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Condemned by TONYE001(m): 10:30pm On May 07, 2016
Hello All,

Find below an unfinished work for your review and criticism - and entertainment.

It is the writer's intention that this piece would interest you...do not hesitate, please, to drop words of criticism and encouragement ..

This piece is a work of fiction.

Nice read. smiley

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Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 10:35pm On May 07, 2016
All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction and transmission of any part of this publication in ANY FORM are not allowed unless a prior written approval from the author is obtained.

Please be warned.

Author's Contact: writetonye@gmail.com
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 10:46pm On May 07, 2016
Chapter 1

Sunday, 0800 Hours; Johnson Street, P.H.

It was my first mission since I joined the gang. My mission was simple: Observe and report the routine of the Salamis. I had been on this task for over 65 hours. I spent most of those hours behind the wheels of the various cars I used. I still remember the first day of the mission. I started out with a red Passat sedan. Following the Capon’s order, I drove downtown Port Harcourt towards the residence of the Salamis at 1500 hours three days ago – on a Thursday. I parked at the opposite side of the street some two blocks to the residence. I stepped out of the car as I walked through the street absorbing every possible detail of the region: possible emergency escape routes, degree of activity, police presence, nature of doors of the buildings, and the average number of people living in the two buildings flanking my target. At nights, I would return to the car with my gaze locked at every source of light from the building. I observed and recorded the number of individuals that walk through the lighted windows; I also took note of the different times their bulbs were put off. As ordered, I reported to Capon every three hours.

I had no idea why our gang recently picked interest in the Salamis and I did not intend to ask, I knew better than that. This day was a Sunday. It was the last day of my mission. The previous night at about 2200 hours, I drove out from my temporal station to our base for the fourth change of car. The constant changing was of utmost importance. In this line of work, discreetness is a keyword. This time, I picked a silver-coloured 1999 Toyota Camry and I parked the vehicle some three blocks after my target building. I needed to get the closest possible view of the house before wrapping up the mission.

Sunday mornings are always scanty periods as most people would be in church; thankfully, the Salamis are Muslims. I figured it was the best time to make my move. I stepped out of the car and crossed over to the adjacent side as I approached the house. It is an old duplex with a worn out painting; its age can easily be guessed from its outlook.

When I got to the gate, I knocked rather too gently as I deliberately wanted to get some good view before someone answers the gate. A small security room stood at the right; its door was left carelessly open and there was no one inside – apparently. I tapped again at the gate as I swept through the compound with my gaze. At the right, there was just enough space between the massive building and the fence. This space is used as a parking space. Two executive cars were parked there – a Lexus Jeep and a fancy 2005 Kia sedan car. They were coated in thick films of dust and I observed that the rear tires of the sedan were completely flat indicating that it has not been used for a very long time. Lines of ropes were constructed at the front of the house; these were used for drying clothes. The main door was fully open as a dirty, torn curtain flew from its fixed ridge in obedience to the gentle morning breeze. The Salamis were obviously not the neatest and most organized of families. I tapped for the third time; this time, a little louder. There was still no response; I took a close look at the gate and I discovered that it was not locked; a black Globe padlock was used to loosely keep it close. I made a bold decision. I wanted to assess the level of consciousness of the family so I reached for the padlock as I opened the gate and walked in. When I got to the door, I tapped on its frame as I peeped through the generous gaps the curtain frequently presented as it flew with the breeze. I could see the sitting room from my position; a young girl of about 14 years old sat on one of the sofas watching Telemundo. I knocked again this time, more audibly. The girl jerked and turned.

“Who’s there?”, she demanded.

“I’m Uka”, I replied using a pseudonym. “Please, may I see you?”, I asked.

She walked to the door and with a hand, she pushed the curtain to the side revealing her young face.

“Good morning Sir”, she greeted.

“I’m so sorry for coming in by myself; I’d been knocking at the gate for over ten minutes but it seems your security man isn’t around”, I said releasing my best reassuring smile.

“It’s OK sir. How may I be of help, please?”

“I’m not sure if this is the right building; I’m looking for one Okoro from Imo State. He’s tall and dark in complexion. Someone pointed this building to me”, I lied.

