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Crime / Re: See The Faces Of Men And Woman Caught For N8bn Fraud In CBN (photo) by somegirl1: 11:19pm On Jun 01

I never specified that OKORO is a SE name or made any attempt to identity the ethnicity , all I did was exempt that possibility from being SW. comprehension is a vital skill, if you are lacking in this please make improvements

Thanks for the update , now I know one Urhobo name

What "improvements" do you suggest that I make?
The ability to assimilate, which I do not lack, is indeed essential smiley
My comment was not unrelated to your reference to the possibility of unmentioned names being from the SE.
Sometimes things don't need to be spelled out. One should be able to put two and two together... use their brain, basically.
Glad to have taught you something. You're very welcome smiley
Crime / Re: See The Faces Of Men And Woman Caught For N8bn Fraud In CBN (photo) by somegirl1: 7:39pm On Jun 01

OKORO sound like SW to you, those are also but 6 of the 16, what if the remaining 10 are from SE

Okoro is also an Urhobo name FYI
Politics / Re: Meet The Wives Of Governors In Nigeria (photos) by somegirl1: 5:07pm On Jun 01
dat is nt kogi first lady nd her name is halima wada

They are co-first ladies apparently.
Religion / Re: 10 Women A Christian Man Should Avoid When Considering Marriage by somegirl1: 10:51am On May 31
2 and 3 are potentially conflicting points. If a woman shouldn't marry a younger man, at a certain age when most men older than her are married, she'd have to set her hope on the widower or the divorcee.

Now the divorcee's ex-wife, who through no fault of her own became the divorced woman, does not deserve to find love?

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Politics / Re: Buhari And Osinbajo Declare Their Assets by somegirl1: 10:14pm On May 30
Are declared assets verified or do we take their words for it?
What stops one with criminal intent from declaring more than he's actually worth?
Family / Re: Is It Healthy For A Mother To Ask These Kinda Question From Her Son? by somegirl1: 2:37pm On May 28
Any child who loves his /her father more than mother



who can be compared to a mother?

Father that can abandon you at anytime, marry a new wife n have hundreds of you?

My mother first, my mother middle, my mother last

Father is just to provide money.. and once the child is able to fend for his/herself financially

Father is not of any use!

Not all women make great mothers.
And some men make awesome dads.

I know a man who absolutely adores his dad and can hardly stand being around his mum for long. The reverse is the case with his older brother, his mother is his world.
They just have very different opinions of what makes a great parent.

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Family / Re: Is It Healthy For A Mother To Ask These Kinda Question From Her Son? by somegirl1: 2:31pm On May 28
Might seem unreasonable but something must have prompted the question. Every parent should know the answer without being told.
Politics / Re: The Sculptural Piece Honor Of Jonathan Going On In Otuoke by somegirl1: 12:54pm On May 28
Dis is skeletal piece not sculpture , that hand be like him skeleton grin , nice one bro abeg put the skeletal piece for otuoke road, wey mama peace own, Oya pay me for idea wey I borrow u, but u fit chop slap from mama peace if u do skeletal piece for her cheesy

You can't recognize work in progress even if it slaps you acrosd the face?
Crime / Re: Woman Stabs Son To Death On Children's Day In Ogun by somegirl1: 11:44pm On May 27
Romance / Re: Can I Be Referred To As A Black Person Or As A Negro? by somegirl1: 4:27pm On May 26
You look full black
Culture / Re: 10 Unbelievable But True Facts About Nigeria. by somegirl1: 2:49am On May 26
Unless Nigeria and Congo are one and the same, Nigeria can't lead in bleaching.

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Crime / Re: 40-year-old Man Arraigned For Raping Neighbour’s 7-year-old Daughter by somegirl1: 3:59pm On May 22
Hmmmm.... Crime is an individual thing.... Not in any way related to tribe... If we can all put our hands on deck... We will all sail on...

Crime isn't an individual thing when an Igbo man is caught with drugs in Asia so why is it suddenly an individual thing?


Culture / Re: King Jaja Of Opobo And Wives In The 1870s [ Location: Rivers State ] by somegirl1: 11:00am On May 21


No, Ibos were the only nak3d ones. Others have been wearing clothes since time immemorial. And this thread also proves that. Or do you want me to post the pictures of other tribes in Nigeria, in 1870, and compare them to this one and other pictures of Ibos?

Opobo is Igbo land now because it suits your agenda and would revert to being Rivers Ijaw in a political thread. Funny.


