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Food / Re: What Was Your Childhood Food Fantasy? (Pics) by 10thTenthMan: 3:57pm On Feb 03
I started butter consumption very late in life, didn’t have it till I was 13 and I’m 30+ and still obsessed with it shamelessly. If not with bread, I eat it with biscuit or yam on a regular. I wanted to ask if I was normal until I saw this post and other people’s fantasies gave me hope. Who don try yam and butter before?

Yam and butter is Yummy.

Make sure the yam is a bit hot, so the butter melts into the yam.

You are perfectly normal.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Begins 2022 Mini-bid Round – NUPRC by 10thTenthMan: 11:28am On Jan 16
Very Correct.

The 2022 Mini Bid Round Pre-Bid Conference as scheduled will take place as follows:

Date: 16th January 2023 (Today)

Time: 10:00 am

It is currently ongoing.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Did You Do With Your First Salary? by 10thTenthMan: 4:09pm On Dec 28, 2022
Brings back old memories.

The only special thing I did was give my mum a huge chunk of it.

I assisted some family members to solve some pressing issues.

Beyond that I did not give any thieving pastor a dime.

It was when housing benefits were paid, which ran into many millions, that I went on to start acquiring properties and expanding my income stream through side hustles.

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Travel / Re: What Scares You The Most About Relocating Abroad? by 10thTenthMan: 3:48pm On Dec 28, 2022
Some Nigerians are very superstitious when it comes to Japa affairs. Some are afraid of being in an environment whose language they don't understand while some fear the cost of living and some are uncomfortable about their safety in their new location.

Let's talk, what scares you the most about relocating abroad?




MANAGING A LONG DISTANT RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SPOUSE. ISSUES BORDERING ON FIDELITY AND PURITY OF THE MARRIAGE BED. COULD SHE MANAGE SEEING ME ONCE EVERY 2 MONTHS? COULD I MANAGE NOT HAVING A WOMAN ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS? Hilariously, I would complain about the expensive side of flying to Canada just to have sex. Of course, over time, you just forget about the urge and don't let it bother you.

To me the decision to leave is not just because the grass is greener on the other side. That was not my intention. I was and still am well to do in Nigeria. So, it was not really about economics. IT IS NOT ABOUT EARNING IN POUNDS OR EUROS OR CANADIAN DOLLARS. NO!!!. IT WAS ABOUT SECURITY, SAFETY AND QUALITY OF LIFE. LIFE IS SO CHEAP in Nigeria. So cheap with a failed government. I was not ready to play ''kalo-kalo'' with my kids' lives and futures. What is the use of a BIG MAN that cannot even take a stroll? A big man that cannot live freely? A big man that I will sneak into the village and sneak out? A big man that can be attacked anywhere in Nigeria and abducted.

In Canada, the area is quiet. Crime is low. I am not worried about a container that will fall and crush my family on Ikorodu road. Not worried about 1 million boys that will attack me. Or ritual killers and kidnappers. And should these things happen, you will see good efforts at ensuring it never reoccurs. BUT IN NIGERIA LIFE IS CHEAP. The government does not care. 200 People can die of the same causes, and no one will give a damn. Police will say 'go about your usual business'. Politicians will say it was the opposition. In Canada, I am not worried about a rabid policeman shooting me while driving home. Or armed robbers robbing me while jogging. Someone beheading me while going about my usual business. I have met policemen. I have been stopped and interrogated. And they were more civil than ALL NIGERIAN POLICEMEN I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AND EXISTENCE. Answered their questions, gave my license. Did not bribe any. And when they realized I was just arriving the country, I was let off with a warning and advice on the route to take and driving norms in Canada. Some people complain about racism. Here in Nigeria, I see ethnicity and tribalism. In fact, people are killed yearly due to these tribal conflicts. In Lagos, LASTMA set a trap and snare for me. In fact, they told me to take a route I never knew was one-way, and the same people arrested me, towed my car and demanded bribes.

