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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:44pm On Sep 16, 2019
Prince please we need Henry and Co to curb insecurity in Nigeria.

Thanks for the update prince.


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 2:35pm On Sep 16, 2019
Cha!! Oyinprince this ur story too make sense, i swear after u, na u grin

Thanks plenty kiss kiss
you are right izaray, after oyin is definitely oyin cheesy

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 2:38pm On Sep 16, 2019
Prince please we need Henry and Co to curb insecurity in Nigeria.

Thanks for the update prince.
For Nigeria to need characters from a fiction to help us, comment reserved. wink

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:07pm On Sep 16, 2019
For Nigeria to need characters from a fiction to help us, comment reserved. wink
Lol.. Spill it out. I was being sarcastic because such don't exist.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 3:50pm On Sep 16, 2019
you are right izaray, after oyin is definitely oyin cheesy
Sure babe've got some popcorn for us even, lets enjoy the story together in peace jare wink

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 3:58pm On Sep 17, 2019

Lol.. Spill it out. I was being sarcastic because such don't exist.
uhn-uhn cheesy

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 4:00pm On Sep 17, 2019
Sure babe've got some popcorn for us even, lets enjoy the story together in peace jare wink
couldn't be said any better darlin’. Let's roll.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:42pm On Sep 18, 2019
Cha!! Oyinprince this ur story too make sense, i swear after u, na u grin

Thanks plenty kiss kiss

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:42pm On Sep 18, 2019
Nice one oyin u too mussh,

Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:45pm On Sep 18, 2019
Restless - Episode 63

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"Thread carefully guys, he should be lurking somewhere around here." Henry heard one of the men announce.

He carefully peeped through the left side and saw about five men already spreading around the area he was, they had their torchlights being pointed to different directions.

"Be very careful of the shadows, he might be hiding in them." the man who spoke warned his men again.

Henry tilted his head up and studied the branches of the tree which stem he was hiding behind. He took another peep through the left and noticed that four other men had joined, some of them had police uniforms on while only one had a FOX mask on, some others had no identification. A policeman was facing Henry's direction and walking slowly and carefully with his torch, checking everything in front of him. Henry looked to his right, there was another huge tree about two metres adjacent to him but rhe stem wasn't as large as the one he hid behind currently. He studied the tree's branches, the flexible and rigid parts. He peeped again and saw two men facing his direction, the one at the front was slightly slanted towards the other while the one behind was coming in his straight in his direction.

He held his gun firmly in his hands as he got ready to pull out of his hiding place, he was determined not to waste any of the bullets as he only had one round left after the one in the gun and he knew there was a possibility of other men coming from behind apart from the ones already there. He bent down and peeped carefully again. The men were moving closer to him and one of them was pointing his torch close to his spot. He was careful with his movements not to let them know where he was.

He moved out from behind the tree in a second and fired at the first and second man one after the other. He didn't miss any, both men dropped dead immediately. A rain of gun shots followed him as he ran to hide behind the next tree. He shielded his body fully behind the tree and was careful not to move away from the covering. The gunshots ceased after about a minute and Henry knew the men would be coming in his direction already. He looked up towards the left side to locate the flexible branch of the tree he had noticed before, then he peeped quickly through the other direction to identify the location of the men. He also studied the distance of the tree in front. He waited three more seconds before he leaped and caught the branch of flexible part of the tree with his left hand, the tips of his feet pushed the tree stem to help propel him forward and he fired three times with the gun in his left hand before he landed on the floor and rolled to the back of the next tree.

He got up quickly and leaned his back against the wall. He could feel the vibration as bullets hit the tree stem continuously. He bent down and peeped carefully. The three bullets which proceeded from his gun did not waste but took their the targets successfully. Only three men of the eight men were left.

He peeped again and saw that the men were more being more careful this time, they maintained their far distance from him instead of coming close like the men he had just taken down.

He looked around him. There were bushes in front and all around. He was close to the path through which he got to the place, he only needed to walk a bit forward and make a turn in the direction. He could not just go back in that direction even if he had the chance because he could hear sounds of more men coming that way. He needed to get rid of the remaining three men before the others joined.

He took time to load his gun again to make it a complete round. The men were still firing at the tree but the rate reduced and Henry could tell they were either running out of bullets already or trying not to waste more.

He looked up and saw a branch of the tree hanging horizontally straight over him, it looked rigid. He peeped again to check the position of the men. After that, he fixed the handle of his gun between his teeth to keep it there and jumped to catch the branch, he lifted both legs and wrapped them around the stem and rolled up at the same time. He did this without making noise as much as he could.

The men who noticed something began to shoot at the tree but didn't shoot up as they didn't see what happened exactly.

Henry balanced himself on the branch, just at somewhere close to the main stem, he took the gun in his right hand. He managed to look through the leaves and branches covering the men's full body from his view. He pointed his gun forward after spotting the positions of all three men. He cocked and fired two quick shots to two different targets. He followed with his gun as the third man ran for cover. He fired at the man but missed the first shot as the man was able quickly hide behind a tree. He looked again at the two men he shot, one of them was completely dead while the other was still alive as the bullet had hit him in his right lap. He directed his gun aim at the man and fired again, the bullet passed through the leaves and entered into the belly of the man.

