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A Date With FATE (A Comic Drama Series On Love And Destiny) / Riot In Ubahu(A Story Of Love,discipline,adventure And Drama / Life The Way I See It ( Family Drama Series) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Cornerstone001: 5:29pm On Aug 25, 2016
Lool...and the additional 3 percent?

cheesy cheesy

I intentionally gave it to her, because she deserves it
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 6:06pm On Aug 25, 2016
Johnson' s residence.

Chief Adediwura Johnson was in his private study with his first son Kelvin. Is this the demerit of sending one' s child to school abroad? they become too opinionated, its like they left the respect back home in Nigeria before boarding the plane abroad and when they got back they just couldn't find it anymore or don't care to.

" Dad i am telling you I can't marry that girl! Hell no! have you ever spent even an hour in her presence? she's too arrogant and rude! "

" Kelvin the marriage rites were done when you were both babies! this is for our own good....her father has multinational companies in five different countries!"

" I don't care! I don't bleeping care!"

He stood up and faced his son." If you refuse to marry her i will disown you! never will you step your feet into this house again or even speak to any member of this family! I am your father! When i talk you listen because i have been on this earth before you! You were both aware of the fact that you will become man and wife right from cradle! "

" I will not marry her and that is it dad!"

He walked out of the study banging the door after him. His mother called out to him but he ignored her and walked out of the house. It was drizzling lightly, he got into his car and pressed the horn angrily. Musa the gate man opened the door for him and he drove out.

Thank God he saw the apparition in time, it was a bundle of white silk and a mass of tangled hair that tried to run across the street, if he wasn't an experienced driver he would have knocked her into the gutter. He was furious now and he marched out of his car angrily.

" Hey you! Are you blind?! "

She continued walking in the rain acting like she couldn't hear him. The fool. The least she could have done was to apologize but Nigerians.......he got back into his car and rolled the car to where she stood waiting for a bus.

" Where are you going?"

" Leave me alone! You almost killed me and all you could do was to shout at me! I am not surprised tho! Its typical of you Nigerians!" She shivered.

He couldn't help laughing.

"I could say the same of you too."

She looked like a rat caught in the rain. A sexy rat....he amended and laughed out again.

" What is funny?"

" Nothing. Where are you going?"

" Thank you. I will wait for a bus"

" Your choice. " he said and drove off. He was just about getting to the end of the street when the downpour became heavy. He should just drive home, she wasn't his business but something told him It was the right thing to do. He found himself reversing back to where she stood.

" Get in" he shouted.

The drenched bundle of silk and tangled hair got into the car, dripping water on his car seat.

" Sorry about the mess"

His eyes dropped to her feet. One of her shoes was missing.

" Where is your shoe?"

She bit the bottom of her lipstick smeared lips in embarrassement. " I can't find it. You can drop me off in front of bright crescent school "

He gave her a look of pity. She was a beautiful lady but right now what he had in front of him wasn't even worth being compared to beauty.

" Don't worry i will drop you off in front of your house. Just give me the direction "

" Thank you."

The rest of the ride was in total silence except for her shallow breathing. She was coming down with cold.

" What were you doing out in the rain. Umbrella is quite cheap these days or don't you think so?"

" Here. Please stop here."

" Alright. "

She alighted from the car, her legs wobbled, she held onto the door of the car to steady herself. Kelvin came down from the car and gave her a helping hand.

" Oh my goodness!" He screamed.

She had thrown up on his body.

" I am sorry...... I' m so sorry "

The smell of whatever she ate was galling. He helped her to her apartment, opened the door when she couldn't open it after three attempts. Her house was like a rabbit hole, there were clothes and bits of things everywhere.

He couldn't resist asking. " Is this a mobile shop?"

She gave him a dirty look. " The bathroom is that way. "

He walked into what was a supposed bathroom. There were novels on the egde of the bathub. A nail polish was on the toilet flush, he spied some silky panties hanging on a rack. He sighed heavily. Who is this girl? he got some water and washed the front of his polo. It stank after the wash, there were two feminine perfumes on the toilet seat which had been placed down. He took hold of one, spraying it on himself generously.He brought that particular part of his polo to his nose, the smell was minimal. Good to go.

" Hey I am through. " he called as he walked back into the living room.

" In here" she said in a little voice.

She was on her bed in the drenched muddy silk gown.

" Do you want to die? or you think pneumonia is something to joke with?"

" You may leave now, i will rest a bit and get out of these cloth"

" You should get out of it now, is there someone you could call?" He touched her forehead and snatched his hand back." You are burning with fever! stand up! go remove the cloth now"

" No, no, go! " she moaned.

