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Single Lady by Rubyspice: 1:27pm On Sep 12, 2013
All Rights Reserved:
This work exclusively belongs to the author and is protected under the Nigerian copyright laws.
The Title, thoughts, plot, characters, settings, quotes and all its contents are properties of the author.
No part of this work; either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.
You can reach the writer by clicking on my profile and sending an E-mail from there for any inquiries.
© Ruby spice

Beauty, charisma and elegance;
All these and many more are the attributes I possess but for some strange reasons, I'm single. Is life really this complicated or is it that we humans somehow complicate it with our different approach to life itself?


Am a Delta chick, bred in Lasgidi (so you can imagine the extent of my swags).
You would have heard people say 'Warri no dey carry last', and that's so true in all aspect of my life but relationship-wise. I've met almost all kind of guys that exist but for some reasons luck hasn't been fair to me.

My name is Jenny, Jennifer Richards. I am purely Nigerian so dnt be fooled by the english surname.

I met this 'dude' some years back when I was being frustrated by J.A.M.B (most of you who have experienced this would relate to this). I wrote that examination repeatedly for three consecutive years until my parents were advised by friends to send me to the school of my choice to run the pre-degree program because they somehow believed that being in the school premises would aid me to be more focused and ginger me to work harder towards gaining an admission.

So few days after, I was bundled and shipped off to school without being asked any question, not like am complaining but its funny how our parents make almost all the decisions in our lives without putting our opinions into consideration.

The Federal University of Technology, Owerri was my school of choice not because of it has always been my dream school (which it isn't) but because I had and still have relatives and friends (those who wrote J.A.M.B with me year after year , got admission and left me at home). So I've got roots there. Don't get it wrong, I'm smart, I get good grades but for some strange reasons, I missed admission each year.

I was so excited leaving the house, infact leaving the city of Lagos because the whole 'sitting at home' thing was beginning to depress me.

I got to FUTO on a rainy sunday night. It was one of those pitch black nights that you wish you had a very large bible with you.

I was asked to stay with a family friend until I get into the school properly, her name is Diana but I simply call her 'Deedee'.

You see, Deedee is a root... MY ROOT. She was in her third year, we both attended same high school and wrote our first J.A.M.B together, the only difference was that, that was her first and last J.A.M.B. A little too 'geeky' or is it book-wormish and add churchy to the mix, all of this equal to my Deedee.
Maybe that's why my parents insisted I stayed with her so that she could influence me and turn me to a book worm (mission impossible) #winks.


It was about 4:16am when I woke up on my first school day, I immediately attempted to wake Deedee up but she refused to wake up until I had to use a broom to hit her, she reluctanlty opened one of her eyes and subconsciously said;
'Go back to sleep jhur! My alarm hasn't gone off yet'

So I laid down and tried to sleep but it seemed like an 'herculean task' maybe it was due to the excitement of finally being in school, or so I thought.
I woke Deedee immediately I heard the alarm and she reluctantly got up so we could prepare for school.

I support the mentality that 'first impression counts' so I had to look my best. I brought out my box and started digging through looking for the appropriate outfit. I found this lovely top and discovered it needed ironing and immediately 'P.H.C.N' reminded me they weren't on my side nor were they going to make things easy for me, so they seized power. I was so exhilarated to let anything get to me so I just kept search and finally decided on a dressy top,pant trousers and a nice pair of flat shoes.

Damn!!! As I took a finally looked at myself in the mirror, I fell in love with myself allover again (I was soooo fine).
As I was admiring myself in the mirror,I saw Deedee at one corner, she looked red with annoyance. She just held my hand firmly and dragged me out of the room and locked the door, you cant blame me na, I knew I was going to turn heads... unfortunately, I turned Iyke's head. He saw beauty at its peak and he followed.

