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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 8:40am On Apr 30
[quote author=deolama post=101230986][/quote]

I sent you a DM please.
Education / Re: ASUU Faults Netherlands For Rejecting Nigeria Degrees & Accepting Ghana Degrees by 080bjaked(m): 9:44am On Apr 29
A University in Amsterdam is in trouble for rejecting degrees from Nigeria, whiles accepting degrees from Ghana and South Africa


Trouble ko, sorrow ni. So a university is in problem cos they don't believe in our quality of education? Like we do ourselves.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 9:32am On Apr 29

Have rand if you interested.

Do you still have?
Politics / Re: ‘Forum Of Bishops’ Holds Solidarity Rally For Pantami (Photo) by 080bjaked(m): 9:00am On Apr 29
These ones are the forums of bishops? grin
Mhen, those trying to defend Pantami need to be more thoughtful. Forum of Bishops indeed. Which of them looks like a bishop and dem no get names of diocese that they are presiding over?

Cheap attempts.

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 9:06am On Apr 28

No, I’m not using it for study.
I applying for short visit visa with my wife.

If it's marriage cert, I am almost certain that what you need is legalization not notorization.

Unfortunately, legalization is done at Min. of foreign affairs Abj.
Travel / Re: Johannesburg Tourism: Five Day Travel Guide by 080bjaked(m): 5:39am On Apr 22
TMK, you should start a travel blog. This is masterpiece.

South Africa is not just a beautiful country where you satisfy your eyes and mouth.

South Africa captivates your soul, leaving you with undying memories. You're on your way to the Airport, and you just want to stay back.

South Africa is life.

He really shd have a blog and a tourism agency in SA

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Travel / Re: Johannesburg Tourism: Five Day Travel Guide by 080bjaked(m): 5:38am On Apr 22
Come on TMK, the guests should go bungee jumping at the soweto towers wink

Could have advised skydiving too but I'm not sure there are many places for skydiving in Jborg. Where I know is CT.

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Politics / Re: Asylum To IPOB: Buhari Govt Must Review Relationship With UK - Arewa youths by 080bjaked(m): 9:47pm On Apr 21
Why he dey pain all these people now? grin


Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 9:17pm On Apr 21
Please where can I do COVID 19 test in Ikeja to enable me travel
Lancet lab. Around Ikeja under bridge.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: FIFA 'Disapproves' Of European Super League Plans by 080bjaked(m): 12:22pm On Apr 20
You obviously know not what you're talking about. Abi you mean UEFA?

Lol. It's interesting when some self-certified, super knowledgeable (only to themselves) dudes say others don't know what they are talking about.

Ask yourself, how many professional bodies and federations does boxing have? If you can't answer that question without consulting google then stick to watching sports and let others discuss the professional aspect of it.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: FIFA 'Disapproves' Of European Super League Plans by 080bjaked(m): 7:40am On Apr 19

FIFA can never loose relevance and they can shut the super league idea down just like that. It’s UEFA that can loose relevance which I doubt because these Clubs wil still play in Champions league also it’s just a way to make more money and increase games people want to see bt it can backfire if not careful.

FIFA has decide if the idea is good enough or not. U can’t play Football anywhere without FIFA unless In Complete isolation.

These guys are big enough to start a breakout from FIFA and register another footballing body. It is happening in other sports already. That's why I think FIFA was gentle in it's statement. Just advising everyone to remain calm.

Believe it or yes, Perez nha mad man. He can lead a full footballing revolt
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 2:54pm On Apr 15
They actually do not have a direct say in making the DHA approve of decline applications but it's best to ensure we dont give the immigration officer any flimsy excuse to decline an otherwise flawless application.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 12:19pm On Apr 15
Rands available for sale @30NGN per Rand. Interested persons can DM me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Accept A Federal Government Job Or Travel Over Seas? by 080bjaked(m): 12:53pm On Apr 14

Mr Holy Nweje;
You are completely clueless on how rotten and irredeemable this country is. If you had a clear picture of that, then you'd have seen that we are in a wild wild west and a dog eat dog fiasco. You want op to do the right thing whereas those at the top are stealing our money in droves and fuelling terrorism? What has our 6 decades of doing the right thing earned us?

If op doesn't get any pay while on this "study leave" then its still fair because, at least, his job would still be intact if (God forbid) he returns.

