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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:23am On Jul 04, 2019
So Paul Edward lied about his son's death. What a great discovery. Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 10:57am On Jul 04, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:36pm On Jul 06, 2019
Restless - Episode 40

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The car pulled up. Henry stepped forward quickly and opened the door to the passenger's side to join Cole who was alone in the vehicle.

"Boss, Daysman has an additional escort vehicle with four other men following him now." Cole said to Henry as soon as he got in.

"But Dave and Samantha are following them right?"

"Yes, from a distance."

"Did you find out what they did in the hall?" Henry asked as he placed his backpack on his laps and opened it.

"No, I tried to but it wasn't wise for me to proceed after coming across eleven armed men guarding the place."

"Eleven armed men?" Henry questioned.

"Those were the ones I saw, I can't tell of the others who I did not see." Cole replied.

"That means they're hiding something really dangerous in there," Henry suggested and then frowned as he thought about it.

"I believe it's not just something but it's someone they're hiding," Cole put in.

Henry took a quick glance at him.

"After Daysman and his men left, I tried to gain access but since I couldn't go past those men, I waited around to watch for who next would come out of the place..."

"And who did?"

Cole glanced at him and shook his head. "No one."

Henry raised his brows.

"Wait, how were you able to stay around there?"

"I got the clothes of the security man from a different section of the complex, far from our target section. Putting on the uniform made me look like a legal worker in the place."

"So, you saw no one else come out of the place?"

"No one," Cole replied and shook his head.

"Maybe you should have waited a little longer, I'm not sure anyone resides in that area of the complex."

"I waited until I was sure almost all had left that place," Cole replied him."I returned there after an hour and found only one man remaining in the same room I met the eleven men. And he wasn't even armed."

Henry raised his brows. "I don't..."

"Excuse me please," Cole interrupted him to listen to a voice in his earpiece. He listened and responded for about a minute before he turned again to Henry. "Dave just told me that the two escort cars have gone in different directions from Daysman."

Henry raised his brows. "And where are they now?"

"Daysman is at EPA Hill, in the FOX corporation headquarters," Cole quickly added.

Henry eyes widened in surprise and he quickly turned his face away thoughtfully.

"In FOX Corporation Headquarters?"

"Yes," Cole affirmed.

"Is his reason for visiting there by any means known?"

"Not yet," Cole answered.

A lot of thoughts ran through Henry's mind at that moment and he struggled in his mind to make a conclusion. He battled to come up with a reasonable reason for Daysman to be in the FOX Corporation.


FOX Corporation, EPA HILL

"Sorry for keeping you waiting sir," Agent Steve apologised to Daysman as he walked into the visitor's room.

"No problem officer," Daysman replied in his gruff voice.

Agent Steve settled into the seat behind the table quickly and picked out his notepad and pen. "Thank you so much for responding so quickly, I never expected you'd come so soon." Agent Steve said, still trying to settle down.

He was already on his way back to the office with Agent Evelyn when he had gotten the message that Daysman had arrived the office in response to their invitation.

"As a man who has nothing to hide, it's expected that I respond to calls like this as quick as I can. I'm always ready to help the security officials in investigation for the truth." Daysman replied him in a confident tone.

Steve took a quick glance at him, surprised by the confidence in his words, he sounded like someone who really had nothing to hide. But Steve wasn't deceived, he had met with a lot of people who had mastered the art of communication and could communicate words differently from what they feel.

Steve faked on a smile and then drew in breath.

"Sir, there have been two kidnaps in the past few days. Better put, a kidnap and something else we can't classify yet. The first ended up with the murder of the kidnap victim," Steve began. "We are not certain yet if the second was a kidnap, in fact, we aren't sure what happened but there's a link between the first and the second victims."

Daysman squinted his eyes at Steve.

"But checking through the security records, we saw a very strong link between these victims and you, that's why we've called you here to make some explanations."

"Who are these people you're talking about?" Daysman asked.

"Brad and Henson, I'm sure you must have heard about Brad's death and Henson's disappearance," Steve answered him.

"Of course, I have. The death of Brad came as a really disheartening news, he was a good man and good partner. As for Henson, I never really got to know much about him." Daysman answered briefly.

"You had an unfinished business with Brad before his death, can you tell me about this business?"

"I and Brad had so many business together, but recently we have only been talking about his firm producing packages for our farm products."

"I'm not aware that Suntan Farms is a sole asset of yours, how come you are discussing a deal with Brad for the farm without any record in the company or without the knowledge of the CEO?"

Daysman stared blankly for a moment. He realized that the man sitting before him must have done a lot of investigations and he had to be very careful in answering the questions.

"I am the managing director of Suntan Farms, I've been managing it for over ten years and it has grown under my leadership. When I see a deal to work out, I go for it and it's not the first time I'm discussing the possibility of a deal before officiating it."

"So, your business with Brad is nothing outside of Suntan Farms Deal?"

"No, I have personal growing businesses and Brad is like a mentor to me in the art of investing and making investment work."

"Five major arrests were made yesterday and we found Henson as a link for the Invisible terrorists. Now, Henson is directly connected to Brad who is directly connected to you." Steve explained. "Brad serves as the link between you and Henson and you were meant to deliver some things to Henson yesterday which you couldn't because of Brad's abduction."

"I don't get where all this is going to," Daysman replied with a confused tone.

"What were you supposed to deliver to Henson yesterday?"

"Nothing," the man frowned at Steve and raised his shoulder. "I'm not a delivery man."

Steve chuckled at his response. "I'm not in anyway calling you a delivery man, what is it that Brad had with you yesterday which you were supposed to release."

"Brad had nothing with me," Daysman replied.

"You mean you had no recent business with him?"

"No, I mean he kept nothing with me to deliver to anyone."

"Were you planning to meet with him after his arrival in Bexford?"

"No, we had no plans to meet."

"But in the past five days, you guys have made so much calls with each other that seems so unusual."

"I see nothing unusual in my calls with Brad, except you want to make an issue out of nothing."

Steve chuckled and then opened a file. He turned it towards Daysman to see.

"This documents the time of your calls with Brad, in three days, he called you six times and you called him five times, that's eleven all together, Isn't that strange?"

"I just told you we had business together and we both had to monitor the progress on both sides."

"Yes sir, you had business together and that business was to deliver ten parcels of explosives to Henson in disguise as farm products."

Daysman opened his mouth to express his shock at Steve. He slowly got to his feet, looking fierce and angry.

"This is preposterous, you mean you brought me here to make a mockery of me?"

"Please, take your seat sir." Steve said as he got to his feet. "We can discuss this maturely. We are not in this conversation alone, I believe you are aware others are with us." Steve added, referring to the other people who were watching and listening to them outside through the stream from the cameras inside the room.

"You can't make stupid and false accusations against me and expect me to keep quiet or calm."

"Please sit sir, and we'd continue our conversation. If you think I'm wrong, you can give your reasons and we'd trash out right here and now."

Daysman shook his head, still fuming in anger. He stared angrily at Steve for a moment before taking his seat.

"What the bleep about explosives are you talking about?"

"Brad was meant to give orders for the release of ten explosives to Henson yesterday but that did not happen because Brad was abducted the day before."

"I don't know anything about that, you can't just try to drag me in."

"But Brad made more contact with you than anyone else in the last forty eight hours before his abduction and murder, and in his to-do list, he had in his schedule to contact your for the release of something which he called 'ten parcels'."

"I was suppose to hand over documents to Brad, that's all I had to do with Brad yesterday. I do not know anything about the ten parcels or whatever you're saying."

Steve was silent for a moment, his arms folded across his chest as he stared Daysman in the eyes.

"We'd have to see those documents, in nothing less than two hours."

"Two hours? It's late already."

"If the documents are already prepared, all that we need to do is go and get them, I do think two hours is even too much for that."

Daysman heaved a sigh of frustration.


