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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by QSheba: 9:25pm On Jan 13, 2015
I hope the school has calmed down
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Ali1king: 10:41pm On Jan 13, 2015
I smell wahal nice update after a long time can u update tonight
*sips champagne worth 10m dollars with agege bread*
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Emperortj93(m): 9:50pm On Jan 14, 2015
good story
but regular update will make it great
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Phinity318(m): 8:52am On Jan 15, 2015
I like it I like d way u write, coming to aau ds week;dicefrost,hope I will get to see u for an autograph?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by QSheba: 10:14am On Jan 15, 2015
I like it I like d way u write, coming to aau ds week;dicefrost,hope I will get to see u for an autograph?
Are you a student there?
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 10:50am On Jan 15, 2015
I like it I like d way u write, coming to aau ds week;dicefrost,hope I will get to see u for an autograph?

Lol welcome in advance

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 11:11am On Jan 15, 2015
Hello everyone its smartshadow. I am currently using a friends nairaland account
Some of you might have read my novel(complicated desire).
Well thanks to the wise and mature minded moderators(and truly I say this with the highest level of sarcasm there is), I have been banned from this section and my work has been moved to sexuality section.
I must say that I wasn't by any means warned or alerted about this decision
It pains my heart because not only have I invested valuable time in writing this book, but there are nairalanders who have been following, supporting and enjoying my work.

It goes to show that its not everyone who can use a computer that actually has common sense.
I am in no way going to continue writing the novel because what inspired me to write in the first place was because I wanted to share in the intelligence and talent of writers and readers in this section.

So to everyone that has encouraged my work and who have been supportive, I say a big thank you.

Samsondavid Harkanbi Calmdove Viktoh kwencypresh bookj estellar12 Costlybabe Vickthoriah prettydiva89 Elparaiso Elzicks paperlord007 Rapmoney Tiffanyj amenna ayodijex ESIXlOVE

And @ Op. I am so so sorry for derailing your lovely thread
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 8:45pm On Jan 15, 2015
i too like this story, ben don enta wahala. Femi too stubborn

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 7:34am On Jan 16, 2015
Episode 10

Femi spent three days in the hospital, most of which he was in a bad mood. He would stare at the ceiling all day plotting his revenge. He had drawn up the entire plan in his mind. Once he is discharged, he would visit the police station, get a few officers and raid Area1. He was sure of finding 'area mama' and her friends there.

He arrived at the hostel on the third day amidst a lot of 'welcomes' and 'sorrys' . The news of his battery seemed to have spread all around. He waddled slowly along the walkway with a pair of clutches. The doctor had advised him not to rest any weight on the affected limb.

He opened the door to his room, everyone was inside. They all got up to welcome him with cheers and hugs except Frank. He sat up on his bed, watching him with his usual smile hanging across his lips. He hoped silently that the 'newboy' would have learnt his lesson. Femi fell on his bed, hoping to catch some sleep.

The next began with it's usual morning rush. Everyone hurried to and fro the hallway, trying to get to the bathrooms or back to their own rooms. Everyone except Femi. He wasn't in any hurry today, his plan wasn't to go to school. Infact he hadn't thought about school for a while. He main focus was to get justice today. Unlike his contemporaries, his immediate destination today was the police station. He did not speak a word of his plan to anyone, especially Frank.

Femi looked around the office, it wasn't much of a view. The table in front of him was untied, books and files were scattered thoughtlessly. The office itself was obviously unswept and dusty. Non of that bordered this young man, as long as he would get his justice. He sat at the edge of the chair with his clutches by his side, waiting patiently for the police inspector to arrive.

Ten minutes passed, and he finally arrived. He was a rather short middle aged man, probably in his mid-50s. He was dressed in the usual police uniform, fully complimented with his cap. His glasses hung on his nose as he took his seat opposite femi.

"young man, what did you say the problem was? " he asked Femi, looking up straight at him.

" i was attacked by cultists, they beat me up and broke my leg" Femi replied, trying to elicit some sympathy.

"what? Cultists? What nonsense. I will deal with them. They won't get away with it. You see, we are committed to fighting cultism, but the problem is that the victims of attacks don't speak out, they don't even trust us. I must commend you for coming to the police. " he said in a firm tone.

Femi was delighted to get some favourable response, contrary to what Frank had told him. Somewhere in his heart, he was happy he did not listen to Frank's discouraging words.

" please tell me how it all happened, then you can write an official complaint, then we ll make immediate arrests. I ll send some officers with you right now" the inspect continued, oozing menace and confidence.