He carried her out of the bedroom while she gave a feeble struggle. He took her into the bathroom and dumped her into the bathub.

" My novels......they will get wet"

He took the books into his arms, he threw them in a corner of her room. He waited for her in the living room but when he didn't see her after some thirty minutes or thereabout he went to knock on the bathroom door.

" Miss! Miss! are you in there?"

He opened the door gently. She had gotten out of the wet cloth but she wasn't in the tub. She was unconscious on the bathroom floor. He checked her pulse and shook her gently and She gave a little moan. She was alive. He carried her back into the bedroom, he threw open her wardrobe looking for a duvet to cover her but the wardrobe was bare. He saw a bulky bag that seemed like a lundary bag. He found the duvet in there, it smelled of heat but he covered her with it anyway.

" I want to go get you some drugs. Is there anyone i should call? Or your neighbor?"

" Neighbor is a guy.....my head!"

" Who else should i call? a husband, brother or boyfriend? "

" No, no, i don't want him here! You can.....can ......go"

" Cool. I am going to get you some drugs now. What is the name of this street again?"

She whispered it and he raced out of her apartment.


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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by johnwizey: 7:53pm On Aug 25, 2016
Nobody ft call me say anoda story don start!! Evrybody dey vex o

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by kerr9(f): 9:25pm On Aug 25, 2016
I haff arrive
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by skarlett(f): 11:11pm On Aug 25, 2016
This one's dirtiness is chronic o cry

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Nobody: 11:34pm On Aug 25, 2016


Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by crazygod(m): 12:07am On Aug 26, 2016
Bibi u're doing it again. angry... I'm stuck on ur stories. Nice one

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by PeachyP(f): 9:34am On Aug 26, 2016
Following like thread and needle wink

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 10:02am On Aug 26, 2016
* Continues*

A knock sounded on the door. Kelvin walked to the door twisting his neck left and right. He had spent the night on a hard couch with some invisible thing digging into his ribcage. He tried to find the cause of his discomfort but he soon gave up the futile search. Hours later his hand absently touched a hair pin, he reached his hand into the side of the couch and it came out with a hair clip, knitting pin and a tube of toothpaste.

" Who are you?" The handsome dark skinned guy asked. He charged into the room without waiting for an answer. " Tomi! is this what you have been doing behind my back? "!

" Hey calm down man! Its not what you think? "

Richie drew nearer to him, daring him." Then tell me what the hell it is!". His eyes landed on Tomi' s skirt and blouse on the other couch, before he could control himself he had connected his fist with Kelvin's jaw.

'' What the hell?!"

Kelvin staggered as a result of the unexpected punch. He moved back and returned it on his opponent' s nose. Richie slammed into him with his upper body and they both came crashing on the hard floor. They knocked over the glass center table and it took a hard fall. It broke into two, shard of glasses flew in every direction. The nose woke up Tomi, she pulled the duvet round her form and walked into the living room. She couldn't believe her eyes, two hunks were wrestling on the floor of her living room.

Worst of all her center table which she had bargained hard for in a garage sale was broken! Now where will she get another glass center table so cheap! the sad part is the garage sale holds once a year!

" My table! You broke it!" She cried.

Kelvin pushed Richie off him, the later staggered to his feet wiping the blood streaming out of his nose with the back of his palm.

" Is that all you have to say?! After all the banging i gave you only days ago you have gone looking for another c.ock!" He spat out.

" Richie! There's.....blood coming down your nose.... let me clean it for you " she tried to touch him but he pushed her away.

" You! what are you still doing here?!" She shouted at Kelvin." I thought i told you to leave last night! "

" Yea after he f* ucked you! God! No wonder my friends wont even touch a Nigerian girl with a ten foot pole! "

" No, no. It is not what you think! Hey say something!" She poked her finger into Kelvin' s chest.

" Go on! tell me some lies!" Richie jeered.

Tomi forgot she was clutching the duvet with her left hand, she tried to reach for her boyfriend with both hands and the duvet pooled around her feet. She was stark na.ked. she quickly pulled it up, there was a big Bloch of whitish stuff on the edge of it. The four male eyes settled on that whitish spot.

" Hell! Its not what you think dude! I don't even know her....I gave her a ride but on getting here she slumped and i only stayed back to make sure she was alright."

Richie' s eyes stayed glued to the spot.

"That is yoghurt stain.....it dropped on it while i was eating it in bed"

" If i believe that then i can believe pigs could actually fly! You are stark Na.ked under that duvet and his cum is on it! Save the sorry a$$ excuses!" He said in a voice filled with pain.

