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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by hotswagg12: 9:43am On Sep 10
Thank you sir
Have you updated this story on your blog, cos I read up to ep87.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:49pm On Sep 10
Thanks for the update prince

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 3:31pm On Sep 10
Thank you so much Oyin

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:31pm On Sep 10
Have you updated this story on your blog, cos I read up to ep87.
Just done
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:33pm On Sep 10
Restless - Episode 60

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

March 28, 2016

"Dave, can you hear me?" Henry said into the mouthpiece attached on his shirt as he sped past the vehicles on the road.

He could see the black vehicle that had come out last through the gate on the road, a very far distance away from him. The roads were free as expected that midnight.

He took his right hand off from the handle briefly to touch a button on the mouthpiece attached to his chest. He switched his communicator connection to Cole's team.

"Hey Cole! Can you hear me?" he said into the mouthpiece.

"Yeah boss," Cole answered in a somewhat distressed tone.

Henry could tell he was busy and probably just had a little break from a hand fist.

"I think I've seen our targets..." Henry paused again as he heard a different sound from the earpiece. He didn't think Cole heard him, a loud groan followed. He was sure from the sound that it wasn't Cole that groaned. "If you can hear me Cole, I'm out of the facility. Connect and talk to me as soon as you are free enough."

He cut his message short and waited few seconds before he turned off the connection. He had also dropped the same message for Dave and he hoped they had heard him and would be free enough to reply before he got too busy to listen to them. He moved to the center of the road as he increased his speed gradually until it got to the highest.

Soon, he could sight the cars again at a very far distance from him. They were also on top speed and they seemed to have noticed his increased speed.

He continued in the chase and the distance between them began to reduce gradually. The distance was about five hundred metres between them at the point he spotted them making a U-turn into another road which led out of Enox.

Henry reduced his speed by some few metre per seconds to give him a break to recall the routes he had studied on the maps. He identified the route they had taken to be one that led into another town He moved back to the center of the road and continued his pursuit at the highest speed.


The last man standing charged towards Dave again. He was already looking battered and weak but still refused to give up, he was committed to ensuring Dave did not go past that place.

Dave took quick steps back away from the attack of the man. He stretched his foot forward to send back the kick of the man. The man followed with a blow directed to Cole's face but it was dodged as Cole bent his head and delivered a punch into the man's belly. He straightened up and followed with two more punches to the man's chest and an additional one to the man's face. The man staggered back and landed on his butt. He tried to get up immediately but Dave sent him rolling on the floor with a kick on his chest. His right hand bone shifted as he landed heavily on it and his face hit the ground. He tried to turn his face up quickly but he met with a hot blow which made him lose his senses completely. He laid back flat completely and two extra punches landed on his face and his chest.

"Who's got the key to the entrance?" Dave asked, holding his neck.

The man opened his eyes and stared weakly and frightfully at Dave. Dave repeated his question.

"Who has the key to the entrance?"

The man made an effort to communicate something but seemed too weak to do so. Dave pulled him by the neck and made him sit up.

"Who has the key?" he asked again, pointing towards the gate which was far away.

The man managed to look round slowly, his eyes searching for the person to point to. He saw that all the other six men were also down. He stared into Dave's eyes helplessly, without knowing how to describe how to get the key.

He suddenly got an idea as Dave made the grip on his neck tighter.

"The man...with the whistle," he managed to squeeze out from his lips.

Dave let out a breath and pushed the man's head to the ground. He got up slowly, trying to find where the man with the whistle dead body laid. He was the first man Dave shot that night. He had done it with the knife he found on the man's body while fighting with him, that was after Jenny shot down another man who had come to join him. The same knife had stabbed two others who engaged Dave in a fight before the handle got broken.

He located the body of the man with the whistle and took a step in the direction but suddenly turned again like he changed his mind, he picked up an empty gun barrel on the floor and struck the head of the man in front of him.

He dropped the gun after being sure that the man had fallen unconscious. He looked around and suddenly realized that he wasn't seeing Jenny around.

His eyes widened as he feared that she could have been badly hurt or even dead.

"Jennifer," he called out loud as he looked around. He didn't hear any response, neither did he notice any sound. "Jenny," he called again.

"Dave," she crawled from behind the bushes.

Dave heaved a sigh of relief. "You scared me," he shouted at her as he proceeded towards the direction the man who blew the whistle had fallen, it was also towards her direction. "What are you doing there? It could be dangerous you know, we only had to hide there because we had no choice."

"These bushes are fumigated regularly to keep off all kinds of rodents and snakes," Samantha said as she rose up dusting her body.

There was silence for more than a minute.

"I thought something had happened to you," Dave said as he stopped by the dead body to search it.

"No, I was only taking sometime to rest there. I was watching you," she replied. She had fought physically with only one man and had taken her few minutes to get him down.

"Found the keys," Dave announced as he rose up, holding the key in his hand.

"Are we going in?" Jenny asked as she walked out of the bushes. They met each other at a spot in front.

Dave checked the communication device and found out it had already been crushed during the process of the fight.

"Mine still works," Jenny said, switching on the device.

"Connect to Henry, let's hear from him." Dave said to her.

She switched the button on the device to connect to Henry.

"Hey boss, you there?" She said into the mouthpiece. She stared at Dave after some seconds, "I guess he's busy."