You choose what you want to believe on how rotten or irredeemable the country is. I am not perfect neither am I holy but when I know this is the right thing, I will do my best to stick by it.
Over 100million people go to church or mosque everyday in Nigeria (yourself inclusive) but it's a shame that we still find ways to justify our wickedness, crookedness and hypocrisy. If this is who you are and what you believe, then you lack every moral right to castigate any Nigerian politician or leader cos in actual fact, if you are there, you will do likewise.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Accept A Federal Government Job Or Travel Over Seas? by 080bjaked(m): 10:58am On Apr 14

Accept the job, put in some years(2 max), join a Caucus, set your traveling plan in motion, when you are successful with that, apply for study leave at your place of work (you might even be lucky to have your salary still streaming in while you are on leave) and once that clicks, you can then travel.

If I were in your shoes, this is how I would go about it. Incase the abroad is not so favourable, you can always come back to your job. And if it is favourable, your salary can be channelled into the welfare of your people at home. Note that, nobody at your place of work must know about this plan.

Congrats on the job.

Then we go say Naija don spoil and blame the gov't (like say dem be aliens). Why must we all believe that gaming systems is the right thing to do. It's cos of cases like these that FG parastatals and ministries no longer pay people on study leaves cos we too dey lie for the system.
A typical Nigeria is a thief and destroyer at heart.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Begins Distribution Of Rice To Kano Residents (Photo) by 080bjaked(m): 12:19pm On Apr 12
I hope the save enough rice to cater for their sufferings from 2023 till 2031.

Lol. It's funny sha. So Tinubu will use the same mouth to make the same promises he made with Buhari in 2015 and some sane people will still believe it. How?

Unfortunately, PDP isn't any better. They are all just power mongers.

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 7:16am On Apr 12
Thanks for your response, I hope the old one will not be cancelled even with valid visa on it

No it won't. I have a passport due to expire in July with a valid visa on it. Last year when I renewed my passport to the new 10year passport and still used my visa on the old one
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 3:28pm On Apr 08
So finally.....we got our visas this afternoon. We applied for relative visa (myself and two children) on 7th December 2020...the processing took four months. Whew! Thank God it was worth the wait.

Congrats Mate. What duration?
Politics / Re: Lady Who Tattooed Tinubu's Face: "My Husband Has Chased Me Out Of The House" by 080bjaked(m): 3:46pm On Apr 07

Tinubu Jagaban Spent many years as a youth on the dangerous street of Chicago, became one of the best graduating students, worked for best auditing firms and oil company like Delliote Anderson's, Price water Cooper, ExxonMobil, so it's very hard to fool a street guy who is book smart

You better don't expect any dime if you are of no value to his business or politics

Why else do you think Tinubu's associates and close circles include intelligent people and not tattoo wearing miscreants

Professor Yemi Osinbajo ( Senior Advocate of Nigeria)
Akinwumi Ambode (Accountant General)
Raji Fashola SAN ( Senior Advocate of Nigeria)
Sanwo-Olu (Former Managing director Eco bank)
Ben Akabueze
Boss Moustapha


Why MC Oluomo no dey your list now? grin
Romance / Re: What's The Coldest Way You Found Out Your Relationship Was Over? by 080bjaked(m): 12:57am On Apr 07
What's the coldest way you found out your relationship was over?

We had a long distance relationship, planning to get married soon then on a faithful day, I called her mobile like 30times but she didn't pick up. I was so worried.
She later picked her call very late in the night (morning in her time zone) to tell me she was out on a date all day. Ooops, that hurts.

I sure didn't cry but dust entered my eyes. undecided


Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 9:09am On Apr 06
Please do banks give pta?

Some banks do. They all should be selling but you know naija now.

Try GTB Adeola Odeku branch but go very early (8am) but if you can't get PTA, I think your best bet is peer to peer. I used to buy dollar from Aboki, load my UBA Afridollar card and use in SA but the charges no be here (exchange rates, aboki rates, 50 or 60 rands charge per withdrawal at ATM etc. That method became too expensive on the long run.

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 4:40pm On Apr 05
Hello everyone.. Please where do i Change naira for rands in Nigeria before traveling for study purpose. I want to change 80% of my funds to rands.

Like how much are you changing? Send me a DM.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 4:20pm On Apr 05
Hello everyone, please where in Lagos can the COVID test be done, before traveling,for those who have done it 48hours before traveling. Thanks

Search for Lancet laboratories, choose anyone around you. Good thing is they will send the result to your email so you don't have to go back but nha 50,300. Not sure if that has changed sha.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 4:06pm On Apr 01

Anybody don collect study visa recently?

