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Education / Re: Picture From North-west University Kano by dabrake(m): 8:27am On Sep 02, 2014
What came to my mind first was Kanye West's daughter. North West.
Romance / Re: Some Very Silly Things Guys Should Stop Doing by dabrake(m): 10:42pm On Sep 01, 2014
3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
I can kill especially for 3, 5 and 7.
Family / Re: What Are The Most Important Words Of Advice Given You By Your Parent? by dabrake(m): 3:42pm On Sep 01, 2014
Foolish men go after women.
Wise men go after success.
Women go after successful men.
That is from my mum.

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Fashion / Re: How Will You React When You See Someone Wearing The Same Clothes As Yours? by dabrake(m): 9:12am On Aug 31, 2014
We become friends
Politics / Re: Pdp’ll Form Next Govt In Lagos —mimiko by dabrake(m): 5:12pm On Aug 29, 2014
Mimiko said this at the investiture of the former Deputy National Chairman of PDP, Chief Olabode George, of the Mandela Icon Award by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), which took place at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

And then tomorrow, people will be thinking the youths will better this nation when given the wherewithal. What a shame.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Presidential Villas Across The World.(pictures) by dabrake(m): 12:10pm On Aug 29, 2014

And you took what you saw in a movie for it.
How credulous can one get?
If it's that possible like the movie made it appear, why then has terrorist groups like al-qaeda, ISIS not taken over the place or even bombed it?
Dear, the White house is not only protected, it is unpiercable.
And Snoop Dogg smuggled hard drugs into the white house with its sophisticated security mechanism.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Germany (0 - 1): FIFA U-20 Women WC Final On 8th August 2014 by dabrake(m): 1:52am On Aug 25, 2014
Corner kick to the falconets. . .
Wasted. Game over. 0 - 0
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Germany (0 - 1): FIFA U-20 Women WC Final On 8th August 2014 by dabrake(m): 1:43am On Aug 25, 2014
See clean goal. God punish ref.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Germany (0 - 1): FIFA U-20 Women WC Final On 8th August 2014 by dabrake(m): 1:42am On Aug 25, 2014
German corner. . . Cleared.
Offside. Thank God.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Germany (0 - 1): FIFA U-20 Women WC Final On 8th August 2014 by dabrake(m): 1:26am On Aug 25, 2014
The girls are tired. Hopee we win. Go falconets. Go.
Religion / Re: Your Top 5 Indigenous Gospel Musicians And Your Favorite Tracks by dabrake(m): 11:41am On Aug 24, 2014
QuiverBox: Panam Percy Paul
Your head dey there jare.
Religion / Re: Your Top 5 Indigenous Gospel Musicians And Your Favorite Tracks by dabrake(m): 10:45am On Aug 24, 2014
Give me Panam Percy Paul any day, anytime, anywhere.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Korea DPR (6 - 2) FIFA U-20 Women's WC Semi Final On Wed 20th August by dabrake(m): 11:50pm On Aug 20, 2014
caseless: Our gals no too fine, no breas't, no nyash...wetin pesin wan tap for their body sef?
Coach dedevbo stil de manage dem like that cos i can see his hand goin round their waist.
Are you expecting them to wear these normal bra so that their bweasts will be humping while running grin grin
Google them and you will see how busty they are. Check my wife Courtney Dike. wink
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Korea DPR (6 - 2) FIFA U-20 Women's WC Semi Final On Wed 20th August by dabrake(m): 11:47pm On Aug 20, 2014
Got crush on Courtney Dike
Education / Re: University Of Uyo(uniuyo) Students' Chat Room. Great Tuskites. by dabrake(m): 10:16pm On Aug 19, 2014
Hibernation or what?
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 9:57pm On Aug 19, 2014
Why are people responding to e-diots? You will be very surprised to know these guys learnt desktop publishing at one road side computer school like that and will be here forming Jazzy.

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Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 1:52pm On Aug 13, 2014

In foreign schools, a Bsc Accounting degree is equivalent to ACCA that's why when they graduate the colleges also give them ACCA certification but naija Bsc is Bsc.