"We've got to proceed," Dave said as he tightened his grip on the keys and stared at the entrance gate from their dance. "Try connecting to Cole."
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:35pm On Sep 10
Episode 60

"Still there boss?" Cole asked after taking two extra men down at the back of a room. He had heard the boss say something like he had located their targets, but he wasn't still wasn't sure and he needed to confirm. "Hello boss..." he was saying again when he spotted another man coming out through the back window of the next room.

He ignored the connection and raised the sword in his hand as the man turned and moved towards him. The man took the first strike towards his forehead and he met it with his sword. Another was directed to his belly and he stopped it again with the sword. The striking and blocking without any contact continued for a while until Cole had the opportunity to launch his a strike. The sword scraped part of the man's arm and the clothes of his shoulder.

The man groaned as he took some steps back. Cole followed immediately and struck in direction of the man's neck. It was stopped with the man's sword. As fast as he could, he struck towards the man's belly again and it was blocked, then he swiftly drove it into the left side of the man's breast region. The man let out a scream.

The man groaned out loud as Cole pulled out the sword. With all his strength, he directed his sword to to top of Cole's head and missed as Cole swerved. He struck again to Cole's neck and had his blade blocked again.

Another man jumped out from the back window of the room before holding his own sword. He charged towards Cole to join his colleague in the fight.

Cole turned his sword backward to stop the strike and bent to dodge another swing from the front. He pushed his sword towards the belly of the first man but the man escaped by blocking with his sword and also pulling back. The man behind brought down his sword to Cole's head but Cole moved aside and swung his to the man's waist but was blocked.

A minute after, Cole continued to struggle in between the strikes and blocks from the two men until the first man suddenly went weak. Cole looked and saw the sharp pointed edge of a sword which had entered through the back of the man falling weak, then he saw Samantha hiding in the darkness behind as she pulled out the sword. She must have joined them at the back by jumping out from one of the back windows of another room. Cole bent to dodge another swing from the second man and he turned to face the man squarely since the other one was dead already.

Samantha jumped and turned immediately after pulling out the sword from the man's back, she swung her sword backward to block the strike from another opponent who had joined them from behind. Her sword dropped away from the impact of the strike. The man in front of her made a victorious smile on seeing that she was now without arm. He struck at her again but she swerved to the right and leaned her back against the wooden wall of the camp rooms. The man drove his sword straight towards her but she moved before it could get to her body and he drove it into the wood. Samantha delivered a kick quickly to his waist.

She spotted another man jump out from the back window of the next room beside as she followed up with another kick to the man's chest. The man fell on his back to the floor with sword he pulled out dropping beside him. She followed after him to pick his sword but had to stop and bend to dodge the swing of the man who had just joined. She made a round slide movement with her right leg, her two hands supporting her on the floor as she took the new man from his feet down heavily. The previous man had picked his sword and tried to drive his sword into her body but she rolled away. He attempted to follow up but a sword was driven into him by the side of the belly.

The man whose feet Samantha had taken off the ground tried to get up but Cole drove the sword into his chest before he could.

"Are you okay?" Cole asked Samantha after pulling out the sword from the man's body.

"Yeah, thanks." Samantha got up, dusting the dirts off her palms.

Cole looked around quickly to confirm they were alone before he continued speaking.

"You have an idea where the rest of these men are?" he asked her.

"They're probably hiding around, setting traps to get us or hiding in the bushes, waiting for us to leave. But they are few, maybe one or two, Samantha said proudly as she bent to take the sword of one of the men. She had taken down not less than a dozen of the men personally and Cole had also done about the same number. She raised her head quickly. "Jenny is trying to connect," she said as she looked at Cole's face. She switched a button from the device attached to her shirt.

"Talk to me baby, I'm here." Samantha said into the mouthpiece. She looked at Cole's face as something was said to her from the other end.

Cole knew they must have tried to reach him when he was still fighting with the man he killed before coming to kill the two fighting with Samantha. He had heard Jenny's voice but couldn't turn on his device then because his hands were busy.

"Cole, have you received any instruction from the boss?" Samantha asked aloud, looking at his face again.

"Yes, I got attacked when he was trying to tell me something. I think he says he left in pursuit of the target already." Cole replied her.

He turned backward, letting Samantha communicate his message as he switched the button on the communication device again to reach Henry.


Another bullet was fired again and Henry turned his hand to change the direction of the motorcycle. He was now less than ten metres close to his targets but had to reduce his speed when the men in the car began to shoot at him. It was at that moment they began to shoot that he heard Cole trying to connect to him and Jenny after. He couldn't turn on his mouthpiece to speak back to them as he was on high speed and was still swerving to dodge bullets, he couldn't take any of his hands off.

He reduced his speed drastically and the space in between them increased again. He used his right hand to switch the communication to Cole.

"Hey Cole," he said, hoping Cole would respond quickly this time.

"Yes boss, I was just about to reach you." Cole replied from the other end.

"Abort all operations and move out from the vicinity, I'm following after our targets and I may need you to join me." Henry instructed.

"Right away boss," Cole replied.

"Communicate this to your partner immediately," he ordered and switched the connection to Jenny. "Are you with me Jennifer?"

"Yes boss, I tried to reach you already."

