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Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 2:38pm On Sep 17, 2016
This is a series i am currently writing..hope you guys enjoy it...
Dear Diary,
I went to see Jhay last week, I have the key to his house so I had no problem letting my self in when I met his absence, the moment I stepped into the bedroom the smell of sweat greeted me, his bed sheet was rumpled, my thoughts threatened to run wild but I controlled them, I bit my lower lip as I imagined him bringing a girl over, impossible I thought.
My gaze went back to the rumpled sheets, Jhay never leaves his bed roughly made, Despite my suspicions, my lips curled into a smile when I took note of the scattered pillows with the foam struggling to burst out any minute.
Perhaps they was a pillow fight, my mind went back to the girl I saw and I picked the phone that was resting in my bag and dialed Jhay’s number for the hundredth time, the annoyingly beautiful voice of the voice operator answered again “The number you dial is not reachable at the moment, please try again later, thank you”
I swore as I dropped the phone, my hands were free and I felt a great urge to smash, strangle, stab…destroy, Jhay’s kitchen was a mess, used plates and pots decorate the sink, the cutlery rack had come off, Jhay always told me he wasn’t always able to fix it back whenever it comes off and I would fix it whenever I came over too, smiling sheepishly while teaching him how to go about what he would never learn.
My ears were vibrating when I pulled a knife from under the piles of dirty dishwares, it has changed from it sparkling steel colour to a blur of sticky white and brown, I stared at the knife and could make out my face, rising from cabinet I had leaned on, I started using the knife edge to beat the cupboard that houses plastic bags, containers, and all other stuff, what started as an unconscious action gave way to my vent, I started hitting it with fury,
Ka! Ka!! ka!!! I pictured her in my head, a slim delicate woman with the right curves in the right places and not flat everywhere like me, aaaargh kaaaa!!!!! Kaaaaaa!!!! Kaaaaa!!!! I hit the cupboard harder, I imagined her giggles as he bent to whisper into her ears in front of the eatery I had seen them, the bedsheets,Kaaaa!!!!! Kaaaa!!!! Kaaaaa!!!!
The handle of the knife came off and I continued anyway, the cupboard surface looked like a ugly piece of artwork, the dents from the knife, the ends that got chipped off, I was still hitting the cupboard with the knife when I heard someone come in, leaping from the floor like a Tigress that just sighted a prey, I got to the sitting room in no time, it was Jhay and his shirt was undone, his hair disheveled. He doesn’t look surprised when he saw me and that got me angrier.
He wanted to embrace me but I pushed him off, then I told him I saw him earlier today, with a girl, and she was giggling while he whispers into her ears. I expected him to be shocked but he sighed instead, holding his head in his hands, he had told me calmly that the girl was his cousin and I could call his sister to confirm, yap yap yap. God I felt so stupid.
I became weak in the knees and I crumbled,” oh my God, oh my God “I whispered, I felt miserable for thinking he might have cheated and i remembered the kitchen cabinet, God! I waited for him to leave the room for the restroom, then I grabbed my bag and left!

