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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 12:21pm On Jan 02, 2015

Dear God cry i thought i corrected that..... Thanks for pointing
You're welcome Sire cheesy cheesy
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Emperortj93(m): 6:52pm On Jan 02, 2015
following keenly
pls update
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by shugarken(m): 7:46am On Jan 03, 2015
Nice one...more updates
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 7:23pm On Jan 03, 2015
Episode 3

The sun was going home to rest, as were the responsible students of Amrose ulli university. The moon gave it's gentle light to illuminate the path of those who had an agenda.

The university town had a busy night life. In fact the day starts when the sun goes to bed. The nights crawled with people of different roots all on a mission, each one having his own agenda.

Some were heading towards the classrooms or searching for a comfortable place to study, others were looking for a place to hang out. Lovers were looking for comfortable place to consummate their relationship. Some were hurrying home before it becomes too dark to see, others laid ambush, waiting for someone to waylay and steal.

On this particular night, three first year students with different personalities set out to have fun. And this town offered a lot of it, though it all comes with a price. The trio walked out of the school compound into the town.

Femi seemed to be the leader of this union, though he was a first year student of Biochemistry, he was a bit more exposed and out going. He wore an unusual smile on his handsome face. Perhaps the smile covered his arrogant personality.

Ben on the other hand was a rich kid. His dad is a politician, who had vied for several positions and lost. He had everything a student would ever need, except discipline of course. He had wanted to study medicine, but somehow he ended up in micro biology.

They boarded a night taxi at the school gate, and headed towards supreme hotels. That was the center of nightlife in ekp, the good the bad and the ugly all converged here, each one having his own agenda.

As the taxi pulled over, william looked around his surrounding, the hotel was just around the corner. The colourful lights shone brightly on the faces of people trooping into the hotel, giving the surrounding life and glow. Everyone appeared carefree and relaxed. Some were walking in groups, others were alone. The boys appeared over dressed and classy. The girls mostly appeared like prostitutes, with skimpy clothes that left almost nothing to the imagination.

As they came out of the taxi, they were greeted by the cool evening breeze and music played at a deafening pitch. They moved confidently towards the open space outside the hotel, were chairs and tables were arranged.

William was quite unsure of himself, he had never been in such gathering before. The atmosphere was strange and unnerving for him. But somehow he was determined to 'fit in'.

They found a chair and table around a corner and sat. Femi waved at one of the waiters, who walked towards them and took their orders. Few minutes later, the waiter arrived with a tray in his hand. He dropped several items on the table, including two bottles of red wine, a cockscrew and three glass cups. Three small plates of pepper soup.

William fixed his gaze on the items, he had never tasted alcohol, his father had constantly preached against alcohol. But today, he was more than willing to try something new.

Femi on the other hand had his phone close to his ear, he was involved in a conversation with someone, the inaudible sounds from the phone sounded like a female voice. He seemed to be giving a description of his location to her. He spoke for about two minutes before terminating the call.

He looked at his two companions, they were starring blankly at the surrounding, waiting for invitation to dive into the banquet in front them.

"guys, make una flex o, the bill is on me" he said, robbing his palm together. As he grabbed a spoon from the plate of soup.

William and Ben followed suit, savouring the taste of the soup, and pouring themselves a glass of wine intermittently. As they ate and drank, they talked about themselves, ignoring the music and dancing that surrounded them.

Femi spoke at length about his family and childhood. He was born and raised in ondo state, the only child of his parents. He attended a boarding school in the same state. He proudly said stories of his exploits back in secondary school, before securing admission to study biochemistry. Femi has had quite an adventurous life, no wonder he is who he is.

As the conversation continued, Femi's phone rang. He answered, and gave a description of their location to someone. Few minutes past, and a light complexioned female approached them.

She must have attracted a lot of attention as she walked by. Her beauty and class were thoroughly visible through the colourful lights that swept through the hotel.

She was dressed in a mini skirt that barely covered her tights, and a skimpy white top that revealed alot of cleavage. The make- up on her face complimented her beauty, so did her voice as she called out Femi's name from behind.

Femi recognised the voice and stood up, to hug her. He planted a light kiss on her cheek, and motioned her to a seat beside him. He waved at the waiter again, who hurried towards them to take her order.