"Tell Dave you two should leave the place immediately," Henry said immediately. "I'm going after our targets alone already," he added before he turned off the connection.

The vehicles had gone farther ahead of Henry again, about twenty five metres apart now. Henry reduced his speed again and bent over to pick something attached under the fuel tank of his motorcycle. He removed a purse containing a revolver and extra rounds of bullet. He cocked the gun and drastically increased his speed to catch up with the men.

He knew it was dangerous following those men alone. He couldn't tell if they were leading him to a place where they had more of their men that would attack him. He had to stop them as soon as he could before they got to wherever they were leading him to.


"How the bleep was he able to finish those men and come after us?" Antonio lamented in the car again. He and Vincent were sitting at the backseat of the car in front with a lanky man driving them. Stan and four other men were sitting in the car behind them.

Vincent was sitting more calmly beside him, he had earphones plugged in his ears and his android device in his hand. He was dialing Kahn's number.

"Boss, the bleeping dude is after us." Vincent said into the mouthpiece. Vincent flashed a look at him and realized he was making a phone call.

"Don't stop, keep moving." Vincent heard Kahn's reply. "We've got backup coming in your direction, try to hold him away for more time."

"He's already so close and we have only few ammunitions to keep him away, we may have to face him if he persists." Vincent replied. He felt bad that the boss had instructed them to keep moving. He would have loved to stop and engage whoever the bike man was.

"That's what he wants, try as much as you can not to." Kahn said in a warning tone.

Vincent squeezed his face, he just couldn't understand why Kahn continued to insist that they should avoid meeting the man and he was beginning to get more inquisitive and frustrated about it.

"I'm really not sure we can keep him away for long," Vincent insisted, turning his neck back to check the rider again. He noticed the rider had increased his speed once more.

"Try as much as you can to, let the backups coming your way handle him." Kahn repeated again.

"I heard you boss," Vincent said before ending the call, not having it in mind to follow the instruction anymore. Kahn had said the backups would get to them in less than twenty minutes but Vincent wasn't sure they could avoid the rider for that long. He turned to Antonio who had been staring backwards and had just turned back to face the road. "We got to pull out our guns now, we may have to face whoever it is."

Vincent took the lead by taking out his revolver first, he opened the briefcase at the center of the backseat and took out a pack of cartridges.

He believed there was something Kahn knew about the rider which he wasn't saying out, or Kahn was probably trying to prevent them from killing the rider but whichever case it was, he was ready to battle the rider who probably thought he was invincible.


"I was right," Cole said as he turned towards Samantha. "The boss has left already and he's on our targets trail, we would have to track and join him."

"So," Samantha raised a brow and raised her shoulders. "So, all we did here weren't necessary?" She asked, referring to the fights that happened between them and the men.

"What do you mean?" Cole raised his brows.

"Henry's got the trail of our targets even without any impact from what we did here," she explained.

"No, we didn't waste our time here. We actually made it quicker for Henry," Cole replied. "It we weren't here and if Dave and Jenny weren't at the other entrance, the men would have chosen any of the two entrances to escape and would have done it easily without Henry's noticing. I believe they thought going through the front was the safest."

They proceeded on their way out from the back of the camp to the path in the bush.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by hotswagg12: 9:51pm On Sep 10
Just done
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:11pm On Sep 11
Enjoying this story like eating bread and beans.
Well done prince.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 2:44pm On Sep 11
Enjoying this story like eating bread and beans.

Well done prince.
As in ehn, the story is making alot of sense
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 5:09pm On Sep 11
As in ehn, the story is making alot of sense
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 5:24pm On Sep 11
Enjoying this story like eating bread and beans.

Well done prince.
See combo.........is that what u will be feeding izaray if i decided to leave her?

Ta my babe no dey eat such combo.

I just still dey look this Oyinprince dey reason wetin i go do for him. You are so damn good bro
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 8:27pm On Sep 11

See combo.........is that what u will be feeding izaray if i decided to leave her?

Ta my babe no dey eat such combo.

I just still dey look this Oyinprince dey reason wetin i go do for him. You are so damn good bro
Lol. Hahahaaaaa.. Officially you've lost it Eme. It's one of my favourite meals though with plantain. Can't feed izaray with that nah. It all depends on what kind of food she want and desire alright.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 9:04pm On Sep 11

Lol. Hahahaaaaa.. Officially you've lost it Eme. It's one of my favourite meals though with plantain. Can't feed izaray with that nah. It all depends on what kind of food she want and desire alright.
she like chinese in the afteroon, cereals in the morning, and african dishes later in the evening. dont forget her chicken must be cripsy too
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:19pm On Sep 11

she like chinese in the afteroon, cereals in the morning, and african dishes later in the evening. dont forget her chicken must be cripsy too
Lol. Chaiiii, Seems you have everything figured out. She's a Nigerian nah. Which one is cereals in the morning and Chinese food in the afternoon. She dey enjoy sha and that's not beyond my capacity you know.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 9:50am On Sep 12

she like chinese in the afteroon, cereals in the morning, and african dishes later in the evening. dont forget her chicken must be cripsy too
Aww..This is so sweet, can't trade you for anything you kno kiss kiss
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 9:54am On Sep 12

Lol. Chaiiii, Seems you have everything figured out. She's a Nigerian nah. Which one is cereals in the morning and Chinese food in the afternoon. She dey enjoy sha and that's not beyond my capacity you know.
Shola2019 coman carry your sweetheart out of here biko smiley

Oyinprince don't mind Treasure17 and Emex100 jare cool any update for us
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 10:12am On Sep 12
Aww..This is so sweet, can't trade you for anything you kno kiss kiss
Yea i know that already. Thats why i can leave you for that bread and beans guy.
Good morning!