EPA, Bexford.

"If we have to go after Daysman tonight, following him immediately after he leaves EPA hill would be the best option." Samantha suggested.

"I agree," Cole joined in. "The two escorts vehicles are no longer with him, he has less security around him."

The four of them were now in the same vehicle, Cole and Henry sitting at the back while Dave and Samantha sat at the front.

"It may not be the best option, I think this is the time the security around him is tightest." Henry joined in after a few seconds of careful consideration. "We got Brad and then Henson, it is obvious to us, the FOX and even the Wolves that the next in line would be Daysman. We'd have eyes watching and hands waiting for us."

There was silence in the car for a while.

"So, we're just going to stay and watch him go from here? Or get him from his home like we did with Brad?"

"It would be difficult to get him from home if the escorts are there with him," Cole put in.

"Did you run a check on his home?" Henry asked.

'Yes, I did." Cole replied. "The networks are secured in the house and around, the facility is very small compared to Brad's and there are not so many loopholes to get in with."

"We would not need to go to his home for now," Henry said in a calm instructive tone. "We would borrow a tactic from the invisible terrorists, something they used when they started." Henry paused and looked at the faces of all his team members. "We would distract them with something different from the pattern, at the same time fulfilling our goal."

"Boss, you're speaking in parables." Dave put in after some seconds of silence by Henry.

"Paul Edward's dead son is in town, I found him at the Ruthernard Hospital and he'd be leaving the hospital very early tomorrow morning." Henry said, looking at the faces of each of them.

"His dead son?" Samantha voiced out, staring at Henry with a questioning look.

"Yeah, Paul saved his grandson from death and killed other people's children. Paul Edwards grandson was never in the explosion." Henry replied her. He then raised his brows thoughtfully. "Paul Edwards is followed around by the toughest of FOX's security, he's difficult to come in contact with, but his grandson would be transported like an ordinary man out of Bexford tomorrow."

"So, we all go to get him tomorrow?" Cole asked.

"No, just you and Dave." Henry replied him. "I and Samantha would return to the Magic Complex to find how the other men got out of the place."


"Hutton, I'm out already." Daysman said into his phone's mouthpiece as he entered into the car in the FOX Corporation compound.

"Hope you were as calm as required?" The voice from the other end asked.

"Yeah, I acted well." Daysman answered. "The dude is asking for documents in two hours."

"He'd be handled," Hutton replied. "You need to face the next step, I'm sure someone or a group is on the way to get you like they did with Henson and Brad but we're with you."

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:25am On Jul 07, 2019
Wicked Paul Edward. Your sins will soon catch up with you. Thanks for the update.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by jojooo: 11:35am On Jul 10, 2019
Kudos to u this is one of the best i have read recently i will wait for the next update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 2:56pm On Jul 10, 2019
Paul Edward shouldn't go unpunished
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:18am On Jul 16, 2019
Restless - Episode 41

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


"They're here," Cole announced to Dave who was sitting beside him in the car. Dave sat up and looked through the window at the driver's side where Cole was sitting.

They could see the headlights of a vehicle coming afar off with another vehicle behind it. They waited and watched until the vehicles turned into the road where their car was parked and continued their movement.

"Let's move," Cole said to Dave as he pulled out his gun.

Cole waited few more seconds for the targeted vehicles to move farther away before he kicked on the engine of the car and drove into the road. They followed immediately after and soon got close enough without drawing any suspicion.

"There are three men in the Jeep behind," Dave said after peering for a moment.

"And there are four in the car in front, our target and his father should be sitting at the backseat." Cole put in. "So, how do we go about it?"

"We'd take the driver of the Jeep out first and fire the tyres," Dave answered him. He paused and stayed silent for a short while. "Then we go after our target."

"Alright," Cole said as he increased the gear.

They leveled up at the left side of the Jeep and slowly wound down the window. Dave had his gun cocked already in his right hand. His eyes met with the driver's eyes and he made a mischievous smile as he raised his gun.

He could already see the alert look on the faces of the men even before his gun was raised. He knew they were also security men and were conscious that there could be an attack at any time.

Before any move could be made by the men in the Jeep, Dave fired two shots at the driver and also fired a bullet into the front tyre of the Jeep. The Jeep lost control totally and swerved off the road into the drain.

Cole zoomed forward immediately after the shot and followed after the car where their target was. The driver of the car in front had now increased his speed in response to the gunshot sounds heard from behind.

Dave stretched out his gun again and aimed at the left back tyre of the vehicle. It took him about fifty seconds before he fired the shot, the bullet got straight into the back tyre which deflated immediately and resulted to a decrease in the speed of the vehicle. The driver of the car tried to accelerate even with the bad tyre but Dave fired another shot and it got into the second tyre, resulting to a drag in the movement.

Cole wound up both front windows of the car as he leveled up with the car.

The men at the front seat of the vehicle fired at the assailants' vehicle but realized that it was bullet resistant. The assailants' vehicle swerved to the front and stopped.

"Keep your heads down and don't get out of this car until I say so," the man sitting at the right side of the car said to Austin and his father who were at the backseat. He opened the door and carefully stepped out, using the door as a shield.

He had barely gotten out when he began to hear sounds of gunshots on the vehicle. He ran quickly to the back of the vehicle and hid temporarily. He quickly brought out a telephone.

Dave stepped out of the car, firing shots towards the driver's side of the vehicle. He saw the driver already stepping out and about to turn towards him. The driver was able to turn with his gun but had a bullet into his chest before he could shoot.

Cole also stepped out of the vehicle with his gun. The two partners bent to hide their bodies behind the vehicle as they moved closer to the vehicle where the target was. Both squatted by the headlight at the two different sides. Dave gave a signal to Cole before they began to proceed slowly.

The man behind the vehicle had just finished making his call and moved close to the edge to peep. His eyes met with Cole's eyes as he peeped through the right side and he quickly pulled back and hurried towards the left.

Cole fired two quick shots at him. One went wide while the other hit the car and affected the tail lights.

The man turned to the left side and waited at the edge. He peeped and his eyes met with Dave's again with a gunshot following. He moved slowly to the wondering what he could do when he another gunshot sounded. At first, he only knew it was from either of the two men but he didn't know what they shot at. There was another gunshot and he dropped to the floor as a bullet hit the back of his right foot from behind. Another shot was fired from under the car again and it entered into his back.



"You called for me sir," Agent Steve said after the normal salutation to the chairman.

He was in Paul Edward's office and the man was sitting behind the table in his seat. He had fingers of both hands locked into each other and his elbows placed on the table.

"Can you explain to me the reasons for embarrassing Mr Daysman?" Paul Edwards asked, staring into Steve's eyes.

"Sir, I didn't mean to embarrass him. It was only part of our investigation," Steve replied.

"But you made an allegation against him without having a proof," Paul Edwards replied in a calm voice.

"All details in our investigations pointed to him and we were so sure..."

"You were so sure but you had no proof!" Paul fired at him.

"Sir, we're still very sure. I'm certain the documents he provided us are doctored." Steve said in defense.

"What proof do you have to back these claims?" Paul asked with his brows gathering.

Steve was silent.

"You've got to apply caution Steve, you cannot go accusing people without substantial evidence." Paul continued. "The FOX goes underground to confirm suspicions first before accusing. What you did yesterday was the operation of the police and should never repeat itself, and I shouldn't get the news that you trouble Mr Daysman anymore.

"Understood sir," Steve answered in a firm voice.

Paul dismissed him with a wave of the hand. Steve saluted again and turned to leave.

Paul picked the phone on his table which had been vibrating since he began to talk to Steve. He answered the call.

"Hello!" He said into the mouthpiece and listened for a response. His eyes widened and he got up slowly in shock as he heard the caller relayed the news of the attack on his son's vehicle.



