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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by dimssy(m): 5:24pm On May 27, 2019
You that you haff sly me around

Yes, sorry. Welcome, welcome

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:50pm On May 27, 2019
Restless - Episode 28
Agents Steve and Evelyn

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The FOX Corporation, EPA Hill
Bexford, Anthanna.

All dressed in black suits and white inner shirts, eight agents stood side by side on straight line. Standing in front of them was the Chairman, he was with the grey haired Agent and Agent Elkim.

The Agents lined in front of the executives consisted of six men and two ladies. One of the two ladies was standing at the rear at the left side while the other was standing at the center. They had their attention fixed on the executives and seemed to be waiting for some sort of judgement.

"Step out Agent Evelyn, " Paul Edwards said in a commanding tone.

The female agent standing at the center stepped forward and remained at an alert position.

"You mobilized seven of your team members and launched an operation without the getting direct permission from your leader, three innocent people lost their lives in the operation and the FOX has no credible explanation to make. What excuses to you have to give for this careless step you took?" Paul Edwards asked in an angry tone.

Agent Evelyn stared for a second into the eyes of her angry looking boss. He was some inches taller than her, his well built body was still perfectly in shape even at sixty one years of age. He had a clean shaven head and no single strand of beards but still looked handsome and so strong the for a sixty year old man.

Evelyn Alexander was a twenty seven year old female agent. She had good heights for a lady and a well formed body. She had graduated from the Anthanna Military School at the age of eighteen after distinguishing herself as a an excellent student. She joined the FOX training institute and completed the one year training mandated for all graduates of the Military School recommended to join the FOX. Seven years of being in the FOX, she excelled greatly and always found herself being preferred by senior agents.

"You're not talking, are you deaf?" Paul Edwards slammed at her when she kept quiet and began to stare at the ground.

She raised her head and looked at his face.

"Sir, we had sixteen terrorists who died in that operation and we made two arrests. We were also able to stop two planned major explosions. The civilians who died were not killed by us but by the terrorists." She said in defense of her actions.

"Your operation caused their deaths," Paul Edwards slammed. "And the FOX is being held responsible for killing the innocent men."

"Sir, while it hasn't been proven whether those men were innocent or not. There was nothing we could have done to avert their deaths, and many more would have died if I did not lead the operation."

Paul Edwards paused to take in a breath, he knew she was saying the truth. Her boldness in replying him was however annoying to him and the non-remorseful look on her face also made him more willing to punish her.

"What gave you the boldness to launch the operation without direct orders from your leader?"

"It was urgent, Agent Steve was in a meeting with the board and all our efforts to reach him were unsuccessful. If we had wasted more time, we would have lost the opportunity to make any arrest or stop their planned attack. This appears like the biggest success we've recorded since this team was assembled."

"Shut the bleep up! What you did was an act of insubordination and it's a proof that you can do worse." Paul Edwards fumed. He kept quiet for a while in order to gain composure. "Listen, I'm not suspending or penalizing you because you arrested two people, but any other act of insubordination from you henceforth will attract disciplinary action."

She heaved a sigh of relief on hearing that she would escape punishment, and bowed her head in silence. Her lips moved like she wanted to mumble a "thank you" but no words came out.

"I must however commend you for taking the audacious step and for having that confidence," he added in a less harsh tone.

Evelyn quickly looked up on hearing his words. She watched him continue speaking but his face carried an expression totally different from what his words.

"We made the first arrest after sixty days, it's a commendable effort. Next time, what you need to do to avoid trouble is to make sure you get permission from your leader."

"Thank you sir," Evelyn curtsied. Her face loosened up a bit but a smile refused to speak.

"And you all," Paul turned his gaze to the men behind her. "You should know you are not supposed to follow orders that did not come directly from your team leader and it's interesting that some of you are seniors to Agent Evelyn." He paused for a second. "You won't be punished this time around because the operation worked, you'd however get a punishment next time it repeats itself. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir," the men chorused.

"You can leave now," he ordered and watched as they turned one after the other. Evelyn stepped back and waited for the rest to proceed to the door first. She then looked at Paul's face again and saluted him before following the rest of her team members.

Agent Sam, the grey haired man turned to Paul Edwards as soon as Evelyn closed the door.

"Don't you think it is dangerous to leave this female Agent in the team?" Agent Sam asked.

"It could be," Agent Elkim joined in. "But we have to watch her carefully and see if she doesn't break ranks anymore."

"There has to be a better reason to take her off," Paul Edwards said with a chuckle as he turned back and headed towards the exit door behind. "No one removes an Agent from the team after achieving a major milestone in the case."

"So, are we still going to have Agent Steve lead the team?" Sam asked as they got closer to the door.

"Yea, he had no hand in what happened."

Agent Elkim stepped forward and opened the door for Paul to step out first, he followed after and Sam followed.

Location: Interrogation Room, FOX Corporation.

The interrogation table stood at the center of the room with two chairs each at the opposite sides. Recording cameras were hung at the corners of the room except the one where the front door was, the other door was at the center of the wall at the right wing wall.

Agent Sam and Evelyn sat at one side of the table while a man dressed in the prison uniform sat at the other side, two unformed police warders stood on both sides of the criminal, giving him a space of about one metre. The other chair beside the prisoner seat was empty.

"Judas, why don't you let's make things easy for you? Tell us where to find who created the device we saw with you," Agent Steve said in a calm voice to him.

"I told you all I know already, I don't know where to find him. He reaches out to us and gives us instructions when he wants to," Judas replied.

"And you really want us to believe that?"

"I've been saying this since yesterday, you have to believe it because it's true." he insisted.

"I would not like to torture you again tonight, so I'd advise you say the truth."

"You can torture me hard but it won't change the truth."

"Judas," Evelyn joined in, staring into the interogatee's eyes with calmness and with a reassuring look, to make him feel more comfortable with her. "That dude gave you an explosive device and he asked you to install it in the company where you work, he wanted to explode the place and kill several people. And you know, that's what the invisible terrorists have been doing." She paused and leaned forward before she continued. "If we don't stop him, he'd do the same to several other organizations but if you allow us stop him by telling us all we need to know, we can end this terrorism ravaging the nation once and for all."

Judas sighed. He knew absolutely nothing and the Agents were expecting to get tangible information from him. There was no way he wasn't going to be tortured again like he was tortured the day before.

"I don't know any other thing about him apart from the ones I told you already."

The two Agents rested back and watched him silently for a while. Then Agent Steve leaned forward again. "The Multi Marketing Network, how did you come across it?"

"It was introduced to me by a friend, he told me it only involved recruiting more professionals online."

"Which of your friends are you talking about?"

"Salmon Ali," he replied.

"Where does Salmon Ali live and where does he work?" Agent Steve continued with the interrogation while Agent Evelyn did the writing of important points.

"He lives in Bexford and works in Century Networks."

"Century networks?" Steve and Evelyn muttered under their breaths simultaneously.

"Yes, Century networks."

They exchanged glances. Century networks was one of the companies that had been affected by explosion in the past weeks.


Paul Edwards' Residence.
Ruthernard, Bexford.

Time: 21:19PM

"But honey, the poor boy cannot continue hiding all his life," Mrs Edwards replied back in a loud voice, following behind Paul who was walking angrily through the hallway.

Paul stopped at the entrance of the hallway and turned.

He raised his brows at the woman. "Has anyone said he should hide all his life?" he asked and waited for a response from her. She couldn't answer. "He is only supposed to stay away until everything is solved, he shouldn't be coming to Bexford like nothing is happening."

"His father said he had to see his Doctor," the woman replied.

"Doctor my foot! Aren't there doctors everywhere else? There are doctors where he can not be recognized, he should not be here in Bexford at all."

"I'm sorry honey, but he's here already. We only have to make sure he isn't seen by anyone else."

"He's leaving Bexford tonight," Paul said and continued into the living room.

"What are you going to do Paul? Force his father to take him out of Bexford? Remember he's only our grandson and only the father has the right to what his son would do."

He turned again to her. "If I have to force his father I would. You are yet to understand this," Paul complained bitterly. "The whole world thinks the boy is dead but the men that carried out the bomb attack must not find out that he was not in the hostel that night. Once he is seen again, he would become a target for them."

"God forbid!"

"Oh yeah, you see why he has to leave Bexford tonight?"

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 10:19pm On May 27, 2019
You that you haff sly me around
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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:02am On May 28, 2019
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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by dimssy(m): 9:29am On May 28, 2019
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I'm sorry jhor, *pouts*
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:57am On May 29, 2019
Restless - Chapter 29
The Team

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

November 24
Location : Gege Slum
Time: 20:45PM

Cole pulled up in front of the one story building where he lived. He parked just beside his neighbour's car and stepped out of the vehicle. He walked back to the gate and locked it from behind. He returned again to his Toyota Corolla and opened the backseat. He picked out a backpack and hung it on his left shoulder. He closed the front door and locked securely before he proceeded to his apartment, a two bedroom flat with the entrance at the side of the building.

He climbed up the balcony and turned on the outside bulb from the switch beside the door. He took out his key and inserted it into the keyhole. He was about to turn it but he paused. He took out the key and inserted it again. He squeezed his face as he noticed something wrong. He took out the key again and stepped back to check the keyhole. He brought out his phone and turned on the flashlight, then he bent and pointed the light to see keyhole, he closed an eye and peeped in with the other.

He quickly rose up and looked around to check for signs of burglars visiting the place, he saw none. He bent again to check the keyhole. It was not as tight as it ought to be, a sign that someone had put in something wider than the key in his hand in a trial to open it. He looked around again, there was no one in sight. He dipped the key into the hole again and turned twice, the door opened. He pushed it in and waited at the entrance for a while. He looked around once more to check if any one was in view before he pulled out his pistol from the backpack and proceeded into the house with his phone held as a torch in the left hand.

He turned on the light immediately he stepped into the house and reached where the switch was.

