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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 10:35am On Apr 12, 2017
I'll update this story by the weekend hopefully. Already on it, but I'm handicapped

Thanks to you guys who are still patiently reading, I know the updates are painfully slow, but typing with a phone is frustrating. I can only post when I have access to a laptop and it doesn't happen a lot while I'm in school

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by MrMicholo(m): 5:41am On Apr 13, 2017
Bleep Caleb
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by TheSuperNerd(m): 1:42pm On Apr 13, 2017
smiley smiley smiley

We will be right here waiting... wink

Cc: Makydebbie

I'll update this story by the weekend hopefully. Already on it, but I'm handicapped

Thanks to you guys who are still patiently reading, I know the updates are painfully slow, but typing with a phone is frustrating. I can only post when I have access to a laptop and it doesn't happen a lot while I'm in school

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by horlah1(f): 3:26pm On Apr 13, 2017
Wow... Interesting Waiting patiently for updates miss Safarigirl
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by refiner(f): 4:44pm On Apr 13, 2017
Safarigirl...plssss embarassed
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by humeeh(f): 6:53pm On Apr 13, 2017
ion even know watta say this is super interesting waiting for more safarigal thumbs up
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Sirakj(m): 11:12pm On Apr 13, 2017
Thumbs up to you. Nice story. I must confess. Really enjoying it.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 2:59am On Apr 16, 2017
Happy Easter people

Caleb sat quietly in a chair he was starting to be fond of as he watched Cassandra go through a nightly ritual he hadn't had the pleasure of witnessing since he brought her to his home

Normally, it was Fey who was present while she prepared for bed, but this night, much to his excitement, the omega had knocked at his door just as hr finished having his bath to tell him his mate requested his presence.

Of course, the news elated him. He had assumed she would be more interested in talking to her cousins snd catching up with familiar faces, he hadn't been pleased with that thought that his mate would prefer the company of others over his, but it was a reality he faced daily.

He watched her fluff all six pillows on her large bed for the fourth time, his eyes twinkling in amusement, she was done at least ten minutes ago which was when he got here. He had met her packing up her dreads, they shared a brief look of acknowledgment before he went to his usual seat. Neither had spoken a word since then, he had a lot to say especially concerning her wolf, but he figured he should let her strike conversation.

She looked down at the well-arranged bed as if assessing her work, when she bent to tug on the duvet again, he couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his lips.

She sent a sharp look his way and he burst into laughter, the look on her face was comical at best. She only allowed him enjoy his laughter alone for a brief time before she joined him.

The sound initially filled Caleb with surprise having never gotten a smile from her even less laughter, he stopped his laughter to listen to hers. It was an airy sound, almost musical to his ears, her facial features danced to the rhythm her wind pipes played, creating a beautiful collage. It pleased his ears greatly and he found hinsekf smiling at the sound
Cassandra noticed that he had stopped laughing and was now smiling at her, she seized her laughter slowly until the room was once again silent. A light cough escaped her throat as she found herself avoiding his gaze not for the first time today. Everytime he stared at her with such interest, memories of his hands on her body and a toe-curling kiss flooded her mind and caused a warmth in her stomach.
She had been avoiding him for so long, but now more than ever she needed him to explain her precarious situation to her if she was going to have something for her cousins the next morning like she promised

She moved around the bed to seat at the other edge, where she could see him better. It struck her how handsome he was, not for the first time, she thought how ethereal his looks were. The colour of his hair still puzzled her along with many other things in this house

"Thanks....for bringing my familly here. I can imagine how expensive it must have been for you and difficult" she spoke sincerely. It was a pleasant surprise, she would admit that. She went from feeling alone and musunderstood to elated and loved, she would never have thought him capable of going this length to please her....then again, what did she know of him?

"Nothing is too expensive or difficult where your happiness is concerned. I did what was necessary, do not thank me"

"Why?" She blurted out


"Yes, why? Why are you doing all this? Why am I here? And why do you feel the need to be nice to me and say these things?"

"Say what things?"

