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Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 6:40pm On Nov 06, 2017
Warning this post is a very long one and I want to make it in series.
At some point you may feel emotional you may want to curse me, some places might be funny but everything is 100% real.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by pounds627: 6:59pm On Nov 06, 2017
lets ride

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Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 7:03pm On Nov 06, 2017
I don't want to encourage or discourage anyone into being promiscuous like myself but I want to let this off my chest

It is very difficult for me to know where to start from but I think I'll start from 9. Then I could remember more of what happened in my life.

It was a Saturday evening 12 years ago, I was playing with my bestie and cousins when I heard her mum crying the tears was uncontrollable that I began wondering what going on. The next thing I heard was "please somebody drive her" little did I know that things would never be the same again.
I was uncomfortable. I asked questions nobody wanted to give me an answer. I wanted to go home but they prevented me.
It was getting late and I knew I was in hot soup if I don't go home soon. But we were locked inside (myself my Lil sis bestie -Ed who doubles as my cousin and his big sis)
After hours of failing to unlock the door and it was almost 8 I devices I way out. The toilets had windows made of louvers so I climbed up with the help of my cousins and her sis who was already crying that somebody is dead.
We managed to go out, not without a wound though(I still have those scars on my back)
When we got to my place we saw people gathered some were crying. Immediately one of my aunty saw me she rushed to me and held me like never before (we where very close as she is my second mum). Then I knew something was wrong.
She didn't know when she said "Harri mummy is gone"
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by Nobody: 7:05pm On Nov 06, 2017
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 7:18pm On Nov 06, 2017
To cut the long story my beloved mum was dead. I later learnt she was knocked down by a careless driver while she was coming back from Oil Mill market in PH.

It was a new and difficult beggining for me. A year after I decided to move in with my aunt, Ify who is my second mum.
I moved out not because my dad was poor, but I loved being around my mum and since she was no more I needed a new one.

Things were going on well, I was already in my jss1 though I was a kid I noticed that If was always all smiles whenever she sees me but once her hubby comes home her mood would change.

She had been married for 5 years then and she had no child. I was her all in all.
I started noticing some strange behavior by her hubby . He started beating her openly in my presence hmmm no respect set.
At 11 there were times I wanted to hit him, maybe pour hot water on him or stab him while he slept. I told my aunty and she dismissed such notion strictly warning me not to interfere in husband and wife mater.
I was just a kid, what did I know?
Her husband started coming home late, then he would miss on weekends then weekdays a months and he went AWOL for 3 months. Jesus what kind of husband does that?
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 7:26pm On Nov 06, 2017
I was happy it was just both of us. But I notticed my aunty was losing it. Crying all night, losing weight without exercise seeing her unhappy I wasn't happy.
Then our neighbor had a visitor. One fine winch she was older than me but had developed breast back and pubic hair.
She would come watch tom and jerry with me and when my aunty is away she would lie on the couch or floor showing her panties. It meant nothing to me until my Evil genius cousins Ed came for summer holidays.
It was the shortest holiday I had for two reasons. I enjoyed every bit of our adventure such that the holiday was so short. Secondly prodigal husband came back home after months and Ed had to go cos he hated that man.
But with Ed I learn how to explore my reproductive system.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 7:31pm On Nov 06, 2017
While he was around we would watch porn then hide it away in my bag or under my bed. I even got a copy of better lover magazine (I've been looking for that magazine i never see. Who know where I fit buy tell me)
While Ed was gone u would watch the porn alone, I even bought more to help myself until I became addicted.
Mean while Ed taught me how to use hand and soap.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 7:34pm On Nov 06, 2017
Make I go break. If people dey comment I go kwantinu make e no be like say na empty room I dey follow yarn
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by Nobody: 7:40pm On Nov 06, 2017
Hmmm we are reading along.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by ennyhola: 7:47pm On Nov 06, 2017
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by Nobody: 7:54pm On Nov 06, 2017
U better continue
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by pounds627: 7:56pm On Nov 06, 2017
we r wit yu cum n kwantinuity
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 8:20pm On Nov 06, 2017
How I started Exploring