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Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 3:30pm On Sep 12, 2013
I'm quite new on NL and have already been inspired by such talents here, such as the likes of Chistar01, Mynd and a lot of other people.
I'm not particularly a writter but after reading some stories, I wan to see how far I'll go with this.
Do me a favour and comment on how I can improve when you read, as your comments would let me know that my story is being read and followed by people.
Re: Single Lady by chistar01(m): 5:11pm On Sep 12, 2013
Hmmm..carry on, this looks interesteing... **I'm following** #TeamDelta!!!.grin.
Re: Single Lady by Sophiatabitha(f): 5:26pm On Sep 12, 2013
Do continue i liky
Re: Single Lady by yemi2plus(m): 5:32pm On Sep 12, 2013
I was here
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 6:07pm On Sep 12, 2013
*Jst passing tnz*
still following sha....front seat 2.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:47pm On Sep 12, 2013
Deedee and I got into the school premises just in time for my first lecture. I was so excited and was about rushing into my lecture hall when Deedee pulled me back. I stopped, turned looking at her like some sort of hinderance;

'What Deedee?' I said trying to pass the message across that I wanted to join the class. She adjusted her top and started the 'motherly lecture'. I gaped at her and couldn't believe my ears. Just so you know, am a year older than Deedee and here she was forming 'parent' for me. She went on and on about me avoiding trouble and how I would gain admission if I followed her rules.

While she talked, I slipped into my own little world so that I could control my temper that was sizzling at that point in time. She kept on talking for another five minutes while I swallowed my pride and drifted further away.

'Jenny! Jenny!' said Deedee as she shook me vigorously. I snapped back to reality and realised she had finished her speech.

'What again Deedee? I have to join the class. 'Abeg' we would talk later' As I walked away leaving her looking surprised. Deedee shruged and left after few seconds remembering she had her own lecture to catch up with.

At this point, my excitement had disappeared. All i felt within was rage; 'Little Deedee giving me advice all because she gained admmison before me'. I walked into the lecture hall and noticed most of the front seats were occupied (not that I would want to sit there, wouldn't want the lecturer asking me questions I might not know the answer to, thus embarrassing myself on my first day). So, I decided to hide somewhere at the back.

I sat at the edge of the row, plugged in my earpeice and selected an old time classic, 'Dance with my father' by Luther vandros. I put my head on the table and drifted off in my thoughts once again.

This time the thoughts were not of rage anymore but of self-pity. I was so deep in my thoughts of how things would have been different if I had gained admission earlier that I didn't notice when the lecturer walked in.

Students rushed to take their sits and the lecturer started his class.

He wrote his name on the board 'Dr. Amadi Ikechukwu' and turned around. He scanned the class and noticed me (I still had my head on the table). He told the lady sitting close to me to tap me which she did. I looked up and saw like a hundred pair of eyes on me. I quickly removed the earpeice and adjusted in my chair.

'what is your name?' Dr Amadi asked

'Jennifer Sir' I replied timidly

'Why are you sleeping on a monday morning?'

'Ermm, Sir I wasn't sleeping. I had my earphones on and didn't notice when you walked in'

'offense number 1, come to the front of the class, I would not tolerate laziness in my class' He roared.

I got up and walked to the front.

'Give me your phone and the earpiece now' He ordered

I looked at him like he had just asked for my liver.

'But Sir, I...'

He interrupted me before I could complete my sentence;
'Give me the phone or leave my class, I do not have time to waste' He said

I reluctantly gave him the phone and tried to return back to my seat but he stopped me and pointed to a seat in front and started the lecture.

The lecture went on for another one hour and thirty minutes. I kept looking at my watch and counting down to the end of the class. Finally, it came to an end. I watched students stand up and leave the lecture hall while I waited for the lecturer to pack up his books so I could follow him and get my phone back. He finished up and started to leave, I walked briskly towards him and said;

'Sir, please I'll be needing my phone back.'

He turned around and and said;

'come with me.'

So i quietly followed him wondering what he might be up to while I formed rebellious replies in my head because I was bent on collecting my phone.

We walked down the hall and got to an office, he brought out the keys, opened the door and went in. I followed him in and waited for him to settle down and tell me what I was doing there. When He finished he asked me to sit down which I did. Then He started talking;

'what did you say your name was again?'

'Jennifer sir'

'nice name but I'll call you Jenny baby' he said

I looked at him and smiled sheepishly.

'Why are you smiling like that or did I say something wrong' He asked

'No sir' I said

Then He continued, my name is Iyke and I like you. You are pretty and just what I need for this semester.

