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Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 6:11pm On Dec 06, 2014
The story "Rugged Men" is an art of fiction. All names/descriptions used are a figment of the writer's imagination. Any similarity with real life personalities, situations is deeply regretted.

No part of this story may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by almacherish(f): 6:17pm On Dec 06, 2014
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 6:34pm On Dec 06, 2014
Episode 1

Alighting from the vehicle, just in front of the school gate, William looked around his surrounding, it wasn't much of a paradise neither was it a new sight for him. The less than magnificent gates of the famous Amrose ulli university (AUU) stood in front of him.

He has heard a lot about the school before he even sat for his utme exams. Though he resents the school, he had to settle for it after he repeatedly failed to secure admission into uniben.

William dragged his heavy bag along the walkway. The sheer weight of it coupled with the heat of the sun above was taking a toll on his fair skin, and almost driving him towards exhaustion. He cursed and hissed within himself.

The school compound was still fairly devoid of human activities, only a few people trailed the walkway. The surrounding was quite unkept and bushy.

William looked around, wondering how to get to the students affairs department, he had to finish his hostel clearance today. Else he would have to drag his heavy luggage back to Benin. He looked around once again, hoping to ask someone for direction.

He spotted a group of girls walking towards him. They were deeply involved in a conversation and laughing away. The jeweleries and heavy make up on their bleached skin gave them off as rich ladies.

William knew he had to ask them for direction, but he lacked the confidence to speak to them. He was a shy dim-witted 20 year old. Although he was brilliant academically, socially he was a simpleton.

As the girls approached, his heart beat increased, he palms became sweaty. His heavy luggage slipped out of it fell with a loud thud. He bent down quickly to inspect carefully, fearing that the ground may have ripped the bag open.

As he lifted up his head, the girls walked by without sparing a thought for him. It was almost as if he was invincible. Normally, William too would try to avoid such people, but he looked around, there was no one else nearby to give him direction. He summoned enough courage to speak.

"excuse me please" he muttered, almost in audibly.

The three girls paused and turned around, all directing Scarry stares at him. It was almost as if they were frisking him with their eyes. There wasn't much to behold about him though. His oversized and washed out t-shirt hung in his tall lanky frame. His 'Ghana must go' bag was ancient and over used.

"can we help you? " one of them asked in a rather disrespectful tone.

" em em, my name is, sorry, my names are william Ehimare, i am a newly admitted student of mechanical engineering, i came today for hostel clearance...... "

" just go straight to the point, we don't care about your life history" another girl interrupted in the middle of his premeditated speech.

"em ok, I'm sorry, hostel clearance, please show me students affairs " he stammered, barely making any sense.

There was a brief moment of silence, the three girls stared at each other before a roar of laughter ensued. William's face turned blue. He wished he could disappear. The three girls had made a fool of him.

" i wonder what his is carrying in that sack" one said, pointing at his "ghana must go"

"did you mix your cloths with the garri in that bag? "another asked, as they resumed the laughter.

" anyway, student affairs is over there," the third girl said, pointing to a big building a short distance away.

William grabbed his bag and headed straight for the building. He was thankful that the humiliation was over.

"won't you say thank you? " one of the girls called out

He turned around," thank ma"

They burst into another round of laughter . William turned once more, and walked away as fast as he could. He was tired of being an object of comic relief.

"welcome to AUU, fresh boy "one of the girls shouted from afar.

William frowned as he dragged his luggage along, towards the students affairs building.

The building in front of him was a lecture theatre. It was kind of old and in need of fresh painting. Several chairs inside were broken or simply missing. Lots of offices and tiny cubicles surrounded the building. There was no sign to indicate were he was or what these offices were meant for.

He knew he would have to ask someone else. Given his last experience, he composed himself and rehearsed his speech over and over again.

Just then, he spotted a girl walking by. She was tall and light skinned, rather decently dressed with a pair of jeans and modest t-shirt. She carried herself with much dignity and confidence that could strip a more astute man of his bravado, let alone a simpleton like William.