One day before Ed left, we were watching porn when when I noticed Ed was gyrating his waist while laying on the floor. Then he suddenly went to the toilet and minutes later he came back but I noticed he didn't clean up well.
Me: Why you no go wash your hand well after you don blow cartarh na. See e dey for your knicker set. I was seriously laughing I never knew when a long strand of cartarrh came right out my nose. I rushed to the toilet.
Ed: mumu them tell u say na cattarh be DAt?
Me: wetin come be this
Ed: so you know know sperm.
Me: I know na (I started quoting puberty in inter science). But how e take come out. U never reach na
It was Ed turn to laf.
Ed: You non know say u fit make am come out?
Me: How? Tell me na.
Ed: na true say you no know?
Me: tell me na
Ed : I no go tell you. U want make them say na me spoil you.
While arguing and the porn was going on. Bad belle NEPA took light. The porn was in the Vcd player. Aunty go soon come
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by zabson(m): 8:29pm On Nov 06, 2017
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 8:37pm On Nov 06, 2017
We knew we were in trouble but Ed managed to teach me. Use soap, soak am for water then scrub until....
I headed to the bathroom did as instructed. Lo and behold it felt so good. I was enjoying it. Until it was time to climax. My God! The feeling na die.
I tried doing it again but my D!¬Ęk wouldnt stand. I forgot all my troubles and went to the living room.
Myself and Ed started gisting untill my aunty came but NEPA didn't bring light. She cooked and we ate, I went to the bathroom again then pia! The light came back. I forgot what would happen to me as Ali climaxed it was even better than the first as I had developed newer techniques.
I was relieved came to the living room only to see my aunty visible angry. I tried to escape to my room when I heard a voice Harry!
I don die today.
I didn't wait to hear the rest so I decided to form innocent. When I got close Ed was already kneeling down with his hands up.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 8:47pm On Nov 06, 2017
After initial denial I joined Ed. Closed my eyes and the Next thing I heard was the door open and close. I opened my eyes and I didn't see Ed.

What my aunty did to me that night pushed me into the house of our neighbor who has a sexy sister. Meanwhile it was just three days to my 14th birth day.

My aunty thought she was doing me. But the moment I realized I would be sleeping in the same room with this girl I refused to go home.

I slept on the chair until I was woken around 11 to go sleep with the other kids including sisi.
In the midnight something woke me up... I touch.

This girl was doing to me what I did to myself early. Immediately she noticed I was awake she shushed me and I decided to relax and enjoy the night.
It was awesome. She moved my hands where to touch her and I did enjoy myself that night.

In the morning my aunty came begged me to come home that Ed was already home and that he admitted he was the one who lured me into watching porn after his parents beat him up.

Another thing was on my mind. How to enjoy another night. But I decided to go with her, after all na our house the girl dey come watch film.

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Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 9:01pm On Nov 06, 2017
Fast forward to my birthday. The house was full. My sisters Ed, my cousinea and neighbors all came. But my eyes were on this new neigbor.
Things were getting better for my aunty her hubby was back was was mine.

After the little party this girl (Jessica not her real name. I no wan mention her name cos she is married with kids ) stayed behind. Washed the plates with my sisters

I was treated like a prince that day. I fell asleep after doing my stupid dance step (I sucked at dancing then)

While others were sleeping (many had left except my two sisters Jessi and myself ) I woke up hungry. I didn't bother disturbing anybody so I went straight to the kitchen.

I was eating when Jessi came. We chatted laughed loud until my aunty came asking us to keep our voice down. She never suspected.

Minutes after she left Jessie started her games. Hmmm
No details but that was how it happened.... I had real sex for the first time in the kitchen. She locked the kitchen spread our cloths on the floor and we hit it like mad.