My point is... The things you listed are meant to be part of the syllabus in naija colleges. But after spending 4 yrs in Uni. Naija graduates go still dey read for professional exams. That's RUBBISH.
I believe I've answered your question. The part highlighted is the issue so it doesn't look like a C.Sc. challenge/problem.
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 1:23pm On Aug 13, 2014
fattbabakay: ma nigga! Chop knuckle jhere!
You are very funny. Is there any discipline where you are being taught everything? As far as I am concerned, what we learn in schools are requirements/basics/foundations. The rest is left for us to explore, learn, relearn, unlearn and develop. The reason why we are called students is not to go to class, read for exams and pass but to explore beyond the classrooms. Have you heard of SIWES before? Why do you think SIWES was created? Why do people in other disciplines cover professional courses like CIBN, ICAN, PMP, etc? Why weren't they taught in schools?
The moment you limit your knowledge to what your lecturers taught you, you can as well move to History department. [Science] Students of that callibre bathed in salt solution to prevent ebola despite the knowledge of simple chemistry + biology and the availability of google because they prefer hearing things alone instead of employing research methodologies.

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Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 12:59pm On Aug 13, 2014
onyeuka: Computer science students indeed, those guy's that dont knw how to save files in a computer
Stale joke. Unless you want to tell me that "Ctrl + S > click directory > ok" more challenging than "fourier series" or "power series solutiob to differential equation".
Then I will readily give up on this whack mockery of yours.
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 12:53pm On Aug 13, 2014
Tiimmy: Computer scientist can also be "Instrumentation & Control Engineers" in reputable oil and gas industries.

Up-coming course on Instrumentation, Automation & Control engineering.

Modelling, Simulation and optimization nko?
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 12:50pm On Aug 13, 2014
chibwike: dont you think learning up to 15 programs would be kinda stressful...i prefer focusing on one program and becoming perfect in it.
As in, 15!!!!. Nigerians are just jack of all trades and could be annoying. This is no hustling spirit, rather, a greedy one.
Alright, let me use a practical illustration. If I were contracted to build a portal and the portal is expected to comprise of expertise on HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and JAVASCRIPT and say I am only good at the Cascading styling, I will seek clean and experienced hands in the remaining aspect and might/will go further to seek a systems analyst because I want to deliver something that speaks quality, beauty and near-perfection. It might be a window to my breakthroughs as the client might recommend me for similar and complex ones.
But the average man who learnt programming will want to do everything alone so as to chop alone, thereby ending up with a mediocre product.
Or why will someone want to learn more than 5/6 languages?
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 12:15pm On Aug 13, 2014

you just d cramp all your final year courses for computer science to display here?
You are very wicked.
By the way, why are people refusing to mention Maths/Stats and algorithms development here? The AI, graphics, robotics and the likes being mentioned are not feasible without mathematical methods like matrices, linear algebra, trigonometry, search algorithms like bee colony, ant colony, hill climbing, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, formulated mathematical models from modelling and simulation, etc. Mathematical Relations/Aristotle's logic happens to be the backbone of DBMS(if aRb and bRc, aRc). Also, number techniques is the foundation of data encryption but nobody is saying things like this.
For the graduates, I think we should discuss our challenges in school, outside school and others like projects for our junior colleagues here to learn.
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 11:59am On Aug 13, 2014
i only have admirations for you sir!!! Thumbs up. but i would like materials in the bolded areas. realy i'd love to learn.
I have materials on the last two. I gave the first two out to a junior colleague crush and she lost them. They were hard copy textbooks. Wicked onessad sad . I have cool materials on simulation and modelling and in AI as my major is channeled towards things of that nature. Send me a PM. You cound equally get anything you want on google including how to create life :-D
Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 11:43am On Aug 13, 2014
Mannylex: Am a computer science graduate, its a very interesting course and you must have a flare for it, the good thing is that there are many branches, pick your strenght and major in it, computer science is not only about programming, there are other fields you can thrive in (Networking, Programming, database administration, system analysis and design, system security, computer graphics, computer architecture, hardware, software engineering, web design and so on...) what some people have said here is true, u wont be thought somethings in school(thatz because some of the lecturers are outdated) get information, go do youtube, download video tutorials, dont waste ur data downloading pornn wink get useful information that would improve your skill. People say you can learn more stuffs on computer science without going to university, true! But thatz if u wanna establish your own IT firm if you want to work, a Bsc in computer science is necessary, then you can henceforth pay to get professional qualifications....