I hear people type a load of rubbish and nonsense about staying back and solving Nigeria's problems. Sorry I WILL NOT. NO. TUFIAKWA!!!! I WONT GAMBLE WITH THAT. I will rather take my chances overseas. And I have already. I am enjoying it well too. Life is about probability. I may not be omniscient but from data and statistics, I would rather take the chance overseas. So, the point is not about that ''Japa is for those who are weak''. Or ''the grass isn't greener on the other side'' or that gunmen go on killing sprees in the US. Or that they did not allow you microwave your pungent Nigerian food in the office microwave overseas. Or in US, Europe and Canada there is cold. What stupid cold are we talking about? What useless cold? This same Cold has killed less and fewer Nigerians than our ''beloved'' Fulani Herdsmen, the Nigerian Police, Unknown Gun Men, Nigerian Doctors, Kidnappers, many cursed Nigerian nurses, convoys of Government Officials, etc. Cold has killed less Nigerians when compared with the Nigerians killed on the 25th of December, 2022 alone by this country's madness. So, to some of us, the point is that it is when you are alive and healthy that you can solve the country's problems.

My mind was made up about the country NIGERIA, as being a place where I didn't want to raise my children. I would not have been comfortable raising my kids here. Let them move and grow up in peace. I can be here trying to solve Nigeria's problems with you people. And that is even because I am economically strong and with respect to wealth and that I am part of the Upper Middle-class. My wife also works in Canada too to offer additional support. Otherwise, I would have left with them. So for me, my major fears therefore were:


2. COULD the family remain intact with me seeing my wife (and family) for about a week every two (2) months?


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Forum Games / Re: Spot The Pussy Cat (Photo) by 10thTenthMan: 4:38pm On Oct 04, 2022
This guy?

Politics / Re: Abuja Fuel Scarcity by 10thTenthMan: 8:53pm On Jun 16, 2022

Just look at that. What is there to negotiate? Why not pay what is required to ensure steady haulage of products as an immediate first aid approach if the government really has the interest of people at heart?

They have just announced the approval of the increment in freight rate.

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Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 7:04pm On Jun 16, 2022
Good evening, everyone!
I must say that finding this thread had made a tremendous impact on my life and career because I've learned a lot.
I'm a Trainee HSE officer in a gas company, and career growth has been my priority.
I’m at a stage in my life and my career in which I feel I could benefit from a little mentoring and guidance.
So, I would humbly request a mentorship opportunity from any of our experienced HSE officers here.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone is interested in taking me as a mentee.
Thank you!

Without a Proper Mentee or Mentoring Plan, it may turn out not to help you and the mentor much.

E.g What competencies would you like to develop? What skill set would you like to develop and acquire? What certifications do you wish to acquire? What sector are you looking to work in? What are of specialization do you prefer? What is your goal eventually ?

If you have drawn up such a plan. Then let us know. That my be determine if any of the “elders” here can provide the level mentorship you need.

Good luck.
Politics / Re: Abuja Fuel Scarcity by 10thTenthMan: 3:12pm On Jun 05, 2022
First there was the importation of off-spec PMS around end of January 2022.

Then there were attempts to recall the offspec product which led to the first scarcity.

While this was ongoing, diesel price skyrocketed. War Ukraine happened, Naira lost more value and crude oil price went up as well. This led to high landing cost of petrol, diesel and kerosene (both house hold and aviation turbine type).

Tanker truck drivers who used to be paid the hullage/ bridging cost of transport between Lagos and the North, by the Federal Government, informed that what the Government was paying them transporting the products to the north and selling at the regulated price for petroleum equalization was no more enough. What they were paid was way below what they spend on diesel for their tanker trucks to transport products from the coast (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar/Eket) to the hinterlands.

Government negotiated the price but this is still not enough or satisfactory to tanker truck owners and marketers.

As it stands, no marketer wants to transport product to Abuja as what the government pays for equalization as part of the subsidy program does not favour them in terms of margins. In fact they run at a loss with the current cost of diesel. Besides the Government has also been accused of owing some transporters.

