi was the first to speak when Cole returned.

'I gotta rest for a minute,' Cole said in a refuting manner before Tomi would ask that they begun to clean the place immediately. He sank into the chair beside Henry, closing his eyes as he rested his head. He and Henry had done most of the jobs they needed to do before leaving the underground; disconnecting the servers, turning off the lasers in the first main structure - Tarasha had asked them to turn them off as their continued running of the security process added to their electric power usage and bill - and closing up of the entrance from the first main building.

'We need to take care of the control room first, I'll like to use the place very soon. Others can be taken care of after you've had your breakfast,' Tarasha said. After giving the instruction, she wheeled herself to the centre of the living room where Tomi dropped the bag she brought and stopped beside it. She tried to bend and open the bag but she had a struggle holding the zip firmly.

Henry got up to help her but Cole beat him to it. He opened the main section of the bag widely for Tarasha to look into what was there. It contained books - some old and some new- documents, files and some stationeries all arranged in the bag although had been quite disorganized by their movement from one place to another and the way Tomi carried it when she did.

'You want something there?' Cole asked, looking up at Tarasha's face from his squatting position. Tomi was now seated at the one seater on a perpendicular line to the three seater.

Tarasha did not give a quick response but her eyes scanned round the bag for some more seconds.

Tarasha looked up as she suddenly remembered something, she stared thinly at Cole's face and then at Henry's. 'Before I work in the control room, we have to set up the connection and also open up the cameras. I'll allow you guys work for today while I start what I want to do tomorrow.' she said and then turned to Tomi. 'Can you please make us breakfast? Cole would show you the way to the kitchen, there should be some foodstuffs there.'

'I think I should go ahead to the control room now,' Henry said, getting up with Tomi and Cole and they began to walk away one after the other.

Cole suddenly stopped and turned back to meet Tarasha. 'Boss, I forgot to tell you something.' he said with a serious look on his face.

'What's that?' Tarasha asked.

'Chief Gab called yesterday.'

'And what did he say?'

'He wanted to speak with you but we told him you could not talk to him then,' Cole answered.

'And is that all?'

'Hum... No,' Cole said as paused again to think, wondering if Tarasha would get angry with him for what he was going to say next.

'What else?' she raised a brow.

'I told him that we needed a new facility and he promised to call back since then,' Cole said.

There was a brief moment of silence.

'Bring my phone to me after you show Tomi the kitchen,' she said in a dismissal tone. Cole nodded slightly and turned to join the rest.

Tarasha's eyes moved back to the opened bag beside her after they left. She fixed her gaze on a book she had overlooked before. Her mind made a quick flashback to the day she got the book and how she did; the torn incomplete book she got from the former Senate President's study. It was still as tattered as it was when she got it. She bent and reached for the book and as she picked it up, her eyes met the one that was just under it and this brought a sudden and sharp pain to her heart. She felt a kind of hotness in her eyes and she closed it to absorb the pain.

She opened her eyes and stared at her mother's diary for another second, then she looked away and flipped open the Senate President's book, she scanned through the page and flipped to the next. She was about to open to the another page again when a name in first sentence of the last paragraph on the page caught her attention. She narrowed her eyes as she began to read from that sentence, 'Our last meeting with the Danjuma's didn't go well, even after our threats, the doctors refused to budge. While we were still thinking of what to do about them, the news of their disappearance hit us. We were worried at first but the Chief gave us the assurance that there would be no problems. Shortly after their disappearance, Elvis Richards called called to inform everyone else about the discovery of their location. The Chief gave Elvis and Gabriel the assignment to mute the doctors but Gabriel did not really agree to the plan and...' the page ended.

She tried to flip to the next page to continue reading but...


January, 2014.

Location: Lagos Nigeria

'Good morning Gabriel, where are you?' the caller's voice sounded through the phone's speaker.

'Good morning, I'm on the way to my office. Why do you ask?' Gabriel answered the caller's question.

'How long will it take you to get to your office? I'm coming over there with Jubril,' the caller replied.

'I'll be there in less than fifteen minutes, someone is waiting there for me.' Gabriel replied. 'But I hope there's no problem? It's strange that you and Jubril are coming over this early morning.'

'There's no problem, we just want to discuss something brief with you, it's concerning our hanging deal.'

'Okay, I'll be expecting you.' Gabriel said and cut the call. He took off the earpiece from his ears and increased the speed of his moving car.

Gabriel got to his place of work ten minutes later. He hurried into his office and met the young lady waiting for him at the secretary's stand. He signalled for her to follow him in after replying to the secretary's greeting. He settled down quickly in his office and offered his guest a drink after apologizing for keeping her waiting for long. They had begun to discuss the reason for their meeting for only three minutes when the door of Gabriel's office opened slightly and someone poked his head in.

'Gabriel,' Elvis Richards smiled as he entered and closed the door, not minding the look on his friend's guest's face. 'Sorry, I didn't know you had a visitor,' he apologized on seeing the embarrassed look on his friend's face. It was one of those very rare days Elvis wore his police uniform to his friend's place. He was always in casuals whenever they met and sometimes disguised like a criminal instead of dressing like the police official he was.

'That girl is not always doing her job,' Gabriel complained about the secretary, even though he knew his friend could have ignored or refused to stop at her warning. That was how Elvis behaved, he always walked straight into his office, except for days that he didn't call to inform him of his coming.

Gabriel and Elvis' gazes locked for a moment. Gabriel expected Elvis to excuse him and his guest but it was certain with Elvis' body language that that wasn't going to happen.

'Please excuse us,' Gabriel finally said in a pleading tone to the young lady seated in front of him. She courteously picked her bag from the floor where she kept it and got up, she greeted officer Elvis briefly before proceeding to the door.

Elvis' eyes followed her backside as she went and he whistled lustfully after she closed the door. 'All these girls will not kill somebody with their mini skirts,' he commented, shaking his head as he sat on the second visitor's seat. 'Is she one of those who needs help?' he asked, staring back at the door with his eyes still filled with lust.

