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Literature / Re: An African Epic Adventure For Your Reading Pleasure by andrewdg(m): 11:37am On Dec 08, 2017
Thanks to everyone of you that has started this journey of 26 Episodes of an African Epic Adventure titled: KING OF KUMAR.

Enjoy the next episode... Should in case any one missed out on the first episode, kindly go to the first post i made and download the the first episode of KING OF KUMAR.

Okay, enough said... Here is Episode 2...




Prince Kumar calls for the Commander and he comes to meet him at the back yard of the palace.

Are the warriors ready for conquest?

No my prince, but very soon they shall be.

I need your finest warriors, a hand selected few,
We shall pay Ashti kingdom a visit before sunrise

Are we to do battle?

Must likely.
(To himself)
Someone should teach this people loyalty,
They forget too easily.

We are at your command Prince Kun.

He walks away and Commander walks a different direction, pondering as he walks.


Jaheed and Muktar are seated together outside, taking fresh air and drinking palm wine, when MAMA MUKTAR; an amiable looking woman walks up to them bring food.

Some will think you both are friends from childhood.
My very good husband, food is ready.

Muktar, we have to suspend our gist,
Your mother’s food is something I don’t joke with.

Mama, while Papa eats, I have something to discuss
With you that bothers me.

What bothers you my son? You never told me.

Muktar insists on telling Mama Muktar and both leaves Jaheed to his meal.


Muktar draws his mother to a corner and begins his inquiry.

Mama, can nothing be done to stop oppression
In this kingdom?

You are not permitted to question royalty Muktar.

I speak not of the oppression of the Royal family
On its people, I speak of the wickedness of Khali’s
Family on his dead brother’s only child.

Sometimes I wonder what her offense is. But
My son, what can we do but look our way?

Can’t it be reported to King Abdul? He might
Give justice.

King Abdul is merciless, he thinks only of
Treasures and pleasures even if it takes killing
The innocent.

I can’t watch her suffer!

You sound like you love her. Do you?

Muktar walks out on his mother who observes him, surprised.


Khali and son are chatting at the front yard when Gama walks to them and excuse their son. She sits with Khali.

We need to do something about your brother’s

What do you mean?

Are you not troubled where she got the money
To buy a new pot? She will come home soon
With protruded belle and you know what that
Means, right? I suggest we give her out for

I don’t understand. Has a man come for her Hand?

We will give her to Osti’s son and take whatever
They have as dowry.

That is slave trade. That fellow is not a man.

Better than watching her banished to the evil forest,
And having us punished.

They argue about it and Khali concluded to think about.


A younger wife to the much matured King Abdul walks in. AISHA comes in seductively, smiling to the King and puts an arm round about him. He pushes her away and she falls to the ground. Quickly she gets up and apologizes and run out in fear. He gets up from his bed, looking angry.

The ring of authority shall not leave this
Kingdom in my reign. What must I do?
The Priest says the ring is within the kingdom...
Why can’t he point to the direction!

He holds his temper and sits back on the bed.


Prince Kun walks into his chamber and finds his wife, Halima, laid in bed.

My husband, come to bed so I take away your pain.

Not tonight, Halima, I need all my strength,
For I may do battle tomorrow.

Is Kumar conquering another land?

No. Perhaps soon, but we must keep the subjects
On a straight line. King of Ashti may need some
New lessons.

May the gods go with you!

They will. Now tell me what you have seen about
My father.

It doesn’t matter. I only wish to say by the gods,
Slay not the one who brings you good tidings.

You speak in riddles.

The King’s countenance shall be brightened but
It will be deadly to harm who shall bring such
Tidings. Rather honor the one.

Prince thinks upon the statement and joins her in bed, but to sleep.


Commander and some WARRIORS are set for battle and waiting. They are armed with bone carved weapons. They are holding ancient lights. Prince Kun joins them and nods at the Commander and they all file out.


The Prince and the Commander leads the 5 Warriors and they enter a boat and begin to paddle off shore into the river in that dark morning hours.


