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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 9:35pm On Feb 07, 2017
She led the way..stopping here and there to coo at a customer. I marveled at her skills at flowing with customers I saw one man smile at her as if expecting a pat on the back from her when judging by the bags at his feet he had spent a small fortune. We took the escalator up with me standing behind her..observing her from behind and wondering how her relationship with the chief had gone south. She opened a glass door and gestured for me to enter inside..the room was at freezing temperature and I was immediately cold,yet she seemed to be alright despite the strapless she had on. her office was exactly how a boss's should be with different clothes designs on the wall which were actually quite good and innovative. She caught me staring and said "those are my daughter's" the affection in her voice was unmistakable and I knew the way to crack through the remaining ice was to show genuine interest in her daughter's work.."wow" I stood up as though I was totally taken by it (in reality I had always been indifferent to fashion designs..and models were the only interesting aspect of fashion to me)
I studied it intently "ma'am your daughter has a real gift..the world needs to see this..it has to be shared with the world" I raised my hands in excited exaggeration then turned back to Mrs Amunike who was watching me contentedly with her smile becoming wider.
I sat back down careful not to over do it "ma'am voltage trends is the perfect platform for her work..with talent like this she is going places no doubt..I just want my magazine to help her get there"
She leaned back in her chair and studied me intently that I almost broke out in a sweat despite the freezing conditions. But then she said "what's all this ma'am nonsense..please call me Benita" I knew I was in and gave myself a mental pat..oh boy..I was going to exaggerate this to strange eyes..
'You have a copy of the magazine here I expect"
I opened my mouth..shut it again..then opened it without knowing what was going to come out..."yes ma- Benita.."
There was silence.."well?" She asked impatiently
"Its in my car..lemme run down and get it"
She nodded..then picked up the desk phone "hope you can find your way back" she asked as I stood up slowly.
"Yes of course"
As I exited her office I heard her say into the phone "Ada come up..I have a big surprise for you"

I was so lost in thought that I climed down the escalator instead of standing still. Which kind wahala be this? What now? Strange eyes had said 'wing it'...see his mouth like wing it. I headed to the exit and
noticed Bisi the rude sales girl watching me curiously..I thought of giving her the finger but decided against it..not yet..the spot wasn't sure yet. I headed to my car and dialed strange eyes number before I opened the door. He picked on the first ring "Rex..what's your status?"
"My status? I have Chiefs wife waiting to have a look at the previous editions of an imaginary magazine..and no idea of what to do..that's my status?"
"how did it get to that stage..you should have found an excuse now"
"What kind of excuse?..why didn't we wait till tomorrow when you could give me the necessary materials but instead..its wing it..now I don't know what to do o"
"Rex take it easy..you're not in control...don't be intimidated by that woman..she may be in the boss' sit but she's just a piece on the chess board which you control..now go back in there and control the situation"
The line went dead.
"What a bastard" I muttered in disbelief. But he had hit home..I returned back to the boutique..with no idea of what to say but there was a spring in my step


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:47pm On Feb 07, 2017
I entered the office for the second time and found Ada standing beside her mother..they were staring excitedly at the laptop screen which the mother was operating. When I stepped in Benita looked up and smiled in a genuine way she hadn't before. I glanced at the daughter and caught her studying me intently..I looked held out my hand to her.."its really nice to finally meet such a promising talent..I don't know if your mom has filled you in but-"
She interrupted me while shaking my hand vigorously "yes yes..I'm so happy..we were just browsing on your magazine and it is really nice..and very classy"
I had been admiring her yards of fresh legs with one eye and her cleavage which threatened to jump out of her little dress with the other..what she said stopped my roving eyes i looked at her face and noticed she had on blue contacts and a tongue ring as well "okaay...our website..." Website?? I nodded going with the flow.."im glad you liked it"
"Oh mum he is soo cute!!...im soo happy..a magazine just for me!!..come let me show you around..i have a lot of designs on display"
She was already pulling my hand towards the door. I looked at her mother.."you wanted to see the mag-"
"Don't worry about that for now go and look around.. You are our guest now..I'd just busy myself with the website...voltage trends.." She smiled at her screen " what an electrifying name!"
I didn't know what kind of magic strange eyes had performed but I was glad and my respect for him had gone up another notch.
Ada was a chatter box..it took a matter of minutes and she was flirting with me..I actually enjoyed her company and freed myself a little bit. By the time we had finished touring the entire two story boutique I had learnt that she was 19(which I already knew), was single and 'not really searching but maybe just for fun',loved dogs and had 3 back at home.
I almost forgot about the chief entirely until I asked her.."so what's your plan for the immediate future?"
We had been heading towards the escalator she had turned to me "I just want to do what I love..I love fashion design..I don't see why I have to go to school..its my father that is pushing me..seriously. We struck a deal that he'd give me a year to practice what I love..that's why its like you're a God send"
For a minute I felt guilty..for all her appealing outlook and slutty vibes..there was an innocence about her..
"I think parents should listen more to their children..especially about the future of the child"
Her eyes widened "right?..that's how I feel..you're so easy to talk to Rex".(yup first name basis so fast).
She spun around suddenly.."let's go to lunch..you need to tell me about you and besides I haven't eaten anything"
The heavy beans since morning was still guaged in my stomach "I'd love that..but your mother would be expecting me back I'm sure"
"Are you always this polite?" She asked with a smile "that's not a problem" she took out her phone dialed a number "mum Rex and I are going to lunch..we'll be back a little later" a pause "OK..yes im with my keys..alryt"
She looked at me and smiled sweetly that I almost forgot about Fome' "case solved..now let's go I'm starving and I guess you are too"
Babe you want to suffer your toilet ooo....But I nodded in agreement and smiled as she hooked her arm in mine and we headed to the exit. This time I gave Bisi the finger and her face got red in anger

I was about to lead her to my car..and was thinking of how I would pump the clutch so as not to fall my hand when she pressed the remote on the car keys she held..a shiny black two door Mercedes convertible blinked in response.."wow" I admired the car "sweet ride" I ran my fingers lovingly along the body as she was opened the drivers door. She looked at me over the car "this is my baby..I call him Bruce..I just love batman soon much..I only let dear people to me drive him..." She paused then "maybe you might drive him back" she laughed a care free laugh and got in. I looked at the clouds before entering and wondered how a tortoise like Chief could birth someone so simple and uncalculating and free.
She backed into the road and I was observing her driving skills when my phone rang I checked the I.d and almost sighed out loud when I saw strange eyes name. I was about to put it on silent but then I felt her glance questioningly in my direction. I swore in my mind as I picked the call. "Hello"
"Say mum good afternoon"
"I'm following you,now say mum good afternoon"
"Mum..good afternoon"
"Good" I could hear the laughter in his voice and wondered how he was following us..probably in one of the many cars behind us "now..everything is working according to plan..so far so good"
"Yes mom I know"
"But we need something to push you into the house..you need to be welcome by the entire family..they need to be free with you"
"I thought of that mom..but I won't be free to visit you" I glanced at Ada..she was focusing on the road but smiling softly
"Now pay attention...a gala seller would approach you..when you get down from the car..are you following?"
"Yes mom..how about next Saturday?"
"Good.fool" he laughed softly "now he would grab her purse and everything handy..but that's your chance to be the hero..you would take him down and give him a beating...and save the day."
"That would be perfect mom"
"Not soo fast..in the process you would break something...in order to have sympathy on your side?"
"What? I'm not sure that would work mom..maybe another time"
"Remember a gala seller..he is a trained agent so just remember that..he won't hurt you to much..now bye my son" I could hear him laughing as the line went dead..
"No wait! Mom! Mom!...." I put down the phone and scratched my head..what kind of problem was this..break something? Strange eyes thought this was play station abi what??
"Hope you are okay" Ada said glancing at me
"Yes I'm fine." Had to think of something fast....."my mom just booked a family dinner with my elder brother and we don't see eye to eye"
"Eeyah..thank God my own elder bro's are really close with me..we hardly fight..but when we do..its deadly.."
I said nothing just staring at the open road watching for any gala hawker
"Cheer up now" she placed a hand on mine.."we'd be there soon..in about ten minutes tops..I bet some good food will put you in a better mood"
I nodded gloomly...ten minutes? Chai...