"guys this is Funke, my babe from secondary school, Funke this is william and Ben. " Femi introduced.

Funke shook hands with both of them. They couldn't help but admire her immense beauty. Ben kissed the back of her hand to register his admiration.

The waiter returned with Funke's order. He placed a plate of pepper soup on the table, with a wrap of sharwama and a bottle of Smirnoff.
Funke appeared surprised as she stared at the items on the table.

"i didnt order for all these" she said, looking up at the waiter who was about to take his leave.

"yeah, those guys over there said i should serve you" the waiter replied, pointing at a group of boys seating around a parked car.

Four of them turned towards the direction of the waiter's out stretched finger. The car was occupied by four scary looking boys, with five girls who look more like prostitutes. The floor around them was littered with empty bottles of 'jack daniels'.

One of the boys focused his gaze on Funke, winked and signaled her to come over. Funke smiled and looked away shyly. She seemed to be enjoying the attention. This angered Femi alot. He looked towards the boy and gave him the middle finger.

The guy got up and walked towards their table. He paid no attention to Femi or the two other males in the picture. He simply stood backing Femi, with his attention on Funke.

"Hello cutie" he said, as he extended a hand towards her.

"i'm fine" funke replied, offering him her hand.

"its boring here, lets step over that way, that's where it is happening" he continued, pulling her up slightly.

Funke weighed the two options, there was definitely more fun on the other side. The fancy car and rich guys were a lady's dream. She made an attempt to get up and leave. Femi became offended, his ego was wounded. How can a guy like himself just yank off his babe, he wondered withing himself, as his anger got out of control.

He got up and pushed the boy from behind. he staggered forward a little before he gained his balance.

"who the Bleep do you think you are?" Femi asked with a raised voice.
William and Ben jumped behind him to hold him back from fighting, while he struggled to free himself.

"you push me? You know who i be? " the guy asked, placing his right hand on his chest. He moved closer to Femi to get a closer look at his face. Ben and William shuddered in fear, while Femi held a stubborn look on his face.

The brief exchanges caught the attention of the other boys in the car, the moved slowly to the scene and surrounded the three of them. Funke observed quietly with a little distress in her countenance.

Ben and William made a move to retreat, but it was too late, they were surrounded and outnumbered. One of the boys unbuttoned his suit, making a pistol tucked under his belt visible.

Ben and William froze as they saw the gun. Their knees began to knock. Even femi himself knew this would not end well.

nice work man reading this took me back to my ekp days...rugged men go send one no nonsense small boy come call ur gf when u dey with her for ur front koro kroro ,if u no strong u no fit survive that place at all carry on brov.... u sabi wink
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 7:52pm On Jan 03, 2015

Within a few seconds, his iphone, galaxy tablet and wallet were inside the plastic bag. Ben looked on with horror in his eyes as the one beside him removed the gold chain from his neck. He took his hand unbuckled his wristwatch as well.

Ben remained silent, he knew a wrong word could spell the end of his life. The girls on the other hand were panting, and sobbing quietly. The boy behind them opened each of their purses and took their phones.

They handed a nokia phone to Ben. His hands shook vigorously as he took the phone from him. He wondered what he was suppose to do with it.

hahahaha grin grin grin grin
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 9:24pm On Jan 03, 2015

nice work man reading this took me back to my ekp days...rugged men go send one no nonsense small boy come call ur gf when u dey with her for ur front koro kroro ,if u no strong u no fit survive that place at all carry on brov.... u sabi wink

Lol na so my broda. D town is much beta nw sha
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 10:52pm On Jan 03, 2015

Lol na so my broda. D town is much beta nw sha

so i heard tho...thank God for that
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 11:01pm On Jan 03, 2015
u too good@dicefrost
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 6:10pm On Jan 05, 2015
Episode 7

Just one more person to go Femi told himself as it was almost his turn in the long queue. It has been almost an hour since the chubby girl left. Femi looked at his wrist watch and frowned his face. He was discontented with everything that had happened so far. It was difficult to tell who he was more angry with, the chubby chick that tried to crash the line or the staff who abandoned them in the queue to attend to his own stomach. Femi soon began to realise that there was something fundamentally wrong with the entire school system. He heaved a sigh of relief as it became his turn.