“I’m sorry, there is no Okoro here. This is the wrong house, Sir.”, she replied.

“Oh, thank you. I’ll be going then.”

“OK. Goodbye.”, she said waiting for me to turn and leave.

As I exited the building, I walked in the opposite direction to where my car was parked. I did not want to drag any attention to my surveillance. I exited the street and made a random stroll about the area for some ten minutes before returning to my car.

I drove off.

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Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 10:53pm On May 07, 2016
Sunday, 2100 Hours; Scorpion Fraternity Headquarters.

“Tell me all you’ve found out about the target”, Capon commanded through the thick, white puff of Indian hemp smoke his mouth emitted.

“The target keeps a regular routine. He leaves for work at 0630 hours and returns between 2130 and 2200 hours. His wife leaves the house between 0900 and 1000 hours; they’ve got three kids: a daughter and two sons. Their school bus normally picks them at 0700 hours. They have a security guard; a careless one.” I said almost reciting from my jotter.

“Continue”, he ordered.

“I took a closer view at the building.”, I continued. “Nothing out of the ordinary; two parked cars….all not working at least for a month”, I figured that the jeep has no room to leave the compound and since the sedan was bad and it was parked behind jeep, the jeep too is highly likely to be bad.

“Exits and entrances?”

“One main entrance in front; a small door is at the side where the cars are parked. Most likely, there will be another door at the back.”


“None.”, I replied.


“None”, I replied again.

“Good.” He said. “You’re free to go…stay within the premises”.

As I exited the room, I heard him call Tiger, our Second-in-Command. I knew a hit was close.


Our Headquarters – as we call it – is a two bedroom apartment rented by the Capon. Superficially, it is a private home of a young man in his late twenties and his two brothers but underneath, it is the HQ of the Scorpion Fraternity. His two brothers are Arrow, the Second-in-Command, and myself, the Errand Boy. The other members of the gang trooped in and out only when necessary as our Capon was very careful about raising eyebrows of suspicion.

Our Capon presented himself as a very jovial and kind individual that is into the clearing and forwarding business. His baby face was a tool he used to melt the hearts of people as it gave him away as a friendly person to mingle with. His immediate neighbor, a single mother of two boys, was his best pal in the vicinity. He was always fond of her: he always teased her in a friendly manner and he never failed to bring her sons gifts every now and then.

I knew little or nothing about the Capon. His origin, ethnicity, and family stories remained a mystery to me and to many members of the gang. Some gossiped that he was from the East while others countered that he was from a Southern state. The problem was that, our Capon was a speaker of many languages, thus, pinning him to a particular ethnic group was almost impossible. Of course, we were always careful about asking too many questions around; the aftermath of this was a constant: I still remember how Viper accidentally fell from a three story building a day after asking the Capon if he was from Imo State. Siki, a close pal of mine, went missing a week after he claimed in the open that he knew the Capon’s family. George, our Pilot, lost both eyes and his tongue two days after he told the Capon that he saw him in a particular village during the festive period. He had asked further if the Capon was from there. There was an unwritten rule in the gang: swallow what you are told and be satisfied. No further questions are to be asked. Ask at your own peril.

“Smallie!”, a voice called from the inside.

I was the Smallie; the newest recruit.

“Sir!”, I responded almost jumping to my feet.

“Aya, show for inside.”

I walked in.

Capon was still sitted in the single-sitter sofa puffing his dope. A set of heavily tinted goggles masked his red eyes as they rested on his broad, thick nose. He was wearing a white singlet that engaged his thoracic musculature in a tight hug.

“We’ve got a hit tonight boy”, he said. “Prepare yourself. We leave at 10”.

His words were precise with dangerous authority.

“Yes boss”, I said, as I made for the door.

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Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 11:12pm On May 07, 2016
Sunday, 2150 Hours; Scorpion Fraternity Headquarters

“Boys, we’ve got an important mission to execute tonight.”, Capon spoke through a black set of lips and a gate of brownish teeth.

With our heads bowed, we all stood about the centre table in the Briefing Room forming a semicircle as we listened intently to the briefings of the mission.