Computer science is not about learning how to type or use office tools, it goes beyond that, infact you wont be taught that, itz not as easy as people think! If you have a passion for it, you will enjoy the course. Itz only a computer scientist that could design a website for a big firm or create a database and be paid 1 million naira! I love my course, am a proud naccosite.

Have no fear; Mannylex is here
God bless you. It angers me when I hear people say computer science is useless due to the fact that they learnt PHP5, mySQL, XML/CSS and some open source shits like bootstrap, simplepx, joomla and so on. To them, C.Sc. = Web design. Another set of lunatics are those who think obtaining an ND degree in aptech/NIIT is better than a B.Sc./HND degree in a reputable institution. I really do not blame them but the whack NACOSSITE undergraduates who gave them the effrontery to spit fire. Most of these computer science students read to pass and as such, cannot out-think and manoeuvre their way out of any real life challenge. At least, if not for anything, I have been able to prove the overwhelming relevance of Mathematics/Statistics in our field of study(Computer Science) during complex real-life situations on campus and where I and my colleagues began an information system solution based enterprise.
Computer science is the most diverse course one can study and could be deployed in any field of life including Law firms in decision making. I urge NACOSSITES to stand tall and defend us whenever idiots try mocking us. I've silenced many and will continue to silence others including our brothers(Computer Engineering students) if they try to belittle me. I've learnt:
Computer programming and its organization.
Object oriented, web, network and database programming.
Security and intelligence.
MSOffice/Desktop publishing.
Low level languages.
Computer architecture.
Data structures and algorithm.
Digital computer logic.
Operating systems principles.
Compiler principles and design.
Systems analysis and design.
Discrete mathematics of computing.
Information storage and retreival.
Computer Graphics.
Simulation and modelling.
Software engineering.
Hardware engineering.
Artificial intelligence.
Operations research/decision science.
And a host of others including the numerous mathematical/statistical courses relevant in this field and believe me, I can, at 99.99% confidence level, infer that they are relevant abd I can't allow the knowledge waste like that.. Think outside the box. Engage your brains in relevant games like chess, scrabble and other mentally challenging games. Invest more on google, wikipedia, online journals, hard and softcopy books and relevant literatures instead of TI AND TINY, Kardashians and other silly sh11tz. With these done, it will not only elevate computer science studebts from the level of our present day mockery but will also make us the light of the world.


Education / Re: A Thread For Computer Science Students.(Nacossites) by dabrake(m): 11:09am On Aug 13, 2014
I rep NACOSS UNIUYO. I am a graduate sha. Our's is a 5-year programme.
Jokes Etc / Re: Your Top 5 Most Hilarious Nairaland Usernames by dabrake(m): 11:48am On Aug 01, 2014
Big Vajina.
Bushy Anus.
Seun ShaGARRI.
Romance / Re: What Is The Biggest Amount You Have Given A Girl You Dated Or Flirted With? by dabrake(m): 11:05pm On Jul 30, 2014
Politics / Re: Where Are The Subsidy Buses?????(safetrip) by dabrake(m): 11:47am On Jul 28, 2014
rozayx5: i see a lot of them parked off Lekki Epe in a park

the ones sent to Akwa Ibom ( hyundai ) are being used
Are you referring to the same Akwa Ibom state I dwell full time?

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Family / Re: 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage! by dabrake(m): 8:43am On Jul 20, 2014
solazo: You’re smart. You know life is no storybook. But admit it: Somewhere deep in your subconscious lurk romantic visions of Cinderella, or maybe Julia Roberts. The images may be sketchy and a little outdated, but you can stillmake out the silhouette of the bride and Prince Charming riding off into the sunset.