I looked at him like he had three heads, before replying;

'Thank you sir, please I have another lecture so I'll just collect my phone and be on my way'

He laughed and said 'yes your phone, I'll give that to you if you would promise to see me again'

I looked at my time piece and nodded saying'ok sir'

then he stretched out his hand and gave the phone to me but not before dialling his number on it and said 'call me'

'Men!' I murmured.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:53pm On Sep 12, 2013
chistar01: Hmmm..carry on, this looks interesteing... **I'm following** #TeamDelta!!!.grin.
smiley Aww.. Thank you so much. I never knew you with your busy schedule would have time for 'we the up coming ones'. I appreciate.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:56pm On Sep 12, 2013
Sophiatabitha: Do continue i liky
thank you, ofcourse i would continue..jx because of u o #winks
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:07pm On Sep 12, 2013
yemi2plus: I was here
wow, Yemi is reading my story. Am flattered. Thanks
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:09pm On Sep 12, 2013
*Jst passing tnz*
still following sha....front seat 2.

:* Thank you..keep reading please.
Re: Single Lady by chistar01(m): 12:42am On Sep 13, 2013
Ruby spice: smiley Aww.. Thank you so much. I never knew you with your busy schedule would have time for 'we the up coming ones'. I appreciate.
lol, if its good, I'll read it grin. Its not like am a perfect writter but trust me dear, your work is good. wink do u have any previous experience with writting because your work looks quite flawless and am not just talking about the content but the spacing and correct punctuations. The only typo I saw was that on the last paragraph of the first post.

Hope you would be consistent with your updates oh.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 7:34am On Sep 13, 2013
chistar01: lol, if its good, I'll read it grin. Its not like am a perfect writter but trust me dear, your work is good. wink do u have any previous experience with writting because your work looks quite flawless and am not just talking about the content but the spacing and correct punctuations. The only typo I saw was that on the last paragraph of the first post.

Hope you would be consistent with your updates oh.
yea, I'll try. Thanks embarassed
Re: Single Lady by Nobody: 10:29am On Sep 13, 2013
smiley.. It's a beautiful story i must confes.. Keep it up dear!
Re: Single Lady by tochman(m): 10:40am On Sep 13, 2013
Emmmm... Im lost. This is amaizin. Its almost perfect, damn. I hope im readin d rite post. Jor ooo... SWEET no SWEAT!!!
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 12:44pm On Sep 13, 2013
rachelfred: smiley.. It's a beautiful story i must confes.. Keep it up dear!
Thank you dearie.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 12:45pm On Sep 13, 2013
tochman: Emmmm... Im lost. This is amaizin. Its almost perfect, damn. I hope im readin d rite post. Jor ooo... SWEET no SWEAT!!!
lol..tochman, ofcourse its the right post. I am glad you like it.
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 1:53pm On Sep 13, 2013
waiting for the next update o
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 3:38pm On Sep 13, 2013
I walked out of Dr. Amadi's office in a daze. I said to mysef 'What else could go wrong?'
Deep in thought and worried sick, I somehow found my way back to my lecture hall. The next lecture had begun so I quietly took a seat at the back. I tried to concentrate but I couldn't so I just kept on staring at the lecturer like a zombie while she talked. Thirty minutes later, the lecturer packed her books and left the class. I watched her go but I made no attempt to leave the class.
Other students started to leave in groups while sat there just staring. I was barely a student and here I was in a deep mess. I thought to myself; maybe if I had listened to whatever Deedee was trying to tell me, all of these wouldn't have happened.

'Hi Jenny, why are you sitting down looking so pale? Is everything all right?'
I looked up and saw the girl that tapped me in the morning for Dr. Amadi. A part of me said; 'Dnt talk to her, she's the enemy. After all she tapped me and helped cause all of these'. I knew I was just being paranoid so I quickly put my thoughts away and smiled. Then i replied her; 'ermm, nothing, hi'

She smiled back and stretched out her hand for a hand shake and said; 'my name is Caroline'
I shook her and said; 'well, you already know my name. You and the entire class know my name' I laughed and she joined in.

She sat down and asked again ' is something wrong? You don't look so good.

'Well...' I began to say then stopped.

She looked at me waiting patiently for my reply.