“Our target is the Branch Manager of The People’s Bank. We are going to make millions of naira through him and his wonderful family.”, he said as he stretched one side of his lips in a failed attempt to smile.

This was not surprising to me. I knew that there was a strong reason why the Capon attached me to that family for three days. I was rather excited and unsure of myself; it was my first real mission. This time, I would be making contact with the target; the nature of that contact is yet to be defined but I knew that in missions like this, anything was possible.

“Smallie has been on a surveillance mission on our target for some time now. We now have their basic routine. Our mission is to go there and have him provide us every necessary detail we would need. Afterwards, we are to keep his family company while he goes about his normal business; we don’t want him to raise any dust and spoil our show, understood?”

“Yes Capon!”, we echoed in undertones.

“The rule of engagement is simple: follow my lead. Don’t get trigger-excited.”, he said.

He reached for a big, black bag that rested beside his feet.

“These are the tools for the job. We’ve got AK’s, pistols, and pumps…plus ammo.”, he said opening the bag and placing the tools on the table gently.

My heart increased the frequency of its beats as it almost sprang up my throat. These were real guns; these are objects that dictate who lives and who dies. My palm turned sweaty as I waited for the moment when he would hand one of those to me.

“Tiger, handle this pump.”, he said as he threw the sawed-to-size pump action short gun to Tiger.

“Mark and Arrow, take these AK’s”. Mark and Arrow were called in some few minutes ago.

“Smallie, you don handle rifle before?”

“No…no Sir…but I fit do am”, I said trying to sound tough.

“See this revolver, na you go hold am. It’s easy. Just press this release button and bring the cylinder out, load the rounds like this and…”, he explained and demonstrated at the same time while I watched with close attention.

Mark, Tiger, and Arrow, enter motor quick quick; no allow anybody to see you. Smallie, close the door as I commot. Tell Mama Baby say we dey hurry dey go village say na emergency. Make she lock the gate because we no go come back today”, he ordered as he dismissed us.

It was going to be a busy night for us.
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 11:15pm On May 07, 2016
It's time to drop your comments..

Let's read your thoughts...

...to be continued...
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 6:01am On May 08, 2016
Chapter 2

Sunday, 1200 Hours; En Route.

We drove in the car Mark and Tiger came with. No doubt, it was a stolen vehicle. Capon was too wise to use a vehicle that would eventually point at him after the operation. It was a green 1999 BMW 3 Series sedan.

Mark was the driver. An always meticulous Capon sat at the passenger’s seat with his seatbelt on. Arrow, Tiger, and I squeezed ourselves at the rear. We were all quiet; lost in our streams of thoughts.

Capon was not only my boss, he was my role model. There was something about him I really liked: he knew what he wanted – and how to get it. He was very calculative, brilliant, and brave. He was a lover of serenity; always quiet and meditating. He loved Mathematics; I found it always strange each time I saw him lost as he scribed numbers, signs, and diagrams trying to solve a mathematical problem. In such occasions, there was little that can be said to be worse than disturbing him.

There was something strange about the aura that hung over Capon. He seemed fiercer and more dangerous than he had ever been. His face was squeezed in a deadly frown and his tinted spectacles and black, beneath-knee-level jacket gave him a ready-to-kill look that would easily intimidate any rival.

The tension in the vehicle was quite high; I noticed that aside the driver and I, every other person had his weapon drawn and cocked with his right index finger resting on the trigger guard. They were all ready to shoot at the slightest provocation. My revolver was holstered underneath the waistline of my jeans and the feeling of the poke of its nozzle tensed me intensely as I tried to weigh, in my mind, the possibility of it discharging accidentally shattering my thigh and femoral bone to pieces even though the hammer was not pulled.

Twenty minutes into our drive, we arrived downtown Port Harcourt as we drove through Aggrey Road barely five minutes away from the residence of the Salamis. The poundings of my heart tripled as my hand muscles got sentenced to episodes of tremor. I could feel the tension in the car climb higher; I was not sure, though, if it was the tension or my tension. My mouth went dry as my salivary glands suddenly failed to pump saliva; I was experiencing the highest level of adrenaline surge of my life.