'Do you have help to give her?' Gabriel asked sardonically without expecting a reply. 'She is a graduate who wants me to approve a letter for her,' Gabriel added as he folded his arms and rested back in his chair. He gave his friend a thin and serious look. 'And how come you're the one still asking about girls here? I thought I've told you not to talk about girls anymore when you come into my office. The rubbish you did the last time is still making people curse me till today.'

Elvis hissed and blinked, 'Curse?' What effect has their curses have on you? Did it affect your job? Didn't you get promoted after that and now you're even in a better place.' he added a brief laughter. 'Besides, I'm not planning to do it in your office, it's only for her to say she needs my help and I'll take her to somewhere I can help her well.'

Gabriel shook his head at him. 'I wonder how you became a policeman and I wonder how your excess lust for women does not affect your ability to catch criminals.' Gabriel paused and sat up. 'By the way, where's the Jubril you said you were coming with?'

'Jubril couldn't come again, he received a call and had to leave immediately.'

'Okay, so what brings you here?' Gabriel asked and placed his elbows on the table.

Elvis adjusted his seating position, 'Chief has given both of us a special assignment.'

'His Excellency?' Gabriel cut in.
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'No, the Special Adviser.' Elvis Richards answered. 'We've found the location of the Danjumas,' he paused to adjust his seating position again. 'And Chief has asked both of us to take care of them.'

'Where exactly were they found?' Gabriel asked, a frown had formed in his face and the uneasiness he was feeling could be heard in his voice.

'Somewhere in Borno, Maiduguri.' Elvis Richards answered.

'Ah! How can they go somewhere like that?' Gabriel opened his mouth in shock. 'That place is dangerous right now with the Insurgency.'

Elvis hissed. 'I think Danjuma's father has a house somewhere there but what's our problem with that anyway?'

'Well, what are we supposed to do about them?' Gabriel asked in a tensed tone.

'What else? Send them to heaven of course,' Elvis Richards replied in a cold tone.

The frown on Gabriel's face thickened. 'Has the Chief asked us to do that?'

'Yes, that's exactly what he wants us to do and I've even found a way to do it so easily,' Elvis said.

Gabriel's eyes widened as he pulled back a little from the table.

'What's the matter?' Elvis asked with a raised eyebrow as he noticed Gabriel's countenance.

'No, it's nothing.' he shook his head. 'Just continue,' he made a hand gesture to his friend to keep on speaking and then folded his arms.

'I recently met this boy whom I knew during his training in the police force some years back, he is now a member of the Boko Haram group...'

'What?' Gabriel cut in, spreading his hands out in fear. 'What do we have to do with Boko Haram?'

'Are you crazy Gabriel? What's the matter with you?' Elvis Richards flared up. 'I would have loved to do this with Jubril or Nasiru if not for the Chief that insisted we involved someone from the other political party not to make it look partial. I don't even know who acts more like a woman between you and Onwuli.'

'It's okay Elvis, don't insult me.' Gabriel cautioned.

'Then stop acting like a woman. I don't know if you're not tired of this whole hanging deal but I am, we need to finish it up quickly. I've not been able to enjoy the honour of my chieftaincy since we all received our titles because we've been running up and down all through.' Elvis blared on.

'Alright Elvis, speak on.' Gabriel said and folded his arms again.

'Are you sure you're ready to listen?'

'Yea, speak on.'

'We are all aware that the Chief also works with some of these terrorist guys, so it means there'll be no problem if we use them too.'

'But...' Gabriel's voice faded out as he tried to cut in. He stared at Elvis' face for a moment to see if the latter wasn't angry about the interruption. 'Don't you think working with this deadly group is a bad idea? I mean, these guys are killing people in their hundreds and we want to join them.'

Elvis shook his head and hissed. 'What's your concern with how many people they're killing?' he asked, giving Gabriel a side look. 'Even Chief that is from the region is not concerned about his people that are dying daily as you are.'

'Hmm... But you know that Chief is using it for political reasons and we don't have to become as cruel as he is just because we want to be successful politicians.'

'Gabriel, open a church if you want to preach , don't preach to me as if you are a saint.'

'I'm not a saint but...'

'What about the bag drugs we bring it?' Elvis cut in. 'Does that not kill hundreds of people everyday?'

Gabriel let out a deep breath and shook his head.

'We're doing the same thing Gabriel, killing less privileged people to make our money.' Elvis stated.

Gabriel was silent.

'Look here, like I said; this young Boko Haram guy is one of their commanders who I know very well. All we need to do is give him the address of their house and he's going to lead his troops to the area. We will tell him to pay special attention to that particular house and even give him the couple's pictures. He will have to make sure that they are dead and bring picture proofs to us.'

Gabriel closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. 'I...'


She tried to flip to the next page to continue reading but it was stuck to the previous page. She couldn't tell if a liquid had poured in between and gummed them together or if it was the quality of ink used that made them stick. She tried to separate the pages carefully but ended up splitting them halfway into two. She let out a breath, wondering what to do, whether to continue from the third page which was already divided into two or try harder to open the middle pages and risk losing all. She decided to read the available page first before going back to the middle but as she began to read, she noticed that it continued from the page she read last, meaning that there was nothing in the pages she was trying to access and that the book had always been like that.

She turned back to the previous page again and read from the last line to ease her understanding, 'Gabriel did not really agree to the plan and he tried to stop it initially, he held the opinion that since the doctors had fled already, there was no need hunting them again. But that didn't stop what was to be done, the doctors were killed and the pictures were shown to us before our business continued as usual.'

Tarasha stopped after reading the paragraph and closed her eyes to absorb the pain and anger that was welling up in her. She could feel a cold sensation spread through her body as it vibrated, that was the only way she could express her anger with the strength she had.

Her eyes popped open as she sensed the entrance of someone else in the living room. Cole's eyes met with hers. He was standing close to the entrance of the corridor and staring at her with an expressionless face. She took in a breath and her body calmed down on seeing him. He began to walk towards her with the phone she requested for in his hand.

