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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Doubra12(m): 8:03pm On Jul 24, 2019
great story man
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:15am On Jul 26, 2019
great story man
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:17am On Jul 26, 2019
Wow. Interesting I must confess.
Thanks for the update.
I love the actions in this story
Op well done

Thanks guys

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:18am On Jul 26, 2019
Restless - Episode 46

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The Agent stopped and looked left and right after spotting the label "10C" at the lintel area of the door. He knocked gently on the door and waited for a response. He waited for about a minute before he knocked again. Another minute passed without getting a response and he knocked for the third time, this time harder than the previous times.

He waited another thirty seconds and then decided to proceed in. He put his right hand in his pocket and held the gun handle as he placed the left hand on the knob. He turned it and it opened easily. He pushed it in and stepped in slowly, his eyes scanning around the room quickly.

The bed was empty and so were the chairs in the room. He closed back the door and moved further in. He began to hear some sounds and he looked in the direction of the bathroom where it was coming from. It was a sound of a tap or other water outlet running.

His eyes located a briefcase on the table and he walked carefully and as noiseless as he could to the place. He briefly examined the briefcase for a moment and then glanced again towards the bathroom, being conscious that the person in the bathroom could step out at anytime.

He stepped away and looked around the room again quickly, his eyes searching for the bomb vest which he was told was hidden under the man's jacket. He glanced again at the briefcase and at the door of the bathroom again. He took another moment to search around for the bomb vest one more time. He had assumed that the man would have taken off the bomb vest first before going into the bathroom. He moved closer to the bathroom and put his ear close to the door to listen for a while. He heard the continuos sounds of dropping of water from the tap but there were no other obvious sounds to signify the presence of someone in the bathroom. He hesitated for a while before he walked back, now to the wardrobe. He opened it and began to check all the segments quickly, trying to find where the bomb vest was placed but after searching for a minute, he found nothing and closed back the wardrobe frustratingly.

"Hello!" he spoke on top of his voice as he walked back towards the wardrobe. "Hello sir, I'm here from the room service." he said again and placed his ear against the door.

He got no response nor did he notice another sound apart from the same water sound. He turned the knob of the door and pushed it in gently, still greeting out loud.

He bounced in after peeping carefully and finding no one. He pointed his gun at all corners and saw nothing except the water running from the tap into an almost filled bathtub.

He moved forward and closed the tap quickly. He took out his communicator again as he proceeded out of the bathroom.

"Hey boss, he's no longer here. Can you check the surveillance cameras and tell me where he has moved to?"


"Hey Boss... Hello..." the voice sounded out loud in the communicator in Samantha's hand. She silenced it and dropped the communicator into the wide pocket of her cloth.

She and Henry were now at the back of the hotel facility, both of them now dressed in blue overalls and caps, a uniform for the cleaners working in the hotel.

Henry had a garbage bin trolley which he wheeled gently in his hands, heading from the backyard of the hotel to the front yard. They stopped at the left side yard of the building behind a garbage truck. Someone jumped out from the driver's side of the truck and joined them at the back. It was Dave, dressed in a separate uniform which carried the same logo as the logo on the truck. Another man dressed in the same uniform as Dave joined from the other side of the vehicle - Cole. The boot of the truck was opened and both men helped to roll in the garbage trolley. Samantha and Henry followed into the same place as the trolley. The men at the front seats got back into their seats and soon they drove out of the place.


Twelve Minutes Later.

"Damn it! Start a search right away, we got to locate Agent Tam." Agent Marvel made instructions to the other agents who had arrived as backups for them.

His colleague had informed him immediately that he wasn't able to speak to Agent Tam and also told him how he met the room 10C empty. The two senior agents had then hurried to the control room after more trials to reach their boss, there they met the surveillance area in disarray and could not find their boss there.

They then rushed out to meet the backup team that had arrived to help them.

"Mr. Collins, you need to get us someone who can access the surveillance control room systems. We have to check what happened here and the movement of our agent who came in here few minutes ago." Agent Marvel said to the hotel manager as they walked back hurriedly into the surveillance control room.

"The other staffs who has passwords to the systems are not on duty this night, I'm not sure if I still remember all the passwords." the manager replied him. He opened his mouth in shock as he saw all the men in the building , either layung unconsciously in the seats or on the floor carelessly. "I need to call the police right away."

"We called them already and they're on the way," Agent Marvel replied him quickly. "Don't be bothered, these men aren't dead, they've been only put to sleep."

"I still need to contact the police myself..." the man was saying when someone barged into the room and interrupted them.

"Agent Tam is not answering the communicator, neither is he answering his phone calls, there are no signs of him around the first and second floors." Agent Marvel's partner said to him.

"He's got to be somewhere around here, he wouldn't leave without letting us know." Marvel replied as he turned to him. He turned back when his colleague got to the spot he was. The manager was already on one of the seats, the man who was previously seated there was now laying on the floor unconsciously.

"The medical team is here already and are on their way to this block," the agent said to Agent Marvel.

"Stay here and watch till he gets to access to the surveillance footages, I gotta check around with those guys, we need to locate Agent Tam immediately." Marvel said to his partner and turned to make his way out of the place.

His phone began to ring as he approached the door. He took it out and checked the caller. He stopped to answer the call when he saw it was from Agent Elkim.

"Sir..." he said into the mouthpiece after answering.

"Agent Marvel, retreat the team right away. The targets have left the vicinity," the caller's voice said from the other end.

"Yes sir," Agent Marvel replied in a firm voice. "But we do have a problem sir, we can't reach Agent Tam."

"They took Agent Tam with them," Elkim replied.

"Sir?" Marvel did not fully grasp even though he heard clearly.

"Tam was taken away by the men, the chairman was called now with Tam's phone."

"Oh! F*** it," Marvel cursed in low tones, taking off the phone from his ears temporarily to ensure the curse wasn't heard by his boss. "Sir, can we get the surveillance records before retreating?"

"Retreat immediately, don't wait one more minute. Steve and his team would take it up from there."

"Immediately sir!" Agent Marvel answered firmly. He turned back towards his partner and the hotel manager.

"Agent Marv, there's no surveillance record here," Marvel's partner said to him immediately he turned.

"Never mind, we've got to retreat right away," Marvel said in response. He uncocked his gun and returned it into his pocket.


Bexford, Bethanna.

Paul Edwards paced about his verandah behind his bedroom in a pensive mood. He had different thoughts and questions running through his mind.

He was dressed in his night robe. He had just taken the shower that night when he got the call on his phone showing Tam's caller ID. He answered, expecting to hear Tam's voice but was surprised to hear the voice of the same man who had been calling to threaten him with his grandson's abduction.

The man claimed to have kidnapped Agent Tam and sent pictures to prove a minute after the call ended. He also claimed to have more dangerous plans lined up for Paul and the FOX. The call left Paul more confused than he was before and it was cut from the caller's end before he could even ask questions.

Paul Edwards was fearless, and even though he was confused at the moment, he was still confident that he had all it took to overcome the challenge, he only needed to figure it out.

His phone began to ring again and he checked to find Elkim shown as the caller ID.

"Agent Elkim," he said into the phone.

"Steve and his men are now on it," Elkim replied on the other end.

"We need results Agent, we need to do something quickly."

"What do you suggest sir?"

"I'll have to get into the case personally, " Paul replied and then paused to clear his throat. "Someone is trying to get me dirty and I've got to stop it before it gets to the world."

"Agent, you are too old for this" Elkim warned.

"This involves me Elkim, I'll get into trouble if I don't get in."


Two Hours Later

"Listen up guys! This is the game plan," Henry spoke out loudly as he walked into the living room. He had on an armless white top and black shorts. The rest of the team except for Jennifer were sitting at the dining table and had just finished their dinner but were yet to get up as they took some time to gist. They all looked in Henry's direction as he called their attention. "This Agent is a senior agent that would be able to mention the other top agents who knows about Austin Edwards still being alive and I'll like for us to act immediately he gives us the names, that means we've still got work to do tomorrow, a lot of work."

"I've been thinking boss, how do we get him to talk?" Cole asked thoughtfully. "Like you said, he's a senior agent and I do not think it would be easy to break him."

"He doesn't need to go through torture to be broken," Henry said with a mischievous smile. "He's gonna be broken when he sees me."

"Hmm," Cole nodded thoughtfully and turned back to face the rest of the team at the table.

"I'm wondering why we did not attack Paul Edwards directly," Dave put in.

"Paul Edwards as a single man is a very difficult nut to crack, but attacking him would be attacking the whole FOX team, that would be a stupid move for us to take at this moment." Henry explained.

"So, if we get the names of the FOX men with the knowledge, how would it help us move forward?"

"Getting the names of men with the knowledge would also give us names of men who are allied with the Red Wolves like Paul Edwards," Henry answered.

He waited for a while and looked at their faces each to entertain more questions but he got none.

"We might have to switch roles tomorrow, I'll take the technical and intelligence support and would have Jenny assisting me in case I have to step into the field fully. Cole would be on the field with you two tomorrow, " He took a brief pause again. "So, you need to rest perfectly well this night."


