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Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON,5MILE n CRAIGSLIST.(free Shiping) by Frosti(m): 6:39pm On Feb 02

Also dell inspirion (1tb hard drive, 8gb memory,mint condition+ free phone+ mad accessories) coming in next week

watch out for Crazy Laptop deals 2016 edition part one...."i nor get hp envy",

Can I make a deposit to book this deal ahead of time?

Do u prefer
Or cubetalk?
Hello, if i pay for the Xiami Redmi Note 3 tomorrow, when can i expect it?

What are the specs and price?
Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON,5MILE n CRAIGSLIST.(free Shiping) by Frosti(m): 8:23pm On Jan 10

more laptops will be available by 1stweek Febraury......(already got hp dm4 beats laptop with 8gb memory)

How much for the Hp dm4? Also need a SIM enabled tablet.
Celebrities / Re: DJ Bellcheque At Flavour Manager's Wedding, Sets It On Fire (pics) by Frosti(m): 8:45pm On Jan 07
Technology Market / Re: Crazy xmas clearance Sales!!! by Frosti(m): 11:08am On Dec 17, 2015
-Apple Macbook pro-Intel core i7................................125k (dis na give away ohh)

-year of release...2011
-8gb ram
-128 gb hard drive
-Software items worth $300
-2.7GHZ speed

free accessories:
-Laptop Bag
-Lapdesk (3 in 1)
-Usb fan
-Free mens Boxers

Please keep this for me. Will make deposit today.

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Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON,5MILE n CRAIGSLIST.(free Shiping) by Frosti(m): 8:18pm On Dec 10, 2015

This Laptop is about $450+ $60 shipping to n9ja,thats about 117k..=(duo core+13"+8gb memory+250 hard drive+ yeah 2009?)

why not wit till next week(my xmas clearance sales), i have a laptop that tripples this one plus accessories for almost same price...

Specs of mine below

Apple macbook pro+ 2011 year of release+ 13" size+ Intel core i7+ 500 hard drive+ very strong battery+over $500 worth of software installed

I want to make a deposit for this tomorrow. Please reserve it for me.
Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON,5MILE n CRAIGSLIST.(free Shiping) by Frosti(m): 11:06pm On Nov 10, 2015

bros na measurement ohhh...we measure the total weight, $5 per pound, though d food itself is so so cheap, wish i was shipping a car to n9ja, would have shipped over 500 cans for free

Sent you a WhatsApp message.
Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON,5MILE n CRAIGSLIST.(free Shiping) by Frosti(m): 7:54pm On Nov 10, 2015
more arrivals...
oga Mn.....foldable indoor/outdoor table purchased from warlmart...
and other supliments/drugs and cream

And more dog food, each cans cost less than $1(just 88cents)
I need some of the dog food. How do you sell?
Literature / Re: Nairaland Writers Collaboration 2015 (Discussion Thread) by Frosti(m): 10:25pm On Oct 06, 2015
Wow! Frosti! shocked shocked shocked

Jeez! You're so welcome! You've been added sharperly cheesy

You are the man! Quite busy of late, but will give it my best shot. Thanks and Cheers!
Literature / Re: Nairaland Writers Collaboration 2015 (Discussion Thread) by Frosti(m): 9:39pm On Oct 06, 2015
Yes! It's back again! cheesy

One of the most exciting events of the Nairaland Literature Section is back again!

This is the third season of the popular NWC that began in 2013.