He stormed out of the room while Kelvin dropped to the couch moaning about his head. Tomi dropped to the floor despite the pieces of broken glass on it. Knife or gun? which will kill this intruder faster she thought?


Please do criticize the write ups.

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 10:03am On Aug 26, 2016
Nobody ft call me say anoda story don start!! Evrybody dey vex o

Aww no vex. I was gonna give a mention kiss

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 10:04am On Aug 26, 2016
Bibi u're doing it again. angry... I'm stuck on ur stories. Nice one

Thank you my person...you like origin? grin

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by olatex25(m): 10:06am On Aug 26, 2016
Dear bibi, u are doing great.. Weldone more grace 2 ur elbow

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by barag(f): 10:22am On Aug 26, 2016
choi e b like say Tomi get talent for laziness o
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by jacy67(f): 10:34am On Aug 26, 2016

I de vex o... Bibi you no fit call me say another food don land? sad
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Udochee(m): 10:36am On Aug 26, 2016
more ink power to your pen elbow.some of us that can't write can at least appreciate those who painstakingly make out time to write.your literary prowess is a hit back-2-back

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 11:28am On Aug 26, 2016

I de vex o... Bibi you no fit call me say another food don land? sad

My sis no vex ooo. Na my phone cause am. I will give every one on the previous thread a mention kiss
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by shigo20(m): 1:38pm On Aug 26, 2016
Another great one from bibi
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by crazygod(m): 3:38pm On Aug 26, 2016

Thank you my person...you like origin? grin
If u're game, I love origin wink
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by room089: 10:36pm On Aug 26, 2016

I'm here!
I've been a little bit occupied.

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 12:24am On Aug 27, 2016


‘’ Are you alright?’’ he asked me.

’’ Please you may take your leave now”

He went into the bathroom; I could hear the sound of water as he splashed some on his face.

“I am sorry for what happened earlier”

“It’s okay. Please just go”

“Do remember to take your drugs and stay away from cold”

I nodded my head. He was almost out of the door when I whispered a “Thank you” but he didn’t even glance back. I dragged my feet into the kitchen; I swept the broken glasses into the waste basket. It took me some hours to clean up the mess, afterwards I made myself a chicken sandwich and got ready for the task at hand.

“Richie! Richie!”

His car was parked in the yard so I was certain he was inside the house. I tried the door knob and it opened. There were empty cans of beer on the vinyl floor, I squatted, gingerly picking up one of the cans, it was so unlike him. He was a neat freak, he knew where every item in his house was, he could close his eyes and point to each of them and he would be right too. I sneezed hard and dropped the can.

‘Harder! Harder! Give it to me hard!’ a feminine voice cried out

I took a step forward and paused. Was he watching porn? How could he be watching porn in the middle of the day when he ought to be at work! Anyway he could afford to laze about since he worked for his dad and as the only son he enjoyed unlimited privileges.

‘Oh boy! F*uck me harder!’

I pushed open the door and gasped in shock. My boyfriend was balls deep in her puvssy, she was blindfolded while her bottom was raised up, whilst he was behind her, giving it to her in the doggie way! Something he has never tried with me! I ran out of the apartment banging the door loudly. I seem to be running too much these days, I was blinded with tears, I didn’t see the puddle of muddy water outside his compound. I ran into it, felt my legs slowly give way under me and I landed hard on my rump in the muddy water. A crazy driver chooses that very moment to speed by and I was drenched from head to toe in sticky stinking muddy water.


“Was that the little girl you have been f*ucking?’’ Linda asked him, pulling down the blindfold.

“Shut up!” he smacked her hard on the a$$.

She pushed him away, eyeing him. She had met him some days ago at a cocktail party, her aunt Maggie had introduced them but she couldn’t help fantasizing about a certain part of his anatomy. The guy was just so tall and handsome with the right body too. Just the way she liked it. She had pulled him towards the bar thinking it would accelerate things faster but to her surprise he declined, her subtle flirting and sexual innuendoes were lost on him! She had taken matters into her own hand right then. She blatantly told him she wanted him to suck her and do her but he laughed it off as a joke! She had to look at his right hand again to be sure she hadn’t missed the ring, perhaps a jealous wife or girlfriend lurked around the corner.

“Is your wife hiding somewhere here” she couldn’t believe a guy born of a woman actually turned her down. He walked away from her and joined a group of guys chatting about football.

She heard a girly laughter and turned around. She glared at her best friend.

“He turned you down right?” Oyinye laughed. “You won’t be the first anyway”

She pouted. “You know him?’’