The third man behind the tree peeped and fired a quick shot up to the tree where Henry was hiding in. Henry knew he had now located where he was. He adjusted himself quickly and moved to another branch of the tree where he could see the other tree the last man was hiding better. He pointed his gun towards the tree, waiting for the exact moment when the man would try to step out and shoot again.

Twenty seconds passed and the man made no attempt to shoot. Henry knew the man was also waiting for the right time. His gun stayed pointed at the man patiently until he began to hear voices and footsteps closer. He changed the aim of his gun and focused on another tree metres away from the one the man was hiding. He took his eyes back to the tree where the man was hiding while his gun was pointed to another tree. He fired a shot at the tree and then waited some seconds before firing another one. Immediately, he directed his gun back towards the main target and just a second after, the man behind the tree stepped out with his gun to shoot, thinking that Henry had been distracted by something else at the tree he was shooting out. The bullet from Henry's gun went straight into his chest and he fell down to the ground.

Henry turned his neck back immediately to see tree new men coming into the area from the only path. He had only three bullets left in his gun.


Dave had almost gotten to the boot of the vehicle when he stopped. He didn't notice any movement behind the car, neither did he see the tear gas container which he threw. He was sure the container hit the boot before landing, so he expected to find it somewhere close.

Vincent and Antonio held their guns firmly as they waited patiently to see the person coming. Antonio kept looking back from time to time to ensure no one was coming from the other direction. Just at the time they both felt the movement of the person coming closer had ceased, Antonio looked back again and saw a lady appear afar off from behind a building.

He was kind of confused as to who she could be until he saw her point her gun towards them.

"Shi*t!" he cursed as he tapped Vincent on the shoulder to warn him and rolled away.


Jenny fired two quick shots at them as she proceeded forward. One of the men rolled away from his position and turned quickly, firing a shot at her which went wide. The other man turned quickiy to the other side of the vehicle.

She fired another shot at the second man and he also quickly rolled to the same direction his partner was. She was careful with her shots as she didn't intend to kill any of them because they were needed alive.


Dave held the gun in his hand firmly and cocked it as he took a step. He was about to take another step when he heard two sudden gunshots, he turned back and fled to the front of the vehicle. He bent there peeping carefully to see what was going on, then he spotted Jenny at the other angle after the drain with her gun held, moving farther away from the vehicles. He knew at once that the men must have moved to the other side of the vehicle and were coming towards him.

He quickly turned and moved towards the other side.


Vincent turned to see that Antonio had already joined him by the left side of the vehicle as the gunshots continued. Still in his bowed position at the driver's side of the vehicle, he raised his head slightly to look over the bonnet and saw a figure already moving in his direction, their eyes met as the man stopped just by the left headlight of the vehicle to peep.

They both got up at the same time after seeing each other, pointing the guns at each other's faces. Antonio who was facing back also turned and pointed his gun at the man in front of them. He glanced back quickly after realizing that he and Vincent were no longer being shielded by the vehicle in their standing position. The lady who had been shooting at them also had her gun pointed at him and was coming closer from behind. Antonio pointed his gun back at her, leaving Vincent to face the man alone.

"Who the hell are you?" Vincent asked Dave. Both were now stepping away from beside the car to the center of the road.

"I actually need to know who the bleeping hell you are, that's why I haven't killed you." Dave replied him.

They both stayed quiet for a while, still with their guns pointing at each other's faces and both revolving about a point.

"What do you want from me?" Vincent asked again.

"Why don't you drop your gun and follow me quietly? I've got a good deal for you," Dave offered.

"Hehe," Vincent chuckled and shook his head in amusement. "You've got so much boldness young man, what makes you think you can get me to follow you?"

"I believe you should be reasonable enough, whether you submit peacefully or not, you would still have to follow me." Dave replied.

Vincent laughed again, this time louder. He stopped and cleared his throat. "So, don't you think we should settle it as men?" Vincent paused and raised his brows. "Why don't we put these machines down and settle who's gonna do the following with our fists?" he proposed, rolling his hands playfully.

Dave did not reply but Vincent judging from the look on his face believed he agreed.

"So, we go down..." Vincent began to squat slowly, pointing his gun forward and releasing his fingers off the trigger. He paused and waited for Dave to comply. Dave also began to squat.

They went down gradually at a slow pace and touched the floor with their guns. For some seconds, the both of them still kept their hands on the gun, looking at each other's face. Vincent made a signal with his face and both released the gun from their grip at the same time and slowly rose up.

Vincent clenched his fists in readiness for a fight. Dave turned his neck left and right, making a crack sound with it. Then he began to bounce on his feet.


"I admire your courage and skill woman, you took out both tyres of our car and shot dead the man who drove the car," Antonio said in a patronizing voice to Jenny as the both moved closer pointing their guns at each other's faces.