"Damn it! Who the hell are you?" He pointed his gun at a strange man he found sitting at the center of his three seater sofa. The man had his two hands raised in the air already, to signify that he was harmless.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" Cole asked again. The man was putting on a face cap and was yet to look up.

Henry raised his face up gradually and stared at Cole in the eyes. He lowered his right hand slowly and picked his face cap from the center off his head with his thumb and index finger. He dropped the face cap on top of the backrest and raised back his hand.

"Hey! I'm a friend," Henry finally spoke with a smile. He watched Cole frown and moved slowy towards him. "Ermm... Not a friend yet but I mean you and I can be good friends if you allow."

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"You can call me Henry, I'm here to meet with you, I'll like us to be friends." Henry replied.

Cole felt there was something sinister about this man. "No one becomes friends with another by breaking into his house," he replied in an unwelcoming tone. "Tell me what you're doing here before I'm forced to pull the trigger."

"You won't pull the trigger," Henry said confidently. "I know you well, you won't pull the trigger at an harmless man."

Cole squinted. Henry was trying to play mind games with him, he thought. "No one breaks into another man's house without meaning any harm, so you better start talking." Cole answered and cocked his gun to show he was serious.

"Calm down mate," Henry sat up. "I was only trying what I learnt from you by breaking into your house, you also broke into the honorable's house this past Tuesday."

Cole squinted at him, shocked at the information Henry just released.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He tried to feign ignorance. He felt Henry could be a police officer or investigator who had been monitoring him.

"I've been watching you for the past two weeks, I know you killed the guard men at the honourable's house and you took the brief case containing cash with you."

"Does that make sense to you? Brief cases are electronically secured these days, how can I just steal one without being caught?"

"Hehe!" Henry chuckled. "You're a bad ass hacker, you hack into bank accounts, a brief case is small for you?"

Come widened his eyes. "Who are you?"

"We can get to know each other better if you only put away the gun."

Cole shook his head stubbornly.

"I'm not here for a fight, put it down." Henry urged.

Reluctantly, Cole uncocked his gun and lowered it slowly. He finally returned it into his trouser.

"Don't try shi*t with me man, you're in my house." He sounded a note of warning as he sat on a seat at a safe distance from Henry. "Can you make me understand you now?"

"I've been watching you because I have a job I think we can together, your services as a seasoned developer and hacker would be required."

"Just tell me who the hell you are first," Cole snapped at him. "You only told me your name is Henry, how do I start planning a job with someone I bleeping know nothing about?"

Henry breathed in gently. He stared at Cole with raised brows for a moment before he began to speak. "I am not planning to hide anything from you, I would tell you who I am at the right time."

"The bleeping right time is now!" Cole slammed. "Or you get the hell out of my house."

Henry did not look ruffled. He adjusted his seating position and locked all fingers of both hands together close to his chest.

"I'm Henry, I live in El Deols for now, you can say I'm someone who has come back to life from death to do something important." Henry said in soft tones.

"What are you talking about?" Cole asked with a chuckle.

"I died eight months ago but I'm back to make a change and I need you to help me," Henry replied.

Cole shook his head and wondered if Henry wasn't sounding stupid to himself. Henry seemed to him like someone who had lost his mind. "How does that sound in your ears?" Cole asked, giggling.

"You don't have to believe now, just listen to the job I have for you." Henry replied. "My wife and my son were killed eight months ago when the enemies also tried to kill me, my best friend and his wife and children are also killed." Henry leaned forward and began to talk. "I want to get justice for my family and that's why I need your help. By doing this, we would also prevent deaths of other innocent people."

Cole shook his head and sighed, he was tired of hearing the tale from Henry.

"You haven't told me who are yet, you only told me a fairy tale of coming back from the death to life." He said in an interested tone. "I'm sorry about the death of your wife and child, but I'm not a security agent, you should make a report to the security agencies instead."

"I would have done that if they aren't the ones who planned the murders," Henry replied.

Cole glanced at him. He sighed and shook his head. "Sorry, I can't help you." He got up and pulled out his gun again.

"You can," Henry insisted in a strong tone. He got up to his feet and stood in front of Cole. "I know you're scared of associating with just anybody because of what you do but you need to know I'm one person that understands you so well. I know why you do what you do. The money you get from what you do is used in helping people who ought to have been helped by those you rob."

Cole stared at his face again, no one had ever spoken so accurately to him about his intentions.

"Don't be scared, I'm not an officer here to investigate you, I need only need your help."

Cole sighed. He put the gun back in and stepped back to sit. Henry also returned to his seat.

"So what job are you talking about? You want us to go after those who killed your family and your friend?"

"Yes, that's why I need to to join me."

"I need to understand well, you said you were dead."

"I was shot thrice and left to die, but I survived because someone helped me." Henry replied.

"So they don't know you are alive?"

"No one knows I am."

Cole shook his head gently and took in a breath to assimilate the information.

"I want us to get the killers of my family and friends' family, those who sponsored them and the security agents who aided them." Henry continued.

"How are we going to do that?"

"We'd move to Anthanna, all of us and I'll explain better when you meet the rest of the team."

"The rest of the team?"

"Yes, the two of us cannot get it done alone." Henry answered.

"When am I meeting them?"

Henry got up to his feet, he walked to the center table and took out a backpack he had put under. He turned briefly to Cole. "Come with me."

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:58am On May 29, 2019
Restless Episode 29

Cole got up and proceeded with him out of the house.

"We're going to be using your car," Henry said as he proceeded down the balcony.

"My car?" Cole raised a brow. He stepped back to lock the door with the key. "Where are we going to?"

"Somewhere around Gege Round About," Henry replied.

They soon got into the car and on the road. In ten minutes they got to the roundabout and drove a kilometre past the place.

"You can stop here," Henry said to him as they approached another u-turn.

Cole pulled over and parked behind another car.

"We would walk to the other side and wait, he returns home every night on his power-bike," Henry said as he opened the door.

"Hey! Who are you talking about?" Cole asked, but Henry already closed the door without listening to him. He got out of the car and locked it before following Henry.

"Who are you talking about?" Cole asked as he leveled up with Henry.

"Cole, the third member of our team." Henry replied.

"So, I'm the second?"

"No," Henry stopped and turned to answer. He had just thought about Sheila. "Sorry... Yes, you're the second."

He continued walking with Cole by his side.

They turned to the other side and walked some distance. The new street was dark, not every building had security lights outside and some buildings had no signs of electricity. They walked past a medium sized gate before Henry began to talk again.

"This is Dave's house, he stays at the ground floor. He works as the bodyguard for the Minister of the local government area." Henry said and tapped on his phone to check the time. "He would be back anytime from eleven o'clock, we have to stick around and wait for him."

They both waited at the corridor of store building that had no security light turned on.

"He's here," Henry announced at exactly five minutes past eleven.

Cole looked around, he couldn't see anyone or any vehicle. He was about to ask questions when he looked in the direction of Henry's stare and he saw a man riding on a power-bike approaching the place.

"Let's meet with him," Henry said and stepped out of the corridor.

The man riding the power-bike stopped at the front of the medium sized gate and stepped down from his bike. He parked it temporarily and brought out his key to open the gate. He opened the small entrance first and then stepped into the compound to open the larger entrance from inside.

He pulled out his gun after stepping back out through the larger entrance. Two unknown men were now standing beside his vehicle. One was sitting partially on the backseat of the bike.

"Hey man! We're your friends," Henry said with a smile.

"What are you people?" Dave asked, looking at both men's face.

"I've come to give you something to relieve you from your job, I know how much you hate protecting the corrupt minister. So I'm here to enable you submit your resignation letter tomorrow."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I've been in the security sector like you Dave, I know what it means to protect someone who specializes in hurting others and living on other people's sweat."

"Gentlemen, I don't know what you're talking about and I want you to leave this place right away." Dave replied.

"Do you not also know about the thugs who stopped your Minister on the way on Tuesday when he was on his way to command the demolition of the stores."

Henry's words struck a nerve in Dave but he managed to maintain a calm look.

"Gentlemen, you have to leave now or you force me to do what I do not want to do." Dave threatened.

"It's okay, we'd leave but I have to warn you about something important," Henry said as he rose from the bike. "Your Minister has planned your death on your way to South Husan next week, he's going to make it look like an attack on his life and that you died while trying to save him. That's why he insisted that only you should follow him."

Henry made a sign to Cole for them to leave.

"Hey!" Dave called. "How do you know that?" He asked as he lowered his gun. He was the only one the Minister had told about the trip to South Husan.

Henry turned back. "I've been watching you for two weeks, and I also watched your boss."

"How exactly do you know he plans to kill me?"

Henry moved closer to him. "Haven't you wondered why the CP has told you to give details of your job with the minister to your colleague? It's because there would be a need to replace you soon," he answered.

Dave widened his eyes. Henry had told him what a stranger should know. He wondered if he should take Henry's word seriously or if he should take Henry as an enemy planning something bad for him.

"I need you to join me for an important cause, I'll explain to you if you allow."

"Explain now, " Dave said to him.

"Would you at least invite us in?"

"No," Dave answered, shaking his head.

"Okay, this is it..."

Some days Later

Location: Glory Spring House, Gege Slum
Day: November 21
Time: 9:32AM

Glory Spring House, the most beautiful facility in Gege. It was a combination of social centres including recreational spaces, pitches for different sports, restaurants, event halls, a Cinema and a guest house. It was mainly patronized by visitors in the place or passersby during the year. It was usually busy during the holidays and special festival days.

Henry and Cole stood outside the basketball court, watching the basketball training involving both male and female participants. Henry was dressed on a white top and a blue pair of jeans with white sneakers and his face cap while Cole was dressed in all white track suit and black canvas.

Cole was standing at Henry's right hand side. He had his arms wrapped together across his chest as he enjoyed the game. He was of average height and medium slenderness. He had a fairly dark complexion. His neatly cut Afro hairstyle gave his face a handsome look. He had little beards and no moustache on his oval shaped face.