Study? Even for this forum, dem go reach like 1million grin
Business / Re: Fire Guts Okobaba Sawmill Market. Lagos State Fire Service saves situation by 080bjaked(m): 1:46pm On Apr 01
This happens almost every year at Oko Baba. Most times those fires are as a result of conspiracies.
TV/Movies / Re: Anita Joseph, Her Colleagues Remove Their Wigs To Dance In '7 Rules Of Marriage' by 080bjaked(m): 9:37am On Apr 01
Na money be that?

Its a movie set. Alot of those aren't real, just counterfeits for the movie.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 7:59am On Apr 01

Investor visa i think but I don't know anything about it o

Investors what?? Does he have like 170mill NGN to invest in SA economy?

I think the best bet for his line is a general work visa as the role isn't listed in the 2014 critical skills visa gazette (who knows know? It may be in new gazette to be released in a couple of months). Yes obtaining the general work permit is tedious but it's sure possible.
Romance / Re: Should Someone Confess To Her Fiance After Cheating? by 080bjaked(m): 3:32pm On Mar 31
Good evening,

Please this is not my situation, so don't take it personal. It's not real.

Please if someone sleeps with an EX like few weeks to the wedding ceremony, should the person confess to the Fiance or just keep it and repent? Assuming the fiance is a pastor in a Bible believing church, should such a person confess, and will the pastor forgive? should the person confess after wedding or before wedding? I believe confession is right. Or is keeping mute the best?

It is just a question, it is not real and it is not my situation... I am even a guy.

Take care....

Shey you dey whine me ni? grin
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by 080bjaked(m): 3:30pm On Mar 31
Hello, I am about to apply for visit Visa to SA.

I will be staying for 1 week only.

My uncle is getting married to a South African April ending, the wife sent the letter of invitation with her SA Id card and proof of address and my cousin is my sponsor.

Passport ✅
Passport photograph ✅
Flight booking ✅
Invitation letter from my uncle wife ✅
Yellow card ✅
Sponsors letter ✅
Sponsor statement of account (total credit 20m, balance 2m. 6 months statement )✅
Application form filled ✅

My account has total credit of 11m this year with balance on about 100k. Should i also add my statement of account..

What else should i add or I'm good to go?

I need to know immediately.

You'd need proof of accommodation, letter from your sponsor stating your relationship and why is sponsoring you.
Your account statement is a disadvantage for now sincerely. Balance of 100k won't cut it for visit visa.
Self intro letter.
Your reason for travelling also needs to be well worded ("My uncle is getting married to a South African" may not fly)....I may be wrong though.

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Politics / Re: Danladi Umar: Shameful Statement By CCT Chairman On Banex Plaza Fracas - PM News by 080bjaked(m): 9:35am On Mar 31
He shouldn't have said that "biafran boys" he should have low key delt with the idiot and make his life a living hell. Now flatin0s are bitching all over twitter for this statement but they aren't bitching about their 25 kinsmen who got dispatched to the great beyond yesterday.

Are you really human? Do you even know what it takes to be human? With dudes like you all over the place, the future of Nigeria is messed up already. Think independently man.
Like a friend always say, "the incompetence is enough to go round", if you keep defending these abuse of power, nepotism and high handedness, one day you or someone close to you will be a victim too.

Ask Dawisu, he is now reaping some 'gains' of his actions. grin


Properties / Re: Omonile Wants To Demolish My House by 080bjaked(m): 9:23pm On Mar 27
To cut a long story short, I bought the land at Ifo, Ogun State. I have the family receipt, and the deed of assignment. After hustling to build the structure, it now remains roofing and finishing.

However, I heard today from the family representative that a son of the land seller wants to demolish it to build a church. I'm also a christian, but this is quite surprising.

Once again, I only have the land receipt and deed of assignment. Also, I have spent over 2million naira on the structure.

What should I do to be on the safer side?

No Sir, they don't demolish your house cheesy. They want to get you into this state of mind so you can cough out more money for them. Na regular usual tactic.

My advise, get a lawyer first (I sincerely don't know how you people do these things without lawyers). Making some military connections may also be useful (a captain friend can perform magic in Nigeria grin) and then make an official report at the closest police station (just for reference purpose in the future if una finally go court) but get this straight, if you pay now, expect more wahala in the future. Na so he be. God be with you Sir.


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