"I'm about to take you out also," Jenny said in a firm voice.

Antonio chuckled. "I must confess you're indeed a fast shooter but I do not think you are as fast as I am. My bullet would get into you skull before you can pull the trigger."

Jenny smiled mockingly, letting up a side of her lips. She wasn't moved by his threat.

"We can try it, can't we?" She asked, unruffled.

"I don't take challenges from women, it's meaningless because I end up winning always." Antonio replied confidently.

They had slowly moved away from the point the vehicles were parked to some metres behind.

"You're a loser in this already, with your whole team," Jenny replied.

Antonio chuckled again. "You think all you saw at the factory is all we are?"

"You are going to lead us to the rest of your men," Jenny said with a crooked smile, nodding her head slowly.

The man raised his brows.

"Yeah, I'm taking you with me, you'd lead us to the rest of the Red Wolves."

"You do not know what you're saying girl, you must have have smoked some hemp few hours ago." Antonio replied her. At that moment, he noticed from her eyes movement that she was looking at something behind. He couldn't turn back to look even for a second because he knew it was enough opportunity for her to shoot him. He tactically began to change his position by moving sideway, still pointing his gun at her.

After a few steps, he was able to see what she was looking at without having to take his full attention away from her. It was Vincent and Dave who had already dropped their guns to get into a fist battle. He stared back at her face with a smile which suggested he was mocking that she couldn't find him because she was a lady.

"You want that?" she asked with a nod of the head and turned the direction of her gun to show she was ready to drop it.

He raised his brows, finding it difficult to believe she was ready to fight with him. He stared at her carefully, thinking she could be trying to trick him, until she began to go down gradually.

She stopped as she got closer to the ground. "You fighting or not?"

He stared at her again for a moment. "I'm in," he said and began to go down gradually.

To be continued.

Do you think Dave and Jenny would be able to Vincent and Antonio? Remember the two men seemed confident enough to want to fight Henry.

Find out more on www.youngicee.com/stories/restless . We have up to Episode 91 already there
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 11:28am On Sep 19, 2019
Unending war from one point to another...They should rest a little nah prince.... izaray check this out.

Thanks for the update prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 11:55am On Sep 19, 2019
Unending war from one point to another...They should rest a little nah prince.... izaray check this out.

Thanks for the update prince.
Is it ur own fight ni Thanks for checking up on me wink

Thanks for the update Oyin
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:23pm On Sep 19, 2019
Is it ur own fight ni Thanks for checking up on me wink

Thanks for the update Oyin
Lol. Is our fight o. You welcome. Did you apply for nscdc if i may ask?

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 12:27pm On Sep 19, 2019

Lol. Is our fight o. You welcome. Did you apply for nscdc if i may ask?
What with the interesting question shocked Do you wanna link me up cheesy
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:46pm On Sep 19, 2019
What with the interesting question shocked Do you wanna link me up cheesy
Lol. I was about asking you same thing.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by kullboylexo(m): 12:48pm On Sep 19, 2019
Please bro..I applied for the NSCDC but I don't know if they have started shortlisting...do you have any ideal on that please??..ur response will be highly welcome.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by StellamarisIII(f): 1:14pm On Sep 19, 2019
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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 1:58pm On Sep 19, 2019
Please bro..I applied for the NSCDC but I don't know if they have started shortlisting...do you have any ideal on that please??..ur response will be highly welcome.
I dont have any information concerning that.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 2:05pm On Sep 19, 2019

I dont have any[b] information[/b] concerning that.
Lol, you must have oh shay you brought this up here grin
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:52pm On Sep 19, 2019
Lol, you must have oh shay you brought this up here grin
grin lemme o

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:09pm On Sep 21, 2019
Restless - Episode 64

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

A fourth man joined the three new men and they all spread around the area, marching slowly and carefully with their eyes scanning all around the place. Henry noticed that they seemed more professional than the first set of men and he watched them carefully. One of them came in Henry's direction slowly and as he got closer, Henry noticed from the shirt he wore that he was a FOX agent and that explained the reason for his more matured way of scanning the environment.

He continued watching them for a moment trying to strategize how to take them all down using less bullets as much as possible. He held his breath for a moment as the man who was walking in his direction had come so close and was now standing directly under him. He looked again at the other three men, two of them were backing his direction and only one of them was facing his direction but was busy checking through the shadows. It was the right time to come down.

He allowed the man under the tree move a step forward before he released himself to the ground from the tree, landing right behind the man. Before the man could turn, Henry was up and already having his arm wrapped around the man's neck tightly. He fired at one of the other men who quickly tried to turn and fire at him. The man he held on the neck was struggling to set himself free from the firm grip and had already turned his gun to Henry's body but Henry's gun already kissed his head before he could balance his grip and before he could pull the trigger, a bullet ran into his head.