In real life, sometimes your Disney fairy tale ends up feeling more like a Wes Craven horror flick — and you’re the chick who keeps falling down and screaming for her life. I’ve been there. Let’s face it, marriage is not for the faint of heart. You want to believe your pure love for each other will pull you through. And it does. But it ain’t always pretty.

That may sound grim. But here’s a secret: Sometimes it’s the least romantic parts of marriage that have the most to teach you about yourself, your partner, and the nature of love. Read on for some simple truths that will unlock the surprising treasures and pleasures in your imperfect, unstorybook, real-life love.

Marriage truth #1

You will look at the person lying next to you and wonder, Is this it? Forever?

When you get married, you think that as long as you pick the right guy — your soul mate — you’ll be happy together until death do you part. Then you wake up one day and realize that no matter how great he is, he doesn’t make you happy every moment of every day. In fact, some days you might wonder why you were in such a hurry to get married in the first place. You think to yourself, This is so not what I signed up for.

Actually, it is. You just didn’t realize it the day you and your guy were cramming wedding cake into each other’s faces, clinking champagne glasses, and dancing the Electric Slide. Back then you had no idea that “for better and for worse” doesn’t kick in only when life hands you a tragedy. Your relationship mettle is, in fact, most tested on a daily basis, when the utter sameness of day-in/day-out togetherness can sometimes make you want to run for the hills. That’s when the disappointment sneaks in, and maybe even a palpable sense of loneliness and grief. It’s not him. It’s just you, letting go of that sugarcoated fantasy of marriage that danced in your eyes the day you and your beloved posed in all those soft-focus wedding photos. You’re learning that marriage isn’t a destination; it’s a journey filled with equal parts excitement and tedium.

Waking up from a good dream to face the harsh morning daylight may not seem like a reason to celebrate. But trust me, it is. Because once you let go of all the hokey stories of eternal bliss, you find that the reality of marriage is far richer and more rewarding than you ever could have guessed. Hard, yes. Frustrating, yes. But full of its own powerful, quiet enchantments just the same, and that’s better than any fairy tale.

Marriage truth #2

You’ll work harder than you ever imagined

Early on, when people say, “Marriage takes work,” you assume “work” means being patient when he forgets to put down the toilet seat. In your naiveté, you think that you will struggle to accommodate some annoying habit, like persistent knuckle cracking or flatulence.

If only it were that easy. Human beings, you may have noticed, are not simple creatures. Your man has mysterious, unplumbed depths — and from where he sits, you’re pretty complicated, too. You have to learn each other the same way that you once learned earth science or world geography. And getting married doesn’t mean you’re done — it just means you’ve advanced to graduate-level studies. That’s because every time you think you’ve mastered the material, he’ll change a bit. And so will you. As two people grow and evolve, the real work of marriage is finding a way to relate to and nurture each other in the process.

“It’s like losing weight,” says Andrea Harden, 45, of Buffalo, NY. “You want it to be a one-time deal. You lost it, now just live. But then you learn it’s a lifestyle. That’s marriage. The effort is a forever thing.” So don’t be too hard on yourself — or him — on those days when you feel like you’re struggling through remedial math.

Marriage truth #3

You will sometimes go to bed mad (and maybe even wake up madder)

Do you have a “never go to bed angry” pact with your partner?

Yes! We make a point to always resolve issues before bed.

Yes but we rarely follow it.

Nope, there’s no way that would work for us!

Whoever decided to tell newlyweds “Never go to bed angry” doesn’t know what it’s like inside a bedroom where tears and accusations fly as one spouse talks the other into a woozy stupor until night meets the dawn. If this scenario sounds familiar, I’ve got three words for you: Sleep on it.

You need to calm down. You need to gain perspective. You need to just give it a rest. I’ve found that an argument of any quality, like a fine wine, needs to breathe. A break in the action will help you figure out whether you’re angry, hurt, or both, and then pinpoint the exact source. Maybe the fight that seemed to erupt over the overflowing garbage can is really about feeling underappreciated. Could be you’re both stressed out at work and just needed to unload on someone. Taking a break will help you see that, and let go. Or maybe you really do have a legitimate disagreement to work out. Without a time-out, sometimes a perfectly good argument can turn into an endless round of silly back-and-forth, rehashing old and irrelevant transgressions as you get more and more wound up.

