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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 3:41pm On Jun 05, 2019
Restless Episode 33

"What do you want from me? I can give you money and lots of if that's what you want." he offered.

"Just shut the hell up if you don't want this bullet in your head," Samantha threatened.

Jenny got dressed very quickly and collected the pistol from Samantha's hands giving room for Samantha to also dress up.

"We keep him here until they come right?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, that's the instruction." Samantha answered a she zipped up her dress. She moved back to the wardrobe and began to search it.

"What are you doing?" Jenny questioned her.

"Searching for some other important documents that can be of use to us," Samantha answered.

"Ladies, we do not have to do this," Brad said as he stepped out of the bed carefully, still with his hands raised.

Jenny moved closer to him with the gun. "If you step an inch further, I'll send this bullet into your chest."

"What do you need?" Brad asked again.

"Your bleeping brain." Jenny answered him.


Dave now fully dressed in the security guard's uniform stormed out of the room and walked straight into the first living room they entered in the building. Henry followed behind him but stopped at the entrance and peeped in.

There was only one security man in the living room and he was standing at the corner straight to the entrance door. His eyes caught Dave as he entered. Dave did not look at him but advanced quickly towards the hallway. The security man squinted at him, the face looked strange to him but he got confused by the uniform. He felt more suspicious on seeing the way he was walking fast.

"Hey!" He called and quickly followed Dave but Dave proceeded on without looking back to see.

Henry stepped in silently and followed after the security officer. He was already so close before the security man noticed that someone was following behind him. The man turned immediately with his gun but Henry grabbed his hand and delivered a uppercut straight to his jaw. He followed up with a kick to the man's chest and the man fell back. He followed quickly and hit the man on the forehead twice with the gun.

The large hallway had six doors which led to rooms used by the house workers and security aids. Unlike the first time when they were led in, only one security officer was now in the hallway and he was standing at the far end, holding a long gun with him.

He began to walk forward immediately he saw Dave walking hurriedly towards him. At first, he mistook Dave to be a security personnel in the house who was coming to report a problem to the Chief Security officer but as they got closer, he realized that Dave wasn't a part of them. He quickly unhang his gun and tried to rooster it but Dave was faster and had a bullet into his chest.

Dave increased his speed after shooting the man. He knew that the gunshot would have caused the attention of other security men in the house. He stopped at the exit of the hallway which served as an entrance into hallways in both directions. He turned to look at Henry already at the entrance of the hallway but moving at a slow pace.

As expected, the doors in the hallway opened and more security men began to come out.


"How much were you paid to do this? I can pay you far better?" Richard Brad questioned and began to step slowly closer to Jenny.

He had not heard when Jenny and Samantha talked about keeping him there till Henry and Dave joined but he was confident that the girls were not sent to keep him as they would have tried to drive the knife into his neck if they really wanted to kill him. He summoned courage and increased his pace towards Jenny.

"Don't step closer," Jenny warned again.

He stopped for a second. "Damn you sl*t! Do you know who I am?"

Jenny remained quiet and stared at his face but cocked the gun as he continued to step further.

"Shoot me if you want girl!" Richard flared. His hands were still raised as he was staring straight into her eyes. He been to shake his naked waist to distract her with the view.

"What the hell is happening?" Samantha asked. She closed a wing of the wardrobe to look at them. She noticed Brad was already so close to Jenny and could be up to something.

Before Samantha could step any closer, Richard pulled the blanket from the bed and flung it to Jenny, the material spreading and covering her head. With a sliding movement, he zoomed towards her and cleared her from her feet to the ground. He quickly got up to dodge a blow from Samantha and tried to kick her in the belly but she caught a grip of his ankle and pushed him away. He landed on his bare butt to the ground.

Samantha followed him quickly but he managed to dodge her punch as she knelt by his side. She delivered another punch successfully to his belly but he responded with a headbutt to her nose which sent her falling back on the left arm. He got up quickly and rushed to Jenny who was already getting up and trying to pick the gun. He delivered a kick to the side of her belly and she fell in front of the wardrobe. He rushed quickly to the gun to pick it but as his hands touched it and he tried to stand, kick landed on the left side of his head and he fell to the ground. Samantha got over him and rained him with punches on the face and in the chest until he was so weak and he couldn't struggle anymore. She picked the gun which had fallen him his hand and stood up, pointing the gun at his unclad body.

She took a glance at Jenny who had just gotten up beside her.

Jenny was panting hard as she stared at the naked man on the floor. She hadn't expect him to pull such stunt he did. She remembered something Henry had told them during the training and realized it had just played out. Henry had told them to always ensure the enemy never got to see their weakness. She wasn't used to see naked men and she had allowed Richard see that she was disturbed by the sight and he had used it against her.


The two opposite doors at the middle of the hallway were the first to open and two men came out from the right side while one stepped out from the left.

Henry fired two quick shots at the men from the right while Dave fired at the one from the left. Henry increased his pace as he heard the door to the first room by the right opening. He got there in time to land a kick on the face of the man who stepped out, he quickly turned to the other side of the door and fired a bullet into the man's chest.

He took a quick glance at Dave and saw that Dave was still waiting for him. He made a quick sign for Dave to go ahead while he kept the men at the hallway busy.


Dave stepped out of the hallway quickly and looked left and right. He saw a uniformed man coming from the right hand side and knew immediately that that was the direction of Richard Brad's room.

"What's happening?" The man asked Dave who he thought to be one of them but Dave replied with a bullet into his chest.

Dave advanced forward quickly, he stopped briefly beside the man and took out his gun before proceeding. He got to the last door which he assumed to be the room Richard and the girls were. Hs stopped and turned the head of his belt.


"Check who's at the door." Samantha said to Jenny om feeling the itch in her hair.

Jenny took out her knife and proceeded quickly to the door. She stopped by the wall and tapped it thrice. She listened and heard it tapped thrice from behind.

She unlocked with the key and opened for Dave to step in.

"Where's Henry?" She stared at his face.

"He's coming," Dave replied and proceeded straight to join Samantha.

"How do we get out of here?" Samantha asked him.

"We'd get out with him as our hostage, Cole is at the gate already distracting the other security men." Dave replied and then placed his gaze on Richard. "He's got to put on something so that we can leave now."

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 6:46pm On Jun 05, 2019
wow good one op

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Mcphancey7(f): 8:22pm On Jun 05, 2019
Hmmm... I knew Paul couldn't have killed his grandson no matter how heartless he is.
Well-done.. Oyinprince.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 12:49pm On Jun 07, 2019
This's an action moment

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:22pm On Jun 07, 2019
I'm loving this. Jenny almost ruined their plans. Good one prince.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Youngsenate1993(m): 11:22pm On Jun 07, 2019
Geting more Interesting

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by yungbanks(m): 9:29am On Jun 08, 2019
Thumbs up boss more ink to ur pen more images to ur brains dey drop we dey kampe

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:54pm On Jun 08, 2019
Restless - Episode 34
Richard's Details

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"Stand aside now, everyone stand..." Dave was saying as he stepped into the hallway with a gun kissing the side of Richard's head but he couldn't complete his statement as what he saw in the hallway was contrary to what he expected. He had expected to see more men combating Henry but instead, there were over ten men on the floor and one in Henry's hand close to the entrance of the hallway being held to the wall by the neck.

Henry on hearing his voice flashed a look towards the direction and then turned back to slam the man in his hand on the floor. He bent quickly beside him and broke his neck. He got up and put the gun back in his side. He hurried towards Dave who was also approaching him.

"You get the car ready for us," Henry said as he collected the gun from Dave and grabbed Richard by the collar from the back. He waited for the ladies who were behind to level up with them.

"Drop your weapons everyone, don't make this terrible for you and Richard." Henry announced loudly as he stepped out of the main building with Samantha and Jenny flanging him and watching around for him with guns in their hands.

More security men had assembled at the entrance of the building with their guns and watched in awe as they saw Richard held helplessly by Henry and being led away.

"Drop your weapons," Henry repeated in a harsher and louder voice and cocked the gun for them to see his seriousness.

The men dropped their weapons and began to move back as Henry proceeded with the man. Dave picked some of the guns in front as he hurried to the car.

Henry and the others stopped close to the area where the car was parked and waited for Dave to get it out from the parking space.

"Do not follow us!" Henry sounded a warning to Richard's men. "We'd throw him out of the moving car if you do."

Dave drove out the car and stopped beside them. Henry signalled for Jenny to get into the front seat while he sat behind with their hostage and Samantha.

Henry turned his neck back to look as the men gathered together and watched them while Dave drove the car towards the entrance. He turned again to look at the entrance gate and saw that it was already busy. Cole had been instructed to plant a small explosive at the other side of the road to distract the men at the gate.