Culture / Re: King Jaja Of Opobo And Wives In The 1870s [ Location: Rivers State ] by somegirl1: 10:54am On May 21
Oh, Igbo women are naturally light skinned wink. I feel like mocking the tribalists today

Were Jaja's wives Igbo?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: My Name Is Ibim Cookey,am 16 Years Old,plz Rate My Pencil Works by somegirl1: 10:16am On May 21
Port Harcourt based, clearly

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Politics / Re: I Conceded Defeat To Prevent Crisis – Jonathan (punch) by somegirl1: 9:03am On May 21
Why repitition? He said it before now. If he has done otherwise, he would have suffered the same fate as Ggagbo!

He must have been asked again and again or his previous remarks are being recycled.
I doubt any sane person would go about repeating himself like he's stuck on replay when he's not asked the question.

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Politics / Re: BBC & DailyMail Apologize About Nigerian Restaurant Serving Human Flesh Story by somegirl1: 8:30pm On May 20

Report the news directly from BBC.

I never knew the cable is the megaphone for BBC.

It's on BBC's website, in Swahili.


Culture / Re: IGBO Name For My Daughter by somegirl1: 12:34am On May 20
Adaora/ Adaoha
Culture / Re: 10 Beautiful African Traditional Wedding Attires by somegirl1: 11:27pm On May 19
That may be so, but you are still African regardless, your African brothers claim you to be one ]of their own because you inhabit the same continent as them, what is seriously wrong with that? You man have superiority inferiority complex issues, and they are very much unfounded.

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Food / Re: Is This Animal Edible, Just Killed It In My Lodge by somegirl1: 6:53pm On May 19
Must every animal be eaten?
Why would anyone want to eat that?


Culture / Re: The Cost Of Marrying An Mbaise Imo State Woman by somegirl1: 6:14pm On May 19
Crime / Re: Malaysia Sentence Nigerian Female Student To Death For Drug Trafficking by somegirl1: 4:16pm On May 19

I think you are a drug dealer or associated with drugs dealers and you are trying to find information and intelligence on how IGBO drug dealers are separated from other Nigerians!

It is ignorance like yours that is making IGBO people get caught easily these days...Your brain fails to assimilate the points I am making, points that happen to come from the NDLEA and many agencies catching IGBO people like flies these days!

Thai Officer Calls Nigerians, Igbos Curse Of Africa: An interrogating Thai officer made some disparaging remarks about Nigerians and Igbos in this drug-related interview: http://newsrescue.com/in-shocking-xenophobia-video-thai-officer-calls-nigerians-igbos-curse-of-africa/#axzz3ab3axGQL

If you think only that Thai police officer in all of the Thai and Asian police forces you are sadly mistaken. Many Ambassadors who served in Asia, foreign affairs staff, Nigerian citizens living there and other Nigerian Government agenceis made sure of that.

NDLEA is working with many international police forces on information sharing to stop drug traficking, NDLEA boss said majority of Drug trafickers are IGBO and the agency constantly supplies that information to foreign police forces.

Stop getting yourself worked up unnecessarily.
They probably refer to Nigerians as Igbo as a large percentage of Nigerians in Thailand are Igbo. Not because Igbos have specifically been identified as drug dealers.
I can see how desperate you are for this to be true.
Are you saying that a non-Igbo is more likely to get away with drug smuggling than an Igbo person?
If that were the case, I don't see why any potential drug smuggler wouldn't just get a passport with a non-Igbo name. Very easy to do. How then would they be identified?'
Culture / Re: The Cost Of Marrying An Mbaise Imo State Woman by somegirl1: 3:58pm On May 19

If you want a woman that will bear you at least 5 progressive sons, love you,build with you and stick by you
Come to Mbaise
Mbaise women are smart
They are very hardworking
They are fearless go getters
Infact umu nwanyi Mbaise can turn an efulefu into a solid man sef
When the bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing,it had Mbaise women in mind
Did I mention that they are also drop dead gorgeous
Look at Genevieve
That is just a small sample o
Come to Mbaise at Christmas time you will think angels have descended in Igboland and eating jollof
The dark skinned ones are black beauty,the lighter skinned ones are apu na anwu

Echeghim na i wu onye Imo.
Crime / Re: Malaysia Sentence Nigerian Female Student To Death For Drug Trafficking by somegirl1: 3:23pm On May 19

Do you know why Thai embassy requires Clearance Certificate issued by N.D.L.E.A?
Because NDLEA flags IGBO passengers to the Thai even if a VISA is issued that IGBO person is marked.

NDLEA have and will always tell you that 99% of DRUG dealers are IGBO

NDLEA made interpol, ASIA, Middle East countries, South American coountries aware of the ethnic group involved in this crime.

Since then the detection rate and arrest of IGBO drug dealers have gone up!

That policy started in the period of General Musa Bamaiyi, I know that because the mallam made it his tenure policy to finger IGBO drug dealers.

So for your info, if you know any IGBO drug dealers tell them they will be checked specially even if the customs people at the other end just says "Nigerian".