'No nothing is wrong, I am waiting for someone; I lied
If she had suspected that I lied, I couldn't tell cause she just smiled and nodded
'Ok, I just thought you could use a little company but since you say you are all right. I'll be on my way then. See you tomorrow Jenny.
Then she got up and left.

Once again i was alone with my thoughts. This didn't last long because my phone rang immediately. It was Deedee.

'Hello Deedee' I said
'where are you' she said
'my lecture hall' I replied
'are you done with lectures for today?'
'yea' I said
'ok, me too. Meet me at the school park so we can go home together'
'ok, I would meet you there in a jiffy.
Then she dropped the call. I carried my bag and left for the park.

Few minutes later, we were home. Deedee started preparing lunch while I tried to take a nap. I was hungry, worried and stressed out. Who was I deceiving that I would sleep? I kept turning and tossing until I gave up and got up. I looked at phone and scrolled through my contacts, there it was 'Dr. Amadi's' contact. I had to talk to someone because I didn't know what to do.

'Maybe I should try Deedee, she might understand and know what to do' I said to myself
'nah, wouldn't want her judging me or giving me long motherly speeches.'
As I kept going back and forth in my mind, I concluded that I'll just have to handle it my way and see how it plays out.
'afterall na guy e be, nobody can make me feel so uncomfortable or I'll put them in their place. I said.
I felt a little relieved after my little chat with my subconscious.
'Jessy, food is ready' Deedee screamed from the kitchen.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully. I had plans to do something fun during the weekend. Afterall, 'all work and no play makes Jenny a very dull girl'. Caroline and I had become a little close during the week. I found out she was my kind of person, balanced in three aspects 'fine, fun and funny so it was't hard for us to click.

On Saturday night, Caroline called to ask if we could hang out at a club in town and I said yes. So, I jumped up and started dressing up before she would come pick me . Deedee looked up at me, 'where are you going?' she asked
'out' I replied

'what's the name of the place?' She said

At this time, I was so fed up on having Deedee on my neck all the time, so I ignored her and continued preparing.
She got pissed and start the 'award winning' talk. I just continued until I heard a knock on the door.
That's my cue to leave hon, I'll see you later.
I opened the door and left with Caroline. Off to the club #winks

Not long after, we were in the club. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. After a couple too many drinks, we were high and got up to dance. We moved towards the dance floor and started dancing, guys around probably suspected we were high and took their positions at our backs. Damn!!, see 'rocking.' Caroline shouted above the music that was blaring from the speakers;
'I have to go to the bathroom' she said
I nodded my reply because I was having so much fun to follow her, she left witout me while I continued dancing. I'm sure I was doing damage to the guy's manliness because of the way he started groping me. I turned to caution him because he was passing boundaries and I wasn't too drunk not to notice. I expected an apology or something but the guy pulled me towards the door and whispered something else.
'how much for the night' he said
He continued to dance while he waited for me to reply.

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Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 3:43pm On Sep 13, 2013
waiting for the next update o
then you are just in time. Posted already
Re: Single Lady by yemi2plus(m): 7:21pm On Sep 13, 2013
The only thing that will stop me from reading this nice story is when the author stop updating. I love you story, please update more and follow what chistar said.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 8:17pm On Sep 13, 2013
yemi2plus: The only thing that will stop me from reading this nice story is when the author stop updating. I love you story, please update more and follow what chistar said.
Really Thank you and yes i am working on it. cheesy
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 9:15pm On Sep 13, 2013
nice nice!
I'll recomend u. *winkr*
Re: Single Lady by Nobody: 9:03am On Sep 14, 2013
i am waitinnnn!!!....
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:04am On Sep 14, 2013
nice nice!
I'll recomend u. *winkr*
thank you. Recommend me to?
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:07am On Sep 14, 2013
rachelfred: i am waitinnnn!!!....
awww, sorie the next update is in progress.. Pls chill alil
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 2:10pm On Sep 14, 2013
'Damn!, this guy has some nerve' I said to myself
As I stood there obviously rattled by this guy's 'supposed apology'. I thought of lots of obnoxious words just to get back at him. When I had prepared myself, I started raining all sorts of abusive words on him, he got pissed and joined in. Caroline came in just in time as the bouncer threw us out of the club. She walked out calmly and joined me in the parking lot then asked; 'what was that all about?'

