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The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh / Book Summary - The Psychology Of Selling By Brian Tracy / Chronicles Of Temy (my Life On Campus) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by skubido(m): 8:51pm On Jan 12
OP happy new year oooo

How far na
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 8:06am On Feb 10
Happy new year everyone.
I think i might continue writing the story.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 8:14am On Feb 10
Hmmmm lemme finish this story once and for all. shocked

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:20am On Feb 10

Tracy was walking along the Senate building, thinking of all she has been through, how her carelessness caused her parents and friends to be hurt, she got to the love garden, sat there and thought of a plan to end her fight with Nikki......*reminisce about her life*

Tracy: God why me? I wanted to live a normal life as a student, graduate as a lawyer, and work in one of the top firms in the world but how can i even graduate when that bitch wouldn't allow me attend classes, my parents must hate me now, a child they put all their hopes on landed them in the hospital, Nikki will pay for hurting my parents and friends, even when i was harsh to them (Ella,Amaka,Betty), they still made me their friends. While she was thinking of a solution to help her against Nikki, Vera came through mind, she remembered Vera's offer to join her gang and thought about it as her only chance to help avenge her friends and parents, Having heard negative things about cultism, she thought if she joined them it would affect her studies and endanger her life while she was still in deep thoughts thinking of whether or not to join Vera's gang, she was brought back to reality with a hot slap.

When she looked up, she was three girls whose faces were familiar, she quickly recognize them as Nikki's girls even still she was very angry but kept her anger under control, she knew if she tried to fight them it might not end up Well so she didn't say anything neither did she make any move. The girls finally spoke up*******

Girl 1: So you had the guts to show your face in campus after what you did to my friend? *laughs* How're your parents, I hope they aren't dead yet?.......The three girls laugh.

Tracy couldn't hold herself anymore, she stood up and hit the girl mocking her parents on the face, she didn't stop, she kept hitting her while the other two attacked her from the back, but she pushed them off and kept hitting the first girl on her face, the other two pushed attacked again and one of them hit her with bottle, making her fall on the ground while she was bleeding on the head but by then the first girl's face was swollen and was bleeding in her nose, furious of how Tracy wanted her on the face, she brought out a gun and pointed it to Tracy's head, Then her phone rang (girl 1), she checked the caller and saw it was her leader, Nikki-the-terror that was calling.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:17am On Feb 10

Vera while riding her car to school, thought of Everything Baba told her, she felt bothered by baba words of being replaced as the leader of the Mafias but she quickly got that off her mind and tried to focus on that which is important.......... The Initiation.

The girl who Tracy has beaten to stomp got angry and pointed a gun at Tracy, just then her phone rang, she checked the caller and saw it was their leader, Nikki.
She picked up the call and the following conversation took place.......

Girl 1: Hello Capon
Nikki: Where are you?
Girl 1: Uhm well... Uh I and the girls are in the love garden and we met that Tracy girl, she caused a Lil problem for us so we plan on taking care of her which is why...... (before she could finish her statement, Nikki shouted at her).
Nikki: Unto Which level be this one? Did i order you to take care of her?
Girl 1: No......well because of that incident we decided to avenge our sister.
Nikki: *sigh* I want to three of you in my house now!!! If you do anything rational that affects the gang negatively, I won't think twice before sending you to your creator.
Girl 1: ye yes Boss... We are on our way.... She stammers with fear she ends the call.

The other girls asked her what happened, she explained to them and fear griped the girls, even though Nikki was their leader, she was greatly feared because she doesn't consider the girls are friends, most of her gang has witnessed her killed two of members who spoke up to her.

Girl 1 to Tracy.
Girl 1: seems like today isn't the day you leave this world, next time we meet, i won't spare you......girls let's go.
They left while Tracy sat on the floor bleeding, she felt a great anger in her heart to avoid and humiliation Nikki and her girls did to her. She stood up and made her way to Moremi Hostel, on her way going she met Tiger on that Sharwama joint close to Moremi, she approached her that was when she noticed different pairs of eyes starring at her, she ignored them and went to the place where Tiger sat.

Tracy:Hi Tiger
Tiger: seems like you are always getting yourself in trouble, what happened to you? (Tracy ignored her question).
Tracy: I would like to meet Vera, i want to join you girls.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by HoluwaLoniGlory(m): 2:03pm On Feb 10
wow I just start reading this story today thank for your time to finish the story
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 2:04pm On Feb 10
wow I just start reading this story today thank for your time to finish the story

No Thank you for reading my story, although i made a lot of mistakes in the start, but i have improved now.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Olabantu(m): 3:37pm On Feb 10
Thanks for coming back
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 3:42pm On Feb 10

Vera was speechless for five secs, she kept starring at Tracy with her mouth opened while she tried to gasp herself for Air. She couldn't believe her eyes, it felt like a miracle that Tracy has finally decided to join them, she couldn't contend her happiness as she was smiling, some people noticed her facial expression and were surprised, Tiger being the right hand of Vera hardly talks to people or smile, which is why a lot of guys get scared to approach her.