“Boys, prepare yourselves. We’re almost there.”, Capon signaled. “Mark, dim the headlamp and drive into the street very slowly. Tiger, Smallie, scan the street as we drive in. You are looking for passersby, kiosks that are still open, people sitting outside, and stuffs like that.”, he commanded in a calm tone that left me wondering if he still felt scared about anything.

I turned as I began scanning through the street from the left window. It was fairly dark. I did not see anyone outside; most likely because there was electric power so people are likely to be indoors watching TV. A small kiosk with a dim yellow light was open and I saw a northerner dozing off on a wooden bench as he listened to his long-poled radio. We drove past him; he did not show any sign of noticing our presence as he continued in his sleep dozes. Some two blocks after the kiosk, I saw a young girl washing dishes in front of a make-do restaurant. Aside these, my view was quiet and deserted.

“Boys, the building is at your 9 O’clock. We are driving past it now. Observe for necessary details.”, Capon’s voice stole the silence in the car again.

I was already familiar with the building; everything appeared as they used to in the night: gate closed and locked by means of a chain, security lights on, croaking frogs – or toads, and as usual, the security post is carelessly open with the light on.

We drove past the building and continued down the street at the same pace. The two immediate buildings flanking our target were dead silent, evidently, its inhabitants had gone to bed. The rest of the street was basically deserted. We exited the street into a major road as we turned left entering another road that led to the beginning of the street.

“Tiger, wear your gloves and get the pliers.”, Capon commanded sending Tiger digging into a backpack in search of his gloves.
In some two minutes, we re-entred the street.

“Gear up guys. Put your masks on.”, Capon called. “Mark, pack here and put off the engine and all the lights!”, he said pointing at a free space in the opposite side of the building some a block away.

The car was pulled over as its engine was killed. All its lights were turned off too.

“Tiger, you are on. Boys, pull your tools and cover him.”, Capon commanded in hushed tones.

Quietly, Tiger exited the car as he swiftly sprinted to the opposite side of the road towards an electric pole. Mark and Arrow had their weapons drawn as they covered a fair radius about Tiger through the windows of the car.

I watched in amazement as Tiger reached for the pole and started climbing it with so much energy and power like a monkey. He gripped the pole with both hands and locked himself to it with his thighs supported by his feet. With his hands, he pulled himself up as he pushed with his legs in a synchronizing sequence. In no time, he arrived at the top of the electric pole as he reached for the pliers hanging in his back pocket. He extended his right hand to the network of wires as he manipulated the wires. Shortly, the lights in the compound went out as though there was a power outage.

“Smallie, how many minutes do we have before the generator comes on?”

“Three minutes. Four, tops. We need to allow some forty-five seconds for the security man to leave his post to put on the gen ”, I replied with a cracked voice that revealed my fright.

“Good. It’s time to move”, Capon said as he opened his door.

We followed his leading. At this time, Tiger was already down waiting for us at the other side of the road. We jogged across the road as we approached the gate in an infiltrating manner.

They squatted in front of the gate as I peeped through its bars to locate the gateman’s position. I saw him walk towards the generator house which was located at the left end of the compound.

“Now!”, I signaled almost silently.

One after the other, we jumped over the gate and into the compound. Arrow first, Tiger and Mark followed, I next, and Capon last. The only available sources of light were those of the moon and some rays from the neighboring buildings.

At the time we got in, the security man was still battling with the ignition of the generator as it repeatedly kicked without getting to a start.
Capon tapped on Arrow’s and Tiger’s shoulders and as they turned, he signaled them to go for the security man quietly. They nodded and made for him with their weapons drawn and pointed at his direction.

“Mark, cover the side door”, Capon whispered as Mark hurried off.

“Smallie, follow me now!”, he whispered.

We sprinted to either sides of the door as we placed our backs on the wall waiting for Arrow’s signal.

From the right, I saw the gateman with his hands hanging in the air in a show of submission as he led our men towards our direction. When they got to where we were, he was pushed to his knees as Arrow tied his hands at the back with a rope he had with him.