Magic Complex, Bexford

"I'll tell you if there's any need to come in," Henry said to Samantha as he took off his seatbelt in the driver's seat. He turned the rearview mirror to himself have a clear view of his face. He fondled his attached beards gently and also touched the moustache. He returned the rearview mirror to the previous position and pulled out a face cap.

He opened the door and put a foot outside before he put on the face cap.

"I'll be back Sam," he said before closing the door and heading for the magic Complex building.

Samantha moved to the driver's side of the car after watching Henry until he disappeared. She pulled out an earpiece and a small device which looked like an iPod.


Henry navigated through the complex carefully, moving straight in his targeted direction. He got to the entrance and entered into the first room where the office of the receptionist was. There was no one except a lanky man sitting behind the table. He was bent down, trying to pick something under the table when Henry walked in.

He quickly raised his head quickly and stared at Henry. A frown appeared on his face as Henry got closer.

"Hey Man, what can I do for you?" He asked, surprised at the way Henry was charging forward.

"Good morning," Henry greeted and stopped just in front of the table. "I heard you have good halls for meetings in here, I'll like to have a quick look at them."

The man squinted at Henry and then raised a brow. He recalled that someone had also come the day before to make enquires about halls in the building.

"Who told you there are halls in this place? This is a private center, not public."

"Private center? Owned by who?" Henry asked with raised eyebrows.

"Who are you and why are you asking me that question?"

"My name is Richard," Henry answered and faked a smile. "Can I know who owns this place now?"

"You need to get the bleep out of here now," the man replied him in an angry tone.

Henry smiled and then looked towards the entrance into the inner part of the section. He looked at the man's face again and then stood up straight, he proceeded towards the entrance without a word to the man.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" The man fired and got up quickly to his feet. He followed after Henry immediately.

Henry turned sharply and grabbed him by the neck with the fist. He lifted him up, taking his feet off the ground and turned him towards the wall. He tightened his grip on the man's neck for some seconds more before he slammed him against the wall and released him to fall to the ground.

He stared at the man on the floor for some seconds and watched him wriggle in pain, then he bent down slowly and grabbed the man by the neck again and then slammed his head on the ground, making him fall unconscious. He got up and flashed a look to the back to see if anyone was watching, there was no one in sight. He then dragged the body quickly to the back of the table to hid it from close view. He pulled out his gun and hid it in his fist behind him as he proceeded in through the inner entrance.

He found himself in another room, empty but larger than the first and demarcated with transparent glass walls. He carefully proceeded in through the entrance and moved slowly towards the door he could see before him.

The door opened quickly as he touched the knob, he pushed it in and stepped in. The room was just like the previous. He proceeded into another which was different. The wall at the other end was made of bricks instead of transparent glass. The ceiling was made of white POP materials and the walls and the ceramic floor was sparkling white.

The soles of his shoes made sounds as he proceeded and he gradually reduced his walking steps until he began to tiptoe to eliminate whatever sound was coming from his shoe. He got to another door and turned the knob like he did with the first and second but this turned only without the door opening. He bent down to check what kind of lock it had. After observing for few seconds, he pulled out a purse from the pocket of his inner jacket. He opened the purse and took out a set of four tools from it. He returned the purse into the inner pocket and kept his gun in his trouser pocket temporarily. He picked in his right hand the first of the tools which looked like a tiny screw driver. He pressed the pointed edge of the tool and it flattened into the shape of a key.

He inserted the tool into the keyhole and tried to turn it but it proved difficult. He tried again and there was no success. He stopped and stared at it for a moment. He realized that if he applied more force than he was already applying, it could cause the tool to break in the keyhole. He took out his purse from the inner pocket again and brought out a liquid in a small tube, he applied the tool around the surface area of the keyhole and then returned the first tool and the tube into the purse. He straightened the edge of the second tool and inserted into the keyhole. He turned it and it was softer but the door did not still opened. He removed it quickly and put in the third tool. He turned it and the lock made a creaking sound as it unlocked. He unlocked it quickly and returned all the tools back into the purse. He pulled out his gun again before pushing the door open gently.

He peeped in first and stepped in slowly. The room was almost completely dark as the only source of light in it were the reflection of the sunlight through the curtains of the closed window which was still enough to reveal the computer sets at both left and right side. There was also a large screen hung at the top of the middle wall.

Henry took out a small torch light and turned it on before closing the door behind him. He looked around quickly, pointing his torch light to the wall but could not find any switch for the florescent bulb at the center of the ceiling.

He noticed a red light on the ground at the left corner of the room, a sign that some electrical appliances were turned on.

He proceeded slowly and carefully, his eyes searching around and the torch from his light moving from one corner to another. He had just taken five steps towards the center when the bulb at the center of the ceiling turned on and brightened the room. He stopped and looked up as bulbs at the corners of the rooms also turned on with the air conditioner starting to work.

He turned quickly and looked around, he also looked down to see if there was anything or a sensor which could have triggered the lights coming on by themselves. He found nothing tangible. He took in a deep breath. He was sure that someone somewhere would have been alerted about his presence in the room.

He looked around the room again. The lights had revealed more of the things in the room and he could see the cameras at the corners of the ceiling. He took a quick glance at the computer systems in the room, wondering which of them he could use and try to hack into.

As he took another step forward, he heard a strange sound and quickly turned his neck. There was a wall made of multiple thin red lights building from the left corner of the room close to the door. In a few seconds, it formed a wall around the center of the room, leaving out the computer systems and the large screen and putting him in center of the fence.

Henry could feel the heat coming from the lights. He knew what it was. He was trapped!

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 11:04am On Jul 16, 2019
Trapped See trouble

Thanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:17pm On Jul 16, 2019
Henry don enter one chance.
Thanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:17pm On Jul 16, 2019
Henry don enter one chance.
Thanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by jojooo: 9:18am On Jul 17, 2019
Henry has been trapped I pray he get out unhurt

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by NzeSteve(m): 12:12pm On Jul 17, 2019
Can't wait for d next update
Nice write up and more inspiration to u
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by oluwadabira111(m): 10:36pm On Jul 17, 2019
I love the story,but the story is way way below the standard you set when you wrote tarasha,the story is so unrealistic, and not on tarasha level,but sha u can still improve coming from one of your ardent reader starting from the days of inseparable in 2014.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:03pm On Jul 17, 2019
I love the story,but the story is way way below the standard you set when you wrote tarasha,the story is so unrealistic, and not on tarasha level,but sha u can still improve coming from one of your ardent reader starting from the days of inseparable in 2014.
Alright, Thanks for your feedback.
I'll like to know what parts are unrealistic, so I can make changes
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:47pm On Jul 17, 2019
Restless - Episode 42
Trapped 2

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

As he took another step forward, he heard a strange sound and quickly turned his neck. There was a wall made of multiple thin red lights building from the left corner of the room close to the door. In a few seconds, it formed a wall around the center of the room, leaving out the computer systems and the large screen and putting him in center of the fence.

Henry could feel the heat coming from the lights. He knew what it was. He was trapped!

Henry's mind worked quickly and his eyes began to search around for a switch which could be somewhere inside the fence but there was none. He however noticed two switches outside the fence, one at the back end corner and the other the front end where he first noticed the red blinking light. He took out his phone and unlocked it quickly. He observed the network signal sign at the top bar of the phone for a moment. He noticed it was fluctuating and was quite sure that it was a result of the laser fence surrounding him. He dialed Samantha's number and it took a while before it connected.

"He...llo," he heard her voice sound out when she finally answered, the bad network making the line sound unclear.

"Samantha, I'm trapped in a laser fence, I need you to come in my direction."

"Hello...Please speak again, I didn't get you clearly."

"I'm trapped in a room, I need you to come in now." Henry repeated.

"What do you want me to do? Should I come in or do something else here?" Samantha asked, her tone making it obvious that she did not hear his initial request.

"Please come in," He shouted into the phone.

"He...llo, are you with me?" she still didn't hear him.

