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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by PoliticalThuG(m): 4:10pm On May 29, 2017
Safarigirl is back and I don't know? Nice story
trashy stories everywhere
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by makydebbie(f): 4:13pm On May 29, 2017
trashy stories everywhere
Go back to romance section where you meet your likes.

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by missuniverse(f): 10:50pm On May 29, 2017
the man was an idiot, but he was an idiot who could kiss.

tnx for the update safari


Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 9:26am On May 30, 2017
trashy stories everywhere
Why are you this st.upid?
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by davidica(m): 12:35am On Jun 05, 2017
Safari long time na, so you finally dropped another bomb, nice work i must say
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Smooth278(m): 8:27am On Jun 05, 2017
Nice work... The writing style and quality is really high I must confess... Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work ...

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 12:18pm On Jul 12, 2017
Safarigirl, where art thou?
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Jsaviour(f): 2:01pm On Jul 12, 2017
Don't look for her, she will come by December.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Jecdope: 7:46pm On Aug 09, 2017
Don't look for her, she will come by December.
Hum abeg o safarigirl o help o. Roy said, dont worry she would come have faith. Kylie said

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Afz9095(m): 9:45pm On Sep 13, 2017
Safarigirl, where art thou?
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 2:33pm On Oct 10, 2017

How did someone tell their cousins that they weren’t fully human?

Cassandra wondered on this as she walked through the garden the morning after. She had barely been able to sleep the entire night, thinking of how she came to be this…whatever she was, while Caleb had given her some idea as to what she was, she still hadn’t fully grasped the changes in her. if there was some other creature inside her, how come she could barely hear it most of the time? And why did it always seem so mad at her whenever she did hear it? How did she link up with it? how was it even possible that there really was a wolf inside her?

Caleb had promised to take her through everything, slowly, of course, the next time. He had promised her a lot of things when they spoke last night. She had been grateful for the time they spent together, he really did help her understand some of the strange things she had been experiencing since she got here, she noticed how shifty he got when she asked questions regarding how she came to be this creature. She might not have remembered much the last seven months or so, but she knew well and good that she wasn't born a Were and she certainly hadn't caught a disease or something that turned her into one while she was growing up. This was a recent occurrence, Caleb said he would learn of how she came to be a Were with time, she had wanted so much to ask him to elaborate, but by the look on his face, she could tell he wasn’t keen on talking about it either, so she let it go.

He told her he was only giving her enough to explain to Kennedy and Kylie and he would teach her more as time progressed, but till this morning, she still was highly unsure if she had enough information. She had spent the night thinking of how her cousins would react if she even brought up the fact that she was a Werewolf, Kennedy would probably be concerned and would attribute her claim to some psychological trauma she must have experienced in the house, Kylie would ask a bunch of questions and would probably be a little too excited. Her cousins were like fire and ice, there was no middle ground with either of them, while Kennedy was rigid and conventional, Kylie was a little more open-minded and free.

She didn't even know how to turn, she had thought of just turning into a Were in their presence, rather than go through the task of having to explain what she was in words. Wouldn't it be better if she just showed them? Only, she hadn't caught the grasp of how to change, that was another thing she would have to learn from Caleb, however, she had to first break the news to her cousins before her training began.

She leaned down to a yellow rose and inhaled it, closing her eyes as the beautiful scent wafted into her nose. This was her first time out of the house since she got here and boy was she enjoying her walk through the garden. It was a beautiful place, she had never thought she would be walking through a garden so beautiful and absolutely magnificent, it reminded her of the gardens in the horticulture magazines and landscaping magazines which she sometimes read in the library. She had always loved flowers growing up, and while their garden at home was modest in its own way, it was certainly nothing compared to this maze of flowers and shrubs she was surrounded by. If she had the power, she would spend every day in this place until she overdosed on the scent of every flower in this garden.

She rose to her full height with the intention to keep walking when she sensed another presence close-by, it was just a little after 7:00 am and only Caleb was aware of the fact that she was in the garden, he had assured her she wouldn't be disturbed for at least an hour after she requested that she be allowed time in the garden to think about her predicament. She hadn't thought for one second that she would be accosted by some other person who lived on these lands, Dinah had told her there were many weres on the land.