Dave was allowed to drive out of the compound without questions from the busy men. They also noticed outside that police officers had also arrived the explosive scene and were checking it out.

"Take off Dave," Henry said after noticing Dave was taking time to observe the explosion scene. "These guys won't leave Richard to us, they're coming for him."

Dave heeded to the instruction and sped off immediately. It was already late in the night and the roads were free.

Henry who still had his hand in Richard's collar and the gun on the side of his head, looked his hostage in the eye and made a face.

Richard stared back at him with cold eyes. He had never thought this kind of day would come: a day that he would be easily whisked away such as this. He had put this trust in his security and didn't see the loophole until now. This group of kidnappers or whatever they were had taken time to study when the security was easily penetrable. If it had been an hour or two after, when the midnight was approaching, it would have been more difficult for them to defeat all those men in the hallway because they would have settled and prepared for night duty.

Henry stared intently into Richard's eyes for over a minute and he could tell that the man was not one that would give him the needed information easily. He chuckled and looked away, he knew exactly what would make the man give him what he wanted.

Richard squinted at Henry's face as the hand on his collar and the gun was taken away. Henry was now staring forward like someone who was planning something else for him. Richard took in a deep breath and began to search his mind thoroughly, hoping to discover who could be behind this abduction. He knew none of the people in the vehicle with him and they had not mentioned why they abducted him or who sent them. He believed he was going to find out soon even as he believed that it would be impossible for his abductors to get him to their destination because his trusted security men would ensure he was rescued that night. Little did he know that his personal security officer who he trusted to lead the rest had been already been taken down.

As expected, some cars began to show up behind them in pursuit. Richard tried to conceal his smile. He was sure that his abductors were going nowhere, the deadliest thing they could do was to kill him and also get killed by his security men. He turned to glance at the vehicles coming behind but as he tried to turn his neck back, he met Henry's hand already on his shoulder. He looked and saw Henry with a syringe close to his neck. Before he could do or say anything, Henry injected the contents into his neck and he fell asleep in seconds.

"The police has joined them in pursuit," Henry announced to the rest of the team even though he was aware they could already see it. "We won't shoot here, until we get somewhere no other vehicles are on the road, I don't want to get much people hurt, especially the harmless citizens that could be on the road."

"So, how do we get them off her track? What if they shoot at us?" Jenny asked, looking into the mirror at her side.

"They won't shoot at us," Dave replied her. "We've got their man here and they would not want anything to happen to him."

"Cole is ready for us," Henry announced after a minute of silence. The vehicles coming after them had now increased up to seven - three police vehicles and four security vehicles from the Richard's facility but their vehicle was still ahead with a good gap between them.

"We're sticking to the plan?" Dave asked, staring into the side mirror. He could see the police vehicle behind them and the man shouting out with a megaphone for them to stop.

"Yes, we stick to the plan." Henry answered him after fixing an earpiece in his ear and mouthpiece close to his neck at the tip of his shirt.

"Three more minutes to the roundabout," Dave announced loudly, he looked into the rearview mirror to see Henry's face.

"Cole, are you with us? We're very close," Henry said into the mouthpiece.

"I'm following, you're two minutes and twenty three seconds close." Cole voice sounded in Henry's earpiece.

"Okay," Henry replied and turned off the mouthpiece.

He turned back to look at the men chasing after them, one of them was still shouting into his megaphone for them to stop.

"Sam, do you need an extra gun?" Henry asked as he raised up the one he took from Dave and also took out his own.

"Yes, " Samantha answered and pulled out hers.

"We've got to distract them now a little," Henry said and then cocked his gun. "Be careful not to shoot a vehicle that isn't after us," he quickly added before he rose and then positioned his body halfway out of the vehicle. He fired two quick shots at the vehicle coming behind them and moved back in.

The driver swerved in a bid to dodge the bullets but he was only able to dodge the second as the first bullet pierced the front glass but hit no one. The officers in the car quickly brought out their guns and tried to aim at the vehicle but were reluctant to shoot since Henry had moved his body back into the car. They kept watching, expecting him to attempt to shoot again, instead someone else fired another two shots from the other side of the car and this time both bullets hit the glass and left it shattering, the second bullet pierced through into the top of the shoulder of one of the men sitting at the backseat of the car.

"Good one," Henry said to Samantha when she got back into the car after shooting twice. He turned to look at the car which the bullet hit, it had pulled over by the side of the road. "We don't have to shoot at them anymore, we have enough space between us and the second car."
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:56pm On Jun 08, 2019
Restless - Episode 35 contd

"Good one," Henry said to Samantha when she got back into the car after shooting twice. He turned to look at the car which the bullet hit, it had pulled over by the side of the road. "We don't have to shoot at them anymore, we have enough space between us and the second car."

Henry balanced back in his seat and kept the gun. He took out his phone to check the time.

"Roundabout now in clear view," Dave said as he changed the gear of the vehicle.

They were approaching a rotary intersection and they could see a truck approaching at a slow speed from the left traffic. The traffic light showed red, a signal for them to stop but Dave was not ready to pull the brakes.

"How are we gonna do?" Jenny in front asked Dave when she noticed he wasn't reducing the speed.

"We're going through, fasten your seatbelt." Dave warned

"What the bleep! You're going to get us killed." Jenny shone her eyes widely at Dave. She looked towards the roundabout again and could see the truck still on its slow speed and yet to reach the roundabout. From her calculation, their car would collide into the truck if Dave refused to stop. Jenny turned to look at Henry but he wasn't saying anything. She looked at Samantha's face also and saw a look of uncertainty. She looked once again at Henry and concluded that he must have had a prior knowledge of Dave's plan not to stop.

They had already gotten so close to the roundabout by the time she looked forward again. The truck was also close by and about entering. Jenny closed her eyes and held her breath as Dave increased the vehicle's speed to the highest and sped past the roundabout, narrowly missing the truck. She widened her eyes and let out a deep breath as Dave continued on his high speed. She looked back to check, even the driver of the truck was shaken by the near collision and had held the brake the very last second, blocking the road totally.

"Good job Dave, " Henry was heard, saying. He had a smile on his face. "Good job Cole," he added after turning on his mouthpiece.

"That was so dangerous," Jenny commented after Dave reduced the speed by few metres per seconds.

Samantha was sitting quietly and she looked indifferent.

"The dangerous life is an interesting one," Henry said with a chuckle. "It looks so dangerous that no one would suspect we planned the truck's movement," he added to explain better.

The vehicles following after Richard's abductors all got to the round about skidding and swerving to avoid collision with the truck. Luckily for them, there was none. The vehicles on the road at that time were very little and only one small car was using the roundabout at the same time as the truck and it was about twenty metres behind the truck.

The truck driver after recovering from the shock drove away from the entrance of the lane and went on his own way, followed by the car behind it. The vehicles in pursuit readjusted themselves and continued in the same direction. A uniform police officer in one of the security vehicles called some other policemen at a check point along the way and described the vehicle they were pursuing, asking them to stop such vehicle when it was seen. They continued on that land until they got to a Tee intersection, the vehicles split into two groups and each group continued in one direction each.

The vehicles that continued in the straight direction were soon to locate the car they were after. It had been dumped by the roadside with no signs of where the occupants had gone. All the doors were opened widely and the tail lights were left on.

Thirty Eight Minutes Later.

Dave dropped the unconscious body of Richard Brad which he had carried from the car on the floor in room. He closed all the windows and turned off the lights before stepping out of the room. He took out his phone and dialed at the entrance before moving.

"Hey Cole! Where are you?"


10AM, The Next Day.

Richard Brad still lay on the floor sleeping, the effect of the drug used on him by Henry was still active. He stirred when the door was opened when he continued his sleep.

Henry walked into the room and closely following him was Samantha. Henry had on a camouflage shirt of the Bethanna Military Service with white shorts and a black sneakers. Samantha was also on white shorts and black sneakers but had a black tight fitted shirt on instead.

They walked to the center and stopped where Richard was. Henry kicked Richard on the knee twice and he began to stir again. After some seconds, his eyes opened and he stared up blankly.

For a moment, his vision was blurry and he wasn't sure if he was in his room or not. The hardness of where he laid finally suggested to him that he wasn't anywhere in his home. Then he remembered in an instant how he was abducted and the last thing he saw before he passed out.

He looked up, his vision was getting clearer and he could see two faces standing above him. He took in a very deep breath and closed his eyes again.

"That's enough man," Henry bent and pulled him up by the shoulder. "You've had enough rest, now is the time to talk to me."

Henry signalled for Samantha to bring closer the chair at the corner of the room. He pulled Richard and placed him on it.