So as it stands things will not look nice for Abuja in terms of petroleum products supply until:

1. The price of diesel comes down
2. Government reviews and increases the PEF Payments
3. There is a cheaper (yet safer) alternative means of transport
4. There is full deregulation of the market

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Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 4:26am On May 31, 2022

Thank you for your answer Sir.

My question is directed towards why recruiter emphasis more on NEBOSH International diploma than other level 6 qualifications

And I have elaborately answered this. But it seems I need to summarize my response a bit:

1. The curricular is NOT THE SAME. NEBOSH IDP is more advanced in content and knowledge than your Nigerian ISPON and the NEBOSH IGC. If I, as a Manager, believes that the theoretical knowledge I want my new staff to posses comes from NEBOSH International Diploma, then I’ll Make it a mandatory requirement and advise HR as such. When the advert comes out, it will state that only those with NEBOSH Idip should apply.

2. It is because NEBOSH Diploma is hard to get and not everyone has it. Hence it is used as a requirement to ensure that too many people do not apply. It is used for screening. Imagine posting a HSE vacancy advertisement for an oil and gas company and requesting only for ISPON. You will be flooded with millions of applications.

3. When you compare some of these other trainings , NEBOSH is like a silver standard (I.e assuming the American BCSP is the gold standard). It is well recognized and respected. It is fast becoming a global benchmark for professional HSE certification.
Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 7:58pm On May 28, 2022
Hello Professionals,

I want us to discuss something I have observed especially from people having any of the level 6 safety qualifications should share their experience with us.

I noticed that most employers emphasis on having NEBOSH International diploma than NVQF level 6 or OTHM level 6 qualifications. I think they prefer the NEBOSH diploma to other level 6 certification.

Please enlighten and share with us, and probably guide us with information

From my knowledge of staffing or Human Resources recruitment, upping the requirement helps in seiving and filtering out many applicants. And in the world of today, paper certifications are generally viewed and seen as to imply better knowledge and skill set, hence better staff performance. Of course this is not always the case. I DO NOT HAVE NEBOSH OR ISPON. None of them do I have. However, I challenge any HSE ENGINEER ANYWHERE ON EARTH & EVEN THOSE ON MARS. With my BSC and double M.Sc. on HSE Sciences and Engineering, with my network of professionals in various fields and stages of life, and my work experience, I do not think any NEBOSH IDP holder comes close or has any edge over me.

Secondly, where proper personnel staffing it to be done properly, job roles, duties and functions are usually matched with educational and professional certifications and experiences. This plays a great role In successfully engaging the right personnel for an open role.

So to me it is two things:

1. They look at the current job roles in their industry and company. They reviewed their processes, hazards and risks and realized that for understanding of these and their management and monitoring , the perfect candidate must have undergone NEBOSH IDP which perhaps covers this area of risk very well.

2. They are looking for a way to streamline the number of applicants. Recruitment can be expensive and tedious.

Thank you.

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Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 1:20pm On May 06, 2022

Welcome back bros, we miss your presence here.
More of your insights and experience Sir

Thank you Sir.

Interestingly, Seun's mediocre and poorly programmed Anti Spam Bot got me banned for replying to many questions in quick succession. Some responses were also locked/hidden.

I found it quite hilarious.

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Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 8:23am On May 01, 2022

Thanks a lot.

Also I would like some enlightenment; I studied Applied Chemistry, I want to how much chance do I have securing a safety job

Your chances of securing a HSE Job is based on these factors under-listed. The fact is you already have number 1.

1. Level of education
2. Level of professional development and certification
3. Level of knowledge
4. Level of experience and practice
5. Your network and connections within the HSE circles or careers circle
6. God or luck element which mainly uses 1-5 above in making a way for you. At times it is just 6 alone too.