She stretched out her hand even before he got to her, he dropped the phone and turned back without saying any word.

She unlocked the phone as soon as he walked out of the living room and searched for Chief Gab's number, one of his numbers was the first contact on the call records. She dialed his number and placed the phone close to her ear but ended it as soon as she noticed it was being directed to voicemail. She opened the contact list and searched the Chief's second Nigerian number but got the same response after dialing. Then she tried his only foreign number on the list and it began to ring.

'Hello,' Chief Gab answered after the second ring, he sounded like he had a hard time making the decision of answering the call.

'Chief Gab, you left the country already?'

'Tarasha!' he exclaimed in a loud tone. 'I was told you were badly injured...'

'You were asked to provide us a new facility,' she cut in.

'Yes Tarasha, but ermm... You see,' the Chief paused for a while trying to find words to use. 'You see, I had limited time to use in Nigeria, I told you the last time we spoke, didn't I?'

'What about the facility?' she asked again, ignoring his explanation.

'Ermm... Are you well and out of danger now?' the Chief asked, trying to evade answering Tarasha's question.

'That isn't the reply to what I asked you Chief, what about the new facility we need?'

'Tarasha, I'm still working on it.' he finally answered.

'When will it be ready?'

'Ermm... I'll call you back to let you know when it is.'

'Please, we have two days to work on that,' she said and took a brief pause. 'Now, I want you to tell me everything you know about the Danjuma's death.'

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oyin more grease to ur elbow

chief Gab talk now ,
what do u know about danjuma family
make thunder kon fire u
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Chap 9 Part 2

'All I know about the Danjuma's death?' Chief Gab repeated the question, the surprise he felt could be heard in his voice.

Yes, I mean your involvement in their death.' Tarasha replied.

'But ermm... Tarasha, what do you need that for?' Chief Gab asked, making it clear he was unwilling to talk about it.

'I work to kill people for you and you should expect me to discover along the line how the victims are connected to you.' Tarasha explained.

'But Tarasha, I explained to you on the first day we met physically.' the man argued. 'I told you how we were all connected together and how they cheated and killed my family and friend, Onwuli. Did you think I was lying then?'

'No, I didn't think you were lying neither do I think you are now, but I just need you to give me a honest reply to my request. I do need the information and will need some others soon to be able to hunt and pull your enemy down, I'm changing the strategy I planned on using and I require more information that can bring him down.'

There was silence at the other end for a couple of seconds, then a release of breath was heard before the voice. 'Danjuma and his wife Lydia were doctors. They got involved with us when the wife Lydia had a patient who died after taking a drug, it happened that the drug was being distributed in the country by us under the shadow of the registered company of Nnamdi Okafor, the health Minister who was the first person I sent you to. The Doctors had to help us cover up and verify the drug but they refused to. They had to leave Lagos after the troubles got too much but then they move to Borno where they were killed by the Boko Haram insurgents.'

There was a brief moment of silence after Chief Gab finished talking.

'Are you sure that's all?'

'Yes or what else do you want to know?'

'I want to know the whole truth, tell me the truth about their death.' Tarasha said in a serious tone which sounded like a threat to Chief Gab.

'Hmm...' the Chief let out a deep breath. 'The Boko Haram guys actually killed them but it was set up by us.'

'You and who?'

'Me? Not me,' Chief Gab denied. 'Actually a larger number of people in the group agreed to the plan since they posed a threat to us.'

'And so, who gave the contracts to the killers?' Tarasha asked.

There was another long silence.

'Chief Elvis did, he knew someone in the Boko Haram camp.'

'And who was that person he knew?' Tarasha asked immediately, not giving the man any second to rest.


'Yes, answer the question.'

'This is not what I sent you.'

'Don't you think leaving that Boko Haram guy alive could cause problems for you later?'

'Hmm...' there was a short hiss. 'The man is Inspector General Rikau. Were you the one that tried to kill him yesterday?'

'Thank you for your answers Chief Gab, we will talk more later,' she said and ended the call without giving him a chance to speak again.

'Omotara, did you order for something online?' Henry walked in asking as soon as she ended her call.

She narrowed her eyes at him, 'Order for something online?'


'No, I did not.' she shook her head.

'But there's a lady from an online food store and their car waiting outside for us at the house on the other end.'

'Oh!' Tarasha let out breath from her mouth as she remembered that it was the day for the online shopping store to deliver the foodstuffs they get monthly to the house. 'Just ignore them, I'll change the address of the delivery soon.'


They watched from their car as the lady flipped her hair backwards, shading her eyes from the sun with the other hand. She had been at the gate for close to ten minutes now and had used the gate bell several times without getting any response from inside. She was also seen using her phone and trying to call someone but never seemed to connect successfully.

Five minutes later, she turned back and entered into the car that brought her, they stayed for five minutes more watching the gate before driving off.

Fabian started the car engine and put on his seatbelt, he turned the rearview mirror to check if the makeup Esther had done to his face was still intact. She had done it so well that no one will suspect that he was makeups, it was a perfect one for his face and skin colour. Esther was sittng right by his side in the car and also had her face made up, which wasn't too much or strange for a lady. Fabian flashed a smile at Esther and sped onto the road like a crazy person, leaving her surprised and staring at him with her mouth agape.

'Don't tell me you're going after that EasyShoppers car,' she stared at him with her eyes opened widely.

'What else would I be doing? That's our best bet to get access to those guys right now,' Fabian replied her as he turned on the trafficator.

'Are you sure it's the right thing to do now?'

'Yes, it is.' he replied firmly.

'But then reduce your speed, you don't have to get both of us killed because you want to catch up with them, we can always go to their stores any other time.'

'I don't want us to go to another branch of their office but this particular one they receive supply from.'


**NSCC Headquarters**

'Good morning Agent Dakolo,' Mr Sylvester said in reply to Dakolo's greeting and gestured for him to have his seat.