Richard remained quiet even though he did not struggle as Henry moved his body. His mind had for a moment totally wandered away. He recalled seeing the vehicles of his security officials already after his abductors' vehicle but he was surprised to still be in the abductors' captivity. He never thought it would possible for them to escape with him. He realized that these people must be specialists of some sort, being able not only to abduct him but also to escape being caught by even the national security officers.

"Look here man, do you know me?" Henry asked, tilting his head up with a finger under his chin.

Richard squinted at his face. The man looked like the same one who guarded him from the corridor to the vehicle in the compound but this was without beards and moustache. He widened his eyes and slowly squinted them again. This man looked like someone so familiar, who it was he couldn't just tell exactly. He struggled for a moment to remember who the man standing before him was but it proved difficult.

It however dawned on him that what happened was more than mere abduction, and that there wasn't going to be any request for ransom, it seemed to be something more personal.

"You don't know me?" Henry asked again.

Richard squinted again. He considered the military camouflage Henry was putting on and wondered if Henry was a man in the army but then, he had never had a clash with anyone in the army. His eyes caught a badge close to Henry's breast but he couldn't see what was written on it clearly.

"So, it's nice that you don't know me but it'll be nicer if you answer all questions I ask you quickly." Henry continued when it seemed that Richard did not know who he was.

They had not had any previous encounter even before Carl Winston was declared dead but Henry had expected that Richard who seemed like a top member of the terrorist group would have seen his picture before and most likely recognize him.

"So tell me something man, how long have you been working with the Red Wolves?" Henry asked.

Richard flashed a quick look at his face, shocked by the question. He remained mute.

"Talk to me man, don't let's go the hard way." Henry urged, tapping him on his cheek.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Richard replied.

Henry raised his brows quickly. "Come on man, don't give me this nonsense. Don't make this difficult for the two of us."

"Who the hell are you? You took me from my residence and you brought me here to ask silly questions," Richard slammed in a loud voice. He had looked around and saw no sign that it was a facility of the Bethanna Military Service or any other National Security Agency.

Henry looked sharply at his face. He chuckled and then bent over, bringing his face closer to Richard's face. "I'm your nightmare Richard, you need to start talking before the nightmare gets scarier than it should."

"Damn whoever you are, do whatever you want to do to me and quit asking me stupid questions."

Henry stood back straight. "Are you sure you're ready to die after joining the Red Wolves to kill thousands of people?"

"Damn you! What the hell are you talking about?"

Henry bent forward again. "I'm talking about how you and your brothers in the Red Wolves take the lives of several people," Henry replied and rose up, he took two steps back and put this hands in his pocket. "I'm talking about how you Richard Brad organized for the murder of FOX Agents Carl and Rex."

Richard widened his eyes and slowly turned his gaze to the ground. He remembered Eddy instantly. He recalled how he had gotten news of Eddy's sudden abduction by a gambling partner from his clubhouse and how he was found dead several days after. He hadn't taken more than a minute to feel sorry about Eddy's death and he in no way thought it could be connected to him.

He wondered now if Henry was one of the men who worked with Eddy in killing the two Agents. He flashed a look again at Henry's face and racked his brain to remember who he is. Suddenly like a flash through his mind, he remembered having seen the face displayed on a large screen several times, the last time being during the search, for confirmation of Carl Winston's death.

He raised his head back slowly and stared at Henry's face. He knew indeed that there was trouble and there was no way he was going to get out of it. Carl Winston was back just like Hutton envisaged.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 6:53am On Jun 09, 2019
wow oyinprince u are really an amazing writer, I'm really enjoying your story keep it up bro
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:36pm On Jun 09, 2019
Undiluted and accurate story. Well done prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:41pm On Jun 09, 2019
wow oyinprince u are really an amazing writer, I'm really enjoying your story keep it up bro
Thank you sir
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Youngsenate1993(m): 10:30am On Jun 10, 2019
Nice one bro. Keep it up

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 12:43pm On Jun 10, 2019

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 6:37pm On Jun 12, 2019
Yo yah damn good

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:37pm On Jun 23, 2019
I'm yet to proofread this, please ignore the errors

Restless - Episode 36
Henson Is Caught

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"So what am I supposed to do with this man?" Samantha asked, looking into the tablet device on her lap. Henson's photograph was displayed on fullscreen.

"Follow him, get him, get the necessary informa..." Henry was saying when his eyes caught something by the left. "Damn!" He said as he reduced the speed of his driving drastically. "Evelyn is here also, there must be something serious happening in this area."

"So what do we do?" Sam asked.

"I'll pull over once we get past the flyover," Henry replied her. "You'd go further on foot, taking directions from Cole and I'll join you when the road is clear of the FOX agents."


"Agent Evelyn, target is out of the building in his car, you need to take the next u-turn," the instruction sounded in Evelyn's earpiece as she climbed up the flyover in her car.

"Gotten Agent, will follow through at once." Evelyn replied sharply. She picked up her phone and unlocked it, she dialled a number and then took out the earpiece in her left ear. She placed the phone to her ear when the call began to connect.

"Hi Agent Steve, got your eyes on any yet?" She asked.

"Yeah, following one down the Industry Lane, will catch up in some minutes. What about you?"

"Not yet following any, but I've got directions from live feed and I'll soon be on to one."

"Let's do it quick, we'd talk later."

With that, the call ended and Evelyn increased her driving speed and sped past two other vehicles on the flyover. She put back the second earpiece on after she heard her name being called.

"Speak on Agent," Evelyn replied.

"You gotta go faster, he's at the u-turn already." The voice replied her.

"Right away!"


Samantha looked left, right and left again before she crossed to the other side of the road. She looked briefly around before proceeding to the gate of Dran Agro Allied Firm. She was very close to the place when she heard a voice sound in her earpiece.

She stopped and stepped closer to the wall to listen.

"Speak up Cole," she said into her mouthpiece.

"Don't go further, Henson is in a vehicle on his way out of Dran." Cole told her.

"Okay," she replied and pulled a button on the mouthpiece to switch the connection to Henry. "Henry, pick me at the Dran gate."

Henry delayed his response for some seconds. "Sorry Sam, you have to go after Henson alone, I'm following one of the FOX agents too."

Henry was still speaking when Samantha noticed the Dran gate opening. She stepped back to the roadside immediately and her eyes searched quickly for approaching cabs.

She waved down a cab and quickly glanced towards the gate again. She saw a black Toyota Camry driving out. She switched the button on her mouthpiece back to Cole.

An empty cab stopped in front of her, she opened and stepped in immediately without saying anything to the driver. The driver pulled back into the road in the same direction before asking questions.

"Where are you going to?" He asked with a glance at her face.

"Cole, is Henson the one in the black Camry?" Samantha asked Cole and ignored the driver's question.

Cole answered affirmatively.

"Clear the CCTV records of how I got here," Samantha said again to Cole. It was part of his job to make the rest of the team untraceable in their operations.

The driver stared at her again, this time with a look of confusion, wondering why she was talking to herself.

"Just drive straight, follow that black Camry closely." Samantha finally answered.

"Which Cam..." He was about to ask when a large vehicle obstructing his view took a U-turn and he got a clear view of the Camry. He increased the gear and overtook the car in front of him.

"I didn't say you should level up with the Camry, I said follow closely. He shouldn't know we are following him," Samantha said to him.

He flashed a quick suspicious look at her, wondering why she would give him such instruction but he got totally awed when she pressed the tip of a pistol to his belly.

"Pull over and step out of the car," she said to him.

He nodded shakily and turned on the indicator with trembling hands. He switched to the other lane as soon as he got the chance and pulled over.

"Don't try anything stupid with the car," Samantha warned him as she suspected his hand going to the dashboard. "You'll get your car back at the right time."

He opened the door and stepped out and she quickly switched to the driver's side. She zoomed off immediately and left the driver shouting for help on the road.


Twenty five minutes of following Henson closely. Samantha watched Henson drive into the Eastern Shopping Complex, located at the center of Epa in Bexford. She switched her connection to Cole as she drove in after her target.

"You following us Cole?" She said into her mouthpiece.

"Yeah," Cole replied. "You might need to change your car soon, Henry is coming your way already, keep tracking Henson."

"Okay," she replied as she turned off the car engine in the car park. Her eyes located the point Henson's car was parked as she took off the seatbelt. Her eyes followed Henson all the way from his vehicle into the mall.

She got out of the car and went in the same direction as Henson.

"Going into the shopping mall with him now," she said into her mouthpiece as she walked in through the door. She looked left and right and located him going in the right direction. She walked left for two seconds and turned into the aisle between the displayed goods in the stationery section.

"Cole, can you access the surveillance cameras in this mall?" She asked as she began to go through the goods slowly.

"I'm not sure I can do so from here. I need to be there to hack into the wireless network they use in transmitting the video signals." Cole replied.

