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Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 9:11am On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby spice:
Phil, you sure na wetyn u bin wan write?
na now i sure say ur level of winch pass him own
i been de think of wetin to write na im i say make i paste him own
u really catch me for here
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 10:52am On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby pls r u still @ futo, nd wat level
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:56pm On Sep 23, 2013
na now i sure say ur level of winch pass him own
i been de think of wetin to write na im i say make i paste him own
u really catch me for here
tot as much
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:57pm On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby pls r u still @ futo, nd wat level
can i nt answer dis question jx yet?
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 7:46pm On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby spice:
can i nt answer dis question jx yet?
Re: Single Lady by ninja4life(m): 7:59pm On Sep 23, 2013
D guy go dey jealous.nice update though ur update is slow
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:05pm On Sep 23, 2013
ninja4life: D guy go dey jealous.nice update though ur update is slow
i'm sorry. I have work to deal with so am alil busy buh I'll try to improve.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:06pm On Sep 23, 2013

you get to know y soon. Pls bear with me
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:08pm On Sep 23, 2013
I entered Jb's car to talk with him. He insisted we go somewhere to talk so he drove off to a bar around. I could imagine what Emeka would have thought. Maybe something like 'look at the kind of 'big boys' she hangs with, I don't have a chance with her.' Well none the less, it was my business who I hanged with so I doubt he would ask questions about it.

Jb and I got to pioneer garden. The bar we met first. I hadn't gone there since then, so the place look a little different. He chose a table inside this time, then he asked what I'll take. I almost disagreed to order because of the 'bomb' I was planning to drop but he insisted once again. Jb had a way of getting his way and I kind of hated arguing so much about something I consider so irrelevant so I give in most times. I ordered a bottle of smirnoff and he ordered a plate of steaming hot pepper soup and a bottle of beer.

'nne, how are you kwanu?' he said

'I'm fine, you?' I said

'I am the way you left me o.' he replied

'okay, that means you are fine.' I said

'anything you say sha. You haven't been your sef, is something disturb you? Tellu ogbuefi Jb and gbam!, I would handle it. You know you are my 'oliaku' and I rove you. Ngwanu, tellu me.' he said
I looked up at him as he talked and I knew what I had to do. I couldn't keep stringing him along, I certainly wasn't feeling him. It would be so unfair to continue what I had been doing, so I said;
'Jb, you are a nice person but I can't date you.'

'ewooo! Why kwanu? Baby no na. I rove you, prease don't bleak my heart na. Biko. Ngwanu, tellu me what you want, anything?'

'you see your problem? You keep trying to buy my love. Money isn't everything and its obviously not the major thing I'm looking for in a relationship. I don't mind money being spent on me but it tastes better from a guy am feeling.' I tried to explain.

'so you mean you don't want anything? Prease nne, its you I want. Okay, we would do things the way you rike. Just doesn't leave me. Eh!! Nne mo.' he said
He was doing it again, trying to negotiate his way into getting what he wants. I had made my point clear, I wouldn't date him. He kept on insisting and I agreed but deep down I had decided I was going to 'friend zone' him.

'okay, no problem but we are just friends.' I said

'okay as long as you won't leave me. Order another drink na. Since you have been drinking one.' he said

'errmm, no. Why not finish your plate of soup so we can go. I have school tomorrow, so I want to sleep early tonight.' I said

Within the next hour, he dropped me off in front of Glo lodge then he said goodbye and drove off. As I walked in, I saw Emeka sitting in front waiting for me.

' I thought I said we would see tomorrow which you even agreed to, so why are you still here?' I asked

'I couldn't leave after I saw you go off in that car. I had to see you came back safe. I would have been too worried if I was home so I waited.' he said

'okay, but you shouldn't have. Well, since you are here already we can talk. Come in.' I said and invited him into my room. The little room Deedee and I share. It was sparsely furnished but looked really good for a student's apartment. There was a ten inch foam covered with a flowery bed spread at one corner of the room. The bed was big enough to contain Deedee and I and its sheets had blue and pink flowers with a white background. The room was carpeted with a blue rug and there was a mirror on one side of the wall. The wall was painted off-white. There was a small plasma tv hanging on the wall and a dvd player on a table nearby. There was a blue reading table and a chair of the same colour with a reading lamp on the table. The place had a little balcony that served as a kitchen. It had a bathroom and toilet and a little closet. The place had a cozy feel.
'wow, nice place.' Emeka said as he walked in

'thank you. Please sit.' I replied pointing to the chair.