"These.... You know! The things you say, like you owe me a duty of some kind. I know we have never met before, I mean, I live in Michigan and you're...here. So, why do you do these things and say weird stuff? I...I want to know everything, and there is this voice in my head, it....Fey says you'll explain the voice." She let out a long sigh of exhaustion and dropped her gaze to her hands briefly, "My cousins asked me a lot of questions today and i need answers" she finished. She had felt awkward earlier in the day when Kennedy kept tossing questions t o her on how she got to this compound and she couldn’t come up with one answer that made sense even to her, in the end she had feigned exhaustion and told them she would have all the answers they needed by tomorrow. She didn’t miss Kennedy’s suspicious look even as she let her go for her rest. She could deal with Kylie, but Kennedy was impossible to fool.

He nodded at her, “I understand that.” He wasn’t sure in what order he was to tell her anything, but Caleb knew he wouldn’t leave her room tonight without letting her know what she was, he had been waiting for the right time to do this, he wouldn’t call this situation ideal, but he supposed anything would do at this point. The whole incident with her wolf earlier in the day was even more reason why he had to make her understand the need to acknowledge her other side, “Well…I found you in a forest some metres away from this compound almost two months ago and I brought you home, you were injured and in need of care. I don’t know how you got to the forest though, but…do you know anything about werewolves?”

Cassie shifted uneasily under his gaze as her mind wondered about the question. Werewolves? She didn’t know much of them outside a couple of tv shows none of which she paid any particular attention to. She knew the basics of course; the full moon turnings, the superhuman strength and healing abilities and the mating thing, but what did that have to do with their discussion?, “I…think so.” She finished

“Do you believe they exist?”

This time, she didn’t reply him immediately, rather she cocked her brows in question at him, “I…maybe.” No, no, she did not believe in their existence, but she was getting the feeling he was going somewhere with this and wherever he was going would need her to believe in the existence of these werewolves

Caleb wasn’t sure if there was an easy way to break this to her, all h knew was that he had to tell her what she was and he had to tell it to her now, so better to get it over with before the end of the night, “The voice in your head, it’s you.” He began, she didn’t say a word to that, but the look on her face was one of confusion. Not disbelief, confusion. That was all the encouragement he needed to continue, “It’s not you in the human form though, there’s…you’re a werewolf.” He finished.

The silence in the room after those words was deafening and highly uncomfortable, at least for Caleb. He swore she was quiet for at least three minutes before she began to laugh. She began with small giggles, before exploding into full blown laughter, unlike the first time though, he didn’t quite enjoy this laughter. There was no mirth in the sound, it was a laughter filled with disbelief, like she thought he was joking with her

She mellowed down a little to get out her next words, “I’m a werewolf? Since when? Has it been like inside me since I was a child? Cuz I’m pretty sure my mum would have mentioned something to me if she got busy with some wolf guy at any point before my conception.”

Caleb’s expression was unchanged, he kept a straight face, so she didn’t assume he was actually telling a joke, but inside him, he was racking his brain for some way to make her believe him, her state of disbelief just wouldn’t do, she had to acknowledge her other side before it wrestled her mind away from her, “No, you weren’t born were. You were changed.” He replied


“That isn’t something I should tell you right now, but how else do you think you would have come all the way from Michigan to Connecticut with no memory of your travels? I doubt you have any super powers that could make you teleport yourself.” He insisted.

“Maybe I was kidnapped, maybe it’s some sort of trafficking that got me here, how am I sure you weren’t in cahoots with them? I’ve been here for two months and nobody has said a thing to me and now you come here wit this story about...”

“When I saw you, it wasn’t as a human Cassandra.”

She stared at him like he had just said an impossible thing….perhaps in her ears it seemed impossible but he couldn’t help the situation she found herself…the situation they found each other. For the first time in a while, Caleb once again found himself wishing they had found each other some other way, he wished their meeting was similar to how Rinaldi had met Kennedy or Roy met Kylie. He didn’t want to have to be in such a knotty situation, he didn’t want to be the one to explain this complication, but he was saddled with the task and there was no avoiding it now.