Femi left the office in a hurry, with his reciept in his hand. He could feel a rumbling in his stomach. Food was the primary thing on his mind as he hurried back to his hostel. The scourging heat of the sun seared his skin, making hiss and frown intermittently. He was so focused on his journey home that he failed to realise that a car had been driving slowly behind him.

The black coloured BMW entered the bursary building few minutes after the chubby girl left. It was parked a few meters away from the queue, but the occupants never alighted. The tinted windows made it quite impossible to identify its occupants. They followed Femi as soon as he left the building.
He hurried down the road without giving attention to what was happening behind him.

Femi turned and made his way into mariere hall, while the car pulled over in front of the hostel. One of the occupants alighted. He wore a hooded jacket, with the hood drawn over his head. A pair of dark shades concealed his face, making it difficult to identify his face. He stood at the entrance to the hallway, watching Femi as he made his way through.

The hostel was as busy as ever, most of the occupants had returned from lectures. Stoves and gas cookers with pots on them filled the walkway. Femi wasn't the only hungry person around. He prayed silently that his roommates would have cooked food.

He took off his shoes in front of the door, and walked in. The sight in front of him as he entered the room wasn't funny. He paused and looked around to make sure.

Ben's eyes were red and swollen, he was obviously crying. William stood over him, trying to console him. Both of them were yet to UnCloth since returning from school.

"guys what happened?" Femi asked, with a worried look on his face

Ben looked up at him and tried to explain something, but his sobbing drowned his words, before william came to his rescue.

"he was robbed of his phones and wallet" william replied.

"Jesus, where? " femi exclaimed.

" at 'cooperative restaurant', as if that is not enough, they gave him this phone, saying they will contact him" william continued, as he handed over the nokia phone to Femi.
Femi looked carefully at the phone, he went through the contacts and text messages, but everything seemed to have been wiped clean. He handed it back to william with a resigned look on his face. Through he felt pity for Ben, his major focus at the point was food. He rattled through his cupboard in search of noodles.

Femi sat on his bed gobbling up a plate of noodles, hoping to appease his stomach. Ben was in the bunk above, probably tired from all the crying. His eyes were closed but he was fully awake. William on the other hand was fast asleep.

The sound of a ringing phone broke the silence in the room. Ben sprang up from the bed holding the nokia phone in his hand. He looked terrified as his hand trembled like an alzhiemer Patient. It was a strange number calling. He knew it had to be the boys that robbed him he did not know if he should answer or ignore.

Ben and Femi looked at each other in confusion, as the phone stopped ringing. Few seconds past and the phone rang again. This time Femi mustered up courage and answered.


"big boy.... Meet us at Area1 by 7pm" a voice said at the other end of the phone before the call ended.

"He said you should meet him at Area1 by 7pm" Femi said, handing the phone over to Ben.

"where is Area1?" Ben asked with a shaky voice. He was still very much terrified.

"that is One of the clubs Frank told us to avoid" william cut in, rubbing his eyes as he woke up from sleep.

"forget that guy, i ll go with you, just free your mind" Femi said, oozing out his usual pride and confidence.

7pm was only two hours away, Femi and Ben had made up their minds to go to area1 in search of Ben's stolen properties, undermining the perceivable risks involved.

William on the other hand opted to stay out of it. After the experience at 'supreme', he had made up his mind to heed Frank's warning and stay out of trouble, and this smelled like trouble. But what William didn't realise is that in this school, you do not always need to go out in search of trouble, sometimes trouble finds you.

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 6:59pm On Jan 05, 2015
Episode 8

It was just fifteen minutes before 7pm, Ben and Femi were getting set to pay a visit to Area1. William equally got dressed, but his destination was quite different. He was going to meet with Lillian in her hostel off campus. Their math tutorials would start today. She had called him earlier to give a description of her hostel. She lived somewhere around Ohi street, a five minute walk from the school gate. There was a thrill of suspense in william's mind as he scrambled some textbooks into his school bag and left the room. Femi and Ben left right after him and headed in a different direction.