Henry picked the man's gun and moved swiftly to hide behind the tree. The two remaining men began to fire sporadically at the tree. He took his time behind the tree, inhaling and exhaling deeply as he waited patiently. The shots ceased for a little while. He peeped through the left to see one of the men reloading his gun and hiding behind a tree. He peeped through the right side and still couldn't see the second man but could tell which side he was because of the direction from where the shots came. Henry peeped through his left again and then saw that the man had finished reloading his gun. He looked to his right side and spotted one of the trees which was about six metres away at an almost straight line to where he hid. He peeped through the left side of his tree again and tried to figure out which of the trees the second man could be hiding behind. There were only two trees which could cover him totally from his view and he figured out that he could be able get a clear shot at the man if he moved to the tree six metres straight to him.

He peeped once again through his left. The man there was also peeping and waiting for him to make a move. Henry realized that he had to move very fast if he would step out from behind the tree. He peeped through the right once more and spotted the exact tree the second man was hiding behind, the man's body had shown slightly.


Dave caught another punch thrown by the man and replied it with a headbutt, he tried to follow up with a punch but the man also blocked his and sent a kick to Dave's belly. Dave winced in pain as he staggered back. The man followed him up with a double kick, one landing on Dave's face and the other on his chest. Dave fell to the ground heavily and tumbled over, stopping on his knees. The man rushed with a kick from his right leg directed to Dave's face which Dave dodged quickly, but the man followed up immediately with another kick from his left knee which hit Dave in the face and sent him falling heavily to the ground.

Dave groaned in pain on the ground where he laid. He hadn't expected the man to be much of a fighter and had been taken by surprise when the man began to easily dodge his blows and kicks.

"Over twenty five years in the South Husan Military, I'm not a man that you can take down easily." Vincent boasted in a calm tone and he paced in a circle about Dave.

Dave struggled to get up as he listened to the man's word. He had no doubt that the man had indeed been well trained in the military because it was obvious in the man's expertise.

He managed to get to his feet and held his fists up to show he was ready to continue the fight. He continued turning on the spot as the man moved round him, staring him in the eyes with so much confidence on his face. Dave began to hope he had made no mistakes when he decided to agree for a fist battle.

He remembered something which Henry had told them during the brief training in Anthanna, "One of the greatest weapons the enemy can use against anyone is fear, once the enemy instills fear in your heart, it lessens your willpower and increases his own confidence."

Dave closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to shake out the fear from his mind.

He opened his eyes to get it closed back immediately as a disastrous hard punch hit his face. The man gave him no time to rest as he followed up with two more punches on the face but Dave was still able to grab the next punch.

Their eyes met and Vincent could see the fury in the younger man's eyes built from the pain and hurts from the blows he had dealt of his face.

Vincent smiled a mocking smile but before he could make an extra move, Dave slammed his head on the man's nose, taking him sharper than he entered. He followed up with a one-time double punch with both hands landing on Vincent's chest at the same time. The man staggered some steps back and managed to keep himself from falling, he charged back towards Dave but Dave bent to dodge his furious attack and sent a heavy punch into his belly, he followed with another punch from the left hand.

Dave lifted his head to see the man holding his belly, he quickly dealt Vincent two more blows on the face and ended with a kick to his chest. Vincent crashed to the ground heavily on his butt.


Jenny let out a groan as the man rammed her to the boot of the vehicle. He tried to pin her down but she kicked him in the chest with her knee and used the soles her feet to kick him farther away. She noticed a walking stick at the back of the vehicle and stretched her hand into the vehicle through the broken window to take it out. He charged towards her again and tried to grab her but she was able to send him back again with another kick. She pulled out the walking stick and dropped from the boot of the vehicle.

She waved the stick as he came closer and he stopped carefully. She moved closer and struck towards his face but he dodged tactfully, she made two more strikes which he dodged intelligently. He grabbed her by the waist and slammed her again to the boot of the car. She groaned but with both hands grabbed the stick and pound his head with it before he could raise it up.

He let out a groan but still managed to grab the stick where she held it up above. She struggled for it with him for few seconds before he managed to twist her hand and she let it go. He staggered back as a result of the force with the stick in his hand and she followed quickly, landing a kick in his belly before he could balance well to use the stick. She advanced closer and with a leap turned around and kick his face with the back of her foot. The stick eventually fell off his hand and he landed on the ground.

She rushed to him and tried to kick on his face but he grabbed her foot forcefully and dragged her towards himself, making her land to the ground on her butt. He rose quickly and landed her two quick blows on her face after which he pushed her and landed two more blows on her face. He held her face up with his left palm behind her head rasing his right fist to land a punch on her face but her feet hit his groin and he let out a groan. He stayed without letting her go until the kick hit his genitals the second time and harder this time. He screamed and turned away, landing painfully to the ground on his left side.


With very quick light steps, Henry dashed from his current position to the position behind the tree spotted straight in front of him escaping three shots fired at him in the process.

