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Romance / Re: Can You Forgive Your Girlfriend If She Sends Her Nudes To Another Guy ? by 300whitewolves(m): 9:57pm On May 04
Forgiving is my hobby so why not
She done sabi your mumu button
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by 300whitewolves(m): 7:38pm On May 04
This OP nah mumu...u are just being possessive for no reason.. She suppose take permission b4 she sleep?

When you are saying important things to your girlfriend or wife and she sleep up, condone it
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by 300whitewolves(m): 7:37pm On May 04
OP, you are not nagging. People have things to do with their lives. If you commit some of your time to a person, the person should be good enough to tell you when they won't be able to be with you at that time and why. You could as well use that time for something else. There is communication, there is effective communication. You can try to teach your girlfriend how to communicate effectively and how to respect people's time.

If she doesn't learn, please move on. There's better ways to spend your time than pouring water in basket.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are nagging. This is your girlfriend here, not friends with benefits or sugar mummy that you share no emotional attachment with.

You just made my day boss, my girlfriend is someone I have in mind to get settled with.
Romance / Can You Forgive Your Girlfriend If She Sends Her Nudes To Another Guy ? by 300whitewolves(m): 7:33pm On May 04
Sometimes men are faced with a difficult situation of forgiving their girlfriends after they might have cheated. But there is another thing that is common among ladies of nowadays, " sending nudes". If as a guy you get to know that your girlfriend sent her nudes to another guy what will you do ?.
Romance / Re: Girlfriends Are Selfish by 300whitewolves(m): 10:35am On May 03
Na God go save us from women of nowadays


Romance / My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by 300whitewolves(m): 8:19am On May 03
Am getting fed up already, it all started yesterday, Sunday is always our little time because throughout the week days it's always busy, we just get to call eachother or chat. This Sunday when she called she started giving me excuses that she is tired, that she just came back from her parents place and all, dat she is just cooking and she doesn't know when the food will be done and all, I was already getting infuriated, I just had to calm my nerves, i just had to ask her why she did not plan her schedule with our normal time out together, after some hours I went into her dm and I told her how I was disappointed with what happened tonight, her next reply was an emoji, I was like with all these talks all you could reply was an emoji, later she started begging telling me she was sorry and all, as we continued the chat, I just noticed that there was no replies from her anymore, I had to wait for some minutes just to be sure she hadnt slept off, lo and behold it was my call that woke her up, she was already sleeping, I didn't know how I was feeling at that point, you don't sleep off when you are chatting with people , it's wrong, inform them u are tired and the other person will know that u are not available for that moment, I just had to end the chat yesterday night, fast forward to this morning, she started begging that she was sorry about yesterday and all, well one thing I know about this girl is that ,anything she has put her mind not to do she won't even do it. I told her how unhappy I was about what happened and all she was like she is sorry and , well I forgave her and I started playing with her dat why didn't she call me now, the next response was ehn I know the kind of person you are and the way you talk at times, later she placed a call to me and asked me why I was still angry at her, I was like it's normal dat I should get angry, her next reply was, ehnnn, if I know dat this is the way I would be doing dat we would talk another day, and she hanged up the call, I was so surprised, I had to send a voice note to her tell her how I was disappointed, her next reply was an emoji again, I still sent another voice note telling her how her actions looks disrespectful, and her reply was, "okay I will look into my actions", sincerely right now I just feel bad I love this lady yet she messes up with her emotions every now and then coupled with the fact that she is a stubborn lady and doesn't listen to instructions except hers .
Romance / Re: Gone Are The Eras Of Six Packs , Women Are Now Eloping With Men With Pot Bellies by 300whitewolves(m): 6:33am On May 03
Yes oo am still single and searching
Romance / Re: Gone Are The Eras Of Six Packs , Women Are Now Eloping With Men With Pot Bellies by 300whitewolves(m): 5:28pm On May 02
When you loose your girlfriend to a sugar daddy that has money with a pot belly, you people will understand what I mean �


Romance / Gone Are The Eras Of Six Packs , Women Are Now Eloping With Men With Pot Bellies by 300whitewolves(m): 4:10pm On May 02
Gone are the days when boys will be stressing thier life to get a hard body shape with a six pack just to impress a lady, nowadays, you can even look like an amoeba with a pot belly, just have your money and you will move in retinues of ladies ��

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Health / Why Do People Have Negative Perception On Caesarean Section by 300whitewolves(m): 6:54am On Apr 27
Every woman wants to deliver her baby through vaginal delivery, yet elective CS or emergency CS has saved the lives of mothers and babies , yet due to ignorance or lack of education people still subject themselves to the traditional method of delivery. Most perception about CS is that it is bad and any time you hear women discuss it, you would see much tension around , some would even start praying. I would like to know your view about CS . In the next trend I will write more exclusively on CS, It's advantages and why women have to change their perception about it.
Romance / Why Are Women Perceived As Mediocres In These Part Of The World by 300whitewolves(m): 6:12am On Apr 26
I was talking to one of my friends living overseas and he told me that anytime he meets a girl and they go for dinner or any outing the lady wants to pay or they share the bills. Overdependency of ladies on men is too much in this country, it's not the right of a lady to be automatically taken care. Also most women don't have anything planned for the future, they always live in the present. Another point is that these ladies have objectized themselves, no lady you will see and you wouldn't think of her as a mere tool for sex satisfaction. And the annoying thing is that when you want to help them out they feel you are pressuring them , that's when they will tell you that they were created females for a reason but that they don't have the strength, when it's time for any thing of benefits what you will hear them say, " ladies first".
Family / Re: Why Is Sex Determination Of A Child Still Attributed To Woman Factor In Africa . by 300whitewolves(m): 5:49am On Apr 26
Be like say man no wan change from this obsolete cultural belief.
Romance / Why Is Sex Determination Of A Child Still Attributed To Women Factor In Africa?. by 300whitewolves(m): 3:56pm On Apr 25
Women are at the receiving end of many things in this part of the world, but it's going to be very wrong if a man blames a woman because they are not giving birth to a particular sex of a child. Lots of homes have broken because of this and many women have been blamed for this. Don't you think that our culture is a little backward on this issue also, even when science have proven that it's the father that determines the sex of a child either by donating his X or Y chromosome.
One of the factor causing this is ignorance on the part of men, also our cultural practice in this part of the world.
Other opinions will be much appreciated on this issue.

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Family / Why Is Sex Determination Of A Child Still Attributed To Woman Factor In Africa . by 300whitewolves(m): 2:38pm On Apr 25
Even after research have proven that men are the determinants of sex of a child , yet many African women are still at the receiving in this issue. The male counterpart has the XY chromosome while the female had the XX chromosome, when the sperm cell and the egg meet, the male is either going to supply the X chromosome which would lead to the formation of a female child or Y when combined with that of the mother will produce the male child. The woman in no way is contributing to whether she is going to give birth to a male or female, it's the man that has the sole power of doing this.

Female castigation on this issue should be stopped . People's perception on this issue will be appreciated.
Health / Stigmatization Of The Mentally Ill by 300whitewolves(m): 7:45am On Jul 05, 2020
Jennifer came from an abusive home, where her father was always having quarrels with everyone in the house. Her being maltreated didn’t end in her father’s house, marriage has been hell for her as she is married to an abusive husband too, there was never a time of peace for her, things got really complicated when she couldn’t conceive too, after 8 years in marriage with no child ,her husband was fed up, she brought in another woman who gave birth to triplets for him, this really got to her because she couldn’t see a life for herself, though she has gone for one test or the other and all has been positive for her, she could give birth, her womb was not destroyed, she couldn’t see a reason to that because she knew she wasn’t into immorality when she was younger and she never had an abortion before. Depression sets in because she wasn’t able to handle the situation well, things became really aggravated when she starting behaving abnormal and started snapping at everyone at the slightest provocation. Her friend couldn’t hold it anymore, this was not the friend she knew, though she was not really a happy person but this was getting really weird , she talked her friend into going to a mental home for assistance, she took to the advice. She later got admitted because her case was getting worse, treatment had to begin, therapies had to follow, she spent quite some time in the hospital where she got well but was advice not to be in situations that could bring her down the drain. Getting back to her normal life, at home, her husband wouldn’t accept her back, his excuse was she was a dangerous person who could do anything at any point in time, all hope was lost she had to pack to live with her friend. Life at office was never the same, her co-workers couldn’t relate well with her, they saw her as a ticking bomb, even though she was well. Later on, she was relieved of her duties at the desk and told to resume work where she wouldn’t interact with any of the customers, their excuse was her emotions was not reliable, they believe it was not a curable thing, it was irreversible. Jennifer ,was faced with a lot problem , people saw her as unstable, she overheard a co-worker reporting to another that her problem was spiritual problem and it was because of the bad things she did when she was younger, she couldn’t believe her ears, has it gotten to this, she asked herself. She later got sacked from work, the complain lodged was that she became less productive and as become a liability to the company, but the main reason was because the company couldn’t keep a supposed mentally ill patient with them. She has lost everything , her home , marriage, her work, the only thing that remains now is her life which is now contemplating on taking, suicide is the next option for her , she thought.
Religion / Re: Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child by 300whitewolves(m): 7:36am On Jul 05, 2020
Op please move to front page ooo���
Religion / Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child by 300whitewolves(m): 7:35am On Jul 05, 2020
*Spare the rod and spoil the child.*