'Thank you Mr Sylvester, I'll go straight to my reason for visiting which you already know. I'll like to find out every detail about this Dave of a guy and how he was employed here.'

'Sir...' Mr Sylvester began in low tones. 'Dave applied for employment some days after Kimberly Alexander mysteriously disappeared. And we employed him immediately since he had the necessary qualifications to fill in the gap. And he has been working with us since then until some days ago when he suddenly stopped coming without leaving any message to explain or notify us of his absence.'

'Okay, you said you have tried to reach him and you couldn't.'


'Does he not have a guarantor or a referee?'

Mr Sylvester paused for a moment. 'Yes, he does. I'll have to check it right away.' He opened his drawer and began to search for something. He brought out a key and a phone from the drawer and closed it back. 'I'll have to call for it to be searched out for me.'

'It's okay but before you do that, I want you to also help me with details of his last days here. What his activities were before he left and the exact date he stopped coming.'


__20 minutes later__

'What's in your boot?' the security man at the EasyShoppers Abuja headquarters asked Fabian at the gate.

'There's nothing there,' he replied.

'Can we see it?'

'Yes, of course.' he said and pushed the button for the boot to open. Another security man at the right hand side began to walk towards the boot as he saw the cover opening up. He looked into the boot briefly before signaling to his colleague that they had nothing in it.

'Alright, you may go in.' the security man said to Fabian and the latter drove in after closing the boot.

He came down from the car with Esther after parking in the space provided and they proceeded straight to the main building. The glass door opened for them as they got to the entrance and they walked into the large and reception hall and went straight to the desk.

'Good morning, you're welcome to EasyShoppers. How may we help you?' a lady with a calm voice addressed them.

'Good morning, what services do you render here?' Fabian asked, without looking at the lady's face. His eyes wandered around the place like he was searching for something he lost. He returned his stare to the lady's face to meet her staring at him in surprise. Esther was also giving him a reprimanding stare. That was when he realized that he had asked an irrelevant question. Or how would a grown up man like him make a visit to a company without knowing what they do there?

'This is our head office in Abuja. We run an online store where people order for foodstuffs and home equipments and we also provide home delivery services.' she finally gave a reply, disregarding the silliness of the question.

'Sorry for troubling you,' Fabian replied with a smile. 'We are licensed journalists working for Desert Reporters,' he said and took out an identity card from his front pocket to display. 'We need some information about this company of yours and I'm sure you wouldn't be the right person to provide that to us, so we would like to see your boss.'

'Okay,' She said and paused for a while, sizing up Fabian and Esther with her eyes as if to confirm if they were smart enough to be Journalists. 'I'll have to make a call first, please have your seat.' she said, pointing them to the visitor's seat behind.


Cole was sitting right in front of Tarasha, his knees touching her wheelchair and hers touching his chair. Tomi stood beside them holding a box from which Tarasha picked the makeup tools and materials and applied them on Cole's face. After sometime, Tarasha stopped and gestured for Tomi to drop the box on the ground and signalled that she was free to sit on the short stool beside them. She took half a minute to see the transformation she had done to Cole's face and was satisfied with what she saw. A look at Tomi's surprised face further proved that she had done a good job.

Tarasha pointed to the medium sized rectangular mirror and Tomi handed it to her, she turned it to Cole and held it for him to see. A smile formed on Cole's face on seeing his reflection in the mirror. What he saw was a totally different face from his and he had no fears of being recognized.

Tarasha returned the mirror to Tomi and adjusted herself on the chair. 'So I want the XL series, don't get another type and allow them show you the car before you start answering questions of who you're to buy it for. You can call me after that and I'll tell you where to meet the delivery woman and transfer the goods into the new car.' she said and rolled her wheelchair back, away from him.

'Alright boss,' Cole got up to his feet and used a towel to clean his hand dry.
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'Please do have your seats,' the manager of the EasyShoppers online store company offered them seats before sitting on his own chair. 'So I heard you guys are from Desert Reporters,' the man said with a smile, adjusting himself on the seat.

'Yes, you heard so but we are not really from Desert Reporters,' Fabian replied him.

'Huh?' the man's smile quickly changed to a frown.

'Yes and we only work as per time journalists,' Fabian continued.

'But what do you want then?' the man asked, looking around as if to raise alarm.

'Relax sir, we're not here for something evil.' Fabian said with a light smile. He took a brief pause and took out two identity cards from the breast pocket of his shirt, he returned one and showed the other to the man. 'We're from the State Security Service and we've come to find out something important from you and also seek your cooperation.'

'But how do I know you're saying the truth? How do I know that you're truly from the State Security Service?' the man asked in a doubtful tone. His eyes peering into Fabian's as Fabian returned the identity card into his pocket.

'I just showed you my ID card.'

'Yes but they also saw your ID card before referring you to me. I was told your ID card confirms you guys as journalists,' the man retorted.

'Yes, the ID card I showed them confirms me as a journalist but didn't state that I work with Desert Reporters.' he said, bringing out the ID cards again. 'It states my position as a journalist but still under the State Security Service, your workers did not understand it.'

The man kept a straight face at them, still doubting Fabian's words.

'Here, take a look at this.' Fabian said and handed him the SSS identity card. 'Turn behind and you would find my registered number there, you can search it up online to confirm.'

The man fixed his gaze on Fabian 's face for a while, contemplating whether to do as Fabian suggested or just ignore and deceive them.

'Try it,' Fabian encouraged with a shrug. He rested his back against the backrest of the seat and kept his gaze on the man's face.

The manager finally turned to his computer system and opened the browser, he typed in the agent's registration number into the www.youngicee.com search engine box. He looked up after two minutes and returned Fabian 's card. 'It shows that the number is truly registered under the Abuja headquarters but didn't confirm the names of the card holder.'

'My name is Fabian as the ID card states,' Fabian said, you can confirm by calling the phone number you see on that screen.