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:21am On Sep 12
Shola2019 coman carry your sweetheart out of here biko smiley

Oyinprince don't mind Treasure17 and Emex100 jare cool any update for the us
Hahaha. Lol. My belle oooo. See my life, so you are technically rejecting me . There's God o izaray. Good morning.


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:24am On Sep 12
Aww..This is so sweet, can't trade you for anything you kno kiss kiss
Haaaaaaaaa... Aye miiii

Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:26am On Sep 12

Yea i know that already. Thats why i can leave you for that bread and beans guy.
Good morning!
There's no way you are making heaven I swear grin... Me bread and beans guy. Keep dreaming Eme cause izaray is taking.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 10:39am On Sep 12

There's no way you are making heaven I swear grin... Me bread and beans guy. Keep dreaming Eme cause izaray is taking.

C'mon mate......you said it yourself that its your best food nah.

And that not making heaven has been taken care.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:16pm On Sep 12

C'mon mate......you said it yourself that its your best food nah.

And that not making heaven has been taken care.
Lol. Just kidding with your last statement. It was a banter after all.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by SkimpleD: 12:04pm On Sep 13
Oyin my guy. Much respects man. I don dey vex already say you no mention me from the beginning undecided

But reading via mehn, I forgive you again and again. You never disappoint.

I pray one of these days, a foreign movie production contacts you. This is just mind blowing.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:38pm On Sep 13
RESTLESS - Episode 61

Restless - Episode 61

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"One, two.. Go."

Stan and his assistant prod half way out through the car window at the end of the count done by Stan, with their guns in their hands aiming at the rider on the motorcycle trailing after them.

The rider began to swerve from side to side to dodge the bullets from them. He reduced his speed gradually and they saw him also pull out a gun. They continued firing against him but he was so swift with the handling of the motorcycle and all the bullets continued to hit the ground instead and he also tried to maintain the position straight to the center of their vehicle as he changed direction everytime their vehicle changed direction.


Henry cocked the gun in his hand and increased the speed of the motorcycle again, swinging from one side to another as the vehicle moved. He raised his gun and aimed straight at the back window of the vehicle. He took him about forty seconds and two more changes in position before he fired four quick successive shots, the first penetrated in through the window and the second sent it shattering totally. He slowed down after dodging another shot, the space in between them increased to about ten metres. One of the men shooting at him from the side of the vehicle seemed to pull back into the vehicle to reload his gun, the second one followed him seconds after. Henry took advantage of their break and quickly aimed at one of the tires. He followed side to side for three seconds and fired just as one of the first man poke his body out to continue shooting. The bullet burst the left back tire and shook the car. The driver of the vehicle pulled the brakes.

Henry's motorcycle screeched to a quick halt as swerved to the right side on seeing the car stop. Henry took out more rounds of ammunitions from his pack as he stared, watching what they were trying to do. He loaded the pockets of his jacket with extra rounds as much as they could take.

He loaded his gun with a fresh round of bullets as he noticed the doors of the car opening. He knew the men were stopping right there to open fire at him. He took out a greenade ball as he turned his bike back forward and accelerated with a high speed towards them.

He began to fire heavily at the car, targeting the points through which the man planned to step out from one after the other. His bullet got into the body of the driver who tried to step out and also entered into the body of the man stepping out from the backseat at the left hand side. Henry fired towards the right hand side also but missed Stan who stepped out there but hid himself behind the vehicle's body.

Henry took the lid off the ball and threw it to the car as he sped past them. He bent his head forward and rode on in a zig zag movement to make it difficult for anyone to easily aim at him.

A loud sound rocked the atmosphere and the vehicle behind went up in flames. Henry took a glance back and then continued in chase of the other vehicle which was now about twenty metres ahead of him.

He looked back again to see if he would notice any movement from the exploded car to confirm if anyone survived the explosion. He saw none and reduced his riding speed again, deciding to hear from his team members again.

"Hey Cole!" he said after turning on his mouthpiece.

"Boss, tried connecting twice already. We're tracking you already," Cole replied.

"What's your distance to me now?" Henry asked.

"We're about two kilometres away from you," Cole answered.

"Speed up, find available shortcuts through the maps to get to me. I believe these men are up to something I don't know, you have to get to us before they execute any of their plans."

"Okay boss, we'd speed up as much as we can." Cole replied.

"Get this information across to Dave and Jenny," Henry ordered before closing the connection.

He took both hands off the motorcycle for a moment to reload his gun again. He then increased his speed to catch up with the vehicle.


"Can we stay ahead of him?" Antonio asked to Vincent, looking back and watching the bike rider still pursuing them far behind.

"The dude came ready for the job, he came ready to pursue us." Vincent answered after looking back.

"Yeah, you're right. He's got a bike with enough speed and strength for a pursuit," Antonio agreed. "But this vehicle has only got the strength."