“If it isn’t the chosen one, didn’t think I’d be seeing you roaming around so early.” She turned around to find a stunning woman with hair the color of wheat and eyes that reminded her of the grass beneath her feet. The woman was tall, maybe an inch taller than her 5ft.8’ height, she was lithe as well, much thinner than Cassie was. Her skin was pale, but unlike Cassie’s, she doubted it was from being ill or out of the sun especially as the alabaster complexion was quite fitting.

As stunning as the woman was though, Cassandra was sure she had never met her. She had only interacted with Dinah throughout the period of her imposed incarceration, she managed a tiny smile at the woman who didn’t seem eager to be cordial with her from the look on her face, “Hi, I’m…..”

“Cassandra, I know you. Everyone in this pack does and I must say, you don’t seem as impressive as that slave has made you out to be.” The lady said as he began to walk around Cassandra slowly as if sizing her up.

Cassandra was very much self-conscious as she was studied intently by this stranger; was this how the wolves interacted with each other? She had failed to ask Caleb exactly how wolves were to engage each other when they met for the first time. It was an error on her part looking at it now and one she hopefully didn’t regret before the morning ended, the last thing she wanted was to begin making enemies based on a perceived lack of courtesy.

A nervous smile came upon Cassandra’s face, as much as this woman unsettled her, she still needed to at least allay any thoughts of hostility and smiling did that, “Well, I think it’s a bit unfair that you know me and I don’t know you.” She said, her voice a bit shaky

The woman came to a stop in front of her, Cassandra could sense disdain from the woman and it baffled her that someone she didn’t know would bear such a negative emotion for her, “You barely look like you can take a gust of wind, even less Caleb.” The woman spat

She felt something her jump at the mention of Caleb’s name- and it wasn’t a jump of excitement. She raised her brows at the woman, what the hell did Caleb have to do with this?, “Excuse me?” she asked, her tone coming off much harsher than she had intended.

“I’m guessing Caleb hasn’t told you about me then?” the woman asked, Cassandra’s puzzled expression gave her the answer she needed, she laughed, but it lacked any mirth to it, “I’m Gayle, the real Alpha bitch of this pack, the one who has been keeping Caleb’s bed warm before your wretched self came into this compound and the one who is going to drag you out of here by your hair once I cure Caleb of whatever spell you’ve cast on him.”

The more Gayle spoke, the more Cassandra’s confusion melted into anger, something inside her snapped as soon as she heard that this woman had been sleeping with Caleb, Cassandra had never been one to feel jealous, hell, she avoided confrontations that were about men, but she felt a strong need to punch this woman in the face for even telling her she was anywhere near Caleb. The voice in her head was back again, Caleb had told her to stop fighting it, it was part of her he had said.

“You sound very confident considering I don’t even know you, you must not be as important as you think you are.” Cassandra returned, however, she could feel herself slipping away in that retort, those weren’t words she would normally say, but there was this arrogance in this woman that she felt the need to beat down

The woman- Gayle approached her until their noses were inches apart, Cassandra’s space had never been invaded in this manner and the old her would have stepped away to avoid such close contact, but this her stood her ground, realising that if she moved, it would be giving this arrogant bitch subtle victory and a large part of her simply wasn’t having it

Gayle smiled, “I bet you won’t say that in a couple of days when I have Caleb’s rooster in my mouth.”

Cassandra’s hand moved before she could stop herself and she hit Gayle so hard, the woman fell to the ground. Gayle stared at her in ager, her hand clasped to her cheek while Cassandra looked terrified. poo! Where did that come from? This was not her, she wasn’t violent, she would never hit someone like that….but….

Suddenly, Gayle got off the ground and lunged at Cassandra with a loud shriek, sending them both to the ground. There was no time to think further on her actions, Cassandra struggled with the woman, finding that the more Gayle tried to get the best of her, the more she grew angry until she was growling at the woman, Gayle had a moment of brilliance when she gave Cassandra a hard butt to the head, destabilizing her long enough to push her on her back and give her three slaps in quick succession.

She stood to her feet and kicked Cassandra in the rib, causing her to curve her body in a fetal position as she clenched at her side, " Like I said, you're too weak for Caleb." she spat on the ground next to Cassandra and turned her back to her as she made her way out of the garden.