“You were….you were in your wolf form, and you attacked me and I…I defended myself, I didn’t…I couldn’t sense you and there was no scent. All wolves have a scent, but you had none. So, we fought, I shoved you at some point, you hit a tree and got knocked out, then you changed and i…” he paused in his explanation before he could make the error of telling her who she was to him. he would have to tell her that also before the end of the night, but he wanted her to digest that information first. He had to take her through this in stages, first, she would have to come to terms with the fact that she was a were, and then he could break the news to her that she was his mate, “…that voice that you hear is your wolf, and earlier today, she came out because you wouldn’t acknowledge her. You need to do that first.”

He wasn’t lying to her. He wasn’t telling a joke either. Cassandra continued to stare at Caleb as if in a a trance, but her mind was doing all the calculations. She had noticed the changes when she first came to, and then the first few days after, but she thought nothing of it. her eye sight was much better than she remembered it, hell, she had been saving for a pair of glasses when she was in Michigan, her movements were sharper, her hearing too, but what was most significant, was her sense of smell. She could smell Fey from a distance and even Caleb. She had only given it a thought briefly, but now, it was making sense….it wasn’t supposed to make sense. None of this was supposed to make sense.

But the voice…

Her eyes shot up at him when a thought came to her. The voice. The scent. The voice was always louder and more insistent whenever he came by, only his visits caused her grief and restlessness, “My…I…the wolf, it’s loudest when you…” how did someone ask these questions? What if she was wrong and this wolf was just playing with her mind?

“When I…?” he asked. He seemed eager to hear her full sentence, but Cassandra was far from eager to speak the words

She raised her head to look up at him, willing the words to come out. As soon as she thought of it, she heard that voice once again, egging her on. It didn’t sound as annoying as it usually did, but it was distracting.

[i]Tell him what you’re thinking. Tell him[\i]

“Cassandra.” He called to her softly. He stood and approached her cautiously.

“Wait.” Her hand shot out as if she had some kinetic power with which to control his movement. She didn’t need it though, as he obeyed her, stilling himself, “If I’m a werewolf, I assume you’re one too?”


“So, all of this…are you my…does that mean we’re…”

“Mates?” he finished

She didn’t bother letting him know if his guess was right or not, but the look in her eyes told him that was what she wanted to ask.

“Yes. You are my mate Cassandra, that’s why the voice…your wolf is so restless when I’m around.” He stated. Caleb hadn’t felt this much relief in months, it felt good to just let that out and say it to her hearing, but still he remained tense. It was one thing to tell her they were mates, but even more, she had to accept him as such. His mere declaration of their relationship was not enough to seal anything, if she failed to acknowledge him, then it was all for naught. He hated to even think of the possibility of a rejection, surely she couldn’t reject him.

She nodded, realization dawning on her, “So, that day, when you…when you touched me and I…it was the mate thing? It wasn’t me being a cheap skank?”

He laughed at her choice of terms, it was almost cute the way she spoke the words even though she meant it to be anything but, “No, that wasn’t you being a cheap skank Cassandra, it was the mating pull.”

She peered up at him in curiosity, “So, does it happen to you too? I mean…”

“I know what you mean, and yes, it happens to me. That’s why I stopped visiting at some point.” He replied. Caleb was grateful she hadn’t gone berserk on him since finding out she was indeed a were. Curiosity was always a positive thing, it meant she was interested. His wolf was grinning from ear to ear thinking of the many ways he would get to train his mate after tonight.

So he was her mate. At least she could now explain her scandalous behaviour from that day, it had been the biggest question in her head and had caused her lots of long nights filled with constant thinking, she felt so relieved to find out she hadn’t hit her head some place and turned into some slutty female, “How do I stop the voice?”

“You don’t. It’s a part of you now, you just need to find a way to harmonize.”