Henry walked back into his room after taking the dinner that night. He heaved a sigh of tiredness as he took off his armless shirt and sat at the edge of the bed. He opened his eyes to see his reflection in the mirror. He stared for a while and before he knew it, he was caught up in another journey of memories.

He saw himself sitting in the same position on a bed but in the master bedroom of the house he built for his family. His wife was sitting behind him and had her hands wrapped around his bare chest. He held her palms in his as he felt the softness of her front region against his back. His son was running around the place, munching some snacks in his mouth happily.

He was still in ecstasy of his joyful memory when he heard his phone ringing. He heaved a sigh as he was brought back to the present. He got up and reached for his phone. He checked the caller, it was Sheila.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 1:54pm On Jul 26, 2019
Henry will definitely expose Paul's dirty secret.

Well done prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:39pm On Jul 27, 2019
Restless - Episode 47

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

A smile appeared on Sheila's face unconsciously as she heard Henry's voice from the other end of the call. She let out a breath before speaking again.

"How are you doing Henry?" Sheila asked as she got into the bed and sat resting her back against the headboard.

"I'm fine, how about you?" Henry asked back.

"I'm doing well," Sheila replied.

"Sheila, I'm very sorry for not calling you as often as I promised." Henry apologized to her.

"No no Henry, we communicate almost everyday. It's okay, I know how busy you are." Sheila replied.

"Thanks Sheila, so how is your project coming through?"

"Great Henry, I don't need to ask about yours again. I follow the news and I know what's your work when I hear it."

Henry chuckled. "We'd get to talk about it properly soon."

"Well, I have something urgent to see you for." Sheila stated.

"Oh! What's that?"

"We need to meet and talk about it," Sheila replied him. "Can we see tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, how? It's too late to book for a flight right now, and even if I could, I already have things scheduled for tomorrow."

"We can make out time to meet tomorrow, just an hour and we'd be done."

"What are you talking about Sheila?"

"I'm in Bexford," Sheila stated.

"What?" Henry expressed his surprise. "You didn't tell me you were going to be here."

"I didn't, that's because we didn't talk yesterday," Sheila replied.

"Oh! I'm sorry I couldn't reply your missed call, I don't go about with my personal phone."

"I know and understand perfectly well Henry," Sheila replied.

"But what are you doing in Bexford?"

"I'm here to see you."

"Here to see me?" Henry's utmost shock was expressed in his voice. "But you know you shouldn't be here."

Sheila was silent.

"But why didn't you tell me you were planning to be in Bexford?"

"I didn't because I know you would disagree with me and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you I was coming to see you."

"You know this is not safe Sheila, I promised I was going to come to El Deols at the right time."

"Henry, I have something very important to show you, how do we meet tomorrow?"

Henry's huge sigh could be heard over the phone. "Where are you?" Henry asked. "And I hope no one else knows you are here to see me."

"No one knows Henry, I'll be having a business meeting by one o'clock tomorrow. I'm in Rither Hotel," Sheila answered him.

"Okay, I'll call or send you a text anytime tomorrow and tell you where to meet me." Henry said to her.

"Alright Henry, I'd be expecting your call."



Tam had been left alone in the room all night and could barely sleep in the chair he was tied to. He couldn't remember how he got to the place but he remembered having entered into the surveillance control room of the hotel and being pointed a gun by the woman. All he felt after that was a slight sting on his neck. He knew it was the medicine used to sedate him.

He could tell it was morning by the little ray of light which was allowed to pass through the window curtains. He had been awake for more than an hour before he began to hear other sounds outside the room. He soon began to hear footsteps approaching slowly to the door, he heard the sound of the knob turning and he drew in a breath in anticipation of whatever was coming for him.

The door soon opened and he could see people walking in and coming in his direction. The lack of lights in the room made it impossible for him to see their faces in the darkness. Two people were already coming in his direction when a third man walked in and tapped the switches of the bulb. The bulbs turned on and the room was brightened. Tam could now see the faces of the men who were now standing in front of him.

At the first look, the two faces in front of him seemed unfamiliar to him but as he turned his gaze to the face of the man now coming to join the other two, something struck his mind and he looked again at the face of the man standing by the left.

He felt struck by extreme fear as he looked at the man's face again. He couldn't tell if it was the hugeness of the man's body or something else about him that sent the panic through his body.

"Take the ropes off his hands," Henry ordered in a calm voice to Dave who was standing beside him.

Dave stepped forward and quickly began to untie him.

"I'm sorry Tam, I know you don't deserve to be treated this way. You were only carrying out your job." Henry said while Dave continued to untie him.

Tam stared for a little while longer before he realized who was standing before him. His mouth opened wide in shock and his eyes in disbelief.

"Agent Tam, we've only worked together once and for a short period of barely twenty hours. I knew we would meet and work again, but never thought it would be under this condition."

Henry paused for a little while as Dave turned to Tam's front to take off the remaining part of the ropes.

Tam kept his eyes on Henry's face, his lips were shaking and his hands trembling even after being freed from the shackles. It was difficult to believe the sight before him. He had always heard stories of reincarnation which he considered as only myths but he never heard of people being able to come back in the same body after being dead.

"You are dead Agent Carl, this can't be true." Tam said with trembling lips and he cleaned his eyes with his palms.

Henry chuckled and took a step closer to Tam. He stretched out his hand to offer Tam a handshake.

"Shake me Tam, I'm flesh and blood, not a ghost." Henry said temptingly with a light smile.

Tam stared at his face for a while before he stretched out his hand to take the handshake. He shivered as his hand met with Henry's hands and almost let go out of fear but Henry held him tight and refused to let go off his palm.

"Tam, you're a senior Agent, even ghost shouldn't scare you this much." Henry said in a lighter mode.

A brief smile appeared on Tam's face but it disappeared so quickly and was replaced by a confused look. He kept staring at Henry's face and wondered how it was possible for the Agent to remain alive. He remembered having attended the last honours organized by the FOX for Agents Carl and Rex, it was just so impossible for the same Agents to be alive.

"How come you are alive? We watched you being shot thrice and let into the Bexford sea." Tam asked.

"Yeah, I have the scars." Henry answered, pointing to his belly with the other palm. He let go off Tam's hand and took a step back. "But I'm here alive," he added with a brief smile. "Rex did not escape death but I'm here to make sure those who killed us face justice."

"The FOX got every of those men who attacked you that night," Tam said.

"That's a lie Tam, that is what Paul Edwards and other executives have made the world believe." Henry said to him. "None of those men were killed, a lot of them are living and fully well."

Tam squinted at Henry's face in confusion. "I don't understand you."

Henry chuckled. "Just accept this as true, or haven't you thought about how Paul's grandson escaped the death at the hostel?"

Tam made his gaze narrower at Henry. "I never knew Paul's grandson was alive until yesterday and he called it a classified information whose explanation he was going to make later."

"The explanation is obvious, Paul knew about the explosion before the day, he took his grandson out of the place and feigned his death to draw sympathy." Henry said to him.

Tam still stared at Henry in disbelief of all he was hearing. It was hard to believe that Paul Edwards could ever compromise and also here was one of the world greatest Agents, having come back from the dead, accusing Paul of being evil.

He closed his eyes as he let out a chuckle and shook his head. "This cannot be real," he said, continuously shaking his head. "All this cannot be real."

"This is real Tam, Paul Edwards is a criminal behind the mask of the FOX and that's why most of his activities are done secretly."

Tam opened his eyes and let out a sigh, it was still difficult to believe.

"So, what are we going to do now?"

"I want you to help me, help me solve the mystery of the Red Wolves with which we would also have to solve the mystery of Paul Edwards."

"How do I come in?"

"What you need to do first is give us the names of other FOX executives who are also like Paul Edwards. We can't get to Paul easily but we can get to the other Agents easier."

"But I don't have that information," Tam frowned.

"You do Tam, all you need to do is tell us other executives who are aware that Austin Edwards is still alive, you are also going to help us get to them."

Tam closed his eyes briefly in thoughts and opened them again. "I only know of Agent Elkim and Agent Samuel."

"So, can you help us get to them easily?"

Tam sighed. It was a difficult request. He wasn't sure of Agent Carl's allegation against them yet and he couldn't just act without confirming the accusations.

"I don't know, I do ..."

"Oh! Sorry, you've been like this since yesterday. I think what you've got to do now is freshen up and have some food." Henry said with a voice showing his concern. He turned around to look at Cole. "Please lead him to the living room to have his breakfast," Henry said to Cole.

He turned back again to Tam and lend him a hand to help him up. Tam took his hand and Henry helped pull him to his feet.

Henry smiled as he let go of his hand and stepped away for him to follow Cole. Henry stayed behind with Dave and watched while Cole led Tam away.

Dave turned to Henry after they were out of sight.

"Boss, can we really trust this man enough to work with him?" he asked, with raised eyebrows and a confused look.