' I'll rather not talk about it,lets just go home' I said

'ok' she said as she stopped a cab.
The cab ride seemed longer than normal because I wasn't talking and just kept staring through the windows. I knew this made Caroline a little uncomfortable, so she asked again

' what happened back there, Jenny'

I replied this time, ' the buffalo of a guy thought I was an 'ashewo' and asked how much for the night'
Caroline just started laughing, she laughed until she had tears in her eyes and I joined in after sometime because it now to seemed funny to me. When she had composed herself she said;
'so na wetyn dey make you vex, na you find trouble na. See the length of the gown you wear, then the 'rocking' you finish am with. Wetyn you expect??

I just started laughing again and this time she joined me. We kept on talking until we got home.

It was 3:10 when I made it to my room. Caroline had dropped me off and gone to her own hostel. I used my keys and tiptoed into the room so I wouldn't wake Deedee. I switched on the light there she was sitting and waiting up for me.
'what the heck is wrong with this girl? What's with the overly protective attitude?' I said to myself

'Hi Deedee' I reluctancly said

'you are back' she said

'obviously' i said

'well,...' she said

'Deedee please I no get strength, just let me be, I'm not in the mood' I said

Jenny, I don't mean to be this way but let's just say I...

I interrupted her saying; Deedee, you used to be fun to hang out with. What happened to you?

' I found Jesus dear' Deedee said

I rolled my eyes and said ' so predictable, Goodnight Jurhh' I said

Few hours later, it was sunday morning. It was bright and sunny, a good day to act holy and go to church (atleast that's how I saw it). The truth is i needed to find solace in church because tomorrow is the 'dreaded' monday (the day I get to face Dr. Amadi who I haven't called since then). Deedee seemed delighted that she didn't have to drag me to church or give one of her speech.

We got to church on time, the priest was about saying the opening prayers. Deedee rushed to the front and some how squeezed her self in an obviously full pew while I just stayed at the back.
The sermon seemed to be directed to me. I was so sure the priest had a vision of me and my sinful ways and composed the sermon to spite me in the presence of the congregation. I kept turning in my chair and looking at my watch. Just so you know, I am not evil or anything. I was brought up in a Christian home but I just can't tell what happened. The service came to a close as the priest said the benedictions
' Go in peace brethren, may the sun not smite you by day nor the moon by night. Have a blessed week.

I got up to leave the church grinning from ear to ear just as I saw Dr. Amadi with his wife and children. They looked cute together. An idea came to me, ' why dnt I go say hi to him and his family'.

'Good morning sir, how was the service? Madam, you are so wearing that dress. Damn!, You look so good.

'thanks dear, do I know you?' she said

'no ma but your husband does, he is my lecturer in school' I said

'oh... hello, how is school?'

'fine ma, my name is Jennifer. I would have really loved to keep talking to you but I have to go now. See you next sunday.

'ok dear, take care'

As I walked away I could imagine how upset and probably perplexed Dr. Amadi would have been. I even added an extra sway to my hips as I walked because I knew he was still staring. I could hear his wife talking in the background about how she liked me. I thought to myself; 'who wouldn't like me, I even complimented her and her dress'. That was so fun and am sure he got my message. 'nobody scares Jenny'.


Re: Single Lady by tochman(m): 8:19pm On Sep 14, 2013
It just keeps gettin better, makin a lot of brains... Pls keep on wit d good work... Weld on
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 7:05am On Sep 15, 2013
tochman: It just keeps gettin better, makin a lot of brains... Pls keep on wit d good work... Weld on
kiss thank you, thank you. You are far too kind.
Re: Single Lady by yemi2plus(m): 7:08am On Sep 15, 2013
Hope you will update after church?
Re: Single Lady by Wesslier(m): 8:09am On Sep 15, 2013
D only reason why I believe u are as beautiful as u claim is d BEAUTY of dis work. Khia! Am checkin Oxford and longman 4 an adjective 2 qualify it... Finally i gat a warri writer on NL.
Re: Single Lady by chistar01(m): 11:30am On Sep 15, 2013
Hehehe.. Nice update dear.. Fingers crossed patiently waiting for more. grin

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