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 12:12am On Feb 08, 2017
Nice one honey

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by forzarush(f): 5:14pm On Feb 08, 2017
Bring it on

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 12:38am On Feb 09, 2017
She slowed down the car and trafficated to a popular eatery..I was trying to maintain a cool front but I was observing left and right closely. "Are you really that hungry?" I asked as she killed the ignition.
"Rex I don't joke with food oh..I can eat ehn!"
I smiled and got down from the car first..I looked around the parking lot carefully, it was deserted save for a family of four taking pictures before they got into their car..I relaxed when I saw she highlighted from the car without her purse but held her ATM card.
"Pos?" I asked
"yes I don't like carrying cash around"
"I don't expect you to pay for anything"
She rolled her eyes "Rex your magazine is taking me to the next level.I can't ever pay you back"
It seems I came to my senses..here we were standing outside..inviting the 'gala seller' a potential attacker instead of hurrying to safety.
"I'm actually very hungry suddenly" she held out her hand (a habit she was fond of and I took it)
When we stepped through the sliding doors, i let out a sigh of relief..and i foolishly thought i had escaped strange eyes. I made up my mind to give him a stern warning all this mind games had to stop..for a professional, he was fond of amateur games. I found out i didnt really need to force myself to eat..although i ate lightly..you know beans is a musical food..and i wasnt ready to perform in front of her kind of company. Our conversation ranged from her school life, to social..to family..i noted she avoided talking about her father and i wasnt prepared to ask, honestly I was quite fed up with the chief and was finding his beautiful daughter as a welcome distraction. She asked me questions about my family and career..
"It must really be fun..managing magazines and such...I guess you sleep with a lot of models" she said slyly..staring at me as she sipped her drink..letting the straw play on her tongue with the ring glinting.
I almost choked on my drink..I forced it down..smiled at her then decided to play it wild also "you know something" i lowered my voice and whispered "thats the best part"
She laughed.."something about your honesty is refreshing"
She looked at me in a way that got me hot and I gave myself a mental shake..what was going on? I had to put things in balance..this girl was the definition of seduction.
"Ada look..I'm here for professional purposes only..I don't want-"
"Rex you need to calm down and learn to have fun..its so easy to mess with you" she seemed sincere and I was both relieved and disappointed..I signaled for the bill. "We should be heading back..we need to round up the plans..and draw out a suitable plan" what was I saying??..I felt bad when she stood up..she looked at me and I couldn't read her expression.."you are right..I'm soo excited" but she didn't sound so anymore.
I paid the bill and we left in silence..with me kicking myself mentally. She was several steps ahead of me and I actually fvcked up by not paying attention. I was replaying our exchange in my mind..wondering what I should have done right..her voice carried to my ears from outside.."please..I said I don't want gala..can't you hear!"
My brain jump started and I ran outside in just few steps..I saw a tall man..really young and very black just as he snatched her necklace from her throat. and took off..he threw his carton of gala which he had been pretending to sell and pushed her roughly..I was already in motion and broke her fall with my outstretched hand but couldn't stop her from landing on the floor..'strange eyes you idiot' I muttered to myself as I caught up with the 'criminal' who was very slow for someone who just stole..I made up my mind to fvck him up and not give him any chance to touch me. I jumped on him..sending us both to the floor we struggled for seconds..a I couldn't seem to get a hold on him..a part of my brain..was registering shouts from the few people in the parking lot and I wondered about the security positioned at the door..where was he? I felt the gala thief slacken and I found myself on top and smashed my fist into his face..the pain was blinding but my fury didn't allow me hold my knuckles and shout the way my previous self would have done. I rained a couple more punches on him and grabbed the necklace from his hand which I noticed was gold.."You don't steal from my lady..you hear!!" I was high on adrenaline and I punched his throat once more thinking I had knocked him out..I leaned to whisper in his ear "tell strange eyes..or John whatever his name is that I'd mess him up too"
I realized my mistake a second too late, the gala thief opened his eyes grabbed me by the collar..and in a flash I was in the air..for like three seconds..I landed on my face..and the pain was blinding..I tried to stand up but either my brain wasn't sending the command or my legs wasn't receiving it..I felt hands shaking me and feared for what will come next..but it was Ada "you got my necklace..oh my God Rex..i cant believe what you did..are you alright.." I rolled over and tried to sit up..by this time several customers were approaching including the security guard who had been no where to be found. "You're bleeding..I need to get you to the hospital.." I staggered to my feet as peolple helped steady me..I was feeling like a pussy..a furious cat..I looked around
but like I expected the gala thief was long gone. "Where the hell where you?!!!" I shouted at the fast food gaurd..
"I go toilet oga"
I could bet my left arm that toilet had strange eyes written all over it..he was so full of sh!t and I wished I could beat him up(our first and only physical encounter was too fresh in my mind)
Ada was already on the phone.she turned to me.."my mum said we should go straight to the house..our doctor is on his way..does it hurt?'
"Its just a scratch now..haba" I turned to the nearest car and my reflection was a pitiful one..I had scratches on my forehead, nose and chin and the blood was almost unstoppable..I looked down and saw my shirt was stained with blood..the sight was worse than the feeling..although the pain was bad..the majority was just headache"
The manager of the eatery had come outside and I could see him questioning the halogen guard furiously while glancing nervously in our direction..I followed Ada to the car..and my embarrassment was beginning to be replaced by something close to martyrdom. "You're really..strong" she said as she held my arm and we walked slowly as if my feet were damaged.."if I lost this necklace..I wouldn't know what to do..my favourite aunt gave it to me and she's late now...thank you" she kissed my chick.
I grunted in reply..just soo pissed at strange eyes..who did he think he is..playing games with lives..my life
We got to the car and Ada opened the car via the remote..."you know what touched me the most...it was when you called me your girl" she looked at me..and I almost panicked.. That was love in her eyes..I had seen the reflection in mine too many times when I stared at the mirror and thought about Fome..
I squeezed my face as if I was in pain..she hurried around the car..as I got in "our house isn't really far don't worry..and Dr.Essien is one of a kind" she started the car and I marveled at the smoothness of the engine..I thought to myself.."just a few scratches..no broken bones this wasn't soo bad.." I looked out the window where a small group of costumers were converged together..talking about the incident and watching us..Somehow I wasn't surprised when I saw strange eyes in the midst of them watching us. He showed a discreet thumbs up and mouthed the words: 'well done.'
In reply I mouthed 'fvck you' but I couldn't help it..I smiled.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 8:51am On Feb 10, 2017
Dr Essen was a round man, barrel looking and very jovial. He was waiting outside the house when Ada pulled over. He hurried to my side to inspect my face then he hissed and burst out laughing. "Is this what your mother called me for?" He said to Ada who had come over to the passenger's side. He turned to me and inspected my face closely.."this is just scratches na..Mr. Man na so you Ajebo reach?"
I laughed "me ke'..it wasn't my idea at all o.." I was speaking to him, but my eyes were on the house..Fome' had told me the Chief had moved away about five years after fighting with his wife..and he had chosen a simple looking house..probably to avoid suspicion from whatever he was involved in. I began to suspect his main reason for leaving wasn't because of any fight but rather to enable him run his operations successfully away from his family..the chief wasn't one to leave this kind of comfort without his own reasons..I noticed Dr. Essen had stopped speaking and was watching me as if expecting a reply..I stared at him blankly and Ada touched my shoulder worriedly.."are you sure he doesn't have a concussion?" She said to the doctor.
"Come on stop it Ada..are his bones made of wood?"
he punched me playfully in the arm " lemme clean it with antiseptic..you'll need air to touch it if not it could affect your brain" he rolled his eyes at Ada and I laughed and she smiled also. I had to bite my laughter in the next few seconds as the cotton wool dabbed my injuries.

I drove Ada's Mercedes back to the boutique..the time was 5:45 and I was quite tired but she kept me talking with her energetic nature which reminded me of her father. I knew I had to lay the ground work down if I was going to learn anythinguseful about the chief..I slowed down as I allowed three teenage boys in roller skates to cross the road then I asked casually "you mentioned your father earlier..but I haven't seen any sign of him..is he not around"
She was quiet at first..then she replied "he is based at India..he runs his business from there"
I was stunned..(.this girl no get fear of God oo) but I maintained a poker face and nodded believingly.."that's intrresting. India? What is he into?"
She turned up the radio " I don't really like to talk about his business..he left us since I was very little and I only see him on Christmas..once in two years"
I remained quiet .mulling it over...did that mean she knew about the chiefs activities? Was his family also in the loop? All that was strange eyes's palava..all I cared about was Fome and if she truly was in danger..I had wasted too much time already..I had to speed up the process. My brain began working..as I tuned out and multi tasked my brain once more..supplying the necessary replys to Ada but not really paying attention.

