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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 10:22am On Aug 15
Thanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:44pm On Aug 15
Restless - Episode 52
Message Delivered

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Henry stopped and squatted right in front. He stared into the man's eyes intently. He could still see the strong and resilient Agent Elkim even though he was now seeing a traitor also. He knew he wasn't just going to have it difficult getting any information directly from the man but that the man was not going to just sit and watch him ask questions. He was sure it wouldn't be easy when it got to the time to kill the man.

"I'm here to find out just one thing from you," Henry said and got the man to look into his eyes. "What exactly do you stand to gain with Paul in working with the Red Wolves?"


"Stay up and watch for me," Dave signalled to Cole strongly as he carefully climbed down the verandah of the house with his gun held firmly in his hands and pointed forward. He was sweating profusely and there were dust stains all over his body, he had also gotten a slight cut on his forehead.

Cole was standing back in the verandah. He looked dirtier than Dave was but had not sustained any visible injury, except that his shirt was torn halfway. He also felt some pains on his chest and arms.

It had been over sixty minutes of fighting with the FOX men. It started with the gun war which lasted for over thirty minutes before it gradually shifted to a fist war. Cole and Dave at a point had to switch from their use of the tranquilizing guns to guns containing LRN bullets as they were already getting overwhelmed by pressure from the FOX officers. The tranquilizing guns made very little or no impact like the normal lead bullet guns when they hit obstructions other than the target's body. So while they shot with the tranquilizing guns, the opponents shot with lead bullet guns which pierced through walls and barriers quicker, making it quite difficult and rough for them. After almost being overcome by the pressure, they had to switch in order to cause the same impact against the opponents.

They got down from the verandah at different points in time and involved the opponents in hand battles when there was need to.

For Dave as a trained Anthannian officer and experienced bodyguard and security personnel, it was easier to combat the FOX men with his fists and even guns, and that helped him in taking down over seventy percent of the men individually. It was more difficult for Cole to deal with the trained FOX men. He was a naturally good fighter but fighting the FOX men was quite different from fighting thugs and police officers which he was used to doing in Anthanna.

Cole cocked his gun quickly and fired a straight shot at a man who appeared from behind the garage after Dave had walked past.

Dave turned back immediately to see the dead man falling and glanced towards Cole as if to receive signal whether to continue or not. He turned back and continued to look around carefully, searching for men who could still be lurking around somewhere, planning to attack them.


Samantha closed the wardrobe and proceeded quickly to the drawer. She pulled it out and picked an android phone and an electronic wristwatch she found in it. She threw them to the bed where she already put three other mobile devices, digital wristwatches and a few micro chips which she found in the wardrobe. She closed the drawer and then picked the laptop on top of it. She walked back to the bed with the laptop and placed it in the bed, pulling other devices she had thrown on top together. She searched around the bed, under the sheets and pillows to see if there was still any device left. She found a small phone and a small rectangular device which she found strange. She gathered them together with the other devices and quickly took down her backpack, she opened the main zip and put the devices into the back before strapping it back on.

She checked her wristwatch for time as she proceeded to the door, there was only twenty two minutes left for them to join Jennifer in the car. Jennifer had been instructed to be at the pickup point before the time and also leave five minutes after the time, even if none of them had joined her yet.

Samantha took in a breath and turned to look back again as she got to the door. Her eyes searched around, wanting to locate any corner which she probably skipped searching in the room, she needed to make sure she carefully did her job of getting all of the man's devices in the room. She opened the door and stepped out after being sure that she had checked every corner in the room.


"You're ain't making sense Carl," Agent Elkim dismissed Henry's question with a scorn. He stared into his eyes with a look of contempt, "You died last year Carl Winston, we performed your final rites and last honours already. This your ghost that has probably returned seems to be an insane version of you."

Henry smiled back slightly at the man. He knew he was trying to get at him with words but Henry was not falling for it.

"Just talk to me Agent Elkim, don't beat about the bush." Henry said to him.

"You're the one beating about the bush," Elkim replied, raising a side of his upper lip up in contempt. "You're here accusing me of working with the Red Wolves without any evidence."

"Now, can you explain to me why Paul Edward's son was feigned to be dead and also why Paul Edwards sneaks out into town like an ordinary man?" Henry asked in a firm and serious tone.

"Wrong question to the wrong person!" Agent Elkim fired at him. "You should be asking Paul Edwards and not me."

"But you knew about all this, you're a accomplice to it and you help keep his secrets."

Agent Elkim stared at his face without answering.

They were so close to each other, within arms reach.

Henry was expecting anything, he knew the Agent was swift and strong and could also be tricky.

Agent Elkim was also aware Henry was expecting an attack, he had to do something that will take him off completely.

"They are not my secrets and they're not your bleeping business," Agent Elkim said in a desperate tone as he surged towards Henry at once, trying to grab him by the shoulder as he also swung his legs towards the legs on which Henry squatted.

Henry grabbed Elkim's hands before they could touch his shoulders and before the legs could reach his, he raised him by arms and swung him to the other side, making the man land on his back.

The Agent felt deep pains as his back touched the ground but he did his best to hold the pain in and launched a kick to Henry's chest which was bent above him. Henry grabbed the man's feet by the ankle as the foot to and twisted it sharply, making the man let out a loud groan.

Henry took some steps back to give the man some space. He took a quick glance at his wristwatch and noted the duration of time he had left. He decided to round up with the man in ten minutes time.

"Just talk to me Agent Elkim, we don't need to go through this process when you know well that I'll still find out what I need to know." Henry said as he watched the man try to get up. "Tell me the exact reason you and Paul are with the Red Wolves."

"Don't ask me silly questions Carl, just do what you are here to do." Agent Elkim said in a thick voice as managed to get to his feet. It was unknown to him that Carl Winston wasn't yet certain that he worked with the Red Wolves, he rather believed that Carl must have gotten his facts rightly before coming there, and he also believed that Carl was there to kill him.

Henry on the other hand was not completely sure. The only thing he was very sure of was Elkim's knowledge about Paul Edward's grandson who was announced to have died in the bomb blast, but with the responses he had gotten from Agent Elkim so far, his suspicions were being confirmed as true.

Henry allowed the man balance on his feet properly and face him. He stared into the man's eyes while the man stared back at him.

"Tell me where I can find the rest of the Red Wolves team, so I can end the terrorism once and for all." Henry said.

Agent Elkim laughed for some seconds. He stopped and shook his head while smiling mockingly at Henry.

"You can't stop this Carl, this is something different from every other challenge you ever faced in your entire life, the Red Wolves has men more powerful than you can ever think." Agent Elkim replied, confirming Henry's suspicions fully. "And why Paul Edwards decided to work with the Red Wolves in deceiving the world, you would have to ask him that yourself."

Henry narrowed his gaze at the man. He felt anger surge through his veins like blood being pumped in with high pressure from an external source. This man, Paul Edwards and other executives of the FOX were men the world trusted to protect and secure them with their lives but they were the ones working with enemies to destroy the people.

Henry threw down the long gun in his hand and clenched his fist signalling with that to Agent Elkim an invitation to a fist battle.

Agent Elkim also clenched his fists. He knew it would be very difficult and almost impossible to defeat Carl Winston, but he wasn't going to give up without fighting.

Henry charged forward first and directed a blow to the man's face which was blocked swiftly by the man's hand. Another blow was directed to his belly but he blocked it again. He blocked one more to his chest and another to his face, then he bent to dodge another when a heavy piercing punch hit his ribs from the left side, making him stagger backwards and ending up hitting his back against the loaded shelf.

He raised his head up quickly and launched a blow to Henry face but he was caught firmly by the wrist when his fist almost touched Henry's nose. He stared into Henry's eyes at that moment and saw the rage and pain in it. He felt so guilty on remembering that instant how Carl Winston was committed to serving the FOX and serving humanity, he realized the pain and betrayal he must have felt learning that some of the FOX executives were part of the Red Wolves and among those who planned he and his family's death.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:46pm On Aug 15
Restless - Episode 52

His hand was twisted as he was pulled forward. Another hard punch was delivered into his belly and he was left to fall to the ground.

He fell to the ground in pains but like the strong man he was quickly picked himself up and balanced on his feet to continue the fight.

Henry turned properly to face the Agent. He still had his eyes filled with rage and burning desire to end the Agent's life for betraying the country.

Agent Elkim quickly picked up a footstool and charged towards Henry. He struck, aiming at Henry's forehead but Henry swerved quickly to dodge. The man with the two hands swung the footstool to Henry again and Henry dodged again, moving to the other side. He responded swiftly by hitting the man with both fists in the belly.

The man tottered a step back but launched forward again immediately, raising the stool again to slam on top of Henry's head. Henry with his long hands grabbed both hands of the man close to the wrists while they were still up, he followed with a heavy kick into the man's belly. He then took the stool from the man's hands and flung it away. He turned back to the man to get a hard punch in his belly. He caught the man's fist as the man threw another punch. The man threw yet another one to his face but he blocked it again and sent a headbutt to the man's face.

The Agent staggered back but launched forward again, kicking Henry hard on the left thigh. He stepped forward and sent a punch to Henry's face. The first punch was dodged and the second hit Henry slightly on the shoulder but before he could make another attack, he felt Henry's both hands tightly on his shoulders and as he raised his head to look, he got Henry's head slamming his face.

His eyes closed as he staggered back. Before he could open his eyes, a heavy punch landed on his face again and two more followed, sending him crashing into the shelf. Henry pulled him up quickly and delivered two more punches into his belly, making him fall back one more time.

Henry's speed seemed to have increased, he needed to finish up the man before he ran out of time.

He pulled the man up again and gripped him by the neck. He lifted him up with the hand around his neck, attempting to slam him against the wooden shelf but the man was able to struggle and drop off his grip. The man charged into Henry's belly with the head, making both of them crash on the floor.

They both got up quickly and Agent Elkim was quick to land a kick on Henry's upper thigh close to his genitals, he tried to kick again but Henry was fast enough to roll away and raise a kick to his face. The man staggered back and fell down. He tried to get up quickly but Henry was there again and delivered another kick to his face, sending him back against the shelf again. He rose quickly to a crawling position but could not go further as another kick hit him in the belly and he hit his neck against the shelf.

Henry dragged him up quickly, held him by the chest as he took two steps backwards and rammed him into the shelf. He pulled him closer again and rammed him twice more. He pulled him by the neck and took two steps backward, then he left him with his grip on on the neck and smashed him against the wooden shelf, breaking some parts of the wooden materials. He pulled him up again and repeated the process twice more before throwing him to the ground.

He stared down in disgust as the man sprawled on the floor, groaning in pains. He looked up as he heard some slights sounds around the place.

Samantha appeared at the door. "Boss, we have just twelve minutes left to get out."

Henry turned his gaze back to the man on the ground without replying Samantha. He pulled out his gun and checked to confirm if there were enough bullets in it. He then stepped closer and fired three shots into the Agent's belly.

He watched as the Agent body spasmed in response to the first shot and how the man laid completely dead after the third shot.


Five Minutes Later.

"What in the world could have cause the failure in the electronic traffic control system?" Dan lamented again as he slowed down behind another jam of vehicles on the road. He was driving the car and had Agent Evelyn sitting beside him and Agent Steve sitting at the backseat.

Agent Steve glanced at his wristwatch again. "It's past thirty minutes since we got the alarm, we're so late."

"We have to do something quick about this," Agent Evelyn joined in as she unlocked the door.

'What are you doing?" Steve asked her. "I need to see what's happening on the road," she replied. She looked left and right carefully for incoming motorcycles before she opened the door and stepped out quickly. She closed the door and proceeded forward hurriedly.

