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Travel / Re: 10 Of The World's Longest Bridges by Novice1(m): 11:30pm On Apr 18
nellaluv: Third mainland bridge nko? I tot it was the longest in the world abi na Africa dem talk tongue

Problem with many Lagosians is they believe it is all in Lagos.
Violent Crimes / Re: 25 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised by Novice1(m): 6:26am On Apr 02
Majority of these torture devices were used by christians on heretics
Foreign Affairs / Re: Our Plane Was Hijacked- Malaysia Officials by Novice1(m): 2:56pm On Mar 15
Justiyke4u: Another season of "few seconds to disaster" on its way

You bet. Irs gonna be a good episode. Cant wait to watch
Car Talk / Re: Mechanic Showed Me Pepper Today by Novice1(m): 9:20am On Mar 12
I will blame your ignorance on cars and your gullibility to allow the mechanic take you for a ride (pun intended).
Anybody that uses a car should have at least some basic knowledge on how a car operates. With that knowledge, your mechanic will sit up and be more cautious about his lies.

If by the fist change of part diagnosed as faulty by the mechanic the car doesn't fire up, you should know that he either doesn't know what he is doing or he is out to fleece you.
Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala’s Economics Of Import Waivers by Novice1(m): 8:05am On Mar 05
Whats your laptop no?

rudedough: OP and the guy above me are dumber than a doughnut.

So it is your own economics that brought 6 auto industries into Nigeria?

It is your economics that changed the mind of Dunlop tyres that they are moving back to Nigeria.

It is your economics that is making Huawei mobile phone, Lenovo, Techno etc build their assembling plants in Nigeria.

...Just to mention a few. I feel like slapping you both for being honestly.


Politics / Re: Presidential Media Chat Takes Place Today, 7pm by Novice1(m): 8:07am On Feb 24
It will be useless to us except they have open phone lines that we can call and ask our questions.


Politics / Re: Sahara Reporters Lied Again. Patience Jonathan Not Flown Abroad. by Novice1(m): 8:28am On Feb 17

Haters gon bleed to death.

the e-cockroaches have reported for work early morning

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Politics / Re: Sahara Reporters Lied Again. Patience Jonathan Not Flown Abroad. by Novice1(m): 8:22am On Feb 17

This guy is frustrated

frustrated by what/who?

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Politics / Re: Sahara Reporters Lied Again. Patience Jonathan Not Flown Abroad. by Novice1(m): 8:19am On Feb 17
“[b]Our mother[/b]cannot be sick. She is here resplendent; she is here beautifully standing tall above all mischief makers. She will continue to give us guidance and leadership,” he said.

speak for yourself Mr. sycophant FCT minister. She is only the mother of those overfed hippo-looking kids and not the rest of us.

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Family / Re: A Night Time Mugging Experience At Wuse/berger by Novice1(m): 6:49am On Jan 31
kevoh: Guys just sheepishly hand over what ever they ask you to, this is not yankee oo! Pepper spray ko, Tomato ketchup ni . Don't mess with boys that smoke indian hemp before going for operation, they can do anything ranging from shooting you to 'macheting' without any remorse.

Are u one of them?
Politics / Re: Anti-gay Law: Canadian Government Cancels Jonathan’s State Visit. by Novice1(m): 7:14am On Jan 19
GeneralJ: Da fuq is canada bro, if say na America sef, i go say ehnhn, but Canada, what has Canada done for us or given us, of what importance is Canada to Nigeria, its not like there are a lot of important canadian companies in Nigeria,... when was the last time you heard of Canada in Nigerian news ? So why should anybody care if they cancel visit,

But a lot of us use blackberries........


Politics / Re: Complimentary Card Of President Jonathan's CSO's Wife. by Novice1(m): 7:56am On Jan 16
CFCfan: This is absolutely disgraceful!! One hopes that this development won't lead Nigeria into a pestilential aqua of impunity, otherwise the ship of state will inevitable sail into avoidable cataracts, ice bergs and oxbow lakes.

Ol' boy, you be Obahiagon junior brother?
Health / Re: How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally by Novice1(m): 12:10pm On Jan 02
amosade30: I was discusin wt sm of ma guys abt au to avoid pregnancy naturally when having sex without a condom aside using drugs (postinor 1 or 2.