He moved his gun to the left hand quickly and fired two quick shots at the man shooting at him as he ran. He hid himself again behind the tree and changed the gun to his right hand again. He turned to the other side and spotted the second man whose position was initially not visible, several metres forward in an adjacent position. The man had his gun raised and was about to fire. Henry moved back to dodge the three consecutive shots that followed, he looked leftwards and the man at the left was firing at him again. He squatted quickly and turned in the other direction, firing two quick shots as he rolled on the floor to dodge the oncoming bullets. His second bullet entered into the man's chest. He looked up and fired three consecutive shots at the man who had been shooting from the left angle. He switched to the second gun in his hand and fired two more shots. He watched the man as he fell on his knees first and then dropped dead.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief as he let out a deep breath and rolled back to the tree. He got up and dusted his body after which he sat on the floor, resting his back against the tree.


Vincent jumped to his feet before Dave could get to him. He was however met with a kick on his chest and fell on his butt once more. Another kick followed which he managed to grab even though the force pushed him back and he hit his head on the tarred floor.

Dave whose leg was stuck with the man dug a kick into the man's chest in a bid to set free his other leg but the man still held on. He dug the kick a second time, making the man jerk up, the man's grip loosened from his right leg. He stepped back and pulled the man by both legs. He turned Vincent face flat on the floor and held him by the ankles of both feet, then he pulled the legs by the ankle, bending the knees backward as he sat on the man's back.

Vincent gave out a loud scream as he felt severe pains all through his body. He tightened his fists and banged continuously on the floor in agony. Dave continued without mercy.

Vincent opened his eyes even as he screamed in pain and tried to move himself but he was so stiff under Dave. His eyes coincidentally moved to Antonio and Jenny at the back of the car and he saw Antonio on the floor being dealt with by the girl.

He felt pity for Antonio but angry with himself. Antonio was just a chemical engineer and was only slightly good in the use of guns, so Antonio was never expected to show super strength in fist battles but he who was a trained soldier was being beaten by a younger man who could not have gotten up to half of his experience.

The thought alone made him summon courage and he began to drag himself on the floor with all the strength left in him.

Dave bent his legs harder but the man continued to move still. Dave knew he was planning to make a sharp turn and he bent the knees even more harder and tried to pin him to the ground tighter but the man only stopped for few seconds and continued to move again. Before Dave could think of what next to do, the man made the sharp turn, sending Dave landing on the ground beside.

Vincent tried to get up as quick as he could but he still felt so hurt in his legs. Dave got up before him and was about to attack him again when he heard a voice stopping him.

"Time is far spent, we've got to leave with them now." Cole was coming from behind Vincent.

Vincent heard the voice late and as he turned his head to look back, a syringe was drove into his neck.


"Enough!" A sharp female voice stopped Jenny from landing another blow on the man's face.

Samantha jumped over the drainage from the shadows and stepped closer to them, pointing a gun in her hand. Jenny stepped back to let Samantha get closer to Antonio.

Antonio raised his hands slowly in the air, realizing that Samantha was with Jenny. She turned to his back, still pointing the gun in her hand.

He stood still with his hands raised, unsure of what she planned to do behind him. He was still thinking of what to do when a tiny object pierced his neck. His knees buckled and he fell weak to the ground.

"We've got to search their car and pick every device and materials we can find there," Samantha stated as she handed the gun to Jenny and walked towards the car with the shattered glasses.

To be continued.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 4:07pm On Sep 21, 2019
Interesting. Thanks for the update prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by odubayor(m): 6:06pm On Sep 21, 2019
thanks for the update boss
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 6:19pm On Sep 21, 2019
I'm fast learning some good fighting skills and quick smart kicks here too, I can't coman carry last nah cheesy

Thanks for the update boss
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by HolyTitus(m): 11:51pm On Sep 21, 2019
I'm fast learning some good fighting skills and quick smart kicks here too, I can't coman carry last nah cheesy

Thanks for the update boss

you know the fighting skills you've learnt so far won't be complete without a male partner to have your back. Take Dave; Jenny and Cole; Samantha partnership for example
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 11:23am On Sep 22, 2019
you know the fighting skills you've learnt so far won't be complete without a male partner to have your back. Take Dave; Jenny and Cole; Samantha partnership for example
Do worry about that one oga titus

She had a back up already in me and Ann2012
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by HolyTitus(m): 2:12pm On Sep 22, 2019

Do worry about that one oga titus

She had a back up already in me and Ann2012
you said "do", though, I'm worried for her safety already - why not allow her to speak for herself first
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by odubayor(m): 10:08pm On Sep 23, 2019
oyinprince abeg update na we dey wait
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:42am On Oct 02, 2019
Restless - Episode 65

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Orel, Vincil

"Arggh..." Vincent winced in pain as he opened his eyes to find himself tied up to a chair. He continued to make muffled sounds as he struggled desperately with the ropes keeping him trapped to the chair.

He stopped his struggle after one minute and took a quick look around the place, trying to recall how he had gotten there. He was shocked when he saw Antonio placed close to the window at the back, tied to a chair just like him. He noticed that Antonio was also bare chested and with a gag placed in his mouth also.