I pulled over at the boutique.." I need to get something from my car. I'd meet you in your mum's office"
I dialed strange eyes number. "Rex. That was a good job. How did"
"Mr man..all this is in vain..I'm no longer playing along. Right now you help me and I'd help you. Tell me all you know about Fome's whereabouts if not I'm done with you..and if I have to confront the chief I'm ready to do that"
Strange eyes was quiet.."it seems a few scratches gave you balls abi..I like that. I'd text you the address of the hotel you should meet me later tonight. But please don't blow your cover..everything goes hand in hand I promise you"
I ended the call and was about locking the car when I noticed a stash of magazines in the back seat. It was voltage trends and it looked 100% legit. I marveld at a picture of myself on one issue about three months back..wearing a suit I knew I didn't possess..the picture in question had been lifted from my Facebook profile..and the photo shop was perfectly done..I saw a note on the seat. 'You won't believe what I had to go through to make this possible..make it count..by the way sorry about the ass whooping!'
I shook my head but I was blown away..everything looked legit and as I leafed through the pages which were complete with photographs as well as phony interviews with celebrities there were about 5 issues dating back to the previous five months..I locked my car smiling but my smile disappeared when I thought how he had gotten the magazines
into my car..this man had no respect for privacy...but what worried me was I was getting used to his silly games. I tucked the magazines under my arm as I headed to the entrance.

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 2:14am On Feb 11, 2017
This is a significant part of the story...I rode up the escalator with the copies of vogue in my arm feeling down..I didn't really know when it started..I was about to enter Mrs Benita's office, when my phone rang..I paused at the entrance..still...that was Fome's number which had been switched off for over 3 weeks. I stopped cold and watched the backs of Ada and her mother through the window..Ada's head was positioned that she could see me with just a tilt of the neck. I ducked out of view quickly as I picked the call.
"Hello" for all my worrying and stressing my voice was surprisingly calm
"Rex..don't enter that office"
I looked left and right..the hallway was empty.."fome where are you..what is going on?"
My heart was racing now..as I hurried looking into every corner as I passed by.
"Rex listen to me now..your life is at risk, there are people who want to kill you in this boutique"
Where are you?" I almost shouted into the receiver,.my voice filled with furious panick.
"Im close by...i'm sure your phone is tapped so I have to be fast"
By this time I had reached the escalator..everywhere now seemed more crowded than it had been few minutes ago..I hurried to the restrooms sign to my left.
"What is happening..who wants to kill me"
"Watch out for anyone who looks unsuspicious...Rex..I'm sorry I messed up.."
Her voice shook.."I can't live with myself if you die.."
"Fome calm down and talk to me"
I leaned against the door..and bent down to check under the doors of the toilet stands '4 in number' I saw a pair of stockinged feet at the last toilet and stood up in horror..I checked the sign and saw the little dude that they always draw on toilet stands was wearing a dress!...I was in the female toilet..I lowered my voice to a whisper "Fome tell me where you are we can work this out together"
"Rex watch out for anybody that is unassuming..that is all I know..there is money on your head..your car has been traced all along..and a killer has been on your tail since "
She was making sense and at the same time not making any.."where are you..I need to know-"
"Rex strange eyes has probably tapped my line by now..I have to go"
"Strange eyes..is he behind this"
"Rex he works for the government..the Government never has a single interest..in this case I'm an interest. I won't call him your enemy, but you shouldn't think of him as your friend......stay safe..
The line went dead..
I stared at the mirror then splashed water on my face..I was numb..I Bent down to retrieve the magazines I had been holding and for a second .I stared at it blindly
..wondering what I was doing with them.

The last stall opened, I looked up hurriedly as an elderly lady came out..she seemed oblivious to me as she wobbled her way to the wash hand basin..she had on small dark shades which looked medicated and gave the impression that she was blind. She was humming a classic..clothe of many colours.. And I eased slowly to the exit door..as I made to move however her hand crept into her big purse which was lying on the wash hand basin. I didn't think anything of it at first..but I thought to the warning fome' had sounded and the realization that someone in that building wanted me dead..or to kill me to be precise..was enough to move my feet faster towards the door..suddenly..the old coat of colours crooner was speaking quite clearly and holding a gun "you better stop" she said inyYoruba (e' duro) I froze..my mouth hanging open in surprise and fear..the feeling of deja vu' was almost crippling but this time an annoying part of my brain was screaming "you're going to be murdered by an old woman..in a female toilet..what a pitiful way to go..
Somehow..before the milifraction it would take to pull the trigga the door burst open..two young females entered inside..holding clothes they obviously wanted to try on.
"And I was like if you don't mind..I have been-" the first one broke off when she saw me..I had glanced just the slightest way sideways when the voice and door had sounded but the gun was out of sight when i glanced back..and she was facing the mirror once again washing her hands and humming "my coat of many colours that my mother made for me"
The second girl gasped in suprise at seeing me in the females toilet and seemed as though she was going to let rip any moment.
I raised my hands and smiled in embarrassment "I'm really sorry.." I pointed at the old crooner.."my grandmother..she's blind and she really had to use the toilet..there was no one to turn to..and she's just washing up"
The ladies entered (to my relief) obviously touched "its alright we'd watch her for you"
"Thanks a lot..you're a God send...I took her shopping..to cheer her up..yesterday was 12 years since her husband passed away"
The ladies made sympathetic noises as I hurried out the door..I half ran half walked out of the toilet sections..and was heading for the door with speed..
I looked up to see Ada and her mother coming down the escalator on the other end..concern on both their faces..I dropped the magazine on an empty chair as I passed it.."something has come up at headquarters..I have to be going..here are the mags..we'd be in touch"
"But Ada told me what happened.. Wait are you okay"
But I was gone..I hurried through the car lot wondering my next step..so my car had been traced all along..I felt my phone vibrating and saw strange eyes name.
I picked up as I raced through..looking for a taxi or any vehicle to get me away from danger..
"Rex where exactly are you.."
"You bastard what are you not telling me"
"Rex you are in danger right now...we'd talk later now where are you..?"
"Why don't you trace it..like you did to Fome and kept me in the dark!".
As I talked I felt something in my pocket..I brought it out..it was the key to the mercedes..I pressed the button. As if I were being controlled and as the lights blinked I interrupted whatever excuse strange eyes was coming up with. "Look I have stared down the barrel of a gun twice in 24 hours all because I was under directions from you..now I'm going solo"
I ended the call.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 2:08pm On Feb 12, 2017
The car handled like a dream..I sped through traffic, blocking out the reasonable voice asking..'what do you think you're doing'
I told myself I couldn't trust anybody..coupled with the fact that Ada had lied to me about the chief my mind was scattered.
I dialed Fome's number, but as I expected it was switched off. I had no idea of where to go..I thought about driving to my sisters house(utebo) but then I considered the way danger had been following me everywhere for the past 48 hours. I dialled Andy's number (Andy was my friend from work)
He answered on the second ring. "Oba..wetting dey happen..you no show today..I dey hear some kind rumours for here Ooo..even your phone been dey off"
"What kind of rumours?" I overtook a tanker blasting the horn.
"Say you be ritualist, police turn up today they ask questiond, say them discover dead people with their parts for your house"
"What do you think?" I asked him carefully
Andy laughed crazily "o boy..if you truly be ritualist I go vex say you no use Ariyo's head" (Ariyo was our branch manager)
I laughed also..although mine was strained "what kind of problem have you gotten yourself into?"
Andy asked worriedly..
"I'd explain to you..when would you be home?"
"Anytime from 8."
"That's early for you o..you no dey close down..tropicania bar again?"
"O boy..my Wife dey think say I dey cheat o..I just gats forget gambling for the main time focus on her" (Andy was married to a beautiful woman the marriage was just under two years old. Andy also loved gambling and never went home straight.
"No probs..we go see tonight. Later bro"
I almost ended the call when I remembered something. "Wait wait hol up..did Fumi come to work today?"
"She called in sick o..imagine..so that wan self dey sick"
I ended the call as I mulled things over..so the police where after me..the DSS also now that I had ditched strange eyes..I had killers after me..the papers that had put me in this whole mess was mysteriously missing..now I had a stolen car in my possession..and my life was in very big danger.
I had no present direction..houseless..a lot of questions but no answer..
Fumi also hadn't gone to work...Hmmm..I headed for the nearest turning..it was about time I confronted her.