Tiger reached for his pocket and retrieved a pick set and went to work on the lock. In some three to four minutes, the lock released a click.
There was still a metal protector to go through. Tiger reached for another tool in his pocket and started manipulating the heavy, silver padlock. This seemed more difficult as he did not appear to be successful after the initial five minutes.

“Come on Tiger”, Capon encouraged him through clenched teeth.

“I’m on it boss. I’m almost there. It’s a bit tough but I can handle it.”, Tiger replied as he continued in his act.

Another five minutes later, the padlock gave in as it made an unlocking sound that ricocheted in the sitting room.

We pushed the doors open as we walked in.

“Smallie, stay here and watch the door.”, Capon ordered through the semi-darkness.

“OK boss”, I responded as I reached for my revolver for the first time.

“Where is your Oga’s room?”, Capon asked the security man.

“Na…na upstairs..e.. e dey..”, he replied stammering.

“Move!”, Capone ordered pushing him by his shoulder.

I watched from my post as they proceeded upwards leaving me behind. My legs became too weak to bear my weight making standing an unusually difficult task. I paced about the sitting room lost in thoughts; I wondered what the outcome of this mission would be and I thought about my share of the proceeds. I heard a voice in me asking me to pull out before it became too late but another counter voice spoke into my mind’s ear advising me in the contrary.

This was what I had always wanted: power, adrenaline, money, and girls. It was an important moment of my life as I was at the verge of making it. If this goes well, maybe I’ll exit this gang after this mission, I thought. Mama always told me that nothing good comes easy; each time she called us to her room, she would always begin her discuss by saying that in life, one must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve his goal. This was me making sacrifices to achieve my goals of being rich in a quick way. I had always told myself that there was no need spending years at school studying an inapplicable course in the university and end up working for an ungrateful person that would be bossing you around. The fast lane, these days, seemed the surest in the path of life.

I never liked thinking of mama; this line of thought always left me sad and angry at the same time. Deciding to run away from home was the toughest decision I ever made. This was not because of fear of the repercussions, neither was it because of dad’s intimidation. Simply, it was because of the pain it would cause mama. I knew she loved me the most amongst us; I knew she wanted the best for me; I knew she would carry me in her womb over and over again if the opportunity repeats itself; I knew she wanted me to become a doctor, a respectful member of the society. It was bad that I did not want the same thing and I own my body so I had to call the shots. If only she understood that I hated schooling. I hated the Sunday School sessions. I hated the sermons our pastors preached. I hated everything everyone seemed to like. I only had to do those things because people expected me to. Why was this so difficult for mama and papa to understand?

I decided that I would buy the latest Toyota jeep when this job was over. I decided that I would drive home to see my family in style. I could not wait to see the expressions their faces would portray. I would build papa a massive mansion; something that would instigate envy amongst his peers. With such a wealth, commanding ladies would not be difficult; I would be the one to choose from an array of girls. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing that could be as sweet as such a life.


Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 6:02am On May 08, 2016
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Re: Condemned by Osaze20091: 8:15am On May 08, 2016
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Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 12:37pm On May 08, 2016
Bro,nice write up .....Ride on

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More updates on the way..
Re: Condemned by Missmossy(f): 1:05pm On May 08, 2016
Captivating piece,more please.


Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 1:33pm On May 08, 2016
The sounds of the steps and cries of our victims overtook the silence of the sitting room as they climbed down the stairs. An averagely-heighted man that seemed to be in his late forties and his crying wife led the rest down. Behind them were their children – a girl and two boys. They were all crying and pleading that we should spare their lives and take whatever we wanted. Strangely, I felt no pity for them.

“Silence!”, Capon ordered.

An immediate silence followed.

“Sit down everyone. Feel free, this is your home.”, Capon said as he tried to calm them down. “Are these everyone in this building?”, Capon asked referring to Mr. Salami.

“Eh…yes..yes…there isn’t anyone left in this property.”, he answered clearly intimidated by Capon.

“Speak the truth o. If I find anyone elsewhere, I’ll put a bullet in your daughter’s left ear.”

“No Sir. Please…please..don’t do that sir. I’ve told you the truth. Just take what you want and leave. I’ve got some money in –“

“ – shut up!”, Capon interjected. “Do we look like common criminals to you? Eh?”, he scolded the man.