'Area1' as the pub is usually called is located at the far end of the school complex. It is a hang out area for the 'rugged'. There are no buildings in its premises, save for a kiosk that serves as kitchen and storage. The fun was outdoors, small canopies with plastic chairs and tables underneath were arranged around the premises. The place was well lit with halogen lamps of different colours. Loud music that could be heard from miles away blasted in the background. Small groups of boys and a few girls gathered under each canopy drinking and smoking, or simply chatting over plates of pepper soup. Some were around the corner dancing provocatively to the music, it was obvious that they were drunk. These parties could last all night.

Femi and Ben looked around nervously. The pub was filled with people, Ben had no idea who he was looking for. He was too scared to make out the face of the boys that robbed him earlier. They kept walking round, hoping that whoever summoned them here would spot them eventually.

Ben looked at the few faces around him, they all looked hardened and fearless. Each one had a menacing look when ever their eyes met his. It was easy to identify them as jews.

The nokia phone rang again, this time Ben answered in a hurry, still looking around to see if he could spot the caller.

"behind you" the voice from the other end called out.

Ben turned around, there was a canopy not far away from him. It had five chairs underneath, but was only occupied by two boys. They had several bottles of wine on the ground with two half empty plates of pepper soup on the table. One of the boys put his phone down and beckoned on Ben. Although they did not look like the ones that robbed him earlier, He walked nervously towards them, with Femi following closely behind.

"you, go back, get out" one of the boys ordered Femi as Ben took his seat. It was Ben they wanted, Femi was just excess luggage. He took his leave quietly without uttering a word.

"fine boy relax" one of them began "we are your guys, i want you to see me as your brother"

"brother? When your guys robbed me of my properties today?" Ben interrupted

A mischievous smile flashed across their faces as the boy who was talking readjusted himself on his chair. He took his bag from the floor, unzipped it and brought out Ben's items.

"here, take. I believe this was all that was collected from you today. " he said, handing over the items to Ben.

Ben was a bit surprised, he did not expect to get his properties back, at least not without paying a ransom. He collected them without hesitation and sat back.

" so now that you have your personal effects back, I'm Peterson, but you can call me 'pikolo' and this is Odia, aka 'finebolo'." pikolo introduced himself as he stretched out his hands for a hand shake.

Ben hesitated for a while before offering his own hand.

"i'm Benjamin" he replied.

"Benjamin Edoror, 100 level Microbiology, you stay at Mariere hall. We know who you are bro" Pikolo continued.

Ben was shocked, they seem to know everything about him. He had only been in this school for three weeks, and had only started lectures today. Why would someone take so much interest in him? He wondered.

"you see Ben, what those guys did wasn't robbery, its called 'obtaining' they just 'obtained' your properties because they could, and because there's nothing you can do about it" Pikolo said.

"even that babe you were with, she is going to chill in my place tonight, I'm going to bang her because i can." Finebolo added.

"what does that have to do with me? " Ben asked, sounding a little offended.

" cool down my guy" pikolo continued. "you are up coming, you have the money and the swag. But you see, those alone can not make you a big boy on this campus let alone this town."

"this town is a jungle, only the strong survive. Your money and swag are useless without power. And it is that power we want to offer you"
Finebolo added.

"i, i don't understand " Ben stammered. He was honest, the words made no sense to him.

" look, this is an open invitation to the Brotherhood of the black mambers, here we can make your wishes come true."pikolo replied.

"you can walk into any office in this school, you get any girl you want, infact its point and kill. You fear no bloody soul in this town!" finebolo continued.

"even when you leave this school, anywere you go you have the influence and protection of the Brotherhood.

"thanks for the invitation guys but i don't want to be in any cult group, I'm not interested good day" Ben replied, as he got up to leave.

"Ben, when the Brotherhood sets its sight on a target, we leave him with no choice. We want you. Its either we get you or your education in this town is over! You will hear from us again. "Finebolo concluded.
Ben walked away slowly, his knees knocked each other as he walked. There was a look of disbelief on his face. He looked around trying to find Femi, but he wasn't in sight. He brought out his phone and dialled his number, it did not go through. It was dark already, so he concluded that Femi must have left him. He walked towards the hostel alone with his thoughts.

Elsewhere, William was getting set to leave lillian's room. The tutorial section had been eventful. William sat on the bed while Lillian entered the bathroom to have a change of cloths. She was going to see william off.