On hearing his reply, Samantha hastened her steps and walked down the aisle to the end of the section where there was another aisle which went in the perpendicular direction.

She turned to the right and proceeded in the direction. She looked briefly through each aisle as she passed to check for Henson.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:38pm On Jun 23, 2019
Restless Episode 36

"Sam, I'm sending an application to your phone now, install immediately, you'd be able to get Henson's direction from wherever you are," Samantha heard Cole's voice in her earpiece.

She reduced her steps and took out her phone quickly. "When did you install a tracker on him?" She asked as she unlocked her phone and clicked on the command to install the application.

"I'm tracking his sim, he's got the location services of his phone turned on and that makes it easier." Cole replied.

It took Sam nothing less than ninety seconds to finish installing and run the app. She stared at the items displayed on her screen for a few seconds, trying to understand what they meant.

"He's heading out already," she spoke out loud after she was able to understand the reading.

She turned and walked up the aisle to the front. She checked her phone again and saw that Henson was now outside the building.

"He has stepped outside the mall," Cole voice sounded in her ears, confirming what she read.

"Where is Henry?" Samantha asked, heading for the exit.

"He's almost there," Cole answered.

"I may still have to use the same car if Henry does not come quickly," she said.

"No, you can't anymore. The police are trailing the car already, that may cause some problems for you on the road."

"What do I do?"

"Look left," Cole said and Samantha turned to the left at once. "There's a man at the ATM stand, he's next on the queue, you'll have to pick his pocket."

"What?" She asked, widening her eyes.

"Yes, the key to his power bike is carelessly placed in his left pocket. Pull out the key successfully and I'll tell you where the bike is."

Samantha drew in deep breath. The man was now using the ATM.

She remembered she had picked pockets in Nigeria several years ago as a child to survive. She had never thought she would still need to do so. She took another glance towards Henson and saw that he had already gotten to his car, she summoned courage and began to walk towards the ATM. Her target finished cashing out his money and dipped it into his trousers pocket. He began to walk towards her direction.


Agent Evelyn sat in her car as she watched the Police drive out of the firm in their vehicle with the target she reported. She took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Hey Evelyn, I'm returning to the office already." Agent Steve said immediately he answered the call.

"Has the arrest on your end been made?" Evelyn asked.

"Yes, it has. Get yours done quick and return to the office as soon as possible, I want the questioning to begin immediately."

"I'll be on my way right away Sir," Evelyn replied and then kicked start the car engine.

"We have five men to question already, more arrests could be made before the day ends, I expect to see you soon at the office."

"See you boss!"


Thirty minutes after carefully trailing Henson on her power bike. She watched as he drove his car into the enclosed public car garage of a recreation center.

"How close is Henry here?" Samantha asked as she approached the entrance of the garage.

"Five minutes to you once you stop motion," Cole replied.


She followed Henson in immediately and quickly spotted his car moving towards the far left end of the facility. She followed in the same direction.

The garage was occupied with mainly expensive cars and few power bikes. There were close to fifty cars parked in the facility there were still empty spaces enough to take fifty more vehicles.

Samantha reduced her speed again as she watched Henson turn his vehicle into the parking space. She wondered why he choose somewhere quite far from where the entrance was. She decided not to go as far as he went and turned into a space close to her. She parked the motorcycle and stepped down.

She took a quick look around the place. There were only one or two persons in the garage with them and she had only spotted one at the far opposite end while she drove in. Most car owners who parked their cars did very early in the morning and returned late evenings to get them. At that particular period of time day, there was usually very little activity in the garage.

She pulled out her gun as she began to walk in front of the car towards Henson's direction. She noticed when the headlights of his car went off and also heard the sound of his door opening. She hastened her steps but ensured she made no noise that could announce to him that he had company. She was seven vehicles spaces away from him when she heard the sound of the door closing. Only two of the seven vehicle spaces were occupied, and they contained two similar vehicles at the sixth and seventh space just before the space Henson had his car parked.

Samantha bent when she got to the first of the two cars before his and tried to peep but couldn't get a view of him. She moved closer to the second car and bent just by the side of the bonnet to check for Henson. She slowly rose to her feet when she saw no signs of him but she still could not see anything. She stepped forward very slowly and carefully. She looked around to see if he was already making his way out of the garage but could still not find him anywhere.

Just then she realized that he could have noticed her presence and was probably hiding and watching her from somewhere. She reduced her walking speed to an extreme slow speed as she got close to the space the black Camry was parked.

Just as she stepped away from the front of the bonnet, her eyes caught a figure hiding by the front tyre side but before she could make any move, he rammed into her, pushing her down with his shoulder. He grabbed the hand in which she held the pistol and tried to take the pistol from her hands but she held on to it tightly.

He delivered a punch to her face and tried to hit her the second time but she grabbed his fists quickly. She tried to push him away with her foot but he struggled to hold on rigidly to her and only fell sidewards slightly and got back up immediately, still holding on the wrist of the hand she had the gun. He noticed her other hand was going to the back of her trouser and he quickly grabbed the hand again as he climbed over her again.

She pushed him away with her foot on his chest again and this time he fell to the back totally but her gun was tossed away. She got up as fast as she could but he was also up quickly. He charged towards her as she made to pick the gun and she had to dodge his kick instead, she launched a blow to the side of his belly and he staggered to the side but turned again immediately to throw a punch. She dodged the punch, grabbed him by the arm and tried to twist it but he made his arm rigid and dug a kick into her belly, making her stagger and fall on her butt.

He turned and made way for the gun but she was up quickly and got to him before he could bend to pick it. She kicked it away and it went through under the car far away where it couldn't be seen.

He launched a quick blow at her but she swerved to the side and grabbed him by the wrist. She pulled him forward and dug a heavy punch into his belly with the same hand.

He fell on his side with deep pain running his ribs and belly. He tried as much as he could to get back up quickly but the pain made him unable to stand upright immediately. He struggled and charged towards her with a punch but she dodged easily to the other side. He struck another blow at she dodged again in the same manner.

She made a mocking smile as she stared at his face which had pain written all over. He felt angry and irritated seeing her mock him and he rushed to her with another blow but she diverted his blow with her arm and landed a straight punch on his mouth. He staggered back and she followed with another punch to his face. He tried to respond with his but she dodged to the other side and waited for him to turn immediately delivering two jabs to his face again.

He fell back to the ground with a broken nose and swollen lips. He raised his head to see her pointing a gun at him.

"Get up dude, damn you!"

He got up to his feet in pains and put his hands slowly in the air.

She took a step closer to him and stopped when she heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. She looked briefly in the direction of the sound with her side eye but still maintained her gaze on Henson. She was about to tell him to get into the car when the approaching car came into view and it appeared to be the Henry in the car.

She waited as he zoomed into the parking space beside them and stepped out of the car.

"What took you so long?" She asked as she moved closer to Henson. She made him turn his back to her and directed her towards the Henry.

Henry smiled on seeing Henson's face. He knew he must have given Samantha some tough time but like he expected of her, she had treated it so easily.

"Get him into the car," Samantha said and turned back immediately before Henry had the opportunity to commend.

She returned few seconds later with the gun she had kicked away during the fight with Henson.

Henson was already in the boot of the car after being sedated by Henry. Henry was in the driver's side and he had the door to the passenger's side opened for Samantha to sit.

"Why can't I connect to Cole anymore?" Samantha asked as she pulled on her seatbelt.

"Cole has left the base, he and Dave should be at the shopping complex now," Henry answered her.


FOX Corporation Building, EPA HILL.

In the normal interrogation room setting, Agent Evelyn was sitting at one end while the suspect was at the other end. The interrogation had been on for twenty minutes and the Agent had about two pages of her note already filled with answers.

She was about to ask him another question when her phone rang, Agent Steve was the caller.

"Hello boss," she answered the call.

"Evelyn, we have seven people, all with the same story and mentioning one name - Henson. However, the officers have raided the whole Dran Agro, Henson was said to have left about the same time we got there earlier." Agent Steve said from his own end.

"Do we have to follow personally?"

"Yes, we do have to follow immediately. I believe Henson is someone dangerous and tricky."

"I'll round up and meet you in five minutes."

3 Hours Later

Agent Steve and Evelyn stood in the car park where Henson had parked his vehicle. After some minutes of properly scrutinizing the vehicle, they stood side by side trying to pull conclusions from their observations.

"It doesn't look like there's a struggle in the car," Agent Evelyn noted to Agent Steve.

"But there could have been a struggle outside," Agent Steve noted, staring at the floor around. "They say the CCTV has no records of how this power bike got into this place and there are no records of how the bike user or Henson left."

"A lady was said to have taken the bike from the shopping complex," Evelyn pointed out.

Steve chuckled and turned. He began to walk away from the place with Evelyn by his side.