Steve took out his phone again to check for network but the signal bars were still empty as they had been. "Other FOX men would have gotten the alarm from Agent Elkim but we don't know if they've been able to make any arrangements."

"The network issue might just be within this area," Daniel joined in. "There could be network at the office."

Steve, Evelyn and Daniel were together when Steve had gotten the emergency alarm on his phone. He had checked his map to locate the address from which the alarm was sent and he found out it was from Agent Elkim's house.

Agent Evelyn returned two minutes after leaving. "The traffic signs are still not working but the road safety officers are helping to control the traffic and it's moving already," she said after stepping back into the car.

A minute later, the car vehicles in front of them began to move slowly and they also followed. It took them seven minutes to get to the junction where the road safety officers were controlling the traffic from and just as they got there, the traffic light which was malfunctioning turned completely off.


"Be careful to avoid the potholes as much as possible, there are so many on this route." Henry said to Dave who was now driving the vehicle.

"Yeah, I'm conscious of that boss." Dave replied him.

Henry was sitting in front with Dave while the three other members of the team were sitting at the back. Apart from Jennifer and Henry, the rest of the team looked so rough and dirty, especially Dave and Cole. Henry was also not looking so fresh but he was still neater than the rest of the team.

Henry had Agent Elkim's phone in his hands, he had taken it from the man's pocket after shooting him dead. It was cracked on the screen but he was still being able to use it as it had not been destroyed completely.

The first thing he had checked on the phone was the recently used apps but Agent Elkim had cleared off the history. He then checked the recently dialled calls, the last call the man had made was in the past three hours when there was mobile network. He then began to go through the contact lists, he saw different names but he was unsure of which one to pay more attention to. He was still scrolling down the contact list when a flash message popped up.

Message Delivered

Henry raised a brow as he realized that a message the man tried to send earlier had just been delivered. He minimized the contacts app and switched to the messaging app but it demanded a password to be accessed.

Henry heaved a sigh.

"May I have the bag?" He turned back to ask Samantha.

She stretched forth the backpack on her lap to him.

He took it and placed it on his laps. He opened the bag and took out all the devices which Samantha had kept in it except the laptop. After taking a brief look at the items, he returned them into the bag and turned to Cole.

"For tomorrow, we'd have to work on accessing every detail on these devices." he said as he handed the bag to him.

Cole took the bag from him and nodded in response.

Agent Elkim's phone began to ring immediately after Henry turned to continue using it. Agent Steve was the caller ID displayed.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:34pm On Aug 16
Agent Elkim down finally. Very interesting.

Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:34pm On Aug 16
Agent Elkim down finally. Very interesting.

Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 2:34pm On Aug 16
Agent Elkim down finally. Very interesting.

Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 9:42pm On Aug 16
nice update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:14am On Aug 17
Restless - Episode 53

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The Next Morning

Location: FOX Corporation Headquarters, EPA, Bexford.
Time: 08:10AM

In a very large hall which served as an open office for close to a hundred FOX officials, the eyes of almost every official present in the hall were glued to the television set close to them. There were three large flat screen television sets in the hall. One at the center of the wider wall which was opposite to the main entrance door, the other two at the center of each side walls.

The FOX Chairman, Agent Paul Edwards has however not made any official statement on this and we are yet to confirm if the death of Agent Elkim is connected to recent kidnaps and killings. More details to be revealed as soon as they come... I'm Debby, reporting for Bexford News.

"Let's move," Agent Steve tapped Agent Dan on the shoulder just about the same time the reporter concluded. "The executives are already waiting for us."

Agent Dan and Evelyn had stopped in the hall to watch the news while waiting for Agent Steve to join them. They followed behind Agent Steve after he tapped Dan and walked away through the exit into an hallway. After two minutes of turning and switching from one hallway to another, Agent Steve finally stopped and touched the bell at a door. Daniel and Evelyn stood behind him.

The door opened after thirty seconds.

"Come in Steve," Agent Samuel who held the door handle said in soft tones.

All three Agents stepped into the room and Agent Samuel closed the door. He walked past them to take his seat behind the office table where he was previously sitting. Paul Edwards and two other FOX executives were also sitting at the same side. Three empty seats obviously meant for Steve, Dan and Evelyn were at the front of the table.

"Please have your seats quickly," Paul Edwards said and leaned forward to the table to pick up his pen.

The three younger agents sat on the seats meant for them and the discussion began.

"We are at critical times now and we've got to take critical measures, the three of you were at Elkim's house yesterday, I read your reports but I'll also like to hear verbally from you," Paul Edwards said. He stopped and stared at Agent Steve's face for a response.

"Sir, as was stated in the report, we met many FOX officials shot with tranquilizing bullets without being injured. Others were slightly injured and also shot with tranquilizers while very few were found dead." Steve began.

Paul Edwards scrolled through a tablet device placed on the table in front of him while Steve talked. "You have the figures in the reports here," he interrupted.

"Yes, we do." Steve replied. He paused for few seconds before he continued talking. "Agent Dan traced and found Agent Elkim's daughter up in the roof with the alarm activator that alerted us, she told him her father instructed her to stay up there until he or any FOX official comes up to get her. After entering into almost all rooms in the house, I found Agent Elkim dead in one of the rooms. Forensics confirmed overnight that he was shot thrice in the belly after some sort of struggle."

"Are these figure correct?" Paul Edwards interrupted again, looking into the report on the device. He raised his head and stared at Steve. "How many FOX officials did you find left unhurt and untouched?"

"Just two, they hid until we showed up there." Steve replied.

"Just two?" Paul raised a brow. Steve nodded in confirmation. Paul leaned back against the backrest of the chair and glanced at the faces of the men by his right. He leaned back forward again. "According to this report, the two men claimed that the assailants were four, three men and a woman and they were all dressed in police uniforms."

"Yes," Steve confirmed. "But only three of them were dressed in uniforms, two men and a woman, they got into the place trickily..."

"I read that part," Paul Edwards cut in again. "The only explanation I need now is what happened to the policemen called to come in by Elkim and how only four men were able to take down over thirty FOX Agents."

"Sir, we confirmed from the Bexford Police Headquarters this morning," Evelyn joined in. "A group of four policemen were sent to Agent Elkim's house after something pertaining to EC23 case was reported, but the policemen were ambushed by unknown men, who we now strongly suspect to be the same assailants who murdered Agent Elkim."

"So they ambushed the police officers and killed them?" Paul asked to confirm from Evelyn.

"They weren't killed, they were tranquilized" she nodded gently in reply.

Paul turned his gaze back to Steve. "Even if they could get the police officers, I'm still baffled by the number of FOX officials those four men were able to bring down."

"I think it points to the fact that these men aren't ordinary people," an Agent sitting by Paul's left hand side put in. "And it's quite sad that we can't retrieve any of the footages documenting the men from the surveillance cameras."

"And how is that even possible?" Paul Edwards cut in and looked at Steve's face again.

"We visited the National Surveillance Cameras Agency last night and they only have records of how the police vehicle was driven into the late agent's house but no records of the Bexford Policemen being attacked," Agent Dan was the one who answered. "I also found out this morning that the police vehicle was not hijacked, those men came ready in another police vehicle of theirs."

"If the surveillance cameras have footages of the men driving into Agent Elkim's house, then we can trace their origin from that," Agent Samuel put in.

"We're still putting links together and we are yet to start tracing in that direction," Steve replied. "This morning, some of the team members would be checking through all the footages recorded, some others would be checking for issues relating to the absence of communication network and road system network, I and another person would return to the Agent's house again to check for more facts while Agent Evelyn would be investigating the relationship between Agent Tam's kidnap and release and last night's event."

"Are you yet to visit the crime scene this morning?" Agent Paul questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I was there when you called me, I got there as early as 6am." Steve replied.

"The Road Safety Corporation Head apologized this morning for the failure of the system, he said a bug was discovered from the control source but he was yet to ascertain if it was hacked or it was just a technical issue." Agent Samuel said.

"I got that information already sir," Daniel replied. "But like Agent Steve has insisted, I also do not think it was a coincidence that the networks went off last night."

"If these men are the same men who distorted the networks, then it would mean we are dealing with a very dangerous group." another of the executives spoke out.

"Very dangerous group indeed!" Paul exclaimed thoughtfully. "And that's why everyone of us here is joining the investigation from this moment, we need to clear this all out before it becomes bigger than we expect. Our major priority for this moment is to find out the men who killed Agent Elkim. We would do no other..."

"Yes sir, that's important but I think there's something else we need to focus on first." Steve interrupted politely and stared into the Chairman's eyes, seeking for permission to continue. The chairman squinted at his face. "Sir, we should not forget that the Invisible terrorists mission is what has led us in this direction, we need to establish the link between all these cases. We need to know if it is the same group of people who killed Richard Brad, who kidnapped Henson and Agent Tam that has also done this to Agent Elkim and why Agent Tam wasn't killed. This will help us to determine how necessary it could be to split the files."

There was total silence in the room as everyone remained quiet to ponder on Steve's words.


Time: 8:15AM
Location: Benuit, Bethanna.

"What is it Elvis, that you cannot tell me on phone?" Hutton asked in a loud dominating voice as he walked into the living room where Elvis was sitting.

"Welcome Hutton," Kahn got up on his feet and stepped forward to the centre table to pick his phone.

Hutton turned round the table to the other side and stopped briefly to take Kahn's handshake, then he walked to a sofa close to the one Kahn had gotten up from.

Kahn after unlocking his phone, walked back to the seat slowly with his eyes still glued to the screen and his finger working on it.

"Here," Kahn after sitting down handed the phone to Hutton. "I got that message from Elkim last night, few minutes before he was reported to have died.
I think Hutton may be right after all, it seems we've got Carl Winston back alive.

Hutton wasn't surprised on reading the message. He wasn't called the strategist for nothing. When he had told them several months ago that Carl could still be alive, it was coming from his carefully done calculation and he wasn't just talking out of fear.

He had heard of Agent Elkim's death in the news that morning and was wondering who in the world had the temerity to visit a FOX executive in his home and kill him there but on seeing this message, he confirmed that the killer was non other than the most capable person alive - Carl Winston. He no longer had doubts that Carl Winston was alive. He now had enough proof that Carl Winston is not just alive but back and on a mission to destroy the Red Wolves.

The men maintained total silence between each other for close to three minutes. Kahn kept glancing from time to time at Hutton, expecting him to make a comment about the message but Hutton was yet to, even after returning the phone immediately.

"What do you have to say about this Hutton? How do we confirm that it really is Carl Winston?" Kahn was forced to ask. He already knew Hutton's likely answer to the questions but all he needed was for Hutton to speak.

"We need no more confirmations," Hutton replied and turned his face slowly to him. "Now that Carl Winston is back, all we need to do is hunt him down and finish him off totally."

Kahn stared thinly at the ground for a while before he looked at Hutton's face again.

"How easy will it be now?" Kahn asked. "I think our greatest chance against him was the last, he was shot thrice in the belly and let into the Bexford sea but he still survived somehow."

Hutton got up from his seat and walked slowly to the window. He pulled the curtain aside and stepped closer to have a view of the car park from the second floor where he was. He was there for almost a minute before he turned back again.

"Carl Winston has always appeared to be the most determined one," Hutton said after taking two steps and stopping to face Kahn directly. "He's supposed to be dead but I guess the thought of having his friend and the family, and his wife and kid die gave him the determination to stay alive. He's back with that determination to fish us out."

"Which means he would be more dangerous now," Kahn put in.