"Come in," Henry replied back tiredly. He then cut the call quickly and opened the text messaging app.

I'm trapped in, I need you to come in quickly in my direction.

He clicked on send after composing his message. He watched as the sending icon rotated for some seconds before showing the failed mark appeared. He heaved a sign and then clicked on the resend icon. The process repeated itself and he clicked on it the third time before it was marked as sent.

He returned to the call dialer and searched for Cole's number. He dialed and put it close to his ear.

"Hello boss, we've got the young man with us." Cole voice rang in immediately the call was answered.

"Cole, I'm trapped in a laser fence. I need you to come to the Magic Complex immediately."

"Boss... Can you hear me?" Cole asked from the other end.

"Hey Cole, I can hear you. I'll send you a text message now," he replied before he ended the call and switched to the text messaging app again.

He typed in a text message and clicked on send. It failed five times before it was finally sent at the sixth time. He exited the message box with Cole and switched to check if the message he sent to Samantha had been delivered. It was yet to be delivered.

Henry returned his phone to his pocket. He took another look around but found nothing new. He then began to look around the ceiling. There was no way he could make a hole in the concrete ceiling.



Benuit State, Bethanna

Benuit International Airport.

Hutton and Kahn walked in front with three men flanging hem at both sides. They were all in black suits but only Hutton and Kahn had black ties and white collared shirts on. The other men had round neck shirts under their suit jackets.

Hutton had dark eye glasses on his face which covered his eyes from public view and also shielded them from the sun.

He was tall, of a slightly huge body, an oval tight face and a pointed nose. He was a naturally handsome man but the dark eyeglasses he wore made him look dangerously evil. His dark and coiled hair made him look more attractive it responded swiftly with it's movement to the wind blowing in his direction. Hutton walked carefully but swiftly and had his head placed straight at all times.

Elvis Kahn on the other hand was shorter compared to Hutton. He had a more slender figure. He kept a clean shaven hair unlike Hutton whose hair was full His moustache and neatly shaped beards gave him a distinct look at all times. His round dark eyeballs could be seen moving to and fro at every point in time without his eyes moving.

They had just arrived from Bexford and were heading for the Wolves Strategy House in Benuit. The men flanging them had their traveling bags and other effects. Kahn held a phone in his hands while nothing could be seen on Hutton's hand except for the wristwatch held firmly around his wrist.

On their way out of the airport hall, Kahn stopped to answer a call. The rest of the men including Hutton waited for him to finish with his phone conversation.

After the phone call, Kahn locked his phone and moved closer to Hutton.

"Someone broke into our magic complex hall," Kahn said to Hutton.

"I knew that was going to happen, but never thought it would be soon." Hutton replied, an evil smile forming on his face.

"He's trapped in the laser fence and I have instructed our men to keep him captive," Kahn said to Hutton as they continued walking towards the car park.

"Ask for a picture to be sent to us, let's see what he looks like."

"I've requested for that already, I'd receive it before we get to the car." Kahn replied.


EPA Hill, Bexford Bethanna.

"I want this to be kept as top secret," Paul barked at the six man team lined up in front of him as he paced about in front of them. Agent Elkim was standing beside him and the grey haired Agent was standing behind, close to the back window. "Let's get this done as quick as possible, I would ensure you get every reinforcement as soon as you need them. Now, go get the search started, my grandson must return to me whole and hearty"

Paul stopped and watched as the men filed out and closed the door behind them. He turned an hundred and eighty degree and said to Elkim, "That boy must be returned safe and sound."

Elkim followed him as he began to walk to the exit door behind.

"I think we should get Steve's team involved, they've been following the kidnap case of Richard Brad." Elkim suggested.

Paul Edwards stopped and turned to Agent Elkim. "Are you in anyway saying this is related to Richard Brad's kidnap?"

"I can't say for sure Agent Paul, but it just comes almost at the same time with the two kidnaps."

"My son has no relationship with Richard Brad and Henson, this cannot be related." Paul said in a frustrated and confused tone.

"Then, we should wait and see what this new team comes back with," Agent Elkim finally said.

Paul Edwards heaved a sigh and turned after a moment of staring thoughtfully. He walked out and Agent Elkim followed him, leaving the grey haired Agent who had been watching them quietly.


Ten minutes later, Henry was still trapped in between the laser fence. He was now bent on the floor, with a torchlight in his hand and looking carefully around the area where he knelt.

"The sensor has got to be somewhere here," Henry said to himself and then looked up again. He peered at the left side for a moment, trying to see if what he was looking for was on the wall. The red lights however made it difficult for him to see the walls she he could not tell if there was anything there. He turned, still on his knees and tried to figure out the exact point he stood when the lights in the room came on. He stopped at a certain point he thought it was and pointed his torch light at the point. He took out his purse from the inner jacket, he opened it quickly and placed it on the floor. He took out some tools strong enough to take out a tile from the tiled floor and arranged them on the floor. He began to dig along the lines which joined the tiles together.

It took him close to a minute to take out the first tile. He picked his torch quickly and pointed the light to the space created. The only thing he could see was the tarred floor. He dropped the torch and moved forward to the tile in front, he was able to take it out in less than fifteen seconds. He pointed his torch and looked again, there seemed to be nothing there and he was about to drop the torch when he noticed a blue coloured material at the edge. He pointed the torch at it and observed properly.

He heaved a sigh as he noticed something which looked like what he was searching for. He dropped the torch again and picked the tools, he took out the next tile and could now see the pipe clearly. He dug a hole in the pipe with the tool and saw the cable in it. He picked his tools quickly again and took out the tile beside the new space. He took two more tiles off after that before he saw the box where the pipe led into, a plastic box. He opened the box and saw the connecting wires and the sensor. He pointed his torch at it for a while and studied it closely. He noticed three switches connected to the sensor. He knew one of them would be the switch which triggered the light, another would have triggered the laser fence but he couldn't tell what the third switch was meant for. He studied for some more seconds to know the two which were switched on.

After he identified the two switches which were turned on, he had one more challenge which was knowing which of the buttons was for the laser fence. If he turned off the other switch, it could cause a total shut down of the system but he was sure the security would be configured in a way to ensure the laser fence remained on even after the total system was disrupted.

He hesitated for a moment and considered the chances he had. He was sure the people who installed the security would be there any moment soon. If he took the risk of turning off one of the switches, he could either set himself free or remain in captive but if he decided to do none of them, he would still remain captive.

He studied both buttons for a while and identified one which was the most likely switch for the laser fence. He decided to take the risk and turn it off. His fingers couldn't touch the switch because of the arrangement and connection in the box. He picked up a screwdriver-like tool and carefully inserted it. It touched the switch and he pushed it gently, turning it off.

There was a complete black out, and total silence engulfed the room.


"I'm on the second floor already, should I take the elevator?" Samantha said into her mouthpiece as she hurried up the staircase.

"No, continue with the stairs, the elevator would get more attention to you and could get you trapped." Cole's voice sounded in her earpiece.

"Okay... Are you still trying to reach him?"

"Yes, it's not connecting. He probably is somewhere out of signal."

"Please continue trying, I'm really not sure if he wants me to do something outside or if he was calling for me to come in."

"Just keep moving up, I'll be there soon to help you with whatever he wants you to do outside."

"Okay," Samantha replied and increased her walking steps.

She was headed for the tenth floor and Cole had described the exact place for her to go.

She finally got to the stairs which led to the tenth floor and reduced her walking speed. She mumbled some words to Cole through the mouthpiece before pulling out her gun. She could heard some voices and sounds of footsteps and she could tell that close to five people were in the corridor. She stopped just at the last step of the stairs and peeped into the corridor to catch a view. She saw five men standing close to the entrance Cole directed her to, all dressed in blacks and having guns in their hands. She could tell that there were more people who had stepped into the place.