Femi narrated his ordeal to the minutest of details, he left nothing to the imagination. Somehow he was confident that the scale of justice will be balanced.

"so this girl in question, what is her name? " the inspector asked, with a tint of seriousness.

" I learnt her name is Isiwele Freda, but they call her 'area mama' "

Upon hearing the name, the police inspector rearranged himself on his seat, his countenanced changed. He looked quite uneasy. The guile and confidence with which he spoke seemed to disappear.

" eh eh, you see, like i said we are committed to fighting cultism. We ll do something about your case i assure you. " the inspector continued
" Just go home eh, take care of yourself, we ll get back to you" he stammered

"sir what about the arrest? And my official statement of complaint? "Femi asked.

" don't worry, let us investigate, we ll get back to you. Just go home now, don't worry yourself. Drop you phone number, we ll contact you "

Femi wrote his number on a sheet of paper and handed it over. The police inspector seemed to want him out of his office in a rush. Femi grew a little suspicious, but he chose to have faith in the system. He picked up his clutches and limped away.

The day had started brightly for Ben. He was receiving his second lecture of the day. Looking as bright as ever, with his Behind attire and shiny blings. He no doubt expected a completely uneventful day.

The lecture hall was packed as usual. The humming and silent discussions among students made it difficult to listen to the lecture. But no one cared, especially Mr Afoji. He continued his lecture, without paying any attention to the noise.

Sudden silence swept across the hall as a set of strange looking young men walked in. There were five of them in number, all wearing black t-shirts with pictures of a snake clearly visible on them. They walked into the classroom slowly, scanning the entire hall. They didn't seem to be in a hurry. Whatever their mission was, no one knew.

Mr Afoji stopped his lecture, he did not try to interrupt the activities these uninvited guests. Eight years on the job in this school had thought him one vital lesson, it is best to stay out of these scenarios. He fondly remembered his first year as a lecturer here. His head of department professor Adebanjo was very fond of him. Mr Afoji would sit in with the professor's students, to learn from his teaching methods.

On a certain day, during one of the professor's lecture, a group of students walked into the class, without regards for his personality and status. They were moving from seat to seat, in search of somebody. Professor Adebanjo was irritated by such affront on his status. He ordered the students to exit his class immediately. One of the intruders warned him shut up and stay out of their way.

The infuriated professor brought out his phone, and tried to call security, he wanted to forcefully throw them out of the class. Mid-way through the call, sounds of multiple gunshots were heard. The professor sank to his knees before hitting the ground. The life of a vibrant professor and another student were snuffed out. It was a sad day for the university community. Investigations were carried out, but no student present in that class could identify the killers. Even Mr Afoji himself denied seeing the shooter.

Mr Afoji was determined not to be a victim of this assault, he opted to stay out of it. The boys walked around the classroom, until they finally stopped at the seat of an unsuspecting male student.

One of the boys grabbed Ben's shirt from behind, pulling him up with so much force that he almost ripped the material to shreds. Ben startled, he tried to force off the boy's hand, but the sight of the gun tucked under his belt sent cold shivers down His spine. Ben resigned to his fear. He looked terrified as they dragged him away from the classroom.

As soon they were out of sight, they other students scampered for safety. Some left through the window, others squeezed through the narrow door. Mr Afoji packed his belongings and dashed out, thus spelling the end of the day's lecture.

Ben was ushered into a waiting vehicle and driven away. He had no idea were their destination was, and no occupant of the car seemed to be in any mood to talk.

Hahaahahaha..for ekp na big sin to be Jew oooo

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by sam20091(m): 8:05pm On Jan 16, 2015
nice story do far......abegi enough of quoting d whole update all in name of replying

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 12:59pm On Jan 17, 2015

Hahaahahaha..for ekp na big sin to be Jew oooo
And you had to quote the whole update just for this
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 3:16pm On Jan 17, 2015
And you had to quote the whole update just for this

And how is it ur problem
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 3:17pm On Jan 17, 2015
nice story do far......abegi enough of quoting d whole update all in name of replying

Ok Sir
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 3:37pm On Jan 17, 2015

And how is it ur problem
Oh yeah it is cos you just distorted my reading angry
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 3:46pm On Jan 17, 2015
Oh yeah it is cos you just distorted my reading angry

hehehe sorry bout that...correction taken
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 3:58pm On Jan 17, 2015

hehehe sorry bout that...correction taken
Apology accepted dear smiley

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by radicalove(f): 4:28pm On Jan 17, 2015

Present sir....following u bumper to bumper

I am here
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 9:32pm On Jan 18, 2015
Episode 11

They drove for about five minutes, still inside the school compound. Ben had no idea where they were or were they were going to. He was frightened beyond words. He kept staring out of the window, looking at the passers by. Everyone one seemed to be absolved in their own activities. He felt like screaming for help, but the sight of the guns they were holding scared him. They could kill him, and he was well aware of that.