It was then he suddenly remembered the night experience at the factory and how he had met with the rider, and then how they escaped just to be pursued by a group of two made up of a man and a woman. He remembered how he was determined to take down his enemy after being tortured on the ground and then how someone else whose face he hadn't seen had intervened.

He took in a deep breath. Maybe Kahn was right, maybe they should have listened and never given that man the opportunity to meet with them at all. But there was no way the bike rider could have escaped, Vincent thought to himself. With all the men who arrived as backup, he surely would have been taken down.

He began to struggle again with the ropes but he only lasted for few seconds before he got weary. He turned once more to look at Antonio who was still unconscious and oblivious of the new environment. He tried to make some sounds to wake Antonio up but even he couldn't hear himself properly.

He heaved a sigh and made up his mind to remain calm until their captors came in. He looked around to study the place again. It was an empty large room with unplastered walls, bad windows and screeeded floor. He didn't know where exactly they could be but he believed they couldn't have gone so far away from Enox within the short while. That gave him some courage that the men Kahn sent could still find them before their captors achieve their plans with them.

Vincent kept staring around for about forty more minutes before he heard some sounds from Antonio's direction. He turned and saw Antonio struggling hard to make himself free. he made a sound to get Antonio's attention and Antonio's eyes turned to him. They stared at each other silently for a while before Vincent turned back forward.

Antonio let out a deep breath. Seeing Vincent staying calm and not struggling made him realize it was a fruitless effort to do so.

No one came forth until two hours later. Antonio was the first to recognize the first person who walked in. He cursed her in his mind, it was the lady who fought him on the road the night before. Vincent from Antonio's reaction also knew it was none else but her.

After her came in the heavily built muscled man, the one who had knocked out almost of all their men at the factory, the same man who rode on the bike. They were both surprised on seeing him and they wondered how he could have escaped all the men who arrived at the scene before they left. More surprisingly, the brightness of the day revealed his face clearer and he seemed familiar to the both of them, even though they were yet to be sure who he really was.

Two other men entered after him and they walked straight to Antonio and lifted him up with the seat. They moved him closer to where Vincent was and dropped him by the side.

Henry stepped to the front of the two men.

"Hi guys, do you remember me?" Henry asked rhetorically with a mocking smile on his lips.

They both stared at him without giving any response, wondering if he meant remembering him from the encounter they had at midnight or from a far past experience.

"Well, I would introduce myself again." Henry said and squatted before them. "My name is Michael, the Reconciliation Team. I met you two few hours ago and gave you two options to follow. Unfortunately for you, you chose the bad option. Maybe you thought you could escape from me but as you can see, you didn't escape and you still can not escape."

Henry paused for a moment and bit his lips. He raised his brows and moved his gaze from Antonio to Vincent.

"I offered you a deal to work with me, but you chose to stay loyal to Elvis Kahn." Henry said with a chuckle. "It has landed you back into my hands and I'm supposed to finish you up for rejecting my offer, but..." He paused and licked his lips softly. "I won't kill you because I like loyal people. If you were loyal to Elvis Kahn, I believe you can be loyal to me."

Henry stood up after speaking. He turned around and took three short steps forward before turning back to them again. " So what do you say? You work for me or I do away with you two?"

Henry turned his gaze to Dave and signaled with a nod for the gags to be taken off the men's mouth to enable them respond to him. Dave proceeded forward and took the tapes off the mouth of both men.

They both stared at Henry silently for some seconds without talking until Henry spread his hands and palms wide to urge them.

"Who the hell are you?" Vincent asked with a squeezed face in a cool and calm confident tone.

"I'm Michael," Henry widened his eyes at him with an angry expression on his face.

"Elvis Kahn and the Red Wolves we know, Paul Edwards and the FOX we know. " He took two seconds pause and bit his lips. "Who the hell is Michael and the Reconciliation team?" Vincent blasted.

Antonio glanced at his face. He had a humbled look on. He looked at Henry's face again and glanced back at Vincent. He seemed to have recalled who was standing before them.

Henry smiled and moved to Vincent's front directly.

"You were considering this offer last night before he came to drag you away but it seems you are more hardened now than he was yesterday," Henry said with a smile.

"Bleep you man! You killed Elkim Nuel and tried to sell it to me that Kahn did, you killed him for not agreeing to work with you and you're threatening us the same way now." Vincent fired at him.

"I never planned to kill Elkim Nuel, his undue allegiance to Elvis Kahn and terrorism killed him and not me." Henry voiced out in a firm tone. "As much as I like loyal people, I hate it when people are loyal to the wrong cause."

"Damn you Michael, stop playing on my intelligence." Vincent cursed.

"I'm playing no games here man, your loyalty to Elvis Kahn is not only going to get you killed but your family members too." Henry threatened.

"You can't get to my family members dude, you can't get to em."