To be continued

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Restless – Episode 43
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Samantha finally got to the stairs which led to the tenth floor and reduced her walking speed. She mumbled some words to Cole through the mouthpiece before pulling out her gun. She could heard some voices and sounds of footsteps and she could tell that close to five people were in the corridor. She stopped just at the last step of the stairs and peeped into the corridor to catch a view. She saw five men standing close to the entrance Cole directed her to, all dressed in blacks and having guns in their hands. She could tell that there were more people who had stepped into the place.
For a moment after the complete blackout, Henry thought he had made the wrong choice of button to push but suddenly again, the lights came on and the laser fence began to fold up in reverse order of how it built. Henry heaved a sigh of relief as he realized he made the right decision of which button to turn off.
He picked his phone quickly and unlocked it again, he noticed that the signal bar was becoming stronger. He paused for a moment as he began to hear some sounds from outside. He knew at once that he now add company. He switched to his call dialer and dialed Samantha’s number.
She carefully and quietly from some steps back to the midway landing and then three more steps downward to hide her head behind the handrail.
“Cole, I have not seen Henry but there’s a heavy presence of unknown gunmen here.” She said into the mouthpiece of the communicator.
“Can you also try reach his phone?” Cole replied him and Samantha dipped her hand into her pocket to pull out her phone quickly.
She took a moment to quickly look up to see if anyone was coming in her direction from above. She returned her focus to the phone after confirming that no one was coming. She was about to dial Henry’s number when she got an incoming call from him.
She swiped up the green phone icon immediately and put the phone close to her ear.
“Henry where are you?”
“Get directions from Cole and come in my direction immediately, I got into some real big trap and I think I’ve got some company now.” Henry replied.
“I’m very close already and I can see the men, I’ll join you in a second.”
“Be careful,” Henry warned before ending the call.
Samantha kept her phone and held her gun firmly in her hand, she was about to start moving up when she heard sounds of footsteps coming closer. She stopped to listen for a while and then looked up the stairs through the spaces on the handrails. It was a just in time to see a man who had stopped halfway down before the midway landing pointing his gun in her direction. The man must have noticed her slight movements behind the rails.
She moved away quickly before the two bullets could reach her and she fired a random shot back at him. She moved down from the ground of the next floor to the first step on the flight and watched from there. The man who fired at her was still firing as he ran down the steps.
She held the revolver firmly and watched as he moved to the stairs close to the floor. With calculated steps she moved to front of the stairs and fired two shot at the man. One of the bullets went straight into the man’s chest and he dropped to the ground.
She climbed a step up and looked up to see if anyone else was coming. She began to move up slowly and carefully when she suddenly saw a man flip over from the other side and landed on the handrail. Before she could direct her gun to him, his kick hit her at the top of the shoulder which slammed her back to wall behind.
He landed on his feet to the stairs, a foot on the fifth step and the second on the sixth. Before she could make a move, he grabbed the wrist of the hand where she held the gun and sent a punch into her belly, slamming her back to the wall again.
She replied with a kick which landed close to his groin, making his waist hit the handrail but he still held on to her wrist. He launched forward with a kick from his knee but she stopped it with her left hand and stamped a kick on the lap on his left leg, making him hit his waist against the rail again.
Henry pulled out his second revolver after returning the tools into the purse and into his jacket. He moved slowly to the door and listened for a second before opening it carefully. He could now hear the footsteps carefully as he stepped out of the room. He saw traces of men moving in the next room through the transparent glass walls and he could tell they were coming in his direction.
He turned back into room and closed the door. He stood by the door and held the guns firmly in his hands
Soon as expected, the footsteps began to sound closer in his direction. He kept still and waited patiently.
Soon he noticed a hand had touched the knob from the back and was slowly pushing the door open. He waited till the person stepped in and then delivered a kick to the groin, he followed with a bullet to the chest as the man fell against the door.
He peeped and stepped out immediately with his fingers moving close to the triggers of the guns in his hands. There were three men in the room, one was already moving towards the door but had stopped on the way on seeing what happened. The other two were close to the entrance door. Another man could be seen through the transparent wall just close the door. His speed and swiftness was triple of theirs, he released the bullets to the men’s bodies as he began to move with quick light to avoid being aimed at successfully.
After gunning down the first three men, he fired a shot through the glass towards the man at the back of the wall but missed as the man was already alert. The man fired two shots back at Henry through the same part of the glass wall and it created a larger crack on the wall. Henry’s eyes searched around as he approached the entrance and he located the men behind the other transparent wall approaching his direction.
The man lost his grip on Samantha’s wrist when his waist hit the handrail but charged back towards her immediately and landed a hard punch at the top of her shoulder, making her stagger back and rammed into her with his shoulder, slamming her body hard against the wall.
She grabbed his body firmly and pushed him hard against the handrail again. She raised her head up and then followed with a punch to his belly. He tried to push her but she stood firmly with her left hand holding one of his arms, she then struck him in the face twice with the revolver in her hand. He tried to take advantage of her one- second pause to strike back with a head butt but she dodged it and grabbed his neck, putting his neck under her armpit. She kicked him hard in the belly twice with her knee and then raised his head up again, she struck him three more times on the face with the butt of the gun and pushed him away, down the stairs. She repositioned the gun in her hand quickly and fired a bullet into his body. She walked quickly to his body where it rolled to the landing and quickly picked out a gun from his pocket. She understood that he had refused to use his gun on her but had chosen a hand fist instead because he wanted to take her alive and probably find out why she was there.
She turned her neck and looked up to see if anyone else was coming yet but there was none. She rose up and quickly climbed back up the stairs to the tenth floor. She was already hearing sounds of gunshots and she knew that it was already going down with Henry in the place. One of the men turned and fired a quick shot at her but she quickly dodged behind the wall of the staircase.
Henry approached the reception wall carefully after gunning down five men. He stopped by the wall when he got to the door. He cocked one of the guns he had taken from one of the men who attacked him. He peeped out and looked left, just as he looked right, he saw someone already charging towards him with a gun raised in his hand. Before Henry could raise his own gun and fire, the man had already fired two shots at him which Henry quickly dodged by entering back into he room. He stayed behind the wall and waited for the man to come in.
He grabbed the man’s hand by the wrist and raised his gun as he directed his own revolver to the man’s face but the man was also swift and had pulled his wrist up too, making Henry fire his bullet into the ceiling instead.
The man launched a kick with his knee into Henry’s belly and tried to push him away but Henry stood firm and maintained his grip on the man. Henry twisted his hand and turned him around swiftly with force, hitting the man’s back and head hard against the wall. The man stamped a foot against Henry’s knee but Henry’s leg remained firm on the floor and unmoving. Henry launched a kick with his knee into the man’s belly, both men still holding the wrist of his opponent’s hand where the gun was.
The man pushed Henry with so much force that he skidded a metre back, he grabbed Henry’s arm with the second hand and made a swift turn to Henry’s back, trying to twist his arm but Henry made a quick twisting and leaping movement, making the man’s twisting attempt fail. Henry’s gun had dropped from his hand by the time he landed on his feet but he hand was also free from the man’s grip. He was able to grab the man by the arm, close to the shoulder and pull him forcefully. He grabbed the arm with both hands and then slammed him hard against the wall. He followed with a kick to the man’s back and as he was about to grab the man’s neck, he noticed a man coming towards the entrance door already. He pulled out the revolver from the hand of the man in front of him and fired into the body of the new man immediately he appeared at the entrance.
The man in front turned immediately and kicked Henry on the chest before Henry could point the gun to him. He grabbed Henry by the hand and tried to take away the gun but Henry grabbed him by the neck and flung him away towards the center. The man fell on his butt but managed to quickly rise. Henry did not slack but followed up with a kick to the man’s face before the man stand upright. The man staggered back holding his face with both hands. Henry followed up with a punch to his chest from the left side, the man took his hands off his face and before he could open his eyes to see, Henry had hit his face with the butt of the gun.
Henry delivered more blows to his face with the butt of the gun before he finally landed a kick to his chest to send him to the ground.