“Not at all sir. Please forgive me.”, he said pulling his crying wife to himself.

“Good. If you don’t want to get hurt, do as you are told! Understood?”

“Yes sir!”

He answered rather too quickly.

“Tiger, go reconnect their light. Ask Mark to lose the car.”

Losing a car entailed driving the car far away from our scene of activity and abandoning it without any trace of its immediate users.

“Yes boss”, Tiger said as he made for the door.

The Capon turned to Mr. Salami and with a crooked smile he said, “Mr. Salami, we are going to rob your bank and you are to help us do just that.”

#End of Chapter 2
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 1:34pm On May 08, 2016
Captivating piece,more please.

Here's more.. smiley
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 1:57pm On May 08, 2016
Chapter 3

Monday, 0400 Hours, At The Salamis

It was my turn to watch. We arranged ourselves into a two-hour shift while Capon and Arrow sat outside, lost in some discussion. Tiger was the first to stand guard while Mark and I were allowed to sleep – if we wanted to. I could not sleep as I was too tensed. I could not relax my nerves, my heart was still in its sprint as it constantly intruded the vicinity of my throat in its jumps.

Mark returned from his loss-the-car errand around 1200 hours; I wondered how he went about the business of dumping the car considering the time but I did not bother to ask. He was obviously tired and spent so when it was announced that it was his turn to crash, he obliged without any hesitation. He pulled a three-sitter sofa away from the Salamis making it impossible for them to do anything silly. Comfortable that it was safe enough, he threw himself in it as he transited into a state of reversible unconsciousness within five minutes.

Earlier, Tiger attempted to smoke some cigarettes but the Capon ordered him not to. The Salamis were not smokers, if the smoke from the cigarette diffuses to the next compound, they may be alarmed. Disappointed, Tiger had been pacing the large room brandishing his brown-handled AK 47 rifle like a soldier would.

It was 0400 hours. It was my turn to watch over the worn-out Salamis. Though tensed, my senses were still at alert; I was yet to suffer an attack of sleep. I stood beside the gun, just next to where Mark laid. My revolver was un-holstered, loaded, and the hammer was already pulled. I carefully placed my index finger on the trigger guard.

The Salamis looked tired; the children were fast asleep but their parents remained awake each hosting a sleeping child on his or her laps. The other child, the daughter, managed to fold herself into a human ball as she slept between her parents.

I looked at them from my end and I could not help but think of home. Again.

The Salamis were an image of our family setup. My dad and mum have been married for over twenty years. They had three children – myself and my two younger sisters. It was easy to notice that I was mum’s favorite. She gave me more attention than any of my sisters; I was closer to her than our youngest sibling, a pretty 12 years old girl. Nobody complained about this, though, as dad and my siblings were OK with it as far as she gave them their required share of her attention. Giving me some excess was not harmful, at all.

We all started school at the right age and we grew up like every other child. I have little or no memories of my nursery school days but I still recall that my six years in primary school were fantastic. I had a perfect clique of friends, we had ample play time, I topped my class most times, and I was pretty healthy. My siblings were loving, we looked out for each other. Unlike other kids, we rarely fought; our parents taught us at an early age how not to long for what is not ours. I seemed to have mastered this lesson until things began to change.

When I got to the secondary school level, dad lost his job and mum was duped of a massive sum of money. Our parents could not put up with the expensive tuition of our school so we had to leave that school for a public secondary school. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle.

Within the first month of my stay at the school, I got entangled with the wrong set of boys: James, Timi, and Rasheed. We started sneaking out of school to meet with the other guys during lesson periods. We did a lot of awful things. We gambled, talked about girls, smoked cigarettes, and sometimes, we smoked a dry, leafy stuff that would always send me into a state of narcosis. This lifestyle was strange and unpleasant to me but a mysterious urge kept me going as I got deeper into the abyss of our evil deeds.

“Where have you been?”, our Class Teacher would always query each time I returned from my escapade.