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 5:12pm On Feb 13, 2017
I cruised through Fumi's neighbourhood, observing her flat carefully..the windows were shut tight, the curtains were down and I felt no one was in the house. I almost sped off, but a small part of my brain which in the last 48 hours I had come to trust and hate insisted I check out the apartment. I parked my stolen ride about 3 blocks from hers then strode nonchalantly toward her entrance. I felt Unclad and wished for some form of disguise to alter my appearance. The sun was 1000 degrees and the structure of Fumi's neighbourhood was about 24 flats per block..all the blocks had mirror windows so you could see only your reflection while whoever was on the inside had a crystal view of you.
I felt watched and I couldn't attribute it to paranoia..not after what I had recently passed through. I climbed up the stairs my mind clicking away..entertaining the possibility of getting a weapon. No matter how cowardly I was something happens when you face a loaded gun twice..seconds from death. My instincts told me that was just the beginning and I didn't want to be on the receiving end the next time.
I got to Fumi's flat and rang the doorbell, placing a finger on the peephole so she wouldn't see anything. I waited for some seconds then rang it impatiently again,still no answer. I tried the door and it opened..I
ententered her apartment slowly with the door creaking as I nudged it open. "Fumi?"I called out not expecting any reply
I almost didn't hear it..it sounded far off astthough the wind carried it to my ears from a far distance.
I decided to search the house carefully with my mouth shut. Her room was a two bedroom flat and I checked both rooms and the parlour in less than two minutes..I was convinced I was alone in the house but I still called out in a whisper "Fumi?"
There was no mistaking it..the voice although faint came from this house...but I had searched everywhere right?..the toilet!..I crept slowly to the door grabbing a flower vase from a small table as reached the door..I opened the door and had to tighten my grip on the vase to prevent it from falling..I wasn't prepared for what I saw..Fumi lay on the floor in a pool of blood..she strained to look at me and I could tell the life was seeping from her eyes..I hurried to kneel down at her side..foolishly staining my trousers red with blood.
"Fumi...Fumi..oh my God..who did this?"
"Rex..R-Rex..I'm s-s-sorr-"
"Shhh..don't talk..its alright" but it wasn't I could see the bullet hole just beneath her heart..I closed my eyes in pain,anger and frustration.."Fumi who did this to you"
"Rex..forgive me..I'm sorry"
"Its alright Fumi I understand" I looked around helplessly..there was nothing I could do..and the feeling of helplessness was too overwhelming. I felt as if I had come across forces too strong for me and had been crushing me slowly..I wasn't sure I could go on..I looked at Fumi her eyes glassy with tears,blood spouting from her mouth her lips quivering and I thought of how she had looked less than 48 hours before, full of confidence and energy, beautiful and strong. My feeling of helplessness was overcome
with anger and a burning need for revenge..
"Fumi look at me..I forgive you..I understand..now please tell me who did this to you"
I could see the life seeping from her and her struggle to speak..blood poured from her mouth as she spoke with her dying breath..."old woman..came to sell me..."
That was all she would say..her eyeballs rolled back as her spirit left..I closed her lids then got up..noticing the blood stains on my trousers from the knee down..I thought of what to do..I couldn't leave her body like that..only God knew when she would be discovered. I decided on an anonymous call from the car..I looked back at her body..the sight of blood making me want to retch..I don't know how many seconds I stood looking..my very first time looking at a
deadbody..(back in my home I had spared Jumbo's partner's corpse just a seconds glance)
I was jerked back to life by the sound of a sirene..I hurried out of the toilet to the parlour and looked out the window. A police hilux had come to a halt and I could see about four officers jump down..they were kitted as though going for a war: head gear, shining rifles,combat boots.
A shiver ran down my spine I looked at my bloody trousers and in a blind haste tore it off..I ran round looking for a suitable place to hide it..I settled on the oven in the kitchen...I went back to the window and saw that all four officers were not in sight..they had probably began climbing the stairs..
"Think! Think!" I shouted to myself..Fumi's flat was on the last floor so I could only go down.
..I ran to the toilet..remembering the last time I had
been in there before strange eyes had interrupted my fantasy..I had seen an assortment of wigs I placed one on my head..tore my shirt off..I had no idea what I was doing but knew I had to alter my appearance asap..with shaky fingers I grabbed her make up things from the room dabbing Mary Kay foundation on my face (or in my case more like decking) I looked at the mirror in horror..I grabbed her wrapper and tied it blindly around my neck as I ran out of the room. Lastly I grabbed a paper back novel..very big (a John Grisham book) I opened the door and had to run back to the oven to retrieve the Mercedes keys..I slipped my feet in her slippers on my way out and shut the door.
I had thought to get on the lower floor before they got close..but my instinct told me I had wasted too much time..I banged the door of her next door neighbour madly..
"Yes who you be" came a bass voice from inside..
"Jehovah's witness sah..we have a package for you and your family as part of our community service for the week" I tried to make my voice sound womanlike but I could tell i failed miserably.
The man came out a giant of a man he was and looked at me in wide eyed shock.."what are you..a man or woman?" He eyed me suspiciously..
I faltered..from the corner of my eye I could see movement and knew the first police had started to round the stairs to the last floor.
I held up the novel holding it out unconvincingly like a bible.."sir..I have an educative package about our Lord that I need to share with you"
"If you don't clear from my entrance osiso' ehn.." He sounded very mean
I felt dejected as I calculated the movement from the corner of my eye..if iI should get arrested then it was all over..Fumi had died in vain..I looked pleadingly at the man..he stated back with hardened eyes in return..
I was just thinking of facing the music when two little infants ran out from the mean man's house they began clapping their hands and jumping excitedly "clown!clown!..daddy I want clown!"
The mean man looked at his children and his eyes softened immediately.
I leapt at this last life line "sir..I have a unique way of teaching the Bible to kids..using fun methods and songs that fill them with morals that they won't forget.."
The man looked at me with doubt but his kids(whom I noticed were twins) continued with their shouting..finally he came closer and opened the door.."five minutes" he said.


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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:21pm On Feb 13, 2017
I entered the house gratefully. The two children jumped in joy and held on to my legs..I tuned back to a out 24 years ago when I was 5. My mother never joked with our church life. That was one thing she was serious with probably owing to the fact that my father cared little about our spiritual upbringing. She would always drag me to church (around that time all my sisters were in boarding school). Our childrens church was filled with songs about David and the Goliath and other colourful stories. Those songs had long been forgotten by me but that faithful day with my heart beating madly..marveling at my narrow escape and knowing I was not out of the lions den fully they came rushing back. I put on quite a show and made the kids laugh alot(which to be honest wasn't hard).
Their father on the other hand had been watching me closely..sometimes he looked amused other times he watched me suspiciously..
I on the other hand was calculating the time..I was too close to Fumi's house.. Once her body was found they might begin questioning neighbours...or worse searching them..still I was scared to leave the house..I could run into the other policemen at the hilux or ...

I broke off in my recitation of Noah's ark as the door shook violently...
Even the two kids stopped their sing along and began trembling. Their father looked at me accusingly and I shrugged weakly..by this time my heart was slamming against my ribs like a wrestler bouncing on the ropes. "who is that FOOL?" He bellowed at the top of his voice
"My friend open up this door before I shoot it down..its the police!"
He looked at me angrily then with two quick strides he was in my front. He grabbed me by my throat lifted me with ease. My legs kicked the air as my face went purple..
"What have you done? Who are you?" He hissed
I couldn't speak if I wanted to his hands were extra large and covered my throat with room to spare.
His children (God bless them) began beating his legs wailing "daddy leave clown alone...leave clown alone"
He reduced his choke hold but still held me with ease.
The door banged again. BANG!BANG!
"This is your last chance open this door!"
"You better calm down! I have two children here and I'm in my house not on the streets!" He shouted in reply
Then to me "who are you"
"Please I work with your neighbour I came to check on her today and I saw her dead..she has been killed" his eyes widened. "I swear it wasn't me..she was my friend..now the police want to take me away please"
"Why should I believe you" he asked..he looked down as if in thought at his children(who were still hitting his long legs) and I saw his thoughts clearly..or hoped I did..the man who had played with his children minutes ago was no killer.
He dropped me..and my legs almost gave out from the suddenness of the action.."killed...my God..I never really knew her" he shook his head ".look you go through my room I don't care how you do it..climb down the GP tank..if you fall and break your neck its your business I'm going to open my door" he started towards the door then looked back "Goodness! Mercy!" Immediately his two girls ran to hold his hands.."I'd try to delay them..but be quick"
I nodded and ran to his room..I lifted his window up and almost closed it when I looked at the distance...it was suicidal! I could hear voices as Fumi's neighbour interacted with the police. When I heard the unhooking of the bolt..I threw caution to the wind and slept onto the scaffolding. I held tight as I begun my descent..dressed like a mad man..with a painted face,wig and wrapper tied over my
singlet and boxers. As iI climbed down o tthat of the names of my two little guardian angels 'goodness' and 'mercy' and it led me to recite the grace over and over in my mind. I passed windows as I slid down the floors. And I wondered the view the residents were getting.

I expected to hear shouts and to look up and see policemen spraying bullets from above..nothing of that such happened and when my feet touched solid ground..I used the backyard to turn round the 3 blocks that seperated the car from Fumi's house.
When I got behind the wheel. I said a prayer for thw kind beast and his two wonderful daughters..I started the car and reversed all the way..keeping an eye on the stationary hilux that was up ahead.