"I've been looking for you two all over," Dave said as he joined them, standing at Henry's left.

The two turned their gazes to him.

"Hey man!" Henry hailed. He offered him a handshake and stepped back and looked back briefly at the game to allow Cole also shake him.

"So how did it go?" Henry asked, after they were done exchanging pleasantries.

"Rough," Dave answered. "It was difficult to convince the CP on why I was resigning, I think he finds me suspicious."

"What about the minister?" Henry asked.

"He literarily begged me not to leave," Dave replied. "But I insisted my mind was made up."

"You did the right thing," Henry said and patted him on the shoulder.

"I hope I really did," Dave said, unsure of himself.

Dave was tall but not as tall as Henry. He had almost the same body size as Dave but of a fairer complexion. His face looked tough and rough and he had a small scar at the left side of his forehead which he had gotten while on his job. He was putting on a white T-shirt, a black pair of jean and brown sandals.

Henry stared at his face for a while and he could read all over it Dave's uncertainty about the future. He was sure the only reason Dave had agreed to resign and follow him was the death plot he had revealed. There was no other reason a person who had a job with manageable income would quit it to follow the cause of a man who was yet to promise them a future.

Cole's situation was different. It was easier for him to make the decision. He was the boss of his own and could go back to his job at any time.

Henry was however not going to take any of them for granted. He was yet to tell them who he really was. All he had told them was the injustice did to his family and his friend's family. He knew they were taking a risk for trusting him and he wasn't going to let them down.

"You said we were going to meet the other two team members here, where are they?" Dave asked Henry.

Henry glanced at him and smiled lightly as he faced forward. He also noticed Cole staring at him. He was sure Cole had the same question in mind and must have been waiting for Cole's arrival to ask.

"Yes, our other two team mates are here," Henry replied, putting his eyes focus on the game. "We would meet them soon."

Both men decided to be patient, expecting that Henry would take action after watching the basketball training.

Henry turned up his wrist to check the time on his wristwatch. "We have less than ten minutes for the training session to end, we would meet our new team mates after that."

"Are they part of the basketball players?" Cole asked.

Henry looked at his face and chuckled. "One of them is."

He looked back to see a different scene on the pitch. It seemed like an argument had broke out. Some guys from elsewhere had come into the pitch to attack the basketball coach. The new men numbered up to nine and one of them had a machete in his hands, they circled the frightened basketball coach.

The players seemed to steer off the scene, backing out fearfully and leaving the panicking coach alone with the assailants.

Surprisingly, a young lady ran into the circle and stood protectively in front of the coach. She had on a grey armless top and a navy blue sport trousers, with a white sneakers on her feet.

Henry tried to step into the pitch but Cole grabbed him by the arm.

"That's Baddo, he and his men are the most dangerous thugs in the slum." Cole warned.

Henry turned his neck to look at him. "Really?" He raised his brows.

"Henry, no one comes in Baddo's way, even the police do not come near him."

"But he looks like he's gonna butcher someone there. Do we just stay here and watch?" Henry turned his neck to Dave.

"The man he is attacking must surely be guilty of something, Baddo does not attack anybody without a reason." Dave defended himself.

"Even if it has a reason, he doesn't have the right to go around punishing people." Henry insisted. He took Cole's hand off his arm. "So, is this how you watch while someone is being battered here?"

Henry turned and looked at Cole's face and then Dave.

"Hey! There's nothing we can do to help, he's got eight men with him, we're outnumbered." Cole replied.

"Outnumbered?" Henry raised a brow. "What of all these basketball players on the pitch?"

Henry took a look and saw all the basketball players shying away.

"They won't go near Baddo as you can see," Dave replied.

Henry looked again at the assailants and the victims at the center of the circle to see if anything had begun. He noticed they were only still talking.

"That's because you all say that, why hasn't anyone made a move like the lady in there?"

"She's gonna get herself trashed," Cole said with a mocking note in his tone.

"I'm going in to..."

Henry could not complete his statement as he looked to see the combat already started. One of the men who tried to pull the lady away got his hand broken and a punch on the face.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:00am On May 29, 2019
Restless - Episode 29

Another man moved closer and threw a kick to her face but she dodged and grabbed his leg, she kicked him on the knee of the other leg and pushed him away. She bent to dodge a blow and threw two punches into the man's belly. The man threw a blow which she dodged and then punched him twice at the top of his chest before kicking him in the groin. He let out a yell and fell on his knees grabbing his manhood.

An unexpected blow hit her from behind and she staggered forward but managed to regain balance and turned quickly. The man who punched her rushed towards her with a yell but she met him with a kick on the chest. She landed on her feet quickly, turned and rolled to give him another kick on his face.

A man grabbed her two hands from behind and tried to pin her legs down with his but she struggled and was able to elbow him twice in his belly. She got free and turned quickly to launch an attack but see was surprised to see someone who had come to help her.

The tall and heavy muscled man grabbed the man by the neck and twisted it. He released the man and the man dropped to the ground with a broken neck. Without turning, he grabbed the fist of another who tried to punch him from the left. He twisted it and it made a crack noise as the man cried out. He pulled the man closer, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the ground. He stood upright, dusted his palms and then adjusted his face cap which had turned backwards.

She looked around and saw that all the men were on the ground, writhing in pain. Her helper must have stepped in so early to help her. She spotted Baddo and one of his men far away watching them frightfully. She located the coach and quickly walked to him.

"Are you okay sir?"

"Yes, thank you." The coach replied breathlessly.

"Get your bag sir, I'll walk you to the road to get a taxi."

She turned back and walked to the man who joined her to fight. She wasn't sure she would have been able to defeat all of them if left alone. She eyed all the other basketball players who had now returned after running away in fear of Baddo.

"Thank you for stepping in," she said as she stepped in front of Henry.

"You're welcome Samantha," he said with a smile and took her handshake.

She squinted at him and withdrew her hand, wondering how he knew her name.

"Have we met before?" She asked.

"No, but I've been watching you for about three weeks now," Henry replied.

"Oh!" Her eyes caught the coach who had picked up his bag and was ready to leave the pitch. She began to walk towards the coach. Henry followed her. "So, have you been stalking me or you're just one of those men who have a crush on me?" She asked blankly.

She stopped beside the coach and waited for another basketball player who had gone to help her take her bag.

Henry laughed out at her response. She seemed to be a very bold lady. He noticed Cole and Dave had also come closer.

"You're very beautiful Samantha, no doubt..." He tried to reply but she cut him short.

"I'm not ready for a relationship," she said as she took her bag from the team mate and turned to take her leave.

"Haha!" Henry laughed more loudly and followed quietly.

"I'm not here to ask for a relationship like the other guys, I'm married." Henry replied.

She glanced at him to check for the wedding ring on his fingers. "You lost your ring?" She asked when she didn't find it.

"My job, it doesn't let me carry my ring." He answered.

"Oh!" She exclaimed.

"I actually wanted to see you for something else, something important." He quickly added.

"What could that be?"

"I can't say it now, can you meet me in the restaurant after you see him off?"

"I've just finished playing ball, I'm dirty." She complained.

"It won't take long please, I promise." He pleaded.

"Is that a way of asking for a date? I thought you said you were married?"

"It's no date Samantha, these men here are also going to be in the restaurant with us." Henry said, talking about Cole and Dave who were walking behind them.

Samantha glanced back at them and continued walking.

"Okay, I'll be back in five minutes."

"Thank you," Henry replied and stopped. "We'd be expecting you."

He turned back to Cole and Dave. He took in a deep breath and he stared at them with some excitement in his eyes.

He waited for Samantha and the coach to walk farther away before he spoke.

"She's Samantha and she's also a team mate."

Dave and Cole nodded their heads. They needed no prophet to tell them that she was perfectly fit to be in their team even though she was a lady.

Twenty minutes later

The four of them sat on a table with a plate of fried rice each in front of everyone except for Samantha who only had a drink. She had insisted on taking a drink only because she needed to wash up before eating.

"So, we're going to join you in your quest for justice?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, but it's more than a quest for justice. It's something you'll understand better when I introduce you all to the deeper details." Henry replied her.

"It sounds like it's gon be interesting," she said in an America accent. "I'm in."

Henry let out a light smile and nodded gently.

"Thank you," he said in soft tones.

She replied with a wry smile.

"You said we had two mates to meet here, she is just one." Cole cut in.

"Yeah, the other one is right here." Henry replied and then turned, looking at a lady walking past them towards the kitchen of the restaurant.

"The cook?" Dave and Cole asked in unison.

"Yes, the cook, she made this dish we're served. We're going to need someone to help with food, right?" Henry questioned in a cheerful tone. "She's also good in using guns, I watched her scare off two petty robbers."

They all watched in silence as Jenny, their new unaware team mate talked to another cook before walking into the kitchen and closing the door.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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You could include me and Queentiee though.

Don't put us where they will shot us. We are skilled people remember. Let's kick some asses
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All the cast and players from Tarasha came through. Good job bruuu

You could include me and Queentiee though.