King Umar walks into his not too great palace and finds no guard. He is worried and begins to call out for his guards but instead, Prince Kun leads the warriors into the palace; laughing. King Umar becomes frightened.

Where are my guards?

It seems you have been training your people
To fight? But you have to train them harder.
My father sends his regard. He is busy, so I came.
Whenever I do, I am sorry people die.

Our crops failed for the season and
There is hardship in my land. We have to
Survive with what we have off the farm produce,
Tell this to your father, Great King Abdul.

Nonsense! You will continue to bring
Half of all your produce to our kingdom as
It has been a tradition. I shall gather this set
Myself, but if you fail to bring for the next season, we shall come and remove your kingdom.

King Umar tries to make him understand that if they do so, they will starve but he is adamant but instead asks for a maiden to keep him satisfied until the produce are completely gathered by his men. The King of Ashti helplessly agrees.


King Abdul is seated on his throne wearing a stone cold face when a guard comes in with news and tells him someone has found something that belongs to the palace. He livens up and tells him to bring in the person. He returns with one hungry looking villager; ADAMU.

My son let me see what you have.

He brings out a bangle and the king is confused and repulsed. He angrily asked that the man be locked by the guards until he deems it fit to release him. King Abdul gets angrier. Guard bundles Adamu out of the presence of the king.


Manee comes to stream to fetch water and meets some other village maidens who fetch and ignore her. She steps aside and allows them finish fetching before she moves in to fetch. On coming out, she cites a ring, made of thick animal skin. She picks it and wonders what it might be. She makes her way out of the place.


Manee is walking with focus, heading back home with pot of water on her head when Muktar stumbles upon her from a short route. She stops to thank him for the previous favor.

It is the least I could do to wipe
Your tears. Stop thanking me, you have done
Enough, Manee. You should go now, so you get home
To your family on time.

Manee smiles at him, shyly admiring him. He smiles back but turns to leave. She calls him back and shows him the ring she found.

I don’t know what it is. Could it be what
The King wants?

I don’t know. It looks quite special.

Should I show my guardians?

They will rob you off your honor,
I trust your mother.

You are right. I shall think what to do. Bye.

Muktar bids her farewell and they part ways. They look back at each other at intervals but none of them caught each other looking.

Literature / An African Epic Adventure For Your Reading Pleasure by andrewdg(m): 6:36pm On Dec 05, 2017
My name is Andrew Peter M., i have been a screenwriter for a while now and i have recently written and copyrighted a screenplay i want you guys at Nairaland to read and criticize. Hopefully a real and financially capable filmmaker will come up for it's filming.

I present to Nairaland's avid readers: KING OF KUMAR: An Epic adventure about the kingdom of Kumar ruled by the iron fist of King Abdul who subdues all neighboring Kingdoms. But if his dominance must continue, he must face the intricate plots of many kingdoms and a divinely selected man that will take over his throne. He must fight this prophecy or forfeit all.

Season 1 has 26 Episodes and has been completely written. And i intend to post an Episode every 3 days, continuously till we reach Episode 26. It promises to be an enjoyable ride. Sit back and enjoy!

Literature / Dream Touring by andrewdg(m): 3:06am On Sep 07, 2017
There are times when you need encouragement and a new level of inspiration and may not find it around. People around you seem too busy to know you need motivation. When in this situation, this is what I do: DREAM TOURING.

Sometimes our biggest need for encouragement is not after a loss, but ironically after the euphoria if a big success. When this occurs, I buy a first class ticket to my mind and tour my great dreams once again. It will give you fresh joy and inspire new belief. Suddenly you realize you want to get there and your motivation level comes up. By the time you return to reality, you discover you have a better perspective.

Only you genuinely and completely see the big picture, so no one can encourage you better than yourself. Enjoy the dream touring. Imagine it slowly like on real time; your first real job, your first million in your account, your wedding day, you Presidential speech as President of your great nation, signing autograph to happy fans, your book listed as a New York International Bestseller or your company’s inclusion in the Forbes fortune 500 company list… Just enjoy the tour.