Check out the first season (2013) here

And the second season (2014) here

Below is the list of writers who have participated in the collaboration so far (including their popular works on Nairaland)

-Season 1-

Chapter One: Larry Sun Black Maria

Chapter Two: Frank317 (Frank Anozie) Secrets of the Gods

Chapter Three: Redmosquito Sango: Return of Lightning

Chapter Four: EfemenaXY Mysterious Depths (https://my.bookbaby.com/book/mysterious-depths)

Chapter Five: MaziOmenuko NYSC: National Year of Sex and Comfort

Chapter Six: Oahray Patch of Black

Chapter Seven: Sigmundfreud

Chapter Eight: Ishilove "The Place of Rest" - Wasimi Chronicles

Chapter Nine: Uniquexty

Chapter Ten: HumbledbYGrace Jewels of Africa

Chapter Eleven: Frosti

Chapter Twelve: Mynd44 The Guardians - Rise of the Powers that Be

Chapter Thirteen: Larry Sun

Chapter Fourteen: Rapmaestro Love in my Favour

-Season 2-

Chapter One: Larry Sun

Chapter Two: Frank317 (Frank Anozie)

Chapter Three: Repogirl (Peju Amadi) False Pretenses

Chapter Four: TemitopeDaniel The Unknown

Chapter Five: Therock5555 The Preacher's Son

Chapter Six: PrettySpicey (T.M Spice) Take Me As I AM

Chapter Seven: Kayemjay (Kevin John) An Evening with Eva

Chapter Eight: MaziOmenuko

Chapter Nine: AudreyTimms Unfulfilled Promises

Chapter Ten: OMA4U Patron of Matrimony

Chapter Eleven: Divepen1 The Unknown Shadows

Chapter Twelve: KingzPen On the Run

Chapter Thirteen: HumbledbYGrace

Chapter Fourteen: Chistar01 Why I Want to be Bad

Chapter Fifteen: D9ty7 All in a Circle

Chapter Sixteen: Royver I See Things Others do not See

If you are a writer who is interested in participating in the third season, let us discuss your eligibility.

For the readers: Let us know which of your favourite writers you would love to see participate in this exciting project. smiley

Below is the current list of participating writers for this third season. The list shall be duly updated as more writers join. The timetable shall come up as soon as the list is complete.

1. Larry Sun

2. Llaykorn

3. Slap1

4. EfemenaXY

5. ÓluwabuqqyYOLO

6. Divepen1

7. Nuges11

8. Dygeasy

9. Greeneyes

10. Oahray

11. Royver

12. Sveen

13. EggovinMma

Hey Larry Sun,

Have all the slots been filled yet? It would be nice to be a part of this once more. Add my name to the list of contributors.
Phones / Iphone 6s And Iphone 6s Plus With 3D Touch Display Launched by Frosti(m): 1:16am On Sep 10, 2015
Apple has unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - described by CEO Tim Cook as the "most advanced phones ever" - at a special event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Pre-orders for the new iPhone models begin this Saturday and they have a launch date (start shipping) in twelve countries on September 25.

The price for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus remain unchanged compared to their predecessors: $649 for the 16GB iPhone 6s, $749 for the 64GB iPhone 6s and 16GB iPhone 6s Plus, $849 for 128GB iPhone 6s and 64GB iPhone 6s Plus, and $949 for the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus (all US prices). There's no word yet on India price or launch date.

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus come in four colours: Silver, Gold, Space Grey, and a new Rose Gold Aluminium finish, made from a custom alloy designed by Apple. The regions where the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available at launch are: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Science/Technology / Re: Drone Spotted At Ojota Bus Stop This Afternoon(Photos) by Frosti(m): 6:53pm On Sep 08, 2015
Nice one.

Did he actually build that?

Da Noob Geek Tech Guide
Properties / Re: Buy Lands At Our Planned Estate "Royal Palm Estates" Ugwuomu Nike, Enugu by Frosti(m): 8:36pm On Aug 17, 2015

We can create as many exits as we want when we start building. For now we can only afford one entrance. I have a plan to buy more plots at the back of this one.
I am interested in any new plot that becomes available for purchase.
Technology Market / Re: ¤¤¤brand new 2TB external hdd USB 3.0 xtraLOADED™ with contents¤¤¤ by Frosti(m): 6:53am On Aug 17, 2015
Please send list of contents to justusmaven@gmail.com
Pets / Re: Hurray.. My Boerboel Just Littered 8 Pups, Pics. by Frosti(m): 9:38pm On Aug 02, 2015
How much for one of those?
Business / Re: Would You Know A Replica If You Saw One? by Frosti(m): 9:12pm On Aug 02, 2015
I figured I'd make a post detailing the in-and-out of Replicas . This
should hopefully give those new to replicas a solid foothold on where
to start! I hope you guys enjoy the guide and hopefully it helps you
out. If anyone has any corrections or contributions please tell me and
I'll be sure to implement and credit you.
With that out of the way,

lets begin, I will like to give some information and notes before
dropping the guides on buying replica item in china.