Don't put us where they will shot us. We are skilled people remember. Let's kick some asses
I'm telling you. Include us o., we are willing grin grin grin
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Restless – Episode 30
(In Or Out?)
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
December 12, 2015
Location : El Deols, Anthanna
Sheila sat quietly on the bench after thirty minutes of workout. She breathed in and out slowly and noiselessly. She had an armless top on, a football shorts and a face towel hung around her neck. Drops of sweats rolled down her neck into her cleavage and she used the towel to wipe off the sweat from her forehead.
For a minute, she remembered Henry and missed the times of workout they had together. She remembered how they started going to the workout centers together until the fight happened, and how Henry had advised had helped her set up a place in the house where she could do her workout without having to leave the house all the time. And even though she did not have enough facilities like she would find at the workout center, the setup was still good enough to help her keep fit.
Henry had been gone for more than a month in search for members of his team after he returned to El Deols. He called her almost everyday to give her updates but he never came to the house even though he was in Anthanna. He had told her he would only return after selecting his team members successfully.
She picked herself up and wiped her face with the hand towel again. She also wiped her arms and neck. She then walked out of the room and headed straight for her bedroom to take her bath before going for breakfast. She was surprised at who she met at her door, calling for her inside.
“Henry,” she called his name in surprise.
“Sheila,” he turned to her with a bright smile.
She shook her head happily and proceeded towards him. He opened his arms wide and she embraced him.
“I thought you were not going to show up until next year,” she mumbled as she placed her head on his chest.
“How would I not?” He chuckled. “I don’t miss Christmas with my family.”
“I see,” she said as she disengaged from him. “So, does this also mean you have selected all your team members?”
“Yes, for now. I selected the ones I need.”
“How many people are in the team?”
Henry smiled at her inquisitiveness. “I’ll introduce them to you,” he said and stepped back. “I can see you just finished your workout session, why don’t you go and take care of yourself. We would get to talk once you’re ready.”
“Okay,” she smiled and stepped forward to hug him again. “I’ve missed those workout sessions with you and the self defense classes you take me.”
“We’d have some more during this holiday, more than self defence and even on attacking.” Henry said before he released her from his embrace. He patted her on the shoulder.
He watched her walk in and close the door. The smile on his face broadened and then slowly faded as he let out a deep breath and walked away.
Two Hours Later
In Henry’s room. Sheila sat about three metres away from the table where the laptop was placed. Henry was leaning against the table just beside the laptop, facing her and telling her about his selection.
“Cole, the first member of the team. He is an intelligent developer and seasoned hacker. Three years ago, he siphoned funds from three politicians bank accounts and distributed the monies into the accounts of orphanages and motherless baby homes. The politicians are still in court against the Banks till date. He recently attacked an Honorable’s house and went away with a briefcase which contained money just withdrawn from the bank by the honourable. The money was meant to be used for a community project but the honourable sent only forty percent to the chairman of the committee in charge of the project and kept the remaining to himself. This means the project would not get done because the chairman would also distribute the money within his committee. He’s also going after the project committee this weekend to get the balance.”
Sheila listened intently while a slide show of Cole’s pictures displayed on the laptop screen.
Henry turned to the laptop for a moment and switched the pictures to Dave’s.
“The second member of the team. Dave James is a seasoned security agent. He had worked with the IJF, the police and the State Security Service. He’s led the security for important events in the community and he currently serves as a bodyguard for the Minister of Gege Local Government Area. I chose him for his love for justice and hatred for politicians who derive pleasure in hurting the masses. His use of guns and ammunitions is 70 percent, he has good speed and is intelligent and tactical.”
He paused again and displayed Samantha’s picture.
“Samantha Osman, a young strong woman. Grew up in one of the toughest slums in Nigeria. Her father was a drug dealer and she lost him while she was little. She survived through unpleasant conditions in the slum, she learnt to defend herself by fighting with her hands. She got into a gang at sixteen after her high school education and learnt the use of guns and arms.”
“Hmm,” Sheila chuckled interestingly. “And who is the fourth person?”
“Jenny. Jenifer is a cook at the Glory Spring House Restaurant. Her parents gave birth to her out of wedlock, both were alcohol and drug addicts. She finished her high school education living with her grandmother and joined the catering school. She’s a strong and tactical woman.”
Sheila stared at Henry’s face with a light smile on her lips. “How did you find these people?”
“I picked out over thirty people during my first five days in Gege, then I watched for those whose lives had regular patterns. I narrowed my option to twelve of them and finally selected this four people.” Rex explained.
‘So these ones are everything you need?”
“Ermm… Maybe not, I’m sure some others would need to join us as we proceed.”
Sheila closed her eyes briefly and took in a breath.
“When are you returning to Bexford?”
“Let’s say two weeks after the holidays, I believe that would give me enough time to prepare the team.” Henry replied.
“It will also give you more time to teach me extra fighting moves,” she said with a smile.
_ _
__ __
___ ___
__ __
_ _
January 8, 2016.
Location: Bexford, Bethanna.
The new year has seen two major victories of the FOX over the Invisible terrorists, fourteen members of the terrorist group who were positioned to attack fourteen different places on the new year celebration day were nabbed by the FOX team and ten more were nabbed this past Wednesday. The Chairman of the Agency Paul Edwards has addressed the country this morning, and urged everyone to be calm. He encouraged them to keep reporting any suspicious activity immediately they notice. He also called for the continuous support of the international forces and governments in their fight against the terrorists. The…
“This is trash! It’s nothing to celebrate,” Agent Evelyn cursed in anger and banged her hand on the table. She got up from her seat and began to pace about the floor.
Agent Steve and Agent Jeffery were also in the room with her, all dressed in black shirts and black pants. Agent Steve was playing with a pistol in his hand while Jeffery had a pistol resting on the table in front of him.
“How can we have twenty four terrorists arrested and still have no idea about the main source?” Agent Evelyn complained on.
“You need to calm down Evelyn, I’m under more fire than you are. I am the team leader you know,” Agent Steve reminded her.
She stopped and looked at his face. She placed her palm on the handle of the gun prodding out of her trouser at her belly.
“All the men we arrested this past Wednesday only had bomb jackets on them, they had no idea of how or who put it on them. They were all kidnapped and placed at the locations we found them,” Evelyn ranted on.
“It looks to me like the Red Wolves have changed their strategy,” Jeffery put in.
“They keep changing strategy every time we identify the previous one,” Evelyn added.
Steve stared at her face. “I think it’s quite more than changing of strategies, there’s a pattern to it.”
Jeffery and Evelyn stopped to look at him, they were yet to understand what he meant clearly.
Steve got up from his seat and moved closer to the computer control. He punched some keys and the word processor dashboard appeared on the screen.
“Check out these names, all of them are professionals.” Steve said and turned to them. “The invisible terrorist attacks kills people of different kinds but mainly target professionals.”
“Yeah, right from when we worked with Agents Rex and Carl, the terrorists main target have been the working class population.” Evelyn added, looking at Steve’s face.
“Yeah!” Steve nodded in agreement.
Jeffery was the only one who couldn’t agree or disagree. Steve and Evelyn worked with Agents Carl and Rex during the first fight against the terrorists but he was new to the case.
“I haven’t seen any identifiable pattern yet, but with what I know, we have millions of professionals in this country.” Jeffery put in.
“You’re right,” Steve replied. “But this observed pattern began after they resumed attack last year. They started by attacking financial institutions and their top workers, then they moved to Educational Institutions and their workers…”
“And during the Christmas and new year holidays, they attacked the entertainment sector.” Agent Evelyn cut in thoughtfully.
“Yes,” Steve agreed with her.
“Does that mean they direct their attacks based on seasons, they identify the industry busy at a particular season and attack them?” Jeffery joined in, now beginning to understand the point.
“Exactly, they attacked the financial institutions at the point where business men needed their funds for investments and buying of stocks and then they attacked the educational sector when the schools were offering admission and students were resuming to school, recently the entertainment industry when it was a season of fun and partying…” Steve said thoughtfully in a loud voice.
“And now, what season are we?” Evelyn asked and ran back to the table to pick her tablet device. She unlocked and quickly opened an app to check for statistics.
After some seconds, she looked up and stared at her partners with her mouth agape. “Very soon, mining would be in operation, gold, cola, coke and other resources,” she voiced out.
“There would be a lot of importing and visit of foreigners into the country towards the end of February.” Jeffery put in.
“Now , we know their next target and all we have to do is go ahead of them.” Steve declared.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:17am On May 31, 2019
January 28, 2016
El Deols, Anthanna
In an open space in the middle of what seemed like a thick forest, Henry stood in front of the four who were listening to him with rapt attention. He had on a black armless top which revealed his well built muscles, navy green pants on and black jungle boots. Behind Henry was a large bamboo made hut wherein the team had camped for the past fourteen days. The forest had been a place of training and instruction for the team and Henry had taken them through several rigorous physical and emotional trainings. He also took them on the use of guns and weapons which they all had some clues about before. He additionally gave them some important dos and don’ts but was still yet to reveal details of their mission fully to them.
All the four of them were dressed in the same pattern Henry was, the ladies stood at the center while the men flanged them. Their bodies and the looks on their faces testified to the trainings they had gone through.
For the past fourteen days, they slept for nothing more than four hours at night and were allowed to take a nap of only one hour maximum during the day.
“Today is our final day here, I must thank you all for being patient up to this moment. I have seen your abilities in the past fourteen days, your strengths and weakness but I’ve also seen how we can work with them and come out victorious.” He paused to pick a Grasshopper that perched on his head, he squeezed it in his palm and let it drop on the floor. He took a quick glance at his dirty palm and pulled out an handkerchief from his back pocket to clean off the stain before he continued talking. “I promised to tell you our mission fully at the end of the training with the condition that all of you must successfully pass the tests in the training. I can boldly say I made the right choice, four of you are the perfect people to work out with.”
They watched as he paused and let out a smile. None of them smiled or moved in response to his words, they stood still staring at him.
“After I tell you the mission fully, you would be given a chance to stay in the team or opt out. And if you choose to opt out, you would still be compensated for your time with me, but I really hope you do stay.” Henry continued. “I’ll start by telling you who I am.”
“My real name is Carl Winston, I’m a rank 9 Agent of the FOX corporation Bethanna, code 4679. You must have heard how I and my friend and partner Rex got killed by the invisible terrorists ten months ago. The World News broadcasted that but they never told you about my family and Rex’s family that were also murdered that night. I was shot thrice that night and left to die in the Bexford sea, some men picked my body from the sea and brought me to Anthanna, they thought I had died and dumped my body to avoid trouble for themselves but I got help from another wonderful heart, that’s why I’m alive today with you.”
Henry stopped and turned left wards, he took some few steps in the direction and picked a bottle of water from the ground, he opened it and gulped it halfway down before he returned to his previous position.
“So you are FOX Agent Carl?” Samantha asked, keeping an excited expression on her face for the first time since he started speaking.
The other three all felt the same way she felt. Having the legendary FOX Agent with them made them have goosebumps.
“Yes, I am Carl Winston. Only five people know I’m alive and are aware of my plans, the four of you and the one who helped me live.” Henry replied her.
“Agent Carl,” Samantha called and chuckled. “That sounds nicer.”
“No, you would call me Henry, just Henry. Remember you’re the only ones who know who I am.”
“Understood boss,” she said and nodded with a smile on her face. The smile gradually faded away and was replaced by a serious look.
Henry also nodded gently. He gave them some time for his words to sink in before he began to speak again.
“We were betrayed, I and Rex, by some people in the FOX. I’m not too sure who it is, but we would find out together when we get to Bexford.” Henry continued. “These people who are part of the FOX’s executives set us up and planned our death by the terrorists, and this means our battle is not just against the terrorists but these FOX executives.”
Henry paused again and took two short steps back. He stared at their faces for a while, giving them enough time to connect his words as the reason he initially told them the security agents can’t help them in the fight.
He stepped forward again after a minute.
“So having established that the invisible terrorists have their allies in the FOX, it is safe to say we’re going to be fighting men from the FOX and the terrorists.” He drew in a breath and glanced from the first person’s face to the last from left to right.
“Now, I go to the important question. Is there anyone who would want to back out at this stage?” He asked, even though he believed that no one would. The morale they showed during the training showed that they were ready. “Are you in or out?” He asked again.
He waited and stared at their faces for close to a minute and got no response. He took in a deep breath and took a step forward. He stretched his hand forward towards them for them to join hands together as a sign of unity.
“Wait? How much are you going to pay us off with if we choose to back out?” Cole asked. His question come as a big surprise to Henry and the rest of the team but he wasn’t perturbed. “Yeah, how much?” He repeated when he saw Henry and others staring at him with questioning eyes.
Henry stepped back. He felt disappointed that one of them was considering backing out but he tried not to make his disappointment look obvious. He knew in his mind that he would be forced to kill whoever tried to back out at that stage, he had already warned them before the training that it was a dangerous mission they were about to embark on.
“You want to back out Cole?” He asked in soft tones.
“Yea, how much are we getting compensated with for this training?” Another person asked instead of Cole. She took a step forward, it was the cook, Jenny. “You never told us we would be fighting against the FOX. How can we fight the FOX with just two weeks training?”
“We aren’t fighting the whole corporation, just a few bad eggs working with the terrorists and I would be leading our team.” Henry tried to explain.
He looked at Cole and Jenny’s faces, there seemed to be no willingness to continue on their faces. He felt shattered. He couldn’t imagine how he would explain to Sheila that he had made the wrong choice of people and would have to waste some more time to get other people.
To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Cole and jenny should cooperate nah. Well done prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Ebullient07: 7:51pm On Jun 01, 2019
Good job. Cole and Jenny will not leave and if they leave, they'll find their way back.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 6:18am On Jun 02, 2019
Chai nawaooo dy should pity Henry na, oyinprince u are doing a great job here thanks so much
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 5:56pm On Jun 02, 2019
Restless - Episode 31