"No, no matter what determination he has. We are also determined," Hutton paused to stare at Kahn's face. "I especially have the the determination to continue the Red Wolves movement and Carl's determination can't be as strong as mine, I've been nurturing it since for several years."

"How do we stop him?" Kahn asked in low tones. He trusted that Hutton would have already been searching his mind for a game plan.

"We would stop him easily," Hutton said reassuringly, even though he hadn't gotten a specific plan. "He always had Agent Rex by his side and the love from his family keep him going, but now that he has none of the two, I believe it would be easy to destroy."

Kahn got up from his seat. "We need to call a meeting with everybody at the strategy house," he suggested.

"No!" Hutton disagreed strongly. "I told you I was going after whoever he was before, allow me continue on it alone until the rest of the men ask questions."

Kahn stared at him for a while, as if he was considering whether to trust him or not.

He finally took in a deep breath before speaking, "If you would not let the whole team know, then you've got to involve me in whatever your plans are."


Location: The Team Base, Bexford.

"Elkim Nuel sent this message at least forty five minutes before I met him, it meant he recognized me even with the disguise." Henry said to Cole as he walked back into the control room. He was looking into Agent Elkim's phone which he had in his hand. He had been able to unlock it that morning after decoding the password from one of the other recovered device.

"But how could he have recognized you? Your disguise was perfect and was still intact even after we left the place," Cole asked, taking a glance at him as he walked closer. Cole had four devices in front of him beside the desktop, all of the items belonging to the late Agent Elkim. There was a tablet device close to the CPU of the system and connected to it with a USB chord.

Henry settled in a seat close to Cole, just a chair and computer set in between them. He pushed in the boot button on the computer CPU and then dropped the phone in his hand on the table.

"Agent Elkim Nuel has known me for more than fifteen years, he's seen me disguised several times in different forms and since I haven't changed a lot since then, it would have been easy for him to recognize me." Henry replied Cole. He glanced at the desktop screen to check how far the computer has booted.

Cole turned back to face his computer but turned to Henry again after few seconds. "He must have watched you through the surveillance cameras in the house, I hope that doesn't mean there was a record of our visit to the house."

"No, I cleared them off when I got into the computer room," Henry replied, flashing back quickly to how he forced the computer operator to delete all the footages collected from all the sources.

Henry held the mouse and navigated to the start button. He clicked and moved up to one of the apps and right clicked, he chose the "run as anonymous" option and clicked on it.

He picked the phone he dropped on the table again and unlocked the screen. He opened the messaging and clicked on the last conversation. He clicked the option icon displayed at the top bar and clicked on get details. A box popped up showing the phone number of the message receiver, the sent time and delivery time. He opened the notepad application and typed in the phone digits.

He spent twenty minutes using the app to trace the position of the device which received the message but found no location. He then switched to his Google Chrome browser, the youngicee.com site opened as the homepage. He opened another tab beside and typed in Elvis Kahn.

So many results were displayed from different websites, showing the profiles of different men with the same name. Henry clicked on the first result and it led to wikipedia site. He saw a list of four men who had both names but different middle names. He decided to take his time to go through each one of them.

"Boss, I just finished changing the systems of these devices," Cole said after about fifteen minutes of total silence. "They can't be reached anymore by GPS trackers or IMEI."

"Great!" Henry replied with a quick glance at him. "Start working on extracting all useful information from the devices."


Henry walked towards the dining room casually after few hours of work. Lunch had been served and the other members of the team were already at the table eating. He dropped his phone on the table and settled in the seat.

He opened his plate and smiled on seeing the food prepared, he picked the knife and fork and was about to start eating when his phone began to ring. He took a pause and checked the screen, Sheila was the caller.

His smile disappeared as he picked the phone. He excused himself from the table and answered the call as he walked away.

"Hello Sheila," he said into the phone.

"Good afternoon Henry," Sheila voice sounded in Henry's speaker.

Henry felt guilty at the sound of her voice. He closed his eyes as he turned the knob of the room and stepped inside.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:51am On Aug 17
Nawa o. Pernicious individuals within FOX. Agent Hutton should be the next target for Henry because he is working for the progression of Red Wolves.

Well done prince.
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Restless - Episode 54

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"Hello Sheila," he said into the phone.

"Good afternoon Henry," Sheila voice sounded in Henry's speaker.

Henry felt guilty at the sound of her voice. He closed his eyes as he turned the knob of the room and stepped inside.

He closed the door and rested his back against the wall, tilting his head backwards


Location: Sheila's Office, El Deols, Anthanna.

"Henry Good afternoon," Sheila greeted again when she didn't get his response to the first time.

She was sitting comfortably in her office swivel and rolling playfully with the phone held close to her ear in her right hand and the elbow resting on the arm of the chair.

"Good afternoon Sheila, how are you doing?" she finally heard his voice in response. He sounded like someone trying to fake the sound or who had been caught red handed in something and was trying to pretend.

"I'm fine, how about you?" Sheila answered.

"Nice to know, I'm also doing fine." Henry replied.

"From the news circulating around the world, I can attest you're doing well." Sheila said and took a pause for two seconds. "I decided to call you since you didn't bother to ask if I returned to Anthanna safely. Well, I got to El Deols about twenty four hours ago. I'm in the office now trying to fix an important update, I'll be returning home soon to rest."

"I'm sorry I haven't called and I'm sorry for being so harsh to you when we met at the hotel, I just wanted you to stay out of everything that surrounds my mission here. Trust me, it would only put you in danger." Henry apologized.

"You don't have to explain yourself Henry, I understand that you don't want me around you and I'm going to do my best to stay away from you." Sheila said as tears formed in her eyes. She closed her eyes and dragged in a breath.

"That's not it Sheila, I do want you around me but I don't want to get you in danger, that's why I need you to stay as far away from me as possible for now."

"I can stay far away from you as long as you want, I only made this call to let you know I got here safely and I won't be bothering you anymore. But if you ever need my help, I'll be available to assist you. I wish you well Henry," Sheila said and dropped the phone. A tear rolled down her eye. She could still hear his voice sounding from the phone but could not hear his words.

It began to sound as if he was calling her name but she didn't pick up the phone again. She clicked on the red button.

She picked an handkerchief and cleaned the tears on her face and eyes. She sniffed in and cleared her throat as she rested her back in the chair. She realized that she had been expecting so much when she should not have expected anything. She had allowed herself fall so deeply in love with Henry, expecting him to feel the same way for her but she had failed to realize that reciprocating the love she felt for him was not a debt Henry owed her. She had only been instrumental in helping Him remain alive to continue his mission and their relationship was never going to go beyond that, that was something she needed to understand.

She cleaned the corners of her eyes again and sat up, then she folded the handkerchief and kept it on the table. She remembered her father's advice to her few weeks past when the man realized that she kept talking about Henry. The man who did not know who Henry was and what he had gone back to do had told Sheila to forget completely about him and allow him settle back with his old life since he had already returned to his country. Sheila realized it was the right time to take her father's advice.

She sniffed in again and picked up her phone to check the time. It was few minutes to three o'clock. She began to clear her table in preparation to leave the office.

She had shut down her laptop but was still arranging the paper files on her desk when her phone began to ring. Her heart skipped a beat at the sound, thinking it was Henry calling back. It took her sometime to decide whether to answer the call or not but when she picked the phone, she was disappointed to discover that it wasn't Henry calling. She hissed and dropped the phone back on the table.

It was Adrian. Her high class mate who had traveled out of Anthanna several years ago to further his education and had only returned a month ago after securing a job with the government of Anthanna. Adrian had been added by another classmate to the old classmates whatsapp group chat after his return, from there he had picked up Sheila's number and chatted her up. Since then, they had been chatting frequently and Adrian had been asking to hang out with her.

The phone began to ring a second time and Sheila picked it up hesitatingly. She stared at the screen for a moment, trying to calm herself before answering the call, so as to make sure she didn't sound in anyway troubled or sad to her caller.

"Hey Adrian," she sang in, faking a cheerful tone.

"Hi Sheila, good afternoon. How are you doing today?"

"I'm fine, how about you?" Sheila replied.

"I'm doing great baby," Adrian replied in a sharp voice. "Well, you are yet to reply my message and I was wondering why."

"Oh! Which of the messages?"

"I asked if we could hang out this weekend, you didn't give me a reply." Adrian replied.

"Oh, sorry about that. I've been quite busy and I must have planned to reply the message later but it skipped my mind."

"I understand dear, I'm also aware you arrived from a trip yesterday."


"So... What's your reply?"

"Ermm..." Sheila drew in a breath and closed her eyes. She didn't feel like hanging out with him or anybody else, that was the initial reason she had ignored his question in the chat but now she felt a little bit different.

"What do you say Sheila?" Adrian asked, after some seconds of not hearing anything from her.

She let out a breath. "No, thanks." she finally answered. "I'll be busy this weekend, I have some stuffs to round up."

"I see, so when should we fix it?"

"Ermm... I don't know yet, I'll get back to you soon."

"Well, it's okay but I won't wait for your feedback," Adrian said in a mischievous tone. She could feel his smile from the other end. "I'm gonna keep asking you about it."

She also smiled. "It's okay Adrian, I'll really get back to you."


The FOX Corporation, EPA Hill.

Bexford, Bethanna.

Time: 17 : 08PM

Paul Edwards had just spent his first thirty minutes alone in the office that day. It had been a busy one and he had been going in and out of the place throughout the day, and even when he sat in the office for long, he was either analyzing a situation or a case file with someone else or getting feedbacks or report from another Agent, most times a junior one.

His eyes were glued to the screen of his laptop and his index finger on the mouse. He had just finished going through the reports from some Agents who had been sent on a foreign mission in Libya. He had an A4 sized paper and a pen beside him where he jotted down some points from the report. He also copied some sentences and paragraphs from the reports and pasted them in another document.

He inhaled and exhaled after a moment of tiredness. He rested his back and stretched. Then he leaned forward again to close the report file and also save the document. He covered the mouth of his pen and kept the A4 paper into a paper file, labelled with the same name the report on the laptop had.

He rested his back again and closed his eyes. He remembered his kidnapped grandson and the late Elkim Nuel, he shook his head slightly and opened his eyes. He was a man who had his own troubles but still had to deal with other people's cases and hide his own. But it was however his fault that his grandson was kidnapped and still is in the custody of the kidnappers, he blamed himself. Maybe he should dialogue again with the kidnappers and tell them all he knew about the Red Wolves so that they could release his grandson, but it was impossible to do that because he would mean he wasn't loyal enough.

He was still in deep thoughts when one of his phones on the table began to ring. It was his private phone. He leaned forward to pick it up, wondering who the caller was.

He recognized who it was immediately he saw the number. His face hardened a bit as he answered the call and put the phone close to his ear. He had been expecting the call earlier but was no longer expecting it at this time it came.

"Hey Paul," the caller's voice sounded.

Paul felt disgusted by the sound but he had no choice than to reply. "Where is my grandson?"

"Hey, relax man. It's very rude to ignore my greeting," the caller fired at him.

"Get straight to the point, I don't exchange pleasantries with criminals."

"Hahaha," the caller laughed loudly which sounded very annoying to Paul. Then from the annoying tone, the voice changed into an angry one. "I also do not have the patience for criminals masquerading as crime fighters, I kill them like I did with Elkim Nuel last night."
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Episode 54

Paul was taken aback by the last sentence and he felt a bit shaken. Could it be true that the men who had his grandson were the killers of Agent Elkim Nuel? If they truly were, it meant not just his grandson was in trouble but his other family members were not safe.