William looked around the room once again, it was a nice and comfortable student's self contain apartment, tastefully painted and decorated with different designs on the wall. There wasn't much furniture, just a table and a chair at one end of the room, and the mattress he was sitting on. The plasma screen tv hanging on the wall and the home theater system gave the room an expensive and elegant look.

William's mind drifted towards the events of the past two hours. Lillian was restless all through the tutorials, she seized every opportunity to touch william and pull closer to him. The camel's back broke when she kissed him. It felt good, but william was too scared go on, he had never been in such situation before. He requested to leave and postpone the tutorials for another day. Lillian had obliged with a mischievous smile.

She stepped out of the bathroom with a singlet and bumshot. Her hair was combed and neatly packed. She opened to door to let william out while she followed and backed the door. She held william by the arm, resting her head slightly as they strolled along. What ever this was, it had nothing to do with mathematics anymore. William knew this wasn't mere friendship anymore.

William arrived at the hostel few minutes after Ben. Frank was in his bunk typing something into his phone. Ben was on his bed, seemingly lost in thoughts. Femi was conspicuously absent as william greeted everyone.

"where's Femi" he asked, directing his focus to Ben.

"He left me there" Ben replied.

"did you try calling him? "

" his number didn't go through"

"maybe he is partying" william concluded.

William nodded his head and retired for the night.
William was the first one up in the morning. He was already on his knees performing his morning routine. Frank and Ben were still fast asleep when he rounded up. He looked towards Femi's bed, it was empty. Femi did not return the previous night.

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by aprilwise(m): 9:13pm On Jan 05, 2015
Femi. Dey collect for him F up.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by hemjaylee(m): 11:53pm On Jan 05, 2015
Dey go don trans4m Femi...Oma se o
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Donmarshal11: 6:11am On Jan 06, 2015
Chai! I pity Femi in advance.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 7:01am On Jan 06, 2015
nice story. Keep it up .more power to ur elbow
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Emperortj93(m): 7:35am On Jan 06, 2015
femi beating go sure ghon
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 7:51am On Jan 06, 2015
Femi's bottom is boiling somewhere.......I salute you dicefrost
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Ali1king: 7:59pm On Jan 06, 2015
please update i no say femi go suffer tiya
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 8:41pm On Jan 06, 2015
Hello bro! Dicefrost where have ya been all this time!! I've been waiting patiently for this story! Kudos to you bro!

Oza, eh veh?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 8:58pm On Jan 06, 2015
Radicalove is still absent
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 11:20pm On Jan 07, 2015
Episode 9

Femi's eyes opened slowly to his surrounding, the sudden brightness of his environment was too much for his eyes to accomodate. He began to blink repeatedly until he could see clearly. He tried to get on his feet, but the sharp pain in his right leg sent back to the ground. Different parts of his body ached badly.

He looked around his surrounding, he had no idea were he was. The bushes and trees were unfamiliar. He was driven here at night in the trunk of a car, he couldn't have mapped out the location. His abductors had disappeared when he passed out. But not without giving him some 'vip' treatment. His mind replayed the events of the previous night, at least the ones he could remember.

He had stepped out of the pub to relieve himself of the stench of alcohol and cigarretes. He stood around a corner waiting for Ben to return.

A black BMW drove past him towards the pub. He paid no attention to it, as the occupants were not visible through the tinted glass. The car drove a few meters past him before coming to a sudden stop. It reversed and drove back to park in front of him.

The chubby girl from the queue alighted from the driver's side. She approached Femi and stood toe to toe with him, frisking him from the tip of his head to the sole of his feet. Femi held a firm face, staring straight at her eyeballs. She was wearing a blue leggings and yellow tank top. A green beret covered her hair.

She began to move round femi as if she was inspecting him.

"so, you had the guts to challenge me today freshboy'' she said from behind femi.

"somebody had to teach you some sense" Femi replied in a firm tone.

"ah sense! That is exactly what you will learn today" she said

She tapped the roof of the car lightly, and the other occupants of the vehicle alighted. There were three females, all dressed up in the same colours as the chubby girl, with a green beret covering their heads.