Wouldn't they first have to be able to identify Igbo names? That's the tricky bit.
I'm guessing you know all Igbo names and Igbo name formats. Did you not just incorrectly guess that the subject of this post is Igbo when in fact Unazi is a Benue name. Can you tell whether someone with the surname Osa is Igbo or Bini, Olumba igbo or Cross River, Okoro Igbo or Urhobo, if their first names are English? I'm sure you would think Ochigbo is an Igbo name or Ola is definitely not Igbo . If you don't know, how can you educate others? That's assuming that these people actually care to differentiate among Africans, not to speak of Nigerians.
I doubt they'd subject non-Igbos to less checks than they would Igbos.
I haven't been given special attention on any of my asian trips because I'm Igbo. Perhaps it only happens in your neighbourhood.
If you truly want to mend your image abroad, join the movement for peaceful secession. As long as we hold the same passport, we are in the same boat.
Sports / Re: Man Slumps While Jogging This Morning (photos) by somegirl1: 11:52am On May 19
And no one is making a move to assist him?
I think camera phones should be banned in Nigeria. People are now money interested in reporting stories than rendering help.
Politics / Re: Borno Gov To Buhari: Give N/east 13% Oil Derivation by somegirl1: 11:49am On May 19
Wasn't he the same governor that is said to have paid N100m to a boko haram leader's father in law as compensation?
A state that can afford to do that shouldn't have money problems.


Politics / Re: United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA) Suggests Abortion For Boko Haram Babies by somegirl1: 11:16am On May 19
Why are those in support of keeping the pregnancies mostly men?
Says a lot.
Only two situations in which I would never discourage abortion - where the woman was raped and where the child would be born with a serious health defect.

The girls in question probably don't even know who the fathers are.They should be allowed to choose what they feel is best for them and quickly too.
Education / Re: Photos: Sosoliso Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Graduates From College by somegirl1: 9:02am On May 19
Her mom must be Yoruba.
Education is our pride. Well done girl.

Nope, she's Igbo. Her name is Ijeoma.
Education is key to Igbos.


Crime / Re: Malaysia Sentence Nigerian Female Student To Death For Drug Trafficking by somegirl1: 4:59pm On May 18

Well you are an ignorant person!

You are either an IGBO or behave like one. I know over a dozen people who were asked that question and I know that on the streets of Thailand the same question is asked, it was asked in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

I am one of the people who brought awareness to local police, people, immigration and customs in Asia about it and I know it is effective. If there are a few airport officials who are still not aware or want to stigmatize Nigerians then perhaps... but by and large it is starting to take root in Asia that the ethnic group from Nigeria dealing drugs are IGBOs.

NDLEA, Nigerian Ambassadors in those countries, diplomats, and many law abiding students and businessmen made sure of that.

I don't care what you think, IGBO people are not going to use drugs to destroy Nigerian passport for law abiding Nigerians and make their lives miserable without some of them doing something about it.

any IGBO person I see at the airport or on the streets of Asia doing drugs will be reported and made to face the firing squad and it will be reported as an IGBO statistic!

give your self a round of applause. I hope you at least get paid for your efforts.
I see Igbos being very terrified of you.
Until the passport is changed. We are all seen as the same.
Continue in your delusion. I shall be travelling to Asia again late this year or early next year. I'll ask the immigration officials whether they aren't forgetting to inquire about my ethnic group.
Crime / Re: Malaysia Sentence Nigerian Female Student To Death For Drug Trafficking by somegirl1: 4:19pm On May 18

maybe you look and behave like IGBO, I never get checked like you described. They ask me what part of Nigeria...you are IGBO, IGBO person Have something in luggage, some powder??
...and I say does my name look like IGBO and they look at themselves and say ok different!
That has been my experience in Malaysia, Indoneseia, Vietnam, Thailand.

I was told that mallams working in NDLEA have educated interpol and many drugs destination countries about IGBO nijja passport holders!

On the Streets on these Asian countries, the police and local people know IGBO.

I think you should shut your mouth if you don't know what you are talking about!

Such a liar.
I've holidayed in Asia more than once. I've never been asked what part of Nigeria I'm from.
Reserve your story for ignorant people.
Politics / Re: Asari-Dokubo Convenes A Meeting On The Next Phase Of The Niger Delta Struggle by somegirl1: 4:15pm On May 18

Tell that to your Asiere (asari) dokubo.

I see niger Delta refugees being rejected by ibos in the SE.

Speak for your region only.
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie Tweets About The Chronic Gay Stalker by somegirl1: 12:21pm On May 18
Yul if someone is accusing you of being a gay of which you are not, then proceed to court of law and claim damages. Is twitter now a court of law? What baffles me is how a guy will exchange punny for anus, something is wrong somewhere.

Court in Nigeria or Canada? The stalker is in Canada.

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