'thank you.' he said

'About what you said earlier, I accept your apology and offer mine too. I am sorry, I think I overreacted but..' I said and paused

'what is it Jenny? Tell me.' he said

'I like you but I prefer us as just friends. I have taken my time to think things through during the time we were not on speaking terms. You are much to important to me and so is your friendship. I'll rather not jeopardize it with something more. I hope you understand where I'm coming from?' I explained and asked

'yes, I do. Its okay as long as we become friends like before.' he said

'ofcourse. Ehen what is this petite you have been calling me lately?' I asked

'oh, didn't know you were listening. You have been acting like you could'nt stand being around me all this while. Well, I call you petite because of you stature. You are small in a sexy kind of way. So whether you approve or not, I'll keep calling you that.' he said

'well, its a compliment in a shady kind of way or even a polite insult but I'll allow it. I'll think of a nickname to beat yours.' I said and chuckled


Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 10:11pm On Sep 23, 2013
Wow a nyc update petite...
Dis one wey u de put everybody for friends zone where me go come de
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:29pm On Sep 23, 2013
kingphilip: Wow a nyc update petite...
Dis one wey u de put everybody for friends zone where me go come de
u na d bf na
Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 11:57pm On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby spice:
u na d bf na

#washes face to c clearly# u serious
Re: Single Lady by Chyguz88: 12:24am On Sep 24, 2013
nice work dear kip them coming. I can relate wt futo n jb. Iheagwa is a village not only ur lodge.
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 9:00am On Sep 24, 2013
where z ruby
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:00am On Sep 24, 2013
Chyguz88: nice work dear kip them coming. I can relate wt futo n jb. Iheagwa is a village not only ur lodge.
i neva mentioned ihiagwa in d story, am alil confused bout wot u mean.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:02am On Sep 24, 2013
where z ruby
she's at work o buh she could try to write soon.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:03am On Sep 24, 2013

#washes face to c clearly# u serious
nah hehe
Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 9:17am On Sep 24, 2013
Ruby spice:
nah hehe
so wen we de expect da nxt update
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:42am On Sep 24, 2013
It had rained heavily on sunday night after Emeka had left my place. The streets were flooded that you would need a canoe to pass some places or just wade in the very dirty water. The rain had brought out water, dirts and probably sewage from different lodges around and this water flowed in the middle of the roads or people saw the rain and threw out their garbages. That remains a mystery because somehow dirts is always a part of this muddy brownish water that manifests only under the rains. As you wade or waddle, you could see the dirts floating on top of the little ocean. I had planned to go to school the next morning and some forces seemed to be against it. As I looked out my balcony, I saw people struggle in the rain with umbrellas while they swam home.

It was a bright sunny monday morning the next day unlike the weather the night before. The flood has somehow disappeared from the roads but it left dirts on the street and very messy mud. The type that if you decide to be stubborn and wore a white trouser, your name would change to OYO(on your own) if you slipped and fell. You would get sarcastic apologies just before they laugh aloud at you or ask question to make you feel stupid like' didn't you look well, why did you fall na?' then you get the 'sorry o' then the mockery laughter followed.

I woke up that morning and looked out the balcony to decide what I'll wear to school.
'hmm, definitely not white. Not too long and I think a little thick but could be removed during school when it got hot and still look trendy.' I thought as I stared out. Few minutes later, I had gotten the right attire so I started getting ready.

The weekend was over, things looked better in my life and didn't have to be worried about anything. Emeka and I had settled our little misunderstanding and Deedee was coming back today. Everything was back to normal or almost normal. I had issues to sort with Caroline for leaving in time of trouble, 'some people we call friends'.

It was safer to walk to school that morning. We wouldn't want the bike to fall into big puddles of muddy water we could have easily avoided. So I dressed up and hit the road. I had in my bag water to clean up when I entered school and even put a little lotion to rub after washing up. I cared about my appearance so much and wasn't taking chances even if it decided to rain elephants and cows.