Tiger: Why the sudden change of mind? Also what happened to you (she tries to touch her bleeding head but Tracy slap her hand away).
Tracy: Are you going to take me to Vera or not? This wound is nothing compared to what my parents went through, I don't have time to chitchat, if you are not going to take me to see her, I might as well go somewhere else for help.
Tiger: That's not a polite way to request for a boon, you should know your place, we're not desperate to have you, so know your place. let's go.

Vera lives outside campus with her girls in a mansion, but she has her private apartment. Tiger took Tracy in her car and rode off.

When Nikki's girls whom was involved in a fight with Tracy got to Nikki's apartment, they saw all the girls were present there with their leader (Nikki).
Nikki live Outside the hostel, being the daughter of a politician, she was greatly spoiled with wealth by her dad. She lived in a big mansion on her with a friend of hers named(sisi), she was Nikki's right hand man, and assistance and she also advised her, Nikki had a room in the mansion where her gang discuss issues.

The three girls whom Tracy fought arrived and went to the dark room(The name of their occultic room).
It was a big room with dim light, the smell of weed filled the atmosphere of the room, and Twelve chairs were arranged with a big table in the center.

All the girls were present in the room with Nikki, fear griped the three girls when they saw Nikki, she was smoking along with sisi, others sat calmly.

Nikki - The You bitches kept me waiting, *laughs* You kept Nikki waiting, una don chop lever oh.
Girl 1: *stammers as she tries to explain* W we..... We got stuck in traffic, we're very sorry.
Nikki - Now Now you girls were suppose to get me the info i requested for, Where is it? I told you girls to get me info about the mafias but you went to do what you wish right?

Girl 2 - We're very sorry, she was the one who came looking for us,

Nikki - Quiet!!!! Who tf do you think you are to decide her faith? *she points a gun at them* I feel like killing you three where you stand, *laughs*

The three girls goes down on their knees, begging for forgiveness, the other girls beg on their behalf.

Nikki: Well i will forgive you this once but next time you act without my Order, there won't be second chance, I want to be the one to kill that Tracy girl but i plan to make it slow and painful.
Anyway you are forgiven, sit down let's begin the course of our meeting.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by aprilwise(m): 3:57pm On Feb 10
Finally Tracyberry is back . Where have you been? The battle has just began .
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by odaniel1(m): 3:58pm On Feb 10
Nicely written. Its so cool how you try to 'mirror' moral/societal ills among younger women-folk the way you have with your story. Good read!
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 4:54pm On Feb 10
Finally Tracyberry is back . Where have you been? The battle has just began .

Lol been busy with studies, I'm glad you welcomed me.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:36pm On Feb 10
Nicely written. Its so cool how you try to 'mirror' moral/societal ills among younger women-folk the way you have with your story. Good read!

Thanks bruh
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 8:02am On Feb 11

Vera sat on the Couch in the palour, thinking of how to Convince since they had less than a week to do the initiation, the thought of being defeated by Nikki made her restless but she knew only one cult has to rule the campus. While she was thinking, biting her fingers....she felt a soft touch on her back, she turned to see Tiger and Tracy.

Vera - What happened to her, why is she bleeding? Who did this to her?
Tracy - that's not important *she softly talks, she has become weak due to heavy bleeding, she walks towards Vera mumbling some words which the girls couldn't hear, suddenly she fell down and fainted**.

Vera and Tiger ran to her.

Vera - What happened to her?
Tiger - she didn't tell me, all she kept saying is she wants to see you.
Vera - I wonder why.
Tiger - Before we came here she said something about wanting to join us.

Vera couldn't contend her excitement, she opened her eyes wide, then she remembers baba words, which he said that Tracy would come to them. The both of them carried her into the Car and were heading to the hospital, Vera was the only one home, the rest of the girls were out.

Vera - You can explain later, let's take her to the hospital.

Tiger drove them to the Hospital, while Vera was in the back with Tracy. She kept starring at Tracy whom would save them from Nikki, she smiled a little feeling a huge relief in her heart. While she was still smiling at Tracy, her tummy groan so loud that Tiger heard it.

Tiger - *Laughs* Haven't you eaten?
Vera - I couldn't eat, I kept thinking of Tracy and Nikki, I never knew she would ever agree to join us. Well it's about time I call our sisters across the country and abroad.
Tiger - firstly, you need to eat to regain your strength, I wouldn't wanna hear your stomach sing for me **They both laugh*.

Nikki's House

Nikki and her girls were all sitted according to their rant and they began their meeting.

Nikki : Let the meeting begin. You all know the reason for the meeting, but I will explain to make it clear, i adjourned the meeting last time because we didn't have much info about Vera and those brats that follow her around.

She calls the three girls who fought with Tracy to provide and explain the info, they have gotten about Vera and her girls. The girls explained base on the info they have gathered.