"There are no CCTV records of how the lady got the bike also, looks like we're dealing with a third party here."

"Or could it be Henson who arranged an escape route for himself?" Evelyn suggested.

"We've got to go back to the mall now, and find out who that woman is." Agent Steve said with some urgency in his tone. He took out his car keys and increased the speed of his steps.

To be continued.
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Restless - Episode 37

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Steve chuckled and turned. He began to walk away from the place with Evelyn by his side.

"There are no CCTV records of how the lady got the bike also, looks like we're dealing with a third party here."

"Or could it be Henson who arranged an escape route for himself?" Evelyn suggested.

"We've got to go back to the mall now, and find out who that woman is." Agent Steve said with some urgency in his tone. He took out his car keys and increased the speed of his steps.

Steve caught a glimpse of the police vehicles already driving towards the garage as they got into his vehicle which was parked directly opposite the entrance.

"I think we should stick around for a moment, or don't you think the police can find them still hanging around this area?" Evelyn suggested to Steve.

"There's no need to hand around, whether the police gets them or not, we would eventually find out but we both know the chances are very slim." Steve answered her. He fastened on his seatbelt after turning on the car. "The most important thing is identifying the woman following after Henson, if we do it'll help us know where Henson could have gone."

"You're right boss," Evelyn agreed with him.

He nodded with a smile as he drove the car out of the parking space. He stopped aside and waited for the police vehicles to all enter into the garage.

"Make a call to Agent Rhoda and instruct her to get officers to raid Henson's houses and anywhere else he can be found," he said to Evelyn before he zoomed out of the garage with the car.

Fifty Minutes later
Location : Eastern Shopping Complex

"This is the admin building," Agent Evelyn quickly glanced and whispered to Agent Steve as they got close to the area.

"Something must have happened here," Agent Steve noted as they saw a gathering of the security guards and few police officers around the place. He stepped aside with Evelyn to have a better view. They soon spotted a police officer walking close to their direction and Steve becoming beckoned unto him quickly.

"Steve, Central investigative department," Steve displayed an identity card to him and quickly returned it. "Can you briefly tell me in a minute what's happening here?"

"The admin area was attacked, two of the men were found unconscious and the storage disk of the master system was stolen." The policeman answered him.

"Only the internal storage disk?"

"Yes, it contains all sales records, cctv records and visitors records for the day."

Agent Steve and Evelyn exchanged quick glances.

"Thank you," Steve said in dismissal to the man. He turned to Evelyn and they began to walk away from the area. "This is all well calculated," he said in a pissed off tone as they headed towards the car.

"Is Henson trying so badly to clear off his tracks or is a third party trying so hard to hide theirs?" Evelyn asked thoughtfully as they rushed down the stairs. She took out her phone and unlocked it.

"That, we would have to find out soon," Steve replied her. He also took out his phone.

They got into the car and both settled in it before they dialed with their phones.

Steve's call was the first to be answered.

"Hey Dan, I want to check past CCTV records of Henson, also check his past criminal records and other recent activities." Steve ordered the receiver who gave a positive reply.

"Rhoda, any luck with Henson?" Evelyn spoke into the phone.

"Henson was not found at his home, we met his pregnant wife who says he's not been home for three days." Agent Rhoda replied from the other end.

"Did you ask her where he could have gone to?"

"Yes, we visited three of his friend's house and none knew his whereabouts."

"Okay, thank you." Evelyn said before dropping the call.

Agent Steve was looking at her. He already fastened his seatbelt and was waiting for her to do the same.

"We've got to ask Mrs Henson more questions," Evelyn suggested to Steve at she pulled on her seatbelt.

"Put a call through to our team members who aren't Undercovers and instruct them to do so," Steve told her as he started the car.


22:45 PM

Henson's eyes popped open in a dark room. For a moment, he felt some faint dizziness around him and closed back his eyes. He opened again after some seconds and drew in a deep breath.

It felt odd. His head was banging so hard and he felt stuck. He tried to move his hands but could not, he tried his legs and they also did not move. It seemed as if he was suspended above the floor as he could not feel the ground under his feet but he could feel something hard as a wall at his back. He began to struggle again but stopped when he heard sounds of footsteps coming closer.

There was a sound of the door opening and then that of a bulb switch turned on, the room got brightened immediately by the florescent light hanging from the ceiling at the center of the room.

Henson stared at the faces of the two men as they advanced slowly to him. He could now see what was used to hold his hands to the wall. His hands were spread straight and wide on both sides and fastened on the wrist by a strong metal. His ankles were also fastened. He began to feel some pain at those joints, a result of his struggling to make himself free.

He recognized one of the men at his front as the same man he was handed to by the lady who fought him.

"Dude, you have a pregnant wife, two siblings and one aged father, save their lives by giving his answers to our questions without stressing us."

"Who are you?" Henson asked.

"There's no time for formal introductions, just listen to me." Henry answered him. "Now, tell me, all those men you met secretly at the fertilizer store, what was your business with them?'

"That's none of your business, you are not police officers." Henson answered stubbornly.

Henry chuckled and flashed a look at Dave. Dave understood the signal, he turned back and proceeded to the door immediately.

"I guess it'll be our business when he returns." Henry said to him with a smile while he stared back blankly not knowing what to expect. "Before he comes, let's do some introduction... Or rather, let's do some talks."

Henry stopped to look at his face and saw he was staring back him at him keenly.

"Sometime this morning, one of your bosses in the Red Wolves was here with me, his name is Richard Brad." Henry stopped and smiled. "He was stubborn like you at first but he gave up when he knew that my course is unstoppable..."

"Who are are you?" Henson asked with a smirk.

Henry chuckled again. He was about to speak again when the door flung open and Dave walked in with a young man in front of him. The young man had his head and whole eyes covered with a black cloth, a rope was tied around his neck to fasten it.

Henry stepped aside and waited until Dave brought the guy closer.

Dave stopped some metres away from him and took out a gun. He fixed the gun to the head of the trembling masked young man in front of him.

"It's time for you to die but you have one last opportunity of begging someone who has the power to let you go, you are only allowed to speak ten words to plead. Talk now." Dave said to the young man.

Henson stared at Henry's face and wondering what was happening.

"Please, I beg you in the name of Jesus, forgive me for all I could have..."

Henson trembled at the sound of the voice. It was his younger brother.

"Don't touch him you bastard!" Henson shouted out in frustration.

"Brother!" The young man shouted back in surprise.

"Sorry dude, your elder brother here is not ready to save your life." Dave said in a taunting voice and cocked the gun.

"Don't kill him, I'll tell you whatever you want." Henson finally pleaded.

"So, tell me, what were you doing with those men who came to meet you at the fertilizer store." Henry asked quickly.

Henson glanced at his face and then glanced again at his brother.

"Take him out," Henry said to Dave.

Dave turned with the young man and took him back out.

"I don't know what Richard Brad has told you," Henson began immediately the door was closed. "But I know we swore not to ever open our mouths to anybody about this."

"Your oath or your family's life, which matters more to you?" Henry asked in a cool calm voice.

"If they find out I told you the secrets, they would still come after my family and kill them. I would lose my family either way," Henson replied.

Henry could sense the extreme feeling of fear in his voice. "Who are these people? If you tell me who they are, I can get to them before they ever get to your family."

"No," Henson said in a frustrated voice and sniffed in. "They're powerful, very powerful."

"I know they are, but I can stop them." Henry replied him.

Henson seemed to be very sure they could not be defeated. He had fear written all over his face and his body trembling all over.

Henry moved closer to him. "I can stop them Henson, they're scared of me and tried to stop me some time ago. But I'm back to hunt them." Henry said in whispers and looked at Henson's face, but Henson did not look convinced. "My name is Carl Winston, I'm the man the Red Wolves tried to kill eleven months ago, I started directly with the men who shot him but I'm back for the Red Wolves now."

Henson's eyes widened at his words. He squinted again as if to question if Henry could really be the Carl Winston. It however seemed he had no choice than to trust this man. If this man had been able to kidnap the ever careful Richard Brad from his home, he was also very dangerous.

"They all came to take the devices to be installed in their companies," Henson answered briefly.

"What devices?"

"The explosives."

Henry widened his eyes. "And when would the explosions take place?"

"There would be no explosion, they couldn't get the explosives. Richard Brad was to command the release of the devices to me."

"Was that the order you were expecting him to give?"


Henry heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that some planned explosions had been stopped by their capture of Richard Brad.

"So, who was to release the explosives to you?"

"His name is Ernest Daysman, he works at Suntan Farms."

"Suntan Farms," Henry muttered under his breath.


The next day


"I'm really wondering what a man like Henson would have to do with Richard Brad," Evelyn said thoughtfully to Steve as they walked hurriedly through the offices, the sound made by the soles of their shoes could be heard in the silent environment.