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"Yea, how much are we getting compensated with for this training?" Another person asked instead of Cole. She took a step forward, it was the cook, Jenny. "You never told us we would be fighting against the FOX. How can we fight the FOX with just two weeks training?"

"We aren't fighting the whole corporation, just a few bad eggs working with the terrorists and I would be leading our team." Henry tried to explain.

He looked at Cole and Jenny's faces, there seemed to be no willingness to continue on their faces. He felt shattered. He couldn't imagine how he would explain to Sheila that he had made the wrong choice of people and would have to waste some more time to get other people.

"You'd be compensated with a million Anthanna Dollars," Henry answered them reluctantly. From the look on their faces, he was almost certain even the others would want to take the money and leave, it was a whole lot which could set them up for life if used wisely. "So are you in or out?"

Come giggled and shook his head. "How can I be out for that amount? I can siphon far more than that in a transaction. I would never miss the opportunity of fighting with the Legendary Carl Winston and the opportunity of hacking into systems of African top most secured country - Bethanna." His face carried so much excitement as his words.

"I love adventures and would not miss being in this team, even if we're fighting the whole world." Jenny also put in.

Henry heaved a deep sigh of relief. A bright smile appeared on his face on seeing the team laugh at him.

"Is this a revenge for the prank I played on you during the training?" He asked, laughing heartily as the volumes of their laughter increased.

He stepped forward again and stretched out his hand. "So we do this as one team, one mind, one spirit."

"One team, one mind, one spirit." they chorused as they joined their hands with his.


February 2016

Location: Bexford, Bethanna.

They drove into the company in a grey coloured Camry sports car. Four of them in total in the car, and all except Henry dressed in fitted black suits and white inner shirts. They had navy blue ties to match their outfit.

Henry was dressed in a sky blue shirt and black pants, neatly tucked in but without a tie or suit jacket. He was the official driver of the team for that occasion. Cole was seated beside him at the front while Samantha and Dave sat behind.

Henry halted the car as directed by the official in the car garage of the company. He took a glance into the rearview mirror to see Samantha and Dave's face as he turned off the engine.

He sat in the car while they all stepped out, one after the other. He watched as they all straightened their suit jackets and then proceeded towards the building. Cole and Samantha had only their devices in their hands while Dave carried an additional briefcase. Henry took out his one side wireless earpiece and plugged it in his left ear.

"Good morning."

"Good morning sir, welcome to Lux international."

Henry heard their voices through the earpiece and his eyes located them at the entrance of the building, exchanging pleasantries with the security guards.


"Good morning sirs," the managing director greeted as he and the other executives sitting at the same side of the table with him got up from their seats to welcome the visitors.

"Good morning," Cole's voice was louder than his colleagues. They all shook hands with their hosts.

"You may be seated please," the managing director said after pleasantries were exchanged.

"Thank you," the visitors replied pleasantly and took their seats.

"Let's go straight to business, please table your offer here so we can have a good view of it again." the MD spoke after clearing his throat.

"What we have come with is not totally different from what we sent in the mail," Cole began. Dave placed the brief case on the table gently, he opened it and began to bring out the paper documents. He handed over some copies each of the same document to their hosts.

The discussion continued for more than twenty five minutes and the visitors were yet to convince their hosts about the offer.

"Your proposal seems so attractive, but we can not take it, the risk to bear is so much."

"But we would be taking this risk with you, we know it's much but it's certainly going to be a success." Cole interjected.

"Mr Andrew, we are not sure of the outcome yet, bearing the risk together would only reduce our loss, but it would not avert or avoid it. The main point here is we cannot afford to lose anything at this time of the year, it's crucial." The MD replied.

"I don't know why you don't see this already succeeding sir, I think you need to take your time to look into it very well, I'm sure you would change your mind totally." Cole tried to persuade.

The MD shook his head. "I'm not sure I would change my mind," he said pessimistically. "We only have one Shelling company here in Bethanna to provide us the shells but this company has not been in partnership with any other for a long time and seems to be totally closed to partnership. There's zero percent likelihood of getting a partnership deal with them, and our company can't afford to purchase the shells from them now, it would crash all of our other activities and..."

"We can get partnership from them, it's easy..." Cole interjected again.

The man looked at his face as if to confirm if he was talking in his right senses.

"You come from Europe and don't stay in Bethanna, you obviously don't know the way things are run here." the MD dismissed his interjection.

"No sir, we did a lot of research before coming to you with this offer," Cole insisted as he leaned closer to the table and placed both arms forward. "We are very certain that Shelling would be no problem to us, your company would secure the partnership."

"You speak in parables, it would be of more benefit to all of us if you speak in clearer terms and tell us why you are so confident."

"Your CEO has a very good relationship with the CEO of the shelling company, we do think this can be used as an advantage to get us the partnership."

The MD squinted thoughtfully. He leaned forward and placed an elbow on the table. "Can you explain this further?"

"If you make the CEO see the advantage this deal would provide for your company, it'll urge him to explore his friendship with Richard Brad," Cole explained. "We can talk to him if you want us to."

The MD glanced at the faces of his colleagues and they both nodded thoughtfully.

"Don't worry, thanks. We would talk to him about the offer and call on you in case he needs to see you," the MD said to Cole.

"That's fair enough."

"Yeah, but for now, I can't promise you anything."

"Understood sir," Cole nodded and leaned back. "I guess now is a good time to take our leave," he said and made way to get up.

"Thank you so much Mr Andrew," the MD and his colleagues also got up. They exchanged handshakes and remained standing until the visitors stepped out of the room.


The next day

In the CEO's office. Cole, Dave and Samantha were seated on the visitors seats. The CEO of the company, Benson Mike was sitting behind the table.

Ten minutes into the conversation, Cole had been able to make his point to the man.

"Everything you said to me is exactly how your message was relayed yesterday, I was told the only disturbing factor is the shells and that you have an idea on how I can use my personal influence to procure that." Benson said in response to Mr Andrew.

"Yes sir, we've done a proper study of your profile and found out that the CEO of the shelling company was a special adviser to you while you were the governor of Benuit state..." Cole was explaining when someone let out a loud sneeze. All eyes turned to the person.

"Oh! Sorry," Dave covered his nose and mouth with an handkerchief and sniffed in.

Cole was about to continue when he sneezed twice again.

"Take care, I see you've caught cold." Benson asked in concern.

"Yea..yeah," Dave replied, wiping his nose with the handkerchief. He sniffed in again. "May I use your restroom please?" Dave asked nodding in direction of a door situated at the right hand side behind the seated CEO. He adjusted his suit jacket properly.

