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Culture / Re: Traditional Marriage Rites/bride Price In Obowo, Imo State by somegirl1: 4:47pm On Jan 28
There's something called a list which is provided to serious enough suitors.
Romance / Re: 5 Most Sexually Active Towns In Nigeria by somegirl1: 3:35pm On Jan 20
Becaus i have visited there and i stayed there 4 two weeks, bro afta two weeks i was pleading with my uncles to allow me go home alone, d sight of chidinma and chidibierei i hope i got it right, their sight gives me heart attack. "i was literally hiding 4rm them.

You have an almost impressive imagination.

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Family / Re: My Wife Bleaches And Smells; It's Affecting My Health: Husband by somegirl1: 12:36pm On Jan 19
A celestial church member is a Christian?
Education / Re: 20 silly Grammar Mistakes That Even Smart People Make. by somegirl1: 4:45pm On Jan 17

19. Peaked my interest
To "pique" means to arouse, so the correct phrase here should be "piqued my interest," meaning that your interest was awoken. To say that something "peaked my interest" would mean that it looked at my interest.


The emboldened is incorrect and contradicts point 3. A mistake, I presume.

Also, an argument may be made for the use of the word "peak" in this context, depending on the message one is trying to convey, since in verb form, "peak" is synonymous with: raise, increase, heighten, bring to a maximum of development, value, or intensity (intensify).

While the word "pique" is correct where interest is aroused or kindled i.e it didn't exist previously, the word "peak" would not be incorrect where some degree of interest previously existed.
Culture / Re: New Igbo Words In Nsibidi by somegirl1: 9:03am On Jan 08

Odi o. I nwere ike zita nu mu emailu na aezediaro@gmail.com. A chorom ka mu na Yi karia. Mbona

Nwanne, ezirim gi ozi echi.
Romance / Re: What Do U Know Abt kalabari Guys? by somegirl1: 10:42pm On Dec 26, 2015
they dont like going outside their dormain.....they are backward and simple minded.....

really jealous lovers i must say....

kind and welcoming people....they like to welcome others (except igbos) into their home but they dont like to go to other peoples houses.

all in all...they are nice and simple people.

I disagree. They have always intermarried with Igbo, especially ones from Imo.
A good number of them have Igbo mothers and/ or grandmothers.


Politics / Re: Igbo Women Visit Iara Oshiomole In Edo (Photos) by somegirl1: 4:08pm On Dec 18, 2015
Ibo women are very beautiful


Indeed, they are.

Everything ok hun?
You may want to try ginger for the nausea.


Culture / Re: The Beauty Of Igbo Isiagu Attire by somegirl1: 11:38pm On Dec 15, 2015


Family / Re: Nigerian Guy And A Hungry Child In Philippines (Photos) by somegirl1: 12:53pm On Dec 08, 2015
I almost applauded you when u said the pix was not captured by you but an observer nd same observer captured the receipts..

Are u showing us the receipts to praise you for spending

My brother God rewards givers who give with their right hand without the left knowing..

Uwa Mmebi Philanthropist....

You clearly missed an entire paragraph. That is, if you read the post at all.

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Culture / Re: New Igbo Words In Nsibidi by somegirl1: 6:08pm On Nov 23, 2015

Radoillo, Ezeagu, Scholti, Nwanlecha, Somegirl1, Melzabull

Nwanne did you get my pm?
Culture / Re: New Igbo Words In Nsibidi by somegirl1: 6:07pm On Nov 23, 2015
Jisie ike nwanne.
Very good.
I hope an app will be developed in future to translate into Igbo and Nsibidi simultaneously.
Politics / Re: Thread For South South Igbos by somegirl1: 1:11pm On Nov 21, 2015

Ibos are NOT Niger Deltans or SS, it's like an ibo saying because he lives in Lagos or his parents gave birth to him in Lagos, he is a Western Ibo or Yoruba Ibo, how preposterous, low and desperate Ibos will go just for land, oil and access to the sea in an effort to enslave the minorities in the SS. For sure there may be ibos in the SS but they will have to migrate back to Iboland and leave the lands of the SS when or if war breaks out or Biafra is magnanimously granted by Nigeria. So, no shaking, you can keep lying to yourselves!

You know that SS is a zone carved from existing lands, not an ethnic group, don't you?


Culture / Re: What Is The Origin Of The "Yellow Skin" In Most Igbos? by somegirl1: 12:33am On Nov 19, 2015

My man, i am from Imo, my mum from anambra, i did my secondary schooling in abia, my university in enugu, i am well absorbed in these states. Imo and abia tends to slide in the dark skin/ caramel/ ebony than fair or yellowish. Anambra/enugu has more concentration of light skined/ fair individuals, ebony state is predominantly darkskined

Not from my observation.
Imo, Abia and certain parts of Akwa Ibom have more lighter skinned people on the average.


Culture / Re: What Is The Origin Of The "Yellow Skin" In Most Igbos? by somegirl1: 8:57pm On Nov 16, 2015

Neither am I, but I think the food idea makes sense

Perhaps we unknowingly ingest arbutin.
Culture / Re: What Is The Origin Of The "Yellow Skin" In Most Igbos? by somegirl1: 8:45pm On Nov 16, 2015
I still maintain a type of food tho, maybe some vitamins... I remember one Imo girl, her parent were totally dark skinned but she was light - like Monalisa Chinda light skinned
And it happens often like this with Igbos

plus the OP's narration of a full family of light skins

Mutation or a recessive gene. I've seen that a lot. Usually an ancestor would have been light skinned.
Happened in my family. I have two light skinned sisters. The rest of us are light brown. Apparently a great grandmother was very light skinned.