Henry smiled at him. "Good question Dave but I'll leave the answer till later, for now we've got two Agents in our options, Elkim and Samuel. Elkim is more difficult to get to but we have to go after him as I believe he would have better information than Samuel."

They got into the living room and met Tam at the dining table with Jenny already serving him breakfast. Henry signalled to Dave, Cole and Samantha and they followed him from the living room into the control room of the building.

"Hey! Listen up guys," Henry began but took a brief pause to check his time. "We're going after Samuel Alfred today, he's a difficult man and we might not be able to get or abduct him alive but we can get him and take things from him which would lead us to finding deeper details."

He watched the faces of the three who were listening to him intently.

"I'll give you some time to make research on Samuel Alfred while I go out to make some preparation. I'll be communicating to you while I'm out, but you should be prepared to move once I return back here. Okay?"

"Alright boss," the three replied in unison.

Henry nodded once and smiled briefly. He was about to turn when Cole asked him a question.

"What are we going to do with that Agent at the dining table?"

Henry moved his gaze to Samantha. "Did you put the mixture in his food?"

"Yes, it was added to his food and water."

Henry turned his gaze back to Cole. "Agent Tam would fall sick in thirty minutes thereabout and would lose his memory after a deep sleep."


"Hey Sheila, meet me at the Rither Hotel Restaurant by nine o'clock." Henry said into his phone as he walked into his room to have a change of clothes.



Sheila walked straight to an empty table as she stepped into the restaurant. She checked her wristwatch before settling into the seat. It was only five minutes to the time Henry told her.

She took a moment to look around the place. It was as clean and orderly as expected. A waiter soon walked to her to request for her order but she kindly told the waiter that someone was coming to join her.

Her phone rang at five minutes to nine and she checked to see Henry as the caller.

"Hello," she said into the mouthpiece, hoping he was not calling to tell her he couldn't make it.

"Hi Sheila, I'll be there soon, but please do not be surprised when you see me." Henry said in low tones.

"Ermm..." Sheila thought of asking questions but changed her mind. "It's okay."

Soon, it was nine o'clock and she fixed her eyes at the entrance expecting to see Henry walk in. Her eyes were still fixed there when she noticed someone walking towards her from the left. The man had been sitting alone at another table in the restaurant. She glanced at him briefly and looked back towards the entrance. She turned her face suddenly back to him when she realized it was Henry walking to her.

She was surprised and wanted to get up to her feet but she remembered the call and managed to keep herself calm.

"Hi," Henry greeted as he took the seat in front of her. He was putting on a sky blue collared shirt on blue jeans and a black face cap covering his head.

"Hey Henry, so you've been here all the while?"

"Yeah, been waiting for you." He replied. "I want it to look like we're just meeting here."

Sheila stretched her hands forth on the table to reach out to him.

"It's really nice to see you Henry," she said with smiles.

"It's nice to see you too," Henry replied, smiling very briefly. He looked at her hands and knew she wanted to hold his hands but refused to join his with hers. "Sorry Sheila, we can't hold hands here, it's public."

Sheila paused a breath and looked around briefly, she felt a bit disappointed and slowly withdrew her hands.

"So, Sheila, why are you here to see me?" Henry asked.

She frowned at him, he was sounding so unwelcoming.

"Henry, aren't you happy to see me?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

"I am but I just need to know why you're here."

Sheila took in a breath. She was already feeling hurt by his attitude.

She closed her eyes for a second and opened it again. "I need to show you something but I would have loved to meet you somewhere private so you can view it on my laptop, but I also have it on my phone."

"Can I have a look?" Henry asked.

She took out her phone from the bag and unlocked it before handing it over.

"Open the Farse Application, you might find something interesting there."

Henry collected the phone and followed her instructions. It took him about three minutes before he spoke again.

"This is good Sheila but you shouldn't have come to look for me here."

Sheila's jaw dropped in surprise, taken aback by how ungrateful Henry was.

"Yeah Sheila, I see no reason for you to come here and I think you should round up with other things you're here for and go back to El Deols as soon as possible."

Tears formed in Sheila's eyes. Henry had never spoken to her that way. She felt more than heartbreak, she felt her heart totally shredded to pieces.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Slimynonny: 1:12am On Jul 29, 2019
This is indeed an action thriller.....op kudos
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by jojooo: 9:23am On Jul 29, 2019
Interesting as ever keep the good work goings-on
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:48pm On Jul 29, 2019
Why crying?? Sheila shouldn't have come for security reason.

Well done omo Oba.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 4:22pm On Jul 29, 2019
Why crying?? Sheila shouldn't have come for security reason.

Well done omo Oba.
Sheila is blinded by love already, Henry should make her see reasons why she shouldn't be there!
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 5:25pm On Jul 29, 2019
Sheila is blinded by love already, Henry should make her see reasons why she shouldn't be there!
Which love, she was too emotional jire cause she knew about his mission and Sheila could be targeted as well. Besides she could have easily sent whatever information she has via phone. Reason Henry didn't appreciate her presence.


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:50pm On Jul 31, 2019
Restless - Episode 48

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Henry closed his eyes and let out a deep breath after getting into driver's side of the car. He wished he could have done it another way, but after the several previous occasions of pleading with Sheila not to get herself involved in his mission, or even doing anything that would connect them together, Sheila had continued to involve herself and it seemed that the only way he could get to her to back out was make her feel hurt.

He knew that her being hurt could destroy the friendship between them which he valued so much and it could even make her hate him totally, but he still thought it was better for her to hate him completely than to risk her life.

He inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it to put on the car, the engine roared to life. He then pulled on his seatbelt before driving into the roadway.


Sheila got back into the hotel room feeling so bitter and mad with herself for squeezing out time for the fruitless journey to Bexford. Henry had not only been so ungrateful, he had also demonstrated that her presence in Bexford was displeasing to him


Two hours later

"Hey Cole!" Henry hailed as he walked into the control room of the house. He had a small traveling box with him.

"Welcome boss," Cole who was sitting alone in the room in front of the master system turned briefly to greet.

"Where's Dave and Samantha?" Henry asked.

"Dave's gone to take his bath and Samantha is in the lab, she should be here at anytime."

"Has Dave gotten the Sonata sprayed already?" Henry asked. He dropped the box on a table at the centre of room and opened it.

"Yeah, he sprayed the vehicle at the backyard." Cole answered.

"Great," Henry responded as he proceeded towards Cole. "How far have you gone with hacking the network systems?"

"Almost done with the communication networks, yet to get to the road signal networks."

Henry pulled out a chair from beside Dave and sat in front of another computer. "Share the road network software to this computer," he said to Cole.

"In a minute boss," Cole replied him.

Henry turned on the computer set and began to search out some things on his phone while he waited for it to boot completely.

"Shared boss," Cole said even before the computer booted completely.

"Hey Boss!" Samantha greeted as she walked into the control room, carrying a thick leather box with her. "I've got all the mixtures ready," she added immediately Henry turned back.

She was dressed already in a blue top and a smart black trouser. A shiny leather belt passed through the belt hole could be seen around her belly.

"How many filled tranquilizing pins do we have in there?" Henry turned to ask her.

"Two dozens already," she replied. She stopped at the center of the room and dropped the box on the table there beside the traveling box placed there by Henry.

"That means you still have enough volumes of tranquilizers?"

"Yes, I mixed a total of two hundred cube centimetres." She answered.

"There are some empty bullet cases in the outer pocket of the traveling box, take them out and fill them with tranquilizing liquids." Henry said to her. He waited and watched her open the right place in the bag before he turned back to the system.

Soon, Samantha took out the bag of bullet cases from the box and walked back out of the control room.

Henry and Cole continued to work silently after Samantha walked out, it was twelve minutes after when Cole broke the silence.

"I'm done boss, the communication network loophole has been created, we only need to turn it on when we are ready."

"Good one Cole," Henry replied without looking at him. There was silence for another one minute before Henry spoke again, facing him this time. "Check if Tam is awake, gag him, blindfold him and leave him in a car at the roundabout if he is. He would find his way home from there."

"Alright boss," Cole said and quickly saved a file on the system before he got up. He proceeded out of the control room after picking a key which was on the table at the center of the room.

Twenty minutes after Cole left, Dave walked into the control room.

"Boss, the Sonata is ready, sprayed already and dry enough." Dave said as he proceeded towards Henry.

"Okay," Henry took a look at him and saw that Dave had not just gotten the Sonata dressed for the job, he himself was also ready and dressed for the job. "So, get enough guns ready for the five of us, we'd be needing more of revolvers and each of us would need accurate pistols for tranquilizing bullets.'

"Right away boss, I'll be in the store room to arrange them.

Samantha was the first to return to the control room and she did after another twenty minutes, with packs of the already filled tranquilizing bullets. Five minutes after, Dave walked in and reported that he had the guns ready. Cole came in after another ten minutes with the car keys.

The other two sat behind the table at the centre of the control room while Cole proceeded forward to join Henry.

"You're almost done with this boss," Cole commented, staring at the screen.