"Oh, please, you may." The CEO said with a wry smile. He got up and led Dave there, he opened the door for him to step in. He closed it back and returned to his seat. He was silent for a moment, wondering if they should continue with their conversation or not.

Normally, he would have called a staff of his to lead the guest to another restroom and not the one for his personal use but since the guest had nodded in direction of the door, he could not refuse.

"Sorry about that sir, he wasn't sneezing on our way here, he must have sniffed in maybe some fragrance of perfume he's allergic to," Cole apologized on his behalf.

"Oh, no problem. Can we conti..."

"Excuse me sir," Dave called from the toilet door. "Someone seems to have dropped some documents here, one of the papers is flying around, it's a blue paper file."

Benson raised a brow. He had not used the toilet for more than five days and he couldn't recollect leaving any document there the last time he used it and even if he had left any, the cleaners should have discovered it.

Dave closed the toilet door and proceeded to his seat, holding the paper in his hand.

"This is one of the documents there," Dave handed over the paper to Benson before taking his seat.

A frown appeared on Benson's face as his eyes scanned through the paper. "You said there's a file there," he asked Dave to confirm.

"Yes sir."

Benson let out a breath as he got up from his seat. "Please excuse me," he said before proceeding to the restroom.

The paper in his hand was part of a file which he had no idea how it got to that office. He had left the file in his other office in one of his very small companies.

He got into the bathroom and located the file on the window behind the water closet. He picked up the file and opened it, he was shocked to find all complete documents of a dubious deal he had done while he was Governor. He couldn't explain how the file got into the restroom. He tried to recall if Dave held anything with him while entering into the restroom. He didn't see anything with Dave, he was sure.

He took in a deep breath and arranged the document in the file quickly, then he proceeded back into his office with the file. He apologized to his guests for taking their time and they continued with their meeting.

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RESTLESS - Episode 31

Thirty Minutes later.

A lady dressed in black skirt suit and three other women dressed in the cleaners' uniform stood behind the visitors chairs in Benson's office. He had called the corporately dressed lady who was his secretary immediately after the guests had left and asked from her those who had been cleaning his office throughout his days of absence. The secretary in turn had called the three cleaners who worked during that time.

"Who cleaned this office today?" Benson asked in a strict tone.

"It's me sir," the woman standing a the left end answered with courtesy.

"You saw this document in the toilet, why did you not bother to tell me or her about it?" He asked, pointing with the direction of his eyes to the secretary. He picked up the file and raised it up for her to see.

She squinted her eyes like she had never seen the document before and shook her head in negative.

"Can't you talk?" the man fired angrily.

"I've never seen that file before," she answered.

Benson frowned at her. "How did it get into the restroom? I found it behind the water closet."

The women stared at him cluelessly. None of them could give a reply.

"Nobody can reply me?" he fired.

They trembled in fear but remained silent for the lack of answers.

"You all, just get out of my office, I'll make sure I deal with you later." He dismissed them angrily and turned his swivel backwards to face the wall.

He turned only after all of them had left his officer. He heaved a sigh and got up to his feet. He was sure one of the cleaners must have seen that document in the restroom and was careless to leave it there, but what bothered him the most was how the file got into that office. He did not remember taking it out of the other office which was in an entirely different state in the country, far from the capital which they were presently.


"How did it go?" Henry asked as they all got into the car. "I was listening and I know he agreed to speak with Richard, but were you able to distract him?"

"Yeah, we did and installed it on his phone. He promised to get back to us before evening tomorrow." Cole replied.

"Okay, let's keep tabs on his calls from now."



"Good afternoon, Benson Mike on the line. I would like to speak with Mr Richard Brad."

"Good afternoon Mr Benson, Mr Richard is not available right now. Is there anything you would like us to help you with?" A female voice answered.

Benson sprung up to his feet and proceeded immediately to the window. He muttered some words under his breath. He had not spoken to Richard Brad for more than five years but he had heard how Richard Brad had grown big and so unavailable even to his family and friends.

"I'll like to speak with Richard directly, when would he be available?" Benson asked.

"We can't tell for now but you can call back to confirm tomorrow," the voice replied.

"I'm not calling back to confirm, I'm calling back in the next thirty minutes, tell him that Benson Mike has something important to discuss with him."


"Tell him what I just told you."

Benson did not wait for her to reply before he cut the call. He found it irritating to now have to go through protocols before he could speak with Richard Brad whose boss he used to be. Getting in touch with the President of Bethanna wasn't even as difficult as the process of reaching Richard as he had been told.

He returned to his seat and begun to round up his office work in preparation to leave. Fifteen minutes after the call, he received another call on his phone.

"Hello, Benson Mike on the line."

"Good afternoon sir, it's Richard."


"Hey, tell the boss Benson Mike is on with Richard Brad now." Cole shouted in a loud voice from the door and quickly fixed back the second earpiece into his ears before he returned to his seat.

The seat was somewhere at the center of the ten squared metres room, at the edge of a long table with four computer desktops arranged straight with half metre space between each.

Cole tapped the keyboard of his computer and the desktop came on, the details on the screen also being projected on the wall in front. It was a 2.25 squared metre projection, displayed half metre below the ceiling of the building.

Cole clicked on a software and it processed within two seconds, a page of codes appeared on the screen.

Cole turned as he heard some sounds behind him.

"Sam, where is Henry?" Cole asked.

"He's coming," Samantha replied as she moved closer to him.


"Oh Richard! Thank you for calling back so soon. I need to have a brief meeting with you, I want some services from your shelling company."

"Okay your excellency, but have you made any prior contact with the director?" Richard asked.

"My MD has tried to make some contact but returned with the report that your MD doesn't want to offer a partnership. I believe I could get you to see the advantages of the partnership if we see and discuss it." Benson Mike answered.

"Sir, I do not really interfere with the running of that organization at this time of the year. I only get to come in and review twice in a year." Richard replied.

"I know Richard but you've got to do this for me, it would benefit the two companies."

"Are you in Bexford currently?" Richard asked.

"Yes," Benson replied.

"I'm flying into Bexford this evening, I'll come straight to your apartment from the airport."

"What time?"

"The flight kicks off by four o'clock, I'm coming from Benuit, the flight time is twenty five minutes."


"Sam, get seated and log on to check the airlines operating in Benuit. You'd find out which ones take off to Bexford by four o'clock while I try to get information about this number," Cole turned to talk to her and then took the earpiece off his ears.

"Alright," Samantha replied him and quickly sat on the seat at the center. She tapped on the computer and clicked open the browser immediately.

Henry joined them in the room two minutes later.

"Hey Cole, you called for me."

"Boss," Cole turned immediately. "Benson Mike has reached our target on phone. Our target's number is protected as expected and I can't retrieve the digits and his location."

"Did they make any agreement yet?" Henry asked, rubbing his hands with a face towel as he moved closer. It seemed he had been involved in washing.

"Yes, they are meeting at Benson Mike's apartment this evening." Cole answered. "Richard Brad is coming somewhere from Benuit and Sam here is trying to ..."

"Erique Airlines, trip from Dalas City, takes off at four o'clock and would be dropping the Bexford passengers at the International airport by four thirty." Sam interjected before Cole could complete his statement.

Henry and Cole moved towards her to view from her screen. She typed in the commands to project it on the wall but they kept their gazes on the desktop's screen.

"Cole, check if you can get a list of the passengers on the flight from the airline's database while I go with Sam to make arrangements for the evening." Henry said and beckoned on Sam for them to leave. She picked her cellphone on the table and got up quickly.

Dave walked into the room as the two others turned towards the door.

"I'm here boss," Dave announced after closing the door behind him.

Henry proceeded silently until he got to Dave's position beside the door.

He held Dave by the arm. "We need three cars for the evening, you, Sam and Jenny would rent the cars from a neighboring town and park at three different public garages close to Benson Mike's house before three thirty PM, how feasible is that?"

Dave took out his phone to check his time. "We need forty minutes to do that, it's achievable."

"Do go with your communication gadgets," Henry added quickly. "I'll tell you what the plan is as you move," he patted Dave on the shoulder and Sam at the back before opening the door and stepping out. Dave and Samantha made some signals to themselves with their eyes before following Henry.

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Unedited Episode

Restless - Episode 32
(The Brad's Mansion)

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"Stay at your positions, I have a clear view of Richard Brad now. He just landed and he's got an escort of seven men." Henry spoke into the earphone's mouthpiece. "Cole, connect to the surveillance cameras on the roads leading in and out of Benson Mike's street."

Henry got up from his seat in the airport gatehouse. He took off the earpiece from his ears and dropped them into his pocket. His eyes followed Brad as the man and his men stopped on the road to join an entourage of three cars that had been brought to meet them at the airport. Richard Brad and a man who seemed to be his personal bodyguard entered into the white painted Limousine. The bodyguard opened the door to the back for him and allowed him settle before getting into the front seat. The other men walked into the other vehicles in front and behind the Limousine.

Henry's eyes followed as the Vehicles drove out of the airport facility. He got into his car and turned on the engine, he waited a minute lextra before he zoomed off.

"Connected boss, what do I watch out for?" Henry heard Cole's voice in his earpiece.

"Two black Corolla Jeeps and a white Limousine at the center," Henry answered him calmly as he approached the airport gate in his car. He took out a card and handed it over to the security men at the gate. The card he gave to them was checked and torn into two before Henry was allowed to proceed out of the place

There was silence for almost two minutes before Cole spoke again.

"Nothing of such yet in view,"

"They just got out of the airport, I've got them in view." Henry replied. .

Fifteen Minutes Later.

"Two Corolla Jeeps and a white Limousine in view, approaching the Ruthernard bridge," Cole's voice sounded into the earpiece.

"That's Sam's location," Henry joined in. "Sam, do you copy?"

"Yeah, I'm alert." Samantha responded in a tiny voice.

A minute went by before anyone spoke again.