"One could never tell, I still believe though that Henson must have had something to do with Richard Brad's kidnap and murder." Steve replied her.

That morning, their team had discovered after going through Henson's activities for the past few days that one of the numbers he had called more frequently in the past three days was the number saved as Richard Brad. More investigation had been done and they found out that the number was truly Richard Brad's. Richard Brad's dead body had been found that evening, dumped in a vehicle few kilometres to his Mansion.

The abduction and death of Richard Brad had been the talk of the town. The FOX agents had also gotten the news but the case was being solely handled by the intelligence department of the police.

Steve and Evelyn stopped when they got to the front of a room. Steve touched a button and waited for a response.

"Let's go in," he opened the door for Evelyn to step in first after getting his response.

"Good morning sir!" Steve and Evelyn saluted in unison.

"Morning agents, how can I help you?" Agent Elkim replied.

"We need your permission sir to fetch details from the department concerning investigation on the abduction and murder of Richard Brad," Steve said to him.

"Why?" Agent Elkim asked briefly. He rested his back in his chair and placed a finger from both palms on his chin.

"In our investigation, one of our suspects had being in contact with Richard Brad constantly for three days before the murder."

"Permission granted," Agent Elkim replied and leaned back towards his table.

"Thank you sir," the both bowed before turning out of the office.

Agent Elkim picked up his phone after they left and dialed a number.

"Chairman, the team is getting some more information. I just had to give them permission to do something that suggests they suspect Richard Brad as a terrorist."

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Restless - Episode 38

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Industrial Road, Bexford

"Here we are," Henry announced as his eyes caught the large sign post in front of the large Suntan Farm facility. He was sitting at the passenger's side of the car while Cole was driving, Dave and Samantha were at the backseat.

They all looked out through the window to check the large sign post. The Suntan Farm facility was located on a large area of land of several acres. At the center of the large area of land was situated a large high rise building which consisted of several offices and temporary store rooms for the farm products. Suntan Farms did not only deal with crop production but also livestocks and the sales of farm tools, machineries and supplements.

"I don't think this would be difficult for us," Henry said as they drove on. He took out his communication device and fixed it on his shirt. "Remember, you'll all take your positions while I go for Daysman, and we all keep our communication devices on."

Two minutes later, Cole found a good space and pulled over. The rest of the men fixed the devices on their bodies before stepping out of the car.

They watched Henry cross to the other side of the road first and began to walk back to the main gate of the Suntan Farms. Samantha put a chewing gum into her new mouth and her sunshades to cover her eyes. She located a groceries store behind her and walked into it.

Dave also put on his sunshades and began to walk back towards the Suntan Farms without crossing like Henry. Cole remained in the car and wound up all the window glasses. He took out a tablet device and placed it on his laps.



"I think there are more answers with Henson, we need to find him." Evelyn said in a thoughtful tone to the other men in the room with her. She, Agents Steve and Rhoda were standing around a table with several papers and pictures on it and a laptop. Agent Evelyn was at the left short side of the table while Rhoda was at the right. Steve, their team leader was at the center of the long side. Another agent was sitting at the left front corner of the room, he had a laptop on the table in front of him and an earphone plugged into his ears connected from the laptop.

"I've been baffled since we discovered a connection between Brad and Henson, I wonder how possible it is for Brad to have been a part of the invisible terrorists." Steve put in. He had in his front some pictures of Henson and Brad close together and was arranging them side by side. The pictures had been

"It's a shame we only found out after his death," Evelyn put in.

"Here sir," Agent Rhoda called the attention of Steve to something in one of the documents she was going through. She picked two other papers and walked to his side. "Some of the dates on this documents corroborates the pictures."

Steve glanced at her face immediately and turned to see the paper she was showing to him. The first thing he noticed was the date at the top, he had also seen the date on one of the pictures. He looked to the table to find the picture but Rhoda already located it and pulled it out.

"This picture was taken a day before this explosion," Rhoda said to him as they put the pictures and document side by side. "This screenshot was taken from CCTV records at Benuit International Airport, they arrived from different flights that morning, Brad flew into Benuit from Bexford while Henson flew in from Husan. Henson arrived thirty minutes before Brad but waited until Brad's arrival and they left in the same car."

Rhoda stopped and quickly walked to the side of the table she stood before, she picked out some pictures from under a file and returned to Steve. She handed two of the new pictures to Steve.

One of the pictures showed Henson stepping out of the car while the other showed him getting into another vehicle.

"Henson here stepped out of the Brad's vehicle and got into another waiting for him at the GRA roundabout, the drive from the airport took fifteen minutes. Whatever they discussed in that fifteen minutes is unknown and after that Henson was found..." Rhoda paused as she began to search through the new pictures in her hand. She pulled out three photos. "These screenshots were taken from the footages around five pm that day. Henson drove in alone in his car, he stayed in this timber factory for one hour and in that one hour, five other cars drove in during his stay there...."

"And five explosions took place in Benuit the next day," Steve caught in.

"Yes," Rhoda muttered in reply.

"But we need to connect it properly," Steve said in a calm voice. He then turned his gaze to the man working with the computer system at the corner, "Take these details to Dan and tell him to trace all five cars that visited, those in the cars and where they drove to the place from."

Rhoda took her time to select all the pictures and documents before she moved on to Daniel. Evelyn moved closer to Steve immediately Rhoda left.

"Sir, I think I know who we are supposed to look for now." She said, turning the laptop screen to Steve.

"Who is this?" Steve asked, squinting at the picture of the man seen on the screen.

"His name is Ernest Daysman, Brad made contact with him a couple of times before his abduction, Henson also did before his disappearance."

"Let's find out who he is," Steve said as he pulled a chair closer.


Suntan Farms

"How do I get to your admin area?" Henry asked one of the security men after exchanging pleasantries.

"Go in through the main entrance, talk to the receptionist and explain what you've come for, you'd be directed to the right place." The man replied Henry.

"Thank you," Henry said and proceeded towards the building. He was halfway already when he spotted a group of men at the garage afar off. He stopped and stepped aside as he pulled out his phone. He quickly opened the gallery of pictures, he opened the download folder and clicked on the first picture. He zoomed it to see the face properly, then he looked again towards the garage. There was Daysman and some other men, and they seemed to be on their way out.

Daysman had a very unique stature which helped Henry recognize him even from afar. He was a short and slender man, one could mistake him for a ten year old kid if spotted from afar. He had a baby face even though he was in his mid fifties. The hair on his round head was always very neatly shaven, he had just little beards under his chin, apart from that his face was smooth like that of a new born baby. Bottled inside the small body was a very dangerous man surrounded by other dangerous people but to the public, he was only known as director of operations in Suntan Farms..

"Hey Cole, get the other guys immediately, Daysman is on his way out with some other men. We have to follow. " Henry said into his communication device as he watched all the other men begin to enter into the two cars after Daysman had gotten in first.

To avoid suspicion of his movement, he proceeded into the main building quickly and proceeded back out after asking the receptionist if the organization allows for internship.

The two vehicles he saw the men get into were already close to the gate when he got back to the entrance. Daysman was in the front car sitting at the owners side while his security officer and the driver sat behind, five other men were in the second car.

"Cole, where are you?" He said into his mouthpiece as he took the stairs down the corridor.

"We're close there, Dave is with me already and I'm about to pick Samantha."

"Okay, catch me at the gate as soon you can."

10 minutes Later.

"Got them now!" Henry exclaimed. He was now sitting at the backseat of the car with Samantha beside him. Dave and Cole were sitting in front. Henry had a tablet device in his hands and he was trying to locate Daysman's vehicle as it was already out of sight before Cole could get to Henry with the car. "You have to take the next turn," Henry said to Cole



Agent Steve and Agent Evelyn had just gotten to the street where Suntan Farms was located, at the same time with the uniformed FOX officials. They parked some distance away and watched as the uniformed men made their way into the place in their vehicle to officially invite Daysman for questioning.

Five minutes later, Steve got a call from one of the man who had gone in, telling him Daysman had just left the place and that the letter of invitation was dropped for him.

"We'd have to wait for Daysman to get the invitation," Steve said to Evelyn after some minutes of thoughtfulness.

"I believe he would get it in nothing less than six hours, and he's given an ultimatum of twenty four hours to show up after receiving the message. Would we just watch and wait for him to respond?" Evelyn asked.

"No, we'd keep tabs on him and while we do that, we'd also do some more serious digging. We need to find out if it was really a third party that murdered Brad, or if something went wrong with them and Henson had to murder his associate." Steve replied her.

"I believe strongly there is a third party," Evelyn put in. "From our interrogation, all of the men said Henson did not hand the devices to them because he was waiting for orders from Brad."