“I was running an errand for Mrs. Amachree.”, this was a very good excuse as I knew that our young, inexperienced Class Teacher was less likely to approach the old, down-to-earth Principal for confirmation. It was general knowledge that everyone – students and teachers alike – avoided our Principal like a plague.

Now I was standing before a similar family: a father, a mother, and their three children. I wondered if theirs was a perfect family. I wondered if there was an odd egg, a rebellious son – or daughter – whichever. They looked perfect even in this state of physical, psychological, and emotional trauma. A part of me felt pity for them now. A very small part of me. As I stood, I found myself hoping that I never met those three boys whose influence sent me falling off the track my parents struggled to create for us. I wondered how my parents were faring at home. I wondered if they had gotten over the shock of my disappearance. I wondered.

...to be continued...


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Hmmm.....enjoying this. Tnkz missmossy for d mention. Where's Heemah?
You welcome dear.
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 6:37pm On May 08, 2016

Capon and Tiger stepped in from outside.

“Mr. Salami, have you come up with an idea yet?”, Capon asked as he walked to the centre of the sitting room with his hands hidden in the deep pockets of his jacket.

Earlier, the Capon had told Mr. Salami to device a perfect plan of robbing his bank. A clean means. He had cautioned him that his wife and children would be used as insurance and that, if things did not go well, his boys already had the order to drill bullet holes through their skulls. I was not sure if the Capon meant his threat or if he was just bluffing. I did not receive a shoot-on-failure order but I could not vouch the same for the others. After all, I was the Smallie, I am less likely to be given such a heavy task of eliminating an entire family.

“Any ideas?”, he repeated. “Come on, you must be a smart person considering your position at the bank. Being a Branch Manager no be beans”, he teased.

“Humm…it’s pretty difficult and almost impossible to rob our bank without being caught and shot.”, Mr. Salami managed to say. “Why don’t we look for an alternative? I mean, something less dangerous like taking whatever you can from our house?”, he was getting bolder with each sentence.

Capon kept silent.

“What do you think about that, Sir? I mean, I don’t want anyone to get shot; this would most likely be the outcome if you continue with your plan.”, it was obvious that Mr. Salami was playing by the book. He did not look as brave as he sounded.

“You see, when I set out with an objective, I keep to it. Nobody tells me to do otherwise. Sir, this will be the last time I would warn you against asking us to do something else other than our objective.”, Capon said coldly. “And I must warn you, when I make a threat, I keep to it.”, he added.

I saw Mr. Salami swallow hard as his wife started another round of crying.

“Madam, would you kindly shut up? The annoying sounds of your cry is rather irritating”, Tiger ordered from his end.

“I’m…I’m sorr….sorry…plea…please”, she struggled to form words.

“Yes, Mr. Salami, we are running out of time here you know. I can be impatient sometimes..especially on a Monday morning like this.”, I picked the threat behind Capon’s words.

“OK….sir. I think I have an idea. Just promise me you would not touch my family and you would not hurt anyone.”

“I promise,”, Capon said spreading his leather-gloved hands.

“We are expecting some cash this week but I can make them deliver it today. We had already made an order for a huge sum. All that is needed is a confirmatory message from my office.”

“Go on.”

“Your best bet is to intercept the bullion van.”, he said casting his eyes to the floor like a man that has failed those that trusted him.

“Sounds interesting. What about the escort?”

“I’m sure with good sophistication, you can overpower them.”

“How much are we talking about here?”

“Over hundred million naira.”

I released a whistle subconsciously.

“What is their delivery route?”, he probed further ignoring me.

“Usually, there are two possible, motorable routes to our bank. One is temporally blocked by a construction company. This leaves only the other. That’s the road from the east angle.”, he replied.

“Why don’t we just wait and attack the bank after delivery? The publicity wouldn’t be as much as it would be if we attacked the money van en route.”

“That’ll be a great idea only that there is a military base some few blocks away from us. They wouldn’t hesitate to send reinforcement if word gets to them that we are under attack.”

I wondered if Capon factored this in his calculations.

“True. So we intercept the van, overcome the police, and take the cash? The van should be bullet proof. How to we open it?”


“What do you mean?”