"I hope you haven't done anything to Austin because if you touch as little as a strand of his hair, you will pay dearly for it."

"Hahaha," the caller laughed hard again. "You're a fool Paul, a big fool. You have the chance to save your grandson and you're making empty threats. It shows how heartless a man you are."

"Damn you dude! you would know I don't make empty threats if anything happens to the boy."

There was another roar of laughter. "You're a bigger fool than I thought and more cruel than I ever imagined," the caller said. "You're not even concerned about saving your grandson, you're more concerned about proving that you can get to me."

Paul remained silent at his words.

"Well, Austin is here listening and he now knows how cruel you are..." the caller paused and after some seconds, Paul heard his grandson's voice. "Grandpa, are you..."

"Hey Austin!" Paul jumped to his feet at the sound of the voice.

"Damn you Paul!" the caller cursed after cutting the boy's words short. "You have a chance to save your grandson by giving us the list of all top members of the FOX, if you don't, we kill more FOX executives and also come for your family members."

'Damn you bastard!" Paul cursed. He knew the caller was going to get to the point of threatening with his family members. He moved away from behind his table and walked angrily to the window side. "So, how would I be sure that if I let out these names to you, you would leave my grandson and not trouble me any longer? And also, how would letting out the names not implicate me?"

"We can strike a deal Paul," the caller replied in a tempting voice. "There's no way this is not going to implicate you. So, we can strike a deal to allow you move out of Bethanna to somewhere far away with a changed identity for you and your family, I know you are an expert in changing identities."

Paul shook his head and ran his fingers into his hair as he turned back. "Keep my grandson safe and let nothing happen to him, that's the only thing that can save you from instant death when I finally get to you. You bastard!"

"Oh! I see... You'd have to watch more people and your family members die then," the caller said before hanging up.

"Bastard! I'll get you soon..." Paul said but wasn't heard as the line went off already.

He stepped back behind the table and threw the phone on top. He shook his head as he let out a breath in anger. He gritted his teeth and clenched his teeth. He angrily banged his fists on the table and turned back to face the wall. After some few seconds of trying to calm himself, he turned back and picked his phone. He dialed another number.

"I'm being pressured to give out information," he said after the receiver answered his call. "I don't want to hurt any of my family members."


"Agent Tam still remembers nothing, he doesn't even remember how he was taken." Agent Evelyn said as she walked towards Agent Steve where he was standing beside the table, the same table from where they had linked Henson and Richard Brad with Ernest Daysman. She dropped the file in front of him on the table

"It's suspicious that Agent Tam had his short term memory wiped off, it makes it sound similar to a FOX operation." Steve commented, looking at Evelyn's face.

Rhoda looked at Agent Steve's face from where she was, pondering on the observation.

"I've also been thinking about that," Evelyn put in. "I suspect that someone in the FOX is involved in this. How else can we explain that Agent Elkim's house was easily penetrable even with the number of men guarding it?"

"I think you guys are right," Rhoda got up from where she was sitting in front of a computer. "I've never thought about it this way but hearing it now makes me also think the person who killed Agent Elkim must have been someone close to him among the executives."

Agents Steve and Evelyn stared quickly at Rhoda's face, hoping he knew the weight of what she just said. She had just suggested that one of the FOX's executives was not just Agent Elkim's real murderer but also the person behind the recent kidnappings.

"But why wasn't Agent Tam killed?" Steve spoke out his thoughts.

"I guess the killer had nothing against Agent Tam," Evelyn replied.

"What could he have against Agent Elkim then?" Steve asked rhetorically.

"And if we agree that this group of killers have killed Brad and Henson in relation to their assignment with the Red Wolves, would it be save to say that Agent Elkim also had something to do with them?" Agent Evelyn chipped in.

"Ermm... With the Red Wolves?" Steve let out a chuckle. "Come on, it hasn't gotten to that. We have to find a reasonable link between Agent Elkim, Henson and Brad before it is safe to make such statement."

"And we also have to come up with a reasonable stance about Paul Edward's relation who was kidnapped," Rhoda put in and stepped closer to them. The both of them stared at her. "The man hasn't told us how this relative is related to him," she quickly added, pointing the index fingers of both hands up and shaking them in a manner that suggested she doubted Paul Edwards.

She dropped a file before Steve and opened it, she took out a document she had just printed from the computer.

"I suspect this relative of Paul is Austin Edwards, his grandson." Rhoda said, showing the paper she pulled out to Steve.

"But that isn't possible," Evelyn said as she moved closer to them. "Austin Edwards died in the bomb blast at his school."

"It appears he didn't die, our Chairman lied to the world." Rhoda chipped in. "I've checked through and through, the hospital records, transportation records both on land and flight and even call records. There's none other person that could have been kidnapped other than Austin Edwards who is said to be dead."

After checking through the summary in the papers Rhoda handed to Steve, both Steve and Evelyn were amazed and baffled, realizing how true Rhoda's words were.

They were yet to say anything else when the door opened and Daniel entered.

"Hey guys," he said in an excited tone. "We have proof that the assailants yesterday distorted the networks and tampered with the surveillance cameras footages, how they did that is what we are yet to confirm," he said as he marched forward.

Their eyes followed him until he joined them at the table. He dropped the file in his hand on the table and opened it.

"The traffic control network and communication network went off at the same time, " Daniel continued, showing them details from the file he opened. "They also came back on barely at the same time, with less than a minute gap between them. "

He opened another page of the document in the file and began to explain again. "These footages shows that the surveillance cameras system itself was not hacked, but the database was hacked. Footages of happenings throughout the day are still in the database except for specific times when these assailants' faces were almost captured." He paused and began to flip through pages showing colour shots from the CCTV. He paused on a particular picture. "The origin of their vehicle was unknown, footages of how it got to this point was no longer available in the database," he opened again to the next page. "Footages of how they also attacked and tranquilized the police officers were deleted," he said and opened again. "The next thing it shows is them driving to Agent Elkim's house," he continued opening the pages. "And then after about two hours, it shows them moving out but was cleared from a point before the roundabout. The footage did not show which direction they took from the roundabout."

"But the vehicle has been found," Agent Steve interrupted.

"Yes, it has been found but how it got there can not be found in the database," Daniel replied. "What we have are only the reports from eyewitnesses who says they saw the men and a woman step out of the police vehicle and step into a Jeep. We still cannot trace where the destination of the Jeep was."

Agent Steve stepped back and squinted his eyes thoughtfully after Daniel finished explained. he made a sharp turn back and walked quickly to the cabinet to pick out three files. He returned with them to the table.

He opened the first and flipped through the pages until he found what he wanted. He handed it to Evelyn to also see. He opened the second and also flipped through. He also did the same with the third.

"This links Agent Elkim's killers to the kidnappers of Brad, Henson and Austin... I mean Paul Edward's relative." Steve voiced his observation which he had also showed to the others.

He quickly collected the first file again and began to open through.

"Check through the call records of the second one also," he said as he checked the first. Dan opened and checked through the second.

After two minute of making their confirmation, Steve turned to Daniel. "Did you also get the call records of Agent Elkim?"

"Yes, I did but his phones and devices are all missing." Daniel answered as he began to open the file he came with again.

"Both Brad and Henson had frequent links with Ernest Daysman before they disappeared," Steve said while waiting for Daniel to search for the records.

"Here," Daniel put the file before him.

Steve took his time to observe, Daniel and Evelyn also did.

"Agent Elkim made contact with Ernest Daysman," Steve mentioned out loud. "But he made more contact with Agent Paul Edwards more before he died."

Both Steve and Evelyn exchanged glances and then both stared at Evelyn's face.

Daniel stared at them ignorantly, he knew from their looks that there was something they were communicating with their eyes which he probably did not know because he joined them late.

"I'm lost here," he complained.

Rhoda looked at him. "We have a top suspect among the executives, Agent Paul Edwards."

To be continued

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Paul is now a suspect within Fox. They will soon expose him.

Thanks for the update.
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Restless - Episode 56

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


Paul Edwards was at the dining table, sitting alone and taking his dinner quietly when the call came in. He ignored it at first and decided to call whoever it was after the call but he picked his phone to check when it began to ring the second time. The caller was one of the doctors from the Ruthernard Hospital and he wondered what the man was calling him for at the time of the night. He had never spoken to the man on phone but only had his number stored in case it was ever needed. He dropped the phone again and decided to call back after he was done with dinner.

A message popped in twenty seconds later and Paul continued eating without picking the phone to check. It took him extra five minutes to finish with the food. He cleaned the sides of his mouth with the napkin and also wiped the tip of his right fingers before he picked the phone again. He opened the message, it was from the doctor and it read:

"Austin Edwards has just come into the hospital."

Paul's eyes widened as he read the message. He quickly switched to his call history and dialed back the doctor's number.

"Hello Doctor, what are you talking about?" Paul said into the phone.

"Good evening sir, Austin walked into my office few minutes ago," the doctor replied.

"Are you sure? And is he okay?" Paul asked in an alarmed tone.

"Yes, he looks physically okay, I think he's just affected by lack of proper medication within the last few days. I'm about to begin some tests on him," the doctor replied.

"Who came with him?"

"I saw no one with him."

"Please, keep him there and ensure no one comes close to him. I'll be there in few minutes," Paul said as he got up from the table.

He turned and walked hurriedly towards the stairs leading to his room. His phone began to ring again as he climbed the stairs, his son was calling.

"Hello Father, I'm on my way to Ruthernard. I got a call from Austin about thirty minutes ago, some people brought him to the hospital and left him at the gate."

"I also got a call from the doctor a minute ago and you'd probably meet me at the hospital," Paul replied his son.

Ruthernard Hospital

"Good evening Father," Martin greeted as he walked into the doctor's office. "Where's Austin?" He asked straightaway without waiting for a response to his greeting.

"I've only seen him briefly, the doctor is still attending to him." Paul replied.

"Is he okay Dad?"

"Yes, he looks okay. I haven't had time to speak with him yet," Paul answered.

Just at that moment, the door opened and a nurse stepped in, announcing that the doctor has said they could join him at the ward.

Both men followed the nurse at once. They soon got to the ward and met Austin sitting in the bed with the Doctor standing by his side. The Doctor turned after noticing their presence.

"Welcome Mr Martin," he greeted Paul's son who he was just seeing for the first time that day.

"I hope he's okay Doc?" Paul asked as he moved closer to Austin.

"Yes, he is. He only needs some more supplements because he missed his drugs for a short while," the doctor replied.

"So, they didn't touch or manhandle him?" Paul asked the doctor.

"It doesn't look so, " the doctor answered.

"How are you Austin? I hope you weren't hurt," Martin asked his son.

"They didn't touch me," Austin replied his father in a calm voice. His look was however not friendly and he had his eyes on his grandfather who was still talking to the doctor.

"What's wrong?" The father asked him on noticing his gaze on Paul.

Austin did not reply, he kept his eyes on Paul as the man moved closer to him.

"Hi Austin, I'm so happy to see you again. I'm glad you weren't hurt," Paul said with a smile but Austin maintained his stare at him without replying.

Paul noticed the way his grandson was staring at him and he flashed a glance at his son, wondering if he knew why the younger man was staring at him that way.

"What's wrong?" Paul asked his son in low tones.

Martin shrugged and replied. "I don't know."

"What's the matter Austin?" Martin asked his son.

Austin finally took his gaze off Paul to his father. "It's granddad," he said. "He is the reason I was taken and he has some explanation to make not just to us but to the world."

"Shut up Austin!" Martin rebuked him. "You can't talk like that, he's doing everything just to keep you safe."