Cassandra squeezed her eyes shut and groaned as she felt the voice in her head get louder, whatever was inside here was enraged, it cursed at her calling her everything from a weak human to a disgrace. It fought for control until she could take no more. She let out a loud scream as she felt her bones begin to rearrange themselves, what the Bleep was happening to her? The blinding pain rendered her unconscious and she welcomed the consuming darkness.

The last thing Gayle heard was a loud scream behind her before a large brown wolf basically hurled itself at her and took her to the ground, she screamed at the attack as the wolf bared its teeth at her, growling in warning.

This bitch apparently didn’t know when to give up, unwilling to be scared off by what was no more than a stubborn cub, Gayle threw the animal off her and let her wolf come forth, she eased into the pale blond wolf and snapped at the brown wolf, there was no way in hell this bitch was getting the best of her, the human could barely even control her wolf.

She charged at the brown wolf, aiming for its neck, but she had barely reached it when it changed its position just slightly, allowing the wolf to push her approaching animal. She rolled onto the grassy land, a bit dazed by the quickness of the movement. What the Bleep?

The brown wolf snarled at her, but made no moves to approach her. spurred more by anger from the fact that this nobody had gotten the best of her, Gayle charged at the brown wolf once again, this time, she was met with the sharp teeth of the brown wolf as it sunk into her hind leg, enough to break skin, but not enough to reach her bones. Her wolf yelped out in pain and went to the ground. The brown wolf continued to snarl at her, but this time, it seemed truly angry.

Her wolf didn’t need more encouragement to run, it was obvious today would not be her day, she was already injured as it was, she would have to recuperate. So, rather than go a third time, her wolf slowly eased away from the snarling brown wolf and hobbled off. she would surely be back, but she knew she would have to return without Caleb’s knowledge because if Caleb found that she had attacked his mate- which he would- she was done for.

The brown wolf watched the pale blonde wolf retreating, it wanted to go after it, but there was the possibility that it wouldn’t be able to find its way back if it did. The sound of approaching feet alerted the brown wolf of the presence of some other person and it turned swiftly, baring its teeth at a female.

The tiny girl stopped in her tracks, her eyes widened in terror as the wolf growled at her. Inside, its human part was gaining consciousness, but not so much that it could control the wolf

“Please, I don’t want any trouble, I was just looking for my cousin.” The tiny female spoke, her voice shaky.

The wolf snapped its teeth at her in annoyance and the girl let out a scream, in her haste to retreat, she lost her footing and fell to the ground.


Roy was splitting wood a few meters away from the garden when he heard the loud scream. His attention moved to where the sound emerged from, was that Kylie? With no time to think further on it, he took off in a run, unwilling to take any chances.

As he approached the garden, he allowed his body morph into his wolf, which he found much faster. He reached the garden just in time to see a scared Kylie om the ground and moving away from a large brown wolf that took slow steps toward her. He ran until he was directly in front of the wolf, blocking Kylie from its view and facing the animal squarely, his wolf was far bigger than this wolf and he could tell it was a female one. The wolf stopped moving as Roy growled at it…this wolf wasn't one he was familiar with in this compound, so, it could only be one other person….

Caleb, you better come get your mate before I have to do something to her.

He sent to his Alpha telepathically

What the hell are you talking about Roy? Don’t you dare touch a hair on Cassie’s body

That will depend on how fast you can get here, she’s trying to attack my mate and I will not have that.

What…? I’ll be right there

Their link was shut and Roy was once again facing an angry werewolf, it was obvious Cassandra was not in control of this animal, if she were, there was no way she would have approached Kylie. He could hear his mate whimpering behind him and he wanted to turn around and assure her she was safe, but he figured she would be just as terrified of his wolf as she was of Cassandra's, if not more, so, he opted to keep guarding her against the wolf

It didn't take long for Caleb's wolf to show up in the garden. He approached his hostile mate, noticing how the animal retreated at his presence, his wolf licked at the animal' fur, his own way of calming her down. the wolf nuzzled its self against his in response.


Caleb would never get tired of the feeling that passed through him and his wolf whenever their mate acknowledged them

You need to let your human side control you, that’s her cousin.

He spoke to the wolf

I wasn’t going to hurt her, I was just playing around

The wolf replied with a snicker

Caleb sent a message to his beta, who was still in a defensive stance

I’ve got her, I think you should tend to your mate though

Roy’s wolf calmed at the words of assurance, he turned to his mate, who was still on the ground, if she was terrified of his wolf, she didn’t show it. Rather, she stared at his wolf in wonder, it approached her cautiously, unwilling to scare her, it noticed her hand clutching at her ankle, had she sprained it?