As I walked down to my lecture hall, I noticed other students had decided to walk like me also. Bikes just rode around hoping students would stop them, some even stopped in front of you and kept asking 'where? Where?' As in they meant 'where are you going? Or would you want me to take you where you are going? All you had to do was keep walking and ignore them as they followed you and would eventually leave you after riding side by side with you. If you decide to reply them, the conversation could turn vulgar because the bikers could be really foul- mouthed. The former is always the best choice.

I finally made it to my lecture hall and the chilly weather seemed like phantom of my earlier thought. I was sweating profusely. As I walked by the corridors, I took a peek through the 'supposed windows'. I noticed something strange, the class was almost empty save of four other students sitting and chatting inside.
'did I miss something? Am I too early.' I said as I looked at my watch.
'but its few minutes to nine na.' I said as I walked in totally confused. I tried to sit and ignore the fact that I was part of the first set of people to make it to school on time but it sounded so unreal even to me. I had to ask what was going on as I walked towards the chating sub-group. Few faces in the group seemed familiar.

'please excuse me, where are the remaining members of the class. Do you have any idea?' I asked

'oh, they would come eventually. The weather probably made them over sleep. It happens alot when it rains a night before.' one of them offered an explanation

'okay, thank you.' I said

Apparently, Jenny hadn't joined them to over sleep for once. 'For me not have noticed this for how many months I had been here, have I been so unserious with school work?' I thought to my self
I sat down making up my mind to do better because I couldn't imagine going back home without accomplishing my purpose of being there. There were even rumours of exams starting soon. I drifted slowly deep in thought as I stared out the large hole in the wall.

The direction of my eyes was towards the school park so I could see students alight buses or enter buses. The day had begun and was getting busy. The corner of my eyes caught a glimpse of a guy sitting under a large yellow mtn umbrella used by local call centres. He had been sitting there for a while and each time our eyes jammed, I immediately pretend to look elsewhere but he would just keep staring openingly. This little eye game went on for thirty minutes, then he got up and paid the person in charge and held the stare as he walked toward me.


Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 11:06am On Sep 24, 2013
Serious?wu win for the eye contest naw

the update is getting lenghty and more interesting tho keep it up
Re: Single Lady by Kslib(m): 11:14am On Sep 24, 2013
Hmmn,guess this is where spice meets iyke... embarassed embarassed
I dont know why,but i dont like iyke ...
You havent even introduced his character to us but i dont like him atall.. undecided undecided
All izz well!
Re: Single Lady by Nobody: 12:34pm On Sep 24, 2013
Hmmm, now am here, #following.
Re: Single Lady by arabanibaba: 2:00pm On Sep 24, 2013
am really enjoying ur work but ASUU has not try at all cos most people are writing about school, it good shall for people like us that left over 10 yrs ago
Re: Single Lady by valdprof: 3:20pm On Sep 24, 2013
babe , how come u write so well despite being a swagalicious chick?Well, the xpressn 'for awhile' is not okay ; use 'awhile' come next time.More coconut oil to your pen .......retiring to my ghost mode
Re: Single Lady by ninja4life(m): 5:04pm On Sep 24, 2013
Feeling this story more ink to ur pen ruby spice.
Re: Single Lady by temmythe(f): 10:34pm On Sep 24, 2013
Kudos to u, Ruby spice
Re: Single Lady by honeydion(m): 12:06am On Sep 25, 2013
You are really doing a great job here. Keep it up.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 8:39am On Sep 25, 2013
I no know who win o, maybe u go help me judge as u dey read go. @king Philip

ah ah, kslib. Iyke don come go na.Dr ikechukwu amadi remember dat name was iyke. He tried to b naughty but i conquered, hehe @kslib

tanks @Damex333

I'm glad i can take you back to school with my work. Try enjoy am @aranbanibaba

I'm improve on my vocabulary. Tanx for the correction. I appreciate @valdprof

tanx @ninja4life

Tanx @Temmythe

tanx @honeydion

new update coming up soon. Thank y'all
Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 1:15pm On Sep 25, 2013
Ruby spice: I no know who win o, maybe u go help me judge as u dey read go. @king Philip
k no p den so wen we de expect d nxt one
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:45pm On Sep 25, 2013
'omg! He is coming towards me.' I said as shifted my gaze towards something else and adjusted in my seat. I looked up again and the mysterious dude wasn't approaching me like I had thought infact he was no where around the vicinity.
'that's strange, could have sworn he was coming to meet me. I just looked away for a second and he disappeared. Alot of things are a little off this morning.' I said to myself and I tried to return my attention to staring into the park. The act as a whole seemed to have lost its excitement since mysterious staring guy wasn't there anymore, so I played some music. It was the only thing that seemed reliable these days. Soon I was nodding to the lyrics of 'ten ten' by Wande Coal.