Sisi - Capon aren't we going to contact The Vipers for backup and assistant?
Nikki - No!!!! I wouldn't want fools to make gest of us that we wouldn't have been able to defeat Vera with them, we can do it on our own. **She brings out a small box filled with Red Bracelets*

She tells them to pick one each, she explained the bracelets would serve as a protection for them when they go into the battle.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Uzzyvic(m): 8:22am On Feb 11
welcome tracyberry
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by skubido(m): 8:53am On Feb 11
Wow, tank God u are back.

Pele sist, how life. Miss you
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:01am On Feb 11
welcome tracyberry

Thanks bruh
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:01am On Feb 11
Wow, tank God u are back.

Pele sist, how life. Miss you

You are a darling.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 2:23am On Feb 12

**In the Hospital ****

Vera couldn't sit calmly, she kept walking back and forth, glancing on wristwatch like she is waiting for someone. Tiger just sat checking her phone like she's expecting a message or call, when the doctor came out, they quickly rushed to him.

Vera : Doctor Pete's how is she?
Doctor pete - Don't worry she's out of danger, what happened this time, is she in your gang?

Doctor Pete's though the owner of a big hospital, he also work for Vera during the time of emergency, unless it involves wounds gotten from spiritual fights which is taken to Baba in ogun state.

Vera - i will explain later, right now I have a lot to do, please take care of her, put some security men in her room, I will be back.

She left with Tiger in a hurry.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Chikebranny123(m): 3:48am On Feb 12
I wanna say I love you buh I don't wanna chase you away
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by toyhin123(f): 9:08am On Feb 12
Yu are welcome back tracyberry and thanks for these wonderful update
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 10:41am On Feb 12
I wanna say I love you buh I don't wanna chase you away

Lol Thanks for coming back
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 10:43am On Feb 12
Yu are welcome back tracyberry and thanks for these wonderful update

Thanks dearest, I would try updating quick.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by skubido(m): 7:04pm On Feb 12
OP tanks for the update
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by rukidanty: 2:46pm On Feb 13
welcome back and thanks for the lovely update and may God give you the wisdom and strength to complete this lovely piece of work you got here..sorry ones more for critisizing you last year..i deeply apologise
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Ann2012(f): 4:19pm On Feb 13
Welcome back and thanks for lengthy updates
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by skubido(m): 2:23pm On Feb 16
OP whr are u ooo

Plz comma continue ooo
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by stivie(m): 9:52pm On Feb 16
thanks for the update.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:25am On Feb 17

They hurriedly entered the car while Vera drove off.

Tiger - Vera where are we heading to? You just rushed out without saying a word, what's up?
Vera - we have got work to do, I will explain later, for now let's go grab something to eat, cause I'm famished.
Tiger - (laughs) alright.

Vera drove them to school to the food joint in the back of Jaja hostel, close to the GT bank, when they got out of the car, Vera saw Micheal and some of friends coming out of one of the food joint and waved at them, but Micheal ignored her, and went into his car but his friends went over to greet Vera.

Bob - Yo Vera......looking good.
Kelvin - Hi Vera
Vera - Hi boys, what's up?
David - We came here to have lunch.
Tiger - well that's obvious.
Kelvin - (laughs) Tiger can you smile for once? Your face will scare all the guys that come your way.
Tiger - How about you shut that mouth of yours or it will be my dog's lunch. (They are laughs, while Kelvin keeps an angry face).
Kelvin - we will be heading home, seems Micheal can't wait for us anymore. (he shows them his phone of five missed calls from Micheal).

The guys left off while Vera and Tiger went inside. While there were eating, One of Vera course came along.

Faith - Hi Vera, how are you?
Vera - I'm doing great, Thanks
Faith - You seem relaxed, Wow you are the brain of the class so I'm surprised, you must have read for the test.
Vera - What test?
Faith - Huh? You don't know of the test? Weren't you in class today?
Vera - ( In anger, she raised her voice) I asked what test, don't ask stupid questions, just answer me.
Faith - I'm sorry, It was yesterday and today that we will be having test 7:00 am in the morning.
Vera - what!!!!!!!

Due to the bustle and trouble in the campus lately, Vera haven't been in class, she has missed most of the assignment given to them, but then again it wasn't much of a problem cause the rich and influential are able to bribe their way through. Vera being a 300level mass com student always focused on her studies, even though she was head of the Supreme mafias, she always was known as the most brilliant girl in class but she was also feared for being the leader of the Supreme mafias.

Vera - Alright Thanks for informing me, you can go.
Faith - alright
Vera - mehn..... I have a lot in my hands already, I'm not sure if I will write the test but then again I hate bribing those lecturers for mark. Anyway.. That aside we need to communicate with the sisters across the country. The time for the initiation has drawn close, We don't have much time.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:28am On Feb 17
Battery low, I will drop another update later in the day.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by skubido(m): 1:43pm On Feb 17
Tanks for the update

Happy Sunday to you all
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by rukidanty: 10:24pm On Feb 17
thanks for the update

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