“Yea. His name is Richmond; we went to the same school in the UK”

“He turned me down! Can you imagine that? No man has ever said no to me before!”

“Well there’s always a first time.” She lifted Linda’s glass to her lips. “I could help you get him but it will cost you. Hundred thousand”

“What? Seriously? I knew you were a gold digging albino bi.tch right from the first day I met you!”

She laughed mirthlessly. “Talk won’t land you that hot d.ick your pussy need so which will it be?”

Linda considered it briefly; Oyinye was someone who had a way of getting information. She was like her own personal PI, the girl was just too anxious to belong to the circle of the rich and she was too greedy. But she was a worthy friend to have in case of emergencies like this.


“Cool. When do I get the cash?”

“When you deliver him to me”

She watched Oyinye cat walk away from her, she watched keenly as she approached a big bobbed ugly Nicki minaj wannabe. They chatted briefly before Oyinye brought out her Iphone and typed something into it. She walked back to where her friend was.

“I have his number right here but you have to pay me first!”

‘’ I don’t have any cash on me now but I will pay you. Who was that fake doll?”

‘’ Alicia, she is some sort of cousin to him but believe me she’s got the hots for him”

Linda sighed. “Who Wouldn’t?”

She had left him several messages on whatapp but he never replied her, she was a determined lady, she persisted, until till this morning when he gave her a call! She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw his in_coming call.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

´’ I should be asking you” she quipped.

Her phone rang out; she got out of the bed, picked up her jean on the floor and answered the call.


“Linda, the investors want to meet with you in Abuja tomorrow”

“Why are you just telling me now? My stupid assistant is yet to send me the proposal and other documents I asked her to draft. I should just fire her stu.pid a$$.”

“The meeting is at 12 noon. I want Victoria to be present as well!”

“I don’t want her slutty a$$ there!”

“Don’t talk about your sister like that! It is my company and I decide who will or will not be present at that meeting”

She disconnected the call and hissed.” Foolish man! Sister, my foot!”


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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by olatex25(m): 7:03am On Aug 27, 2016
Weldone bibi, following...
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by jagugu88li(f): 8:50am On Aug 27, 2016
The Prologue kills me grin. You have a way with words m'Lady.

I follow
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by room089: 4:15pm On Aug 27, 2016
Please do criticize the write ups.

Do you actually mean a Vice President or Vice Principal in your story?

Why did you incorporate Black and white TV in the stor? Even as at 5 - 6 yrs ago, it has phased off in most homes. Remember, Tomi's dad has a car which suggested she must have come from a middle class family at least.

Richmond mum asked him to come with Tomi, his girl friend. Why did Richmond compliment Tomi's shabbily dressing when it's obvious she wasn't presentably dressed? Remember Richmond is a neat guy?

I love your work. Keep it up.

Please make sure you do thorough editing before publishing it.


Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 6:36pm On Aug 27, 2016

Do you actually mean a Vice President or Vice Principal in your story?

Why did you incorporate Black and white TV in the stor? Even as at 5 - 6 yrs ago, it has phased off in most homes. Remember, Tomi's dad has a car which suggested she must have come from a middle class family at least.

Richmond mum asked him to come with Tomi, his girl friend. Why did Richmond compliment Tomi's shabbily dressing when it's obvious she wasn't presentably dressed? Remember Richmond is a neat guy?

I love your work. Keep it up.

Please make sure you do thorough editing before publishing it.

1 the Vp is vice principal.

2 You will know more about Tomi's family in subsequent updates and why they still had a black and white Tv set.

3 Why didnt Richmond tell Tomi she wasn't perfect? She was when he picked her up, she unconsciously bites her lips when she's nervous and she keeps touching her face thereby getting make up on her dress. Her hair is always having a mind of its own even after she has brushed it for hours. The key word is: She is careless

4 As for the typos, sorry abt that. i try my best and i will keep doing my best.

Thank you for this kiss

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 6:37pm On Aug 27, 2016
Weldone bibi, following...

Thank you grin
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Jumizie13(f): 7:21pm On Aug 27, 2016
I want more of youuuuuuuuuuUuuuu
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Topscoque(f): 11:35pm On Aug 27, 2016
Bibiluv , wlcum bk. Fire on dear......... #sitinfrontwitmypopcorn#
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by jacy67(f): 11:39pm On Aug 27, 2016
Interesting. But do not rush the story unless it's a short one.
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 12:20am On Aug 28, 2016
Interesting. But do not rush the story unless it's a short one.