"Yeah, in two minutes, the process will be over." Henry replied without looking back.

"But if we turn on the two processes, we'd be shutting down activities of the whole area." Cole said, in more of a questioning tone.

"Yeah, we're shutting it down truly" Henry replied him. "I'll explain the reasons when I'm done."

Henry and Cole were still busy with together when Jenny joined them in the room. She was also dressed ready for the job.

Ten minutes after, Henry got up from the seat after copying his work and Cole's from the master system into a flash drive. They walked back together to the center where the two others were waiting. Henry stopped at the opposite side of the men while Cole turned to join the rest at the other side.

"Hey guys, this is ten minutes to three o'clock. We have an hour before we leave this place." Henry began to talk. He took a brief pause to look at each person's face before he continued again, he opened the traveling box on the table and took out some neatly folded set of Bethanna Police Uniforms and caps. "We have a delicate task at hand today and everybody has to be extra ready."

He paused again and proceeded forward to with the uniforms on his hands, it was a total of three. He checked the label on the collar of the first cloth and placed it on the table. He checked the second and walked up to Samantha to hand it over to her.

"This is for me," he said as he walked back with the last one to his previous position opposite them. "That uniform is for either of you," he added, pointing to the uniform he placed at the other side of the table and referring to Cole and Dave.

He picked up a remote control device from the table and turned partially to face the screen at the top back wall of the room. He tapped the power button on the remote control and waited for the screen to come on which happened after five seconds. He then clicked on the play button on the remote control.

A video showing an aerial view of a particular street displayed on the screen. It first appeared blurred but became clearer gradually after few seconds. Henry began to explain the video as it played.

"Agent Elkim stays in Nexis, close to the outskirts of Bexford, it's a beautiful town as you can see." he began. "It has two major routes, one leading into the inner parts of Bexford and the other leading into Kala."

Henry paused again to allow them watch the video show the two major routes. He continued speaking ninety seconds after.

"It has other minor routes leading to other towns like Ostio, Nevi and even shortcuts into Bexford and Kala. But for this task, we would focus on the two major routes, the one leading into and out of the town." Henry stopped and clicked on the forward button on the remote control. He paused it at the exact point he wanted and played again. "Now this is Agent Elkim's house, it's big as expected but not as large as half of Brad's estate. However, it is tightly secure and would be more difficult to penetrate. As a top agent and an important member of the Board of the FOX, Agent Elkim has a huge number of junior FOX agents around him and a number securing his home."

Henry paused the video again. "The aerial view does not show the position of his security systems, neither does any map or survey material available shows it. His facility has two entrances which also serves as exits, one is major while the other is for emergency."

He rewound the video. "Let's have another view of the routes again."

After another ten minutes of watching and explaining the routes, Henry began to explain their strategy.

"Since we can't get penetrate easily, it will be difficult and highly suspicious to get in as a group. However, one of us can get in. I know Agent Elkim to be a man who allows people express themselves always. With him, freedom of speech is allowed." Henry paused briefly and chuckled. "But freedom after speech is not guaranteed."

He stopped and turned to the other side of the table again. "One of you would help us get in as one man," he said, looking at Cole and Dave's faces while these uniforms and the newly sprayed Hyundai Sonata would allow us get in as a group."

"How do I get in as one man?" Cole asked before Henry could proceed. Dave glanced quickly at his face.

Henry let out a brief smile and turned to pick the uniform from the table, he handed it over to Dave. "You put on this, Cole would help us in." he said and turned to the other side. Cole's question which expressed his wish had automatically helped Henry make the decision. "I'll tell you the pattern to go but I'll explain the job of the rest of the team first."

He paused, closed the traveling box and zipped it up.

"We'd go in pairs, I and Jenny, Dave and Sam. Jenny would be without the uniforms and would help us turn off the Network communication and transportation lines when it's time. Dave and Sam would go in the Sonata after dressing in uniforms," he paused for a second and began to look at Dave and Sam's face as he talked on. "You'd be along the route leading from Kala into Nexis but at a point close to the house, while I and Jenny would be at the major route leading from Bexford. The police would be called for from Agent Elkim's house and they would most likely come from Bexford which is closer, I and Jenny would ambush and stop them. Then I'll meet and join you in the Sonata before we proceed together as policemen into the man's house. Jenny would turn off the communication and road signal networks after we get into the man's house, the first will ensure connections through phone calls, the internet and other resources stops working while the other would ensure there is heavy traffic on the major routes, that way, no backups from the FOX would be able to reach Agent Elkim's house until we finish our task."

"This looks complicated," Dave commented with a frown. "How would we communicate to each other if the lines are off?"

"Yeah, it is really complicated, but the complication should be to our advantage. There would be no communication between us and that's why we need to understand the process here. The whole operation should last two hours only, no addition of minutes and no subtraction. The two hours would only start reading when we get into the place, Jenny would turn off the road signals and communication networks when we get in and turn them back off immediately after two hours."

"How do we get out of the place if the roads are blocked?" Samantha asked.

"The major routes would be jammed, only some of the minor routes would be jammed too." Henry answered and took a brief pause. He picked the remote control and forwarded the video to a particular point showing another route. "We would leave the place through this route, it leads through Nevi. It's a very bad road and lacks the use of traffic signals. it's untarred and full of potholes and would not be considered by most road users. That's why I would be riding with Jenny in our strongest vehicle available, all of us would be leaving the place in that vehicle."

"With Agent Elkim in the boot of the vehicle?" Cole questioned.

"No," Henry replied, shaking his head with a sad smile. "Agent Elkim is a strong and resilient fighter, it would be a difficult job to abduct him, it would be less difficult to kill him instead. We don't need him, we only need access to him, his secret room and some of his devices. From that, we'd get every of the information required to continue our main mission."

To be continued.

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Well-done prince.
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Restless - Episode 49

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Nexis, Bethanna

"What's happening there?" Agent Elkim asked from the backseat of the car where he was. He was staring out through the car window at the gate of his house where there seemed to be an argument going on with a man and some of his security men at the gate.

"We would find out when we get down," His personal assistant who was sitting at the front seat with the driver of the car answered him.

The vehicle drove in behind another in which four other security staffs sat, all members of the FOX Agency.

Agent Elkim placed a closer look at the man who seemed to be causing trouble at the side of the gate as he drove in. The man also looked in direction of the car but Elkim knew he could not have seen him because of the tinted glasses. He noticed it was a young man and wondered what he was arguing about. He was probably drunk and unaware of himself, Agent Elkim concluded in his mind as the car was driven in.

They got to the parking space and Elkim's personal assistant stepped out of the car to open the door for his boss.

Agent Elkim stepped out of the car and handed his tablet device and other personal effects to the assistant before he proceeded towards the entrance. The personal assistant closed the door and quickly stepped aside to order one of the men from the first car to find out what was going on at the gate. He rushed up to join the Agent immediately after.

Agent Elkim's first daughter was the only one in the living room when he walked in. She had been the only family member present with him in the house for almost a year. He had a family of four, his wife with him and two kids - a male and one female. The male child was the younger one and he lived in another State in the country Bethanna with his mother where he also schooled. The female daughter was already a graduate and was running an online business from her father's house where she lived.

Ten minutes after Elkim got into his room was when the personal assistant stepped in with his device and the other things he had handed to him. Elkim had already taken off his suit jacket and tie, his white shirt was buttoned down only halfway and the sleeves were already unbuttoned. His shoes and socks had also been taken off.

"Sir, the man at the gate has been troubling them ten minutes before we arrived, I was told he insisted he needed to see you." The personal assistant said after dropping the man's devices and other things on the table.

Elkim turned his gaze to him. "What does he need to see me for?"

"He says he knows something about EC23 and you need to hear him out."

"EC23?" Elkim raised his brows.

"Yes, you know anything like that sir?"

"Yes, but that case is long forgotten." Elkim answered thoughtfully. "is he still outside?"

"I was told he's still sitting around, waiting for his message to be delivered to you."

"I'll like to hear from him, bring him into the compound," Elkim said and got up from the bed where he was sitting. He unbuckled his belt and began to pull it out.

"Right away," the personal assistant turned and left.

Agent Elkim quickly changed his clothes and got out of the house eight minutes later. He spotted the young man standing down the large verandah, with three of the security men surrounding him.

"Hello young man, I'm here to see you like you demanded." Agent Elkim said to the visitor. He remained standing on top in the verandah of the building and resting his arms on the handrails.

Cole stared at him silently for a while, acting uncomfortable in the presence of the other security men.

"Excuse us," Agent Elkim said to the men.

They left without hesitation. They had already searched Cole thoroughly before he was allowed in and were very sure he had no harmful substance on him. They were also sure about Agent Elkim being strong enough to deal with him if there was any physical attack.

"I came to see you about EC23," Cole cleared his throat and began. His clothes looked rough, visibly from the handling outside the gate when he tried to force himself in at first. "I know it's been gone for more than five years but I have some substantial evidence that can implicate you."