Beating a child doesn't sometimes solve an issue or deter a child from doing the wrong things or repenting from wrongdoings, sometimes sitting a child down and telling him or her advantages and disadvantages of a particular issue , behavior or manner can help that child. Parents have great roles in shaping the life of their children, in doing this, what steps do you think you can take ?, how will you like your children to view you?, Do you want to become an Undertaker or John Cena to your children ? or do wish your children wouldn't eat until they see their mum and dad ?. These are the things we need to think about in adopting measures in teaching our children. The Bible says *"spare the rod and spoil the child"*, but this does not give us an excuse to go extreme with our kids, some parents go as far as starving them because of something wrong they did. When I was growing up, there was a neighbor next to where we lived, she was temperamental, anything her child does will give her an excuse to beat or rain curses on this child, because of this temper, she fights with everyone and pour the blame on her daughter, saying it's because her daughter goes to the other person's house that's why that was happening.
As a child grows, sometimes parents say they start to grow wings because they have reached their adolescent stage, children might become uncooperative sometimes due to pressure from peers, children don't see their parents fit enough to correct them again , problems might arise from this if proper education and handling is not employed , it might lead to the destruction of the child's life and also the parents. The Bible says we should teach our children the word of God so that they would not depart from it even in their old age. As parents we must ensure we teach our children the way of the lord, an example is Samuel, he lived most of his life in the temple where he was constantly thought the word of God. Joseph in the Bible was sold by his brothers at a small age but he did not depart from the teachings of the lord, bible recorded he was closest to his father, he went on to become a great leader in a foreign land. Joseph and Mary constantly took Jesus to the synagogue to learn the word of God. These people at their young age had been taught the word of God and this helped them throughout their lives.
Questions we need to start asking ourselves is , Are we teaching our children the word of God?, or we just go with the current of life. Love should be the basis of our relationship with our children, the Bible even tells us not to provoke our children to wrath , but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Religion / Can You Do What Daniel Did ? by 300whitewolves(m): 9:54am On May 31, 2020
I can’t just stop thinking about the deeds of Daniel ,there are many stories and preaching that we have extracted from the book of Daniel, but one new thing struck me about this man , Daniel 2 : 49 “Then Daniel requested of the king and he set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, over the affairs of the province of Babylon: but Daniel sat in the gate of the king”. Reading from Daniel 2 till the end for better understanding, we can see where King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt dreams , he forgot and he requested from all his wise men, astrologers, magicians and the Chaldeans to say his dream for him because he forgot and also to interpret the dream but these men told the king that it was impossible for them and even anyone to do this feat, the king got angry and ordered the killing of all the wise men in the land, but Daniel inquired of the king’s guard why this act and he was told the reason, to cut the story short, Daniel was able to say the king’s dream and interpret it too. The main thing that got me thinking was what Daniel told the king in verse '49 in the book of Daniel and the question I begin to ask myself is how many people can remember their friends , partners , loved ones when glory begin to fall on them, and how many people can do what Daniel did, remembering his friends for great things. These act begin to raise a lot of questions about the friends we keep, who were are , am I not a selfish person?. Let this bring a question to your Christian way of life, it’s time for a positive mind set.
Literature / Re: Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 4:54pm On May 29, 2020
Omg!!!!, Alex exclaimed,who could have done this type of job except the same person he had been tracking for the past two years, another rich man belonging to the world of politics was the new victim of this cold blooded killer who takes the pain of shooting it's victims in a crucifixion style, one bullet to the head, one on each palms and one on each legs in a crossed way, it's been a while this killer had struck, why taking so long?, that was the question he kept asking himself ,though investigations never led to the arrest of nobody, yet people still end up dying in the hands of this killer,what really struck him again was it's new victim, Chief Ebenezer Stanley, a politician who has survived in the game of politics for many years and has turned himself into a political giant in his state. The one question that still lingered in his mind was how the killer was able to evade all his securities as well as his well guarded amoured vehicle, well he hadn't read the full report and moreover he needed to see the place where the killing occured himself , but first he has to finish this report so he could move to the next thing on his agenda. After the debriefing of his fellow officers on the new case at hand, each division was given their work to do on the case, Alex was to take the lead role in the case but to report to his boss of any new happenings, everyone was dismissed. On the road to Ikotun, where the shooting actually happened,Alex couldn't keep his mind on what Officer Chuks was saying about the new attack on the insurgents, he feigned listening but he was really absent minded, his main aim was to nab this killer this time, it was the only red ink on his white sheet of success, after a while when Officer Chuks didn't hear a response he stopped talking and focused more on his driving, Alex felt bad, well, he knows better he thought. The shooting was a