Gradually, students began to troop into the hall and soon the lecture hall was noisy as they talked loudly. Caroline came in and I had to confront her.

'how far?' I asked

'fine o. Are you just coming to school? The weather last night made me sleep like a baby.' she said

'No, I've been around. That reminds me, why did you run off like that yesterday? The thing bin pain me o, I felt like strangling you on that bike as you were waving. Friend indeed.' I said

'babes, no be like that na. You na my person. I jx give you space to talk to your boy friends, na bad thing?' she asked and chuckled

'you know wetyn you do but I no go talk. Just so you know, I was offended.' I said

'oya, no vex.' she said

I nodded indicating I had accepted the apology, though in my mind I was giving her the severe beating she deserved for abandoning me when I kind off needed her around. When I was satisfied, I went into giving details of the night before. Caroline seemed so excited as I replayed the events. None of our lecturers came for their class, so we talked the lecture hours away with out even knowing it until students began to leave one by one. I took a peek at my watch and it was 2:30. Caroline said she was going into town to get some stuff so I had to go home alone. We walked down to the park together, she boarded a bus while I went to look for a bike. I suddenly remembered I had to get something from the school hostel which wasn't so far from the park so I crossed the road to follow the small sometimes lonely bush path that lead to the hostel. Before crossing, this particular bike man kept asking 'where? Where?' , I tried to ignore him but he just kept asking. I got angry and replied;
'back of heaven, you go go?' I asked in a sarcastic tone as I crossed towards the bush path. The bike man seemed shocked by my reply and just stopped asking or following me. I was pleased with myself and took a last glance at his face before disappearing into the bush. I noticed he had parked his bike and was about crossing to meet me. His eyes looked so thirsty for revenge or maybe I was imagining it. I ran out of the bush, I couldn't afford to wait to find out. The bush was thick and anything could happen inside there and if I screamed for help, I wasn't sure people would come to my rescue. I just walked briskly straight to the hostel using a longer route.

Weeks past and I hadn't seen mysterious staring guy. I was beginning to think I was deep in thought or probably hallucinating on that very day. I had a long day that day and was just finishing my 'marathon' lecture. I had lectures from 8:30 to 3.30 non-stop and I had started the day on an empty stomach. I had to crawl to the buka as the last lecturer left, I was so saturated and famished. As I walked down to the buka, I imagined sandwiches as big as the school hostel and I was convinced that I could finish it in a short period asking for more. I finally made it to 'buka 9'(that's what they call the place) without eating down the buildings. So I ordered for my meal 'ofeaku and rice with a chilled bottle of 'farouz'. I collected my food and turned around and somehow bumped into someone. The ofeaku ontop of the rice landed on my white top. I wanted to scream and cry at that time as I heard gasps from the people in the buka. I just kept staring at the top, counting one to fifty to cool my sizzling temper but it wasn't helping. Then I heard him say 'sorry' and offer some sort of explanation. I looked up slowly and fuming. I'm sure I had smoke coming out of my ears with my eyes fiery red. Then I found out I hadn't hallucinated or made him up in my head weeks back. It was mysterious staring dude. I was too pissed but kept looking at him for a better explanation. My stomach growled with hunger. I was angry and hungry. Then I walked out of the buka. He ran after me apologizing but I wouldnt have it. I brought out a veil from my bag and wrapped it like a 'sari' to cover the oil stain on my top. Then he stood in my front and I looked at him well for the first time since the incidence. I noticed he was tall, had broad shoulders and cute. Then he said;
'I am sorry. Please, allow me buy you lunch. That's the least I can do for the harm I've caused. I would feel bad if you went away like this.'


Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 12:19am On Sep 26, 2013
Hw e take happen na him eye pour d food abi na wetin
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:40am On Sep 26, 2013
kingphilip: Hw e take happen na him eye pour d food abi na wetin
we bumped into each oda. He was at my baq waiting for his turn and i turned wit my plate and bam!!

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