Henry laughed and stepped closer to the man. "How do you think I got to you?" He questioned in whispers. Yet to get an answer, he turned his gaze to Antonio and noticed Antonio's hands trembling visibly. "Your man here seems to be more reasonable than you are this afternoon," he said before he got up and stepped back again. "What do you think about my offer?" Henry asked, looking directly at Antonio before he turned his back to them. He remained in the position waiting for a response.

Vincent turned to Antonio, wondering why he wasn't talking. Antonio also turned to him, he was visibly trembling and his eyes were moving back and forth, looking at Henry and also at Vincent.

Vincent squinted at him, wondering what the cause of the unneccesary trembling was for.

"He's not Michael," Antonio whispered to Vincent in a sharp tone.

Vincent's eyebrows moved as he wondered what his partner was talking about.

"He's Carl Winston."

Henry turned sharply on hearing the same whispered. His eyes met with theirs and he saw the fear on their face, he never imagined they would know who he was.

Read more episodes here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
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Restless Episode 65


FOX Corporation Building,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

"FOX Agents at Vincil are yet to confirm the root cause of the attack at the factory," Agent Steve announced as he walked into his team's investigation room with a file in his hand.

Evelyn and Dan who were at the table turned to look at him.

"Don't you think we need a representative there to confirm our suspicions?" Evelyn asked Steve.

Steve gave no response until he got to the table and dropped the file.

"We've got no sensible conclusions yet and there's no certain link to our ongoing case except for the absence of the footages from the street cameras," Steve replied.

"But I think that's enough link to our case, footages for most events surrounding this case has always been missing." Dan put in.

"Still not enough reason to take permission for a trip out of Bexford," Steve replied and glanced at his face. "We have to pull out more reasonable facts than what we have now."

"I have been making some research on why that factory could be a target for the Red Wolves or whoever may have attacked it," Evelyn said as she turned around the table and proceeded towards one of the computer systems placed on the table at the front wall of the room. She sat on the seat in front of the computer and tapped the space bar to exit the screensaver. She opened a document from the desktop with the use of the mouse and scanned through before she clicked on the command to print the document. She got up from the seat and walked past the table where Steve and Dan were still studying some documents. She got to the printer at the opposite corner and picked up the three printed pages. Scanning through them with her eyes, she walked back to the investigation table.

"What have you got there?" Steve asked her, his eyes followed her as she returned to the table.

"Give me a minute to connect the pages boss," she pleaded.

"Take your time," he replied and continued to work on his own documents.

"Here," Evelyn said after two minutes of checking the newly printed documents and some other ones which she previously placed on the table. She moved closer to Steve. "Here boss, Enox is well known as a natural source for some of the raw materials used in manufacturing of some powerful explosives. This particular factory is known for refining the raw materials but our men reported this morning that they found the empty shells and balls for packaging the explosives."

Steve squinted. "I read that too but I thought they were also permitted for production and packaging of explosives."

"I confirmed through my research, they are only permitted to refine the raw materials." Evelyn replied.

"Hmm... Please go on," Steve said as he collected one of the documents in her hand to view.

"Our men found empty shells in there and it meant that they have been secretly packaging and producing explosives in the factory without permission from the necessary authority," Evelyn continued. "We requested for a photos of the shell used for packaging and we had , I studied the picture and also studied materials used in producing the shells and balls, they happen to consist of the same material making up the shells for explosives used by the Red Wolves."

"Damn! So, how come no one ever found out that the secret production goes on there?" Steve raised his brows. Daniel also came closer to them.

"There's no way anyone could have found out," Evelyn replied.

"But there should be frequent visits from the FOX and other security agencies to the place," Daniel said.

"Yes..." Steve cut in thoughtfully, stressing the word than usual. "There must have been frequent visits but we have to note that this visit was different, it wasn't expected and it was after something tragic had happened." Steve pointed out.

"Right, the place was attacked from the three different entrances, their men were killed and ongoing production and packaging were stopped abruptly." Evelyn stated.

"That means they could not have cleared off the materials used for the illegal production before the arrival of men from the FOX in the morning," Steve added thoughtfully.

"It actually has to be that there was no one to clear them," Evelyn stated. "And the point I'm trying to establish with all these is that that factory was the production ground for explosives used by the Red Wolves."

"You're right Agent," Steve heaved a sigh and took a step back from the table to think. "This is a good discovery," he stated as he stepped back forward. "However, some other group discovered it before us, and their own discovery led to our discovery." he added, stressing his words to emphasize the fact that they made the discovery late.

"That group, I believed attacked the factory." Daniel said.

"And we're yet to find out what they took from the place," Evelyn pointed out.

"Or who they took from the place," Steve added.

The entrance door opened and they all turned briefly to watch Agent Lydia walk in.

"There's a new mail boss," Lydia announced as she closed the door and walked to the system at the corner.

"And who is it from?" Steve asked her.

"The FOX Corporation in Vincil," Lydia replied. "They've got more information about those who went missing from the factory last night, and they also found one man alive at the exploded car."

Agent Steve turned back to take one more look at the documents on the table while waiting for Lydia to come up with her own documents. Lydia sent the document to the printer from the system and walked to the printer to pick the output. She joined them at the table afterwards, holding two A4 sized papers with her.