I forgot I was in my auntys kitchen having sex. I forgot what might be done to me if caught. And the moment it came I felt a new spirit. This hole felt more amazing than my hands.

More coming
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by UfuomaUN(m): 11:24pm On Nov 06, 2017
berra come and complete this story dude
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 4:56am On Nov 07, 2017
After that night with Jessie, we became close. She started teaching me things about life, she showed me love, and shared how thoughts and emotions with me.
Our sex adventured continued, everyday after school we would have sex because my aunt was not around. some days i would sleep over in her place. Some days she would sleep over especially when my sisters are around or when me aunt will not be coming back that night. there was a time she went for a week training in Lagos, she asked me to go to my house bit i refused. I knew what would definitely happen. It was during that p[eriof i started asking Jessie questions about the possibility of her getting pregnant.
She said; "Dont be silly, it is only stupid and ignorant girls who get pregnant. I am enlightened." I pressed further for her to tell me what she meant by that, and she told me she know her safe period and she is on pills. She explained to me how the female body worked. She taught me how to how to ask a girl out, what girls wanted and how to press all their buttons, including how to make a girl who is not in the mood be in the mood.
I told her I didnt want any girl apart from her, since I already have her as a girlfriend. She told me "Look Wonder Boy" (I didn't know why she gave me that name, but i think it started when the day I showed her all my porn vcds, dvds and magazines) "Not that i don't like you" she continued "But I want you to understand that you are way younger than me. We cannot continue like this forever. i will one day get married to someone my age."

With those words, I felt sudden pain in my chest, my blood started boiling up to 100 degrees. I felt something different: anger, frustration, I couldnt say a word. My first heart break. She knew what was going on, so she came close to me, crossed her legs on mine, as i was facing the wall after she said that. Spooned me and started explaining how things work. Hmm, i wanted to run away from there. I thought of packing my bags and going to my father's house. The last time i felt this way was when I lost my mum. I didnt know when all of a sudden I turned, faced her and her were kissing (badt girl, she knew how to make a strong stone soft pass bread). Well maybe because while I was angry, my body betrayed me with everything she was doing to me. I never wanted to, but my D!ck was already tearing my boxers.

We did our usual thing, and I forget about everything, until she left to he house, then the reality dawned on me that one day everybody will leave you, either in death or they will walk away.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 8:28pm On Nov 07, 2017
Since there are noore comments I'll stop the story here
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by pounds627: 10:01pm On Nov 07, 2017
cmon cum finish wetin u start o..No take us joke jare
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 8:26am On Nov 17, 2017
cmon cum finish wetin u start o..No take us joke jare
I'm back. I really had a stormy week. Will complete the story this eve

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Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by Jbfranklin: 5:46pm On Nov 17, 2017
guy you bad ooo shey you know that jumping from girl to they other... involves spiritual consequences?..
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 9:15am On Mar 06, 2018
The aftermath of Jessie's Departure
Its been months I've been here. Sorry readers i had so many engagements. But I promise I'll complete the story this week. Starting from now
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 1:02pm On Mar 06, 2018
After Jessie left. I started havin a different mentality about women. This was the point where things changed drastically in my life.
My aunt was having serious issue with her husband. She was more like a maid in the house. My sister got pregnant for a guy she never knew.
She was careless you can say but it wasn't totally her fault. She was invited for a party and only ended up being raped after a fight broke out at the party.
Jessie's departure, my aunts suffering and my sister's pregnancy (though she never had the baby) made me sought after revenge.
I needed to show other ladies how it hurts to have a jerk as a boyfriend or husband.