Please note that items 1- 5 are things within your control. You can do something about them. So follow the pathway that most of the “elders” on this thread have advised. We have always said that intending professionals get their basic certifications. Start with HSE Level 1-3 then move into something like NEBOSH IGC. You need to “sell” yourself and position yourself as the right candidate. After this immerse yourself in the skills and knowledge. I watched YOUTUBE videos on ISO45001, 14001, 9001 etc before ever trying to get the certification. There are a lot of free resources online to improve one’s knowledge. It only cost me data but the benefit was immense. I had knowledge of the HSE processes and I was well informed and educated on these professional skills and requisite knowledge. For network, I joined HSE Groups on LinkedIn, etc and attended conferences and workshops that I could. I Posted my views and opinions on HSE Matters and also learned from other peoples’ viewpoints. You too can do things like that. I applied to companies for practical experience and in one instance had to take up an unpaid role for about 3 weeks just for experience sake because the company was a big one and I wanted the prestige of claiming to have worked with them.

Finally I always advice that professionals pick an area of specific skills and expertise . You can become an authority in this area and even do private CONSULTING and TEACHING of this area. Like I hinted you may want to focus on either HSE in the chemical industry or chemical process safety. Then develop specific skills and expertise in this area. Again, You already have the basic educational requirements. As a matter of fact , with applied chemistry I would advise that after your basic HSE Training , you focus your expertise on Chemical Process Safety. This can be applied to both Oil and Gas and other sectors. Especially the risk assessment process of identification (HAZOP, HAZID, HAZAN,FMEACA, BTA, Consequence Modeling Software etc.) and Mitigation processes.

In Summary DESIGN a good strategy for:
1. Developing yourself and your professional profile
2. Knowing the right people and companies for opportunities.

Good luck.

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Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by 10thTenthMan: 7:57am On May 01, 2022
Hello people,
Good morning
Please what is the fastest ways to get HSE JOBS IN THE SOUTH EAST.
I am a HSE LEVELS 1,2,3 holder.
Thank you very much.
Do have a lovely weekend ❤️

Let me open my response this way. The HSE Roles are usually neglected by many industrial sectors. Personal observations reveal that compliance with appointing HSE Personnel to handle HSE Compliance is based on enforcement of HSE Rules and Regulations. If you recall your fundamentals, the reasons for HSE are varied including the Moral and Regulatory(Legal) reasons. Now in many industries proper HSE practices and safe work environments are NOT enforced. The reason why you have many companies in Places like Port Harcourt and Lagos obeying HSE rules and ensuring there are trained personnel who handle these roles is because the Oil and Gas Industry insists that only companies that obey these requirements get contracts. Secondly a state like Lagos has its Safety Commissions and such which creates awareness and enforces regulations once in a while.

So what am I driving at? I am driving at the fact that places like ABA might be difficult finding HSE roles. The need for proper HSE Management is not appreciated by industries there. Aba is mainly a manufacturing hub, with little oil and gas and power generation. The other major activity is buying and selling. Hence opening for roles in the factories and so on within Aba might not be as much as in places like Port Harcourt, Warri, or Lagos. My advise is to seek out HSE Responsible companies within Aba. You will have to develop a criteria for determining these companies and then applying to them both in a solicited and unsolicited way. Finally, where it fits into your plans, you many consider seeking for roles outside Aba, and relocating.

In summary HSE Awareness is not same within industries and locations in NIGERIA.

Nigeria does not do well in enforcing HSE Regulations which if done properly would have compelled ALL major companies and industries to need HSE professionals.

In order to get the HSE Roles, you need to pick your target companies and sector within the Aba Area. Then approach them.

To pick or target these companies you will have to profile them and create a criteria in determine the level of HSE Consciousness within these companies.

Finally, you may consider relocating by searching and applying for HSE roles outside of Aba. I personally do not think that “Aba Boys” give much importance to HSE. Their level of awareness is poor to being completely ignorant.

These are my personal view.


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Properties / Re: One Plot Of Land For Sale At Ikorodu Lagos by 10thTenthMan: 1:04am On Feb 20, 2022
Which part of Agric ?

Can one site the survey plan to establish the coordinates ?
Programming / Re: What Attracted You To Learn how to code? by 10thTenthMan: 5:07pm On Feb 15, 2022
When someone said that ''...in future, coding will be like being computer literate today''.

Politics / Re: Obasanjo Becomes Kegites’ Eternal Grand Patron by 10thTenthMan: 8:29am On Feb 07, 2022
Onyopuz o!