Magic Complex Bethanna

"We have to go in and find out what's happening." Henry said after ten minutes of them staying inside the car at the garage without making any move.

They had trailed Daysman's vehicle to the place. Daysman had gone into the facility for a reason unknown to them while the men he came with were outside the facility waiting for him, only his personal security officer went in with him.

Dave looked around from where he was again. He flashed a look at Henry behind.

"Are you sure you can go in with us? What if someone recognizes you?" Dave asked.

"I was thinking about that too," Cole put in.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:00am On Jul 02, 2019
"I think you'd have to switch positions," Samantha suggested, referring to Henry and Cole.

"Yeah," Cole agreed and immediately began to take off the seatbelt. "We'd all keep our communication on with you."

"Yes please, be careful." Henry replied. He wished he could go in to see things for himself but like Dave had said, he could be easily recognized. "But we still do not have a clear direction, you all would get into trouble if you just keep sneaking around."

"Boss, have you been in this complex before?"

"Yes, once," Henry answered. "For a meeting, it's a very big place with facilities for different uses. I remember we used one of the halls."

"So, how do we locate Daysman in this facility?" Dave questioned rhetorically.

"Are we planning to abduct him?" Samantha questioned.

"We only want to find out what he's here for, those he came to see and probably what their plan is." Henry replied. He looked at Cole and noticed Cole's attention was far away from them. "Cole!" He called.

"Boss," Cole called back. He had been totally engrossed with the phone in his hand. "I just sent an application to everyone's device," Cole said and turned to Henry. "We have Daysman's number here."

"Can we track his location?"

"No, it's private but we can track it in another way." Cole replied. "I'll give you his number, you'd create a connection to it."

"Okay, so the application you sent to the devices would track the destination of the connection?" Henry asked.

"Yes," Cole affirmed.

"That's brilliant!"

Cole looked at their two other partners an realized only he and Henry understood what they were talking about.

"Guys, when we get to the second floor of the building. The app you just installed on your device would direct us to the exact location of Daysman's phone. If the phone is with him, that means it's lead us to his location."

Inside the Magic Complex

Hutton and Kahn is sitting behind a long table, Bernard was sitting at the left side of the table. Daysman stood directly opposite Kahn and another man stood beside Daysman.

"The text says I received an invitation letter from the FOX Agency, they just left my office." Daysman said after reading a text on his phone. He returned the phone into his pocket.

Hutton banged his fist on the table and sprang up to his feet furiously. "I do not believe Brad was killed by the FOX, there's an external force somewhere."

"Could someone who is part of us be playing a fast one on us?" Kahn suggested.

Hutton flashed a look at his face. "We have to be sure of what it is, we have to take a quick move."

"What about finding out if someone in the FOX is doing more than he's supposed to do?" Kahn suggested, he turned his gaze slowly from Hutton to the man standing beside Daysman.

"Yes, I think that would be the right thing to do." The man standing near Daysman put in with a not-too-confident tone.

Hutton also glanced at the man's face before rushing hurriedly to his seat again. He closed his eyes for a second to ponder on the situation. He had some doubts that his fear of Agent Carl returning from the dead may have come to pass but he decided not to voice it out for the fear of being wrong and creating unnecessary tension.

His eyes widened as a thought came to his mind.

"There are two major possibilities here," he cleared his throat and began to explain. "Brad was taken and killed, we know he was taken from his house due to his carelessness but we cannot just dismiss it at that. For anyone to have known how to get Brad easily, it has to be someone very close to him."

He stopped and looked up. He saw that all eyes were on him and they were listening keenly to his words.

"Henson's case is slightly different, we do not know yet if he disappeared or if he was taken..."

The sound of a ringing phone interrupted Hutton. He stopped talking as all eyes fell on Daysman who quickly took out his phone and silenced it. He apologized to the men and silenced his phone before returning to his pocket.

"Until Henson is found, we cannot conclude he was also taken, we can say he disappeared after carrying out Brad's murder." Hutton continued. "The first major possibility is that Henson has joined an enemy group, the second possibility is that this attack is from an external group like the FOX. If the second possibility is correct, then it means that you are truly the next in line for them."

Hutton stopped and fixed his gaze on Daysman's face.

"Me?" Daysman squinted at him.

"Yes," Hutton replied confidently. "Did Henson or Brad tell anybody about being invited by the FOX?"

"I do not think so, " Kahn replied.

Hutton maintained a thoughtful silence for a while. "Right now, we'll have to watch you for now." Henry said to Daysman and then turned to Kahn. "I suggest we instruct some of our men to do the monitoring."

"I'll take charge of that," Bernard joined in for the first time in the conversation.

"Okay, you got that Bernard." Kahn approved. "Until we are sure of what's wrong, we would suspend our activities."

20 Minutes Later

Outside Magic Complex

"We've got the location and I'm heading towards the place." Henry heard Cole say to him through the earpiece.

"You don't need to get to the exact place, there'll be resistance and you might get into trouble." Henry spoke into the mouthpiece. "You have a video bug with you, all you need to do is install the bug at the entrance so that we can identify everyone else that comes out or go in."

"Okay boss," Cole replied.

"Good!" Henry commended. He was about to switch the connection to Samantha to talk to her when he saw something that caught his attention.

His eyes widened in great surprise as he saw his one time confidant and friend walking towards a car in the garage of the complex.

He held his breath for a while as he decided on what to do. He finally switched the button to the center of the control board, switching the connection to general where all of the people connected with the communicator could hear him at once.

"Hey guys! I'm leaving the car now, I just saw Paul Edwards stepping out of the complex and I have to follow him. Listen to Cole for instructions henceforth."

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
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Following you ooh

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 4:16pm On Jul 02, 2019
This story is like that Korean movie called IRIS. Waiting for most surprises. Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by yungbanks(m): 8:34am On Jul 03, 2019
This story is like that Korean movie called IRIS. Waiting for most surprises. Thanks for the update.
like u knw it really makes me remember IRIS
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 9:36am On Jul 03, 2019
Hmm..This story gonna be really tough

Thanks for the update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 9:55am On Jul 03, 2019
like u knw it really makes me remember IRIS
Honestly. There were pernicious NTS agents as member of IRIS. The new one in form of IRIS now is ANTHENA.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 9:55am On Jul 03, 2019
Hmm..This story gonna be really tough
Thanks for the update
It's getting tough already izaray.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:27am On Jul 04, 2019
Restless - Episode 39
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Henry's eyes followed Paul Edwards and the security officer behind the man to the garage. Parked behind his car was another for his escorts. The men who were standing around moved closer to the car and they entered after Paul Edwards had settled in the front car.
Henry unlocked the door of the car immediately the cars began to move but he did but step out until the cars were driven past where he was and were close to the gate. He pushed the door open and stepped out, maintaining his gaze at the cars at the gate.
He closed the door behind him and began to walk hurriedly towards the gate immediately he saw his the gate open for them.

He hurried to the road and saw the vehicles going in the left direction. He looked towards the oncoming traffic to check for a taxi but saw none coming in his direction. He however saw a motorcyclist coming his way and waved him down.

The motorcyclist pulled over to his side and raised up the glass of the helmet covering his face.
"You're going somewhere?" The motorcyclist asked him, ready to offer to take him to his destination. He loosened the extra helmet attached to the front and handed to Henry.
"Yes," Henry answered as he held a handle of the motorcycle. "But you'd have to step down for me."
"What?" The man raised his brows. He covered his face and wanted to ride off but Henry grabbed him by the neck and jacked him up. He pushed him on the floor and climbed on the motorcycle quickly. He put on the helmet and rode off in the same direction he saw Paul Edwards go.
Cole stopped at the last step of the stairs and peeped into the corridor from the behind the wall. In the left direction was the passage to a phone accessories and gadgets store and the rest of direction led to the restroom for that section of the complex. Cole noticed the uniformed security man standing close to the entrance of the gadget store. The security man was busy with his phone.
He stepped back for a minute and then proceeded quickly in direction of the restroom, walking noisily so as to attract the attention of the security man. He stepped into the restroom and looked around quickly, he noticed that there was no one in both male and female angles.
He stepped back out quickly and carried an impatient look as if he had seen something in the restroom that couldn't make him use it.
"Please sir, you need to check what's here," he beckoned on the security man.
The security man looked up and his eyes met with Cole's. He kept his phone aside for a minute and raised his brows. He did not heard Cole clearly from his distance but he had seen him when he rushed to the restroom, with the Cole's demeanor which he could see from afar, he was sure Cole was trying to complain about something.
He took some steps forward. "Do you need the cleaners?"
"No please, you need to check this. Someone dropped something here," Cole answered him, placing emphasis with his tone on the word "you".
The security man advanced forward quickly, Cole pointed him in as he got closer and led him into the male angle.
"What did you see?" The security man asked inquisitively as he followed Cole one of the toilets.
"I actually need to see you,"Cole stopped suddenly and turned.
The security man squinted at his face for a second and then looked above Cole's shoulder to see if there was truly anything behind him. Just as he turned his eyes again to Cole, he was grabbed by the arm and pulled to the other side. Cole grabbed his neck with his right hand and slammed his back against the wall. The man tried to fight back but Cole grabbed him by the wrist and punched him twice in the belly. The man groaned in pain.
Cole pulled him closer again and kicked him in the belly with his knee. He removed the pistol in the man's pocket and pushed him to the ground.
"Take off your shirt and trousers quickly," Cole pointed the gun at him and took some steps back without turning to close the main door to the restroom. "Quickly!" Cole barked at the man when he could see he was still hesitating.