"Roy?" her voice filtered into the wolf's ear and the wolf lowered its body to the ground in acknowledgment.

She reached for it, slowly, and her hand touched its ear fondly, Roy’s wolf preened as its mate caressed it, “Thank you.” She said softly.

His job was to protect her, she would soon learn that there was no need to thank him for doing what he was supposed to do, but Roy chose to savor the petting of his mate rather than dwell on such.

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by itsandi(m): 2:44pm On Oct 10, 2017
Nice story! Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by lovelygurl(f): 3:16pm On Oct 10, 2017
I really love this story but updates are always too slow, it's frustrating
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Afz9095(m): 7:16pm On Oct 10, 2017
welcome back safarigirl, hope now that Nigeria has qualified for the world cup you will have time for this story

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Smooth278(m): 11:40pm On Oct 10, 2017
madam oh... I've missed your story, thanks for updating...

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 3:06pm On Oct 11, 2017
Did Safarigirl just updated. God bless you real good, you just made my day

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Chommieblaq(f): 6:19pm On Oct 11, 2017
Thanks and more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 8:08pm On Oct 11, 2017
Trouble in Paradise?


His touch was far more delicate than his build suggested.

Kylie watched Roy intently as he tended to her wound like a mother would tend to a child’s injury. She still couldn’t fathom why she wasn’t scared of the man, she had been brought into this house by a wolf, but the first person that walked in after the wolf’s exit was Roy. He hadn’t said a lot to her at his entrance and she had asked him nothing. Even now, as he wrapped her sprained ankle in a bandage, he was eerily quiet and she was conflicted as to whether she should question him about his double identity or wait on him to tell her what he felt she needed to know at his own time

The only thing she could say for certain right now was that she trusted him, she trusted that he would keep her safe. Just being with him made her feel protected in a way she had never felt all her life. it was a similar feeling that had come upon her when the blonde wolf blocked her from the approaching brown wolf, she wasn’t scared of the animal. She knew she was supposed to be, hell, she had been terrified by the brown wolf, but she felt nothing like that with the blonde wolf and there could only be one explanation for that.

He hit a particularly sore spot in her ankle and she sucked in a breath, he paused in his movements, but his eyes remained on her foot, “Sorry.” He said after a while, “Did I…did I hurt you?” he asked. She could hear the concern in his voice, and just a little bit of fear.

For someone so big, Kylie realised the man acted unsure of himself around hr. from what she had been told of him, he was usually assertive and brimming with confidence, she had seen that when he first announced his presence in the foyer some days ago, but with her, he was much softer, “No, I’m fine.” She replied.

With her assurance, he continued in his tending to her, but she found that she wasn’t comfortable with his silence. She was very talkative in nature, and she wanted to talk to him, maybe find out a few things about him if he was willing to indulge her… but she found that she was similarly unsure of herself around him. still, his silence simply wouldn’t do.

“How did you know I was injured?” she asked, eager to begin a conversation with him.

It took him a while to answer, so that she almost thought he hadn’t heard her question, “A friend told me.” He replied, still not looking at her

“What friend?”

“Caleb.” he replied

She raised her brow and smiled at his answer, “But Caleb wasn’t there, it was just me and three werewolves. The blonde one brought me here, the one with fur very much similar to the hair on your head.” She teased him. she was unsure of how he reacted to such things, but there was no harm in trying her luck, right?

He paused once again and then took her now bandaged foot off his leg, he grabbed a small pillow and placed it on the bed and put her sprained foot on the pillow, “You shouldn’t walk around the garden alone.” He said in a hard voice, totally ignoring her words

Kylie watched him rise to his feet and panic came upon her. she didn’t want him gone, she wanted to spend some time with him. She couldn’t place her finger on this man and it was driving her nuts how closed off he had become since they kissed. She had been convinced that he was her mate, but his subsequent behaviour had caused her to question that conclusion. It was like he had been avoiding her and if not for this incident, he probably would have continued avoiding her like he had been doing these past few days.