Austin sighed. "You don't understand Dad, there's something Grandpa isn't telling us." he said in soft tones and then turned again to Paul. "Grandpa, tell us the reason why you are hiding the truth that I'm alive from the world. And how did you know that the Red Wolves planned to bomb the hostel that day?"

"Would you shut up and stop asking stupid questions!" Martins got mad at him.

Paul took in a deep breath. He felt quite embarrassed as his eyes met with the Doctor's eyes. He wished that the abductors had injected into the boy the same substance that made their victims loose the memories of what happened during the abduction like they had done with Richard Brad's son and Agent Tam. That way, the boy would have had no memory of whatever they said to him. He knew the abductors had intentionally not injected the boy to make sure he remembered all they said to him and to cause a situation like the one which just played out.


The Next Day
08: 46AM

Bexford, Bethanna

"Good morning sir," Agent Steve greeted as he walked into the man's office.

"Good morning Steve," Paul raised his head slowly and stared at the junior Agent's face. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you sir." Steve replied.

"I heard you asked to see me earlier," Paul said. He dropped the pen he held previously in his hand, rested his back and folded his arm across his belly.

"Yes sir, I was told you were busy. I wanted to make some enquires from you concerning your relative that was abducted few days ago, the case was moved to us by Agent Elkim before his death and..."

Paul raised a hand to make him stop. He leaned back forward to picked his pen and then rested back again, this time putting an elbow on the armrest of the chair and the hand with the pen supporting his chin. "You asked me some questions on phone call two days ago, I thought you had all the answers you needed already but thanks anyway, you do not need to bother about that anymore."

Steve widened his eyes in surprise. "Sir?"

"Yeah, you don't need to bother." Paul repeated.

"Have you transferred the case to another team?" Steve asked. He waited for a reply but did not get any immediately. "I think my team would handle it better because of it's similarity to the pattern of kidnaps we have in our ongoing investigations."

"No, thanks Steve. You don't need to bother anymore," Paul answered. "My relative's kidnap was in no way related to the previous kidnaps in your ongoing investigation."

Steve squinted. The man was now confusing him.

"My little cousin returned home last night and it was quite easy, he wasn't hurt." Paul Edwards added quickly.

"Oh!" Steve exclaimed, rasing his brows.

"Yeah, Steve." Paul smiled and leaned back forward. "Now, all I need you to do is get those men behind the kidnap and those behind Elkim's death. We can't waste any more time, so you've got to increase your tenacity."

Steve shook his head. "Yes sir, we would do all we can."

"Good, go get to work immediately."

Steve bowed slightly and then turned towards the door. He took in a breath as he opened the door and stepped outside. He closed his eyes and shook his head briefly after closing the door.

The questions he had for Paul Edwards were not just directed towards investigating the kidnap but pulling out more evidences that would show that Paul Edwards was indeed the criminal in the FOX.

"Hey guys!" Steve said in a disappointing tone as he stepped back into the team's investigation room.

The guys turned to him, wondering why he returned so quickly and thinking he was not allowed to ask the man questions.

"Hi boss, he didn't talk to you?" Samantha asked him.

"He did," Steve answered and shook his head. "He claims his relative has been found."

"How?" Daniel asked.

"He did not tell me how," he replied.

They all looked disappointed to hear the news.

"We've got to continue working and pull out more facts, we have to stop the Red Wolves, stop these abductors and murderers and also stop whoever it is in the FOX working with them." Steve said moved closer to their broad investigation table.


Nevi Community Clinic,
Nevi, Bethanna.


Henry drove into the compound of the clinic in a blue Camry. He parked beside a car in the small parking space. He picked his face cap and his sun glasses which he kept on the passenger's seat and put them on before he took off his seatbelt. He then opened the door and stepped out.

He took a quick look around the place before he proceeded to the entrance of the clinic.

"Good afternoon nurse," he greeted the woman he saw at the desk.

"Good afternoon sir," the nurse answered. She sized him up with her eyes and wondered what he was doing at the clinic. She didn't think a man like him would come for treatment there. "Please, how may I help you?"

"I need to see Doctor Alan," Henry replied her.

"For treatment, or for something personal?" she asked.

"Humn..." Henry would have loved to say it was personal to avoid the protocols of having to register with the clinic first, but he knew the actions that may follow may make his visit look suspicious afterwards. "For treatment," he eventually replied.

"I'll have to register you first," the nurse said with a smile. "It's two Bethanna dollars for registration."

It took about seven minutes for them to complete the registration and for the nurse to inform the doctor of his presence. Henry was afterwards called to go into the Doctor's office for consultation.

Doctor Alan adjusted the thick lenses on his nose as he watched the patient walk into the office. He raised his brow on seeing the hugeness of the man's body and his carriage.

He leaned forward and picked his pen in preparation to listen to the patient's complaints and make his jotting.

"Good afternoon Doctor," the patient greeted as he got to the table.

"Good afternoon sir, please you may have your seat." Doctor Alan replied, only looking up briefly.

Henry made himself comfortable on the seat. He took off his cap first and placed it on the table.

"So, how may I help you?" the doctor asked and looked up. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the face. He closed his eyes and shook his head, wondering if he was seeing double. He opened his eyes and took in a deep breath. He tried to calm himself. It couldn't be the person it looked like, it must be only a striking resemblance, he thought to himself.

The Doctor was a man in his early sixties. He was tall and slender. Light in complexion, he had an oval face and a slightly pointed nose. He kept a smooth shaven head which gave him a funny look, coupled with the thick medical lenses that always stood on his nose.

"Doctor Alan," Henry called in a calm voice as he took off the sunshades. "It's really nice to see you again."

The doctor widened his eyes and his mouth in shock as he confirmed that it was not just a striking resemblance, it was indeed Carl Winston.

"Carl Winston..." he said in a shaky voice. His lips and hands were trembling, the pen in his hand fell off and he still could not believe his eyes.

"Yes Alan, I'm here." Henry said with a smile and got up to his feet, turning towards Alan side of the table. He opened his hands wide for an embrace.

He stopped a metre before the shocked Doctor. The man was still too shocked to get to his feet.

"I'm alive Doctor Alan, I never died." Henry said again and stepped closer to the man. He pulled the Doctor's hand and helped him up to his feet, then he drew the shocked man into a warm embrace.

Doctor Alan did not respond to the embrace at first, he suffered from the shock a little while longer before he then wrapped his hands behind Henry and squeezed him tighter to himself. Tears formed in the Doctor's eyes.

The embrace lasted for about sixty seconds before Henry pulled away and returned to his seat.

The Doctor was yet to sit even after Henry sat. He continued to stare at Henry like he had seen a ghost.

"Come on, sit down." Henry urged him.

He finally sat and tucked touched his eyes with a napkin.

Henry watched him with a broad smile.

"How did you survive? I heard you and Rex were shot thrice in the belly and tossed into the Bexford sea," Alan asked.

"I did somehow, I guess it isn't my time to die yet."

"What about Rex?" Alan questioned.

Henry heaved a sad sigh and shook his head in pity. "I don't think he survived it."

A sad look appeared on Alan's face but slowly disappeared in a brief moment.

Alan was Rex and Carl's secret and personal doctor for several years. He first worked in the Bethanna Military Service for twenty years and met Carl and Rex when he was transferred to the FOX. He retired ten years later after spending the maximum thirty years in service according to the Bethannian laws. He was however retained by Rex and Carl personally and followed them almost everywhere, especially on foreign trips where they had to stay for several weeks or months. He had been with them when they started the Red Wolves case and had also rejoiced with them few weeks after when they thought they had defeated the Red Wolves only to hear two days later that the both of them were killed and thrown into the sea.

"I never believed that you two died in that sea," Alan began with tears forming again in his eyes. "I kept on hoping that you would return or call me to come treat you at a secret location like you always do but I waited for a week and got no call. That was when I began to waver in my belief," he paused again and sniffed in. "Right now, I had already lost hopes totally that I'd ever see the two of you again, but it's actually a relief seeing you Carl."

"I'm glad to see you also Doc," Henry smiled.

"So, how did you do it?"

"It's a long story..." Henry answered and then narrated how he was taken to Anthanna and helped by Sheila.

"Oh! She's such a kind hearted woman," Alan commented with some tears in his eyes.

"Doctor, I'm back for an important mission, I'll explain to you later. I do need you with me."

"Right away, I can come with you." Alan jumped to his feet and immediately began to take off his lab coat.

"No, not so fast Doc," Henry smiled. "For now, you'd prescribe some drugs for me, so that I can quietly leave here. I'll wait around till evening for you."

To be continued.

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@oyinprince is there an update on the bodyguard?
Yes, the second part has even begun on the site - www.youngicee.com/the-bodyguard-reloaded
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Restless - Episode 57

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

EPA Hill, Bexford.

"What else do we need to get approval to arrest Mr Daysman?" Evelyn voiced out.

She, Steve and Daniel had been at the table for over thirty minutes, drawing out facts from results of their investigations.

"We need concrete proof against Mr Daysman to bring him over, we almost got into trouble with the chairman for doing so the last time." Steve answered her.

"I think we may have to take the option of questioning him at his home," Daniel suggested.

"No," Steve disagreed immediately. "Without concrete findings, our questions would not only be limited but we'd give room for him to cover more tracks by exposing the little details we have discovered."

"But... We've gotten quite some proofs to show that Agent Elkim was involved with the Red Wolves, we also have seen more details of Daysman's involvement. How come we're yet to see Paul Edward's connections, apart from his visit to the Magic Complex the day it was last visited by Agent Elkim and the phone records?"

"What do you expect?" Steve shook his head. "Paul Edwards is the FOX boss, no one else knows more than him in hiding tracks, we may have no choice than to question him about his visit to the Magic Complex for now, maybe we'd get an headway from his answer."

"Can't we do it right away?" Evelyn suggested.



"You're here again to see me, I hope it's some good progress report you have for me." Paul Edwards said after asking them to sit.

"Not actually sir," Steve replied with a brief smile. "We are actually making progress but this morning, we are here to ask some brief questions. We hope you do not mind sir."

"Questions concerning the case?" Paul questioned.

"Yes, especially pertaining to Agent Elkim's murder," Steve replied.

"Okay, you can ask."

"Thank you sir," Steve cleared his throat. "Firstly, you were one of the last persons Agent Elkim called before his death, you already explained that he called to ask about your missing cousin but we've never really asked if you noticed any strange thing about his conversation that day."

"There was nothing strange about Elkim that day," Paul Edwards asked, squinting his eyes.

"Agent Elkim also called Mr Daysman and two other people, we would like to know if you have any idea of those calls."

"No idea," Paul replied, shaking his head.

"We also tracked some of his visits before the day he died, one of the suspicious and unclear ones is his visit to the Magic Complex," Steve paused a moment, his eyes met with Paul's but Paul looked slowly. Steve took out a document from the file in Evelyn's hand and handed it to the Chairman.

Paul Edwards stared at the documents, it showed a date and carried some black and white pictures.

"Sir, we are aware that you were at the Magic Complex at the same time as Elkim that day, you also left with him almost at the same times."

Paul took a moment to understand the documents in front of him and even requested for more.

"It must be a coincidence Steve, I never knew he was there at that time." Paul said after scanning through the documents.

"Sir, you were without your FOX men escorts and Agent Elkim was also without them. Was that also coincidence sir?"

Paul smiled. "I had some quick personal things to settle in there and I did not need to go with escorts."

"What sir, did you go into the complex to do that day?"

"I told you already, some quick personal things which is none of your business."