precise one, the timing and the place of action was well thought off, well he couldn't expect less from the killer based on its previous killings, though the report gave a little insight , the killing happened late in the evening at 6:30pm when it might be hard to identify someone, the perfect timing was that there was a masquerade celebration ongoing, there were too many people on the street, what an eyewitness recounted was that she saw a masquerade dragging someone out of the vehicle and shooting the victim severally before everything turned into chaos. Alex checked his time, it was already 4:28pm , he was already tired from the interrogation he and Chuks were doing, I need to get a bottle of cold water, Alex said, I need too, replied Chuks, am also hungry I didn't eat before leaving home today, my wife travelled to visit her mother , I just couldn't wake up early to prepare food to eat , I thought I would eat in the canteen right in the office , but I was beckon on by work, Alex smiled, yeah I get it, he didn't know the response to give to what Chuks had said, so how do you see this set up, officer, well, I see a lot of loop holes this time and am positive we are bringing this killer to justice this time, Chuks replied, hmmmmmn, guess we have to work hard, let's see how it goes, tomorrow we start the diggings, we need to freshen up for a good start, am too stale for a work like this, Chuks chulked, yeah, think so too. Alex and Chuks drove back to the office to document what they were able to retrieve today. Most morning guys were not in the office when he got there, he chatted with few people before leaving for home. Alex got into his car and looked back at the office, he couldn't keep himself from shaking his head, he muttered under his breath, " Tommorow is another day".
Literature / Re: Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 7:47pm On May 28, 2020
Life was not rosy for Alex during his childhood days, he had to learn through thick and thin that life was not a bed of roses,he developed great survival instinct which helped him develop as a detective working under the government of his country, in his five years of service , he has greatly excelled , bringing notorious criminals to book, solving murder cases and mysteries. Parking in front of the police headquarters he didn't feel the usual stride of walking to the front door, he checked his time, 9:37, the only person he could blame right now wass the tanker driver who refused to stay at home causing unnecessary traffic on the road,he walked to his boss office saluting every officer he met on the way , he whispered a short prayer before knocking on the front door, come in , the voice boomed, since coming in as replacement for his old boss, Alex couldn't believe he hasn't taken in all the features of his new boss, sitting on a leather chair behind a desk, his boss wore a neatly ironed khaki uniform with edges that could cut a new old baby's skin, with the new haircut on his head ,he looked to be around his late forties , but Alex knew his real age is 53, the only difference he could point out was the pot belly his new boss didn't have which was a plus to him compared to his old boss who sometimes had to open a button hole before he could sit down. "We have new case on ground", his boss said after Alex has saluted him after entering his office, I didn't want any other person to handle it that is why I called you first, Alex couldn't believe what he heard, he just finished a case a while ago and his boss is pushing a new one to him, he wasn't the only detective in the police force for heaven's sake. This case has to be closed fast and all guilty parties must be brought to justice , yes sir, that was what he could only say, Alex picked up the file on his boss desk and he turned to move out when he heard his boss voice ,"do you think I wasn't going to ask you why you came late this morning", arrrrrrrrrmmmmmm, he muttered, he had no excuse to give his boss, add those hours to your normal working hours, yes sir, he answered. Getting to his desk , he saw his fellow detective walking towards him, hi Fred, hi Alex, Alex couldn't keep a straight face he was already overwhelmed with the work his boss gave him, why the strong face Alex, am tired of this our new boss, he picks on me ,I don't know what I did to get him angry always, and moreover, you detectives in the internet and fraud department are really enjoying, how many times do you get to work , Fred couldn't keep the laughter to himself, Alex was the only person in the whole police department that he could call by his first name without adding the word detective or officer, they have been together since their university days, come on Alex, you know you are one of the best in this office , if not the best , but you are good at what you do, give yourself a break, I think your boss doesn't want other people to think he is cuddling you because you are good, come on, am even jealous myself sometimes, knowing the fact that I was the one that taught you when we were in the university, Alex couldn't keep his teeth from flashing, Fred has always been a good friend to him and he could trust his judgement at any point, Fred, don't you think it's time for you to get your fat bumbum off my desk, Fred got the joke, it was time to get busy , he knew his friend ,when he buries himself in work, it's ghost mode, I will check you later in the afternoon, Fred said, am serving longer hours today, courtesy of my boss, yeah, I wanted to ask , you came in late this morning, yeah, Alex gave him the full story of how the tanker driver spoilt his day without even having contact with him, and before I forget , I want to discuss what my mother told me on the phone with you, Fred smiled , is it about getting a wife , yes, Alex replied, I already told you , you need to get more serious about marriage,he already got the answer he needed, Alex pushed Fred out of his office so he could start on the case, he knew if he didn't his friend was going to keep him talking till eternity , he settled back on his chair and whispered a little prayer , he opened the case note, he couldn't believe what his eyes saw.
Literature / Re: Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 11:34am On May 28, 2020
Chapter 1