As she drew closer, her beauty became more easily discernible. William could not help but stare at her. Once again, his brain switched off. He forgot the lines he had crammed. All he could mutter out was a simple " excuse me"

She stopped in her strides and looked at him with a friendly smile across her face. William was convinced within himself that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The smile caught all his attention that he could no longer remember why he stopped her.

"is there a problem? "the obviously embarrassed girl asked, as his gaze made her uncomfortable.

" em em yes, i mean no, nothing no problem, I'm William "

" Wati" the girl replied.

"I'm new, I'm looking for students affairs office, i want to do clearance for hostel " he continued, looking at the floor to avoid her peering eyes.

" oh i see, I'm going there too, just follow me. "

William lifted his bag from the ground again and walked behind her. They walked to another part of the same building. William looked around again, there were lots of people in a queue, each holding the same colour of receipt he had with him.

" there, join the queue" wati said, pointing to the end of the long line of people.

"which day this queue go reach my turn? " he said, loud enough for wati to hear.

" well welcome to AUU, nothing is easy here ." she replied, smiling at him.

William wore a sad look on his face, his frustration was evident as he began to stamp his feet on the ground like a child throwing tantrums.

"what is it? " wati asked,

" if i don't get hostel today, i ll have to carry this load back to benin today. " he replied, as if he would soon break down in tears.

" hand me your receipts, i will give it to someone at the front for you"

"thank you, thank you," he said, as he unzipped his bag, to search for his receipt amid a bunch of rumpled cloths. Wati peeped inside the bag, and turned away to stifle laughter. The content of the bag produced a putrid odour. Only William knows what he was carrying in the bag

He handed her his receipts, and waited while wati walked into the students affairs office.

"So there are nice people in this school, and she is pretty too," William said to himself.

In between his thoughts, he spotted a boy walking towards him. He looked well kept and organised. He wore a pair of trousers, with a shirt tucked inside it and a tie hanging from his neck. He had several pamphlets in his hand, with a bible tucked under his armpit.

"i greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, " the strange boy greeted, holding his hand out towards William for a handshake.

" I'm William " he responded as he shook his hand.

" i am pastor wealth, from Christ ambassadors students fellowship, our duty is to bring fellow students closer to our lord Jesus. We encourage you to be a registered member and fellowship with us. This is a registration form, just fill it out for me, and Jesus will guide you all through your stay in this institution. "

William collected the form, and read through it. It required his phone number, hostel address and other personal information. He filled it out quickly and handed it over to the 'pastor'. William was quite happy to belong to a campus fellowship programme, he had always been religiously inclined. His father is also a senior pastor in a local church.

Wati returned about ten minutes later with another receipt, and handed it over to William.

"your hall of residence is called 'mariere', room 12. It's not easy to find, just walk towards the hostels and ask. I'm in Emotan hostel by the way."

"Thank you very much" William replied, kneeling slightly.

Wati chuckled, turned around to leave.

"excuse me, were is the way to the hostel? "William called out.

" just take the walk way down as if you are heading towards the gate, take the last left turn. It ll lead you to the hostel, you can ask further when you get there. "

William carried his luggage, and followed wati's direction. After walking a few minutes, he got to his hall of residence. The hostel potter was just in front to receive his receipt, and hand him the key to his room.

The hostel was quiet and empty, nearly all the doors were locked with small padlocks. He located room 12,and opened the door. The room was small and stuffy. There were four matresses arranged one on top the other on the floor. The painting in the room was old and worn out. Different cracks were visible on the wall, it looked like it would collapse any minute.

The room had four inbuilt cupboards, large enough to house his big bag. He squeezed his luggage into the top corner, and locked it with a small padlock he had brought from home.

It was accomplished, he headed out of the hostel, towards the gate to find a bus back to Benin. He will be back when school opens in a week time.


Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 7:02pm On Dec 06, 2014
Good work, kip it up bro.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Aisha800(f): 7:13pm On Dec 06, 2014
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by jswaggzo(m): 12:56am On Dec 07, 2014
seems quite promising. dicefrost is back again

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by hemjaylee(m): 11:37am On Dec 08, 2014
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by hemjaylee(m): 8:07pm On Dec 08, 2014
Dicefrost continue nah
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by whizqueen(f): 10:35pm On Dec 08, 2014
Oyaaaah... cheesy dicefrost is here again following u bumber to bumber... wink abeg come updated oo!!!
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Sleekbaby(f): 5:26am On Dec 09, 2014
Wow! Dicefrost welcome to literature section hope dis is going to be bomb. I go dey follow follow
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nimk(f): 9:03am On Dec 09, 2014
hmmmm....anticipating this blockbuster...nice work dice
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 10:23am On Dec 09, 2014
Episode 2

Two weeks past since William went to ekp to drop his luggage. He has been at home with his parents, struggling to make ends meet. His father's pastoral work rarely provided for the family. The salary of a primary school teacher was nothing big, hence there was only very little his mother could do to support.

William had always been a hard working boy, he was very used to helping himself. His muscular frame and weight was gotten from hours of manual labour. He had just returned from one of his numerous jobs and was getting ready to leave for ekp that same day.

He hurriedly took his bath, and began to prepare for his journey to ekp, school had resumed since last week. He began to gather what was left of his property. He looked set to live when his mother walked in.

"you are set" his mother said, as she sat on the bed, next to his box.

"i ll be leaving in few minutes " William replied.

His mum unfastened her wrapper, brought out some squeezed naira notes and handed them over to him.

" here take this, manage it till we are able to gather more"

William accepted the money with gratitude, and began to straighten out the naira notes. He counted them as quickly as he could. It was two thousand naira in all. Added to the other money he had been paid for his job, it was just enough for him.

"please be serious with your studies, don't join bad gang, and don't forget your God" his mother advised.

"don't worry mummy, i even joined a fellowship when i went two weeks ago" he said

"that's good" his mother said excitedly.

William waved his mum good by and headed out of the house, on his way to ekp.

As the bus pulled to a stop in front of the school gate, William woke up from his brief slumber. He must have been tired from the day's work, his bones ached slightly.

He alighted from the bus and stretched himself out. It felt good to be finally out of the bus. William was was thankful that his journey had ended. Little did he know that another one was about to start.

It was a typical school day, the atmosphere was much different from what he saw the last time he came. The walkways had heavy traffic, students moved to and fro in all direction.

The sun was high up in the sky, making the heat unbearable. William sweated profusely as he approached mariere hall. The calm and quiet atmosphere he met earlier had disappeared, the hostel was busy and noisy.

He looked around from side to side like the stranger that he was, the noise and frenzy in the atmosphere must have gotten to him, as some excitement built up in his head.

He took careful look at the hostels and people around him. Their actions were of different extremes, so were their dress pattern some were quiet and cultured, others were loud and immature. Some were modest and decent, others were casual.

As he walked past the female hostel, he focused his attention to catch a glimpse of the girls inside. He saw some poorly dressed females, putting on bumshots and see through tops. He maintained his gaze as he walked past.

He seemed to be enjoying the view, not minding where he was going till he stumbled on something and his heavy self came crashing down. His paper bag burst open, spilling it's content.

A few of the girls in the hostel caught sight of him and roar of laughter followed. William picked himself up, he face was flushed, he couldn't lift his head up as he was thoroughly embarrassed.

Slowly, he gathered his property inside the torn polythene bag and held it close to his chest to prevent them from spilling again. He walked in his hostel, in search of his room.

As he looked around, the hostel appeared different, the painting on the wall was different, the arrangement of the rooms weren't familiar at all. It was at that point it became obvious to William that he had entered a completely different hostel!

His wandering eyes had led him the wrong way. He turned quickly and walked away to avoid another round of laughter. He walked up and down the road, untill he could locate mariere hostel.

Room 12 was different from what William met two weeks ago, the wall had been painted, the room carefully arranged. The wall was covered with banners of sports and music celebrities, not that William could recognise any of them. He unlocked his wardrobe and tossed his bag in without sparing a thought for them.