Steve swallowed in at his response. He also shook his head slightly.

"Sir... I would not like to bother you really, but it's only paramount that we get every necessary detail we can get, and from everyone possible." Steve tried to explain.

"Listen Steve, . I want you to get this job done and that's why I haven't taken you out yet but it's unnecessary to question me like a suspect. If I do have information that can help your investigation, I'll be first to let it out to you."

Steve took a breath in. "Sir, may I ask more questions?"

"Yes, you may. I'll answer you if I can."

"One of our major suspects was also at the Magic Complex, the same time you and Agent Elkim were spotted there..."

"And that is who?" Paul cut in.

"Mr Ernest Daysman," Steve answered. He stared at his boss's face for a moment to see the reaction before he continued. "I don't know if you by any chance ran into him and noticed anything."

"No, I didn't run into Daysman, I never had an idea he was there just like I never knew Elkim was there. " Paul paused and leaned forward. "I think what we need to confirm here is the link between Daysman and late Agent Elkim," he suggested thoughtfully, with his eyes squinted at Steve.

"Yes sir, and that's what we're already trying to do but from the surveillance cameras footages, you're one of the possible links to them."

Paul was taken aback and he leaned back immediately, staring at Steve with his eyebrows slightly raised and his lips slightly apart in surprise. Steve had suggestively linked him to suspected criminals.

He placed his chin on his palm and stared at Steve. The young man was already discovering too much and would possibly get himself into trouble with the way he was going about it, he thought.

"I think you need to work more and pull out more facts, because if you really do think I'm a link, you're wasting your time." Paul said dismissively and opened up his laptop to start something else.


Benuit, Bethanna.

"Carl Winston must have a team of more than four people if they were four at Elkim Nuel's house," Kahn said to Hutton who was sitting in front of a table with a laptop on it. He had different pictures displaying on the dashboard of his application.

"Well, I can't predict how many team members he could have presently. While Carl Winston and Rex H.C worked together, they worked with very few men as team mates but I can't tell now that he probably heads the team alone." Hutton said, leaning back on the backrest and running his hands through his hair.

"Of course, he heads the team alone. He can't possibly work with Rex HC, and Elkim Nuel always said also that even when Carl Winston worked as one man without Agent Rex, he always did with few men." Kahn added.

"We need to identify some FOX men who worked with Carl Winston when he headed a mission alone. Some of them may be aware of his return and may be working with him," Hutton suggested.

"Elkim used to be our main man there," Kahn said, suggesting that it could be difficult to get the information they needed.

"We have other men there, remember?"

"Agent Elkim was the most senior," Kahn reminded him.

"Yes, but can't we get the information directly from Paul Edwards."

Kahn narrowed his gaze thoughtfully. "Yeah, you're right."


"Is she the one?" Doctor Alan asked, looking into Henry's phone from behind.

Henry glanced back at the man with a smile. He had noticed earlier that the man was approaching but he didn't know the man would stop behind him to see what he was doing. He had been staring at the picture for more than a minute, remembering the brief time he had been with her.

"Yes, that's Sheila." Henry replied. He placed his gaze on the man as the man turned about his seat to the sofa beside him.

"She's beautiful," Doctor Alan commented, still looking at the picture on the phone's screen.

"Yes, she is." Henry smiled.

"And you love her, don't you?"

"Hun?" Henry squinted at him.

"Yeah, you're in love with her." Doctor Alan insisted.

"No, come on," Henry refuted with a giggle. "I still haven't gotten over the death of my wife and child, I can't be in love with someone else."

"Yes, you are Henry. I'm sure," the Doctor smiled as Henry frowned his face. "I can see you're afraid of admitting it, you don't want to get her hurt."

"No, no," Henry shook his head in denial. "She is just a good woman and a benefactor to me, nothing else, nothing more."

"I won't argue with you Henry, I know how delicate your present mission is." Doctor Alan said. "I'll let you finish this first."

Henry let out a sigh.

"By the way, my family got to the UK safely already."

"Oh, good!" Henry smiled. "That keeps them safe from us and anyone else who tries to hurt them."

"They've always been safe here Henry," doctor Alan said, his face looked blank. He didn't like the idea of having his family too far away from him but Henry had insisted they had to be far enough for them to continue the mission together. It had taken a while for him to convince his wife and last child. He had only two sons and the first child was already working in a neighboring country.

"This is different Doc, we're fighting against the FOX. They know your family and can easily get to your family when they find out you're against them." Henry explained.

The doctor was about to talk again when Cole stepped into the living room calling Henry.

"I'm back boss," Cole announced as he walked in. He was sweating in his white shirt. A black backpack hung behind him.

Henry got up immediately. "We've got some work to do Doc, we'd talk later." He said as he picked his phone and turned away from the doctor.

"What did you confirm from your research?" Henry asked as he and Cole walked into the control room.

"Boss, you were right." Cole replied as he took off his backpack and dropped it on the table. "There's only one place in Bethanna where we have abundance of those acetic acid mixtures occurring naturally."

Henry walked to the master computer and turned it on from the CPU.

"So, that means you went around all available stores in Bexford without finding any that has the material?" Henry asked.

"Yes," Cole answered. "They kept referring me to the same particular location - the town Enox in Southern Bethanna."

"Yeah, that's the only place that possess those acetic mixtures naturally and in abundance." Henry said before taking his seat. The computer was fully booted. He opened up a text application and a document in which they had extracted some of the conversation gotten from Agent Elkim's devices. After reading for some seconds, he turned again to Cole who was now standing close to him and holding a small carton in his hand. "That particular acetic mixture which was requested from Agent Elkim's device is used to produce a very dangerous explosive. If we get the particular individual supplier which it was requested from, we can get the man who receives the supply and delivers it to the explosive manufacturer. We can trace and get a lot other people through that link."

"So, is that what we go for instead of getting the men whose contact we found on the device?" Cole questioned.

"Yeah, we only suspect those contacts we found, we cannot ascertain who they are yet. Agent Elkim was always careful enough to clear off his messages. He probably anticipated a day that his messages would be read by a third party."

"So, what's our next step and how soon do we go?" Cole asked.

"We only need time to study the map and area and come up with a workable plan, this should take less than five days." Henry replied. "It is however certain that we're on our way to unravel a bomb production factory."


March 26, 2016


Deo Cafeteria

El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila let out a laugh at another of Adrian's funny remarks. It had been that way for almost two hours. She had finally agreed to hang out with Adrian that afternoon and they had chosen the Cafeteria to meet. They finished with lunch and decided to wait and spend some more time with each other.

For Sheila, it had been fun time as they had different intelligent discussions ranging from politics, technology, education and even social media.

"So, Sheila, why haven't you been in another relationship since you broke up with Tom?" Adrian put in a serious question even in the jolly atmosphere.

Sheila flashed a quick look at him and the look on her face changed gradually to a serious one.

"Well," she shrugged. "I guess it isn't time for another, I'll get into one when the right time comes."

"Sheila," Adrian called in a cool calm voice and stretched his hand on the table to hold hers. She looked at his face. "I've been in love with you for so long, right from high school but my pride never allowed me admit. I know the jerk you know me as might not be the man you see as the right man for you, but the Adrian sitting here..." He paused and let out a silent sigh. She was looking down already but raised her head after he went quiet. "The Adrian here with you is someone who might not be totally different, but have gone through some trainings and things in life that have changed me."

He paused again and reached out for the right hand, he held both palms in his across the table.

"Sheila, I ask you for a chance in your life. I promise I'm gon be that man you want," Adrian concluded. He had a serious and passionate look on his face.

Sheila stared into his eyes for some more seconds before she withdrew her hands.

She shook his head gently and blinked. "I'm sorry Adrian, I don't think I'm ready for this."

"I know," Adrian smiled calmly. "I'll give you sometime to think about it but I want you to know that I truly love you."

There was no response from Sheila. They remained calm and silent for a moment, staring into each other's eyes.

To be continued

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Restless - Episode 58

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

March 27, 2016

Enox, a small beautiful city located in Vincil, a state in the southern part of Bethanna, was a beautiful town and a tourist attractive center. It had few major factories in Bethanna situated in it because of the closeness to source of natural resources for production.

Henry and his team members sat in a car, five of them in total, all dressed in black leather jackets and black pants with black face caps covering their heads.

Henry was at the front seat with Dave who drove them to the place, he had a backpack resting on his laps. He looked up into the rearview mirror to see the faces of the three others sitting at the back. They all looked ready as usual but he still decided to remind them of some of the instructions he had given them already.

"Remember guys, the facility we are about to go into is an airtight facility. The reason we have no guns with us is to cause no explosion that would take our lives along. Try your best as much as you can not to cause any ignition in whatsoever way," he took a brief pause again and looked at them through the mirror. "Make sure you keep in touch with your partner and the rest of the team when necessary."

Henry glanced once again into the mirror and nodded to himself in satisfaction. He then reached for the handle of the door and opened it. The others followed suit and they all stepped out of the car almost at the same time. Jenny moved closer to Dave at the front while Samantha stuck close to Cole close to the boot of the car. Henry stood alone where he was and looked satisfactorily again at his team. He strapped the backpack he held on his left hand to his back.

They had split according to their plan of breaking into three groups for the operation, with only Henry left without a partner. The three groups are to gain entrance into the facility through the three different entrances. They had taken time to investigate the facility and couldn't find out much about the interior but knew some of the basic things they needed to know.
For ease of movement after the task, they had also placed four different vehicles at different spots along the routes leading in and out of Enox.

Twenty Minutes Later.

"I'm close to the entrance already, where are you?" Henry said into the mouthpiece hanging on his shirt as he approached a gate on his motorcycle. "Notify me when you get there, I may not respond to you though." he added after getting the first response from Cole.

He stopped his motorcycle in front of the locked grid gate and pushed his horn. He took a quick look at both left and right side of the fence and saw different signboards displaying the warning against smoking around the vicinity.

In few seconds, a man stepped out of the building close to the gate and towards the gate to check who was there. The lights on the fence and at the gate were bright enough to reveal details about every visitor outside.

The man was putting on a grey coloured khaki which got him identified at once as one of the security guards.

"What do you want here?" the man shouted out as he approached the gate.

"I need to deliver a parcel to Stan," Henry replied back in a loud voice.

"What parcel?" the man asked, scrutinizing Henry on the bike from behind the gate.

"Tell Stan of my presence, he expects me tonight." Henry replied.

Two other men dressed like the first man appeared behind him to check what was happening at the gate.

"Stan, you say?" the first man asked to confirm as he took out his phone.

Henry nodded in reply.

The man dialed a number and put the phone close to his ear.

"Someone is here to see Stan," he said into the phone after the call was answered. He paused to listen to the receiver. He turned to Henry as he took the phone off his ear temporally. "From where?"

"Elkim Nuel," Henry replied. "The man requested I deliver the parcel to him before he died."

"From Elkim Nuel, he claims Elkim sent him here before his death." the man said into the mouthpiece of the phone after taking it back close to his ear. He listened for some few seconds and took the phone off his ear again. "Where is your identity?" he asked Henry.

Henry dipped his hand quickly into the inner pocket of his jacket and took out a black round leather card which had a silver coloured logo on it. He displayed for the man to see.

"Yes, he's got it." the man said as he put his phone close against to his ear.

He rounded up the call and returned his phone into his pocket. He took out a key from his breast pocket and inserted it into the lock of the gate.

He opened the gate wide enough for Henry to drive in.

Henry raised his gear and rode in. He stopped beside the two other man who waved him down.

"We have to check you," one of the men said.