One of them opened the trunk of the car and ordered Femi to get in. Femi burst into laughter, it was funny to him that a girl would give him orders.

His laughter however was cut short when a slap landed on his cheek. Femi was startled, he Couldn't believe him eyes. His anger blazed as he attempted to retaliate. He lifted his hands up in the air hoping to strike back.

His hand stoped in mid air when he noticed the pistols pointed at him.

"oya slap" the chubby girl said, offering Femi her cheeks.

"sor sorry ma" Femi stammered.

"let me ask nicely this time, get inside " the chubby girl pleaded, pointing towards the trunk.

Femi approached the trunk slowly and climbed in. He pleaded with tears gathering in his eyes, but it all fell on deaf ears. He looked around to see if the passers by will come to his rescue, but everyone seemed to be minding their own business. Infact no one even looked in his Direction.

They drove him far inside a bush and dragged him out. Femi pleaded on his knees repeatedly, he even offered to pay them off. All he earned from his pleading was slaps and more slaps. They striped him to shorts and gave him the beating of his life. Femi was too weak to find his way home in the dark when they left him. He passed the night in the bush .

The pain in his leg and his cold skin reminded him of his ordeal. He dragged himself along the ground before he could get on his feet. It was a few minutes past seven in the morning, he had no idea were he was or how to find his way out of the bush. His cloths were no were around. All he had on him was his shorts.

He spotted the tyre tracks on the ground and followed it. It lead him to a rather lonely road. The road was tarred but devoid of human activities. He sat by the roadside waiting for help.

A motorcycle sped past him, with two passengers. He sprang up on his feet, not minding the pain as he waved at them to stop. The motorcycle rider stared straight ahead without sparring a thought for him, while the two passengers turned their heads towards the opposite direction. Who would blame them? With the dust covering his body and his Unclad state, he looked like a mad man.

He Couldn't bear to sit any longer, he limped towards the direction the motorcycle came from. A few minutes later, the same motocylce drove past him again. He shouted with all the strength he could gather

"please help me"

The rider moved a few meters before stopping. He looked back at Femi for a while, probably trying to make up his mind. He thought for a while and turned around to meet him.

"where is this place? " Femi inquired.

" na emuado road be this bros" the rider replied, screening Femi with his eyes.

"please help me to a hospital please" Femi pleaded.

"oya enter"

Femi mounted the motocyle, and they sped off. As they moved along, he observed how far they had driven, he imagined what could have happened to him. What if they had shot him? he wondered. The okada rider interrupted his thoughts

"bros wetin happen na? " he asked.

Femi narrated the entire ordeal, from the time at the queue to his eventual abduction. He spared no detail. He repeatedly emphasised that he would not let those girls get away with what they did, he vowed to make them pay. The okada rider interrupted him again.

"bros, e don tey me for this town, i for advice u to forget everything, just happy say dem no shoot you. If you carry the matter for head, the next time dem go kpuff you throway o, na green beret girls we dey talk so o"

They drove for a while, before pulling over in front of a story building. It had a visible sign board "eromosele hospital". Femi struggled to get off the bike and walked towards the entrance.

"abeg, tink wetin i tell you" the okada rider said as he turned to leave.
Femi made his way to the hospital, and got himself admitted.
"what happened to you? " the nurse asked, staring at Femi on the bed.
He laid still with a bandage around his right leg, and few patches on his skin. He narrated his ordeal once more, And the nurse sympathised with him.

" Just thank God you are still alive, please leave the matter for God you can't fight those people" the nurse concluded, before leaving Femi by himself.

He thought hard about his next move, he Couldn't let those girls get away with the embarrassment they had given him. He deliberated withing himself before he made a decision. He resolved to involve the police and get justice.

He was still deep in his thoughts when the door flew open. Frank walked into the room with a worried look on his face. He looked straight at Femi in the bed and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thank God for you, i was so worried after you called" Frank said, lifting his hands up in the air.

"thank God? Dude i'm injured, the bitches locked me inside the trunk of a car" Femi spoke with anger and bitterness in his voice.

"calm down, tell me what happened " Frank said in a calm voice.

Femi narrated the ordeal once again, making it more detailed than ever. He again swore to invite the police.

Frank burst into laughter midway through the gist.