“Can you…can you teach me?” she asked softly

“It would be my pleasure.” The rogue who turned her may have taken away some of his gifts, but Caleb still had this, as fun as it was to be the one to turn one’s mate, there was even more fun in teaching her how to communicate with her wolf. There was just a tiny part of him reminding him that she hadn’t quite accepted him as her mate yet, but by the time he was through teaching her the rudiments of being a werewolf and all it entailed, Caleb was sure he would have earned his place as her mate and she would accept him. There was no need to rush her, he had her family here to make sure she felt at home. She wasn’t going to be running off anytime soon

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Nmaglit: 7:41am On Apr 16, 2017
nice 1 dear Happy Easter
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by JeffreyJames(m): 11:20am On Apr 16, 2017
Yay!!! Finally ......She acted cool tho lol..Nice one Safarigirl
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Cyberrex(m): 11:57am On Apr 16, 2017
Tiri gbosaa for the babe, Happy Easter! !!
I know writing and posting at the same time can be overwhelming but please try to drop more, I am addicted to yr imagination
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 12:03pm On Apr 16, 2017
Awnnn,I'm loving this
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Slendercutie(f): 5:20pm On Apr 16, 2017
left me breathless. nice
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by horlah1(f): 11:00pm On Apr 16, 2017
Wow... This is getting more interesting.. Wehdon safarigirl
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by yusufibrahim(m): 8:20am On Apr 17, 2017
This is a great update I enjoy every bit of it more grace to u safarigirl...
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Tinaflux(f): 2:11pm On Apr 17, 2017
i have been a ghost reader since you start this story but I can't help but commenting your efforts, its cool. ur imagination swthrt is *dope

keep the fire burning miss safarigirl, more ink to your pen.

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by DzTzl(f): 9:05pm On Apr 21, 2017
please share your blog address so i can continue reading. Thumbs up dear! i was glued to my phone all through
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by ChizzyMaris(f): 6:26pm On May 10, 2017
Wow this is awesome. Hadampson come and see, and come along with my boyfriend, Solomonbrown64.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by makydebbie(f): 12:17pm On May 24, 2017
Safarigirl, what's up? This beautiful story can't be left incomplete.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Jsaviour(f): 3:34pm On May 24, 2017
Nice story. She updates at her own time so we might need to wait till next year for another update. We will wait sha.
She is a good with her writing skills. I follow most of her stories 'the proposition', the boss interest etc. Very nice stories I must confess.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by crislyn(f): 5:04pm On May 24, 2017
Nice story. She updates at her own time so we might need to wait till next year for another update. We will wait sha.
Lol. Next year kwa..o. I don't even like to complain, after all what can I write.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 2:34am On May 25, 2017
Safarigirl, what's up? This beautiful story can't be left incomplete.
my dear, school and work have kept me away from this story o.

I've asked for a break this week sha, hopefully, I'll update this and others I've been slacking on. My apologies
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by makydebbie(f): 7:15am On May 25, 2017
my dear, school and work have kept me away from this story o.

I've asked for a break this week sha, hopefully, I'll update this and others I've been slacking on. My apologies
Okay dear, I'm really looking forward to it. Hope school isn't stressing you so much? No pressure, you can take your time.

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by adebayo201: 10:54am On May 25, 2017
na wa oh
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by udison(m): 2:28pm On May 25, 2017
LOVELY...enjoying this alot...any safarigal pls mention me wen u update...need 2 be here
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 9:37am On May 28, 2017
LOVELY...enjoying this alot...any safarigal pls mention me wen u update...need 2 be here
Cc makydebbie



How did it not hurt?

Kennedy’s fingers danced along the tiny bruise on the right side of her neck, feeling for any pain, but she felt nothing. If she couldn’t see the bruise through the mirror, she would think it didn’t exist. It tingled when she touched it, but it was nothing like a bruise should feel, this tingle was….different.

She dabbed at the ointment on the counter and coated the bruised area with it, hopefully it would fade by the morning. She had felt so awkward earlier in the day when Cassandra asked about the ‘big hickey’ on her neck, her hand immediately shot up to the area as if to hide it. Thankfully, Kylie’s mind had been far too occupied by heaven knows what to have joined in the conversation. It was one of the few times she was glad Kylie wasn’t paying attention.