Even when you do manage to stay focused and on topic, there are some fights that stubbornly refuse to die by bedtime. And if you stifle your real feelings just to meet some arbitrary deadline, your marriage will surely be the worse for it. “This was a huge lesson for me,” says Andrea. “As women we’ve been trained to make nice. But the whole kiss-and-make-up thing just to keep the peace was eating me up inside. I’d let things build up inside me until I just exploded. Now I wait a while to get hold of myself — let the emotions settle a bit — and state my position. Even if that means reopening the fight the next day.”

Marriage truth #4

You will go without sex — sometimes for a long time — and that’s okay

How often do you have sex?

Every single day!

3+ times per week

Once a week

Once a month

Rarely. And I mean, rarely.

There are few men in the Western world sexier than my husband. And I don’t say this because I know he may read this article. I’ve seen women checking him out when they think I’m not looking. (Honestly, ladies, you don’t have to sneak a peek. I don’t mind if you stare.) That said, there are times that I just don’t feel like having sex — often for reasons that have nothing to do with Genoveso. (See? Even his name is sexy.) I can’t lie and say this is always okay with him. But the fact is, there are also plenty of nights when he’s not in the mood. So maybe a few days go by when we don’t do it. And then a few more. And….

Sexless periods are a natural part of married life. A dry spell isn’t a sign that you’ve lost your mojo or that you’ll never have sex again. It just means that maybe this week, sleep is more important than sex. (I don’t know about you, but between work, 3 a.m. feedings, the PTA, soccer, T-ball, and everything else, I sometimes crave sleep the way a pimply, hormonal adolescent longs to cop a feel.)

And don’t kid yourself; no one in America is doing it as often as popular culture would have you believe. Instead of worrying about how much you think you “should” be having sex, keep the focus on figuring out your own rhythm. “I used to think, What’s happened to us? We always used to be in the mood,” says 35-year-old Kim Henderson of Oakland, CA, who’s been married for five years. “Now I know better. Life happens. My husband just started a new job. He has a long commute, and we have two small children. I think we’re good.”

The key is to make sure that even if you’re not doing “it,” you’re still doing something — touching, kissing, hugging. Personally, my heart gets warm and mushy when my husband rubs my feet after a long, tiring day. He may not be anywhere near my center of gravity, but that little bit of touch and attention keeps us connected even when we’re not having spine-tingling sex.

Marriage truth #5

Getting your way is usually not as important as finding a way to work together

I can be a bit of a know-it-all. There, I said it. It’s really not my intention to be hurtful or brash with people I love. It’s just that a lifetime of experience has taught me that in most areas, at most times, I am right about most things. What shocked me several years into my marriage, though, was the realization that the more “right” I was, the more discontented my husband and I were as a couple. See, oddly enough, throughout his life Genoveso has been under the misguided impression that he’s right most of the time (go figure!). So we’d lock horns — often. That is, until I learned a few things.

Namely, that when it comes to certain disagreements, there is no right or wrong — there is simply your way of looking at things and your husband’s. “I used to be very black-and-white earlier in our marriage,” says Lindy Vincent, 38, who lives in Minneapolis. “Now I see that I’m not all right and my husband is not all wrong. There’s more gray in life than I thought, and that’s taught me patience and the value of compromise.”

The more I get to know and appreciate my husband for who he is, the more I respect his positions. That doesn’t mean I always agree with him. But I can see the value in striking a balance that satisfies us both. And instead of harping on how wrong he is, I can usually swallow the verbal vitriol and simply say something like, “I see your point” or “I hadn’t considered that.” After I sincerely acknowledge his view, it seems to become easier for him to hear mine. And because I know I’m being heard, most of the time now, I don’t even want to prove how right I am anymore. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Marriage truth #6

A great marriage doesn’t mean no conflict; it simply means a couple keeps trying to get it right

Maybe you think that because of my newfound wisdom, Genoveso and I never fight anymore. Ha! As important as it is to strike a balance, it’s also important to have a big, fat fight every now and then. Because when you fight, you don’t just raise your voices; you raise real — sometimes buried — issues that challenge you to come to a clearer understanding of you, your man, and your relationship. I wouldn’t give up our fights for anything in the world, because I know in the end they won’t break us; they’ll only make us stronger.