I learnt that sooner or later, drugs have their side effects especially too much intake).

One said salt and water (for the gal immediately the guy arrives), another said withdrawal method (for the guy). Another said Alabukun or lime (for the girl).

I really want to know which is the surest or safest besides drugs pls...from experience. I made front page...for d frst time...ds new year shws am goin higher....dancing skelewu wt azonto

Close your legs till marriage
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wife: Saudi Blogger Sentenced To Death For Apostasy by Novice1(m): 9:12am On Dec 27, 2013
all4naija: I look forward to the day the West will invade Saudi Arabia. I strongly believe there is nothing wrong in doing that! That nation is a pest to human freedom.

That day will never come. They are too deep in romance with oil to do that.
Politics / Re: Mandela Was Angry With Nigeria - Dr. Hakeem Baba-ahmed by Novice1(m): 9:12am On Dec 10, 2013
Pope Xander VII:

Yes! I believe Dangote wants Nigeria to grow. He's providing jobs for the People, in the long run that will reduce income inequality, Nigeria has a nearly non-existent middle class. Africa needs entrepreneurs!

How does he want Nigeria to grow? by monopoly on cement, rice and flour and tripling their prices against world average?
Phones / Re: Android Bbm Group. Drop Your Pin...were You Can Solve Your Issues... by Novice1(m): 2:10am On Dec 09, 2013
Violent Crimes / Re: 100 Kidnappers Face Death-Penalty In Edo by Novice1(m): 11:40am On Nov 11, 2013
igbeke: Dont we think its hightime we began to face d realities on ground instead of dis journey in futility?
do we really tink dis "genocide" will bring a lasting solution in face of starvation?
i'm only tinkin loud pls.

Are you one of them?
Business / Re: Nigeria Overtakes South-Africa As Continent's Largest Economy by Novice1(m): 7:22pm On Nov 09, 2013
The only area we surpass South Africa is in corruption cool
Travel / Re: FG Approves Emirates To Ply Abuja And Kano by Novice1(m): 8:31pm On Nov 02, 2013
The Enugu witch has been caught at her own game
Politics / Re: Terror Suspects Arrested At Maiduguri Airport by Novice1(m): 2:39pm On Oct 24, 2013
The amount of hate and bile spewing from keyboards in this thread is nauseating.

What do you gain insulting other people?


Politics / Re: Stella Oduah's Answer To Query From The Presidency by Novice1(m): 2:35pm On Oct 24, 2013
To all the defenders of this brazen misappropriation, nay outright theft of public resources entrusted in the hands of the minister and her staff, my prayer is, may your affairs and those of your families be run the way she is running the aviation ministry.


I dare each one of u to say amen.
Politics / Re: Of Stella Oduah And The Bullet Proof Vehicles:The Facts. by Novice1(m): 1:57am On Oct 24, 2013
Looks like Stella has assembled a laptop crew.......
Travel / Re: Qatar Air Blocked From Plying Kano Route by Novice1(m): 10:08am On Oct 21, 2013
This witch of a minister is a bull in china shop in the aviation industry. It will take years to undo the damage she made when Nigerians get rid of her.

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Travel / Re: Intercontinental Lagos - Tallest Hotel In West-Africa - Launched by Novice1(m): 5:31am On Oct 10, 2013

I think you used the word "businessmen" too loosely. Most of them are criminals who made easy money and prefer to tie it down in 'safe' and 'passive' investments like real estate. From the shadowy drug barons in Festac Town, to the bureaucrats in Alausa, to the politicians in Abuja, to the oil industry profiteers in the Niger Delta, to the fraudulent bankers and government contractors nationwide, and all their numerous cohorts collaborators, and cronies. . . .they all have one thing in common - easy money. Easy, ill-gotten money.

This explains what Pat Utomi aptly referred to the "jobless growth economy" Nigeria seems to be experiencing. Too much ill-gotten wealth is circulating lopsidedly in the system, and sadly, these monies are not channeled towards real, value-adding investments that create jobs and stimulate trickle-down prosperity across board. Not when the preferred investment for most of the thieves I mentioned above is hotels and useless luxury real estate projects that add no value to majority of the populace.