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Episode 43 contd

Henry delivered more blows to his face with the butt of the gun before he finally landed a kick to his chest to send him to the ground.
The tall, hefty man fell to the ground heavily. Henry placed a knee on the floor by his side and pulled his head up. He pushed in the mouth of the gun into the man’s mouth.
“Do you know the other exit out of this place?” Henry asked.
The man shook his head to signify a No.
Henry glanced at the door for a second before asking him another question. “Do you still have other men outside?”
The man nodded in response.
She ran down the staircase with light steps as the man kept on firing in her direction as he moved closer. She stopped when she got to the ninth floor landing and stood by the handrail edge of the stairs leading down from the ninth floor. She looked up from there and began to fire as she noticed the man was coming after her. He ran back to dodge and fired back in her direction.
She dodged for a moment and looked again to check for him. She fired another bullet up even seeing any trace of him. She tried to fire another but the bullets in the gun were already exhausted.
She turned back to look as she heard sounds of footsteps, but another sound caught her attention and she looked up again to see a small explosive call thrown from up to her direction. She fled down the stairs immediately and jumped over the handrail to hasten her movement down as the ball went up in flames.
The impact of the explosive ball was blow but it contained enough vibration and energy to kill one or two persons as it was designed.
Samantha jumped down to find herself in front of two other men who were on their way up. They looked like ordinary security men and she couldn’t tell if they were a part of the enemies but before she could decide, one of them had already charged towards her.
She dodged his punch by bending down and she hit him in the belly with the gun in her hand. He staggered back and missed a step on the stair, he fell to the side holding the rail for support.
Samantha quickly took out a row of bullet to fix in her revolver but the second man pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. The man from the top floor who threw the explosive ball had also come down and was pointing at her from the back.
To be continued

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Samantha ooo. Thanks for the update.
You too the fear jor cheesy
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You too the fear jor cheesy
Hahaha. Lol. Lemme o izaray. You know there's danger when two individuals are pointing their guns towards Samantha nah. grin
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Restless - Episode 44

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Samantha quickly took out a row of bullet to fix in her revolver but the second man pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. The man from the top floor who threw the explosive ball had also come down and was pointing at her from the back.

Samantha froze and looked at the faces of both men from both sides. She knew the trigger would be pulled if she made any dubious move and it would mean instant death for her.

"Go on your knees and drop that thing," the man behind her said in a commanding tone.

She went down slowly with the gun placed on the floor and gently placed her knees on the ground, her hands going up simultaneously.

The man behind moved closer to her and picked the gun from the step it was dropped.

"Place your hands behind you," the other man said as he took out an handcuff to use on her.

Samantha obeyed and had both hands placed at the back. The man who picked her gun stepped in front of her and put the gun forward very close to her body. The man behind was already fixing the cuff on the right wrist when Samantha delivered a blow to his groin with her elbow. She grabbed the wrists of the man holding the gun in front of her and pulled it up as she got up, she also delivered a kick with her knee to his belly. She turned back with her hands still holding the wrists of the man and landed another kick with her knee to the face of the man who was bent behind.

She dodged a blow from the front and gave the man a headbutt on his chest. The man fell back against the handrail and she replied him with another headbutt, this time on his face. The headbutt hit his nose hard but Samantha also felt some pain on her forehead. She released the hand of the man where the gun was and the pistol fell to the stairs and bounced till it got to the last step to the landing.

The man behind tried to pull out his gun which he had pocketed but Samantha turned just in time and struck his face with the handcuff which was still stuck to her right hand. She faced front to see the man in front already with a knife, trying to strike her. She caught him by the wrist immediately but the force pushed her back and she collided with the man behind and fell to the step below. She rolled down to the next step and turned to see the man with the knife already above her. She was lying on one of her hands and it seemed impossible to stop him from stabbing her this time. Her eyes blinked as he raised her body and she pulled out her hand.

There was a loud bang.

The man with the knife dropped to the floor after a bullet got into his back. There was another bang, and it was a bullet entering into the forehead of the other man. Samantha looked up to find Henry standing up at the top of the stairs. She heaved a sigh of relief and picked herself up. She groaned silently as she felt some pains in her back and arms, especially around her shoulder and elbows.

"Let's get out of here Sam, we'd take the elevator and then go out through the back door. Cole is waiting for us already." Henry said to her as he rushed down the stairs.

He got to the last step before the ninth floor and he stopped to peep and confirm if anyone was in the corridor.


Benuit State, Bethanna.

"He's on a face cap perfectly carved to cover his face from cameras hung from the ceiling," Kahn said to Hutton.

They were seated in the backseat of the same car. Only the driver was seated in front and briefcase was placed on the passenger's seat in front.

"Can I have a closer look?" Hutton asked as he stretched forth his hand to get the tablet device Kahn was looking into.

Kahn handed the device to him and leaned back with a sigh.

Hutton moved the footage some minutes forward and paused at a point. He zoomed it and focused on the face of the man. The only part that wasn't covered from the cameras coverage by the face cap was the chin of the man.

"Who could this be?" Hutton asked aloud, although rhetorically.

"I just forwarded the shots to Jessy and she should be matching his face with others to confirm who he is?"

"This doesn't look like the FOX's job, this man's mission is in no way related to the FOX's investigation." Hutton said thoughtfully.

"Then who else could be after us?"

Hutton heaved a sigh. He zoomed the picture again and stared at the face hidden behind the face cap for a moment. The man's facial features were totally different from who he was expecting it to be.

He looked at Kahn's face briefly and then took in another breath as he rested his back.

"Spill out what you got to say man," Kahn said to him with questioning eyes after noticing Hutton had something in mind which he wasn't saying.

"It doesn't make sense, but..." Hutton paused again and looked at Kahn's face. "If the FOX isn't behind this, the only person who could be is Carl Winston."

Kahn widened his eyes and then stared at him awkwardly. "I thought we've talked about this already."

"Yes, but there are still no proofs that Carl Winston is dead." Hutton insisted. "Two agents were killed that night and we are yet to confirm the death of the most dangerous one."

Kahn shook his head. "Hutton, how do you come to these conclusions?"

"Why don't you take a journey back to activities before the kidnappings began like I did?"

"What do you mean?" Kahn asked.

"Before Richard Brad was kidnapped and murdered, two of those men who he selected to attack the families of the agents already died. I don't think this is a coincidence," Hutton explained.

Kahn squinted thoughtfully for a moment. He remembered that after the plan to murder the FOX's agent had been properly cooked, they had given the full responsibility to Brad to execute without dictating or getting involved in his selection of men to carry out the job.

Kahn knew he had no reason to doubt Hutton's investigation and discovery of link in Brad's death to two previous murders. He was sure Hutton would have properly carried out his investigation and would have left nothing out.

"If this is true, then we have to cease the attacks until we get Carl Winston totally out of the way." Kahn said thoughtfully.

"I'm not sure yet if it is really Carl Winston, I only said it could be." Hutton said, mentioning his words slowly and one after the other.

Kahn glanced at him, wondering why he was sounding so unsure again.

"Carl Winston or whoever is behind these attacks against our men is very intelligent and skilled, we can't afford to take a drastic decision that would grant him an upper hand." Hutton added.

"So, what do you suggest?"

"The attacks would continue, while I'll go after whoever it is."

Kahn widened his eyes in shock at Hutton's word. "What are you talking about? That's against our initial plan, we can't step into this fight yet."

"Kahn, the game plan has to change sometimes. We need to take drastic measures to confront drastic situations."

"And won't that spoil the whole show?"

"The show is becoming unbalanced already, stepping in now would help us make it balanced." Hutton replied in a confident tone.