The man took a glance at the computer screen and then picked up his phone on the table, he typed in the number on the screen and dialled it. Fabian 's phone began to ring. He raised it up in the air to show the man.

'Okay, so is she from the SSS too?' he asked, looking at Esther as he dropped the phone back to the table.

'Yes, we came together.' Fabian was the one who answered.

'Okay, so what can I do for you?'

'We want some information about a client you guys tried to deliver something to this morning.' Fabian began, he collected a sheet of paper from Esther and handed it to the man. 'That's the address.' Fabian waited for the man to read it. 'We want all you know about the client. The name, how frequent she orders for your products and her contact details if you've got it.'

'Well,' the man let out a breath as he put the sheet of paper back on the table. 'I can only give you the person's name and tell you how frequent she orders but her contact details is a No No,' the man stated, shaking his head side to side to emphasize his point.

'Why can't we get her contact?'

'You shouldn't be asking me that; I believe you guys are on an investigation and you should know I truly want to help you but as a company, we're supposed to protect our customers. I have to get a paper written from the authorities to give you anyone's contact.'

'Alright, I understand but there's one more thing I need you to do for us.'

'What's that?' the man raised his brow.

'Your delivery truck returned today without supplying this house we're investigating. I think the owners were not around or unavailable at that time but I believe they'll call back when they're around for your guys to come back.' Fabian said and paused to see if the man was following.

'Huh... So what happens with that?'

'We want to take charge of the delivery once they call back,' Fabian replied.

'What do you mean?'

'We want to deliver your goods to them for you,' Fabian replied.

'Huh?' the man's eyebrows gathered together as he tried to reason out what Fabian said to him. 'No, that won't work.' the man said shaking his head.

'Sir, be rest assured that nothing bad will happen. We're not going to hurt them.

'No,' the man repeated in a strong tone, still shaking his head.

'But sir...'

'I said No, Officer Fabian.' the man snapped, with his eyes widened at Fabian .

'Okay sir,' Fabian forced a smile. 'I understand perfectly well and I commend you for doing your job well. Maybe we'll come back for that later after meeting with the necessary authorities to permit it.'

'Maybe...' the man said, stressing the word longer that he should.

'Alright, for now. We'll just make do with the name and any other information you can provide us.' Fabian said, forcing a smile on his lips again.

'Okay then, I call for someone who will search out the address and tell us the name of the client who receives order at that place.' he said, picking up his office phone. He placed a stern gaze on their faces as he punched in the digits.

He made the call and asked for someone to come to his office. A man knocked on the door a minute later and was allowed in, he proceeded straight to the table and stopped beside Esther's seat. He bowed slightly in courtesy to his boss and also acknowledged the presence of the visitors.

'Come closer, ' the manager beckoned on the man and the man obeyed immediately. 'Look here, I want you to search out this address, fish out every detail you can get and send them to me as soon as possible.' the manager said and handed the sheet on which the address was written to the man. 'How long will it take you?' he asked, looking at the man as he read what was on the paper.

Fabian passed something tiny to Esther while the men were discussing. It took Esther only a glance at it to know what Fabian wanted her to use it for.

'It'll take us only five minutes,' the man replied to the EasyShoppers manager.

'Okay,' the manager turned looked at his guests' faces. 'Is five minutes okay?'

'Oh yes! It is,' Fabian replied.

'Good, go and get it done.' the manager dismissed the man.

'Oh shi*t! What's this?' Esther jumped up from her seat suddenly and held the man who was to get them what they requested for. She quickly released him and pointed to the ground.

'It's a rat,' Fabian joined in, looking at the floor as if he had seen something while the manager and his co-worker searched around the floor for what the guests had seen but saw nothing.

'A rat in my office?' the manager glanced at Fabian 's face and then placed his gaze on Esther's face.

'It looked more like an electronic mouse, do you guys have those monitors here?' Fabian asked the man.

'Electronic mouse?' the manager took a look at his co-worker's face. The co-worker bowed again and turned to leave. 'We don't have such here?' he said to Fabian .

Esther returned to her seat, looking down around the chair.

'Maybe it's been used by your security staffs,' Fabian smiled. 'Most of them make use of that technology now.'

'Well, I'll find out from them.' the man replied and shrugged. He pulled his laptop closer and rested back against the backrest of his seat.

'Are you okay?' Fabian said in whispers to Esther but made sure it was loud enough for the man to hear.

'Yes, I am.' she replied back in low tones.

Fabian let out a smile and turned to the front, he also rested his back just like the manager did. He took out his phone from his pocket, unlocked it and opened his tracker app.

' I'm so sorry, I just realized that you guys just need to take a drink. So what can I offer you while the guy prepares the information,' the manager spoke, not out of sincerity but just to make the place not too silent.

'Oh! Thank you sir but we're very okay, we had a meal some minutes before coming down here.' Fabian replied, taking some seconds to look away from his phone to the man.

'What about you? Would you like something to drink?' he turned to Esther.

'Thank you, I'm okay sir.' Esther refused politely.

The manager got the email containing the answer to his request after six minutes in total. 'The information you need is here,' he announced to his guest.

'Wow!' Fabian sat up. He passed his phone secretly to Esther.

'Here, it's coming out.' the manager said and rose to his feet. There was a printer at the left side of his office, he walked to the place and took the output produced. 'Here we go, ' he gave the A4 sized paper to Fabian before he sank into his seat.

Fabian scanned through the paper briefly and looked up at the man's face with a smile. 'Thank you so much,' he said and looked at the contents of the paper again.

Client: Alexander Kimberly E

Mode of Service: Receives supply for household goods once in a month.

Mode of Payment: Before delivery

Last time supplied : Today

Delivered: No

Reason for failure of delivery: Client's absence at venue of delivery

He stopped after reading the third line and folded the paper neatly. 'Thank you once again sir,' Fabian said as he rose up to his feet. 'We will now take our leave.'

'You're welcome,' the manager rose with them and shook their hands before seeing them off to the door.