"Oh! Sure," Henry replied and turned off his motorcycle engine. He made it stand as he dropped off and took off his backpack.

"Please open your bag and take out the contents slowly," the same man who spoke before said again.

Henry squatted and placed his backpack down on the tarred floor. He opened the larger section and took out a sealed carton.

"This is the parcel I gotta give Stan," he said as he raised the carton up to the security men.

One of the men took it in his hand and checked it. He wasn't satisfied with the check but did not want to ask Henry to open it because it was sealed.

After a minute of checking the backpack and Henry's body, he was allowed to proceed and was directed by one of the men to the car park beside. He was told to proceed in through the main entrance after parking his vehicle.

Henry heard the sound of a phone ringing as he rode to the place he was directed. He parked his motorcycle and turned back, he noticed that the man who had opened the gate for him was staring in his direction. He knew at once from the look that the man had probably got another call informing him that he was not who he claimed to be. The men inside must have confirmed from another source that Elkim Nuel did not get to make the request before his death.

He pretended like he noticed nothing and looked towards the main entrance where he was directed to go in through. There was a large corridor surrounding the main building. It couldn't be seen from where Henry stood if the corridor was extended to the back of the building. A short flight of stairs of about three metres long and two metres wide was directly opposite the main entrance door and it provided a platform to climb to the corridor. There were handrails at both sides of the stairs and also through out the edge of the corridor.

Henry saw with the side eye as the three men began to rush towards him after the first man told the other two something. He proceeded hurriedly towards the entrance.

"Hey, stop!" one of the men ordered as Henry got close to the short flight of stairs leading to the verandah.

Henry glanced at them but did not stop, he continued up the flight of stairs.

The men increased their steps and ran quickly up the stairs to catch up with him.

Henry with a swift turn moved to the left side immediately and grabbed the top of the handrail with both hands. He leaped and swung swiftly over the rail, landing a double kick on the chest and face of the second man climbing up the corridor. The man staggered and hit his back against the rail at the other side before falling and rolling down to the last step of the flight. Henry landed in front of the third man behind and before the man could realize it, a heavy blow landed directly on his nose. He fell back straight and tumbled to the ground.

The man who got up the corridor first turned to attack Henry but he was caught by the fist just as he threw a punch. Henry dug a blow in his belly and then took a quick grip of his belt head. He lifted him up and flung him down the corridor towards the garage.


Stan hurried through the hallway with another man by his side. He had received a call from one of his subordinates in another section of the building informing him that the messenger from the late Elkim Nuel had come. It got him confused for a moment as he remembered his last conversation with the agent which took place only three hours before the time the man was reported to have died. He thought about it and deduced that the organization Elkim Nuel was supposed to contact must have closed operations by the time of their conversation. He had picked his phone quickly to make confirmations and he got to find out that Elkim Nuel never contacted the organization few hours before his death. The organization in fact claimed that the last time they had any contact with the agent was a month before his murder.

"Boss, the intruder is no ordinary man," a man coming from the opposite direction of the hall spoke out loud on seeing Stan. "He's taken down three of the men outside already, I ordered more men to go after him."

"Who is he?" Stan asked. They all stopped as they got close to each other.

"He's unidentified yet," the man replied. "But we must stop him first before any other thing."

"Go ahead," Stan said as he proceeded forward. "I have to check him first and confirm if it's someone I know."

They continued in their different directions and Stan went on into the control room. His eyes went straight to the screen as he saw the man dressed in all black with a black face cap. The man was at the corridor and had just entered in through the main entrance.

"Let me see his face," Stan ordered.

The man at the master computer quickly acted on Stan's instruction by pausing the video. He slowly zoomed until the intruders head was beings seen boldly.

"Give me the front view," Stan requested, squinting at the screen. The front view of the zoomed image was displayed. Stan saw the face partially. The head of the man was covered with a face cap which hid part of his forehead and eyes, only the side views showed his eyes. The man had beards on his chin and a well shaped moustache. "Who could this be?" Stan muttered to himself. "Let it play," he spoke out loudly.

The footage was played and the intruder had already left the previous spot. He was located and seen already fighting with other men.


"Approaching now boss," Cole whispered into his mouthpiece as he walked slowly through the bushes with Samantha following behind. He got no response but could tell from the sounds he could hear that his boss was already kicking some asses.

They were at the back of the main facility and the surroundings looked more like a forest. There was a small gate at the back fence of the facility and a camp for security guards was built just beside the gate.

From their investigations about the place, Henry's team had learnt that the gate was usually permanently locked and opened only in cases of urgent need of exit. They also learnt that the camp for security guards built outside was usually been occupied by only one or two people on normal days but usually crowded by officers on days when mass production was going on and there was need to secure the place tightly. The key to the gate at the back fence was usually held by the leader of the platoon of officers manning the gate.

This day which they chose to attack was a day of another mass production. They had chosen it because it was also the day when the suspected Wolves executives in charge of production of explosions would be in the place.

Cole and Samantha had already spotted the camp. From the voices, they could tell the population of men there was between ten to twenty.

Cole stopped behind a tree and held Samantha by the arm pulling him behind her. He took another look at the camp from there. It was less than eleven metres away and they could hear the distinct voices of the men as they laughed and made fun.

"Can you see the cables connecting the lamps?" Cole asked her, pointing with his finger.

"Yes," she replied in low tones.

"One of us will go in from the left and cut it off, the second person would cause a distraction from the other side and we'd take them out after that." He said looking at her face.

Samantha kept staring towards the camp. "But we've got to be really careful, not all of these men may be busy, they could notice our movements or hear a noise from our direction."

"That's true," Cole agreed and turned forward again briefly. He turned back to look at Samantha in the face. "Whatever happens, we gotta bring them all down."

"Yeah...We gotta bring them down," she said in whispers.


"There's no problem here, the men are well positioned." the leader of the security team at the third entrance said into the phone as he looked around the area to confirm his assertion.

Dave and Jenny watched from their positions, far away from the fence and their targeted entrance. They were laying flat on the grass, about a metre space between each, their faces were hidden in the darkness behind the tall grasses. They could hear the man talking on phone and were waiting for him to finish his conversation and return to his previous position to give them time and chance to attack.

The place was well lit with several bulbs on the fence, each with a space of only three metres to the the next. About seven men were sitting on concrete stools and spread across the fence. The man who was making the call was far away from them in the nearby bush. He had gone on a check around after he had gotten a call informing him that an intruder had come in through the main entrance and was ordered to make sure everything was in order at his end.

The man ended his phone call and inserted his phone into his pocket before turning back. Jenny glanced at Dave and saw him beckoning on her to come closer. She was about to rise up and move closer to Dave when he suddenly turned again and she fell back flat.

Dave stared at the man's face. The man seemed to have observed Jenny's movement or heard the sound.

The man had his eyes squinted for a while and looking towards their direction. After a short moment, he turned back again.

Jenny closed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.

The man took two steps forward and then suddenly turned back again, this time with his torch pointing straight to Jenny's direction. He couldn't see fully because of the leaves of the tall grasses covering but he was sure there was something there. His torchlight fell on Jenny's face and he saw her eyes. He took out his whistle and blew it.


Benuit, Bethanna

Hutton had just turned off the light in his room and was about to pull over the blanket when his phone rang. He turned and reached for it. Kahn was the caller.

"I got a call from Enox few seconds ago, there's a dangerous intruder at the factory. He gained entrance after claiming to have been sent by Elkim Nuel before the murder." Kahn's voice was heard from the other side.

Hutton took in a deep breath. He needed no one to tell him, he was sure it was the work of Carl Winston.

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Restless - Episode 59

Restless - Episode 59

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The man took two steps forward and then suddenly turned back again, this time with a torch pointing straight to Jenny's direction. He couldn't see fully because of the leaves of the tall grasses covering, but he was sure there was something there. His torchlight fell on Jenny's face and he saw her eyes. He took out his whistle and blew it.

"Damn!" Dave cursed out loud. He jumped up to his feet and charged towards the man pointing the torch.

The man had not seen him but only Jenny and did not expect anyone to come out from that direction. He pointed his torch at Dave and tried to pull out his gun but before he could do anything, Dave already dived towards him, grabbing him by the waist and sending him crashing to the ground. Dave sat up on him with his knees placed either sides on the floor and sent three punches to the man's face and chest. He pulled out the man's gun from his waist side and threw it towards Jenny who was already moving out from her hiding place.

The men stationed behind the fence were already coming quickly towards the man that called their attention with the whistle. The only three men who had guns among them I took them out.

The gun landed beside Jenny and she picked it up quickly. She flashed a glance towards Dave and he was also looking at her.

"You can only shoot outside, you can't shoot when we get into the facility," Dave said to remind Jenny and also in a way advise her to use the gun wisely.

The man took advantage of Dave's distraction and pushed him away quickly.

Dave landed on the side but got back up immediately at the same time with the man. The man threw a punch but Dave caught him by the arm and replied him with a headbutt. He followed again with a punch in the belly. The man threw another punch and Dave bent to dodge and then sent an uppercut to his chin.

Jenny rolled into the very bushy part again immediately she cocked her gun. She saw the men from the fence coming towards Dave and the fighting security man. She began to aim at them.

She fired at the first one and the bullet entered into the man's lap. He fell to the ground with his gun falling off his hands. The second closest man who was without a gun stopped running and looked in direction of where the shot came from, he couldn't locate it and before he could run into hiding, another bullet proceed from Jenny's gun and met him in the chest. The fourth man who was on his way there located the direction from where the shots originated but could not tell the exact spot. The reflection of the lights from the fence at where Jenny was hiding was so faint and the bushes also helped keep her in darkness.

The man began to run very speedily in his right direction to prevent whoever the shooter was from getting a clear aim at him and also away from the direction of the fighting men to avoid misfiring towards them and killing his boss. He began to fire towards the suspected place with his gun.

Jenny had to roll away quickly as the bullets hit the bushes beside her. She stopped at a particular point and aimed at the running man carefully. He continued running in the same direction and that was his undoing, she aimed a distance in front of him and fired two shots. He ran into one of the bullets and fell down dead immediately.

She turned her gaze towards the previous direction and saw some of the men still going in Dave's direction, she could also see the man who she first shot struggling to move away. Just as she tried to get up to change position, she looked up and saw another man firing in her direction from afar. It was certain from the way he was shooting randomly that he could not tell where she was shooting from exactly, neither could he even narrow it down to a short section. She repositioned herself carefully and aimed at him. The shot missed him and he changed position immediately, she aimed at him again as he began to run. He stopped and hid behind a concrete block. She turned her aim to another man who had joined the man who was fighting against Dave, the bullet brought the new man down immediately.


The first place Henry stepped indoor was an empty place. He noticed that the floors were tarred with concrete and the walls were made of insulating and fire resisting materials. He began to hear sounds and he knew immediately that people were already coming for him. He rushed in direction of the sound and before he could get to the entrance, dressed uniform men already rushed out to meet him.

He stopped and waited for the first man to come. He dodged the blow and grabbed the man by the arm close to his armpit, he grabbed him by the belt and then flung him to the floor heavily. He grabbed another man by the fist and twisted the arm, he pulled him closer and sent a kick to the belly with his knee. He bent and then grabbed another man by the waist immediately, he lifted and flung him to the back.

He grabbed two men coming from opposite directions by their fists and twisted their arms, he pulled them both closer and grabbed them by their necks, then slammed their heads together and let them fall to the ground. He met another man with a kick to the chest, slammed one on the face with the back of his hand and then leaped and rolled a kick to the chest of another.