"We have to bring this to the rest of the board," Kahn suggested.

"No!" Hutton disagreed strongly, taking a quick glance at his face. "It would take the board a lng time to make the decision and that would slow down things. You gotta trust me on this Kahn."

Kahn stared at his face for a while with uncertainty in his eyes. He closed his eyes and shook his head slowly.

"I don't like this idea," he said as he opened his eyes and stared at Hutton. "But I'll trust you like I always do, please do not disappoint me."

"I have never disappointed you or the board Kahn, I would not do that this time around." Hutton answered in confident tones.

Kahn nodded slowly in response.


EPA, Bethanna


Paul Edwards had been unable to keep his mind at rest since he was informed of the kidnap of his grandson. There were two things at stake, his grandson's life and his reputation as the FOX corporation chairman. If the world got to know that his son who was said to have died in an explosion was still alive, it would deal him a big blow and he would have no choice than to resign as the FOX's boss. He knew he couldn't hide the truth for eternity but he was waiting for he right time, the time when the public's opinion about his grandson being alive would no longer matter.

After personally going through footages, he found nothing to lead him to the kidnappers. He retired to his office and tried to brainstorm on the best way to get his grandson back alive apart from the FOX rescue team which he had already launched.

He sat in the swivel in the office alone, moving from left to right and back as several thoughts ran through his mind. He was confused on what to do about the situation and he could not publicly discuss it with the FOX board as most of the board members knew nothing about his son being alive.

He was still so deep in thoughts when the phone which he placed on the table began to ring. He picked it up and checked the caller. It was an unknown number.

He raised a brow as he wondered who he could be that had his personal number without he having the person's name stored on the phone.

He answered the call.

"Hey Paul!" A gruff voice sounded. "Your grandson is with us, can we meet at the Alexis Park this evening?"

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:12am On Jul 24, 2019
Restless - Episode 45

®18 + SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Alexis Park, Bexford, Bethanna.

Paul Edwards drove alone in his car into the Alexis indoor car park. It was night already but the well positioned halogen lights in the park provided enough brightness as day light.

The car park was almost empty. It was usually full at noon times when office workers and other car users had their cars to go to work. At that time of the night, the number of vehicles in the place was very scanty.

Paul Edwards drove into one of the parking spaces and turned off the engine. He took off the seatbelt and pulled out his phone quickly, he was about to dial a number when he got an incoming call.

"I've got my eyes on you," the caller said in a slow voice. "I watched as you drove in, stay put and I'll talk to you in few minutes time."

"Don't keep me waiting," Paul replied in a confident tone, without any trace of fear or panic in his voice.

The caller ended the call without replying him.

Paul let out a sigh as he took the phone off his ear. He took out the car keys and opened the door quickly. He stepped out slowly, looking around the place carefully. He was sure that whoever invited him over to the place was already in there and was probably watching him from where he was.

He closed the door gently and slowly walked to the back of the car. His confidence and fearlessness was evident in his walking steps and the way he looked around.

He was a man of average heights and well built body, and even as he approached sixty years of age, he seemed to grow stronger with his age. He had been in the force for over thirty years, the first eight years spent in the Bethanna Military Service while the rest of the years working out the FOX corporation.

He stepped out totally from the parking space to the roadway and looked left and right. He stared again for a while at the right side before he advanced forward towards the opposite parking space. He had about three revolvers around his body and easily accessible to his fingers. And contrary to his agreement with the caller, he had informed the FOX team in charge of finding the boy about the planned meeting at the park and they were closeby listening through some devices placed on his body.

After a few minutes of pacing and looking around, he began to hear some sounds and he quickly looked towards the direction. He saw the gate of the park shutting down slowly. Some of the lights in the park began to go off, especially at the center where he stood. He raised his brows to see if there was anyone close to the gate but saw none, then he heard some sounds behind him again and quickly looked back.

He spotted the man coming out from behind a Mercedes bus at the far end right corner. He turned slowly and stared intently at the man. The man was dressed in all black with a leather jacket and had a car key which he rolled continuously in his hand.

Paul Edwards took in a long deep breath as he waited and watched the man coming towards him slowly. The man's face was not very visible because of the position of the light behind him.

"Chairman Paul Edwards," Cole said in a calm voice as he got closer to the man. He stopped directly opposite him when he was about four metres away from the man.

"Who are you?" Paul Edwards asked in a confident tone. "And where is the boy you took?"

"I thought your grandson died last year, why do you seek him again?"

Paul Edwards peered at him intently, being careful in choosing words to respond with. Even though he had ordered men check around before his arrival, he knew it was still possible that a transmitting or recording device was around and he decided to be careful in choosing his words so as not to implicate himself.

"We had an agreement before I came here, and that's why I'm here, not to answer questions from you."

"You want to see your grandson again? Then you've got to answer my questions." Cole replied him .

"What do you want young man? Name your price and let's get the hell out of here."

"Good one Paul, what I want is a complete list of all top members of the Red Wolves and how I can locate them."

Paul squinted at once and then looked around quickly to be sure no one was watching or listening. He took three steps forward closer to Cole.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You heard me right Paul, I want a list. A list of all the top members of the Wolves." Cole maintained firmly.

"You're talking trash, the FOX is yet to find out who the top members of the Red Wolves are."

"The FOX may be yet to, but you know the Red Wolves already and you can tell us who the top members are."

"Are you... Are you sick in the head or something?" Paul asked with a frowned face.

"No Agent, I'm fine. You are the one who needs now to decide between your grandson and your reputation or your allegiance to the Red Wolves. I know this makes you indeed feel sick in the head but you have no choice than to decide."

"You're mistaken man, I have nothing to do with the Red Wolves. I lead the FOX agency and we are determined to bring down every member of the Red Wolves as soon as we can."

Cole let out an evil smile. He took a step closer to the man and stared him directly in the eyes. "I know you are hard and would not succumb but I'm here to let you know you should expect the worst in the next forty eight hours."

"Who the hell do you think you are to threaten me?" Paul Edwards barked at him as he turned to leave.

"Oh!" Cole turned back, staring at the man with raised eyebrows. "I'm not me, I represent a body that's seeks justice for the nation, we're here to stop the terror you've agreed with the enemy to cause."

Paul heaved a sigh of frustration as he watched Cole turned back again to leave.

"And you think you would leave here alive?" Paul asked.

Cole turned back partially and raised a part of his lips smiling mockingly. "Who will stop me from leaving?"

"The six agents, three hiding in the blue coloured car by the right and the three others outside the park?" Cole asked with a chuckle.

Paul Edwards chuckled back. He had expected whosoever he was going to meet to be also ready and detailed but he didn't know what extent it will be to.

"And you think you can escape them all?" Paul asked in a mischievous voice.

"I don't need to escape them," Cole replied and flashed his whole set of teeth mischievously. He took some steps forward until he was a step away from Paul.

Paul observed his face well now. He had never seen him before and had no idea of who he was or where he came from.

"I'll walk away without being stopped," Cole said again pointing a finger to a small chip attached to his shoulder.

"Oh shit!" Paul cursed in his mind as he looked into the small video transmitting bug. Before coming to the park, he had ordered that the whole place be scrutinized and that the surveillance cameras should be made to stop working at eight pm. He was however glad that he had been careful in replying Cole's questions.

"How is that going to save you from being arrested by the FOX tonight?" He asked with a confident tone and then watched as Cole began to unbutton the black jacket.

He unbuttoned it to the last and and then pulled apart both sides revealing what he had behind the jacket.

Paul raised his brows in shock.

"I'm sure I don't need to tell you what this is," Cole said as he buttoned back up. "But for your information, it has a six kilometres impact energy."

Cole turned back immediately and began to walk back to the place he came out from. Paul's phone began to ring at the same time.

"You know what would happen if it gets detonated," Cole continued in a louder voice as he walked away.

"What of the boy you took?" Paul shouted back at him.