I dialled Andy's number in a rush immediately I was on the highway..."guy some of us get work o"
"Listen to me..a beg I need to stay your house..you still dey live your key for that flower pot?"
"Is everything alright?"
"Abeg just answer me..no time na"
"I'm a married man..mister and my wife is at home..I don't do all those bachelor stuffs anymore"
"Abeg call her to expect me"
"You no fit wait till 8 again"
I ended the call..
And prayed that I was not bringing violence and death which I seemed to carry around to Andy's home.

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Lack of frequent updates is killing this story, more updates biko cheesy
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Lack of frequent updates is killing this story, more updates biko cheesy

Yes ma'am..just left camp yesterday..have more time on my hands now..tnx for following.it means alot
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Solo nice update
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i need ur asses here
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most of ma barz will be coming from here henceforth grin
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I know bro I just haven't taken the time to read through. E don tey when I dey Literature class o, see Soulo now cheesy


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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 10:10pm On Feb 14, 2017
My phone rang. I didn't recognise the number and almost busied the call. But I picked it instead (curiosity is the deadliest killer) when I heard strange eye's voice I gave myself a mental kick.
"Rex..what have you done?"
I was silent as I navigated through traffic.
Strange eyes sounded out of breath as if he had just run the whole 4 laps of a relay all by himself. "Rex you are fast becoming the most wanted man in this country..I don't know what has gotten into you..you act foolishly..just when I think you are beginning to have sense you turn around and prove me wrong"
I kept quiet.just put the phone on loud speaker and dropped it on the passenger seat.
"Now you are driving a stolen vehicle,you are wanted for murder..not to talk of the unknown assassins after you"
I couldn't be quiet anymore. I picked the phone and screamed into it.
"You want to be helpful? Then search for the old woman who killed Fumi and pointed a gun at me hours ago..I'm sick of your rubbish!"
"What old woman..describe her"
"So you can have enough time to trace me
abi?..lemme give you a clue..I'm in motion!"
I ended the call.
My phone rang immediately.
"What type of leave me the fvck alone don't you understand??"
I almost ran into a danfo that had slowed down in my front. That was my mothers voice!
"Rex..my God..what is going on?"
I bit my tongue as I searched for an excuse.
"Ehm..no it was ehm..I didn't know that.." I let my voice fade away and could feel her shaking her head in disapproval.
"I just wanted to call you and tell you to expect your father and I this weekend..maybe Saturday or Sunday I'd call you before then" she lowered her voice.."should be Saturday but your 'father's ram might win a fight today and the next would be on Saturday" she hissed.."old men behaving like babies"
My mind was racing and I was panicking...I trafficated and pulled the car to a stop..this kind of conversation required me to be stationary if not an accident was likely.
"Mama" I began..(I still called her that from my childhood)
"Hope Fome would be around..your father and I would love to see her again..don't worry I'd cook my bitter leaf soup and bring"
I had to slow her down..I was getting steam rolled..
"Mama Fome is not around and I have a function that day"
"Which day?"
"The day you are coming na" I was getting frustrated
"But I said Saturday or Sunday na....wait what's wrong?"
Suddenly I wondered if strange eyes could still trace my location if I was on another call..all those tracing and tracking had always been a grey area to me..but I had watched movies.
"Nothing is wrong mom..I'm at work now..we'd talk later'
I terminated the call then buried my head in my hands..things were falling apart..in fact they had fallen apart about three weeks ago..
There was a tap on my glass and I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked up to see a gala seller show casing his carton of goodies at me..I shook my head furiously remembering the last gala seller I had encountered. I started the car in a hurry and sped off In the direction of Andy's home.

Andy's house was a beautiful bungalow. The last in his street, I pulled up and backed my car as close to his entrance as possible..although his street wasn't busy..I dreaded being spotted in my 'clown' attire. I hurried out of the car to the
entrance and was about ringing the bell when iI stopped cold..I listened carefully and I didn't believe it..I traced the sound to the back of the house..walking carefully till I found the source coming from the masters bedroom..it seems Andy hadn't been able to reach his wife to tell her of my arrival..because I could hear her cries of pleasure coming from the room..'hold up..it might be Andy in there' said that cynical voice once more...in reply I quietly brought out my phone and dialed Andy's number.."hello...guy you dey interfere with my work o"
I cut the call..


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Rex stop to dey disturb na deliverance is goin on

more ink to ur elbow solo

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Rex stop to dey disturb na deliverance is goin on

more ink to ur elbow solo

in fact chop knuckle


Lwkmd..no mind the fool o..
Tnx bruv ur ginger dey very helpful aswear
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 3:05am On Feb 15, 2017
I stood still for what seemed like eternity...a part of me wanted to break the door down and blacken the face of whoever was nailing my best friends wife..another part of me was already thinking about Andy and how hurt he would be because he sincerely loves his wife. The cynical (possibly the smartest) part was saying 'find your level..you have enough problems already' I stood there debating while the sound track of my friend's wife floated out the window.
I looked up and saw Andy's next door neighbour looking at me curiously and I was remembered about my hideous appearance. I needed a change of clothes and a shower. "Screw it..you can't just mess with my brother" I considered Andy as my brother.
I walked to the front door and banged it with authority while listening intently to the soprano notes floating from within.
It stopped immediately.
I knocked again Impatiently then tried the door-it was locked as expected..
I could hear shuffling of feet from within.."sweet?..sweety?"
So this is what cheaters sound like..I thought to myself..
"Mona its Rex..open up"
"Andy isn't home"
"Of course I know that..I left him in the bank few hours ago...he sent me"
"He should have called me now.."
"Look I don't have all day..do you want your husband to get fired? If not I suggest you open up now"
She unlocked the door. I could see her eyes were glassy..her brains had been banged loose all right and it took her seconds to notice my get up and I could tell she would have burst out laughing if she didn't have a semi Unclad man in her room.
"What is this..why are you like this!"
She exclaimed.
"Today was costume day in work..I just need to wash up and I'd be off.." I could feel her relax a little in relief...she began to chatter a bit nervously.."funny Andy didn't wear any costume today"
"You should see him now.." I moved towards the kitchen and she followed although it was opposite to her room direction..
"Oh my God..that would be so hilarious" she gave a forced laugh and I shook my head as I studied this beautiful woman who was hurting my friend after he had loves her enough to change his ways and become a better person.
"I'd just need casual clothes of Andy a jeans and t shirt probably.." I entered the kitchen "God I need something to drink" I said in explanation because my eyes were roving everywhere. I spotted what I needed and gladly moved towards it..
"Lemme get you very chilled water or beer I know you boys love your beer"
"That would be wonderful Mona..." I picked up the pestle..it was surprisingly light but deadly "but first where is the fool?"
She steppes back in surprise "what-what f-fool"
"The second fool in this house that had the GUTS! To invade my bro's marital bed"
She looked stunned and confused as I swept her aside
"You are the first fool by the way" I whispered in her ear.
I ran towards the room with the anger and frustration of the past two days..creeping into me..Fumi was dead and I had been helpless to do anything..well I wasn't that helpless now.."I'D CRIPPLE THIS FOOL!" I shouted at the top of my voice...
I kicked the door open..and the fool was standing with his hands raised I. Surrender...the face nagged at my brain...and my speed lost momentum...from strange eyes phone..! That was Emenike...Chief's first son..Ada's elder brother....and the icing on the cake..
His sister's stolen car was parked outside the very house..


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by zika19: 11:39am On Feb 15, 2017
oh my. so interesting. loving d suspense. but nothing should happen to rex family o. hate seeing love one's being hurt.

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 3:23pm On Feb 15, 2017
We looked at each other for seconds..and I could tell the way I held the pestle had him shaking in fear. The dude was at least 3-4 inches taller than me at about 6"2 but the way I held the pestle made good angle with his head
Andy's wife had run after me and she began stammering with her eyes still glassy (but this time from the threat of tears). I didn't hear a word she said..my own mind was thinking of a way to kill 3 birds with one pestle..here was the Chief's son:
It was extremely possible he knew about and was probably a part of his father's activities.
He had been nailing Andy's wife..for God knows how long(has to pay for that).
On no circumstance must he see the Mercedes which was parked outside.
"Look guy..I'm sorry I'd pay you any amount lemme just get the walk here"
"My friend go down on your knees" I motioned the pestle at him.
Which turned out to be a big mistake. Withllightening reflexes he had the stick out of hand and rolled it intimidatingly forcing me back.
"You shouldn't try a black belt..big mistake"
At this point cheating Mona found her voice "Emmy leave him you need to go please"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing "Mona you are very useless..'Emmy?'
How could you do Andy like this"
Emenike jabbed me in the chest quite painfully.."watch it guy...wait you mean" he turned to Mona you mean this guy is not even your husband?"
He raised the stick up and till today I'd never know if he truly meant to hit me or if he wanted me to flinch so he could laugh at me. Because although he talked tough he left the impression that he couldn't really go all the way...but then again he had a black belt.