I set off for my escapedes and my first target was my Aunty's husband sister(what's the name to it self is it in-law?)
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by forcado: 1:05pm On Mar 06, 2018

Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 1:19pm On Mar 06, 2018
After I succeeded I decided to try out my school. I learnt new tactics and it worked for me.
From the most quite kid in school to the most popular Playboy in school. Teachers hated me. Especially the male teachers. But I didn't care.
I won the hearts of many girls, made sure I dressed well and had a flock of friends always around me.
We caused a few mayhem in school but that's story for another day.
I left the school in my SS3 to write my waec in another school.
The new school is located about 2-3hrs drive away from Port Harcourt. I didn't complain about the mosquitoes or the fact that it was a village school.I enjoyed my stay there.
I'll share with you a story of one of my acts that nearly cost the life of another student.
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by ubunja(m): 2:00pm On Mar 06, 2018
describe the tactics dude. we following your story

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Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by Victorious1999(f): 2:13pm On Mar 06, 2018
Mmmm, interesting shocked shocked shocked
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 5:24am On Mar 07, 2018
That was how I found myself in a new environment. I've always wanted to be in a new environment wherr h would live alone and do my things, but my dad and my aunt sensing some irresponsibility in my recent attitude kicked against it. But they had nk choice when I told them I'll not write my waec if they didn't allow me to register with the other students.
We were about 15 students that registered in the new school from my school. And we always stood for each other except few who were forming scripture union. Did I mention I've also banged 6 out of the 9 girls there? Well I didn't bang one bcs she was ugly( I don't mean to describe you this way Nneoma).
The day we got there I kept my cool, I studied the the environment watched the bad girls and the good ones, including the boys. So started developing my tactics. The good guy tactics. I wasn't the best in my class but I was better than more than half, yet I pretended I wasn't good.
I met one brilliant one, Chizorba. She was a good girl beautiful, dark in complexion, has long legs, small udara bweast (for those of you who don't know what udara is, the west call it agbalumor and the English name is African star apple. Google is your friend) a bit of oval face, her upper lips were a bit bigger than her lower, she has full eybrow (I often wondered if she painted them in heaven) and she has big behind. At least bigger than all the students compared to her height.
I noticed she was answering almost all the questions in class, so I moved close to her. Politely asked her to be helping me in maths, (I sucked at maths). She gladly accepted. So we fixed time for our lessons, after break. The lesson proceeded as normal everyday but I wasn't concentrating.
I looked for every means to get close to her or allow my laps, thigh or any part of my body touch hers. She was smarter as she deliberately shifts away from me each time I make attempt.
I succeeded in moving my seat to the front after I blackmailed a guy sitting with her to move. Now I have a greater chance of being with her.
After one more week, I asked her out, (I was still playing the good guy) but she declined. Ordinarily I would have persisted but I've learnt a new trick.
I started flirting with other girls. During breaks I refused to attend our private lessons rather I'll just sit with another girl in her own seat and start gisting .
I've already activated the bad guy in me by week 4 so my popularity came back. The juniors liked me, so I decided to register my name fro. Ss3 to jss3(these jss3 girls were the baddest they perform miracles).
I had an encounter with a corper from Ekiti state then. Her name is Abimbola. She was way bigger than me, but i decided to make my move. She was teaching literature in English. Not even my class. I innocently went to her class while she was giving test. Wrote her test but the content was not a test but a love letter.
I crafted the letter in such a way that she would fall for my words and I didn't remain anonymous.
After she marked the script, she brought it readbthe letter and my name, but the student told her I wasn't in the class. She came to my class called me out, said her usual condemnation speech and read the letter loud. But instead of the students clapped and cheered at me.
She was angry, reported to the principal, and the principal rushed to my class. He called me to his office knelt me down. Phew, I am in deep mess I thought. What would I tell my dad if I'm expelled? Waec registration is already over, I go wait for another one year?