OK dear. Its a long one and I will take my time.
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 1:46am On Aug 28, 2016
Chapter Two

A devil named Linda

* Tomi*

I cried all day, my throat became sore, my eyes were red and puffy. I filled the bathtub with my tears, i didn't even know what names to call Linda any more, she was a manipulating, evil and conniving b.itch. How and where she had met or known Richie was beyond me. Will i tell my mom I lost yet another relationship? the poor woman want to tell people to come buy her own daughter' s aso ebi too. She was always asking after " him" and her calls always end with " When are we meeting him?"

I remembered to cuss that guy too! why didn't he go home when i asked him to? he made Richie believe i was cheating on him! I sat so long in the tub, i was begining to feel cold. If Richie truly loves me why didn't he run after me when i caught them? why didn't he run after me when i left his parent' s house? he didnt even call to check up on me!

" Nobody want me, who will anyway?" i said to myself. I don't even know what colors to match, I can't even get my hair to listen to me!"

How long has Richie been cheating on me with Linda? Oh Linda? how do i stay in the same office with someone so evil?.....i was only her assistance but i do most of the work and she takes credit for it! where will i get another job that will pay me as much as they pay me? Richie didn't even run after me like they do in those Mexican Operas and he hasn't even called yet!

I buried my head between my thighs and wept. Why Linda? She could have gotten any man of her choice with just a snap of her fingers but she choose my own man! How do i even begin to look for another job? i was the one paying my mom' s hospital bills because my dad was living on pension. I wanted to talk to someone, I can't even call my mom because she will be heartbroken .......i have just lost her future son in_ law.


Joseph Residence

" None of you complimented the food, is it not good?" Maggie joked.

" Oh Auntie, the meal is delicious! and you are the best cook in the world" Victoria said.

Mr Joseph laughed heartily. " Don't mind your aunt, she's always fishing for compliments. Anyway i love the meal, i like how you cooked the fish and the sauce is fantastic "

Maggie beamed like a little girl. She scooped some sauce into Victoria' s plate, she patted the hand of the young girl lovingly. Vicky was always her favorite, she felt guilty at her thought. It wasn't Linda' s fault that she was the way she is. Linda had always been a difficult child and she has become a very bitter person. The girls mother, bless her heart, had taken Maggie under her wing when she was a young girl. Their mother was such a kind hearted woman but she had a heart condition which led to her untimely death.

Maggie felt the only way to repay her kindness was to take care of the little girls she left behind. She had tried her best to raise up the girls properly but somehow she had failed with Linda.

'' Are you alright Maggie? you look so gloomy " Mr Joseph asked with concern.

" Goodness me! I was only reminiscing over the past''

" No wonder you look so sad. I will have that exact look on my face if i led a wasted life. Especially if i lived my life playing second fiddle to a dead woman" Linda smirked at her aunt.

" Linda! What is wrong with you?! " her father admonished.

" How could you say that? " Victoria said. " Don't mind her auntie "

" Apologize to your aunt"

Maggie laughed uneasily to ease the tension in the air. She had slaved hard in the kitchen to make a grand dinner and it was all going wrong.

" Raising you two is the best thing to ever happen to me and I will do it all over again without a second thought. That to me is a fulfilled life, raising two beautiful and intelligent women"

'" That is so lovely auntie Maggie. I love you " Victoria crooned.

" I love you too sweetie. Linda, you want more sauce?"

" No thank you " she said in a clipped tone.

" I still haven't heard you apologize to your aunt" her father said.

" Why should i apologize to her dad? and who the hell is she?"

Victoria gasped. Linda scraped back her chair and stood up.

" This is my house and the food you were eating seconds ago was bought with my money! While you are under my roof you will respect me and your elders!"

" She is just an over paid nanny! Isn't it time she move on?" She threw her fork on the table and walked out of the dining.

" Linda! Linda!" Maggie got up.

" Let her go. Her days in my house are numbered"

They went on with dinner like nothing happened but the tension and unspoken emotions hovered in the air. Alone in her room, Linda paced up and down. She dialed a number on her phone and waited.

" Hello. How far?" A deep male voice said.

" I have a job for you."

" Details"

" I want you to hold someone hostage for twenty four hours"

" Details and consider it done"

She smiled as she gave him the details of the job she had for him.


Will you still work for a boss that slept with your lover?

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Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by bibijay123(f): 2:36am On Aug 28, 2016

The Prologue alone is awesome, it's a wow cheesy
Weldone Bibi, ride on Bae tongue

Any affiliation with cornerstone construction? grin
Re: Twine (A Drama Series) by Blessinzy(f): 6:55am On Aug 28, 2016
work with a boss that slept with my lover?
I cant do it....

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