Raw and controlled electricity shot into Emenike from a tazer..it was Mona..she pushed his body on the bed and her eyes were crystal.."sit down" she ordered.
I was just getting up from the floor were I had been expecting or half expecting a fatal blow.
"I'd rather stand thank you"
"Sit down I need to explain everything to you"
"Save it for Andy don't worry"
She was quiet..she crossed Emenike's body and as she got closer I edeged back..but she dropped the tazer on the bedside table instead..
"I work with the one you call strange eyes..we call him A.j for agent John ..fake name of course..that's his field Na-"
I interrupted her "I already have an appropriate name for him..get to the point.."
She took a deep breath as i eyed the tazer and considered my chances in using it on her..id probably end up 'shocking' myself.
"I began dating Andy about 3 years ago as
part of my undercover work into the chief's
life. I raised a hand halting her.
"How is Andy connected to the Chief?
"Not really connected to the Chief..more like to Fome..through your budding relationship with her at the time..when you moved we all knew marriage was coming so i beat you to tieing the knot with Andy."

I blinked "so you married him just as part of the job..? What kind of rubbish is that.."
"I swear I love Andy very much..I just got carried away with him.." She pointed at Emenike who was beginning to move..she tazed him again sending him on a short sponsored trip to oblivion.
I shook my head..this was hard to swallow..so Andy had been married to a job..an alter ego..I eyed her carefully probably the reason they had no kids yet..I knew Andy was eager.
I looked at Chiefs son..then looked back at her "so what have you learnt?"
"That's classified only A.J is privvy to such content"
"I'd advice you to unclassify it unless your 'husband' is going to learn about this..your call"
There was no mental struggle "what do you want to know"
"That easy..it seems you believe you love Andy?"
"I really do" she said earnestly.
"Tell me where Fome is?"
"As at yesterday strange eyes and a group
agents intercepted her at the marina..but I don't know how she got past them"
"Why does strange eyes want her?"
"She has sensitive information about the chief which could put him away for life"
My instinct told me there was more. I brought out my phone as if to snap Emenike who was only in briefs.
"I'm sure Andy won't have any problem recognising the carpet"
"OK..her hands are also not clean too..she's as wanted as the chief..and strange eyes wants her more it seems."
I digested this information...which was hard to swallow.
"The chief..where is he now..?"
"He has been in his operations house for the past week now." She seemed to answer each question mechanically. Like a robot.
My hair stood.. "Operations house. What's the address" when she recounted the address my suspicion was confirmed that was neither his surulerw address or his family house..that had to be that house I had woken up I'm..weeks ago.
"When did you find out about this house"
She looked at me "we've had that information for a year"
"And Strange eyes...A.j..?"
"He was the one who got the Intel."
The bastard..I thought to myself..
"Write the address down"
She glanced at Emenike and at me again.I nodded reassuringly. "Its alright"
I took the piece of paper once she handed it to me .then demanded for clean clothes..i demanded she taze Emenike a little again to be sure he stayed down.I took the bag..'would change in the car' i reasoned then eyed the tazer only when I reached the door did I turn "Mona..or whatever you real name is..your duty was above your spouse and I understand that..I can even respect that..the same way you also understand and respect that my duty is too my friend"
I moved to the door..convinced her arms weren't fast enough to pick up the tazer and reach me.
"I can't keep your dirty secret because you don't deserve Andy"
I hurried to the car grabbing the bag of clothes in one hand and the car key and address in another. I entered the car and backed out from the entrance talking myself up to a showdown with the Chief.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 12:52pm On Feb 16, 2017
But the showdown would have to wait. Body no be firewood..in the past 48 hours I had been bested in two physical confrontation,been inches away from death on two very serious occasions..seen a close friend draw her last breath..been zapping from one part of Lagos to another..all though the smooth handling of the car made that part fun..I needed rest not to talk of food..I had been hungry for so long I no longer felt it. But Andy was foremost on my mind even if Mona loved him, he was just a pawn on strange eyes' chess board. The time was 6:55pm I needed to change my clothes then get rid of the car..I felt like it was a red beacon giving away my movement easily..besides the risk was too much for my liking..I made up my mind to contact Ada to the location I would leave the car. I bought water from the road side. This would have to do..I could only wash my face no comfort of having a bath for now.

I cruised through the neighbourhood until I saw what could suit my plans..it was an over night church crusade ground..the parking lot was already almost filled and I chose a suitable spot to park. The car drew a lot of stares from people who remained outside..still setting up chairs for outside because inside wouldn't hold everybody. I put on the trousers then washed my face thoroughly with the water I had bought. I studied the result in the side mirror and wasn't really satisfied but there was nothing to be done for now. I put on the shirt I had collected from Andy's house and made as if to enter the church for the sake of the eyes following me but at the last moment I diverted yo where a group of elderly men stood hurdled together I. Discussion. I took them to be security or ushers judging by the coloured vests they had o ..the type most company's encourage most workers to put on for safety purposes.
"Good evening" they didn't spare me a glance.
"Please my battery just died and I've been looking for my sister..she was supposed to wait for me while I parked the car" I pointed to my phone while I spoke..hoping a call or notification wouldn't light up The screen.
The men looked at me in annoyance like I was disturbing them.then continued their discussion in hushed tones.
"I just need to make a call..I'd pay for the credit"
A phone was thrust in my face.
"Thank you.." I moved away a bit..thinking Andy's phone might have a bug from Mona already but I felt I should take precautions s from hence forth.
He picked up on the first ring "Rex.."
"Hello..Andy we need to-wait how did you know it was me"
"With another phone too" Andy murmured into the phone lost in thought.
"Andy we need to meet..not in your house..let's go to the bar..its really important"
"Why did you ask about Fumi that time you called?"
I was disorganised "fumi..when..oh" bloodied images flooded my mind as I mentioned Fumi's name..
"Rex I just got a funny call now..I don't know what to think.."
"Andy you need to trust me" I said desperately..
"Fumi is dead you know that?"
"Andy listen to me..Mona is a fraud she was bleeping around when I got to your home today..we need to meet face to face its too sensitive for the phone.."
"Rex did you hear yourself..Fumi is dead! I don't know what you have gotten into but I don't want to be next..I have a wife Rex"
I let out a frustrated sound. "Okay just give me at 10 minutes"
He was quiet. Then "I'd call you on your cell..let me get home first
"My phone is bugged..yours might be too..yout don't need to get home first.."
"Look you are scaring me..I shouldn't even be talking to you not after what I just heard..but you're like my bro so I can't believe without hearing you out..I hope my foolishness doesn't get me killed"
"I swear man..that's why I need to see you..I need to warn you about some things.."
The owner of the phone had come to stand beside me..using his eyes to get my attention which I ignored.
"I'd call you I promise .lemme wash up and spend sometime with the wife..before ten I'd call you and we'd meet in my car outside my house"
I had to take what I could.."OK..but text instead..I think our phones are tapped"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 1:03pm On Feb 16, 2017
P.s,: no vex for the short updates..promise something really lengthy today
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 4:25pm On Feb 16, 2017
I had about 3 hours before 10. So I decided to get something to eat and get accommodation out of the way..I couldn't keep on spending money like this..after grasping 250 mil then watching the it disappear..I was determined to be prudent
with my hard earned money. I wouldnt be surprised if strange eyes is with the papers. I stopped a bike and gave him directions to a close by inn. Nothing fancy I needed as much anonymity as possible.
I shut my eyes as the bike sped off..enjoying the feel of the breeze and making a conscious effort to stay awake lest I lean back in search of comfort.

What is that annoying sound..so familiar..? I forced my eyes open and located my phone..the alarm was ringing and ringing..I snoozed it and was about sleeping again when it started ringing...abi is it 5 minutes again so soon?..I forced my
eyes open then decided on having a shower again. It was 9:35 I had gotten something to eat, had my bathe then slept off..remembering to set the alarm for 9:30 which means I had slept the snooze time as well. I had chosen a hotel about 5 minutes from Andy's place and after having my bathe I checked my messages..nothing yet.although I still had about 20 minutes. I decided to get close to his house and wait for his message.