'Fabian, ' Esther called after they got out of the office into the secretary's office. She had her eyes fixed to the phone he had passed to her secretly in the office.

'Yes,' he answered, rearranging his shirt and tucking in the flown out part.

'The direction is left,' she whispered to him and took the phone closer to him to show him something on the screen.

'I'll handle it, you wait for me at the car.' he whispered back and collected the phone from her. They began to proceed out of the secretary's office together. 'Have a nice day ma'am,' Fabian said to the secretary before walking out.

...To be continued.

Who is Fabian and Esther? They have been introduced in the story before.

Read More Episodes on www.youngicee.com
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Pinkfeet: 9:28am On Aug 14, 2017
thanks for d update
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by do4luv14(m): 10:27am On Aug 14, 2017
FABIAN is Dave , have forgotten Esther's name
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by EmpresFIDEL(f): 1:25pm On Aug 14, 2017
FABIAN is Dave , have forgotten Esther's name
is Lizzy

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by do4luv14(m): 1:39pm On Aug 14, 2017
is Lizzy

thanks babe


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:11pm On Aug 15, 2017
Chap 9 pt 3

**45 minutes later**

Esther sat at the passenger's side in the car alone. She had her legs crossed and her eyes fixed on the tablet device on her laps. She kept checking her wristwatch from time to time and would look out through the open window occasionally to see if Fabian was coming forth. After a long time of waiting, she noticed a man dressed in the security men's uniform walking towards the car. She placed her eyes on him as he approached further and discovered from his manner of walking that it was Fabian coming.

He got there in no time and took off the cap from his head. 'Move to the driver's side,' Fabian said to her in soft tones.

She did as he said and Fabian entered and settled in.

'How did it go?' she asked, staring at his face as he began to take off the buttons of the security uniform.

'It went well,' he replied, now unbuttoning the sleeves. 'They didn't have much useful information about Kimberly Alexander, I only got the phone number she uses to call them. Now, I'm monitoring her phone number and theirs, we will intercept once there's a connection between both.'

'And what's the next step after that?' Esther asked.

Fabian did not answer immediately, he took off the uniform top and flung it to the backseat of the car, leaving only his white underwear vest on. 'Let's take it one after the other,' he said and strapped on his seatbelt. 'Now, you need to get us out of here before someone discovers the unconscious security guard at the toilet and the data resource manager under his table.'

'I see...' she said, giving him a searching look as she strapped on her own seatbelt. 'I hope they won't stay so long in their unconscious state,' she said as she started the car engine.


Daniel's eyes wandered around as he entered into his bookstore. He had received a call few minutes ago from one of his employees that someone asked to see him for a large supply of books which could only be authorized by him. The bookstore was a large and there were so many people in it buying and checking books on the shelf. He saw someone that looked familiar siting on a leather bench close to the sales desk and wondered if that could be the person who wanted to see him. His face met with the man's but he looked away to other points in the store to see if there was anybody else waiting around.

'Good morning sir,' one of the employees called unto him.

'Yea, good morning.' he said, looking at the middle-aged woman's face.

'That's the man who wanted to see you,' she said, looking towards the man on the bench who Daniel had considered to be the one.

'Okay, thank you.' he said and the woman walked away. He began to walk towards the man on the bench.

The man rose to greet him as he got closer. 'You must be Mr Daniel,' the man said with a smile.

'Yes, I am. Good morning sir,' Daniel said, bowing slightly to show respect as he offered a handshake, the man was older than he was.

'Good morning Mr Daniel,' the man answered with a smile and took Daniel's hand in his.

'Please, you may have your seat sir.' Daniel said and he turned to the chair behind the desk. He allowed the man to settle before he continued, 'I heard you wanted a special supply of books...' he began but suddenly paused. He narrowed his eyes and placed a firm stare on the man's face. 'I think I've met you somewhere before, ' he said. 'You look so familiar.'

'No, I don't remember us meeting anywhere,' the man stated and smiled even though Daniel was still staring at him like he was sure of his assertion. 'Can we really discuss here?' the man asked, his eyebrows gathering together.

'Yes, are we not talking about books and the supplies you want?'

'No, we're talking about something different.' the man said and cleared his throat. 'I'm Inspector Dakolo from the Abuja Police Headquarters,' he added, taking out his identity card.

Daniel already knew he was Inspector Dakolo but just had to say he looked familiar for the man not to know he was recognized. The only thing he was bothered about was the reason for the man's visit.

'What can I do for you Inspector?' he asked and stared at the man's face in silence, hoping it wasn't that he was being investigated. He controlled two bookstores in town, both in his name though he wasn't the real owner. The bookstores were just a tool given to him by the agency to hide his real job from the world.

'I'm here to get some information about a certain man who I'm investigating, he listed your name as one of his guarantors in his recent job.' Dakolo paused and waited to see if Daniel would know who he was talking about but Daniel continued to stare at him silently, a look of confusion forming on his face. 'I'm talking about David James who recently began to work at the NSCC office,' Dakolo stated.

'Oh!' Daniel blinked. 'What about him?'

'He's been missing at work for some days now and they've been so worried at his place of work,' Dakolo answered.

'Oh! And did they declare him missing at the NSCC?' Daniel joked with a broad smile on his lips. His smile quickly faded away when he realized that the Inspector saw no joke in what he said. 'I don't really know his whereabouts for now, but the last time I heard of him, they said he had an accident and was badly injured but I've not seen him for a long time now.'

Dakolo took a minute to consider the man's explanation and concluded that it may be true since he saw Dave with bandages on the head and wrist that morning. 'So, how do I reach him?'

'Let me check for his phone number,' Daniel said and hurriedly searched his pocket for his phone. He took it out and dialed Dave's number. 'It's switched off,' he said looking at the man's face but dialed the number again and put the call on loud speakers for the Inspector to hear the response.

'How about his house? Do you have his address with you?'

