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Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 12:16pm On Feb 03, 2013
Let's share stories in poetry format. I hope this makes sense. I would be back to share mine.
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by amberacious: 1:54pm On Feb 03, 2013
The Girlfriend I Never Had

I could remember the whole incident without any effort
On that fateful day I went to the school's cafeteria to find my stomach its comfort
With the intention that my breakaway from the protest will be brief and short
Only for my eyes to be caught up with an angelic beauty of some sort

Sitting alone on a table for two was this girl, the exact girl of my dream
Innocently having a peaceful lunch: potato chips and a cup of ice cream
She seemed far away as if she was at the other end of the stream
Will you be my girlfriend my heart wanted to scream

I walked towards her but before I was close enough
The peaceful protest outside started to turn rough
The police shot tear gas in the air, everywhere was tensed and tough
People ran helter skelter raising dust, I guess that made her cough

Then the real shooting began and everyone became scared
I offered her my hand as a gesture that I cared
She looked into my eyes and I guess she saw that even death at that moment I dared
Though in the corner of my heart I prayed that we could be spared

As we ran for cover I asked for her name
Only to look up and saw she wasn't the same
Till today no one know from where the bullet came
But it went straight to her heart and she gave up within the shortest time frame

There were reports that at that point I actually went mad
Justifying the few days I spent in the psychiatric ward.....yes it was that bad
Though today makes it a year ago; remembering the whole incident still makes me sad
Because I helplessly watched the girl of my dream die as the girlfriend I never had



Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 5:55pm On Feb 03, 2013

Nice one Amberacious.


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 6:33pm On Feb 03, 2013
A Stranger called Step-mum

Dad came home with a strange woman
That was the second time in recent times
So, it wasn't so strange anymore
Still the woman looks strange

Rumours had it that the first one got born again
And said it wasn't good to take another man's wife
Funny isn't
Strange things I tell you

This strange woman has come to stay
Fair with a slim 'lepa' figure
Hmmm.... Dad must have a thing for yellow paw paw
Mum was fair too

The strange woman's first meal
Oh! The meat was cut so small like it would be sold for 5k
Even dad complained
Her next try was a greater disaster
She cut the meat so big like it was stolen and not paid for

The Shaki (bowel) was not well peeled
It looked dirty and yucky!
I almost puked.
Did she buy it at Oshodi or Iyanapaja market?
Instead of Isale-Eko or Oyingbo?
I wouldn't know
We slept on an empty stomach that night
A strange woman indeed

Oh! I forgot to add
She was very hard working
That aspect we loved so much
Unlike the first strange woman
That made my first cooking experience a disaster

I was asked to boil egg for her
She wanted bread, tea and egg for breakefast
I loved dad so much I would do anything to please him
I guess the older siblings were away in school

The egg was not properly done
I brought it, broke it and it was not done
This woman refused to get up
Kept on dishing out orders on how I should get it done

We kind of preferred her cos she was sophisticated
House chores she made us do
That aspect we hated
What wouldn't the new woman do
To make my daddy say "yes, I do!"
She could scrub 10x a day
So as to present herself as the ideal wife
A strange woman indeed!


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 6:36pm On Feb 03, 2013

I saw a young girl crying
Around the busy streets of Obalende
Two street miscreants held her hands on each side
One had his trouser half way with a mischievous grin on his face
They tried to pacify her

The girl was looking tattered
With no panties underneath the long top she wore
All manner of thoughts ran through my mind

What have they done to her, I wondered
Could it be...
No! It hope not!
I hate to think about it

I couldn't get her tear-stained eyes off my mind for days
I couldn't help but wonder why she was crying
Was she lost?
Was she molested?

I don't wanna think about it

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Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 6:47pm On Feb 03, 2013
Entanglement of Love

Love is pure and true
Refined and not prude
Thrives on the wings of truth
And would not be real without you

In my heart I think about you
Should this be I wonder
I feel ashamed sharing this feeling
Feels so sacred for an unworthy me

I share this feeling so deep
Not cos you make me think deep
But cos your affection is so deep
That I will keep sinking deep

When love says no more
Do you tear your heart apart in protest
Or you bow and let it have its way

Fight for what you have while you can
If another steal it from you
It's no fault of mine


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 2:32pm On Feb 04, 2013
When I thought my father died
I was but a young girl
On my way to school that faithful day
I decided to check my dad at the specialist hospital not far from home

He was being attended to by a nurse
I had to wait outside
Beside him was my step mom with eyes weary from lack of sleep
Soon I heard panic and screams from inside

I rushed in and saw the nurse beat my dad so hard
She poked a pin deep into his skin
Dad did not shake
I didn't know when the tears started rolling down
I couldn't resist

Have I lost my dad?
Daddy, u can't go just now
Not long he opened his eyes
I heaved a sigh of relief
And swore never to forget the day I almost lost my dad