As I passed the night clerk whose office was behind the door. I had an idea..I backtracked to the office
"Good evening bross" he sat up thinking I was a new costumer.
"Well done o..na me dey room 22"
"Okay well done bros..you need anything..?" He wiggled his eyes suggestively "we get many gals Ooo"
I had lots of frustrations going on with me but sexual frustration was down the list..maybe number 3"
"A beg this your cap na him I want"
He touched his cap absentmindedly "my cap?"
"Abeg I go tear you 1k"
The clerk looked at me in surprise..the cap which was printed with the hotel's logo had seen better days and now had a faded look and stains I dared not contemplate.
Without wasting time.. The transaction was done and I hurried from the stuffy office with the night clerk hailing my retreating back.
I strolled to Andy's house, staying in the shadows on the opposite side which wasn't hard considering there was power outage and not everybody had their generator on. I checked the time: 21:52pm
I idly wondered when my clock time had been switched to 24 hour format..I hated it. I replaced the phone because the light made me stand out from the shadows..I passed by a woman selling Akara and yam and considered topping up the swallow I had eaten less than 3 hours ago (not necessarily out of hunger but who knew when next I'd be chanced)
I kept on moving and could see Andy's house in the distance..I placed my hand on my phone through my pocket to be sure it hadnt vibrated without me knowing. Nothing..I was adjacent to Andy's home and was considering standing under an empty tree or in the empty shop close to it when a form emerged from the shadows just next to Andy's home. His generator was on but his outside light was off and I was only able to make up the form by the little light coming behind the curtains of what was maybe the toilet or store of the house judging by the small size.
My breath caught in fear as I studied the figure..unless my brain was playing tricks on me that was an old person I couldn't spot the face well but I could tell it was the very same old woman I had seen in the women's toilet..the same 'old woman' Fumi had identified as her killer before passing away.
A part of me hoped she would pass on..but when she stood at Andy's porch in contemplation I knew I had to move fast..I dropped down noislessly and searched the ground around me..still keeping my eyes on the woman as she took her first step towards the house..my hands picked up different rubbish.. Coke can, papers small stones..but nothing heavy..I knelt down in desperation and moved my arms randomly with much speed. I grabbed a stick..it had moderate weight but with enough force..it could knock any one out cold..not to mention an old woman..by this time she had climbed the 3 short stairs and was wobbling her way to the door. I bent down and moved towards her..quickening my pace but spacing my legs so as not to make any noise with trouser friction..Any noise and she'd turn at me and probably gun me down..and that wasn't an option. She seemed to be going for the bell without knocking or trying her luck with the door and as she raised her finger just inches away I was upon her. She began to turn at the last moment probably sensing my presence I brought down the stick hard..catching her on the side of the head..she went down easily.
Things happened at once..my phone vibrated..I heard feet from inside Andy's home then :"I keep forgetting to put on this outside light whenever I put on the gen"
The light came on illuminating me and the old woman..I looked at her face and almost fainted..that face looked familiar..but I could swear she wasn't the one who pointed a gun at me earlier in the day"
The door opened and Andy stopped short as he stepped outside "Rex..I just sent you a text..let's go to my.."
His eyes widened as he saw the woman..then the stick..he looked at me in horror.
"Rex..My God..what have you done to Alhaja?"

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:07am On Feb 17, 2017
I was stunned "Alhaja?" That was Andy's neighbour "I thought she was a killer..the same one that killed Fome"
Andy looked at me in horror "My God!! What has come over you..? Since when did you go about hitting old unsuspecting women on the head?"
I bent down to feel her pulse..it was faint.
"We need to get her to the hospital quick"
I glanced around..wondering if anyone could see us.."switch off your lights first"
"God would punish that your mouth..look here Rex once we get her to the hospital..I'm handing you over to the police..the way you think and your actions..that isn't the Rex I know..now I believe you could have easily murdered Fumi"
His words cut me but then I thought about it..he was probably right..I mean I might have just killed a 70 something year old woman all because of my carelessness and fear..not to mention Fumi..my greed and cowardice probably cost her her life.
andy was shouting for his wife to bring out his car key. Mona ran out and her shock went through different stages..from seeing me with her husband..thinking I had been ratting her out,then noticing their neighbour out cold on the floor. "What happened to alhaja?"
Andy and I carried her down the steps..his mouth was drawn in a disapproving line and I feared he would tell his wife just how I had clobbed their next door neighbour on The head
"Alhaja fainted" I said in explanation this was the last thing strange eyes should ever hear
I began to say my prayer as we loaded her in the back seat. There was no blood and I
took this as a sign of hope.
"I'd call you from the hospital" Andy shouted to his wife as he started his car.
We sped towards the hospital. Andy had always been a very boring and slow driver always maintaining the speed limit. Most people made fun of him for this.but I knew his elder brother had been knocked down before his eyes by a drunk danfo driver trying to dodge the police. Andy and his brother who had been older with 2 years had been walking from church been discussing the way young boys do. Andy had been closest to the road..but sometime during their animated movements their positions had switched. Minutes after, the bus had come barreling and hit his brother with such force.
It was a known fact..and I had preferred taking public transport on occasions I didn't drive to work: Andy didn't speed.
But not that night.. The 'Alhaja' was slipping in and out of consciousness and I
was praying..leaning back frequently to check her pulse. Andy literally put the pedal to the metal and I was surprised at his smooth handle zipping through traffic at high speed like a formula1 driver.
A private hospital was the nearest and their response was swift. I had half been expecting Andy to point at me when we were asked what the cause to her concussion was. But he had said she was his neighbour and had been robbed by an unknown assailant who had fled from the scene when he himself had heard noise and come outside.
The nurse looked a bit sceptic but had nodded.."you'll need to fill this forms" she handed two different forms to mr and Andy. "Someone from the police would be here shortly to get your statements"
I hoped I didn't flinch visibly. Andy nodded too dazed to stand he sat down and I followed, we were the only ones in that side of the waiting room apart from a man who sat dozing at the other end.
"Tell me what's going on" we both stared at the sleeping man who was snoring soundly. Both of us seemed lost. I was thinking about my actions truly I had been an ambassador for violence in the past days. If this old woman lost her life I didn't know how I could live with myself. 'What if it was the intended woman would I have been able to stand it? I asked myself some serious soul searching going on...I only had to remember Fumi's lifeless eyes to decide I could do it.
With that logic..I could kill the chief then..after all he had unleashed the assassin on me..hadn't he..?
I brought myself back to the present Andy had asked me a question but looked like he didn't want to hear the answer. To late for that now because I intended to burden him with my woes