“Roy.” She called out before he could move away from the bed. She wanted to physically stop him, but her sprain ensured that her movement was limited. He paused in his movement and she continued, knowing she had his ear, “Look at me, please.” She didn’t know what she was asking for, just a few days ago, she had wanted nothing more than to get away from his intense gaze, now, she was asking for it. she had missed it, missed him. it was an odd thing to feel for someone who was more or less a stranger, but it didn’t stop the feeling. Having his attention today was more than she could ask for and she didn’t want to lose it so quickly

She could see the way the muscles of his back flexed beneath his shirt, it was like he was indecisive, what had she done wrong to make him want to avoid her this much? Unwiliing to just sit by and watch him leave, she moved her good leg off the bed and to the floor, she might as well get on her feet if she expected him to take her seriously.

“Don’t do that.” He said as he rushed to her side, he took her leg and placed it back on the bed, “Do you want to hurt yourself?” he asked.

She noticed once again that even as he helped her back into the bed, he wouldn’t look at her. she felt slightly hurt by that, “I just want you to look at me.” She replied, her frustration seeped into her tone. A frustration she couldn’t explain, it was just there, somewhere in her heart, tearing at her and begging for his attention in more than just a passive form, “You don’t get to just turn off your switch after kissing someone the way you kissed me.”

His eyes suddenly shot up to her face when she mentioned their kiss and Kylie felt her heart stop beating momentarily when those blue eyes fell on her, “That was a mistake, I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that.”

Those words felt like a slap to Kylie's face, here she was daydreaming about their kiss every single day since it occurred. She had been excited by it even, she had walked around with a silly smile on her face every time it came to her mind, she had thought for sure it meant something, and here he was telling her it shouldn’t have happened? The only thing he felt concerning their kiss was guilt and it made her feel disappointed that he wasn’t as excited by it as she had been. Then again, what had she expected? She was some impressionable teenager and it was obvious this man had been with far more experienced ladies, he was no spring chicken after all, she wasn’t likely to be memorable to him. She swallowed the large ball of disappointment that seemed stuck in her throat and prepared herself for a second blow as she forced out her next question, “And when you said I was yours? Was that a mistake as well?” she enquired.

It was his turn to freeze this time, he stared at her for what felt like over a minute, but he was unable to utter a word, the longer he stayed mute, the more hope grew in Kylie’s heart. If it was a mistake, he would have blurted it out immediately, but it wasn’t, it hadn’t been. His reaction was all the confirmation she needed.

She reached for his arm and wrapped her tiny hand around it, loving the feel of his toned arm in her hand, she pulled him closer and he moved toward her of his own volition until their faces were inches apart and she could see every emotion in those eyes of his. Kylie had never been this bold, she was more of the timid girl than the bold one, she never thought she had the balls to be this close to a guy, even less be the one to bring him this close, but here she was, doing just what she thought herself incapable of, “Am I your mate Roy?” she asked softly.

Even before the words left his lips, his arm snaked around her waist and pulled her to him, “Yes, Kylie, you are my mate.” His declaeration was sealed with a passionate kiss on her lips. Kylie felt he current zip through her the minute his lips found hers, sending her body into a frenzy, it was just like the last time, maybe better. Het body molded onto his as he kissed her like a man possessed, a tiny moan tearing through her when his tongue found its way into her mouth. She felt moistness pool between her thighs and a delicious, but unfamiliar ache rest in her nether regions, was this what arousal felt like?

She felt him lower her body to the bed as his followed her until he was lying on top her, she knew he made sure not to put his full weight on her body, but it felt good to have him so close…it felt very good. His hand slid from her waist to her fleshy butt, he filled his palm with the generous flesh, causing her to whimper softly as her legs parted in invitation, that tiny movement on her part led to him sinking between her soft thighs so that his hard length came in contact with her heated core through the fabric of their clothes.

Roy growled into her mouth and his hand squeezed her bum as he stroked his length against that maddening heat. Kylie shuddered against him, a loud moan tearing out of her throat even as she parted her thighs further to feel more of him. his lips left hers and he placed large, wet kisses against her neck as his hand moved from her ass to her thigh, he wrapped one leg around his waist and stroked himself against her core, wanting so much to rid themselves of the clothes that denied him full access to his mate’s willing body.

Kylie’s fingers were buried in his blonde mane as her free hand roamed over his muscular body, her back arched off the bed whenever she felt him hit a particularly delicious spot. She had never imagined herself with a man, this was as close to sex as she had ever gotten and it was turning out to be quite the experience. She was heady with arousal and her entire body felt like it would combust.