He laid down on the matress at the top bunk, and closed his eyes hoping to fall asleep. His mind wandered from one thought to another. This university was a whole new world for him, he has never lived far from home before, he wondered if he would ever fit in here, if this crowd would accept a simple boy like him.

The sound of the door handle turning interrupted his thoughts. William sat up hurriedly, to prepare himself for whoever was coming in.

A tall lanky guy entered the room, he was dressed casually with a pair of faded jeans and a white t-shit. He had a look of seriousness on his face as he took his face cap off.

"so you have come finally eh?" he said, extending a hand towards William.

William shook his hand, not knowing how to reply the question, he stared at the floor, to avoid eye contact.

"so I'm frank" the tall guy said

"William " he responded, almost inaudibly.

" ok, please, don't be angry, that's my spot you are sleeping on, so if you don't mind, you can take the lower bunk. "

William jumped down from the top bunk without trying to protest. He landed his heavy frame on the matress below and continued his thoughts.

Frank stared at him for a while, wondering what sort of roommate he had, he couldn't wait for the other two occupants if the room to come. This one is strange, he told himself as he climbed over to take the top bunk.

The room door opened, as another guy walked in pulling his luggage. He was a rather short dark skinned boy, probably around the same age with William. His dressing gave him off as a rich kid. From his footwear to the blings around his neck, everything looked carefully selected and classy. He was just the direct opposite of William.

"what's up niggers" he said aloud as he walked towards Frank to shake hands.

"I'm Ben" he said after the hand shake.

"you must be a fresher" Frank replied.

"why do you say that? Ben asked, looking puzzled.

"it's obvious from your appearance. By the time AUU takes it's toll on you, you ll drop this swagg and wither like the rest of us. It's a jungle out here, look at those writings on the wall" frank said, pointing to a part of the wall.

Ben moved closer to take a look. He chuckled as he read the words out "AUU never loved us! Only the strong survive'

'I'm sure i ll manage" he said, turning away from the wall.
William paid attention to the conversation, he stole a glance at the wall too. But like Ben, those words made little meaning to him.

As freshers, no one expected them to understand. But time and experience indeed would show them that it is indeed a jungle out here, and it gets complicated when you mix with the wrong crowd. Exactly were they are now.

The sound of a knock on the door woke William up, he had no idea how long he had been asleep. The room had no wall clock yet, so he reached for his phone to check the time. It was a little after 6 o'clock, the room was a bit darker than it was when he fell asleep. He looked around carefully, Frank was no longer in the room, while Ben went to get the door.

A nice looking guy walked in confidently, as if he owned the room. He carried him self with so much confidence and pride that one would not help bit notice. He moved towards the wardrobe below William's own and began to search through the clothes.
William and Ben exchanged glances, as they both wondered who he was.

"I'm Ben, and he is William, we are assuming you are our roommate? "

The stranger looked up at Ben for the first time and smiled

" My name is Femi, and yes i cleared a space here, so why are you guys indoors? Lets step out and have fun, lets make things happen "

Ben and William exchanged glances again, they had no idea who this stranger was, but the idea of 'fun' was wholly welcomed. Ben dressed up as quickly as he could.

He wore a t-shirt on a pair of jeans, with a pair of sneakers. He spent the next five minutes combing his hair, making sure his 'mohawk' stood out. He admired himself in the mirror and adjusted his blings.

William on the other hand threw on a badly rumpled shirt and a pair of trousers. He stood in front his mirror, trying to tuck in the shirt.

Ben and Femi looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

"bros, we are not going to church o" Femi said amidst the laughter.

William looked at himself, wondering what he had done wrong. He was uncomfortable about going out this late, but he was determined in his heart to 'fit in'.

The trio stepped out of the hostel into the open. They would soon realise that it is indeed a 'jungle' out there.

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 10:46am On Dec 09, 2014
Episode 3

The sun was going home to rest, as were the responsible students of Amrose ulli university. The moon gave it's gentle light to illuminate the path of those who had an agenda.

The university town had a busy night life. In fact the day starts when the sun goes to bed. The nights crawled with people of different roots all on a mission, each one having his own agenda.