Agent Elkim raised a brow. He took in a breath and folded his arms across his chest.

"Tell me what you know," he demanded.

"I know that you were present at the club house that night and I have pictures to prove your presence," Cole replied.

"What other proofs do you have?"

"That only," Cole frowned. "Or isn't that enough to land your silly ass in jail."

"Yes, it is." Agent Elkim admitted, looking around to see if anyone was listening. "So what do you want from me? You need to delete those pictures."

"A million Bethanna dollars," Cole stated.

"A million Bethanna dollars?" Agent Elkim frowned.


"Okay... Ermm, but how did you get the pictures?"

"I was at the cartel that night, I took the pictures personally."

"What were you doing at the cartel?"

"Doing drugs of course man."

"So you are a criminal!"

"Yeah, I agree but not a bad one as you." Cole replied boldly. "I'm a man who has nothing to lose but you have so much to lose, if I release the pictures, we'd both go to jail. So we can talk business quickly.

"Can I see the pictures?"

"Yes sure," Cole said as he took out his tablet device from a bag hanging from his shoulder. "I have them with some of my other guys not here with me, if anything happens to this or to me, they'd release their copies."

"I'll give you the money, please give me some minutes." Agent Elkim said after viewing the pictures and stepped back. He called for one of the security men and gave them orders to grant Cole a seat to wait at the corridor. He then proceeded into the house and instructed his personal assistant to invite the police.

He walked back to his room after smiling it off. He concluded that the young man must have gotten drunk or high on drugs. When the said case was still in court, pictures showing him in more implicating positions had been presented and he still got exonerated at the end. So he took Cole as a joker and sought to hand him over to the police.

Cole sat on the chair he was provided for at the corridor. He was also served wine but refused to drink from it. He hoped in his mind that the man would have called for the police just like Henry predicted.

Agent Elkim came out again after ten minutes and reassured him that he was bringing the money and had sent someone to get the money in cash. He went back in and Cole sat there alone for an additional eighteen minutes before Agent Elkim's personal assistant came out with four other men. They stood around Cole.

"Our men are already here with your money," the personal assistant said to Cole, looking in direction of the gate.

Cole also looked in the direction the man was looking but could not see anything from his seat because of the handrails and the flowers. He glanced at the PA's face again and saw a mischievous smile which made him more inquisitive. He rose up and saw a police vehicle driving towards the garage.

"What's happening here?" he feigned a shocked expression as he stared at the PA's face.

He got no response to his question. His eyes followed the police vehicle as it parked and the uniformed men stepped out and climbed onto the corridor.

"Welcome officers, this man has something interesting to tell you." the PA said to the officers as they proceeded towards them.

Cole stood there acting, with a frustrated look on his face like a trapped man. Henry and Dave in their police uniforms and caps and also having light facial disguises like Cole slowly marched towards them. Cole could see Samantha still staying behind outside the car.

Dave had the handcuff in his hand and two guns carefully put in the hooks by the sides of his waist. Henry also had revolvers by his side and a handcuff attached to the belt of his trousers.

"You claimed to have some information about EC23, and you also said you work in the drug cartel. You're under arrest," Dave said as he approached Cole. "Kindly put your hands in the air and turn around."

"I swear, Chief Elkim would pay for this." Cole cursed in an angry tone as he obeyed the instruction of the police officer and turned around.

"Put your hands down and slowly behind you," Dave added. Cole responded slowly and Dave slowly took the handcuffs to his wrists.

All the while, Henry had his eyes hovering about the house, especially the entrance. He had once visited the house some years back when it was newly built. He had worked with agent Elkim on cases during those years and had being invited them for dinner with the man's family.

All of a sudden while the men expected him to be cuffed and taken away, Cole made a quick turn as the police officer's hand touched his. He pulled out a gun from the side of the police officer and pointed it at him.

"Move back or I blow off your brain," Cole warned as he cocked the gun.

Everyone standing around looked so shocked. Henry who was also standing beside Cole quickly pulled out his gun and pointed at Cole.

Cole glanced at Henry but kept his gun pointed at Dave. Henry's eyes communicated a quick message to him as their eyes met briefly. Cole took a quick glance at the other men around him. He knew they were all members of the FOX and that even though they looked surprised, they weren't afraid.
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Episode 49 contd

"Put down the gun young man," Henry said in a gruff voice.

Immediately he finished speaking, one of the men behind Cole noticed his distraction and immediately tried to make use of the opportunity to take the gun but to their utmost surprise and shock, Henry met the man with a kick on his face and the man fell to the ground flat. The other men were yet to understand what was happening when Dave grabbed the PA on the shoulders and gave him a headbutt on the face.

They were still yet to fully grasp what was going on, but immediately launched their defense, attacking the policemen and the man who they were called to arrest.

The PA tried to reply Dave with a punch but Dave bent and grabbed him by the elbow. He punched him hard twice, one in the belly and another in the chest, then he bent him forward and sent a kick to his face with his knee.

Another man had tried to attack Henry immediately but as usual Henry picked him easily and got his backbone broken with his knee within few seconds. Another one tried to take out a gun but Henry met him with a kick in the groin and followed with three other punches.

Immediately Samantha noticed the action had begun at the corridor, she opened the backseat of the car and took out a backpack. She strapped it to her back immediately and quickly brought out the guns from her pockets. She moved from behind the car and faced the other security men who had noticed the fight at the corridor and were coming towards there. She sent in two tranquilizing bullets into the chest of one man and hid again behind the car before she fired another into the belly of another. She turned through the back of the car to the other side and took three other men by surprise, firing a shot each into their bodies. She saw other men coming from other sides of the compound as she turned back and ran towards the corridor.

A bullet from a man down the corridor narrowly missed her as she climbed up and hid behind the handrail, she rose up briefly and fired a quick shot at the man before moving quickly to hide behind the concrete pillar of the rail. Dave came to her rescue as he walked towards the handrail, firing shots at the men down the balcony.

"Get up now," he said quickly to her and she ran from her hiding place towards Henry who was already waiting for her. Dave moved towards her previous hiding position as he kept on firing randomly.

All the men who were on the balcony previously with the men were already down by the time Samantha got close to Henry. She turned the backpack towards Henry and he zipped it open quickly. He took out two small waist pouches and threw to Cole for Cole to hold for Dave and himself. He picked one out for himself and strapped it to his waist before he closed the backpack. Immediately, he and Samantha proceeded towards the main entrance of the house while Cole moved in Dave's direction to join him take care of the men outside the building.

Henry led the way into the house and they met with some men already coming towards the entrance. While Henry grabbed the man by the neck, turned him in and slammed him to the wall, Samantha passed beside him, firing shots with two guns in her hands.

Henry turned with his gun after slamming the first man's head twice on the wall and dropping the unconscious body, he bent down as he fired two quick shots at some men. He rolled and hid behind a long sofa, facing Samantha directly where she also hid behind another long sofa. Before they could communicate anything to themselves, they were sent running as the opponents began to fire multiple shots at the sofa. The bullets did not penetrate through the sofas immediately but as it became repeated, the materials became weak and gave way. However, Henry and Samantha moved away before the bullets could get to them. Samantha rolled behind another sofa and continued moving while Henry found nowhere else to hide except the back of a water dispenser. He quickly dipped his hand into his waist pouch and took out a small ball. The transparent container of water on top was fired and the water splashed all over Henry's body as he opened the lid from the small ball and threw it to the center of the room where the three men were. He quickly dipped his hand in to pick out a treated nose cover.

The ball flew towards the men standing close to the end wall and firing shots, erupting a pink smoke as it landed.

Samantha seeing it, also took out her treated nose cover and put it on. Before she could get out of the hiding spot, Henry had already fired down two of the men, one of them had been able to escape into the hallway behind, coughing heavily.


Elkim paused the footage and stared intently at the policemen on the screen. He zoomed it to see the faces of the two policemen one after the other. He observed more carefully when he got to Henry's view as he had watched the footage before and seen how Henry singlehandedly took out three men and also joined the other officer in taking out another. He rotated the view to see the face of the man properly. He saw a bearded man with well kept moustache, but it looked like nobody he had seen before. He remained calm and unperturbed, even though he kept wondering who the uniformed policemen were and was their mission was.

He had changed already into his night gown when he began to hear sounds of gunshots around. It was then he quickly opened up his laptop and plugged in the chords transmitting pictures from the surveillance cameras around the house.

He checked his phone again and there was still no signal. He got up from the chair and walked to the other side of his bed, he picked another phone from the stool there but was disappointed to find that the other phone was also not receiving signals. He could not make any calls. He returned to the table where his laptop was and sat on the chair, he navigated to the dashboard of the surveillance cameras software and selected the option for the livestream. He switched quickly from one footage source to another in search for the current position of the policemen in the house. He soon spotted the huge man and a lady in the first living room. He noticed the coloured gas in the place and also saw the nose covers covering the noses of the uniformed men. He watched as the huge one proceeded to the hallway.