“Kylie I heard you were…..”

Just like that, her veil of pleasure was broken by the entrance of Kennedy into her room.

“What the fvck are you doing on my sister?” Kennedy shrieked loud enough for the whole compound to hear.

Kylie was mortified, her eyes were wide with fear and her whole body frozen in place

“Get off her!” Kennedy shouted when neither of them seemed to be moving away from each other.

Kylie watched Kennedy approach them in an angry fit and her voice suddenly returned to her, “Kennedy, wait….”

The words had barely left her lips when Kennedy basically put her hands on Roy and began the arduous, impossible task of moving him off Kylie, “You big oaf, leave my sister alone.”

“Kennedy, stop.” Kylie said even as Roy reluctantly got off her to rest on the bed, “Kennedy.” She reached for het sister, but Kennedy was having none of that

“Don’t touch me Kylie, what has gotten into you?” she asked, she began hitting a still unmoving Roy, “You bloody pedophile, sexual abuser, I warned you not to touch her.”

For some reason, Roy only blocked off her assault but made no move to stop her from hitting him. Kylie was unsure of whether to stop her sister or protect Roy as all of her pleading fell on deaf ears.

So immersed were they in their own little drama, they didn’t notice Rinaldi’s entrance until he reached Kennedy and pulled her off of Roy, “Leave him alone Kennedy.”

Kennedy pulled her arm out of Rinaldi’s grasp, “Don’t touch me.” She was breathing heavily and glaring at Roy and Kylie, “You better get your things ready Kylie because we’re leaving this house today.” Kennedy said in finality before barging out of the room.

Kylie felt her heart sink at Kennedy’s declaration. She wasn’t ready to leave, but she wasn’t sure how she would face her elder sister after being caught in such a compromising situation

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by kunbeex(f): 10:05pm On Oct 11, 2017
Nice one safari girl
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Nmaglit: 11:18pm On Oct 11, 2017
good to have u back
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by PoliticalThuG(m): 7:14am On Oct 12, 2017
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by queenitee(f): 11:59am On Oct 12, 2017
Thanks Ma'm

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Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by lizzz05(f): 12:27am On Oct 13, 2017
nice one!!! welcome back
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Girlyy: 6:31am On Oct 13, 2017
Thanks Safarigirl! As usual,your stories are amazing. Btw hope you'll still update 'The Boss Interest' on afritalks (first time commenting sha)
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by Daxking: 7:28am On Oct 22, 2017
Thanks Safarigal for this wonderful mind blowing story, it's a little painful that we have to keep waiting for updates, please do something about that. We are following ya story with 1000% attention
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by AryEmber(f): 9:47am On Oct 22, 2017
Hey girl,I just read in memory only and I wish to read the complete Story, where can I get it? Please drop the link.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 11:18am On Oct 23, 2017
Hey girl,I just read in memory only and I wish to read the complete Story, where can I get it? Please drop the link.
hi dear, In Memory Only will not be available online for some time.

I want to publish it before the year runs out hopefully, so, I had to take it down. L
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by AryEmber(f): 9:16pm On Oct 23, 2017
hi dear, In Memory Only will not be available online for some time.

I want to publish it before the year runs out hopefully, so, I had to take it down. L
Please, mention it here when it's out for sale, thanks.
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 9:45pm On Oct 23, 2017
Please, mention it here when it's out for sale, thanks.
will do. Thank you smiley
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by melodydennis(f): 9:57pm On Oct 23, 2017
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by safarigirl(f): 10:31pm On Nov 22, 2017
Please, mention it here when it's out for sale, thanks.
hi dear.

Took a month, but In Memory Only is finally up for sale on okadabooks.com

Here's the http://okadabooks.com/book/about/in_his_memory__adult_only_18/16661

Thank you...
Re: Caleb (Non-human Fiction) By Safarigirl by AryEmber(f): 6:05am On Nov 23, 2017
hi dear.

Took a month, but In Memory Only is finally up for sale on okadabooks.com

Here's the http://okadabooks.com/book/about/in_his_memory__adult_only_18/16661

Thank you...
Oh thanks! I must commend on the price, you're really considerate. I'm getting it as soon as I can

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