" listen dude. I told you this before, and i'm repeating it. There are two types of students in this school. You are either a rugged man or a jew. If you are rugged, be rugged for yourself. If you are a jew, you are to be seen and not heard" Frank said

Femi readjusted himself on the bed, he has heard this speech before, and he resented it. He couldn't understand why certain students would be powerful enough to oppress their fellow students. Whatever gave them such power made no difference to Femi. He vowed to get justice, and reaffirmed that to Frank. Frank gave his usual smile and continued.

"your problem is that you are a jew that wants to be heard when you are only to be seen. You are a bloody civilian, just accept it and stay out of trouble. "

Frank moved closer to femi on the bed and whispered to him.

" that girl, you want to fight, her name is Isiwele Freda, out there on the streets we call her 'area mama' she is the 'number two' of the green berets. With just a phone call, she can make you disappear, they wont even find your dead body" Frank concluded.

"it is me that will make her disappear first, i ll make sure she spends her semester behind bars" femi retorted

"police? " Femi said, laughing. " she will be out of the cell in a matter of hours, if they even arrest her at all. And when she comes out, be rest assured that your days of schooling in AUU are over! "

Femi turned himself on the bed, he had no interest in listening to Frank any longer. He had made up his to get justice and he will fight for it. What he didn't know is that in this town, there is no justice for the weak. He too had entered a battle he would either fight or die!

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 1:47am On Jan 08, 2015

Oza, eh veh?
me re, êvê obowho?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 1:16pm On Jan 09, 2015
Sorry guyz i was banned
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 1:17pm On Jan 09, 2015
. Crocz
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 1:22pm On Jan 09, 2015
Sorry guyz i was banned
Welcome back smiley
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 1:29pm On Jan 09, 2015
Sorry guyz i was banned
I thought as much...what's ur crime? cheesy and who's the asswipe mod that banned u?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 2:37pm On Jan 09, 2015
Dechandel...come on in, did you ever get similar treatment as those girls in the restaurant?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by QSheba: 2:55pm On Jan 09, 2015
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by aprilwise(m): 5:36am On Jan 10, 2015
There is no justice for the weak. Nice job
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by radicalove(f): 2:05pm On Jan 10, 2015
Radicalove is still absent

I have been very busy, it's not easy taking care of a 4month old baby....I'm following your post now
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Ali1king: 3:37pm On Jan 11, 2015
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 8:45pm On Jan 13, 2015
Episode 10

Femi spent three days in the hospital, most of which he was in a bad mood. He would stare at the ceiling all day plotting his revenge. He had drawn up the entire plan in his mind. Once he is discharged, he would visit the police station, get a few officers and raid Area1. He was sure of finding 'area mama' and her friends there.

He arrived at the hostel on the third day amidst a lot of 'welcomes' and 'sorrys' . The news of his battery seemed to have spread all around. He waddled slowly along the walkway with a pair of clutches. The doctor had advised him not to rest any weight on the affected limb.

He opened the door to his room, everyone was inside. They all got up to welcome him with cheers and hugs except Frank. He sat up on his bed, watching him with his usual smile hanging across his lips. He hoped silently that the 'newboy' would have learnt his lesson. Femi fell on his bed, hoping to catch some sleep.

The next began with it's usual morning rush. Everyone hurried to and fro the hallway, trying to get to the bathrooms or back to their own rooms. Everyone except Femi. He wasn't in any hurry today, his plan wasn't to go to school. Infact he hadn't thought about school for a while. He main focus was to get justice today. Unlike his contemporaries, his immediate destination today was the police station. He did not speak a word of his plan to anyone, especially Frank.

Femi looked around the office, it wasn't much of a view. The table in front of him was untied, books and files were scattered thoughtlessly. The office itself was obviously unswept and dusty. Non of that bordered this young man, as long as he would get his justice. He sat at the edge of the chair with his clutches by his side, waiting patiently for the police inspector to arrive.

Ten minutes passed, and he finally arrived. He was a rather short middle aged man, probably in his mid-50s. He was dressed in the usual police uniform, fully complimented with his cap. His glasses hung on his nose as he took his seat opposite femi.

"young man, what did you say the problem was? " he asked Femi, looking up straight at him.

