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Romance / Re: Yoruba Girls Are The Sexiest In Nigeria! by somegirl1: 3:02pm
Ask Femi Fani-Fayode..... Ibo girls are the cutest, neatest, though definitely not the smartest girls around the Niger River embarassed

As a proudly Yoruba boy who still appreciates his sisters, It is with much heaviness of heart that I have come to the tearful and envious conclusion that Ibo girls are the ultimate and undisputed bomb, having been 'blessed' with the misfortune of 'sampling' a lot of girls from everywhere around the Niger cry cry


How did you come to this conclusion?
Romance / Re: Ladies, Was I The Only One Who Prayed For Big Boobs When I Was Little? by somegirl1: 3:20pm On Apr 18
remember when my cousin mate teased me for being flat while her boobs had grown a little

one day when I was 10 years old, my wicked aunt told me her 4 year old daughters boobs were bigger than mine jokingly

I cldnt take it anymore

I prayed, prayed and prayed . .today my boobs are much bigger than everyones boobs in the family
I am boasting of a 38 D size bra

the challenges of being a skinny female hehehe grin

You are fatter than I imagined you'd be.
Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by somegirl1: 2:59pm On Apr 18
Someone has one hell of an imagination

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Politics / Re: David-west To Okonjo-iweala: Buhari Doesn’t Need Your Advice by somegirl1: 7:24pm On Apr 17
Never knew a Finance Minister could make or authorize arrests and could force her employer to act on her advice.
I'm sure she'd be as surprised as I am, when she reads this, that she was expected to do the job of president in addition to her job.
The things I learn on here.


Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 12:01pm On Apr 17

You mean the political Niger delta that includes Ondo, Imo and Abia?

Niger delta covers just Rivers, Delta, and Bayelsa. Anything else is political.

SS, SE, Niger Delta are all political classifications meant to promote division.

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Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 11:55am On Apr 17

You are not smart at all. The SS people are not part of any arrangements with SE period.

Jonathan is from SS and having lost election to the Northerners in collaboration Western region, it is natural for the bigots among them to feel offended.

Igbos voted for Jonathan out of self hatred and bigotry.

SS voted for PDP out of massive rigging and not cos they love Igbos but cos they want to make a statement

Self hatred? Pray, elucidate.
I never knew Jonathan's main opponent was an Igbo man.
Do you even know what the term means?
Politics / Re: President Jonathan’s Daughter Celebrates Wedding Anniversary by somegirl1: 3:08pm On Apr 16
Is she also from Otueke?

Sakwe is different from Jonathan

Oh! You mean the adopted daughter?

Cos the last I checked, PEJ is still waiting on the lord.

You should never make fun of a woman's or man's fertility issues.Life sometomes has a way of teaching lessons.
It isn't something she brought upon herself. Rather than wallow in self pity, she's taken other people's children as hers, which is commendable. Many Nigerian won't do that.


Crime / Re: The Face Of The Nanny Who Kidnapped The Orekoya Kids (Photo) by somegirl1: 1:52pm On Apr 16

She looks like chinyere from the east.

Definitely not an Igbo face.
Look at nose, those lips and that forehead.


Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 12:52pm On Apr 16

It don't. It's amusing because I know it will get you no where. Lol.

So you advising us as a concerned what exactly?


Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 12:43pm On Apr 16

I agree
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw fineguy11 say he has always supported Jonathan but now he's welcoming the new govt with open arm as per peaceful person.
I almost fell from my roof top.

Pretenders everywhere. So so sad

even his profile pic gives him away.

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Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 12:42pm On Apr 16

I really tire for these people. Did they truly believe all those lies they tell each other?

Why do our lies to each other bother you?

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Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 12:04pm On Apr 16
Why are somegirl1 and Truckpusher arguing? Can someone explain this mystery to me or is it some kind of weird flirting?

I'm not arguing. I was attempting to clarify.
I think he quoted me in error and was too proud or embarrased to own up
Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 11:32am On Apr 16
[quote author=Truckpusher post=32780100][/quote]

Not my fault that you wouldn't identify an intelligent comment if it slapped you across the face.

Wow...You're really good at this photo attaching thing. Anything else you're good at?
Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 11:27am On Apr 16
[quote author=Truckpusher post=32779373][/quote]

No need to show off. Being able to attach photos to posts is nothing new.
Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 11:19am On Apr 16
YES OUR OWN...GEJ is frm the SOUTH SOUTH,,hence our support for him...its u igbos dat av been fooled....u're all are blind followers,,...u have no cause,,no direction watsoever...,,,wat have u all achieved with ur politics of bitternessthere is a reason our grandparents rejected the biafran seccession by the igbos,,qnd trust me when i tell u,,,nothing has changed frm 1967 till date...if the igbos want an independent state frm nigerian,,,i will wish dem goodluck,,but leave the south south out of the equation...