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 2:39pm On Sep 17, 2016
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Martin2468: 7:11pm On Sep 17, 2016
First to comment. Hurray!!! Abeg i need more updates
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 7:22pm On Sep 17, 2016
First to comment. Hurray!!! Abeg i need more updates
go to this page..
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 8:21pm On Sep 17, 2016
FEB 14.
Dear Diary,
Jhay thinks am mad, everybody thinks so too, I am not and I swear I am not. I am like every other girl, I am normal even if everybody else think otherwise.
It was a sunny day, I had raised the curtains to allow sunlight enough space in the room I share with my best friend and roommate, she had traveled to Ebonyi to spend valentine with her Fiance and for the first time in six months, I was all alone in the room, I thought of how Jhay would propose one day to me too, would he take me to the beach and have the question written on the sands as Jemila’s fiance had done? Or would he go extra miles like the guys on Bella naija and wedding digest had done? A wistful smile spread over my lips as I remembered the last fight I had with him, perhaps he would call me today and end everything, I shuddered at the thought, besides I had not done anything out of the ordinary, I only ruined his kitchen cupboard, how was I supposed to know it was his cousin he was being lovey dovey with infront of an eatery? Instinct urged me to call and ask for forgiveness since it is valentine, but pride told me to send the middle finger as a text instead, I was in a dilemma when my phone uttered a shrill scream, I nearly fell as my legs twisted among the piles of cloth I had thrown on the floor in preparation for washing, all my excitement slid like warm butter on hot toast as I saw the caller ID, it was an unknown number, my phone conveyed my annoyance as I snapped ‘hello’
‘Would you still be mad at me if I told you am out your front door’? The familiar voice drawled, I yelped as I ran out of my room, forgetting that am braless beneath the jersey I wore, that my mouth is unwashed or that my satin bonnet sat haphazardly on my head, Jhay was standing with a bouquet, a box of God knows what and a card he held up as I opened the door which says ‘I am sorry’ I giggled as I hugged and pull him into the general visitors room, The fat female Porter on duty frowned as she saw him with his flowers and all, that sadist of a woman, she allows no male visitors on valentine’s day, and would complain about not littering the hostel with chocolate wrappers,
‘so…’ I said allowing my pride to take over and bent on not apologizing for sneaking out of his house before he saw his ruined cabinet.
‘I read somewhere the woman is always right, I am here to apologize for making you think I am double dealing… And thanks again for ruining my kitchen cabinet” he looked so adorable as he said that and I gave him a peck on the cheeks, I apologized as well and he asked me to go get dressed, I gave him the “really” look and pecked him again as I was about to leave the visitor’s room, he wanted to pull me in for more but I ran out before he could,
Giggling mischievously, I skirted out of the visitors room to my room, I carefully had my bath, remembering to use the Olay body wash I just bought then I went to knock on Fola’s door so she could do my make up, I was ready in an hour and some minutes, anybody could have thought it was a model on a runway as I strut down the corridor into the visitors room I wonder when being tall, slim without womanly curves became the new hot, I could kill for Beyoncé’s curves.
Jhay took in my dressing with a slight nod and stood up before I got to him, walking briskly towards the door, I was annoyed but I managed to control my annoyance because the nosy porter was watching and I followed him nearly tripping on the tiles, the cackling of the porter followed me out of the hostel, I joined Jhay in the car he brought and sat, expecting him to say something about my looks or my dress, after what seemed like forever, I said in a weak voice,
‘Your mum’s car is sleek’
‘I know right’ he maneuvered the car gently and grinned at me ‘the car is dope mehn, it runs on little fuel, has……’
I shut out the praises of his mum’s car as he went on and on about it, until I caught ‘she is amazing’
‘who?’ I aske

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 8:22pm On Sep 17, 2016
‘The car yo, I call her Anita, she is a babe’ he went on grinning and I felt like slapping the grin back into his brain, so he could waste words on his mother’s car but wouldn’t compliment me? we had gotten to the gate when I realized we were at his parents house… ‘what the heck is this’ I turned and demanded an answer from him, ‘well, there is a family dinner and I told them you were coming and….’
‘why will you tell them I was coming when I had not said that’ I screamed and continued raving, when I was done, he was staring at me wide eyed, not knowing what to do, I got out of the car and went to the main road to board a cab back to my hostel.

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by damsel14(f): 9:19pm On Sep 17, 2016
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Palmernuel(m): 6:34am On Sep 18, 2016
nice story following
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 6:59am On Sep 18, 2016

Dear Diary
I have not been myself since the 14 of February, and I can’t bring myself to tell my roommate why I have been moody, how can I? When she came back three days after valentine with stuff I can’t bring myself to look at, I refused to even look at pictures of her and her Fiance, she had gotten annoyed and called me “bad belle” and I agreed.
She had ignored me for days thinking it was one of my “senseless mood swings”, she started paying attention to me when she found me soaked in tears while listening to Brandy’s Long Distance, I refused to tell her what or who is making me cry but I know she knows it has a lot to do with Jhay, he hasn’t been calling neither have I been calling him as well, how can he not compliment me? How could go on and on about his mother’s car but wouldn’t find the words to describe what I look like? And to think he was taking me to his parents house? What sort of rude shock is that? His sister doesn’t even like me, what if I look like a scarecrow in my shift dress…
I feel so miserable and empty, I hate my roommate and her happiness, her stupid Fiance calls almost every minute, jeez…I hate the fact that she is happy and am not, and that idiotic smile on her face when they are talking on phone annoys me.
I don’t think I would be attending the stupid Campus Blast this weekend, to hell with stupid Dbanj, Wizkid, and everybody else that stupid telecommunication company is bringing, everything and everyone is stupid…. Even this silly diary I am writing in is stupid, Jhay is stupid and whoever reads my diary without my permission is STUPID!