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 8:01pm On Feb 17, 2017
"So you mean this strange eyes person is a federal agent?" Andy asked for like the third time
"Yes" I checked the watch this was 12:45pm. No word from the doctors since they had wheeled alhaja's body into the emergency ward. I think I saw something like 'head trauma unit' on the door.
It seemed the doctors had forgotten about us and a part of me was okay with that for the time being..if they forgot about us then they couldn't give us the bad news.
I had filled Andy in on my present status..homeless and extremely wanted..although I could see who couldn'treally comprehend the personality of the Chief. "How can someone who plays with that kind of money and is involved in many illegal activities be able to lay low all this while without drawing the attention of the law?"
"The DSS are onto him actually" I yawned..I was beginning to feel sleepy..after talking for an hour straight I was really tired.
"Then how come they haven't taken him down since..?so nothing from Fome' since"
It seemed Andy had no plans of sleeping..might as well have it out now.
"Andy..Mona isn't who you think she is" I waited from an objection from him because when it came to his wife..the sun seemed to shine out of her behind to Andy. But he was resigned quiet.
"She was cheating on you bro..I saw her today when I went to your home..she said it was the first time but.."I let the silence say the rest.
"Its my fault" Andy said quietly
I had been dozing but my eyes opened at once..I searched Andy's face expecting the worst.
"She refused to go off the pill..she doesn't want children..I don't know why..I found out she was still on it without my consent so I decided no sex until all the effects wore out".
If circumstances had been normal, I would have laughed and laughed. I shook my head at Andy in amazement "you practically fed her to the dogs then..you see a woman like Mona..haba now"
"But why wouldn't she want children now"
"Because her job can't allow it" I replied quietly. I had been debating whether I should reveal her identity too but decided if she could reveal it to me..then how much more her husband.
He looked at me vaguely.."interior designs?..she would have all the time in the world"
"True but I mean her real job."
He looked at me questioningly and I obsereved the waiting room..noticing the other man was still snoring away in his corner.
I replied Andy..lowering my voice "she is a federal agent Andy..she said she married you because of the chief and because we were friends and when i moved here with Fome she had to tie the knot with you..that was how she put it."
Andy looked incredulous "and you believed that..look Rex if you truly know me you go know say woman no fit play me like that..it can't work"
"Bro I say she dey taze this guy for my front..okay..you don ever see tazer for your house before?"
"Wettin we wan dey use am for?"
"But she hold better one" I struggled to control my voice "the guy wey she been dey with na the Chief first son..she tell me say she dey try use am track Chief"
He shook his head "Rex it is not possible..Mona DSS?. " he laughed I. Disbelief as he stood up. "Make I go hunt down that doctor..or that fat nurse them no fit just leave us like this na"
I watched him leave shaking my head..he was in denial simply! Didn't even want to consider the possibility..I mimicked the way he called her name 'Mona' 'Mona'...this one is jot Mona Lisa..Andy she cheated on you...his reaction had seemed resigned..and I had the impression he knew about or suspected it before..and I wondered if he was truly up front with me.
So immersed in my thoughts I was that I didn't notice when the sleeping man had stopped snoring..and gotten up. He put off the light and..I at first thought it was power outage then remembered the gen was on and could still hear it sounding faintly through the open window. My 'spider senses' no matter how late began to alert me to the snoring man..no longer snoring and the silence was a conscious one..the kind you had to be awake to maintain. My Insides began jumping again but I stayed calm and tried my best to focus I had nothing in my hand and I didn't think it wise to try to use my phone for light..that would give away my position ..
No sooner were this thoughts in my mind that I was grabbed by behind..in a solid grip..I felt it on my troat and a sarcastic part of my brain was like 'of course..Na knife remain' but the blade point was sharp and pointed and I knew this was no knife but a dagger.
"Shhhh...silence would advocate greatly for you.."
I was silent..his accent was strange..stranger still was the feel of the blade resting on my neck.
"Tomorrow you go to Apapa general hospital. Head to the diagnostic branch..ask for Dr.Rasheed..no appointment..tell him you're the one with delayed diagnosis"
"Delayed what?"
"Whatever he tells you..pay heed"
he moved the blade a bit..ensuring I went totally still..
"Tomorrow is the only open window yo will have..if not the tip of the spear shall visit you."
That didn't sound like a metaphor at the moment.
Where the hell was Andy?.
"Are u with strange eyes?'
The man tensed and I could tell he was offended I cursed my mouth that had found a way to annoy the one person I the world you shouldn't: the one holding the dagger to your throat.
He loosened his hold and eased away..the room was pitch black I couldn't see anything..I heard his voice and was relieved he was some distance away from me.
"Somehow you have landed in the middle of what you can not understand..Dr. Rasheed tomorrow..no appointment"
I stood still for almost ten minutes when I heard voices..Andy's and a deeper voice..probably the doctor..
"Who put off the lights" the doctor demanded as he put it on again.
I was alone in the room..no surprise there.
Andy came closer.."the doctor said her condition is still critical but he expects her to get stable before .morning "
I nodded.
"Mona called me..she said she'd be coming with Alhaja's husband in the morning..he's very old" he explained to the doctor who was studying me.
"Are you okay?" He asked me
I nodded "who was the man waiting here before?"
He shrugged, we have many cases every night..the hospital is this quiet because of our selfless service"
I turned to Andy "but you saw him abi,"
"Yes..that was sleeping..what happened?"
A word is always enough for the wise..and if I had been foolish before, I wasn't anymore"
"No o..nothing"
I looked at the doctor
"So she'll be alright?"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:17am On Feb 18, 2017
I nudged Andy awake by 5:30. He sat up his eyes not yet open. I placed the Mercedes keys in his shirt pocket..with a written note to the address of the crusade ground I parked the car the previous night. "Give this to Mona tell her to get it to Ada" he nodded sleepily and I thought:wake up Andy! You say your wife isn't a spy but you'll collect something like this no questions asked?
But why bother. I was tired..I had slept in an upright position and my neck was giving me hell..he was still stretched out on the 3 sitter.immediately I stood up his eyes flew open "where are you going?"
"Lemme check on the doctor."its morning already"
He nodded and slept back. I guess no work for you today too. I thought as I watched him.
I didn't see the doctor and had to head to the reception before I saw ant kind of life..The fat nurse Lady was already up and shuffling some files.
She looked at me "Morning"
"I can't find the doctor who attended to me last night..concerning my grandmother..we brought her in last night..the head injury"
She looked at me carefully as if picturing my face.
"You'll need to check back..the doctor is not around"
"What do you mean..how is my grand mother?"
"She is stable but she needs to be left alone..her skull is fragile..we just thank God..the stick wasn't very strong or it was someone with little strength that hit her..of course the cowards are always weak!" She spat the words out in contempt. And I nodded in agreement..it had to be the stick. weak ke?..thank God the stick wasn't strong..
Satisfied with this information for now..I eased out of the hospital..if I had to be at the General hospital that day I couldn't be found waiting around here when the police turned up..no way I was putting myself in that kind of situation again.
The street was already ripe with movement..I could hear the prayer call from a near by mosque..I stopped a bike and gave the address of the hotel I had lodged the night before..it now seemed a waste of money but I planned to get some rest.

I woke up hours after. the man in the hospital hadn't mentioned any time..and I had no plan to get there too early..I was in no rush to find out whatever life had dished me because the appetizer alone had left an unpleasant after taste. I had my bath then used my ATM..I needed a lot of handy cash for what I had in mind.
It was a well known make up outfit i headed to, they also ran an entrepreneur development program where they issued certificates "jossies make up school" wouldnt seem like the appropriate place to get my appearance altered but the jossie in question had been a childhood friend of my eldest sister Cynthia, and I had met her on different occasions when my sister came to Lagos to visit me.
I arrived at the school by 10 am sharp. I hadn't been here in over a year..the last time Cynthia came visiting with her family..females was the higher population of students learning there but the irony is I saw more male teachers..I located Jossy's office..knocked and stuck my head in. She was on the phone but her eyes widened in delight when she saw me. She gestured I get in. Her eyes still fixed behind me probably expecting to see my sister next.
"No problem..we have till Thursday..Alright thanks"
She put down the phone "Obasi..long time no see..una just put me for corner forget me abi"
Jossie was in her early fifties if I would guess but Cynthia said she was 49. She was busty and her hair was greying out already. But it gave her an aristocratic and older look when combined with her medicated glasses but she was beautiful and very jovial.
"Where our sister dey" she began opening a stainless flask. Jossie was a tea freak
"Cynthia still dey pH o" I replied thinking of how to line up my request without talking too much..because she also liked to talk.
"You must drink Tetley with me o..the weather is chilly"
"At ten in the morning? Find me beer jare"
She laughed but proceeded to fill the second cup.
"How about our wife Fome? Its been long o" she poured a healthy portion of milk into my cup then passed it indicating sugar in a bowl on the tray.
This was the perfect opening.."actually eh"..I turned the tea ignoring the sugar "that is why I'm here.."
She sipped from her cup and watched me intently..she liked stories oh yes she did.
"I want to propose to fome' tonight" her breath caught and she clapped in surprise "that is just wonderful..you two fit each other perfectly..that's wonderful!"
I'm not so sure..I thought to myself but smiled in reply as she said
"So what do I do..you just name it"
I went for it.."I want to play a little trick on her..what I need from you is to alter my looks..make me unrecognizable..grey hair..anything...its your field after all"
She looked at me doubtedly "what kind of trick"
"We are supposed to meet somewhere tonight..I'd be late then turn up looking Like this older different person then just get one knee then propose to her from nowhere.my friend would be videoing the whole thing"
That was the selling point.."that is soon sweet..I wish papa Andrew did something like that for me..instead its 'Im going to marry you oo' me self been dey happy that time..." She went off for some minutes then brought herself back. "I must see that video o.."
'Don't worry I'd get you one specially" I assured her.
She studied me closely
"Hmm..we could make you look 60 or 70..grey eye brows..grey head..but we'd have to bald you in the middle" she continued assessing me as I flinched in horror.
I touched my hair. weekly visits to the barber helped keep it at a certain level..but if I needed to be bald so be it..who afro help self.
"I think..fake tribal marks to alter your features..your cheeks are too smooth baby face....then..lemme see..."
She studied me more then.."wendy is in a better position..let her write the list but show me first before she begins anything.."
She smiled coyly as I stood up "anything she writes..you know you have to buy from Our store..they would be yours..I won't charge you for the work don't worry"
"Thanks jossy I'd bring the video once its developed"
I looked forward to having my features changed to an old man..jossy's make up team were insanely good and had been used in some high budget movies. When I turned up at the hospital for one Dr. Rasheed I didn't intend to be easily identifiable the way I had been. I toyed with the idea of calling Andy if he still had the key and dropping it off at the boutique with the note somewhere Ada or her mother could see it..they could look at me and see an old man..the thought was sweet. I waited on Wendy as she ran around getting different materials from Their store house. I reflected on what the man in the hospital had said.."the tip of the spear shall visit you"..Kidon was the tip of the spear in Hebrew and a section under the israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD which handled all killings deemed necessary by the powers that be was called Kidon meaning the tip of the spear...I laughed out at where my thoughts were going. 'Where did I even learn that one from' I wondered to myself..must have read it somewhere..but everything about the man's approach had been foreign..although i didnt pay him a seconds notice back at the hospital when he was snoring just few feet from me and Andy. (Funny how this our brain works)a
I watched Wendy's bouncy bosum as she approached me with bags.."All right..let's begin" she squealed.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by KidPaku: 6:50pm On Feb 18, 2017
Nice write up soul

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