"In view now, I'm following after." Samantha said as she turned on her indicator, she looked left and right properly and quickly pulled out of her parking space. She zoomed off in direction of the Ruthernard Bridge.

"Everyone except Sam changes location now, fix yourself at points of exits," Henry said after her.

Jenny and Dave, listening where they were kicked on their car engines and pulled into the road immediately. Henry also took a quick U-turn in opposite to his previous direction.

"Richard Brad is on call with Benson Mike again," Cole announced into his mouthpiece. His eyes fixed on the screen before him and an earpiece plugged into his ears.

"Any change in plan?" Henry asked.

"None, he's only called to inform him of his closeness." Cole replied.

"Listen up guys," Henry said and cleared his throat to get the attention of everyone connected. "Sam would not get into Benson Mike's house but would watch to see if anything unusual happens, our game plan is to follow Richard Brad back to his place of rest this night. We cannot attack yet because his men are equally ready for defense, we should attack them when they are most vulnerable, that is at the point when they believe they are at their destination and are out of danger. Copy that all?"

"Yeah, copied." He got his reply in unison.


It wasn't until after forty five minutes that Richard Brad and his entourage was seen driving out of Benson Mike's house. Sam and Cole announced his departure at the same time to the rest of the team.

"He's moving in a straight direction," Cole added. "From my projection, his destination is Epa."

"Epa," Henry muttered under his breath. Epa was a city in Bexford, just beside EPA Hill where the FOX Corporation Headquarters was located.

"That is in Dave's direction," Cole put in.

"I'm alert," Dave's voice sounded.

"Changing direction now, taking the back route to Epa." Samantha chipped in.

"Cole," Henry called distinctly

"Boss," Cole replied.

"Run a quick search around Epa and locate all Richard Brad's properties there," Henry replied.

"Right away," Cole answered.

"We all converge at Epa now," Henry spoke, giving the team the new direction. "Once he gets to his location, Cole would run a quick aerial survey of the place while we move out of our individual vehicles to converge at the same point, only Jenny would stay in her car and listen for Cole's instructions. We'd launch the attack at the most suitable time," he paused for a moment before he continued again. "Our aim is to capture Richard Brad alive, he owns the key to the information we require."

19:17 PM

Richard Brad's Mansion, Epa, Bexford.

The gigantic gate opened as the cars approached. The first Corolla jeep drove into the compound and was followed by the Limousine and then the other jeep. The gate was closed as the vehicles moved to the parking lots.

The Mansion was a great edifice worthing billions of Bethanna Dollars, built to the taste of Richard Brad. It was one of the most expensive and largest facilities in the continent and the world. Like a city on it's own, it had a vast land area with several building quarters, gardens and relaxation spots.

Richard Brad stepped out of the Limousine in his usual stylish manner. He straightened his suit jacket and looked around the place for a moment. A smile appeared on his face as he took in a deep breath of the cold air. He began to march forward towards the entrance while three of his men followed behind with briefcases.

Richard Brad was a man of average height and a moderate sized body. The white colour of his skin easily made people mistake him for a white man but his flat nose betrayed the look and revealed his true identity as African. Born and Bred in America, his accent and manner of life was American in almost every way.

He had a good reputation in the country, being one of the biggest businessmen and companies director, his ventures attracted a lot of income and provided job opportunities. How he got so much money could not be explained, no one really knew how he was able to acquire so much to set up his multi-million dollar businesses. He had only been a one-time adviser to a former Governor of Benuit who was not as rich as him. When investigated, the source of his business capital was traced to his connection in the white man's land and most of his business partners and shareholders in his company were white men. His riches had begun to arrive miraculously after the end of his service to the Benuit Governor.

He was not found to be corrupt in Government, neither was he ever linked to any crime. The rapid geometric growth of his wealth was the only suspicion arousing element in his life.

After his service in the previous Benuit Government and a failed trial to become part of the legislative arm in the country, he had gone into business and had grown since then. He was known to lead a private life, away from the view of the public and the media.


"Boss, Richard Brad's mansion is one of the largest in the world. It has over five hundred people living in the area and more than thirty legal security officers securing the place. It has two main gates, one of which is the entrance taken by Brad and his men minutes ago, the other leads to the road leading out of Epa." Cole voice sounded in the earpieces of the team as he gave a result of his investigation about the Brad's facility.

Everyone of them was now sitting in one vehicle as they waited for their next line of action. Dave was at the driver's side while Samantha was with him at the front, Jenny and Henry were sitting at the back.

"We can't go in for a casual attack in that facility," Henry said aloud, heaving a sigh. "If we do we'd get a lot of innocent people killed if a crossfire happens."

The rest of the team kept mute as they listened, not knowing what their next line of action would be.

"We have to take him this night, it would take us more time and work to get this kind of opportunity again." Henry spoke again, after a minute of thoughtful silence. "Cole, locate all the roaming lines and send us some codes, we've got to hack into their communication lines together and find a link to get in. How long will it take you to do that?"

"Ermm..." it took Cole twenty seconds of thinking to come up with a reply. "I'll need ten minutes to send you the log in codes," he said and took another five seconds pause. "We need more hands to get our goal faster."

"Yeah, the rest of us here would work on it."
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Restless Episode 32

Seven Minutes Later.

"Boss, communication data gotten, most of the population make use of Vitel Network. A minimum of twenty communication lines are created in a minute. The busiest times are seven AM to Nine in the morning, four to six in the evening and eight to nine at nights." Cole reported.

"Send us cracked codes for eight to nine immediately," Henry replied.

"In two minutes boss," Cole replied. He remained quiet and spoke again after one minute and thirty seconds. "Check your devices, and install the application sent."

"Thank you Cole, please send us texts if there are new developments." Henry replied. He took out the earpiece from his ears. "Hey guys! Any one installing already?" He asked the rest of the team in the car with him, he could already see their hands working on their devices. "You have to disconnect from our communication lines before it installs, else our connection would not make it work."

They took out all the earphones from their ears in response to his instruction. He kept instructing them on what to do and in five minutes, they all had their earphones plugged again, listening actively.

"Supplies are coming in this night for their food store," Samantha turned to Henry with a sharp look.

Henry took out his earphone for a second. "Did you get the name of the supplier?"

"No, it wasn't mentioned, but I just copied out the numbers making the contact." Samantha replied.

"Send to Cole the supplier's number, he'd pull out the company." Henry replied Samantha before putting back his earpiece into his ear.

A minute later, Jenny gently nudged Henry and gestured for him to look into his device. She had also caught a live communication.

"Henry Brad's first son is visiting tomorrow. He's on a flight from London," she said to him.

Henry squinted his eyes at her. "How were you able to break into Richard Brad's communication?"

"It wasn't Brad's, it was a security officer, discussing with someone outside how to get Brad's son to the mansion safely." She replied.

"Okay, send the details to Cole immediately." Henry replied her and plugged back his earphones.

He pondered on the information from Jenny and Samantha. Both of them were not in line with his initial plan of getting Richard Brad that night but they were very good opportunities to get to Richard Brad if used properly and they were also the best options available.

Some minutes after, Dave turned from the driver's seat to Henry.

"Boss, I've got a good one here."

"Talk to me," Henry answered.

"Richard Brad wants to have a party tonight, his security officer just called the man who's gonna bring in the ladies."

"Oh!" Henry raised his brows.

"Are the ladies known faces to Richard?"

"I don't think so, I heard the officer telling the man to bring in very hot ladies."

"I see," Henry replied and squinted for a second and then glanced at the two women in the car who were not paying attention to his conversation with Dave.

"We have two hot ladies here, I do think and hope they can get the job done."

"You're right," Henry said in soft tones. "They can handle it, they do not need to have sex with the man. You, send your details to Cole, call him and ask him to pay closer attention to yours first."

"Okay boss," Dave unplugged his earphones to make the call to Cole.

"Hey ladies," Henry touched Samantha's shoulder gently and also tapped Jenny on the knee. They unplugged their earphones to listen. "We've got something new," he continued. "Dave just intercepted a call, and we now know that Richard Brad is expecting two ladies in the mansion tonight for a party."

He paused to see the reaction on their faces.

"I'll come up with a plan, you two would have to represent the two ladies he's expecting, all you have to do is keep him busy until you get signals from me." He continued.

"Okay, how do we go instead of the ladies?" Jenny squinted at him.

"Cole and I worked that out," Henry answered. "Now, you too would have to go to the nearest store that could still be opened at this time and change into some sexy clothes, I'd communicate the next step to you before you finish dressing up."

"Okay," Samantha drew in a breath.

"Yeah, please, make good choices of clothes where you can hide small weapons or very small knives." Henry quickly added before they stepped out of the car.

Ninety-nine minutes later

"Shawn, please listen. I and Micheal had an accident on our way to pick the girls at the club, but we've asked our other boys to bring them there. Please pay them our money, we really need the money now to settle our hospital bills...." The man tied to the seat said in a trembling voice. He was shaking all over and sweating profusely.

It was in a dark room. He wasn't the only one tied, another man and two skimpily dressed ladies were also tied to chairs in the room. Their mouths were taped additionally, only his was still untaped. Cole had a pistol with the mouth fixed under his neck.

"You didn't say it well," Cole complained and pressed the mouth of the gun further into his neck.

"I... I will," the man stammered in fear.

"You have to make this call in less than ten minutes and you have to say it perfectly, like someone who really had an accident and is in the hospital bed." Cole said to him.

"I'll try again please," the man begged shakily.

"Better get it this time," Cole raised his eyebrows threateningly. "If anything is noticed when you finally make the call, I won't hesitate to blow off your brain. Is that clear?"

"Yes," the man nodded fearfully.

Cole took a phone on which he was recording the voice closer to the man's mouth. "Now, try it again and also look at my lips and answer my questions."