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 9:59pm On Sep 18, 2016

They invited me to their stupid show, the stupid social director just wanted cool publicity, being one of the movers and shakers or the school (I am seriously doubting that), I was told my graceful presence is needed, my feeble protests and refusal didn’t budge them and my stupid roommate played the good one by acting like one stupid fairy godmother, I am still pissed, sad, mad at everything and everyone but the urge to throw things or cry into my pillow has reduced, am even thinking less about Jhay.
My roommate put me through bathing, wearing clothes and makeup, i told her to keep the makeup as light as possible, just lip gloss and mascara, the two stupid girls that stay in the next room-Natasha and Farida brought their stupid noses to try and get a little scoop here and there, probing me about my erratic behaviour and tears, my roommate for the first time wasn’t stupid, and she shushed them up by telling em am crying for a lost puppy!.
So, two stupid friends of ours were supposed to come pick us up at the hostel and take us to the event at the school’s stadia, I hate what am wearing and I care less what anybody thinks, my roommate jabbering to remove the black top and replace it with another colour fell on deaf ears. I am feeling so Emo, black speaks my mind better than any other stupid colour.
The two stupid friends came eventually and we left the hostel around 5:49pm, the event has started already, stupid students were screaming on top of their voices, I refused to get down from the car, until I was told really horrible things could happen to people sitting in a car in such a gathering at that time of the day. So I grudgingly followed them and we we were able to get a seat at the pavilion, my annoyance multiplied the moment I sat down, and I had to force myself to watch whatever nonsense Patoranking had got to offer on stage, who told him the Jamaican thing suits him anyway? Trash, stupid artist.
I was still cussing my roommate for convincing me to come for this rubbish when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, with annoyance written all over my face with the boldest wrinkle I turned and stared into white! No I mean he was wearing white, all white which is like a total opposite of my all black.
With the deafening screams of stupid students watching the show, he stretched forth his hand, I could not make sense off what he was saying but when he removed the stupid shade (only stupid people wear shades in the evening) he has got on, my mouth fell open..
Heaven!!! This is heaven!!!

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 10:41am On Sep 19, 2016
you guys should feel free and leave comments
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Agromuda(m): 8:39pm On Sep 19, 2016
Suspense in d Air!!! Wat a gud story. 4lowing bumpa2Bumpa
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 9:05pm On Sep 19, 2016

I saw white expanse and I thought of happy days and beautiful green fields, my head was reeling, it is so amazing how emotions can change within seconds, or maybe my head is playing tricks with me.
I was face to face with the definition of “dashing” well set jaw, chocolate-skinned, nice set of teeth, good looking, dreamy eyes and from the look of things, nice height…. I couldn’t make sense of all he was trying to say still, the noise is too much, but I pretended like I could hear him and I was nodding along to all he was saying, he was gesticulating wildly and I was nodding furiously as well trying to read his lips, geeez,those lips…..
He was still talking when his stupid friend came from wherever he had been to tell him something, they talked for more than a minute before he rose and followed his friend, touche! I hate that stupid friend of his already.
I couldn’t concentrate anymore and I kept turning to the back to check if he was back or not, he was nowhere to be found till the show ended, I started feeling irritated again for no reason and I snapped at my roommate when she screamed something into my ears,poor girl she was shocked but quickly recovered, she turned to the other side and started taking selfies with a bunch of girls I don’t talk to!
I was hurting, seeing that guy and watching him speak seemed like the balm for the ache in my heart, geeeez! Am I supposed to be this fascinated by a total stranger, for God’s sake i am still Jhay’s girlfriend, until he calls me tomorrow to break things up, yeah break things up and not fix things up, I think am way too full of life to be tied down to someone as boring as Jhay, duh he has a job already blah blah blah, he used to be my definition of perfect when I was still a stupid girl, now I think am wiser, even the way he drawls his word seem childish now… God why am I seeing all these flaws now?
The stupid show ended with a stupid song from one of the stupid wannabe musicians in school, with his stupid stage name ‘Yung Fezzy’, my roommate has left me to go take selfies with Olamide, to hell with them all, rubbish people, I beckoned at her when I got tired of sitting and she gave me a ‘Bleep you’ stare instead, our friends were no where to be found, now I have to find my way back to the hostel, my stupid roommate is still giggling and smiling, Idiot go and carry belle, ode oshi, I can’t help cussing her, I stood up eventually from the pavilion and joined a groupie leaving the stadium as well, they were busy talking about how Vector threw his shirt at the audience, and trash talking the boy that caught it, idiots…. We had almost gotten to the stadium gate when I heard ‘hey there!’ everybody in the group turned and waited, each asking “me?” I hissed and continued walking bumping into one of them, until I heard ‘hey Black widow’!!! I still wouldn’t turn, all those stupid hundred level student that wouldn’t respect a final year student, rubbish, I was at the gate already held up with the huge crowd waiting to get out when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I had no choice this time around, with my mouth ready to spill out insults and face contorted with anger, I turned and lo! It was *all* *white! *