" i was attacked by cultists, they beat me up and broke my leg" Femi replied, trying to elicit some sympathy.

"what? Cultists? What nonsense. I will deal with them. They won't get away with it. You see, we are committed to fighting cultism, but the problem is that the victims of attacks don't speak out, they don't even trust us. I must commend you for coming to the police. " he said in a firm tone.

Femi was delighted to get some favourable response, contrary to what Frank had told him. Somewhere in his heart, he was happy he did not listen to Frank's discouraging words.

" please tell me how it all happened, then you can write an official complaint, then we ll make immediate arrests. I ll send some officers with you right now" the inspect continued, oozing menace and confidence.

Femi narrated his ordeal to the minutest of details, he left nothing to the imagination. Somehow he was confident that the scale of justice will be balanced.

"so this girl in question, what is her name? " the inspector asked, with a tint of seriousness.

" I learnt her name is Isiwele Freda, but they call her 'area mama' "

Upon hearing the name, the police inspector rearranged himself on his seat, his countenanced changed. He looked quite uneasy. The guile and confidence with which he spoke seemed to disappear.

" eh eh, you see, like i said we are committed to fighting cultism. We ll do something about your case i assure you. " the inspector continued
" Just go home eh, take care of yourself, we ll get back to you" he stammered

"sir what about the arrest? And my official statement of complaint? "Femi asked.

" don't worry, let us investigate, we ll get back to you. Just go home now, don't worry yourself. Drop you phone number, we ll contact you "

Femi wrote his number on a sheet of paper and handed it over. The police inspector seemed to want him out of his office in a rush. Femi grew a little suspicious, but he chose to have faith in the system. He picked up his clutches and limped away.

The day had started brightly for Ben. He was receiving his second lecture of the day. Looking as bright as ever, with his Behind attire and shiny blings. He no doubt expected a completely uneventful day.

The lecture hall was packed as usual. The humming and silent discussions among students made it difficult to listen to the lecture. But no one cared, especially Mr Afoji. He continued his lecture, without paying any attention to the noise.

Sudden silence swept across the hall as a set of strange looking young men walked in. There were five of them in number, all wearing black t-shirts with pictures of a snake clearly visible on them. They walked into the classroom slowly, scanning the entire hall. They didn't seem to be in a hurry. Whatever their mission was, no one knew.

Mr Afoji stopped his lecture, he did not try to interrupt the activities these uninvited guests. Eight years on the job in this school had thought him one vital lesson, it is best to stay out of these scenarios. He fondly remembered his first year as a lecturer here. His head of department professor Adebanjo was very fond of him. Mr Afoji would sit in with the professor's students, to learn from his teaching methods.

On a certain day, during one of the professor's lecture, a group of students walked into the class, without regards for his personality and status. They were moving from seat to seat, in search of somebody. Professor Adebanjo was irritated by such affront on his status. He ordered the students to exit his class immediately. One of the intruders warned him shut up and stay out of their way.

The infuriated professor brought out his phone, and tried to call security, he wanted to forcefully throw them out of the class. Mid-way through the call, sounds of multiple gunshots were heard. The professor sank to his knees before hitting the ground. The life of a vibrant professor and another student were snuffed out. It was a sad day for the university community. Investigations were carried out, but no student present in that class could identify the killers. Even Mr Afoji himself denied seeing the shooter.

Mr Afoji was determined not to be a victim of this assault, he opted to stay out of it. The boys walked around the classroom, until they finally stopped at the seat of an unsuspecting male student.

One of the boys grabbed Ben's shirt from behind, pulling him up with so much force that he almost ripped the material to shreds. Ben startled, he tried to force off the boy's hand, but the sight of the gun tucked under his belt sent cold shivers down His spine. Ben resigned to his fear. He looked terrified as they dragged him away from the classroom.

As soon they were out of sight, they other students scampered for safety. Some left through the window, others squeezed through the narrow door. Mr Afoji packed his belongings and dashed out, thus spelling the end of the day's lecture.

Ben was ushered into a waiting vehicle and driven away. He had no idea were their destination was, and no occupant of the car seemed to be in any mood to talk.

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by labaski(f): 9:16pm On Jan 13, 2015
ftc!!! tnks dicefrost..more grease to ya elbow..

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