He was now sure that the men were there for something very serious and they probably were targeting getting to him or even killing him. He chuckled at the thought and was amazed at the temerity of the men to come into his house for him. His smile disappeared quickly from his face when he recalled that his daughter was also in the house at that time.

He jumped to his feet quickly and walked to the wardrobe. He took out a Bethanna military camouflage shorts and a different shirt. He quickly changed into them before he took out his three guns from the wardrobe, two revolvers and one long gun. He also took out packs of bullets cartridges and placed them on the table. He loaded the two revolvers quickly and the long gun. He kept the pistols in his pockets and proceeded to the door with his long gun in his hand.

Just as he opened the door, he saw his daughter already running towards his room in panic.

"It's okay baby," he comforted as he pulled his daughter into a warm embrace. He opened the door and led her in. "Get seated and relax, there's no cause for alarm," he said to her in a reassuring voice before he proceeded again to the table where his laptop was. He watched her sit on the bed first before he also sat on the chair. He switched the sources of footages again to find the current location of the assailants. It was still in the hallway and he could see the huge man breaking the bones of his men.

"Stay in here baby, don't move or leave until I come back for you." Elkim said to his daughter as he picked up the gun again. He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room. He locked it from outside.

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Restless - Episode 50

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Just as he opened the door, he saw his daughter already running towards his room in panic.

"It's okay baby," he comforted as he pulled his daughter into a warm embrace. He opened the door and led her in. "Get seated and relax, there's no cause for alarm," he said to her in a reassuring voice before he proceeded again to the table where his laptop was. He watched her sit on the bed first before he also sat on the chair. He switched the sources of footages again to find the current location of the assailants. It was still in the hallway and he could see the huge man breaking the bones of his men.

"Stay in here baby, don't move or leave until I come back for you." Elkim said to his daughter as he picked up the gun again. He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room. He locked it from outside.


Henry slammed the man hanging on his back to the wall again and then dragged him with a hand and toppled him over. He lifted him again and slammed him heavily to the wall, making him drop to the ground on the head, in the process breaking his neck.

The hallway was about fifteen metres long and three metres wide. It lead into six rooms in total, three each at both sides, all being rooms for the security men in the house who were mostly junior FOX agents.

Another man tried to hold him by the shoulder but Henry grabbed both hands and twisted them, he landed a kick on the chest and left the man to fall to the ground. He then quickly raised his gun and fired at another one that had just come out from the last room. He fired a bullet into the man on the floor before him before he proceeded forward quickly.

Henry caught another man who came out of the left room at the center. He grabbed him by the arm which a gun wa held and redirected his aim up, making the bullet run into the ceiling. He hit him in the belly with his elbow and then fired a shot with his own gun into another man coming out from the opposite end. He pulled the man behind him forward again and turned to give him three quick punches. He turned around immediately again to fire another shot at another man coming out from the third room.

He spotted Samantha with the side eye stepping into the hallway from the entrance and at the same time, spotted another man coming out from the last door by the right.


"I'm yet to understand what's happening," Agent Elkim asked the computer operator as he entered the control room. He had tried to call the operator but the absence of signals had not permitted it.

"Sir, I don't know where these men are from. I've tried to trace them with the street surveillance cameras but I can't find footages," the computer operator answered him.

"Have you contacted the police or FOX to report?" Agent Elkim asked, staring at the large screen adjacent to the computer the operator was siting behind. He could see the huge uniformed man and the uniformed lady in the hallway.

"No sir, the network is down, I can't contact anybody. It's not even connecting within the house or the compound, " the operator answered him.

"Are you serious?" Elkim widened his eyes in shock, now getting disturbed about the whole thing. He took out a phone from his pocket and checked again, there was still no signal. He realized that these assailants, whoever they were, had something to do with the network signals disappearance. He turned back to the screen again and watched how the assailants, both the male and female combated his men in the hallway and brought them down. From what he could see in the footage, about seven of the FOX men in the house were down already. He had just about fifteen men staying in the building with him while close to thirty of other men lived in the other buildings outside but in the same compound. "Why aren't the other men coming in to help?" Elkim asked and looked at the operator's face.

The operator quickly switched the source of footage being shown, after switching between several sources, he finally stopped at the footage showing the main verandah of the building where a uniformed man and the visitor who the police had been invited to arrest were.

"There are two men outside at the verandah, keeping the men busy with a gun war outside."

"I get it, it was a well planned job." Agent Elkim said, squinting at the screen as he watched Cole and Dave hide behind the walls and pillars of his building, shooting at and dodging shots from his men. He began to wonder what happened and why the real policemen hadn't arrived at his building yet. "

"They're using tranquilizing guns," the computer operator said to the Agent.

"Tranquilizing guns?" Elkim raised his brows again, getting more confused. He squinted for a moment, wondering what the intentions of the men were. He was already thinking that the attack was from the men who had kidnapped Brad and Henson but now that they were using only sedative guns, it brought more questions to his heart. Another thought popped up in his mind and he considered again that the attack could be from the men who kidnapped the FOX agent Tam the day before. But could it then be that the kidnappers of Henson and Brad were different from the kidnappers of Agent Tam? He asked himself.

He was unsure of the answer to his question, but he knew one thing for sure. And that was that he or his daughter were the main targets of the visit.

"Return to the hallway," he said to the computer operator.

The man switched to the footage showing the hallway again and they could now see that the huge uniformed man was no longer there. Only the lady was there and she was in a fist battle with a man.

"Rewind," Elkim ordered

The footage was rewound and they discovered that Henry had proceeded from the hallway five seconds before they switched the footage. Agent Elkim knew where he was most likely headed towards.

"Pause," Elkim commanded and the operator obeyed immediately but was three seconds late in pausing. "Take it three seconds back," Elkim added.

Three seconds back in the footage showed Henry with his right hand lifting a man by the neck and pressing him to the wall in front. Henry's face was slightly raised in that part.

"Zoom," Elkim spoke.

The image was zoomed and Elkim squinted at the face again. Henry's face cap was still partially covering his eyes until when viewed from the side. However, Elkim was unable to recognize who it was due to the beards on the man's face.

"Take it some seconds back," Elkim said and watched while it was taken. "Play."

The footage was played and they watched Henry's lips move briefly, and the other man's lip also move forcefully in response before he was dropped to the ground and shot with the tranquilizing bullet.

"This man fights so well and he looks well trained," Agent Elkim said in a thoughtful tone. "He also seems to know the structure of this house," Elkim added, considering the way Henry had skipped some doors and chosen to come through the hallway which was a farther route to getting to the master bedroom. It appeared like someone who knew the security structure of the house. If the other way - the stairs - which was closer to Elkim's room had been taken, it would have easier to trap the intruder with lasers.

Agent Elkim's mind began to work so fast, trying to detect where the attack could have come from.

"This man's moves are well calculated," Elkim said thoughtfully again. "Take it back to the source streaming from outside."

The computer operator carried out his order quickly. After a minute of Elkim watching how Cole and Dave handled their guns against the men outside the building, Elkim made another comment.

"Both of these men are good one guns, but one of them looks like a trained professional," he said, referring to Dave as the trained one. "But he's still totally different from the man inside," he said with a frown appearing on his face. "Find the huge guy and the girl again."

It took the operator another twenty seconds to locate Henry and Samantha again. They were now in another hallway, fighting with a different set of men, Henry had five men around him while Sam had just one fighting her.

Elkim stared intently for few seconds. These five men in the new hallway were the last five in the house and after getting through them, the next place the assailants would be headed for is towards his room. He watched Henry for an additional twenty seconds. The expression on his face seemed to change every second from realization back to confusion and back again.

"This man fights like one of us," Elkim said after considering it carefully. "I need to see his face again."

The footage was paused and Henry's face was zoomed again. Elkim moved quickly towards the computer operator and took control of the mouse. He scrolled down slowly to see the body of the man and scrolled back up again.

His heart was gripped with fear as a thought came into his mind. There was none other person that fought so swiftly as this other than late Agents Carl and Rex but the structure of the man in the hallway particularly looked like that of Carl, even though there was a little difference in fat.

He zoomed the facial view again. Carl Winston didn't have a beard nor moustache but this man had, Carl was also a bit thicker than this man was, Elkim thought to himself. He rotated the view of the man's face again, the face was a bit darker than Carl Winston's. Could it be someone else or had Carl Winston changed in the past few months he was believed to have died?

"Play the footage," he said as he stepped back quickly, realizing that whoever it was, the mission at his house was definitely a deadly one.

He took out his phone quickly and cursed under his breath on seeing that the only number he could still call was emergency. He however still opened his contact list and clicked on Elvis Kahn's number. He clicked on the text message icon and quickly typed in some words.

"I think Hutton may be right anyway, it seems we've got Carl Winston back alive."

He clicked on end quickly after typing. He watched it fail after the first ten seconds. He decided to use the schedule option and scheduled the message to send two hours after.

He looked up again and saw that Henry had already taken down two of the men without guns.

"Keep trying to reach the FOX for backup," he said as he picked up his gun and rushed towards the door.