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 9:31am On Sep 22, 2016
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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 7:47am On Sep 24, 2016

Mr white was the one calling me a black widow, I am supposed to be really really annoyed but I found myself almost smiling, my inner Thatcher knocked some sense into me at that moment and I frowned instead, I stopped and waited for him to get to where I was, students who were eager to get back to their hostels were already cramming me against one another, one stupid boy was even rubbing his junk against me, nonsense!!
He took his time and strolled confidently towards me, I took in his appearance and tried to do an X-ray of him, I couldn’t, my stupid brain refused to process, it seems to be telling me ‘error 404 not found’. This is madness, what could be so mesmerizing about a regular guy wearing an all white attire like the Eyo masquerades in Lagos, there is nothing out of this world to his appearance, so I wonder what is really happening to me, this is voodoo, this is real voodoo…
He smiled the moment he got close to me, oh my he has a beautiful set of teeth as well, even in the dark they were like stars lighting up a cold dark night.. Hmmm I never knew I was this poetic. Ehhehehe
He introduced himself and gave his name as Farhan, 500level Law student, stays in Napoleon Hostel, blah blah blah, I also pretended to be cool, calm and collected and I started speaking my posh form of English, hahaha it was fun, I kept flipping my weaves to the sides like ‘duh, am so Behind, so classy’
Zzzzzzz, we exchanged numbers and he saw me off to the hostel, I had a nice time chatting with him and I nearly flung my arms around his neck when we got the common room, the Ape-looking skinny Porter (I swear she looks like an ape) was on duty that night, she was too engrossed with the Telemundo she was watching that she wouldn’t have noticed if he had followed me into my room. He left with the promise to call me the next day, I walked into my room feeling like a little girl who had just been given a truckload of candies.. Hahaha this feels good.
I was humming to myself till I got to my room, I opened the door and what do I see? My roommate was sitting on her bed with Natasha and Farida flanking her on both sides, she glared at me when she saw me, that stupid girl. I was removing my clothes when Farida came to tap me,
‘Hey I was told you were flirting with my brother’


Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Missmossy(f): 3:50pm On Sep 24, 2016
Interesting cheesy keep it coming.


Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 6:12am On Sep 26, 2016

Khai! I don’t know why the devil would choose to pour sand into your Garri after you finish adding sugar. Why will Farida be Farhan’s sister? Why will God curse someone as dashing as that with a slow bimbo for a sister? They don’t even look alike! Farida looks like those typical blue blood mixed race Hausa kids, very fair skin, beautiful face (empty brain and ugly heart of course ) black silky hair, a very big thanks to her Lebanese mum! A mind blowing hourglass figure, (this is one of the reasons I hate her too) and that perfect set of teeth with a gap between her two front teeth, she even has pink lips! Lawd while him, he has a beautiful chocolate skin, I don’t know what he looks like really really well enough apart from his skin colour, so till I see him in the day sha, and me o, I am just the definition of average just passing plain Jane. I should have been a boy maybe that is why I was named Lanre.
But the thing is, I like Farhan, I really like Farhan, Jhay should come and tell me it’s over lemme move on jor, but how can I be cool with him when his sister is one daft idiot who is my sworn enemy! We have always been enemies just because of an encounter we had at Chicken and Chillies, I accept I have anger issues but still, that doesn’t give anybody any right to treat me like shit, that idiot expected me to hold the door for her so she could pass which I didn’t, she wasn’t expecting me not to and the door smacked her right in the face and am not sorry, because her stupid baby boo, one useless Somto in 200level Architecture or what is even his course sef (that boy is into yahoo o) was shouting and making nonsense threats, odeh! As if I fear him and his fellow broke crew and fellow cult members, my dad would treat the shit out of their Bleep up. It’s an advantage to be the only daughter of a military personnel Sha.
What was I saying before sef, ehn ehn, so I honestly don’t know what to do, my roommate is there watching movie on her stupid system and she has her earpiece on, she would talk to me tomorrow morning, that am sure of, that one is a wife material 10000000005458263385555 yards. I don’t even know what I would wear to class tomorrow and it’s Monday, jeeeez!!!! I have a 2page assignment to submit tommorow morning o, this is Bleep up mehn! What else do I want to say ooo, okay okay one of my roommate’s friends birthday is next week, I might not go sef, what else o, I heard a girl in my…oh my gosh!!!! Farhan is calling, chow! I will wait for him to call for the second time before I pick eheheheheh, and Diary anybody that reads you without my permission is stupid, am going outside to receive his call when he calls back and my stupid roommate might peep into you. and you, Yes you are stupid!!!
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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by honour99: 10:50am On Sep 27, 2016
hmmmmn,,nice story man,,bt ....

jst kiddin,nyc work man,, post more ooo
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 11:34am On Sep 29, 2016

Men are wicked, I swear men are really wicked, Farhan didn’t call back after that one time, and I had rushed outside to prepare myself for his second call, I bumped my leg against the shoe rack in the process and my roommate was laughing, I spent almost an hour outside with mosquitoes attacking me from every angle last night, I couldn’t even sleep on time and he didn’t call back till I fell asleep.
I felt so miserable ehn, I could not even concentrate in classes, and I missed 20marks again, the assignment is 20marks and I didn’t do it, and Prof. Fajuyi was just rambling on and on about Microbes, I have never liked his classes anyway, not since the day he asked me a question and I couldn’t give an answer, the foolish man made me stand in front of the class while he corrects me and even said something about toothpick girls that likes fashion but have empty brains, it is not my fault I carried over his course 3times and I am still carrying that same course, God knows have tried my best and any spill over weapon fashioned against me will go back to sender, amen!!! he ruined my rep with the carry overs because I always get to sit with smelly, unfashionable, awkward 100 level students, one of them was even asking me out, that idiot!, but that didn’t stop the coolest people in my department from giving me invites to really cool parties even though I hate almost every one of them. Yes Microbiology students are so stupid, they like to lick asses a lot and I don’t like it, I don’t like desperate people at all they embarrass me, I hate people sucking up to me like I hold the key to their destiny.
I saw Farida today as well with her scrawny looking boyfriend even though I heard she is stylishly going out with Fola Scott, one short boy with pomo lips that is in engineering, I don’t know why girls follow him like flies, he is so ugly hahaha, he is the African reincarnation of Shrek, just that his own ears look like those of an elf, it forms a number 7 shape when you are looking at him from the back, God so much ugliness for one person.
Eh ehn, that yesterday gist, hmmm there is one girl called Chinyere in my hostel, my hostel mates have been hush hush hushing about her sleeping with the man that owns our hostel, the funny twist to this gist is the man is said to be sleeping with her roommate and every girl in her crew, they said she does her own businesses with the man codedly and the can of worms got opened when one of her friends caught her shouting on him on phone for not sending the money for the abortion as promised. Smh that Chinyere girl is something else sef, that was how she was giving Jhay sexy eyes whenever he comes around and she sees him, that stupid idiot.
Talking about Jhay, he still hasn’t called, maybe I should just pity him and call him, he would be dying inside now, that am sure of, and didn’t they say the devil you have always known is better than the angel you just met? And also something keeps telling me that Farhan boy is as stupid as his sister, he looks like a player as well, I can feel it from the way he talks. Lemme go and prepare indomie and egg, laters.
And I got stained in class today, my period came unannounced, and it was one Muslim girl named Fatimah that gave me her Ankara gele. it was so embarrassing!
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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 10:04pm On Oct 01, 2016