Steve took the document from her and began to read through, he was joined by Dan and Evelyn.

The report from the team in charge of the case from the FOX branch in Vincil mentioned names of some men who had left the facility in two cars before they were pursued on a motorcycle by the same man who attacked them from the entrance. It also revealed more about the whole thing.

It was learnt that one of the men from the car which was set on fire by an explosive narrowly escaped death while two others went missing. The rest of them were found dead, four men dead by the explosion while another was found with bullets in his body at the driver's side of the other vehicle. The man who was found alive was identified as Stanley Inn and the two men who were missing were identified as Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn.

Agent Steve underlined major points from the report, especially the names of the man who escaped death and the two others missing.

"This gives us all we need to get fully into the case," Steve said after analyzing the report. "The factory has not only been found to be connected to the invisible terrorist but two people have also gone missing. We need to find who those two men are and make some investigations."

Benuit, Bethanna.

"There's no cause for alarm Kahn, it's a war and we do not expect less from Agent Carl Winston. You lose some battles and win some but the beautiful thing here is that we are winning the war at the end of it all." Hutton said boldly after listening to Kahn's complaint.

"You do not understand this Hutton, he's got Vincent and Antonio, that's the same way he had Elkim Nuel and killed him. Not just that, but he also uncovered our largest explosive production factory and you still say we shouldn't let the whole body know the man responsible for all these is Agent Carl Winston?" Kahn questioned. He was standing and staring at Hutton's face while Hutton was comfortably sitting in the sofa.

"It's too late for the whole body to take any action against Agent Carl Winston Kahn, I made mention of it at the right time but we weren't sure he was alive and we could not take any action."

"If we let the whole body know, there may be ideas on how to get him down." Kahn suggested.

"If we didn't get ideas on how to confirm his presumed death, what makes you think we would get ideas on how to get him down?" Hutton asked and stared sternly at Kahn's face for a response. He didn't get any. "You see... We all know Carl Winston is an intelligent and crafty man, who knows if he's got a mole in our team?" Hutton asked with a shrug. "Making it loud that we know he's alive could get him to be more careful of us."

Kahn narrowed his gaze at Hutton. He had been trained to expect anything and not to trust anyone, but looking at the top men in the Wolves, he wasn't so sure of who the mole could be. All of the men had high stakes in the mission and working against the Wolves would be working against themselves.

"We would act like we know nothing when we get to Bexford for the meeting," Hutton continued. "We would offer solutions and ideas like the other men would do and try as much as possible to pick information that we may have missed from them."

Kahn stared at him for about a minute without saying anything.

"So, how long do we keep this from them?" Kahn asked.

"As long as it takes to get the first stage of our plan against Carl Winston done," Hutton replied.


Orel, Vincil.

Their temporary Lodge was more of like an uncompleted building. Only few parts of the building were completed and comfortable enough for human living. The place had been chosen for it's far distance from the main habitation in the community and it's closeness to rarely used road.

Cole, Dave and Henry were in a room. The ceiling fan right under which Henry was sitting made funny sounds as it rotated and one would think it was going to drop off the ceiling the next second.

Henry was sitting at the corner of the fifty centimetres high mattress. Cole was sitting on a chair behind a table with a laptop on it and some devices scattered around while Dave stood beside him, bent forward and looking at the laptop screen to see something Cole was showing him.

Henry was still wondering how Antonio had recognized him to be Carl Winston. It pointed to him, something he really hoped wasn't as he thought, which was the possibility of all top members of the Red Wolves being able to recognize him facially. Maybe they had all seen his pictures after his death was declared or they had probably been shown before the attempt to murder he and Rex. If it were true, then he would have to change his approach to other things involved in the mission.

"We can't tell you anything Winston," Vincent had said to him after confirming that he was truly Carl Winston. "You picked our other men and they all ended up dying, we can't trust our enemy with our lives."

The men were unwilling to release information to him even after finding out he was Carl Winston. They were of the opinion that he wouldn't spare their lives even after they gave him the information he required. He tried to change their mind about it to no avail. He was sure they were hardened enough not to release any secret to him.

"Boss, almost all these devices have no passwords." Cole said, taking a glance back at Henry.

"How many has passwords on them?" Henry asked.

"Just two, one each for both men." Cole replied.

"Are they the most frequently used devices by the men?"

"No, surprisingly, the most frequently used devices by them has no passwords but we do believe that these two passworded devices have more secrets in them."

"I agree with you," Henry said. He got up from the bed and put on his sandals. He joined them at the table. "How long is it going to take to hack into the locked ones?"

"The pattern is quite different from what we faced with Elkim Nuel, it could take two to three days." Cole replied

"That's damn too much to stay here, we need to get a quicker solution." Henry said and bent to stare at the computer screen. He stood back upright after a while. "Why don't we track the recent locations of their frequently used devices, we can track their homes, other offices or hideouts that way."

Restless Episode 66 - 96 is available here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless

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