Speaking of whom, she would have to go see Kylie this night, her sister had been unusually absentminded since they got here, and she seemed particularly shaken after her visit to the lavatory. She had refrained from probing her for any information, choosing to speak to her when they were alone. She didn’t like to reprimand her sister in the presence of strangers and they were surrounded by them at the table. Something told her the blond giant was responsible for her sister’s unusual state of mind, it was also quite suspicious that the man had left the table five minutes after Kylie and hadn’t returned even after she did.

The sooner she got herself and her sisters out of this strange place the better for all of their senses. Even she was starting to question hers and that simply wouldn’t do. She packed up her hair into a ponytail and walked out of the luxury bathroom into a luxury bedroom. Everything in this house oozed affluence, how did these people make their money? She was yet to find one older person walking around who she could at least say was a parent to one of the three men. They looked too young to have hit it this big, except of course they were a bunch of trust fund babies. Caleb and Rinaldi fit the bill in that aspect, Roy on the other hand didn’t come off as a preppy kid. He reminded her of one of those people who simply refused to conform to society’s whims, he was a raw one. Even more reason why she didn’t want him anywhere around Kylie, he was much too rugged for Kylie.

She went to the wardrobe and opened it to retrieve her small bag of clothes that she had packed when Rinaldi insisted they leave with him. She had just thrown anything she could lay her hands on into her bag. So, as expected, she didn’t have much for clothing, but they were going to be out of here in two days tops, so that wouldn’t matter.

She took out a pair of shorts and a tank top; her preferred night wear and pulled them on. she closed up the wardrobe and jumped at the sight of Rinaldi sitting on a couch across from her, “Jesus! Get out!” she screamed at him.

“You need to stop dressing like that around here, I wouldn’t want any hungry dogs drooling over you.” He spoke as he gave her a once over.

“I’m in my bedroom you crazy animal.” She stated matter-of-factly. He just sat there like he owned the place- which he technically did, still, his mere presence unsettled her in ways she would rather not confront, did this man not understand the concept of boundaries? Even in a room she ought to have privacy, he still found some way to insert himself.

“And I’m in here, who’s to say what other ‘crazy animal’ could get in?”

Kennedy was just about done playing nice with this man, he was a disrespectful, aggravating idiot and she couldn’t understand how anyone could stand him. she marched up to him, her body trembling in barely held in anger and shot daggers straight at him while he looked on with an aloof expression, “I won’t be spending more than two nights here, I would appreciate it if you didn’t push me to murder for the very short time I’ll be here. Now, please, get your ass off that chair and leave my bedroom the same way you got in.”

Much to her surprise, he rose out of the chair. She had to step back at the imposing sight he made, hovering over her shorter frame. He was clad in nothing more than a pair of pajama bottoms, leaving his ripped torso to be thoroughly admired by her treacherous eyes. So, not only did he have no regard for privacy, he was also averse to decency- typical, whatever happened to a shirt these days. She tore her gaze away from his body and stepped to the side so that he could walk past her, thinking to herself how lucky she was that he wouldn’t drag this longer than it needed to be dragged. A small part of her didn’t want him to leave, it was that same annoying part that had been the catalyst for every irrational thought and action she had taken today, including that stupid kiss. It was a part she wished would just stay muted down, but kept rearing its disgusting head.

He walked a couple of inches away, only to stop just when she was all set to let out her sigh of relief. What the hell was going on now? He turned around and cocked his head at her, “I’m sorry, for a second there I totally forgot that you’re the guest here, which means, you don’t get to tell me where I can and cannot be.”

Kennedy watched him incredulously as he swaggered his way back to where she was standing, “I want to stay a little longer.”

“And I want to sleep.” She retorted.

“So do I, but I can’t seem to do that alone.”