Dear Diary,
It is test week and I am so not prepared, I have lots of assignments to submit, hostel is so so boring, a girl celebrated her birthday yesterday and she gave me cake, the cake had all those extra extra touch ups, I don’t get the idea of over decorating cakes when most people wouldn’t touch the frosting.
My roommate and I are talking now I have this funny feeling she is preggos, she has been vomiting a lot lately, ehehehe symptoms of pregnancy for sure. My life has taken a turn for the boring, I don’t know why Farhan hasn’t called back since then, I see his stupid sister Farida almost everyday and the gist all over the faculty of science is that she had dumped that her stupid boyfriend for the ugly one with pomo lips, I don’t know why some beautiful girls have such poor taste, khai!
Ehn ehn, some girls were caught smoking weed in my hostel, they were taken to the students affairs division this morning by the hostel security, one of them is a girl I admire so much, Aliyah can dress for Africa mehn, she has a drop dead gorgeous body too, I also heard her gp is 4.6something, I used to worship her, now I get the saying “do not judge a book by it’s cover”
Jhay has been posting pictures of him on Facebook recently, and it background doesn’t look Nigerian, smh he has forgotten me totally.
I am getting more bored every minute, I have to go, I would go and “read” in class tonight, lol I hope they won’t steal my phone this time around, and No, I won’t sleep off after reading two pages of Prof. Fajuyi’s boring material.

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 4:56pm On Oct 03, 2016

Dear Diary!!!
Yay, am super excited! Remember the night class? I took Prof. Fajuyi’s boring material and a bottle of water.
Class was noisy as usual, I mean I get it when classes are noisy in the day, but at night? It can be frustrating at times when you go to class to prepare for one hot test or exam the next day. My room is a no no no for reading, I have a special relationship with my bed, there is something seductive about the bedspread that makes me want to lay on it and close my eyes when I read in my room. I hate the school library, I hate books and reading so the library is like a hellhole for me,besides all those serious academics will make you feel like a loser when you see them eating piles upon piles of book. I have only been to the library once and that was for my library card reg!
So, I had settled down to read prof. Fajuyi’s boring material, I had to start from the beginning, I had forgotten everything I had read or have I?
I was in the fifth page already, trying to get the divisions of microbes into my head when someone tapped me from the back. It was Farhan! I said a quiet Heyy and went back to reading. I wasn’t reading actually I thought he was going to come over and sit beside me, but he didn’t! I lost concentration and continued flipping through pages anyway, my neck and shoulders were aching already from trying to maintain my poise, I pretended I needed a drink and reached into my bag, I had not taken two sips of water when he asked if I can give him some too.
I felt somehow, that was too forward, but I passed the water bottle without looking at him after thoroughly cleaning the smudges my lip gloss left on the bottle. He returned it and said what he wanted is gone already, I pretended I didn’t hear him again and jammed my earpiece in my ears. I had stopped reading at this point and decided to surf the net instead. When it was almost 11pm, I left the class without saying goodbye.
I was almost at the gate of my hostel, when I felt someone pull at the cardigan around my waist, I screamed and yanked my earpiece of my ears, it was Farhan! I was so annoyed that I shouted and asked what he wanted.
He shrugged and started talking about how I was giving him attitude in class, maintaining my cool girl hand folded on the chest pose, I didn’t say a word. I turned to leave but he pulled me back again, jeez it felt good.. I pretended I was annoyed and ask him what was wrong with him upstairs. Eheheheh he then said his phone got stolen blahblahblah and he just got a new one, I was secretly pleased but I didn’t show him, he begged me for my number again and I gave him after acting like I wouldn’t.
As I made to leave again, he pulled me back into a warm hug and I responded, God knows I needed a warm hug, my head was singing ” yes yes thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus” When we felt a huge beam of flashlight on us. A man barked “Oya come here!”
Diary, it was the school’s security!!!