"Shawn, I and Micheal had an accident on our way to pick the girls at the club, but I we've asked our other boys to bring them there. Please pay them our money, we really need the money now to settle our hospital bills." The man repeated.

"What? Which hospital are you in?" Cole asked in whispers.

"New Day hospital in Epa," The man replied.

Cole stopped the recording. "Better than the previous ones, but you have to do better, no foul must be noticed. Let's rehearse again."

Cole started the recording again.

They rehearsed for three more times before Cole was satisfied.

"So, I'm going to make the call now." Cole said as he stepped back. He walked to a table and picked the phone which they had seized from the man. He also picked a hand sized Bluetooth speaker and returned to the man's front.

He played the recordings he had done on his phone through the Bluetooth speaker. He took sometime to change the settings of the audio player until the voice from the speaker began to sound natural. He played the recording again and paused from time to time, he seemed to be rehearsing something with himself.

He stepped closer to the man after he was done. "This call is a chance to save yourself, I'll hold up the phone while you speak, and I'll cut the call once you try to play smart. I can always call back and play the recording for him instead, that's why I've recorded your voice with answers to all the likely questions that can be asked." Cole said with an evil smile. "So, it'll benefit the both of us if you behave as you should."



"It's done boss, I hope you're almost there." Cole's voice sounded in Henry's phone speaker.

"Yeah, we're close." Henry replied.

"You are expected before half past ten," Cole replied.

"Okay, hope it went smoothly and we would not have any problems."

"Sure, you wouldn't. He spoke to the security officer himself and answered all the questions."

"Good job Cole," Henry commended. "So, keep them locked in like we planned and come around this location."

"Right away boss."

The call ended and Henry put down the phone. He turned his neck and smiled at the ladies at the backseat. "We're good to go now."

They had all changed their clothes. Dave who was now driving had on a white shirt and blue jean, Henry was dressed the same way and they had taken away every weapon with them and in their car, to enable them pass through the security check at the gate of the mansion.

The ladies were now dressed in short gowns and had their faces made up.

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I thought it would be Henry who would be restless but even us the readers. Finishing an episode can raise your pressure to almost 200 but thank God the Team has not suffered any losses. It might be harder from now though since Henry's identity might be known by the FOX and the Red Wolves too.
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Restless - Episode 33
Romantic Night Gone Sour

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Henry eyes scanned around the place as they drove into the compound after passing the security check at the gate. A security man pointed them to another who directed them to the parking space.

Henry took out a mirror to check his attached beards and moustache before they got to the parking space. He passed the mirror to the ladies at the back after being contented with what he saw. He turned to check them and concluded they looked ready for the job.

Dave and Henry stepped out of the car after he turned off the car engine. They stepped to the back and opened the doors to the back seat at the side where they were. The ladies had a final look and brief touch on their makeups before stepping out of the car. The four of them were led into the house by a security man.

Henry carefully observed everywhere as they walked into the building. He noticed the standpoints of the security men, those close to the house especially. He could see some afar off guarding the other places in the big estate but distance made her observation of the very far places unclear.

They were stopped at the entrance to the house. Dave and Henry were searched thoroughly but the ladies who were on skimpy dresses were not searched, it seemed impossible to hide something in the clothes they wore. They were allowed to proceed in after nothing was found on their bodies.

They were led past the first living room into a large hallway where they met three security officials that stopped them at the middle. One of the officers took his time to scrutinize the ladies and smiled at the end as he was pleased with their sexiness.

"Take them Mr Richard," he ordered one of the officers behind him after being satisfied. He placed his gaze at the men while the ladies walked away. "Who of you is to receive the money?"

"I," Dave answered. "Michael said you would give us in cash."

The officer who asked stared at his face for a while and then turned to stare at Henry's face. He made a distorted look in the end, he didn't seem to like Henry.

Henry noticed some other security men entering the rooms from the doors at the hallway. He could see that they were less prepared for an attack than they were when he saw them at the airport. There he had noticed almost all of them on bullet proof vests and each one with a minimum of three guns with him. Now that they had gotten Richard Brad safely home, they had taken off their protections and attack instruments.

"Come with me for your money," the officer finally said and directed the men to turn, his colleague stepped in front of them and led them out of the hallway.

Henry's hand carefully reached for the head of his belt and he turned it carefully. Dave glanced at him in response, a sign that he received the signal and that the other members of the team would have received it.

They were led back past the living room they came through into another corridor and another living room which seemed like a different quarters in the same building.

"Please sit while we arrange your money for you," the security officer behind said and took his seat before them, while the officer who led them walked further into an hallway.

Dave and Henry sat beside each other on seats adjacent to the security officer.

"I usually don't bring people in here, I used to come and get the girls from the club myself but I got busy with some other things tonight. That's why I called Michael." The man said to them.

"He had an accident on his way to pick the girls from the club and asked that I bring them over here for him." Dave replied him.

"That was stupid of him, he should have asked me first before doing so. He only called to tell me that you were already on the way." The man replied.

"Oh! I don't know how you guys do it or what your agreement was," Dave shrugged. "I think he was so desperate to get the money tonight and he didn't want you to have a chance to change your mind."

"That bleeping dude loves money a lot!" The officer said in a jesting manner.


Richard Brad was already in his night robe when the ladies joined him in the room. He was sitting with his legs straightened and crossed over each other, his back resting at the center of the headboard and his hands on top at both sides. He smiled broadly on seeing the two ladies.

They smiled back at him with seducing eyes and took off their high heels as the got close to the giant sized bed. They began to unzip their clothes in his presence but he beckoned on them to come closer first. He wanted to have a taste before the real action began.

Jenny was the first to climb into the bed, she seemed to be better at the act of seducing than Samantha was. Samantha on the other hand, even though not a tomboy had lived her life as a fighter, and she was better at punching and beating guys than at seduction.

Jenny crawled forward onto the man with her knees. She spread her knees out to both sides, leaving the man's legs at the center and carefully crawled closer.


"Here he comes," the security officer sitting with Dave and Henry announced as the man who had left them returned to the living room with a small paper bag.

The man got closer to them and the sitting security officer pointed him to Dave. The man walked to Dave's side and handed over the paper bag containing the money.

Dave opened and checked briefly, he then looked at the security officer's face.

"Hope this is complete?"

The security officer chuckled. "You don't know who you are dealing with right?"

"It's an innocent question, I don't want to have issues with Michael." Dave replied.

"It is dude!" the man slammed. "You can count to confirm right away and get the hell of here immediately."

"I wouldn't mind counting," Dave replied calmly. He took out the bundle of cash from the bag, he flattened the paper bag on his laps and began to count.

The security officer stared at him with disgust but did not say anything.

Henry heaved a sigh as he felt a turn on the head of his belt. That was a signal from the girls, a device had been attached to Samantha's hair band. He glanced at Dave and also met Dave's gaze, a sign that he had gotten the same signal.

"You know what? I'll just trust you," Dave said and bundled back the money without counting to the end. He had gotten the signal for which he was trying to buy time for.

"Now, get the hell out of here." the security officer said in harsh tones, nodding towards the entrance of the room.

"When are we coming back to get our girls?" Dave asked.

"They would be brought to the club by 9AM tomorrow," the man replied.

"You have to call me to know..."

"Get the hell out of here!" the security officer barked as he sprung up to his feet immediately.

"Oh! Relax man," Dave said and got up slowly.

"You're wasting too much of my time," the security officer added.

"We're sorry man," Henry said and slowly rose up to his feet. He began to step closer to the man. "But you sound too arrogant."

The security officer and his colleague stared at him sternly.

Henry stopped in front of the man and stared directly into his mean eyes.

"So what the hell do you want to do? Beat me up?" the security man asked in confidence. He suspected Henry was about to cause trouble but he was confident that Henry could not do just anything and get away with it. "I wouldn't warn you two anymore to get the hell out of here."

Henry chuckled. "I like your confidence, but it just cost you."

He grabbed the man by the neck immediately and jacked him up he mentioned his last word. The other officer by the side tried to react but Henry dug a kick into his stomach, making him fall to the ground.

Dave rushed up to the scene immediately and attacked the man on the ground, landing him blows on the face.

The security officer struggled in Henry's hand. His legs were no longer on the floor and he struggled to locate his gun in his pocket but before he could, Henry slammed him to the sofa behind and landed him two huge blows, one on the chest and the other on the face. He picked out the gun from the man's pocket and then pulled the man by the head up. He struck the back of the head with the butt of his gun and the man fell back unconscious.

"Quickly, change into his uniform." Henry said to Dave. "Most of the security men inside the house are resting now, so it'll be easy to get back to Richard."


The romantic atmosphere in the room had gotten more intense. The girls had now stripped to their underwear while the robe had been taken off the man's body.

The man's groan of pleasure was already getting annoying to Samantha when she got the twitch from the device attached to her hair. She carefully pinched Jenny who was having the man so busy with her busts.

Jenny slowly stopped the man and pushed him gently away with a smile. She kissed him lightly on the lips and drew his ear closer to whisper something into hit. The man smiled in response to her and turned to lay flat on his back. Jenny began slowly by playing with her fingers around his chest while Samantha went straight to his boxers and began tp pull it down.

The man was getting set for intense pleasure but was greatly shocked when Jenny pulled a knife close to his neck. He widened his eyes at her in shock.

"Don't move or I'll drive this into your neck so fast," Jenny warned.

Richard Brad was too shocked to speak. His eyes followed Samantha as she got up from the bed. He saw that she had taken his robe and boxers and flung to the floor.

She proceeded to his drawer and began to search inside for a gun. She moved away when she didn't find one and proceeded to the wardrobe. She found two loaded pistols.

She took them out quickly and cocked one of them. Jenny quickly rolled away from Richard's body on seeing Samantha already with the gun.

"What are you two doing?" He asked in surprise as he placed his knees down and raised his hands up.

"Getting your ass kicked of course," Samantha replied, holding the gun pointed at him.

Jenny began to get dressed immediately.

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