Grrrrrrrrrrrrghhhnnnnnn,grrrrrrrrrrrrghhhnnnnnn, that’s the alarm clock, Alex thought, he hadn’t really slept since he came back from work yesterday evening, there were too many criminal cases these days since recession have virtually affected the whole world making each countries economy crumble like a pack of card. He stood up heading to the bathroom to prepare for the day's work when he saw his phone light turn on indicating a notification , he moved closer to his phone, picking it up to check the message , “We need your presence at the headquarters asap”, shit!, Ales cursed under his breath , he had done all he needed to do at the office yesterday ,why will his boss use this kind of message to greet him good morning. 15minutes later he was in his car ready to move to the office where he worked. After 5mins of being in traffic cursing under his breath the tanker driver who caused the whole hold up in the first place, his mind drifted to the call his mother had with him 3 days ago, he was surprised he hadn’t even had the time to dwell on the matter, “Alex Adetokunbo, when will you bring your wife home, don’t you know you are already old and even too ripe for marriage , his mum lamented , I want to see my grandchildren, and I want it this year, whether you are going to impregnate someone or perform a miracle , I want my grandchildren “, that was the end of the call, he didn’t know whether to smile or to be furious when the call first came in but right now when he thought about it, he couldn’t keep his sparkling white teeth from showing in the side mirror, “Why would mum always be on his neck to get married”, he thought, he was only 30 years for heaven’s sake and moreover his elder brother was already married with children and his younger sister was newly wedded too with a child to show for it and if the main issue was about the grand child thing , his mum already has the grand children she wanted, why always me?. The honking of the car behind him jostled him back from his thought, whoops, his boss was definitely going to have a word with him today , he was already an hour late.
Literature / Re: Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 11:30am On May 28, 2020
I want to use this medium to say thank you to repogirl , Audrey timms, larrysun and many more nairaland writers, these guys are bombs, whereever you are success all the way, thanks for making my days not boring with your fantastic stories.
Literature / Re: Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 11:27am On May 28, 2020
All right reserved, no portion of this intellectual property may be used without the written permission of the writer.
Literature / Spider Web By 300whitewolves by 300whitewolves(m): 4:27pm On May 26, 2020
Good evening guys, am a new writer but I promise you an epic story , follow my thread and expect my updates soonest.

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Politics / Re: MURIC: "Amotekun Is A Christian Name, Must Be Changed" by 300whitewolves(m): 7:32am On Jan 28, 2020
Come to think of it, christians don't believe in any leopard guarding their cities for them, what we believe is Jesus Christ, he is our refuge, our fortress [b][/b]
Romance / Re: 7 Reasons You Should Stay Far Away From Men Who Bet On Football Games (Pics) by 300whitewolves(m): 5:44am On Aug 20, 2018
i don't think all these are true
Crime / Re: Give Me My P@nts!! Varsity Slay Queens Fight Over Stolen Items (video, Photos) by 300whitewolves(m): 8:01pm On Oct 05, 2017
its disheartening to hear this

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