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by amberacious: 3:27pm On Feb 04, 2013
Wow! Masterpeice of creativity! Nice write ups! Wil b posting mine too soonest!
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 4:21pm On Feb 04, 2013
Firestar, I see u peeping. Drop something, will ya?
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 4:54pm On Feb 04, 2013
I Know A Young Girl - A short story

Part 1

I once know a young girl
Full of life
Loves adventure
Loves fun

I once know a young girl
Bright and talented
Innocent yet mischievous
With smile so captivating

I once know a young girl
Searching for love
To find that one her soul desires
That one she longs to spend forever with

Her Mr. Charming
Her knight in shining armour
The one that will make her the envy of all eyes
Her soul mate

She searched...
She found that one
And gave him her all
Her search brought her first pain


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 6:03pm On Feb 04, 2013

I once know a young girl
So naïve
Her naivety gave her innocence away
She lost her innocence to that man that claims to love her

I see her sit by the river bank
Lost in thought
And wonder why the world is so cruel
Hating every moment she had to live

Tears tickled down her pretty face
"Why?", she asked?
How could he be so cruel!!!
She wanted the first to be special - a magical moment
Not laced with a horrible memory
Making each night a miserable scare


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Nobody: 6:49pm On Feb 04, 2013
Cmaj7th followed by a dominant 7th. Try that out on a guitar.
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Mynd44: 7:20pm On Feb 04, 2013
**Waiting for PHCN to bring electricity**
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by amberacious: 10:31pm On Feb 04, 2013
The Mysterious Girl

(An amberacious version of 'HOPE' by Tgirl4real)

As I drove down the street, I noticed this girl with this mysterious look
She dressed like one of these Togolese immigrants hired as a cook
She looked mysteriously lost like she was in a hook.
My guess was, either something was taken from her or there was something she unlawfully took

I slowed down to take a closer look as I changed my gears
I noticed her skin was bruised, her clothes torn showing her underwears
I could see in her eyes cloud of tears
I wanted to park but the hoodlums around her were my fears

I pondered on this mysterious girl as I continued my journey
There were only two possibilities: one, that this girl stole some money
And the other, that some hoodlums molested her and forcefully took from her honey
Which ever one, the girl definitely at that moment needed an attorney

A scene like this is not strange in my neighbourhood
Where people are seen hustling to make livelihood
Kids grow up here without experiencing good parenthood
My submission is this mysterious girl is another likelihood.....


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 9:22am On Feb 05, 2013

A loud applause Ambera.

Where are the other poets in the house. I thot we got them plenty here. tongue
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Nobody: 12:29pm On Feb 05, 2013
to my mother!
To the strongest woman I will ever know.
At first glance Mom's hands may seem crippled and meek.
She flinches when you bump them and her grip is quite weak.
But these hands are a reflection ....of the woman inside,
although burdened with limits, still strong with pride.
When opening a jar seems too great a task,
it's only after great hesitation that she finally asks.
Don't let that mislead you for you must understand.
It's not what they can't do, but rather what they can.
These hands have the strength to raise a family right,
to wipe away every tear and hold you real tight.
They come together each day in prayer,
and whenever you need them, they're always right there.
So if these hands don't appear all that tough,
Remember they're full of tenderness and love
and for me that's enough. smiley


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Nobody: 12:30pm On Feb 05, 2013

Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the hurts that didn't always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise when I captured them at length.

Her hands would also push me, though not down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all she knew I could be.

Her hands are now twisting with age and years of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.

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Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 12:39pm On Feb 05, 2013
Cool. @ Vicky. cool
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 12:49pm On Feb 05, 2013
I Know a Young Girl- Contd.


I once know a young girl
Not so young anymore
Did she wise up? No!
She kept trusting

Not wanting to lose this one person that stole her pride
Wanting to appease her hurting heart with the selfish love he proclaimed.
Not wanting to lose her esteem
She gave another chance

Another chance at love
This time it was contractual
And boom! It blasted in her face
And the stitches thought was neatly patched opened leaving a gory wound
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 12:52pm On Feb 05, 2013

Here is hell again
Knocking to drag her in
She's struggling
Not wanting to sink

No! She says
This too shall pass
Let me go
I don't belong to you.

Amidst her struggle and pain
Would she open up again
And ever find love painless
I doubt

I once know an innocent girl
Is she still innocent?
I can't say.

Story continues...
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Oahray: 1:23pm On Feb 05, 2013

Her eyes
the stories they told
the helplessness was real
I believed every word.
In the scorching sun
there I stood,
No buses or cabs in sight.

My son, her lips said
The awkward silence that followed,
Screamed authenticity.
Who begged with shoulders raised?
Talk to me, my eyes said.

Then she spoke,
In a bus, her purse was stolen
with it, all she had.
She lived far away.
How would she get home now?
With righteous indignation,
I sympathized.
Who would steal a mother's purse?

Three naira notes I had on me,
Two were mine, the other wasn't.
The bigger of mine I gave to her.
She was someone's mother,
she deserved it.
God bless you my son,
Her lips said.
Her eyes spoke gratitude,
as she brushed a grey streak of hair
behind her ears.
I believed her,
Mothers do not lie.