Replicas and their original representation can be seen as fake or real
depending on the viewer. Good replicas take much education in other
to understanding all the processes, also depending on the factory and
cities you are buying from . To create a good and authentic replica of
an object then you need a good replica company(one with very good
knowledge about the item and has lot of experience in its production),
for a skilled forger to create the same authentic object that is like
the original object, they may be on it for long, This process takes
time and much money to be done correctly because the same authentic
feel has to be present for consumers to want to buy a “fake” designer
bag or watch. They still want to achieve the look of higher class.

Do you have this replica in stock? How much? Would like to get one.

TV/Movies / Re: Ay's 30 DAYS IN ATLANTA Is Overhyped (opinion) by Frosti(m): 8:24pm On Jun 26, 2015
Over-hyped piece of crappy movie. Wished I could get back the 80 minutes I used in watching it.

AY was not the right person for the Apkors role. Bovi, the real Apkors, would have been totally awesome and the film would have made more brain.
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (No Spoilers Please) by Frosti(m): 7:09am On Jun 10, 2015
The ends/means dilemma is a popular scenario in ethics discussions. Usually, the question goes something like this: “If you could save the world by killing someone, would you do it?” If the answer is “yes,” then a morally right outcome justifies the use of immoral means to achieve it. But there are three different things to consider in such a situation: the morality of the action, the morality of the outcome, and the morality of the person performing the action. In this situation, the action (murder) is clearly immoral and so is the murderer. But saving the world is a good and moral outcome. Or is it? What kind of world is being saved if murderers are allowed to decide when and if murder is justified and then go free? Or does the murderer face punishment for his crime in the world that he has saved? And would the world that was saved be justified in taking the life of the one who had just saved them?And by the way Stannis is not ambitious.

Always acknowledge source if you are not the original author.



Technology Market / Re: ##ORDER LAPTOPS,PHONES FROM USA,UK & DUBAI TO NIGERIA IN 8 DAYS##CLICK HERE***** by Frosti(m): 12:36pm On May 18, 2015

No i didn't because you didn't explain it the way you just did for me to get you. Now you just explained what you meant. That Amazon is for India and the shipping charges will be high from India to US, so its up to you if you still want to go ahead with it, i can buy it.

OK, I will forget about it then. Will get back to you if and when it becomes available on the main Amazon site.
Technology Market / Re: ##ORDER LAPTOPS,PHONES FROM USA,UK & DUBAI TO NIGERIA IN 8 DAYS##CLICK HERE***** by Frosti(m): 12:17pm On May 18, 2015

No you are actually copying the site page and not the product link.
You don't get it, do you?

There is no product link, yet. It is not yet available for purchase but will become available as a flash sale on the 28th of May. I want to know if you can buy it for me on that day.

You can read the listing on the page to understand more.
Technology Market / Re: ##ORDER LAPTOPS,PHONES FROM USA,UK & DUBAI TO NIGERIA IN 8 DAYS##CLICK HERE***** by Frosti(m): 7:46am On May 18, 2015

No item on this link you posted.

There is a link available there. http://www.amazon.in/b?ie=UTF8&node=6612057031&tag=smartprix-21&ascsubtag=8Jpi6wVbRSS6IyI

Or you can Google for Yu Yuphoria, on available on Amazon.in
Technology Market / Re: ##ORDER LAPTOPS,PHONES FROM USA,UK & DUBAI TO NIGERIA IN 8 DAYS##CLICK HERE***** by Frosti(m): 10:17pm On May 17, 2015
Hello Justi, can you help me and get this item? It is a flash sale going down on 28th May, 2015 on Amazon.in. If you can, give me a quote of amount to Lagos.