Marriage truth #7

You’ll realize that you can only change yourself

Ever seen the ’80s sci-fi cult classic Making Mr. Right? When the stylish heroine, played by Ann Magnuson, is hired to teach a robot how to act like a human, she seizes the chance to create a perfect guy. A hotshot commercial whiz, she uses her marketing prowess to shape John Malkovich’s android character into her personal version of the ideal man — sensitive, eager to please, and willing to listen.

There is a bit of that makeover fantasy in all of us — something that makes us believe we can change the person we love, make him just a little bit closer to perfect. We may use support and empathy or shouts and ultimatums, but with dogged conviction we take on this huge responsibility, convinced we’re doing the right thing.

Whatever our motives, the effort is exhausting. Transforming a full-grown man — stripping him of decades-old habits, beliefs, and idiosyncrasies — is truly an impossible task. And you will come to realize, sooner than later if you’re lucky, that it is far easier to change the way you respond to him.

Here’s a perfect case in point: “I used to go off on my husband because he didn’t empty the sink trap when he cleaned the kitchen,” says Kimberly Seals Allers, 36, of Bay Shore, NY. “It got me nowhere; my rants only made him resentful. Now I come home and when the kitchen looks clean, I’m like, ‘Cool, now all I have to do is empty the sink trap.’”

Marriage truth #8

As you face your fears and insecurities, you will find out what you’re really made of

I’ve got issues. Trust issues. Control issues. And others, I’m sure, that I’ve yet to fully discover. I guess I’ve always known I wasn’t perfect. But in more than a decade of marriage, I’ve been smacked upside the head with the cold, hard evidence.

There were clues when Genoveso and I were dating, especially with the trust thing. Early on, I was supersuspicious of him. He used to say things like, “I’ll call you at 8.” Then, just to try to trip me up, he’d call at 8. I knew he was up to something, I just couldn’t figure out what. The same kinds of experiences followed after the wedding. Except occasionally he would actually mess up. And I had no sense of scale when it came to rating his offenses; everything was a major violation. Whether he teased me about a new haircut or came home late, I seethed for days and even let thoughts of divorce creep into my head. I figured, if he loved me — really and truly — this stuff wouldn’t happen.

I’d like to be able to say that this irrational behavior lasted only a few months and I eventually worked it out. Kind of, sort of, is closer to the truth. After years of looking deeply into my soul and talking to good friends and the best sister a girl could ever have, I’ve come to recognize certain things about myself. Not to get all Dr. Phil about it, but I’ve had to examine my history with an emotionally distant dad and a strong-willed mom and face up to all the ways, both good and bad, that those relationships have affected how I approach my marriage.

I still struggle as a work in progress. But I am completely clear in the knowledge that many of the deepest frustrations in your relationship are an opportunity for you to confront yourself. That can be difficult to accept — after all, it’s so much more comforting to keep a running tab of your hubby’s deficits and tell yourself that his failings are the only thing standing between you and a better marriage. But if you let it, this bumpy journey toward self-awareness can be one of the more fulfilling rewards of a committed, long-term relationship — you’ll learn to love your quirks and be compassionate toward yourself, just as you’re learning to do with him.

That’s the strange beauty of marriage: It’s full of hard times and hard lessons that no one can ever prepare you for. But in the end, those are the things that give richness to your life together — and make your love even deeper and stronger than when it began.

Romance / Re: What Things In Common Do You Have With Your Partner? by dabrake(m): 6:08pm On Jul 08, 2014
I am Melancholy(dominant), Phlegmatic(recessive).
She is Phlegmatic(dominant), Melancholy(recessive).
Sports / Re: New Pictures Of Akwa Ibom Stadium (2014) by dabrake(m): 10:06am On Jul 04, 2014
honeric01: We do not want any political rants on this board, stay on sport related matters or risk getting banned.

Omo, see vexing nah. LMAO


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