This exercise generates endorphin in your brain. And if you know the power of joy, you will not undermine this energy boosting exercise. A merry heart does well like medicine. So says the Holy Scriptures in the book of Proverbs.

Your big dream is like a mountain and every mountain climber knows the power of imagination. It is that joy of the Mountain View in your mind that generates endurance to keep climbing. So tour your dreams and motivate yourself to keep moving.

Additional to enjoying the feeling of all that your dreams hold in store for you as you imagine them vividly, remind yourself of the impact it will make on your generation. As President, picture your agenda having a life transforming impact on the nation’s citizens. As a Pastor, imagine the transformation of lives as you consistently allow the Holy Spirit use you.

Your own dream may not have been mentioned among the few in this article but go ahead and practice this principle whenever you feel down and you will bounce back with renewed energy to chase those dreams. See you at the TOP!

Andrew Peter .M
Writer, Filmmaker and Inspirational Speaker
Literature / Combination To The Vault (an Inspiring Article) by andrewdg(m): 1:11am On Sep 04, 2017
Every treasure is secured. And it takes a key or a force to break into these treasures. In some cases, it takes a combination of keys to get into the vault. Without the right key, struggles are inevitable but how forcible are right words!

In life, career, business and even health, there is a level you want to get to. As we go through this motivational article, set your heart on that specific one. If it has value, then a price must be paid. There are three important keys you need to break into the vault of success and they are: Desire, Purpose and Persistence.

Until you desire your dream hard enough you may still consider quitting as an option. When NO is not an option, YES becomes a reality. Some of us desire what we want passively and it shows in our lackadaisical attitude towards our aim in life. If you desire it as though your life depends on it, it will be yours. Make your desire 100 percent!

A great deflector of desire is lack of purpose and nothing gingers like the knowing of fulfilling one’s purpose in life. If you feel a sense of fulfillment of purpose in what you pursue or do, it goes a long way in giving you the needed energy to achieve your dreams. We may not all ‘believe’ in God but somehow, we know we are here for a reason. Discovering and chasing that reason will put springs on your steps.

Thirdly, you need persistence. There will be some level of resistance and hurdles to cross. But if your desire is 100% and is boosted with the sense of fulfilling purpose, your persistence will be hard enough to break you into the vault of success. Nothing good comes easy. Gold is never found on the surface of the ground. You’ve got to dig and that requires some level of NEVER SAY NEVER.

Dreamer, these three keys when combined will open any vault of success, whether it’s in your business, academics, marriage or even ministry. So apply them today and watch the remarkable outcome in your life. I look forward to your testimony! See ya!

Andrew Peter .M
Writer, Filmmaker and Inspirational Speaker

If this article blessed you, please SHARE and check my profile to know how to get more.
Literature / Re: Get A Book Cover For Free Today While You Still Can. by andrewdg(m): 4:21pm On Feb 12, 2016
Hello sir, can you do a quality graphic illustration for a children storybook and for a 'good' price? Pls i need ur urgent reply. Thanks
TV/Movies / Re: Drama Script Needed by andrewdg(m): 5:30pm On Aug 28, 2015
what date in September is it coming up? Call me up, i think i can come up with something. 09035008828
Literature / Re: THE INHALER (an Inspiring Short Story) by andrewdg(m): 10:33am On Jun 09, 2015
I appreciate the number of views but please comments will be highly appreciated.
Literature / THE INHALER (an Inspiring Short Story) by andrewdg(m): 5:31pm On Jun 08, 2015
Dear Nairalanders, after writing many scripts and selling some, I have decided to create short films that will change lives. THE INHALER is one of them. And I am hoping to get frank opinions about the screenplay.

All the great writers and lovers of literature on board please read this 6 page short, and tell me what you think.

Constructive criticism is needed.