By the way, only naive suckers would believe that foreigners or foreign conglomerates would come into Nigeria to tie down their money in Nigerian real estate. Most of the hotels, malls, luxury apartments, etc. parading themselves as foreign-owned are actually owned by shadowy Nigerian rogues - mostly politically exposed persons and their businessmen fronts (notably slimy characters like the Chagoury brothers, for Bola Tinubu). They might as well invest more in productive ventures that enhance the standard of living or quality of life of a greater number of people. If you steal from the poor in order to help the poor, your sins might be forgivable after all. But when you steal from the poor in order to intimidate and oppress the poor with your vainglorious opulence, then a time bomb is waiting to explode.

It just goes to show how selfish and contemptuous of the masses they are to keep investing in luxury sectors to satiate the already over-indulged hedonistic cravings of a mere 0.001% of wealthy Nigerians and expartriates. This country desperately needs deliverance, and I don't mean the T.B Joshua sort.

Man, you made my day
Travel / Re: Intercontinental Lagos - Tallest Hotel In West-Africa - Launched by Novice1(m): 5:16am On Oct 10, 2013
jayblinx: boss u just lied....wat eva hotel mr fashola built isnt the tallest hotel in west africa....Hotel 2 fervrier in lome togo has 36 storeys...and has the record of the tallest...dont come here and deceive any1....if u want to b sure...use google or check the other post on lome togo and see dat tall building wit sumtn lyk an ''X'' on top....i live in togo

True brother. In nigeria we like to parade hollow titles for the sake of titles. We dont care about substance. Now the rot has gone to buildings.
Politics / Re: Cable Car Project On The Verge Of Completion – Fashola by Novice1(m): 1:28pm On Oct 08, 2013
Omexonomy: you will be forgiven for not been able to communicate in simple english.

Business / Re: Nicon Hilton Abuja Back In The 80s ! by Novice1(m): 9:49pm On Oct 06, 2013
malele: Power of niger delta oil.
@ poster show us lag too, let them see the change oil money can bring somewere.

Fvck nd oil. We have been developing b4 and will continue to do so after oil.

Life does not begin and end with nd oil
Religion / Re: Testimonies On Why We Stopped Tithing Here by Novice1(m): 4:01pm On Oct 06, 2013
I would have but....
This is a testimony thread. Dont derail. tongue
It is well o.

Lies lies lies

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Politics / Re: Why Is GEJ Anti-north? by Novice1(m): 10:02am On Oct 06, 2013
solomon111: There's nothing wrong with the North being Anti-Gej,but it becomes wrong when they begin to implement acts of sabotage against the country just to spite the president.
And secondly,any president that uses niger-delta money to appease terrorists in the NE will have serious problems on his hands.
The NE states should come together and help their people.
What have they been doing with niger-delta money for decades?

Laughable. So long as we have a Nigeria, it is Nigerian money. Learn to live with that

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Politics / Re: Why Is GEJ Anti-north? by Novice1(m): 9:25am On Oct 06, 2013
lygn19: Northerners are saying GEJ gave all d juicy ministerial positions to the southerners,,,how won't they talk like that when they discovered that GEJ wants equality in every region in Nigeria,,,northerners are used to the system whereby out of hundred ministerial slots in Nigeria,they get 80slots,,,so now that the number is reduced they are crying abt marginalisation...IDIOTS

We know who the i*diot is here


Politics / Re: Jonathan - Boko-Haram Cant Frustrate Nigeria by Novice1(m): 6:48am On Oct 02, 2013
Omexonomy: have you forgotten that fashola tinnubu and buhari went to maiduguri to donate $500million to encourage BH

That's because your coward president was too afraid to go there until these great guys took the initiative .
Travel / Re: Intercontinental Lagos - Tallest Hotel In West-Africa - Launched by Novice1(m): 9:43pm On Sep 30, 2013
pro01: A massive N30b ($200m) 'investment' created a paltry 650 jobs?

Besides, who patronises these overpriced 'luxury' hotels for pete's sake? I'm sure they are not "tourists" as the state government deludedly advertises. There are already too many of these vanity projects in Lagos, and I don't see how we need more.

It wouldn't be a bad idea for the thieves who finance these white elephants (whilst hiding behind the facade of foreign partners) to consider channeling their loot towards more productive investments - that would have a greater impact on the state's development and benefit a greater number of ordinary people.. . .in terms of job creation and otherwise.

Couldn't be more apt

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