He balanced himself for a second and looked around, some of the men who had fallen to the ground were rising up already while some more were coming from the inner entrance.

He let out a crooked smile as he stretched out his arms wide and beckoned on them to come closer. Three of the men rushed to him at once from different angles.

He moved towards the one coming from the left and met him with a kick with both legs on the chest. The man staggered back and fell on his butt. Still in the air, Henry rolled swiftly and struck a kick with the back of his leg to the face of the man coming straight. He landed on the floor on his feet with his head bent to dodge a blow, he grabbed the third man by the belt and drew him closer, he sent a punch into the man's belly, totally disorganizing his system. He bent his neck to dodge a kick and turned swiftly to strike another man in the belly with his elbow. He turned again and made a rotating sliding movement with both legs, taking two men off their feet totally to the ground.

He rose up quickly and pulled back his head to dodge another blow, he grabbed the man around the elbow and pulled him aside as he pushed another man to the ground with a kick on the chest. He twisted the arm of the man whose who he held as he dragged him to the other side and passed under his arm to kick another man in the groin and followed up with a kick with his knee to the face.

He held on to the arm of the man as he grabbed another on the neck, he pulled him up with one hand and threw him against a different man running towards his direction. He dragged the man whose hand he held closer, he punched him in the stomach before he grabbed the man by the neck with his right hand and grabbed him in the groin with the left hand.

The man screamed as Henry lifted him up and turned. Henry struck the faces of the other men coming closer with the feet of the man he rolled in his hands. He slammed the man's back on the head of a man and turned to hit him against the chest of another behind, then he finally flung the man to the body of another man charging towards him.

He took another brief pause to look around. Most of the men were totally down sprawling on the floor and groaning in pains, few of them were struggling to get up to their feet.


Daniel and Vincent stepped out of the office to meet Stan and his assistant walking towards them in the hallway.

"Stan, has he been stopped now?" Daniel asked.

"No sir," Stan replied. He and his partner stopped in front of both men when they got closer.

"Who the hell is he?" Antonio asked.

"We are yet to identify him, and he doesn't seem like anyone we know." Stan answered.

"And why hasn't he been stopped?" Antonio asked again.

"He's an expert and he's quite dangerous from the way I see him," Stan replied. "He's single-handedly brought down nothing less than twenty of our men."

Antonio raised a brow and exchanged glances with Daniel.

"The boss has ordered for more men to join us here," Daniel said. "But for now, we need to make use of the men in the production rooms to tackle this intruder."

"Let's go stop the production operations now, we have to stop the intruder first." Antonio added. He was about to turn but Stan stopped them.

"No sir, I'd have to tell the men to stop the production operations myself. Right now, you two have to make your way out of here now, that's Mr Kahn's order." Stan said.

Vincent glanced at Antonio's face. "We can't leave here now, we still got loads of work to do and by the way, I spoke to Kahn and he didn't ask us to leave." he said and turned to leave.

"You have to leave Vincent," Stan said in a stronger tone and then turned to face Antonio. "The two of you have to find a way to leave now, Kahn called me a minute ago and asked me to get you two out successfully first. That intruder is not just an ordinary man, he's here for a big purpose."

"But we can't all run away because of a single intruder," Antonio argued. "We can take him down together and find out who and where he is from."

"I'm afraid he's not the only one," Stan stated. The men raised their brows. "He's got company and we don't know how many they are."

Vincent was about to argue again when his phone beeped. He let out a breath as he took it out to check the text message, it was from Elvis Kahn and it was ordering him and Antonio to leave the place as soon as they could.

"We got to leave here Antonio, the boss says so." Vincent said to his partner resignedly.

"How do we leave? Which of the exits is the best to follow?" Antonio asked.

"The back exit," Stan replied and immediately began to lead the way to the back exit.

He had just turned with them into another hallway when his phone rang. He answered the call and continued walking but stopped all of a sudden. He turned to stare at the faces of the men behind him.

"And the lights have gone off?" he said into the phone. He ended the call after getting a response from his caller. "I'm sorry, we've got to take another way. I was just told that we've also been attacked from the back exit."

"And what other exits do we have?" Antonio asked.

"None other, every point of entrance and exit is under attack." Stan replied.

They all stared at each other's faces silently for a while.

"How clear is the front entrance?" Vincent asked.

"We have only one intruder there, he was the first one." Stan replied.

"Since we do not know how many intruders are at the other exits we'd go through the main entrance because there's only one of them there," Vincent said and turned to Stan's assistant. "You run to the production room now, some of our best fighters are there. We'd get them to keep that one intruder busy while we leave through the main entrance."

Stan's assistant turned and hurried off immediately. Vincent's idea seemed like a good one to the other two and none of them objected.

Vincent took out his phone and turned, he dialed Elvis Kahn's number.

"Boss, why do you want us to leave here? Why don't you let us combat these intruders together with the men?" Vincent said into the phone.

"Those intruders are dangerous, we suspect they're the same men who murdered Elkim Nuel. They seem to be out against our executives," Elvis Kahn's voice sounded from the other end through the phone's speaker. "You and Antonio are executives and would be their main targets, we have to give them no chance to meet at all with you."

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:37am On Sep 10
Episode 59 contd

At the back entrance

"What the hell is going here?" one of the men sitting at the centre of the camp with the others complained as the big bulb at the entrance which was the major source of light went off.

A man rushed out of the bathroom with a towel around his waists.

"There are people around," he alarmed. "I saw the figure of a lady moving back there."

All the men outside got up to their feet and gathered together immediately, about two others rushed out of their rooms with swords, most of them were without shirts and few were on shorts.

They turned back as they heard a loud groan from behind. They saw one of their men at the opposite end of the camp drop to the floor and a brief image of an intruder running out of sight. The men sprung into action immediately. Some ran into the rooms to get their weapons while some ran in direction of the image they saw. None of them had guns at the back camp as the place was close to the production section and any shot could cause an explosion.

The man who had the towel around his waist entered into his room quickly to put on appropriate clothes but he was shocked to see the back window of the room opened. He began to search around quickly with his eyes to spot the intruder but before he could see everywhere, something heavy hit him at the back of his head and he staggered forward and fell on his knees.

Samantha hit him the second time with the plank and he fell to the ground unconscious. Another man rushed into the same room as Samantha turned. He rushed to her but she dodged his attack and lifted him from below, she toppled him to the wooden table behind. She reached for the chair quickly and before he could get up, she struck it on his head.

Cole jumped into the room through the window, there was no one in it. The first thing he did was strike the faint bulb at the center of the room with the rod in his hands. The light went off and he quickly hid himself beside the wall as he heard voices at the door.

Two men rushed into the room, one of them ran to the switch by the wall to turn on the light but the light did not come on after he turned it on and off. He turned back and pointed his Torchlight up and discovered that the bulb had been destroyed.

"Shi*t! Someone has gotten into this room," he said as he began to point the torchlight around. He screamed and staggered forward as something hit his neck from the back. Before he could turn, it hit the back head again and then his back as he fell to the ground.

The second man spotted Cole as he was trying to take his sword out from where it was hidden. He was able to pull it out before Cole got to him and he swung it in Cole's direction but Cole bent and caught him by the waist, crashing him to the ground. Cole grabbed the right hand of the man where the sword was with his left hand and delivered two quick punches to the man's face with his right fist. He noticed someone else had entered into the room, so he quickly took the sword from the man and rolled away to dodge the attack of the new man.

The new man with a long piece of wood struck at him where he was on the ground again but Cole met the wood with the sword and got it stuck and broken halfway. Cole rose immediately and sent a kick into the man's belly, pushing him away and withdrawing the sword. He bent to dodge a stab from the right and struck the man in the belly with the sword, the man let out a loud groan.

He jumped up and and followed after the man he kicked. The man tried to strike him with the rod in his hands but the impact of the sword on it when they hit the first time made the rod divide into two with the other side flinging to another direction on the floor. Cole swung the sword across the man's chest and it made a line across his shirt even as it cut in through his skin. Cole followed him driving the sword into the man's belly. He pulled it out as the man fell down and quickly turned to drive it into the side belly of the man behind.


After many jabs, punches and kicks, Henry had over twenty five men lying down helplessly around him. He looked around and saw one of the men still able to move. He first picked up his cap which had fallen before he moved quickly to him and pulled him by the neck up.

"There are two Wolves executives in this place tonight, where exactly are they now?" Henry asked, tightening his fist around the man's neck.

"The production hall," the man managed to say, pointing in the direction.

Henry dropped the man and quickly proceeded through the entrance. He was conscious that anyone could try to get it out of the building through the another exit and go out through the gate, so he had taken the keys of the gate from the three men he first met. He however knew there would be a spare key somewhere.

Just as he turned into another long hallway, he saw at the other end a group of nothing less than ten men coming forward. They were led by three men in front. He recognized one of the men in front instantly. He had seen the face from his research while they were investigating details found on Elkim Nuel's devices. Whether the man was a Wolves executive or not, he wasn't sure but he knew the man could provide answers to the questions they had.

To confirm his suspicion that the three men in front were the senior officials among them, the three of them changed direction by turning into another entrance while the rest charged towards Henry.

Henry knew he had to go after those men immediately but he had seven others to deal with first.

The first man that got to him received a heavy blow that sent him flying and landing about three metres away. The other men paused briefly in shock of the impact of the blow and stared at their colleague on the floor for a moment, it seemed to instill some fear in them. Another man who looked huge and almost the same size as Henry stubbornly proceeded towards Henry.

He struck a blow which Henry caught confidently and replied with a heavy punch to his mouth, the man could hear the sound of his teeth shattering. He followed up with a punch into the man's belly and left the man to crash heavily on the floor.

The other men stared at the huge man on the ground for a while. The stared at each other's eyes and seemed to agree within themselves silently that the best way to get Henry was to attack him together at once and three of them charged towards him at once.

Henry landed a blow on the face of the man in the center, he rolled his chest upward back and downward to dodge an attack from the left. His hands touched the floor and he made a quick lift backward. The men followed him but he was swifter than they were.

His blow landed first on the face of the man attacking from the left and he bent and swerved forward, he grabbed another man tightly with his fingers in the belly and caught a grip of his belt, he pulled him forward and kicked him in the groin. Swiftly again, he dodged and turned, delivering a heavy punch into another man's belly with sent the man flying to hit his back against the wall behind.

The jabs, uppercuts, kicks and slams continued for one more minute until all the men were sprawling on the floor in pain. Henry remained quiet to listen and he could hear the sound of the gate opening. He turned back and rushed out of the place quickly. By the time, he got to the corridor of the building, one car had already left and he could see another rushing out through the gate. He searched quickly and for his backpack where he kept it and picked it up. He hurried to where he parked his motorcycle, opening his backpack on the way. He could see some men rushing out of the building as he climbed the motorcycle. He quickly opened the box he had taken out to show the security men at the entrance and tore off the seal. He took out three balls there and flung to different angles in front of the building.

The balls began to emit gas. The emission wasn't explosive but he needed to use the balls to distract the men from coming after him. He kick start his motorcycle and sped out crazily through the still opened gate.

The men who came out in pursuit of him all ran back to save themselves immediately they saw the smoke.

"Hey" It's only a natural gas emission," one of the men announced loudly after two minutes of hiding without any explosions.

Read Episodes 80 and more here - www.youngicee.com/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:44am On Sep 10
Op well done this is so thrilling you had me glued to my phone since yesterday when I saw the story. It was as though I was seeing a movie . anticipating what's up next
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:44am On Sep 10
Kudos Oyinprince.
You're a prolific writer
Thank you sir

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