"Yeah," Vincent clenched his fists and teeth. "How come we never thought there would be a day we would need to move faster in a car?"

"We've been producing here for years, it's the first time we've got someone chasing us, this car has great speed which is quite enough for our normal routine. His bike just happens to be faster because he came ready to pursue," Antonio put in.

Vincent stared back again. He could see that the distance in between them and the rider was gradually closing in and they were on a long expressway with the next turn and roundabout not less than ten kilometres away. Fifteen minutes had gone already and there were no signs of the backup Kahn promised. He was sure in less than five minutes, the rider would catch up with them.

"We've got to stop and face him," Vincent said, turning back. His eyes met with Antonio's questioning look. "Yeah, he's probably got some greenade to throw at us like he did to the vehicle behind."

"We've got about four minutes for the backups to meet with us if we continue at this pace, stopping now will increase their time to get to us." Antonio complained.

"How are we certain they would catch up with us at exactly four minutes, that guy in less than two minutes will catch up with us." Vincent said, glancing back again.

"We've got to stop really," Antonio finally agreed.

"Pull over, stop at the center" Vincent ordered the driver and then turned to Antonio. "We'd step out and spread out in opposite directions," he paused and nodded towards the driver as he continued. "He would stay by the car and wait except a greenade is thrown."

"Right," Antonio agreed with him.

The driver applied the brakes and stopped the car right at the center of the road. Vincent and Antonio took out their guns and stepped out at the same time from the different sides. They walked to the different directions, staring towards the coming biker as they walked.


Henry noticed immediately the vehicle stopped and he reduced his speed. He watched as the man stepped out. One of them walked to the median of the expressway and the other sat on a kerb by the shoulder of the road. A man stepped out thereafter from the driver's side and leaned against the bonnet of the vehicle.

Henry applied the brakes at exactly twelve metres to the vehicle. He stood the bike firmly on the ground at the center of the road and climbed off the bike.

He stood beside the vehicle staring forward and also taking his time to study the road. There was a pit at the centre of the road, dividing the opposite direction lanes. Supporting the median dividers of the lanes were beams and columns extending to the bottom of the pit. At his right hand side were thick bushes. He detached the purse from where he hung it on the motorcycle handle, he hung it around his waste.

He held his gun at the mouth and raised his hands up to show he was willing for a dialogue.

"Hey guys, can we have a discussion?" He said in a loud voice as he began to step forward slowly.

He moved three more steps forward without hearing a response. He stopped and raised his hands higher.

"Hello, can we have a discussion?" He asked again, remaining on the same spot.

He didn't get his response immediately until after few seconds.

"Who are you?" Vincent shouted back and rose up from his position. He stepped unto the road and made a signal to the driver for them to switch positions. They passed by each other through the front of the vehicle and Vincent stopped close to the position the driver was previously standing.

"My name is Michael," Henry shouted. "If you would let me, I've got an important proposal for you."

Vincent took a while before he responded. "Michael, who are you and what do you want?"

Henry drew in a breath. ”Can we talk like gentlemen?" Henry said and began to take slow steps towards him.

He stopped abruptly as he saw Vincent and the other man at the median rooster their guns.

"Hey! I really want to talk," Henry said and bent down slowly, still keeping his eyes on the men and watching as the aim of their guns followed him down. He placed his gun on the floor and pushed it away. Then he rose slowly again with both hands in the air. Their guns remained pointed at him. "I need to talk to you."

"What do we have to talk about?" Vincent questioned.

"My mission here and why I had to trouble your operations at the factory," Henry replied.

Vincent began to step forward slowly and paused after taking three more steps away from the boot of the vehicle. He still had his gun raised and pointed at Henry. The distance between them was now about five metres only.

"What's your mission here?" He asked.

"To offer you something better than what the Red Wolves give," Henry stated.

Vincent raised his brows. He didn't feel too surprised that the man who called holding Michael knew what the name of their organization was. "And what could that be?" He asked in a doubting tone.

"I work for a team called the Reconcilation team, we want to stop terrorism and the killing of people unjustly." Henry began. "I want you to surrender everything you know about the Red Wolves to us and join us stop terrorism and unjust killings. If you work with us, we guarantee that you your freedom after success and a better life."

Vincent began to laugh as he listened to Henry, he waited until Henry finished before bursting into hysteric laughter.

Seven minutes had passed already and Vincent knew that if the backup which Elvis Kahn promised were truly on the way, they would get to that location in no time.

"So what makes you think the Red Wolves won't give me a better life than what you're offering? And what makes you think you can capture me?" Vincent asked and laughed again. "I don't care whoever you are or whatever team you are from, the Red Wolves are set to take over not just Bethanna but the world as a whole."

"That's not true," Henry said. "I advice you take my offer now."

Vincent laughed again. "You gotta be kidding me man, whatever you smoke must be so dangerous for you to think you can defeat the Red Wolves army," he said and shook his head. "I would advice that if you ever have the opportunity again, you should advice your reconciliation team to mind their business and watch the Red Wolves take over, they have no option."

"It's your last chance man," Henry replied confidently. "It's your last chance to take my offer for you to work with us to make the world better and also gain your freedom."

"Hahaha!" Vincent laughed. "I'm sorry man, you do have no chance for freedom again."