A week later,
the sun still as harsh,
at that same road,
I waited for a friend.
Towards me she came, it was her.
The same mother with the stolen purse.

My son,
she said again.
Help a stranded lady
and God bless you.
This time, it was her bag.
Someone stole a mother's bag.

Had she forgotten me?
I stared blankly,
and bottled my anger.
She was someone's mother,
she should be respected.
She was someone's mother
but that someone isn't me.
She understood
and walked away,
To try her luck with another son.


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by durobraham(f): 1:24pm On Feb 05, 2013
^^really nice
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Nobody: 1:41pm On Feb 05, 2013
Inside of Me (stolen from a friend wink)

They told me you were sick
Some parts of you not well
They said it might be best to take you
Before my life became hell

But what they didn’t know
What my outer layer would not show
Is how I felt you grow
And the way you made me glow

In the Ultrasound, I saw you
I saw your perfect frame
You were already in my heart
You already had a name

They advised me as best they could
Because it wasn’t looking good
But in my God I trust,
In a time like this, it is was a must

I hoped, I prayed and I believed
That God would let the doctors succeed
That your body would be healed
And God’s grace would be revealed

I fought for you day by day
Sometimes the pain won’t go away
But God renewed my strength
Everyday I’d go the length
....to be continued

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Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by amberacious: 10:44pm On Feb 05, 2013
@oahray nyc one there! And Come to think of it..... it has happened to me countless times!!!

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Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by firestar(f): 11:16pm On Feb 05, 2013
Ha! cheesy
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Cuddlemii: 4:57am On Feb 06, 2013
firestar: Ha! cheesy

We are expectant
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by amberacious: 7:56am On Feb 06, 2013
Once Bitten Twice Shy

Last year val was supposed to be special for me and my former miss
As my pocket was loaded with returns from a business deal with a swiss
My intention was to treat her to an heavenly bliss
And maybe steal from her lips a 'love you' kiss

As there was no parking space in her apartment, I parked at the next block
Walked to her door and decided that day not to knock
With the key in my hand, the door wasn't hard to unlock
Only for me to open the door to a scene that gave me a shock

My plan was to give her a surprise visit, I never meant to intrude
But lying on the bed was my val and a strange guy, both completely nude
I looked closer at the guy it was like I knew the dude
Ofcourse, he was the guy she told me was her cousin called Jude

At that point it was clear that all what she told me were not true
How could I be so foolish to have no clue
My love was blind but her betrayal removed the glue
Or was it nemesis that decided her time was due

With this year val at the corner she came begging that I should forgive and forget
She swore that she has changed and to that, her life she can bet
She told me she still loves me and reminded me of how we met
But in a situation like this, once bitten twice shy is what you get



Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 8:26am On Feb 06, 2013
amberacious: @oahray nyc one there! And Come to think of it..... it has happened to me countless times!!!

It's indeed nice and it has happened to me several times as well.

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Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 8:35am On Feb 06, 2013
grin grin grin

Nice one Ambera. I don laff tire. Pele. Lol

Go get urself a new val on d val thread jor. Lol
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 8:37am On Feb 06, 2013
Me Uncensored

I kinda like d feeling.
Hmm... I know I'm still desirable, but it's been a while I had someone flirt with me openly. He asked for an email but it's obvious he wants a number. Lol

I indulged him and gave him both. Nice chap, cute, smart and intelligent. I wouldn't have minded rolling with him, but I don't roll that way.

Ok. He conered me into a date. I knew where he was headed, but I played along. It's so funny, when u feel young again but u aint young and u shouldn't be found doing some things.

He said; "I am already seduced". Whatever he meant by that. I know he is trying not to push too much, but he can't hide that he likes me.

grin grin grin
Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by Tgirl4real(f): 10:57am On Feb 06, 2013
Some Special kind of bad guys

I met this one
That says he doesn't chase
Even wifey was not chased
But had women chasing him all his life

I met this one
That says he can't live without her
His wife is his life
Yet, she treats him like a lie

I met this one
That says he wants a divorce
Reason, she isn't fine enough
What was he thinking when he said "yes I do" I wonder

I met this one
Who now chases anything in skirt
Wifey had all the love at a stretch
But lost it out of negligence

I met this one
That made a deal with his sweetheart
I envy cos they now have a single heart
Bliss will their union be

I met this one
Married out of boredom
No one available but her
Now he doesn't give a hoot about her

All these ones are some nice guys
Some decent kind of guys
That are now bad guys
All for love sakes


Re: Poems That Tell A Story... by firestar(f): 1:59pm On Feb 06, 2013

Unholy fire
Is what I desire
Unholy glee
Is what inspires me

Let me be
Let it be

Yet she holds back
As if she knows

She has this gift of:

"Watching you, watching me"

She sees through...
How does she do that?!

She's a smiling beast
She blocks my flow
Withholds the feast

It's unhealthy, she tells me
That longing...
Let it burn out
For the both of us
For you
For me

For Eternity....


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