The car pulled over in a secluded part of the school. The area appeared deserted. There were dilapidated structures that used to house the faculty of law before they moved to their permanent sight. The remains of the crumbling buildings were hidden from sight by tall grasses and trees.

Ben was dragged out of the vehicle and nudged towards one of the partially collapsed structure. A small part of it had been cleared up and appeared neat, save for the cigarrete butts and ashes that littered the floor. Benches were arranged all around, giving it the look of a regular meeting point .

Ben recognised the faces of the two people inside the building. It was Pikolo and finebolo. They sat on one of the benches at one end of the
Building, each holding a stick of cigarrete.

"what is the meaning of all this? " Ben asked in annoyance, directing his question to pikolo.

Pikolo moved closer to Ben, standing toe to toe with him. He starred into Ben's eyes, and Ben returned the gaze. Pikolo's eyes were fiery red and hazy, his breath stank of alcohol and marijuana. Ben couldn't stand it, he pulled himself backward a little to get some fresh air.

A slap landed on his cheek before he could move any further. Ben held his jaw, wondering what his offence was.

"what did i do to you people to deserve this harrasment? " Ben asked, with tears already falling from his eyes.

" shut up, bloody fool" pikolo shouted.

"we are trying to make you a man, you dey form for us. " he continued.
Finebolo moved closer to Ben and placed a hand on his shoulder.

" you see my friend, we only want to help. With your money and the power we are offering, you will rule this bloody town, think of it" Finebolo said in a friendly tone.

"i don't want your power" Ben replied in between sobs.

"you don't understand, the mambers do not take 'no' for an answer. If you keep playing hard to get, you wont enjoy your stay in this school. We can end your education." Finebolo concluded with a stern voice.

They tied Ben up with strings and left him in the building as they all went away in the vehicle.

Fear gripped Ben as he had only began to realise how much trouble he was in. This boys were serious, and he knew it would only get worse.

He struggled with the strings for half an hour before he could free himself. He got up and hurried out of the building. This has got to be the scariest day of his entire life. He journeyed through the lonely path towards his hostel, all the while thinking about his predicament, and how to free himself from the clutches of the black mambas.

It was a few minutes past three in the afternoon when Ben arrived at the hostel. He pushed the door open without knocking and staggered into the room.

Femi was the only one in the room. Frank and William were yet to return from school. Femi sat up on his bed as soon as he saw Ben.

"Dude what happened to you? " he asked in a concerned tone.

" those boys we went to see at Area1 " Ben started.

He narrated the entire ordeal to Femi, sobbing and wiping tears in between. Ben was genuinely confused. He knew he was in trouble, and had absolutely no idea how to get himself out of it.

Femi was infuriated by the despicable acts of pikolo and finebolo. He urged Ben not to beg for freedom, citing his own example with area mama. He told Ben how he had made a complain to the police, and that she would do be arrested. He encourage Ben to take up the issue with the school management. Ben swallowed the entire advice, also promising not to tell Frank.
A fresh week began with much expectation, it was that period of the semester when lecturers loved to organise mid-semester tests for their students. William was up all night preparing for his math 101 test. His eyes were heavy in the morning, but for a studious student like William , it wasn't a problem. He was the smartest kid socially, but he had the brain for academic work. He felt completely ready for the test ahead as he waddled through his morning routine.

Ben had a turbulent night. He twisted and turned on his bed all night. His mind was focused on visiting the chief security officer of the school to lodge a complain.

The office was small and stuffy, not much to write home about. But so was the chief security officer. He seemed disinterested in Ben's complain, he was focused on the newspaper in front of him. Occasionally, he would lift his head to urge Ben on, but his mind was far removed.

Ben finished his complain and waited for more than a minute. Tgere was no response from the man in front of him. He knew within himself that this exercise was futile.

"sir, did you hear me at all? " Ben asked, feeling very sad.

" yes yes, just write your name and department there, i ll look into your case" he responded, pointing towards a four hundred paged ledger.