'Ermm...' he closed his eyes and moved his head from side to side trying to remember something. 'Allow me for another minute, I think I saved the text somewhere on my phone.' he began to press his phone again. 'David James is a regular customer of this store, he reads and buys books a lot.'

It took him about two minutes to get the address he was searching for. He passed the phone to the Inspector to have a look.

'This is the same address he left at the NSCC,' Dakolo said after looking at the address severally within forty seconds. He returned the phone to the owner. 'So you don't have any other information we can use to find him?'

'Any other information like?'

'His family's address, their home or maybe any of his siblings you know.'

'I don't know any of his family members or any of his other friends. He's just a regular buyer here who became my friend because we share the same philosophies, I don't know so much about him.'

'You don't know much about him but you signed to be his guarantor?'

'Well, I just thought I should help him since he was badly in need of a job.' Daniel answered with a stupid shrug.

Dakolo stared at his face for a while, feeling irritated at the stupidity of Daniel as displayed in his last statement. 'You signed for someone who might just be a hardened criminal and he's nowhere to be found now, you will have a lot of questions to answer if we don't find him.' Dakolo said and stamped his fists on the table, attracting the attention of some of the people in the store. 'And don't think of playing any stunts, we've got our eyes fully on you henceforth. The best thing you can do to yourself is to inform me immediately you have any information about him,' he said and dropped a sheet of paper on the desk. 'Call me when you do have something to say.' With that, Dakolo turned and walked out of the store. Several people's eyes followed him as he exited the place.

Daniel picked the paper containing the Inspector's number and stared at it briefly. After that he picked his phone again and unlocked it. He scrolled down the menu and clicked on an unnamed application. It opened and displayed two icons on the dashboard, one for phone calls and the other for text messaging. He clicked on the text messaging option and began to search for the number he wanted to send it to. He selected the contact 'David James' but quickly unmarked it again. He scrolled up and marked the contact stored as 'Agent DJ'. Then he began to type in his message into the box.

With the unnamed application he was using to send the message, the network providers would not have a record of the text message neither would their system have any idea of the transaction.


'It's been a while you took me out and paid for my meal like this,' Esther commented as she munched the food substance in her mouth. 'It's only when you need help you behave like a good boy.'

'Must I be the one to take you out and pay for the meals? Can't you take me out and foot the bills?' Fabian gave a reply sooner than she expected and it got her surprised. It seemed like he knew that the question was coming and had already prepared an answer for her.

'I thought you were the man,' she said, giving him a side look. She dropped back into the plate the fork she was about to take into her mouth.

'Which law says it's the man that must foot the bills?' Fabian said and continued eating without looking at her face. 'You're so used to men buying the stuffs for you. Sometimes, I feel envious of you. You get to go to several places free of charge with the men you investigate and they buy a lot of things for you but I do the buying except if it's a very rich sugar mummy and not a young girl. The crazy thing is that most times we are underfunded by the agency and we put in our own monies to get the job done.'

'And I put in my own body to get the job done,' she snapped. 'Do you think I like touching those men, especially the obese ones?'

'Oh!' Fabian dropped his fork and stared at her face. 'You think I enjoy sleeping with the women because I am a man?' he asked with a narrow look. 'And you don't even sleep with the men except in very extreme cases which comes rarely. Men can easily get deceived and carried away by just giving them a simple massage, lap dance or...' he ran out of words, wriggling his fingers. 'You know the rest of the things you do to them. But the women do not get carried away by those things easily, you have to really go down on her first...'

'And how many times have you had to do that?' she cut in. 'How often do you get to have those kind of jobs? I bet you can't mention more than one right now,' she said and looked straight into his eyes, waiting for him to prove her wrong.

He wriggled and scratched his head on the hot seat he put himself. He was still trying to come up with an answer for her when his phone beeped. He quickly took it out and unlocked it.

'Holy shi*t!' he exclaimed after taking close to a minute to check the notification.

'What's it?' Esther asked.

'I just got a message from Daniel, he said Agent Dakolo is on a search for me.' Fabian replied, looking up at her face.

Esther raised her brows and shook her head slightly, wanting more explanation as to why the Agent was searching for him.

'He saw me that day before yesterday with the bandage on my head and he also knows I work at the NSCC,' he explained to her.

Esther's shoulders dropped. 'So what are you going to do now?'

'I don't really know,' Fabian said and placed two fingers on his lips. He stared blankly for a short while. 'I think I would have to leave you to help me monitor the EasyShoppers, just for a short while, I have to see the Agent. But do remember that you need to clean off the disguise and switch to your look as Lizzy, just keep the name Esther.' he began to tidy up his things on the table.

'I do remember all that but are you really sure of what to do right now?'

'I think I am. I just have to do something before the Agent spreads the word too quick.' he answered, getting up from his chair.

'Alright, but do make sure you don't get into more troubles.'

'I won't. Thanks for helping out.' he said as he dipped his smaller phone into his pocket and dropped a bigger one on the table. 'I'm leaving the car with you,' he said, showing her the car key on the table. 'Please send me a message if anything comes up and you need to act.'

'Okay, I'll do that. I just hope the office does not call me up for an assignment.'
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:12pm On Aug 15, 2017
'Tara, Rex is back again.' Henry came into the living room saying to her.

She took her eyes off the late Senate President's book which she was still reading for a minute to look at Henry. She fixed her gaze back to the book before speaking. 'What did you see him try to do?' she asked as she folded her the page she was reading and dropped the book. On a second thought, she picked up the book again and rolled her wheelchair closer to the bag of books and dropped it in. She had continued reading the book for up to one hour and had found nothing else about her parents or her family. All that was left were boring details of the other deals the then young politicians involved themselves in.

'He was just searching around the house, I saw him throwing some tiny particles around.' Henry replied her question.

'In what direction was he throwing them?' she asked another question and began to wheel herself towards him, putting in so much effort to do it with speed. He quickly walked to her and held the wheelchair by the back, leading her into the corridor away from the living room.