And is a Chief and is an EGP! Walkete Seriously EGP.

Comrados will never decode, assimilate or imbibe the bembestic and kponkinaty blessings of Oludumare who made us, on your coconut! Today come moronto go, they can never decode- Mba kwa! I mean when shall it become that the neck of the okra becometh too long to be plucked for a bembestic solidify? It can never become came.

Babaneh, keep walking and may your daizes be long! Longer than the dy and dx of east-west road and third mainland bridge combined.

To that same Oludumare who remains same as yesterday, today and forever, I have seriously, landed.

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Business / Re: Wooden Pergola And Outdoor Furniture In Lagos by 10thTenthMan: 10:53pm On Feb 02, 2022
Happy new year.
Best wishes.

Can you guys work on an intended lounge ? Something like a Cabana as attached ?

Properties / Re: 331sqm Of Land For Sale In Ogombo by 10thTenthMan: 9:30am On Jan 28, 2022
Distress distress distress sale:
This seller has started work but needs to sell for some personal reasons known to him personally.
Location : OGOMBO Town lekki
Title : Global C of O, survey and reciept
This seller has also promised to take the fence up and also fix the drainage you see in the video.
This is the beat deal you can get in the area so don't lose this.
Price : N12M naira net
Land size: 331sqm

Is this or any property like this available in Ogombo Area ? I have some there already and will be willing to have more . NOTE PLEASE I DONT BUY ESTATE LANDS.

IT is one of the biggest deciets in Nigeria today. The same people that sold to you will claim they are managing the estate and still impose service charges that are up to rents in other and even land in other areas. I buy only community lands with good neighbours and we provide our own security and discuss like men how to improve the environment. I BUY ESTATE LAND ONLY WHEN I AM THE ONE DEVELOPING THE ESTATE. haha..
Properties / Re: Land For Sale In Ibeju-lekki, Direct Owner by 10thTenthMan: 7:24am On Jan 09, 2022
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your posts.

Please can you list some of the communities under which these village excisions fall? That way we may know if these are areas that appeal to our investment appetites.

Thank you.

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Properties / Re: Architecture And Interior Design Services by 10thTenthMan: 7:21am On Jan 09, 2022
Great designs.

I am impressed by your spatial management skills.

I am searching you out once I am ready for a Project in Port Harcourt.

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Business / Re: Lands For Business Purposes In Port Harcourt. From N500k by 10thTenthMan: 3:08pm On Jan 05, 2022
Around Rumuolumeni-COE/UOE- Iwofe and Saint Johns to Ogbogoro Axis of Port Harcourt do you have any listings around that area between 3-5m?

Something that can be bought and developed in stages for personal residence over the next 3 to 5 Years?
Romance / Re: Why Do Married Women Cheat These Days? by 10thTenthMan: 5:10pm On Aug 26, 2021

Thank you for passing your point without aggression. I agree with your write up except the part you said men cheat just to and women cheat with emotions. Whoever came up with that is misinforming people. A cheat is a cheat, a man loses value just as a woman loses value. Imagine one submitting themselves to all those soul ties.

Yes. Understand that I do not believe in that point of view either. What I did was to present the biased beliefs most men have on the matter, as basic as they are. I am not viewing this matter from a moral point of view. Morality has its own biases.

Can a Man have a reason to cheat? Whether flimsy or serious? The answer is Yes. Can a Woman also have reasons to cheat? Whether flimsy or serious? The answer is also a Yes. Can they each decide not to cheat if they want? The answer is Yes. The violent, religious, societal and cultural ''gates'' imposed on women and the slut-shaming are no longer working as effectively as they used to.

Let no one therefore claim that they have the monopoly of being sluts.

I acknowledge your own point of view though. Your statement that ''A cheat is a cheat, a man loses value just as a woman loses value. Imagine one submitting themselves to all those soul ties''.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Married Women Cheat These Days? by 10thTenthMan: 6:38am On Aug 24, 2021

Its nice being behind a keyboard. From your mouth to Gods ears. I pray you heal from the rage you feel. I understand when people have no point they tend to insult people. I was going to wish you everything you wish me but I will leave it to God. Be blessed �

Let me tell you something.