Cole stopped again after hearing his question. He was already at the back of the Mercedez bus. Without saying anything, he continued walking and entered into the driver's side of the bus.

Paul stayed and watched him get into the bus and kick on the engine. Cole drove the vehicle out of the parking space and proceeded towards the entrance in the same direction Paul was standing.

Paul moved slowly away from the road. His phone began to ring for the second time. The Mercedez bus stopped when it got beside Paul.

"Whenever you want your grandson back, you call me with news that you are ready to give me the list I requested of you."

With that Cole drove out of the park and zoomed out of the Alexis facility.

Paul took out his phone and answered the call.

"Follow after him at a reasonable pace, but do not shoot, he's putting on a bomb jacket. Ensure the jacket is taken off before any attack on him is attempted." Paul said into the phone.

"Roger that sir," the voice from the other end replied.

Paul ended the call and searched out another number to dial from the contact list.

"Where are you Steve?" he said into the mouthpiece of the phone. "Meet me at the roundabout after Alexis Park, I need to see you right away."

He turned and walked quickly to his car. He got in and zoomed out of the car park, followed by a blue corolla.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:13am On Jul 24, 2019
Episode 45 continued

Twenty Five Minutes Later.

"We just confirmed that the white car is after you Cole, just drive into the hotel." Cole heard Henry say to him through the earpiece plugged in his ears.

"Okay," Cole replied and immediately turned on the indicator of the car.

He moved to the slow lane and reduced his speed drastically. He looked into the side mirror and caught a glimpse of the white car before he turned towards the gate of the hotel.

He looked outside towards the white car as he paused briefly at the gate to undergo the security check. He noticed the white car had also reduced it's speed and was indicating.

"You can proceed."

He heard one of the security men say to him and he looked forward immediately. The bar gate was raised for him and he drove through immediately. He turned the steering wheel in the direction he was pointed to and drove through the roadway to the car garage.

He looked into his side mirror and noticed that the white car had gotten in without spending half as much time as he did for the security check.

"I think these guys after me are members of the FOX," Cole said into his mouthpiece as he stepped out of the car.

"Yes, they are. Their Identity cards got them in quicker," He heard Henry's voice replying him.

"Alright, I'm going in." He said and closed the car door gently. He looked with his side eyes and noticed the white car already driving past him.

He proceeded calmly and unruffled to the entrance of the hotel building. He entered and walked straight to the reception, he displayed a card which showed his room number to the receptionist who stepped back and searched the drawer for some seconds. She finally took out a key and handed it to him.

"Welcome back sir," she said with a smile as she watched him go.

"Thank you," he answered and proceeded quickly towards the staircase. He noticed through his side eyes three men walk in through the entrance to the reception as he climbed the first step on the staircase. He continued quickly without acting like he had seen them.

"Good evening, I'm Agent Tam of the FOX." a man smartly dressed in a black suit greeted the receptionist. He took out his ID card and displayed to the lady.

"Good evening sir, how may I help you?" the receptionist asked the man, her eyes scrutinizing the other two men who were behind the man on suit. The two others were putting on waist coats on their shirts instead of suit jackets.

"What room is that man headed for?" Agent Tam asked.

"Which man?" She squinted at him.

"The one who left here some seconds ago."

"Room 10C," the receptionist answered.

"How do I get to room 10C?" the man flanging Agent Tam by the right side asked.

The receptionist stared at Agent Tam's face as if to ask for permission to answer the man.

"It's on the third floor, and it's the second to the last room by the right if you go through this stair case." the receptionist answered, pointing to the stair case.

The man who asked the question looked around quickly, he spotted the entrance to the restaurant and a man in the hotel attendant's uniform going in with a tray in his hands. He dashed in the direction immediately.

"Where's your control room?" Agent Tam asked.

"The manager's office?" the receptionist asked back absent-mindedly, her eyes still on the man who went in direction of the restaurant.

"Yes, your control room." the Agent replied in a harsh voice.

"Ermm.. Sorry, I'm not authorized to give such information," she stammered as she picked the landline on the desk. "I'll call someone you can talk to."


Cole looked back through the hallway as he approached the end of the hall. He stopped at the door where he saw the label "11D". He looked left and right again before he turned the knob and pushed open the door. He stepped in quickly and locked the door behind him.

"One of the men would soon be on his way to room 10C," Dave said to Cole as he entered.

Dave was sitting in front of the table, a laptop was in front of him where he watched the live stream from the reception and other parts of the building. Cole walked straight to the wardrobe and picked out a different set of clothes. He began by taking off his leather jacket and shoes at the same time. After that, he took off the attached beards and moustache. Then he quickly walked to the mirror with a napkin and carefully wiped off the makeup on his face.


"Agent Tam, I'm on the first floor now," the agent said into a small device as he walked from the staircase into the hallway. He was now dressed in the restuarant's uniform which he collected from the man he saw walking into the restaurant.

"Do you have Marvel backing you up?"

"Yes, he's following at a slower pace." Cole replied.

"Okay, that guy could be extremely dangerous, you have to be very careful." Agent Tam replied. "We have backups on the way."

"I would need feedbacks from you, are you close to the control room already?"

"I'm in the control block already and would soon be allowed to access the security cameras section."


"Be careful," Agent Tam said once again into his communicator before putting it into his pocket.

He was in a hallway with the head of security for the hotel and they were walking to the surveillance cameras room. He stopped after getting to the middle of the hallway. "What happened to all these rooms? Why does this place look scanty?"

The security head also stopped and stared at him. He shook his head gently and then looked around for a moment before checking the time on his phone. "Some of the workers have gone for dinner and the rest are probably busy in the offices. Can we please proceed to the surveillance room?"

Agent Tam looked around for one more second and then proceeded further with the security head.

They stopped when they got to the door of the surveillance room. The security head knocked and waited for a response.

Soon, they heard footsteps approaching the door, it stopped when it seemed the person had reached the door and was probably checking their faces from the peephole.

"Good evening sir," they heard a female voice as the door opened. The person who opened the door stood behind the opened door, instead of being at the entrance.

The security head proceeded in first while Agent Tam followed after slowly.

"Where is Dennis?" The unsuspecting security man asked as he proceeded further without looking at the person who opened the door.

Agent Tam glanced at the face of the lady who opened the door and watched her as she closed it back and locked it.

"Where is Dennis?" Agent Tam asked again after looking around with no one answering him.

Close to the wall were about ten systems arranged on a long semicircle table, four men and one lady could be seen sitting in front of a computer each, all of them were sitting upright and had their hands stretched out in the keyboards but only one of them had his hands busy on the keyboard.

Agent Tam looked around and suspected at once that something was amiss with the way the people were sitting behind the system. The screensaver on the different systems apart from one were on and that showed a sign that they had not been used for a long time, the contradicting element was that all the men had their hands on the systems. He looked back again and stared at the face of the lady at the door.

Samantha stared back as she walked slowly towards them. The Agent turned back to look at the security head and hurriedly walked towards him.

The security head was already so close to them before he noticed that there was something wrong. He increased his steps forward and touched the man sitting in front of the middle system.

His eyes widened in shock as the man fell sideways after he was touched. He looked around quickly and noticed that all the people sitting except for the one whose fingers were active on the keyboard were all unconscious.

"What the hell is happening here?" The security head asked in an alarmed tone as he made to turn back. He glanced quickly at the active man again and noticed he wasn't one of the workers in the hotel.

The both of them turned as they heard the cocking sounds of guns.

"Don't make any stupid move men," Samantha said to them, pointing guns from both hands at each of the men. Henry also pulled out his gun and rose from his seat.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 10:54am On Jul 24, 2019
I love the actions in this story

Op well done
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 1:51pm On Jul 24, 2019
Wow. Interesting I must confess.
Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 4:40pm On Jul 24, 2019
getting more interesting. thanks for the update

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