“It’s no longer new that most of these bullet-proof vehicles are substandard. Some few years ago, an Imo State Commissioner of Police confirmed it when he put some of these vans to a test.”

“Hmmm…sounds like gambling. What if it isn’t?”

“There is about seventy to eighty percent chance that it is.”

“I don’t work with chances. Come up with something better!”

“You can keep some explosives as a Plan B. I’m sure you have such gadgets in your arsenal.”

“Oh yeah….Interesting.”, Capon said nodding his head.


Re: Condemned by Missmossy(f): 7:00pm On May 08, 2016
Can you imagine??

These thieves enh.


Re: Condemned by DandyPearl(f): 7:07pm On May 08, 2016

Welcome on board Dandy...

That empty seat in front, yea, that one, is reserved exclusively for you!
grin only me shocked
Re: Condemned by joanee20(f): 8:45pm On May 08, 2016
Interesting cheesy
joanee20 heemah Dandypearl chobc25 come read.
So glued to this story...u doing great op, and thanks for the mention miss m
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Hello All,

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Let's see how it goes..
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[quqqote author=TONYE001 post=45468702]Hello All,

I got banned yesterday when I attempted to update. I don't know why; I pray it doesn't happen again.

Let's see how it goes..

Hopefully it won't occur.

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[quqqote author=TONYE001 post=45468702]Hello All,

I got banned yesterday when I attempted to update. I don't know why; I pray it doesn't happen again.

Let's see how it goes..

Hopefully it won't occur.

Iykekelvins come read.
Following, thanks dear.
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Hello All,

I must apologize for my inability to update. It wasn't my fault. I got banned again yesterday. I'm now worried; I don't know what's going on. My posts have not - and will not - broken any of the Nairaland rules.

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I'll break my next post into bits and see how it goes.

Again, I'm so sorry.

cc: Missmossy, Joanee, Iyhehelvins, Dandypearl.
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 8:02pm On May 10, 2016
0500 Hours, Same Day, Same Venue.

“Arrow! Mark! Wake up!”, Capon called.
I watched as they both woke up sluggishly.

“It’s time for action boys. Tiger, get me my box.”, he said as Arrow moved over to fetch his box.

“Oga Salami, I’ll connect a recording gadget to your jacket. You are to go to work as you do in every other day. You are to act normally. Give the confirmation call to your suppliers and call this number once it is done. For the sake of your dear children – and wife, act as you are told. Any deviation would leave us with no option but to finish them off….and come for you afterwards.”, Capon said sitting down in an empty sofa with his right leg dangling as it rested across the other.

“This is a secret video recorder. From here, I would be receiving live feeds of all that is happening around you. It is your responsibility to conceal it safely because once it is detected, I’ll make sure I start with your Ada. Understood?”


Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 8:03pm On May 10, 2016
“Yes Sir. I’ll try my best but please promise me you’ll hurt no one.”, Mr. Salami managed to say.

“And you, madam, you are to go about your normal business too. Branch at your kids’ school first and tell the authority that they shouldn’t expect your children today. Tell them whatever excuse you can.”, Capon said as he settled his gaze on her ignoring her husband.

“You’ll also be wired.”, he announced.

“Any questions?”

“Our kids….are we to leave them with you? Why doesn’t my wife stay back and watch over them?”

“Your kids would be safe as far as you act as you are told. We’ll see that they are well taken care off. This, I promise.”
Re: Condemned by TONYE001(m): 8:06pm On May 10, 2016
He turned to the gateman. He had been on the floor oscillating between sleep and wakefulness. His hands were since loosed following Capon’s order.

“Oga, go your post go do your normal job. Make sure you speak with no one. Anyone that comes, tell them that your boss isn’t around. My boys will be monitoring you.”

“Arrow, go and activate Teams B and C and wait for my call.”

“Mark, make sure your eyes are on this gateman at all times. Observe him from a safe distance and never allow him to leave your site. Not even to the bathroom.”, Capon said facing Mark.

“Yes boss.”, Mark responded

“Just to add – “, Capon said calling the attention of Mark again, “ – if he misbehaves, shoot his head.”, he added.

“Yes sir!”, Mark said releasing a wicked smile.

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