Henry wanted to reply but at that time he began to hear sounds of vehicles driving closer to them. He raised his brows. He didn't know whether to think it was his team members or if it was the police or backups from the Red Wolves.

Before he could speak, he began to see headlights of vehicles coming from behind the men. He saw a smile on Vincent's face and he knew instantly that more men have arrived from the Red Wolves.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 1:03pm On Sep 13
I just hope those vehicles approaching the scene are not for Red Wolves.

Thanks for the update prince.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 2:43pm On Sep 13
Oyin this suspense is too much oh

More ink to ur pen
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 3:17pm On Sep 13
More power to your elbow oyin. This story is rocking
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:35pm On Sep 15
More power to your elbow oyin. This story is rocking
Oyin this suspense is too much oh

More ink to ur pen
Thanks guys
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:38pm On Sep 15
Restless - Episode 62

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Soon enough, not less than four cars stopped behind Antonio and Vincent's vehicle, with their headlights all shining on Henry and Vincent who stood facing each other. They had followed the wrong direction lane of traffic so as to catch up quickly and the absence of vehicles working that of the night had made it easier and faster for them.

"I really do have a good offer for you but you have refused and instead chose death," Henry spoke more confidently, taking his eyes off from the cars who had just arrived to Vincent. He was still being very conscious of the new arrivals but he kept a confident look on his face which confused Vincent.

"Take your bleeping offer away man, you are not going to suceed in killing anyone tonight like you killed Elkim Nuel." Vincent accused. He took a step forward and glanced down at the gun which Henry had thrown on the floor, he fixed his gaze on Henry's face again.

"I did not kill Elkim Nuel, but that's what they want you to believe." Henry said.

Vincent who was already looking away took a quick look at his face again.

"You didn't kill Elkim Nuel, so who did?" Vincent questioned with raised eyebrows.

"You shouldn't be talking to him Vincent, get into you car and leave immediately." A man from behind shouted immediately.

Vincent glanced back. The men were already coming out of their vehicles and were positioning themselves with their guns. He turned back again and looked at Henry's face.

Henry could see that Vincent was about to turn back and leave, he spoke quickly.

"Your boss arranged his death, alongside with Paul Edwards." Henry said.

Vincent was already turned to the back halfway but he turned again to face Henry immediately he heard the last statement.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me right, your boss arranged Elkim Nuel's death. Paul Edwards was involved," he said, taking a brief pause after the first sentence. He consciously attempted to modify his previous response to Vincent's question. He believed it was possible that Paul Edwards was Vincent's direct boss in the Red Wolves and statement in his first response would have sounded contradictory.

Vincent stared at Henry's face for a little longer. He looked confused but he refused to speak.

"We gotta go now," Antonio called onto Vincent from where he was. Antonio and the driver had already returned to the car, the driver was already in while Antonio was about to enter the backseat. "Kahn just called again and he wants us out immediately."

Vincent began to step back without turning immediately he heard Antonio. Henry could read the expression on hi sface and could already see he was doubting his superiors in the Red Wolves. The name "Kahn" sounded a bell in Henry's ears. He had seen the name while going through the chats after they hacked through the security in the late Elkim Nuel's phone.

"Elvis Kahn killed Elkim, he did it with the help of Paul Edwards." Henry began to say aloud. Vincent stopped stepping back. "These men are only using you Vincent, that's why they don't want you to talk to me, they know the truth would be revealed."

Vincent frowned. He had been suspicious about Kahn's calls and Kahn's constant warning that they should avoid giving the man now before him space for him to reach them directly. Maybe it was true that Kahn was really hiding something.

Henry could read the expression on Vincent's face, he could see the confusion already building up. He was sure that his team were getting closer to me already.

"Let's go Vincent, "Antonio shouted from behind and began to walk towards Vincent.

A quick flashback occured in Henry's mind and he remembered how he had seen Vincent and another name being mentioned and used constantly in relation to the explosives factory.

"Let's leave here," Antonio said as he got beside Vincent and placed a hand on his shoulder. Vincent after some seconds turned with Antonio.

"Antonio," Henry called out the name loud in trial, hoping that the name bearer was the second one who came to touch Vincent. He watched as both VIncent and Antonio responded to him by pausing, Antonio turned back and glanced at Henry. He continued after being sure he got it rightly. "Elvis Kahn does not mean well for both of you but I can help you too out."

Antonio glanced at Vincent's face, hoping Vincent would have an explanation for Henry's statements but Vincent was also looking very ignorant.

"What's he talking about?" Antonio asked Vincent as he turned back towards Henry. Vincent also turned back.

Antonio took some steps forward, leaving Vincent where he stood.

"What are you talking about Man?" He made his question direct to Henry.

"I'm talking about how Elvis Kahn plans to use and dump you and help the FOX kill you both afterwards," Henry said, hoping to waste more of their time by talking. "Elvis Kahn arranged Elkim Nuel's death, Richard Brad and even Henderson."

Antonio stared thinly at Henry's face for a while, he then widened his eyes and let out a breath calmly.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Michael, I work for the Reconcilation team." Henry replied.

Antonio stared thinly at him for some seconds, he flashed a look back at Vincent and then continued staring at Henry's face.