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 4:57pm On Oct 03, 2016
leave your comments....and views
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by bummybummy(f): 7:21pm On Oct 03, 2016
dis girl shldnt disgrace microbiolgy students. Tnx 4 d update
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 12:03pm On Oct 05, 2016

Dear Diary,
Even though I had vowed never ever to get involved in any act of crime, I was treated like a criminal when the security caught Farhan and I, according to them we were violating the school rules on decency, I was mortified and I kept repeating “sir we were just hugging!” the man almost slapped me at a point. He pushed us into the bus and drove us to the security division. It was when he wanted to collect our ID cards as well that I couldn’t take it anymore, he forcefully snatched it from my hands and cut my tag, he then proceeded to collect Farhan’s own, calmly without a fight, Farhan gave it to him. I was annoyed! So much for being a law student.
He started filling our name into the offenders list or what not, he asked who Lanre Coker-Badmus was and I shrugged, he asked if I was the daughter of Major Coker-Badmus, I turned towards the wall instead and pretended not to hear him. I know how powerful my surname could be, that won’t be the first time I would be getting such reaction. He faced Farhan and asked if his Balarabe was the one of Kaduna? The Balarabe that owns Balarabe and sons construction company, Farhan replied in the affirmative and the man dropped the pen he was holding and broke into a sheepish smile exposing his kolanut stained teeth, I look every where except his face, it was irritating, the crisscross of tribal marks across his face made it seem as though he was scratched by an angry woman robbed off her pot of meat, the room itself is dingy and reeked of sweat, tobacco and cheap beer, the burukutu local alcohol mixture the gateman chugs down in our house.
He started cracking dry jokes and the Walnut he kept on the dirty table painted with all sorts of ink, he then asked Farhan if he has anything for him, he returned our ID cards as he said this, and smiled his dirty disgusting smile again, Farhan smiled and ask him to come and talk outside, when we were outside, Farhan pretended like he was looking for money in his pocket, he let out an alarm and said there was no cash on him, then he asked him to follow us to the ATM spot, he agreed immediately and called out to those inside that he would be back soon, I walked behind them and jammed my hands into my hoodie, it was so cold outside and the man wore only a jersey. Smh
When we got to the ATM spot, Farhan started to ask the man what he wanted again, he asked why he wants to collect money from him and his friend, the man foolishly replied he wants to have a taste of Balarabe’s money, he asked for the man’s name again and the man answered and even mentioned bis surname smiling stupidly glancing at me from time to time. Farhan withdrew 5000naira and before giving it to the man brought out his phone and played an audio, he had totally roped the poor man, the man was jabbering away about how he wants to “chop” Balarabe’s money, I bursted into laugher, the man was so busted, he started bragging and threatening to deal with us, then Farhan reminded him of who my dad was, how they would bundle him straight to the barracks and beat his life inside out.. Hahahahhaa
Farhan is a Savage! Even though he looks so…. Alluring, we were still having fun with the miserable old man when my phone vibrated, the caller ID showed +173690****, I picked it up wondering who it might be, it is definitely not Toke my cousin that lives in London, the familiar sexy drawl hit my ears the moment I said hello, I froze and stared wide eyed at Farhan who was still laughing, it was Jhay!!!
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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Hardeybohwarley(m): 6:42pm On Oct 07, 2016
Op someone is waiting here for your update ooo
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 9:16pm On Oct 07, 2016