Men feel that cheating is worse felt by them when a woman does it. To men, when they cheat they don’t do it with their full emotions. “It is just sex”. They don’t secretly sneak another woman’s baby home for their partners to nurture. Men feel a cheating woman bruises their pride and their egos. Men also claim when a woman cheats, she does so with so much emotion and does not love her husband or spouse or mate anymore.

So you have to understand where these men you are bantering with are bringing their logic from. Clearly, from a point of view where what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Like I initially posted, who says women need to write to the senate to cheat? More women are getting bolder. Women are becoming more economically independent. Women have access to Apps like Tinder, etc. I am not here to discuss morality. MEN CAN CHEAT AND A WOMAN CAN ALSO NOW CHEAT IF SHE PLEASES. It was societal pressures and culture and tradition that hindered women. The societal double standards are now being destroyed right before our eyes. The rights to uncontrollable and unhindered pleasures of the flesh are no more domiciled with the gender bearing brute strength.

No single gender should claim absolute rights to cheat. Nature did not create a gateman to stop one gender from cheating and allow another to freely do so. Does a man have sexual desires he wants satisfied and can he get it from women(or perhaps another man)? Yes. Does a woman have sexual desires she wants satisfied and can she get the satisfaction from men (or perhaps another/other women)? The answer is a resounding yes! Both genders have the brain and free will to give their bodies out. Let no one see the other as “more shameful”.

Let everyone decide to cheat or not to cheat. But please remember no one owes you anything. Eventually people will do what they want to do.

I don’t want to cheat. My personal decision. Not because I am a saint and not tempted. But I value all relationships I get myself into. I take time to chose and I invest in it. If she cheats. Then so be it. Relationship over. Wetin dey this life wey we dey stress sef? Who has the fundamental right to use their peni ses and vaginas with whoever, whenever and however they want? Both genders can and do.
Romance / Re: Why Do Married Women Cheat These Days? by 10thTenthMan: 6:19am On Aug 24, 2021
The rate at which married women cheats these days is so alarming. What's happening?

Two married women were caught cheating few days apart in the same area.

What is special about cheating please?

Do women need to write to the senate to cheat? Cheating is as easy as walking into a corner and having sex with a man. It is as easy as being on an App and swiping left or right. It is as easy as dressing sexily and accepting the advances from a male she finds attractive.

Are we saying because they are women, they should show inhibition and not cheat?


It is when you realize that no one owes you anything, you will live a peaceful life enjoying the lesson you learn from it. Life is a school, nothing is guaranteed you other than the fact that you MUST experience experiences whether pleasant or otherwise.
Politics / Re: How I Have Been Managing Diabetes For 35 Years -obasanjo by 10thTenthMan: 8:22pm On Aug 18, 2021
1. Simple go Whole Foods Plants Based (Meat, Dairy, Poultry, Sugar, Oil, Salt, Gluten Free) Or try

2. Low Carbs High Fats ketogenic diet

3. Test every food to see how it spikes your blood sugar especially, post meal blood glucose. Eliminate foods that spike your blood sugars.

4. Intermittent Fasting

5. Daily Exercise.

6. Enough Sleep/Rest

7. Enough Light/Sunshine

8. Enough Nutrients/Minerals/Vitamins Supplements

These should keep you doing fine.
Properties / Re: Land For Sale At Ogombo, Ajah by 10thTenthMan: 7:57pm On Aug 15, 2021
Please kindly forward the survey plan to 08147714004.

There is a need to verify the size of the land.

Thank you.
Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by 10thTenthMan: 8:39pm On Jun 18, 2021
hey bro
This post makes me feel high.
Can we connect, I sent you a mail.

I apologize, however I have changed the account. The Nairaland system logged me out for using a disposable email address. Hence my inability to log into the account and the reason for opening this particular account. I have also been busy with work and business. Especially, acquisition of property for various future ventures.


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