What the hell did that even mean? And why was his insomnia any of her business?, “You can’t sleep alone, what are you? Five? You need mama to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story? Maybe I should get a glass of milk for you and leave the lights on just in case you get scared of the dark.” She teased

He suddenly reached for her and pulled her into his hard body, eliciting a gasp from her throat, he leaned to her ear and whispered, “Or maybe I just need you in my bed.” Her eyes widened at his insinuation, even as her body hummed in anticipation for the sinful pleasure such an offer presented. The mere fact that those words turned her on so deeply caused her to send her hand flying toward his cheek, this time though, he was quick enough to stop a second attack, his hand catching her wrist just before her palm reached that gorgeous face, “Surely, you didn’t think you’d get lucky twice in one day. I thought we already addressed your penchant for hitting me.” He said as he forced her hand behind her back, his eyes suddenly caught something on her neck and she tensed up as his hand reached to it. poo!, his hand clasped her neck just as his thumb brushed against the bite marks on it, she sucked in her breath as the tingle intensified and spread across her body ending with a delicious throb at the apex of her thighs, Kennedy bit her bottom lip to force back a moan. It hadn’t felt like that when she touched it.

“I may have to apologise for this, I was a little carried away. does it hurt?” he asked as he rubbed at the mark

“No.” her simple reply came out in a longing sigh, even as she hadn’t meant to sound like that.

He lifted his gaze from the mark to stare at her face, “So, how does it feel?” he asked, now drawing lazy circles against that area of her neck.

It felt like some sort of charge for her entire body, the more he touched it, the more heat flooded her body, causing her to moisten. What sort of black magic was this? Why did this not feel like the blatant molestation it obviously was? Kennedy reached for his hand to take it off her neck, the more he touched her, the more her body lusted for him. she needed her mind to take control of this exchange, “Rinaldi, sto….”

The words were never uttered as his lips blocked her protest. Kennedy found herself leaning into his kiss, it felt like he had upped his game from the last time they had kissed. It felt deeper and much more passionate than whatever she could understand. The man was an idiot, but he was an idiot who could kiss. Every stroke of his tongue enflamed her further as her mind succumbed to a higher calling. A strong need to satisfy him overrode her senses, urging her on as her hands slid into his hair to pull him further into the kiss. His hand grabbed her rump possessively and molded her into him so that she could feel that hard bulge she had felt earlier on. it was just as impressive as it had been hours ago.

Kennedy knew she was going to question her actions once again when this was over. It was a question that would repeat itself in her head until she came to a logical answer. What the hell had her acting like a bi-tch in heat?

The image of a black wolf suddenly flashed in her mind, what the hell? The image flashed again, this time, she had a clear view of its amber eyes and toothy grin.

She suddenly pushed Rinaldi away from her, he looked as confused as she looked terrified, but she cared little for his confusion as she took steps away from this man-beast, “Leave please, I need to rest.” She stated, forcing her breath to return to normalcy even as she couldn’t replicate that for her heart beat.

He didn’t seem too pleased by her request, “Kennedy….”

“Just go Rinaldi.” Her mind was messing with her, it was one thing to witness wolves going at it with each other in front of her home, another to suspect that every single person that had made an entrance into their lives today was a wolf, but seeing a wolf in her mind’s eye was a little too much for her to handle. She didn’t need to lose her mind in one day.

He watched her for a few seconds before letting out a sigh of resignation and walking out a bit too slowly for her comfort. She almost though he would change his mind again, but breathed a sigh of relief when he closed the door behind him.

Kennedy shoved her hands into her hair as she made her way to her bed. Werewolves, could that possibly be the reason she was acting this way? Or had he really put a spell on her? she would have to talk with Cassandra tomorrow morning ,and this time ,she would make sure her cousin told her everything about this strange house. There was no way she had been here for over a month and had no information on her housemates.

These people were dangerous and if they didn’t haul their asses out of here in record time, they would end up being their meals.

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by EvaJael(f): 10:17am On May 28, 2017
I started reading this story as a guest. I'm glad I can finally commend Safarigirl. Your story is marvellous,there's another one I read here but I can't recall the name. It was hot all the way. Thumbs up

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by makydebbie(f): 3:25pm On May 28, 2017
Safarigirl this is beautiful! Thanks for taking out time to update. I know it's no easy job.

Thumbs up dear! smiley


Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by ChizzyMaris(f): 5:45pm On May 28, 2017
Wow... Thank you safarigirl
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Nemesis007: 1:33am On May 29, 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this update.. thanks ma smiley

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 11:02am On May 29, 2017
Safarigirl is back and I don't know? Nice story

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