Business / Re: Gtbank Launches Mobile Phone Money Transfer - First Of Its Kind! by Frosti(m): 10:09pm On May 16, 2015
How To Transfer Money With GTBank Mobile Phone Money Transfer

Here’s the full USSD code
GTBank to GTBank
1. Dial * 737 * 1* amount* NUBAN# e.g. *737*1*5000*1234567890#
2. Enter last 4 digits of debit card.

GTBank to Other Banks
1. Dial * 737 * 2 * amount* NUBAN #
2. Select receiving bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN)
3. Enter last 4 digits of debit card.

Webmasters / Re: Top Must Have Wordpress Plugins. by Frosti(m): 12:44am On May 12, 2015

Though the list inconclusive.....likewise yours.....

The first plugin to install in a new wp installation is iTheme Security....to guard and secure your installation and prepare the ground for further installation of plugins......for Yoast WP SEO.....I still believe in having the content people are looking for and a mobile friendly theme...then you will surely have your traffic....I mnange some wp sites and their traffic has been organic and not using SEO..because people are in need of the content on those sites.....I will talk more at a seminar soon....

Yeah, you are right about securing WordPress, forget that for a bit. But I prefer WordFence Security, thats what I use.

And though I agree that content is king, getting your content in front of the right audience (aka traffic) should also be a priority. And optimizing for search engine traffic (SEO) is a no-brainer with Yoast WP SEO plugin.
Webmasters / Re: Top Must Have Wordpress Plugins. by Frosti(m): 4:02pm On May 11, 2015
Jetpack and Yoast WP SEO are the first plugins to install on any WordPress site.

This list is hereby rendered inconclusive.
Properties / Re: 8 Flats Of 3 Bedrooms Construction In Awkunanaw Enugu by Frosti(m): 9:01pm On May 02, 2015
Reporting for class.

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Properties / Re: 5 Companies With the Coolest Office Spaces in Nigeria [Photos] by Frosti(m): 9:56am On Apr 21, 2015
CCHub's is awesome.
Properties / Re: The Making Of The Port Harcourt "Duplex + 4 Flats" by Frosti(m): 10:50pm On Apr 19, 2015
Reporting for class.

That compound is quite large. Whats the size?

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Politics / Re: Even "Usually Boning "Muazu Had To Laugh At This Jay-jay Okocha's Joke by Frosti(m): 8:01am On Mar 23, 2015
How can I download youtube videos?
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Poses Next To His Bentley(photos) by Frosti(m): 7:35am On Jan 29, 2015
He is obviously enjoying his money. Which he obviously worked hard for.

Check out my Tech Blog.

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by Frosti(m): 7:03am On Jan 20, 2015

I believe you were referring to me.
Well, I did not get it again, or to put it rightly, I did not buy it again. Although one of my friend in Geothe wanted to get on my behalf. He even said you can go to Geothe and get it yourself. Its not that hard.
However, I remembered a friend (who is on this thread) had it too so I went to check the package out first before spending a dime on it. The hard copy contains 3 sets of book. 2 of which are workbooks and one the CD. I didn't like the workbook much, it would be better if one attended the classes, although it could be helpful too if you can spend quality time with it on your own. My judgement was however influenced by the fact that he presented me with other package far beyond my imagination.
I took his CD, (I will only get one of the workbook) of course. However the ones I found more helpful was the Paul Coggle (containing and ebook with audio), some YouTube videos, The shuams outline for German language (very 5 star textbook), an ebook.

In addition to the apps on my phones, the A1-B1 course am following online (with the ebooks too). I'm home and dry.

I will put down the sites but I'm afraid of the antispambot thingy.

If you stay in Lagos and you are the type that do not have much qualms with reading on computers and sometimes phone and gadgets. I could provide you with what I have got.

Sent you a PM bro. Will like to get them. Thanks in advance.

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