South south indeed. Why don't you stand on your own rather than under the umbrella of a man made classification. GEJ is Ijaw,not ibibio, efik, ekid, annang etc.
He has an Igbo name (possibly an Igbo ancestor) and his wife is half Igbo, so Igbos had more reason to see him as theirs than you have, if you choose to go down that route.
Why cleave to people who have different views from yours?
The Ijaws have always made their stance on wanting their own country clear, so have the Igbos.
They both want the same thing just not necessarily with each other.
If these groups come to terms with being both the user and the used for a common goal (as have the SW and north) and pull away together and afterwards split, if they can't work together, where does that leave you and your SS classification?
You need to understand that no one is proposing a love relationship here but a symbiotic relationship.
I'm a realist so I don't expect a solid alliance, at least not yet. The time will come when eastern groups will smell the coffee. The presidential election was just a peek. Eyes have yet to open.


Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 11:04am On Apr 16
[quote author=Truckpusher post=32779278][/quote]

Unless you quoted the wrong post, to avoid appearing cuckoo, it would do you good to explain what you're on about.
Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 9:51am On Apr 16
let me tell u the truth dear,,,an alliance between the south south and south east will never work...im frm akwaibom and say dis without any prejudice...its either each of naijadeltan states elopes into an independent country,or we remain with nigeria....the perception of the igbos frm we naijadeltans is not too pleasant..dont let 2015 election deceive u.[b].we supported GEJ coz he's our own despite his failures..south east supported GEJ coz of their anti-north stand...[/b]we have moved on after GEJ's defeat,,and we welcome this administration with open arms,...

You are now a mind reader, aye? Reading the minds of everyone in the SE and being able to tell exactly what their motives for voting GEJ were.....
How is GEJ your own? Last time I checked, he wasn't from your ethnic group.
You think the Igbos didn't see him as their own, same way you saw him as your own?
You have as much and as little in common with Ijaws as you have with Igbos and as Igbos have with Ijaws.
Don't let politically motivated classifications fool you.
Your own....funny.


Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 9:11am On Apr 16

Saying leave Mid-westerners out of your redundant, pointless and misguided rubbish means aresa is from the Mid-west or claiming to be from the Mid-west?

So if I say leave SS out of your redundant, pointless and misguided rubbish it means I'm from SS or claiming SS?

You village clowns and your shallow and primitive sense of judgement and lousy cognitive skills sha... grin

Why nominate yourself as spokesman if you aren't from any of the places mentioned?

Why does the possibility of an eastern/ mid west alliance give you the shivers?
Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 10:14pm On Apr 15
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" ~ ancient proverb

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Politics / Re: A Political Thread For "Old" Eastern Region (south East And South South) by somegirl1: 8:51pm On Apr 15
Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 6:54pm On Apr 15

You are very much aware that Gej was not up to the task and
you think other people don't see it that way, too.

They saw the same thing and they rejected him. It has nothing to
do with voting pattern. He won visually in all region except NW & NE
in 2011 and still managed to secure 32% in those core North

In 2015 he lost in all the area except SE & SS. Is that not a pattern, too

The pattern remains the same. Only difference is that there was no northern/ SW alliance in 2011 plus he had the support of Obasanjo.
Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 6:42pm On Apr 15

Truth is that your wishes will not happen.

You may be bitter now but, if you open up your heart,
you'll see a better future for the incoming generation.
Today is about you, tomorrow is all about them. Make it work for them

[color=#990000]I have no reason to be bitter. GEJ's administration wasn't up to the task. Neither was obasanjo's. Funds were mishandled by and under the watch of both men. I'm nonpartisan.
I did want change from a one party state and I'm willing to wait and see what Buhari can deliver. However, the voting pattern spoke volumes and won't be ignored in a civilized society.
We are not one by choice and I don't understand why we keep forced to remain a single entity [color]

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NYSC / Re: Hilarious: The Youngest Corper In Nigeria... [ Pic] by somegirl1: 3:37pm On Apr 15

I guess some are just more easily amused than others.
Hardly chuckle-inducing to me, let alone hilarious.
NYSC / Re: Hilarious: The Youngest Corper In Nigeria... [ Pic] by somegirl1: 3:33pm On Apr 15
that shoe tho grin

Which one of the shoes?
Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 2:12pm On Apr 15

The country is not divided. It's the people that have divergent view.

Recall that the same core North voted 32% for Gej and he won in
the NC and SW. So, what changed? Are those in the NC too Yoruba
or Hausa?

The country will not struggle to move forward. Only the people who
fail to accept reality will stagnate and fail. If you close your eyes
to avoid evil then you won't see when good passes.

The seat of power is not built so that all people should follow the
occupier blindly. It's for all the people of Nigeria to see the change and
direction of purposefulness in their lives

I don't think we are referring to the same country.
Someone posts a random topic like this, and ethnic bigots jump in to spew trash, without caring to know whether this is fact or not.
I don't understand how you expect to drag a woman, who tried to leave you, back to your house and expect a happy marriage. You must first address her grievances and then allow her decide whether or not she wants to remain married to you.
Igbos are supposedly troublesome, why can't they be allowed to peacefully secede? The SS can still remain part of Nigeria, right? oh wait, they don't want to.
I'd forge an alliance, albeit temporary, with the lesser of my foes to get rid of the greater foe and then deal with the lesser foe later. I'm sure SS now understand this.
I hope in future we can vote for or against splitting.


Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 1:33pm On Apr 15


Rivers, Delta and all other region you mentioned will never
share things in common with Igbos. Check your history.

Your concept of stateship in the East is far different from the rest you

Learn how to co-exist with your hosts and accept other people for what
they are and things will not be as vague as it seems to you now

Do you know that this not peculiar to Nigeria? It's all over the world
that Igbos seems the odd people to accept their hosts; no offence intended

I happen to be partly from Rivers.
We don't have to agree on everything but we do have a lot more in common among ourselves than with any other groups.
We coexisted peacefully for a long time until division was introduced and we fell for it. I've yet to read of any major clashes among these groups pre-civil war. Eyes are gradually opening, I hope.
The country is divided. The voting patterns in the recent elections, esp at the presidential level, accentuated this.
The country would struggle to move forward with bad blood between groups.
In a developed country, people would be given a chance to decide whether they want to remain part of an entity or not, as was done in the UK last year.
Scotland decided to remain. Why can't that be the case in Nigeria?


Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 1:05pm On Apr 15

This is a very tall order and a wishful thinking
not when Imolites think they are superior to Anambrians.

The problem with most of you is you attract negative attention to yourselves
by claiming to be better than all other peoples and always playing the victim

States can be scrapped, they are man-made after all. They cause more division.
Let's then see who would be Imolite and who would be Anambrarian, Rivers etc.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba, Source Of APC's Success In Elections — Gov. Al-Makura by somegirl1: 1:01pm On Apr 15
There is strength in numbers and unity. The alliance, not Yorubas, brought about APC's victory.
Hausas teaming up with Igbos would have done the job, likewise Igbos teaming up with Yorubas.
Lack of numbers and unity are the only reasons Nigeria did not and has not split.

I must commend Yorubas for generally putting up a united front and for truly understanding the saying " my enemy's enemy is my friend".
Politics / Re: Igbos Want FCT Ministerial Slot by somegirl1: 12:21pm On Apr 15
So any news carried by any blogger is fact? And any statement made by one person is a statement from/ supported by his ethnic group?

We really need to split and fast.
We can never be one.

The SS, SE and any mid west and middle belt groups who desire to join should secede. If the union doesn't work out, we split again.
My suggestion.

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Politics / Re: Ijeoma Ozichi Writes Chimamanda Adichie On The Oba Of Lagos Statement To Igbos by somegirl1: 11:32am On Apr 15
pls tell me any tribe that igbos love

Let's start with you stating your ethnic group and then listing which groups your own ethnic group "loves".

This would be fun...


Politics / Re: Amaechi Replies Obanikoro: I Will Not Congratulate Wike, It’s Daylight Robbery by somegirl1: 9:29am On Apr 15
What about the fact Gov. Amaechi fought against GEJ's removal of Crude Oil wells from Rivers State. Gov. Amaechi was fighting for the Rivers People. If Gov. Amaechi stood with GEJ after he took Oil wells from Rivers State, he would have gained a lot from GEJ. But, Gov. Amaechi stood and fought for the same Rivers People who hate him.

Gov. Amaechi contributed so much to the development of Rivers State, especially Port-Harcout.

From his teachers training and employment, TIMARIV that created jobs for graduates without employment,
Development of the Dental Hospital at Garrison,
The turnaround development of Public Schools in Rivers State,
Agip Junction Flyover,
Ada George Road,
NTA Road,
Rumokoro to Elele Road,
The New Stadium at Omagwa,
Iwofe Road,
He moved UPTH to their permanent site,
Developed New Mile One clinic and Many more.

GEJ and his cohorts wasted money for generations to come, pardoned embezzlers, left our troops unarmed in harm's way, allowed the growth of Boko Haram that led to loss of tens of thousand lives.

Yet the Rivers People hate Gov. Amaechi and like GEJ, Patience and one of GEJ's corrupt cohorts Wike.



GEJ and most ousted governors can point to a few projects they completed as well.
Himself and Peterside need to understand that it's not personal. APC has been rejected in Rivers, not necessarily Amaechi and definitely not Peterside.
Even if the elections were held again, any party other than APC would still win.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Answer These Tricky Job Interview Questions From Apple Inc by somegirl1: 5:47pm On Apr 14

For question 2: The answer is that the egg cannot break the floor.

Depends on why the sentence is interpreted.

2. If you have 2 eggs, and you want to figure out what’s the highest floor from which you can drop the egg without breaking it, how would you do it? What’s the optimal solution?

The "it" could still be the/an egg.
Highest floor from which you can drop....
"from" suggests to me that the egg is still the main subject.

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