He stopped for a second outside the room after closing the door. He took in a breath and cocked his gun before he proceeded, ready to do whatever he could to make sure his daughter was protected.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:34pm On Aug 06, 2019
Episode 50 contd

Two of the four men were already sprawling on the floor as they had gotten their backbones broken by Henry. The other two which were still up were having a tough time with Henry as none of their punches and kicks touched him.

A man as huge and tall as Henry was in front of him, his right hand was on Henry's shoulder weakly and he was bent inwards after suffering a jab in the belly from Henry. Henry dug another kick into his belly, disengaging him totally from himself and making him stagger to the ground. Henry turned quickly to the left to grab the second man's punch. He squeezed the fist in his and then twisted the whole arm. The man groaned out loud in pain. Henry pulled him closer and sent a punch into his belly, the man leapt unconsciously as the punch totally disorganized his internal organs and system. Henry pulled him closer again and grabbed him by the neck, he pulled him up and slammed against the huge partner who was already charging towards Henry again. He left both of them to fall to the ground and took a quick look at the right hand side to see how Samantha was doing.

He could see she wasn't finding it so easy to defeat the man, even though she was doing well enough being the first time fighting a FOX Agent.


Samantha felt an instant headache as her head was slammed against the wall again. The man was pressing her to the wall with his fist grabbing her neck. She felt so weak and tired but the will to remain alive and not disappoint the team kept her alive. It wasn't her first time of kicking men's butts, it was what she had grown up doing in the African slum where she lived years ago but this night was totally different. The men even though seemed not to have super strength had super skills enough to dodge her punches and swiftness to attack and hit her like she had never experienced with other men. Even though she had fought and defeated two of the FOX agents already that night, this particular one seemed stronger and more skillful.

As she fought, she remembered Henry had specifically mentioned again while they were in the police vehicle heading for the place that the men in Agent Elkim's house were majorly FOX men who were well trained even though they were juniors. Henry had told them it wasn't going to be easy but also reminded them of his two weeks training with them, saying he had thought them some personal secrets which a lot of FOX Agents and even the executives never knew. Henry maintained that the only advantage the junior FOX officials had over them were probably the consistent years of practice.

Samantha felt life oozing out of her already. She could sight Henry with the side of her eyes and was expecting him to come to her rescue when she saw him being attacked again by the men he was fighting.

She looked into the eyes of the man strangling her. He was standing in a slant form against her in a way that she could not reach him with her legs even if she tried to.

She grabbed him by the hand with her two hands, trying to take off his fist but he wouldn't let go. She struggled harder and left her mouth open as she could no longer breathe. With ever strength she could summon, she pushed herself forward and landed a heavy punch to the man's left eye.

He left out an uncomfortable groan and his grip on her neck softened for some seconds and she was able to take in a breath. He tried to fasten it harder again but she had gotten on her feet well and was able to raise her right foot to kick him on the chest. He staggered a feet backwards while she dropped to the ground on her butt and managed to drag in some more breaths hastily.

Before she could raise up her head or look up again, he had charged towards her and dragged her up by the neck. He sent in two punches into her belly and was about to land another on her face when a hard blow hit him in his left ribs. He felt the bones shift and he let out a loud groan as he fell sideways. Henry followed up and picked him up quickly, he rammed his back to the wall and let him drop to the floor again. He dragged him up quickly again and rushed him blows in the belly and his chest. Then he grabbed him by the neck, lifted him up, turned swiftly and slammed him to the ground.

He picked him up again and turned with him to the wall, he held his neck and twisted it. He left the unconscious body to drop on the floor and then dusted his palms. He noticed something in the pocket of the man's shirt, he bent to pick it. It was an ID card, he scanned through it for a second and tossed it away.

He turned slowly to look at Samantha and smiled. He knew she was a good fighter, but one with lack of professional experience and one whose punches and kicks had little weight. Right from the fight on the basketball pitch where he selected Samantha, he had noticed that her punches had less weight and had greater impact only when it met sensitive parts of the body. She was good at targeting and hitting those sensitive parts but today, she had met a FOX Agent who was strong and also good at protecting the sensitive parts, her blows and kicks which met him made very little impact, compared to the heavy one Henry had sent to the man's ribs.

"You did well," Henry squatted, looking straight into her eyes. "He was a senior agent, of the same rank as Tam."

Samantha stared into his eyes briefly and looked away again, still panting heavily and yet to recover from the pains inflicted on her.

"Take out the glucose in your pouch and make use of it," Henry said as he rose to his feet. He turned his neck and stared intently at the exit of the hallway which was his next direction."Fill up your guns quickly and stay here for five minutes to recover before you join me," Henry added before he turned and began to walk towards the exit. He took out his guns and extra bullets from the waist purse as he walked.


Elkim's daughter stared at her father's face as he opened the part in the ceiling for her to get in. He had placed a chair under the place for her to step upon.

Both of them were inside the bathroom in his room and close to the spot the water bulb hung from the ceiling was the secret opening. Elkim had pressed a switch hidden behind the water bath before the ceiling opened.

"Get up and climb into the place girl," Elkim said with an encouraging look on his face. She glanced at the space in the ceiling and then at his face again.

Reluctantly, she climbed on the chair and jumped to get a hold of the visible roof struts. She had some difficulty climbing up but Elkim got up the chair and helped her get into the room. He handed her two devices after she was in already.

"Keep following the red track there like I told you already, it will lead you to the spot the water tanks are. You hide there behind the tanks and tap the red button on that device, make sure you wait after you touch the button, men of the FOX would be there in no minute to help you. Is that clear?"

"Yes," the young woman nodded in the ceiling where she was.

"Make sure you wait behind the tanks, don't take the ladder down until you see me or any of the FOX men, is that clear?" Elkim warned again.

She nodded in response.

He let out a breath. "Now, go baby. Leave now," he said and then climbed down the chair. He moved the chair away from the spot and quickly walked to the bathtub to tap the switch behind it. The space created in the roof closed back. He waited for a minute, considering how he could have tried to escape with his daughter but he knew that if the huge man was Agent Carl like he suspected, their escape route was bound to be found and followed after. The only way he could delay their reach to his daughter was waiting behind to engage whoever it was in a war.

He picked his gun where he dropped it and walked back into his room. He rushed to the laptop on the table and began to try locate where the intruders were. Before he could locate, he heard a alarm sound and he could tell that it was from his inner control room where he had left the control operator, it meant the intruders had gotten there already. He stopped and turned towards the door with his gun.

Read up to episode 74 on www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:39pm On Aug 07, 2019
Interesting stuff. Eckim time has come. Thanks for the update.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 1:25pm On Aug 07, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 4:51pm On Aug 07, 2019
Amazing. This is incredibly amazing. I've been a guest reader until you pulled me out . More power to your elbow big bro.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 4:20pm On Aug 14, 2019
Amazing. This is incredibly amazing. I've been a guest reader until you pulled me out . More power to your elbow big bro.
Thanks for reaching TY, you can also share with others to read

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 4:23pm On Aug 14, 2019
Restless - Episode 51

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"He's gone back this way," the computer operator voiced out uncomfortably. Henry's palm was fastened to his neck and he was held against the wall in his computer room.

Henry glanced towards the other door where the operator pointed at him. He then glanced back at the operator's face before he softened his grip on the man's neck, he pulled him and closer and pushed him in the direction of the exit.

"Lead me there," Henry said to the scared man.

With his hands raised in the air, the embattled man led Henry to the door. Henry stopped at the door and looked into the long hallway just as the man opened it. At the same moment, Agent Elkim stepped out from a room close to the center of the hallway and turned towards them with the F-E12 rifle in his hands.

"What the bleep!" Henry cursed as he stepped back into the room quickly, followed by a rain of gunshots towards the place. He looked back and saw the dead body of the operator fall against the door into the room. He returned the tranquilizing gun back into his pocket and took out the lead bullet gun, he cocked it and held it firmly in his hand. He moved back slowly to the entrance and peeped out carefully, he saw the Agent running in the other direction with his gun hung. He stepped into the hallway quickly and followed first with light steps and increased his pace gradually to catch up with the man. He quickly stopped as he saw the man stop and turned back, he slid aside to rest his back on the wall and also fired a shot at the man as the man fired at him. The both of them missed and Henry continued with the pursuit while Agent Elkim proceeded in through an entrance into a large hall.

Henry stopped at the wall before the entrance of the hall and peeped in carefully. The hall was not well lit, it had different bulbs at different sections and had only some bulbs turned on while the others were off, making some parts of the hall dark. It looked like a library or study of some sort not could also be taken as a store of materials.

He looked around carefully but couldn't tell where the man had run into. He took sometime to scan through the hall and noticed the positions of some items. He identified points where the man could have hidden himself. His eyes also searched around the walls to see if there was an exit somewhere.

"Agent Elkim Nuel, step out and lets have a man to man discussion." he shouted into the hall, fastening his grip on the gun as he pulled his head back again. He looked backwards and noticed Samantha far away, at the entrance where the computer operator was killed. He signalled with his hand for her to proceed faster towards him, then he peeped again into the hall.