Ben wrote quickly and headed out of the office with an air of dissatisfaction. He knew his journey here was a waste, the cso was not interested in fighting cultism.

Ben stepped out of the security building too quickly and too angry to notice the car packed outside. It was the exact vehicle with which he was abducted few days ago. He trodded down the road completely unaware of his surrounding, as the vehicle followed him from a safe distance.

Ben took a turn heading into a lonely path. The vehicle sped up to him, and it's occupants alighted swiftly. The boys were different from the ones Ben saw few days ago, bit the dressing was similar. A black t-shirt with the picture of a Scarry looking snake.

Ben knew who they were, he could smell trouble again. He turned around and attempted to run. The sound of a cocked gun stopped him in his strides.

"if you take one more step, i ll make sure you do not have legs to finish your race" a voice from behind ordered.

"get inside" another commanded, motioning him towards the vehicle.

Ben followed sheepishly, and they drove him off again.

Elsewhere, Femi gathered his books from the desk, he needed to get out of the stuffy class. His stomach had started to grumble loudly. He needed to appease nature as well.

He walked out of the classroom with his bag hung firmly on his shoulder. His movement was quick, and rhythmic, thanks to a full bladder. He searched meticulously for an inconspicuous location to answer the call of nature.

Femi spotted the bushes a few meters away. He ran towards it to do the obvious.

He dropped his school bag on the floor, in order to use both hands. It felt really good to ease himself. He was busy savouring his relief, when a car packed behind him. Femi recognised the black BMW with tinted windows. The lady that alighted needed no introduction.

She walked up to Femi, with his manhood still well outside his trousers.

"so you reported me to the police eh? " Freda asked, scanning Femi from head to toe

Femi sank in fear, he did not notice urine dropping on his trouser. He was too terrified to speak.

" what happened before is nothing compared to what is about to happen to your. You will beg me to kill you i swear. " Freda continued.

She pulled out a gun and motioned Femi towards the wait vehicle. Tears began to gather in his eyes, he knew this would not end well. This crazy girl may shoot him this time he thought to himself. Despite his fear, he made up his mind to escape at the slightest opportunity. A move he may regret.
At the faculty of engineering, william was having a rather contrasting day. He had just written the easiest test in the world. If all tests were like this, he would surely be a first class student. He was confident of his performance, a sentiment shared by the girl beside him, Lillian. They both walked away from the test hall, beaming with smiles, and feeling excited.

The image of the two of them was that of a happy couple. Little did william know that this happiness would not survive the cruel environment of amrose ulli university.


Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Ali1king: 10:23pm On Jan 18, 2015
Congratulation to myself
first to comment
Nice update bro after years of starvation
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 5:29am On Jan 19, 2015
thumbs up
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 7:59am On Jan 19, 2015
I feel so much for Femi and Ben......dicefrost pls do something bout it.....Thanks smiley
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 9:19pm On Jan 19, 2015
Dicefrost i read a topic of u complaining of being band frm dis section is it dis particular story?if yes, then 9ice haven u back but please cover up abeg
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 8:41am On Jan 20, 2015
Ben and Femi are in big soup,while they are both in big trouble- Ben is trying to run away from trouble while Femi is attracting trouble
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Phinity318(m): 1:56pm On Jan 23, 2015
I wish wishes were horses, a swear I for read this story comot from ur mind before u post for NL self.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 6:59pm On Jan 23, 2015
Sorry guyz, I'm going through a rough patch right now, can't really write. I hope i grt over this soon embarassed

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Phinity318(m): 8:52pm On Jan 23, 2015
Sorry guyz, I'm going through a rough patch right now, can't really write. I hope i grt over this soon embarassed
The Lord is ur strength bro!
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by usmanspihn(m): 8:40am On Jan 25, 2015
Cool story. The lord is ur strength
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by eightsin(m): 1:10pm On Jan 26, 2015
Following.. good work u have in here
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by sam20091(m): 10:59pm On Jan 31, 2015
sorry about that............ love this write up
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by StormAngel(f): 4:35pm On Feb 10, 2015
M loving dis story
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by StormAngel(f): 4:44pm On Feb 10, 2015
Sorry guyz, I'm going through a rough patch right now, can't really write. I hope i grt over this soon embarassed
We understand.
Its alright dear. It wil soon pass.
Jes be strong.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Phinity318(m): 8:12pm On Apr 22, 2015
Sorry guyz, I'm going through a rough patch right now, can't really write. I hope i grt over this soon embarassed
dice we miss hope u show up soon?

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