I. Just. Got. Dumped.
Men have stupid ego, everybody knows that, no wonder feminists still yell and scream patriarchy every time. Jhay was asking how life is with me, if am cool and fine, if I still use my Skype account, I demanded to know why he is asking all those questions, we have not spoken for like 3months now. He told me he feels we should still be friends if things don’t work out the way we want it to, I was boiling already, why did I ever ever date him? How come I just realized he is so not my type? Jhay actually called to break up with me coolly on phone! And he still wants to keep in touch with me on Skype! Perhaps he wants to show me his new girlfriend or tell me tales of how cold London is!
He mumbled few more silly things I could not comprehend while the security man who was on his knees infront of Farhan was still pleading for mercy, the scene wasn’t funny to me anymore, neither was what Jhay was telling me, he said goodbye in a very distant manner and hung up immediately! Wow.
Farhan stopped what he was doing and the security man ran all the way back to the security division, we strolled towards my hostel and I was moody till we got to my hostel gate, Farhan kept asking what was wrong and I kept telling him am OK, I said goodnight weakly and fell into bed the moment I got into my room, my roommate was still up, doing midnight call with her Fiance, they were talking about their wedding, yuck!!! I plugged in my earpiece and tossed all night. Funny images swam in and out of my watery thoughts, I tasted salt at a point. I had been crying but for what? It would have been easier if I broke with him instead but it is better he did, I can’t imagine being on the losing side if things turn out well for him. The text he sent on the walk back to my hostel even made things worse
“Just thought you ought to know, I wanted to propose the day you stormed out of the car and angrily left. And i still wonder why I have to tell you I am taking you to my parent’s house? That wouldn’t be your first time there. I hope you turn out to better to the next someone out there. Good luck. Love Jhay. “VISIT http://kanzahsays.com

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by marcusagrippa(m): 7:02am On Oct 08, 2016
Good job.
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Hardeybohwarley(m): 12:58pm On Oct 08, 2016
Ride on...But don't keep us waiting
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by PeachyP(f): 3:02pm On Oct 08, 2016
That girl get mouth o
Ehya, I suspected he wanted to propose that day.

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Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 3:22pm On Oct 08, 2016
what do you guys think would happen next
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by Hardeybohwarley(m): 3:34pm On Oct 08, 2016
what do you guys think would happen next
Farhan would propose to her in the middle of sex..lol it getting hotter here..You really need to cool it
Re: Diary Of A Psycho Girlfriend ...a Romance Series by ahmstrng(m): 5:46pm On Oct 09, 2016

Dear Diary,
It’s been three weeks since Jhay broke up with me, now I am ready to totally rock my newly found single life even though I had been living as a semi-single girl for the past two, three months. Farhan calls every morning and night, he sure knows how to hold a conversation, from telling me about the impossible lecturers in his department to cracking my ribs from laughter, it feels good,I can totally get used to this I mean friendship hurts nobody right?
I attend night classes and tutorials now more than I have ever done in the past three years I have been in the Uni. I get to read a page or two then spend the rest of the three hours meant for reading with Farhan, he looks cuter and cuter every night, I started putting a little more effort in my night class drabs, I went from wearing my go-to Camo hoodie and a top to going all out, sometimes a bright pink sweater, other times an electric blue jumper, blah blah blah with a touch of lip gloss. A spritz of spray around my neck completes everything as we spend some times bent over his IPad watching series. This is crazy but it feels good.
Farhan texted me while I was in class yesterday, I was lucky it wasn’t prof. Fajuyi’s class, I left after reading the text, he had asked me to come to COIGNE, a restaurant in school, the text sounded urgent and I wondered what could be wrong, I stumbled into Henry Sharkfish Teeth as I was about to go into the restaurant, he was as usual with a very tall, slim and beautiful girl, I rolled my eyes when I saw him and didn’t bother saying “hi” he tricked me once into believing I would be having a photo shoot, silly me I had thought my slim self would become a model not knowing Henry was an undercover love-vendor, he wanted to sell me for a night to one very obese man that looks like he would drop dead soon, he would not stop apologizing ever since but am not the type to forget a betrayal too soon, he is such an ugly being both inside and out. He waved at me but I ignored him, Farhan was sitting at the most obscure part of the restaurant. I couldn’t help but swoon when I saw him, he was wearing a sparkling white shirt, Grey trousers and black shoes, all screaming designer! He looked kinda tensed.
I sat beside him and nervously said hello, his face was contorted into a frown and I couldn’t help but marvel at how cuter that made him, I was staring at his lips lost in thought when I heard him say “I am losing her”, “who” I asked weakly, he turned and stared at me, long and hard enough for me to see fear suddenly replaced by anger in his eyes, then he dropped his stare slowly and breathed “Amina”
I felt hot, very hot inside that I felt I needed to use the toilet, then I went cold, really cold that I become too aware that the AC was on, so he had a girlfriend all this while? I could feel my alter ego sharpening her knife and waiting to draw blood!!!
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