"You guys have to leave now," someone else shouted again from behind.

Antonio took a look back at the man calling on them, he then looked at Henry for the final time. "You and your bleeping Reconcilation team should go to hell," he said and with that turned and walked back.

"Put your hands in the air man," one of the men shouted from beside the car where he hid. He rose from his kneeling position and proceeded forward, his gun fixed in his hand and still pointed at Henry. "You have more than ten guns pointed at you, any funny move would get you killed."

Henry watched as Vincent and Antonio got to the vehicle. Antonio proceeded into the vehicle while Vincent stayed at the door and turned again to look at him. Antonio got back out to check what was keeping Vincent, he also glanced at Henry before looking again at Antonio and saying some words to him. They both got into the car at the same time and drove away.

Henry's gaze turned to the man who was now moving slowly towards him. He saw the man signal to two other men who joined and stood by the sides, all pointing their guns at him.

"Hey boss," Henry suddenly heard Dave's voice in his earpiece. "We're coming to you from the opposite direction."

Henry couldn't respond, his mouthpiece wasn't turned on and he also didn't want to give the men a chance to know he had more men coming. He calmly folded his arms across his chest."

"Damn you man!" The man at the center said angrily as he recocked his gun. "Put your hands on the air now."

Henry complied slowly but not without turning on the switch first. He left all fingers of both hands widely stretched up in the air.

"Your men going in the Chevy Corvette can't go far, I'll still go after them." He said in a loud voice.

"You're crazy man, you ain't going after anyone." The man at the center shouted at him.

Henry remained calm and hoped that Dave had understood that he was giving him an instruction.

"Go down on your knees now," the man at the center ordered as he began to step forward slowly. The man at his left followed him first and the one at the right also followed after detaching a pair of manacles from his trouser.

Henry stared at him for a second before he moved to obey. He heard Dave's voice as he placed a knee on the ground.

"Boss, if you mean that we should go after the Chevy Corvette, please confirm with an affirming sound."

"Yes," Henry said aloud, staring at the men in front of him as they proceeded forward. "Vincent and Antonio cannot get away."

Henry placed the other knee on the ground and still had his hands raised in the air. The man got close to him and he watched as one with the manacles turned to the back, the other two stood in front of him pointing their guns at him. He noted where the man with the manacles had his gun placed, at the left side. His eyes scanned around quickly and he saw again one of the tiny paths in the bush he had seen before.

"Put your hands behind you gently," the man who had been speaking ordered him.

He moved his head slightly and he was able to catch a side view of the man behind him. He brought his hands down slowly and gently like he was ordered and he noticed as the man bent down to cuff his hands.

With a swift movement, he pulled the man by the neck with his left hand, his right hand reaching for the gun. He toppled the man over in the right direction as he fired a bullet into the belly of the man standing at his left hand side.

The man who had been giving the orders was at the right and moved to action immediately, he fired two quick bullets but Henry had the back of the man who he toppled over shielding him from the bullets. Henry's second shot went into the chest of the man at the right hand.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:42pm On Sep 15
Episode 62 contd

He got up swiftly and almost immediately, still holding the dead body of the man to shield himself. Before the men at the vehicle sides could comprehend what was going on, he already began to run towards the bush path. They began to shoot but it was too late. One of them managed to get a near shot but it got stuck in the body of the already dead man which Henry used to shield himself.

Henry dropped the dead body at the entrance of the bush and sped as fast as he could on his legs. He could hear voices and sounds of footsteps followed him.

After running for about a minute, he took a brief pause and took out a small device from his phone. He turned on the Torchlight but turned it back off again after realizing it was unnecessary as the light provided by the full moon was bright enough to help him see the way.

He could hear the footsteps of men approaching quickly and he hurriedly took out a small grenade ball from the waist bag, he took off the lid and dropped it on the floor before hurrying away.

He had only ran for about ten seconds when the substance exploded with a loud sound. The vibration that shook the earth also affected him slightly as it threw him forward and he landed on his chest on the rough ground. He got up quickly and looked back, he could see the fire caused by the explosion far back.

He picked up himself and continued to run forward. He knew some of the men would have ran past the grenade before it exploded and the explosion might have had only very little effect on them.

He stopped again after getting into a large open area with trees around. He located one of the large trees and walked closer to hide behind it. He listened for some seconds to know if some men were still coming after him. He began to hear sounds of honking and hooting coming from the direction of the road side, either more vehicles had arrived or the ones there were leaving.

He checked his communication device to confirm if it was still working and was glad to see it was not yet destroyed even after landing on the floor with it.

"Hey Dave," he said into his mouthpiece. He didn't get any response but could hear sounds and Dave saying something hurriedly to Samantha. He switched the connection to Cole. "Cole, where are"

He waited five seconds and was about to speak again when he heard Cole's voice.

"On my way to meet Dave, he spoke to me few seconds ago."

"On your way with Samantha?"

"Yes, with Samantha."

"Do not let the men sitting at the backseat of the Chevy Corvette escape, they are our main targets. I'll join you guys as soon as I can."

Henry concluded the conversation and quickly took out a cartridge from his waist bag to load the gun. He discovered he had only one round of bullets left after the current one. He loaded the gun and cocked it.