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Culture / Re: What Is The Origin Of The "Yellow Skin" In Most Igbos? by somegirl1: 8:41pm On Nov 16, 2015
We were made that way just as some south african tribes are naturally light skinned without admixture. Even the dark ones among us usually have warmer hues with golden or red undertones.
The issue has been overflogged though.

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Culture / Re: Why Dont Yorubas Claim Istekiri, The Way Igbos Claim Ikwerre, Delta Igbo? by somegirl1: 6:16pm On Nov 15, 2015
Delta Igbo
The clue is in the name.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 1:52am On Nov 15, 2015

answer me now? where is igbo film industry located? simple question shocked shocked



Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 6:00pm On Nov 13, 2015

Igbo doesnt have film industry, where is it in Enugu, imo, Nnewi, Onitcha? say lagos na lagoon u go land

You've made no sense


Politics / Re: Letter To The Biafrans From The Great People Of Imo State. by somegirl1: 6:46pm On Nov 09, 2015

Good you checkmated that guy's 'misyarning'.
But the other digression of yours remains your personal opinion.

Owerri zone is for IPOB. Any group not interested in going with the majority in IPOB can always choose the alternative - OduaArewanistan republic.

It's a world of freedom.

Hmmn, ori mma.
K'anyi n'ele

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Politics / Re: Letter To The Biafrans From The Great People Of Imo State. by somegirl1: 6:16pm On Nov 09, 2015
This jobless old man, focus on your useless and worthless imo state. The only horrible and unpassable federal road in the SE is the Owerri section of the PH expressway. Stop deceiving yourself here unless you want me to prove you wrong with pictures.


Statements like this are the reason Anambra (and perhaps Enugu) just might be on their own in the quest for their own country. You'll be hard-pressed to find an Igbo man from any other state arguing about superiority unprovoked (usually by people from a certain axis).
I don't care which southern country we join - Niger Delta, Cameroon whatever, as long as we aren't part of a dysfunctional country where religious war is imminent and the least contributors believe they have the birthright of leadership.
Nnamdi Kanu better check that he has the support of other Igbo states before embarking on what might be a futile endeavour. It is not a given that all Igbo groups are in support of secession at this time or led by him.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 2:34am On Nov 09, 2015

It means 'son of the soil' or something to that effect

I see.
So the ones that sang the songs aren't sons or daughters of the soil?


Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 1:34am On Nov 09, 2015

What I mean is the 'ibiles'

I don't know what that means

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Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 12:32am On Nov 09, 2015

I have never heard a proper Yoruba use love wantintin kiss

There are improper Yorubas?


Celebrities / Re: Two Men Blast Each Other Over Who Will Date Mercy Aigbe’s 14yr Old Daughter(Pics by somegirl1: 9:11pm On Nov 08, 2015
They are teenagers not men. One appears to still be in secondary school. A non-issue.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Closer To Oil Find In Chad Basin – Kachikwu by somegirl1: 7:33pm On Nov 08, 2015
stop this biarans will nt lk it..

If you meant "Biafrans", and if by Biafrans you meant the SE and some SS groups, you are wrong. This would in fact be great news as there would no longer be any need to force a merger that doesn't appear to be working.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 11:02am On Nov 08, 2015

Stop chest-beating, over nothing, there is nothing like igbo Nollywood. We have d English Nollywood which came out of Yoruba movie industry (Nigerian Cinema) in the 1970s and later become Nigerian movie industry known as (Nollywood). Yorubas founded English Nollywood and Yorubawood. The real Nollywood is the Yorubawood

The Hausa movie industry started theirs in the Northern part later(Hausawood). We all know if we give igbo people an inch, they will go miles. That's exactly what is happening in the Nigerian Movie industry, music industry e.t.c in the south west

But for now, there is nothing like igbo movie industry in the eastern part. English Nollywood comprises all Nigerian Culture not igbo alone. that's why in a Single movie, you can see an Hausa man, Yoruba, Edo 's culture e.t.c

Until you believe yourself, you will not be able to convince others.


Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 1:51am On Nov 08, 2015
and the mischievous op, funmijoyb, who started this ridiculous topic has since absconded.


Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 12:28am On Nov 08, 2015

Oh I can assure you, my post wasn't to accuse igbos and leave out others. . Its a general Nigerian film problem but I watch all kinds of movies in languages I don't even understand as long as I see subtitles I'm good to go. .and most movies with Igbo producers have the biggest share of this low budget and generally lack of professionalism. ..at least by my observation . That's why you don't even remember the title of the movie you watched yesterday

You don't recall the names of movies but you always check names of producers and recall which movies are produced by Igbos compared to those produced by non-Igbos. Bravo.


Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Claim Yoruba Words To Be Theirs? by somegirl1: 12:01am On Nov 08, 2015

Growing up I believed that only old people who probably find it hard to comprehend foreign movies patronize Nigerian films, true lovers of television rather watch American television cus they give the quality we demand from TV. How many young adults do you see watching Nkechi and Paul while missing out on the Transformers, Fast and Furious, Underworld, Avengers etc forget the fiction, Nigerian film industry aren't capable of giving us sci-fi and quality supernatural themed movies even if they wanted to

How many filmmakers seek graphic designers? use 3D? All because film producers don't want to spend money But in the face of all this, most igbo producers are fond of the lowest of budgets birthing low quality films

I hope you get it now

Where are your statistics from?
You speak poor of quality movies produced by Igbos when yorubawood movies are worse in every sense than mainstream nollywood movies.


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