"Agent Elkim Nuel," he called in a loud voice once more. He looked back again and saw Samantha already walking hurriedly towards him. He made some signals and pointed towards the door where Agent Elkim had stepped out from. She nodded and hurried to the door, already knowing what she was supposed to do there.

After Henry watched Samantha go into the room, he peeped again into the hall. There were no sign of movements anywhere in the hall and it meant Agent Elkim was either hiding somewhere or he was no longer in the place. The only way to find out was going into the hall.

He bent down and then took another look into the hall, his eyes searched the floor and the walls looking for security measures or laser switches placed anywhere around. The place was a study and he wasn't expecting anything of such to be found in it but he still did not want to rule out the possibility.

He rose up back and held his gun firmly in his hand, he took in a deep breath and with a swift move turned into the hall with the gun pointed forward in his hand.

He proceeded further slowly and carefully, his hands moving with his gun from left to right and back as his eyes moved.

"Step out Agent Elkim, we need to talk." he stopped when he got to a table which was divided into six sections, created to give space for six people to study at once. His eyes carefully searched around the table and beyond, there were still no signs of Agent Elkim. His eyes moved to the walls again and scanned around but could not still find an exit or opening anywhere else.


Agent Elkim maintained his position without falling for the temptation to step out as he heard Carl Winston's voice echo in his head.

The man behind the kidnaps and death of some of the Red Wolves men all these while had been Carl Winston. The thought of it alone troubled him. It had never occurred to him that a day like this would come. He had known Carl Winston right from his first day of training as a FOX Agent though it took a long time before they met in person. He had seen him as a promising junior officer and one who would grow to become a tough and disciplined agent but he had never thought at that time that the junior agent would become someone as dangerous and fearful as he was now. He had watched over the years how Carl Winston and Rex grew in rank and respect and he knew when they became the most dangerous Agents in the FOX and even in the world. He also had seen them excel with tough cases which usually seem almost impossible to solve within the time frame given and had seen them come back alive at the last moment when they were thought to have been dead. But this was quite different. This fine around, the deaths of Agents Carl and Rex were planned by the master strategist himself, and unlike the previous cases in which they were yet to be declared dead by the FOX, this time they were declared dead in this case. How Carl could have survived the master strategist's death trap was something that seemed so confusing to him.

He closed his eyes and let out a breath again as he heard Carl's voice once more, the dangerous Agent was gradually coming closer to him.

What had he come back from the dead to do? Agent Elkim asked himself. He remembered watching the footages and seeing that the tranquilizing guns were used, and that meant Carl was avoiding killing his security agents and men around, but what Carl had in mind for him was what he could not tell. He had to find out what it all meant, and that would only happen if he could get Carl to talk to him.

His name was called by Carl again. He remained still and listened as sounds of the footsteps drew closer.


The place was so silent that one could hear a pin drop if it did, but Henry heard or saw no signs of movement. He was close to a dark area of the hall and there was a tall shelf of books in front. It was dark beside it and dark behind. He couldn't see if anyone or anything was hidden or hiding behind it but he was careful as he approached just as he had been at other different dark places.

He stepped forward slowly and carefully, expecting attack from any angle. Agent Elkim was a dangerous FOX official also skilled in fist battles and use of guns and he wasn't going to take any chances of being caught unawares. He was also conscious of the fact that Elkim had the advantage of being in his home and in a hall he knew better and could make use of that advantage to attack wisely and win if Henry was not careful enough.

He stopped close to the shelf for a second and looked around the walls again to search for an opening where Agent Elkim could have passed through. He proceeded carefully when he saw none.

He had just taken two steps forward when all of a sudden he noticed a movement from behind the shelf and saw a shadow coming in his direction.

He stepped back as quick as possible but the attacker was also very fast and still struck him in the belly with the butt of the rifle.

Agent Elkim followed up as Henry pulled back, he struck the gun in direction of Henry's face but Henry dodged this time by swerving to the left. He followed through as he leaped and turned, landing the back of his foot on Henry's chest. Henry staggered to the left and almost fell. Elkim launched towards him with the gun again to strike Henry on the face, but Henry dodged by bending and slid with a kick to his foot but the Agent leapt again and rolled with a heavy kick to Henry's face.

Henry fell back to the ground, hitting his back against a footstool in the process. He wanted to get back on his feet quickly but decided to lay on the ground flat. His face cap had fallen off beside him.

Agent Elkim stepped forward and stepped on the hand in which Henry had his pistol, pointing his own rifle down at him.

Henry stared at the Agent's face from the ground where he laid. He wasn't disturbed because he knew the gun in the Agent's hand was uncocked and before the Agent could rooster and shoot, he still had at least two seconds to turn things around.

This was the first time he was going to be against Agent Elkim. He remembered watching Agent Elkim teach other guys including Rex during their time of undergoing the special FOX training but he never had the opportunity of being taught by him. He knew Agent Elkim to be ruthless and very skillful, one of the most feared agent after the Chairman of the FOX himself.

"What do you want from me Carl?" Agent Elkim asked, staring down into Henry's eyes. He knew that the only advantage he had against Henry in that hall was being familiar with the place and also getting into the place first and quick enough to hide where he could not be seen. He had even been surprised as he was able to get him lay on the ground so quick.

"I'm here just to have a word with you Agent, can you let me get up and talk?" Henry replied him.

"It's against the FOX's rule to allow trespassers make requests. Just tell me what've you come here to do before I send this bullet into your body." Agent Elkim threatened.

Henry chuckled and shook his head gently, still maintaining eye contact with the Agent. He was confident that he could bring down the Agent even though the man was tough. The Agent had been a step ahead when he had attacked him in the belly with the butt of the gun from his hiding place and he would have maintained the step ahead if Henry did not fall to the ground to stop the initial scuffle.

Agent Elkim knew Carl was up to something with the eyes movement and he did not want to take any chances. He thought of cocking his gun when he realized that the mistake he had made was keeping his feet on Carl's palm even after the gun had fallen off.

Henry was two seconds ahead of him in action this time as he pulled his leg and swung him forward, immediately rolling on the ground to the opposite direction. Agent Elkim cocked the gun as his leg was pulled but found himself unable to shoot as Henry had rolled in the opposite direction to where he was facing and now at his back. He landed with his back on the ground and before he could make any move, he felt a heavy punch on his face and also a kick in his chest.


Jennifer checked the time on the device again, an hour and thirty five minutes was gone already. Even though she had set an alarm to ring exactly one minute to the completion of the one hundred and twenty minutes, she still checked the time often. She hoped the rest of the team were still working with the planned time.

She kept her device on the passenger's seat as the backlight turned off. She looked out through the window at the surroundings again. Everywhere was cool and calm and the road was deserted due to the heavy traffic being caused by the malfunction of traffic signals, there were only few motorcycles and vehicles just moving within the area. She was however certain that the roads would soon get busy again as road safety officials had now gotten to different sections or the routes in town to help control the traffic in absence of direction from the set up electrical system. That was the more reason the rest of the team had to stick to the duration planned.


Agent Elkim felt drowsy as he stared at the face of Carl Winston standing before him. He wondered how he had felt he could ever defeat the young agent and how he had not realized that the Agent was setting a trap for him by acting weak and laying on the ground so easily. He blamed it on his age and his lack of active practice since he joined the board. His quick and swift movements which he hadn't done for sometime added to his drowsy feeling. And even though he knew he wasn't a match for Carl Winston at any point in time, he believed it would have still been more difficult for Carl to put him down like this during his years of active practice. He however wasn't ready to give up without a fight, he knew he said had it in himself, whatever Carl Winston was there for, he wouldn't be getting it easily.

Henry was now holding the man's rifle in his hand and pacing around him very slowly.

Agent Elkim sat up and followed him with his eyes for almost twenty seconds.

"So, why Carl Winston? Why are you back from the dead this time around?"

Henry stopped and squatted right in front of him. He stared into the man's eyes intently. He could still see the strong and resilient Agent Elkim even though he was now seeing a traitor also. He knew he wasn't just going to have it difficult getting any information directly from the man but that the man was not going to just sit and watch him ask questions, he knew it wouldn't be easy when it got to the time to kill the man.

"I'm here to find out just one thing from you," Henry said and got the man to look into his eyes. "What exactly do you stand to gain with Paul in working with the Red Wolves?"

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 5:17pm On Aug 14, 2019
Agent Elkim tough small sha.

Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:20pm On Aug 14, 2019
Go Henry, go henry... no wait go Carl, go Carl!... keep the ball rolling brother.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:20pm On Aug 14, 2019
Go Henry, go henry... no wait go Carl, go Carl!... keep the ball rolling brother.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:55pm On Aug 14, 2019
Thanks for reaching TY, you can also share with others to read
Sure, will do

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by bizza45: 10:13am On Aug 15, 2019
abeg come and continue.... c as I sit dey wait for Tori

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