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 5:59am On Mar 07, 2018
Luckily for me the principal wanted to drive out. So I was saved. The next day was Friday, he didn't bother calling me. But some aproko corpers wanted to see me flogged and punished for professing love to a corper, what an insult.
On Monday the principal came early, during morning devotion he called me out.
"Harry Chindah" present sir, I echoed from the mammoth of students in the devotion hall. "Step out" I boldly did. My uniform was well pressed, i made sure the edges on my trousers were sharpper tjan razor blade. I was dressed to kill. For my mind, "after all na only cane. Bad as e bad na mouth go still settle am"
"Face the students, and read the content of this letter" the principal said.
I took it, my hands shaking as I looked at the eyes. The I'd!ot in me kicked in, I read entirely what was not in the letter. I still remember fragments of what I read. "Dear Harry, the Rivers state scholarship board has awarded you a scholarship to study medicine in the UK...." Eh eh eh eh eh, the principal retorted. Read what is in the letter before I increase your punishment.
I hesitated at first, then the devil behind me told me "guy u dey crase, u no go read that thing? U no be wondah again" the good one insisted " please Harry don't, what would people say, your dad would roast you alive, plead for forgiveness, "
Taah, I no gree. I didn't do anything wrong, I said to myself. I read the letter with full confidence. Then I heard mumoring and giggles among the students and teachers.
As a concluded the krase students started clapping (those were my real gees ) I became confident. The principal and the teachers looking foolish among the students decided to take charge. The asked all the students to kneel down. Hmmm see gone o. You wan flog abi?
Most obeyed, others didn't. When thebsqw cane, the decided to obey.
I was angry, I raised my hands up and decided to play the hero. The principal gave me audience.
"Sir is there anything wrong in telling a beautiful corper like Bimbo how beautiful she is?" " yes, everything is wrong" one angry aproko corper shouted. "Aproko" na so one of my kraze man backup shout. The principal who was obviously not willing to punish any one or he didn't just see anything wrong calmed everyone down and asked me to continue.
Then I asked, "if there is something wrong with a student telling a corper she is beautiful, is it OK for a corper or teacher to date a student?"
There was silence among the teachers and the corpses. "Things like that don't exist, sir its high time you punished this boy to set an example for others" the aproko corper answered. "See me o, wetin concern me concern this guy na, you dey form gra gra abi, you don forget say I be the wondah man." I said to myself. "I go treat your FCK up today"
Then the principal sensing the corpers were ready to roast me alive tried his best to calm the situation, it was almost 9 as I looked at my watch.
"Young man, such things are not allowed jn school environment, if you notice anything report to me"
"What if I have an evidence now"
"Where is it?"
"In my phone, a corper and a student," I continued.
"Bring it to my office then" the principal told me. "Everybody, stand up and go to your classes, while what this young man did is ethically wrong in a school environment, I have nothing against him, but let be the only time I would hear of this. Bla bla bla. Harry, get me the evidence.." For my mind, yeaaaaaah wondah 1:0 for corper. As a stepped down, the students who were moving to their classes at this point started yelling "wondah wondah wondah". Different talks ensured among them, wetin dey my mind na to jones that corper first, carry sheet rob for him body, na so I start to set trap for am, to catch am with student no go hard...
Re: Why I Decided To Be A Playboy by MrWondah(m): 6:10am On Mar 07, 2018
As I got to the class, Chizorba called me, she adviced me to stop messing with the corpers as many of them are proly cultists, wetin concern me concern cultism? My own na one man rebellion squad. But I something changed. She was getting close to me, her hand was over the arm of the school desk now partially resting on my shoulder. Omor, e don dey be o. I leaned over and rested my back on her hand, she didn't move then I leaned a bit closer and touched her bweast. "Bad boy, what do you think you are doing" she said without any sense of seriousness.
"Sorry" I said as I tried moving away, but she stylishly dragged my uniform indicating I shouldn't move. "So when are you resuming your lesson?" "Not today, my blood dey hot" I answerd. But something else was on my mind. I have to other missions to accomplish. Exposing the corper, and impressing Bimbola.

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