Some were heading towards the classrooms or searching for a comfortable place to study, others were looking for a place to hang out. Lovers were looking for comfortable place to consummate their relationship. Some were hurrying home before it becomes too dark to see, others laid ambush, waiting for someone to waylay and steal.

On this particular night, three first year students with different personalities set out to have fun. And this town offered a lot of it, though it all comes with a price. The trio walked out of the school compound into the town.

Femi seemed to be the leader of this union, though he was a first year student of Biochemistry, he was a bit more exposed and out going. He wore an unusual smile on his handsome face. Perhaps the smile covered his arrogant personality.

Ben on the other hand was a rich kid. His dad is a politician, who had vied for several positions and lost. He had everything a student would ever need, except discipline of course. He had wanted to study medicine, but somehow he ended up in micro biology.

They boarded a night taxi at the school gate, and headed towards supreme hotels. That was the center of nightlife in ekp, the good the bad and the ugly all converged here, each one having his own agenda.

As the taxi pulled over, william looked around his surrounding, the hotel was just around the corner. The colourful lights shone brightly on the faces of people trooping into the hotel, giving the surrounding life and glow. Everyone appeared carefree and relaxed. Some were walking in groups, others were alone. The boys appeared over dressed and classy. The girls mostly appeared like prostitutes, with skimpy clothes that left almost nothing to the imagination.

As they came out of the taxi, they were greeted by the cool evening breeze and music played at a deafening pitch. They moved confidently towards the open space outside the hotel, were chairs and tables were arranged.

William was quite unsure of himself, he had never been in such gathering before. The atmosphere was strange and unnerving for him. But somehow he was determined to 'fit in'.

They found a chair and table around a corner and sat. Femi waved at one of the waiters, who walked towards them and took their orders. Few minutes later, the waiter arrived with a tray in his hand. He dropped several items on the table, including two bottles of red wine, a cockscrew and three glass cups. Three small plates of pepper soup.

William fixed his gaze on the items, he had never tasted alcohol, his father had constantly preached against alcohol. But today, he was more than willing to try something new.

Femi on the other hand had his phone close to his ear, he was involved in a conversation with someone, the inaudible sounds from the phone sounded like a female voice. He seemed to be giving a description of his location to her. He spoke for about two minutes before terminating the call.

He looked at his two companions, they were starring blankly at the surrounding, waiting for invitation to dive into the banquet in front them.

"guys, make una flex o, the bill is on me" he said, robbing his palm together. As he grabbed a spoon from the plate of soup.

William and Ben followed suit, savouring the taste of the soup, and pouring themselves a glass of wine intermittently. As they ate and drank, they talked about themselves, ignoring the music and dancing that surrounded them.

Femi spoke at length about his family and childhood. He was born and raised in ondo state, the only child of his parents. He attended a boarding school in the same state. He proudly said stories of his exploits back in secondary school, before securing admission to study biochemistry. Femi has had quite an adventurous life, no wonder he is who he is.

As the conversation continued, Femi's phone rang. He answered, and gave a description of their location to someone. Few minutes past, and a light complexioned female approached them.

She must have attracted a lot of attention as she walked by. Her beauty and class were thoroughly visible through the colourful lights that swept through the hotel.

She was dressed in a mini skirt that barely covered her tights, and a skimpy white top that revealed alot of cleavage. The make- up on her face complimented her beauty, so did her voice as she called out Femi's name from behind.

Femi recognised the voice and stood up, to hug her. He planted a light kiss on her cheek, and motioned her to a seat beside him. He waved at the waiter again, who hurried towards them to take her order.

"guys this is Funke, my babe from secondary school, Funke this is william and Ben. " Femi introduced.

Funke shook hands with both of them. They couldn't help but admire her immense beauty. Ben kissed the back of her hand to register his admiration.

The waiter returned with Funke's order. He placed a plate of pepper soup on the table, with a wrap of sharwama and a bottle of Smirnoff.
Funke appeared surprised as she stared at the items on the table.