Andrew Simon

TV/Movies / Re: Collaborators For My Short Films by andrewdg(m): 5:05pm On Jun 08, 2015
Or should I post the script for you guys to see if you like it first?
TV/Movies / Collaborators For My Short Films by andrewdg(m): 3:16pm On Jun 08, 2015
Good day nairalanders, I am Andrew Simon, a screenwriter with some works sold. At this juncture in my life, I find it more in line with my purpose to change lives with films. And selling my scripts doesn't prove helpful in Nigeria.
So I have written some life changing short films and created a plan on getting this films on so many devices around the globe. However, I need collaborators.
If you have training in any film making department; from writing to directing to continuity and even acting, etc, please indicate your interest by contacting me via whatsapp: 09035008828.

If u have a passion to change lives, this is a great platform. Please let's do this.
TV/Movies / The Cure To Nollywood's Fallen Standard by andrewdg(m): 12:15pm On Nov 22, 2014
Over the years we wonder why Nollywood has refused to grow exponentially like the music industry.
My answer is that Nollywood has ignored the basics for great movies. without comparing with Hollywood that has huge production cost , great stories still remains the bedrock for all great movies.

The simple cure is to get very good screenwriters that will tell the African story in a world class standard

However this important aspect has been disregarded in Nigeria.

Scriptwriters are so poorly paid that most have dropped the trade. the cure to Nigeria's poor movies is to start finding professional scriptwriters who will write quality stories with low production cost in mind.

This is my opinion, what's yours?

8 Likes 1 Share

Literature / My New Project- SCENE 1 by andrewdg(m): 2:28pm On Sep 03, 2013
Hello Nairalanders i need you humble criticism on this scene; the first scene of a new project.

Andrew Simon

Religion / Dealing With Your Critics The Right Way by andrewdg(m): 1:53pm On Apr 27, 2013
How do you handle does controversial moments when people who love you criticize you because they misunderstand you?
This article proffers a scriptural concept to handling critics the way Christ did. Its a must read.
TV/Movies / Re: SUREST PATH; A Love Story By Andrew Simon. by andrewdg(m): 4:20pm On Feb 26, 2013
thanks. i would be glad to get your email. wanna send you something
TV/Movies / Re: SUREST PATH; A Love Story By Andrew Simon. by andrewdg(m): 1:51pm On Feb 19, 2013
okay, i'm waiting.
TV/Movies / SUREST PATH; A Love Story By Andrew Simon. by andrewdg(m): 1:15pm On Feb 19, 2013
One of my intentions when i write screenplays is to raise the bar in the industry. Please nairalanders help me criticize this short excerpt and tell me what you feel. I intend to sell it.

TV/Movies / Re: Kunle Afolayan Set To Shoot A $2m Movie by andrewdg(m): 12:04pm On Jan 04, 2013
good one!
TV/Movies / Upcoming Models Urgently Needed. by andrewdg(m): 4:02pm On Jan 02, 2013
I have been contracted by a production company dat ιѕ about rounding üÞ the shoot of their blockbuster movie, †ø bring 10 models; 25yrs and above, for a one day job as extras in a scene. You will be paid six thousand naira after shooting the scene. Pls only beautiful and sexy girls are needed. 5'7 ft tall and above. Call 08167882648 if U̶̲̥̅̊ are interested. Hurry! Its Ɲ☺τ about the money, its the connections you may get.

Andrew simon
TV/Movies / Re: Writers In The House, I Need Your Help. by andrewdg(m): 3:42pm On Jan 02, 2013
Thanks villageboy. And others. I was considering final draft because of the professionalism of the person I ǟ♍ dealing with. Since you recommend celtex, I will go with î†. I was in location before that's why I have not responded.
TV/Movies / Writers In The House, I Need Your Help. by andrewdg(m): 7:18pm On Dec 29, 2012
hello nairalanders, Andrew needs someone that can help him with final-draft software. i need to deliver a script in that format. and i don't have the money to buy it right now, but surely i will.
TV/Movies / Writes In The House, I Need Your Help. by andrewdg(m): 7:11pm On Dec 29, 2012
hello nairalanders, Andrew needs someone that can help him with final-draft software. i need to deliver a script in that format. and i don't have the money to buy it right now, but surely i will.
Literature / Re: Whats The Most Interesting Novel You've Ever Read? by andrewdg(m): 4:38pm On Dec 01, 2012
john grisham's the firm.

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