'I don't really know what directions he did...' Henry mentioned his words slowly, still thinking as he said them. 'But I think he was throwing them towards the origin of the laser scopes security at the different points.'

'That's means he was checking if the lasers are still on,' she said as he wheeled her on. 'I believe he will discover now that we have left the facility.'

They continued on another corridor until they got to the control room. Henry wheeled her to the front of the main control system. It was on and was showing a video of a section in the structure at the other end. Henry held the mouse and closed the player, an option of views of the different parts of the house covered by the cameras displayed like a DVD selection page. He zoomed the selection page for a clearer view and began to scroll down, searching for which part Rex was now. He located it not too long after and selected it. Rex was at the same corridor from which the lasers had sent him running back the night before and was treading carefully, looking back and forth everytime.

He stopped at the entrance of a door and took out his phone, he was seen dialing a number. The call was answered and he spoke to the person at the other end for only thirty seconds before he put the phone back into his pocket. He then turned back suddenly and his eyes searched round the walls until he located the camera focus on him. He pointed his gun at it and sent a bullet straight to it.

Henry was alarmed as their screen went blank. He looked at Tara with a trembling eyes, 'He knows we are watching him just like the other day,' he said.

'Yes, he knows but he also knows that we are not in that facility anymore.' she replied him.

'What if he discovers the underground?'

'He cannot,' she stated emphatically. 'The only way he would is if someone tells him about it.'

'Hmm...' Henry hummed, not too sure whether to believe her or not. The cursor showed on the blank screen as his hand touched the mouse.

'We actually don't have a business with that other facility anymore, there's no way he can connect this place to that except he gains access into the Ministry of Housing documents but he wouldn't even think of it having an underground which connects somewhere else.'

The phone on her lap began to ring as she was still talking. She answered the call and adjusted her wheelchair backwards before speaking. 'Hi Chief Gab.'

'Good afternoon Tarasha, I have gotten another house for you to use now.'


NSCC Headquarters

Dave ignored the prying eyes of the other NSCC officials as he walked through the offices. He greeted back those who cared to greet him first and just ignored those that were looking at him like they had seen a ghost.

'Mr Dave!' someone shouted from behind.

Dave turned back and his eyes met with Dapo's. 'Good afternoon sir,' he said with an indifferent look.

'Where have you been?' Dapo asked with eyes wide open in surprise.

'It's a long story,' Dave said and took in a breath. 'Is the chairman on seat?'

'Yes, he should be.' Dapo got to the same place with him and they began to walk on together. 'Inspector Dakolo from the Police Headquarters was here for you this morning.'

'Inspector Dakolo?' Dave feigned a surprised tone.


'Is that not the man previously in charge of Samantha Osman's case?'

'Yes, you're right.'

'What does he want from me?'

'I don't know for sure but I think it is connected to your disappearance for so long.'

Dave as sighed and shook his head and they walked on in silence until they got to the point for Dapo to turn to his office.

'Alright man, goodluck with the chairman.' Dapo said as he walked away.

'Good afternoon,' Dave stopped at Mr Sylvester's secretary's desk.

'Good evening Mr David!' she was also surprised to see him. Dave smiled at the expression on her face. 'You want to see Mr Sylvester?'

'Yes, is he in?'

'You may go in, or isn't he expecting you?'

'No, he's not.'

'Okay, wait a second. I'll inform him right away.'

She picked up the landline receiver on her table and connected to Mr Sylvester. 'Mr David James is here to see you sir,' she said and a smile appeared on her face as she got a reply. 'Yes, the same Mr David James.'

'You may go in now, ' she said to him and he bowed slightly before proceeding.

Dave opened the door slightly and walked in slowly, poking his head in first before his legs and other part followed. He closed the door and stood behind it for a second, his gaze meeting Mr Sylvester's eyes which was fixed on him. The man was carrying a very stern gaze on his face and Dave could read his demand for a reasonable explanation even without the man saying anything yet.

'Good afternoon sir,' Dave greeted and began to proceed forward slowly.

'Good afternoon,' Mr Sylvester replied in a muffled tone.

'I was attacked at my house by armed men and I got badly injured,' David began his explanation immediately. 'I've been at the hospital for days now.'

Mr Sylvester shook his head in disbelief, he narrowed his look at Dave wondering why the young man had decided to lie to him and even choose a stupid lie. He rested his back and folded his arms with his eyes still on Dave's face. 'So you got attacked by armed robbers and was badly injured but none of your neighbours knew about the attack or even your whereabouts.'

Dave knew the man didn't believe his words but wasn't bothered if he did or not, all he wanted was to have a story to say. 'I didn't say armed robbers sir, armed men.' He corrected.

'Armed men? What are you talking about?' Mr Sylvester looked away for a second and picked his phone.

'They were not robbers and did not take anything from me. They only came that night and forced me with their guns to follow them without making any noise. I got dropped on the road after being thoroughly beaten.'

'Sorry to say Dave, this your story sounds somehow ridiculous, more like it was made up.' Mr Sylvester adjusted himself on the seat, placing his elbow on the left armrest while he typed on his phone with the fingers on the other hand.

'Sir, I know it does...'

'Please, have your seat Dave.' the man interrupted.

'Thank you sir,' Dave said and took his seat. 'Sir, I know it might sound ridiculous but it's the truth. Those guys met me that night and asked that I leave the house with them, pointing their guns at me.'

'And did they tell you what they wanted?'

'Hmm... No,' Dave looked straight into Mr Sylvester's eyes. The man had stopped typing on his phone and Dave knew that the man must have sent a text message to someone which was most likely Agent Dakolo.

Both men's gazes remained on each other's faces for a long moment as both thought to themself in silence.



'Cole,' Tarasha's voice sounded through the phone's speaker as he answered.

'Boss,' Cole replied.

'I've called the EasyShoppers administrators and I've asked that they deliver the goods to you at the parking space at Leads way.'

'Alright boss, I'll be going there immediately.'

Read more episodes on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:13pm On Aug 15, 2017
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