He listened for sounds as he took in a deep breath. He could hear the thumping of feets coming in his direction. His eyes scanned around his direction and he located all the trees and thick spots around where he could hide. He did not know the number of men coming for him in the forest but he was glad the area was a good enough for him to kick their asses.


"Fasten you seatbelt," Dave warned Jenny as he increased the speed drastically. He could see the Chevy Corvette already turned into their lane at the far front. "Target the back tyres," he said to Jenny who cocked the gun in her hand and got ready to point it out.


"Shi*!" Vincent cursed as he noticed the vehicle racing towards them with speed from far behind. Their vehicle was also on it's highest speed but the vehicle in pursuit of them was a Chevy Corvette, a much faster car.

"How come we only thought the bike rider was the only man in pursuit of us?" Antonio asked with deep anger in his voice.

"They've got this well planned man, and there's more to it than we can see." Vincent said, still looking back at the vehicle pursuing them. He took out his gun in readiness, he was sure the vehicle would catch up with them in nothing less than two minutes.

Soon as expected, the Chevy Corvette was very close to their vehicle.

"I think you should take the next turn," Vincent advised the driver. He hoped that the unexpected turn would give them some more seconds aand metres ahead of their pursuers and he could also get the opportunity to fire a shot at the driver of the pursuing vehicle during the process of turning.

The Chevy Corvette was already about seven metres close when the driver turned towards the left. Vincent had taken out his gun to shoot but before he could push the trigger, a bullet from behind hit the back of their vehicle, shattering the glass totally. He and Vincent quickly bent their heads to dodge as more bullets flew in. Bullets began to hit the boot of the car and soon the car shook like it was about to tumble. They had only gone about nine metres on the new road they turned into. The pursuing vehicle had just turned into the road.

"They got the two back tyres already," the driver announced in panic as he struggle to control the vehicle. He managed to pull over beside the drainage of the single two lane road.

The pursuing vehicle speed reduced as it approached them but the shots at the vehicle continued. The vehicle made a sharp stop as it swerved in front of them.

The driver was still trying to take off his seatbelt when he saw a gun raised out by a woman through the passenger's side of the pursuing vehicle pointing at him.


Jenny's eyes met with the driver's terrified eyes and she let out a chuckle as she fired three shots into his body, the bullets shattered the glass first before pentrating into his body.

Jennifer who had already taken off her seatbelt immediately she saw the target's vehicle stop opened the door and rolled down to the floor. Dave also got out of the driver's side quickly, holding up his gun and pointing towards the car. He began to fire randomly as he turned to the other side. He quickly stopped and fired two quick shots as he noticed the door of the back seat opening and a man stepping out. The man was wise and quick enough to dodge to the back without getting hit by a bullet.

Dave turnd back to the driver's side bent down. He hid by the tyre side and saw Jenny also turning to his side.

"The two men at the back, we can't kill them right?" Jenny asked aloud. They both squatted at the front and back tyres respectively.

"No, they're the targets, we need them." Dave replied her.

He took a quick look at the surroundings. It was a residential area. There was a isolated kiosk at the other side of the drainage where Jennifer was close to, a residential building was in the same compound but metres away from it and a car was parked in the compound behind the kiosk. Jenny and Dave noticed the place at the same time and they looked at each other's faces, it seemed they were thinking the same thing.

"You move there," Dave said to her. "Put on the tear gas mask in your waist purse, I'll take some and throw it in the direction now."

Jenny nodded in agreement and understanding.

Dave proceeded to opening the door to the backseat of the car and he took out the small container. He closed back the door and signaled to Jenny to proceed. She rose quickly and jumped over the drainage and move behind the side walls of the kiosk. Dave sighted her there before he proceeded through the other side.


"It's just two of them," Vincent said to Antonio at the booth of the vehicle where they both hid, both peeping through the sides to check if anyone was coming.

"Yeah, but they're with arms." Antonio replied. "We've got to be careful."

"Should I call for backups here?" Vincent asked, taking out his phone.

"Call Kahn?" Antonio raised his brows rhetorically. "We've had enough backups already, we should have stopped the ones that passed by us on the road."

"But they're close and they should have been done with that Michael, Kahn can direct them here if we call him."

"You should call him, but I think we can take this men out ourselves." Antonio said.

Vincent already opened his dialpad when they saw an object landed on the booth of their vehicle and dropped in front of them with gas rushing out. Vincent was about to run thinking it was a grenade but having seen the container several times before, he recognized it as tear gas container.

Both of them quickly took out their protective handkerchiefs from their back pocket and covered their noses with it immediately just before the effect of the gas began to take effect. The handkerchiefs were thick and treated, meant to protect them from dangerous gases in the factory and so could help them resist the effect of the tear gas.

Vincent proceeded forward, picked the container and threw it into the drainage.

They knew they already had an edge over their pursuers.


Dave got up boldly with his gun in his hand and proceeded towards the back of the vehicle. He reduced his steps as he got closer. He expected the men to be weak already from the effect of the gas but he was wrong, they remained at the boot of the vehicle, having already noticed he was coming closer and patiently waiting for him.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by BIGGIE121(m): 10:59pm On Sep 15
Nice one oyin u too mussh,

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 11:47am On Sep 16
Cha!! Oyinprince this ur story too make sense, i swear after u, na u grin

Thanks plenty kiss kiss

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