"i didnt order for all these" she said, looking up at the waiter who was about to take his leave.

"yeah, those guys over there said i should serve you" the waiter replied, pointing at a group of boys seating around a parked car.

Four of them turned towards the direction of the waiter's out stretched finger. The car was occupied by four scary looking boys, with five girls who look more like prostitutes. The floor around them was littered with empty bottles of 'jack daniels'.

One of the boys focused his gaze on Funke, winked and signaled her to come over. Funke smiled and looked away shyly. She seemed to be enjoying the attention. This angered Femi alot. He looked towards the boy and gave him the middle finger.

The guy got up and walked towards their table. He paid no attention to Femi or the two other males in the picture. He simply stood backing Femi, with his attention on Funke.

"Hello cutie" he said, as he extended a hand towards her.

"i'm fine" funke replied, offering him her hand.

"its boring here, lets step over that way, that's where it is happening" he continued, pulling her up slightly.

Funke weighed the two options, there was definitely more fun on the other side. The fancy car and rich guys were a lady's dream. She made an attempt to get up and leave. Femi became offended, his ego was wounded. How can a guy like himself just yank off his babe, he wondered withing himself, as his anger got out of control.

He got up and pushed the boy from behind. he staggered forward a little before he gained his balance.

"who the Bleep do you think you are?" Femi asked with a raised voice.
William and Ben jumped behind him to hold him back from fighting, while he struggled to free himself.

"you push me? You know who i be? " the guy asked, placing his right hand on his chest. He moved closer to Femi to get a closer look at his face. Ben and William shuddered in fear, while Femi held a stubborn look on his face.

The brief exchanges caught the attention of the other boys in the car, the moved slowly to the scene and surrounded the three of them. Funke observed quietly with a little distress in her countenance.

Ben and William made a move to retreat, but it was too late, they were surrounded and outnumbered. One of the boys unbuttoned his suit, making a pistol tucked under his belt visible.

Ben and William froze as they saw the gun. Their knees began to knock. Even femi himself knew this would not end well.


Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 10:56am On Dec 09, 2014
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 10:57am On Dec 09, 2014
Wow! Dicefrost welcome to literature section hope dis is going to be bomb. I go dey follow follow

Dnt expect 2 much o,
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Onemansquad(m): 11:12am On Dec 09, 2014
Present bro
#following dis 2 d end
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 11:42am On Dec 09, 2014
Yaheeeeeeee!...Dicefrost is back!

Let's go there!!
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by StormAngel(f): 11:54am On Dec 09, 2014
Dicefrost m here nw. Hop av nt missd much? cheesy

Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 11:58am On Dec 09, 2014
Present sir....following u bumper to bumper
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 12:33pm On Dec 09, 2014
Always following u dicefrost. Another worjd class master piece in the making
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 12:46pm On Dec 09, 2014

Present sir....following u bumper to bumper

Remember me?...Dicefrost re-uniting lost love since 508BC grin
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by StormAngel(f): 12:57pm On Dec 09, 2014
grin embarassed
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 1:06pm On Dec 09, 2014

Remember me?...Dicefrost re-uniting lost love since 508BC grin
Yes...ur lost love is aipete undecided
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 1:13pm On Dec 09, 2014

Yes...ur lost love is aipete undecided

Lolz...aipete is/was my client, tried to model her into a perfect contestant but you are my love grin

Been crushing since ur first comment on "One Wrong Turn" grin

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by yerokunphilips: 6:55pm On Dec 09, 2014
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Amb3r: 7:55pm On Dec 09, 2014
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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Chidonc(m): 11:56am On Dec 11, 2014

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 1:59pm On Dec 11, 2014
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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 3:42pm On Dec 11, 2014
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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dastancypayne(m): 8:03pm On Dec 11, 2014
Check out this STORY. I just started it. Very very interesting.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 11:53pm On Dec 11, 2014
Wassup na @dicefrost?...been checking for updates like every hour now

Waiting 4 500 views bro, u knw na
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by aprilwise(m): 12:59am On Dec 12, 2014
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