Police Headquarters, Bexford.

The police interrogation room was slightly different from that of the FOX. The suspect sat behind a transparent glass wall with a rectangular space in front of the seat and the questioner sat at the other side.
Agent Steve sat in the questioners seat and sitting in the suspect's seat was Michael, one of the men who was meant to take the ladies into Richard Brad's mansion that night but were attacked on the way.
"You claimed you were kidnapped on the way but you called Shawn to let in the men you sent, how do we reconcile that?"
"I've explained to them here already and they have confirmed from the girls, we were ambushed on the way, they held me at gunpoint to talk to Shawn on phone." Micheal replied.
"If you were truly kidnapped, then you have to help us find the men who kidnapped you." Steve said to him.
"We were not allowed to look into their faces, and the only time I could look into the face of one of them was when I was being forced to make the call and it was dark. I can't say for sure that I remember what he looks like perfectly."
Steve shook his head gently at him. He leaned forward and spoke in a calm voice. "Listen Michael, we're not the police, I and my partner are here to help you but you have to open up to us."
"I'm not hiding anything, I don't know any of those men, I'm just a victim in this situation." Michael insisted.
"Okay..." Steve leaned back. "You said you were told that night about the deal to bring the girls, who else did you tell?"
"None, except the girls and my partner."
"The girls have also insisted that they told no one about their planned movement to Richard Brad's house."
"They could have told their friends that they were going out that night, there's no way these girls do not tell themselves these things." Micheal said in defense.
"Those girls never knew they were going to Richard Brad's house, or did you tell them?"
Michael was quiet.
"You see, if you told none of your allies that your client was Richard Brad. It would only mean that either you or someone in Richard Brad's camp released that information."


Cole proceeded forward boldly even as he saw Daysman and his men coming his direction. He ignored them and walked past in the direction where they were coming from. He stopped as soon as he noticed they had entered into the lift.
"Hey guys, I guess Daysman is on his way to the ground floor. He's heavily flanged with more men than he came with, keep an eye on him while I proceed further to get a clue of what happened in the meeting." he said in low tones into his mouthpiece before proceeding further.
He turned into a small hall and saw about ten armed looking men standing around. There was an office arrangement close to the black wall of the hall.
One of the men proceeded towards him on seeing him.
"Hey man!" Don't you know this place is out of bounds to other security officials?" the man accosted Cole.
"Oh! Sorry, I started working here this week and I just wanted to make an enquiry." Cole stopped to talk to the man.
"And what's that?"
"I noticed that there are some halls here," Cole began. "I have a brother who is a businessman and is looking for somewhere away from distractions to hold some meetings."
"Get out the hell out of here man!" the man slammed. "There are several halls in this complex and you chose to make enquires in one that is obviously private?"
"Oh! I had no idea it was private."
"Now you do, so get the bleep out of here."
"I'm sorry," Cole bowed his head slightly. He looked up again and took a brief look at all the men there, they were twelve all together.
He turned and walked out of the place.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:29am On Jul 04, 2019
Restless - Episode 39

Oyinloye oluwatosin Emmanuel

18+ SNVL

Ruthernard Estate, Bexford.

Henry had no choice than to wait at the estate gate to go through the security check. He watched as Paul Edwards and his entourage drove off.

He took off his helmet in response to the security men's request.

"I'm coming from work, here to visit someone and I'm here to visit someone," he replied to a question.

After scrutinizing for some more seconds with his eyes, the security man checking him gestured for him to proceed. Henry put back on the helmet and sped off.

He reduced his speed as soon as he got sight of the vehicles again. He continued to follow at a good pace and rducd his speed when he noticed they also reduced theirs. Soon he saw Paul Edwards escort's car indicating to turn to the left.

Henry watched them as they turned into the Ruthernard Hospital. He followed after and got in exactly a minute after them. He continued on a slow speed after passing through the gate of the hospital. He noticed where his targets' car had been parked and saw Paul already walking into the hospital. He parked his vehicle in a space farther away. He turned off the engine and made his way into the hospital after taking off the helmet.

"Good afternoon," he replied the greeting of the security man at the door of the hospital and proceeded into the reception.

Paul Edwards was gone away from the reception before he stepped in. He proceeded to the desk to mee the nurse there.

"Good afternoon sir," the nurse greeted with smiles.

"Good afternoon, I need to open a record with you and see a doctor immediately." Henry replied her.

"Please do have your seat, I'll bring the card for you."

"No please, I've got no time for that. Can you refer me to the doctor immediately, I'll fill the card while I talk to the doctor." Henry replied, looking all around to avoid being seen first by Paul or someone else who would recognize him.

"I'm sorry sir, things are not done that way here. You have to fill the card and open you records with us first." The nurse said as she got up to her feet and walked to the shelf to pick a new patient's record card.

"It's an emergency nurse," Henry said to her in an urgent tone.

"You don't look like an emergency," she sized him with her eyes as she turned back to him. She handed him the card and a pen to fill it. Henry began to fill the card right on the nurse's desk.

"Here," Henry handed back the card and the pen to her a minute after he was given.

"Are you sure you filled everything?" she looked at him with suspicious eyes and began to scan the card with her eyes.

"Yes, can you refer me to a doctor now?" Henry replied her impatiently.

"A minute please," the nurse answered and quickly completed the form at the back cover of the file she had just opened for him. "Please be patient."

"Be quick about it."

The nurse got up from the desk and hurried through the hallway to one of the doctor's office with the new file and the card. She returned a minute later and signalled for Henry to come with her.

Henry was led into the doctor's office and was ushered to the visitor's seat. The nurse left the office before the doctor before to ask him questions.

"Mr Henry Jack, what would you like to see me for?"

"I have no illness Doc, there's just a simple favour I require from you."

The doctor squinted. "What favour?"

"There's a Patient in this hospital and I need to check the records."

The doctor raised his brows. "That's strange, why should I allow you see the records of anpother patient?"

"Because I need it for something good and urgent."

The doctor stared at his face for a while and then smiled. "Man, you got to be kidding me, this is crazy."

Henry banged his fist on the table hard, in a way that startled the doctor. "This is urgent Doc, you cannot be laughing."

The doctor stared at him with a surprised look in his eyes, the man's case was looking more like a mental case to him. "I'm sorry Mr Henry, but I think I'm no the right doctor for you to see, I'll just refer you to another doctor."

The doctor picked up the landline receiver and began to dial a number.

"Put that phone down," Henry said and pointed a gun at him.

The doctor's eyes widened in fear and the receiver dropped from his hands.

"Open up your laptop now, I need to get the records from you."

"But... I do not know the patient you are talking about, how can I give you the records?"

"The Patient is..." Henry's voice trailed off as he realized he did not know who the Patient was, he was sure Paul Edwards wasn't the sick person. "Paul Edwards, Chairman of the FOX coperation walked into this hospital some minutes ago. I believe he came to see a member of his family or friend. But I need you to search out the records of the Edwards on your records."

"I'm not allowed to..."

"Shut the hell up! I know you are not allowed to search the records for another patient but I need you to do so right now." Henry said to him.

He cocked the gun when he saw that the doctor was still hesitating.

The doctor quickly pulled his laptop closer and turned on the laptop. Henry got up and turned to the other side to check monitor the doctor's activity and to be sure the Doctor wasn't doing something else.

It took the doctor three minutes to be able to locate the Paul Edward's family records on the Patient's information database.

"This is it," the doctor said as he clicked on it.

"Zoom it," Henry said as he peered at the screen. The doctor obeyed his request and Henry quickly scanned through the displayed records with his eyes, the doctor scrolled with his finger on the arrow button.

"Who is Austin Edwards?" Henry asked rhetorically. He looked at the doctor's face who was also looking at him. Austin Edwards was currently in the hospital to see his doctor for a regular monthly check up. "Google it," Henry added. He knew there was barely anything about Paul Edwards hidden online.

The doctor quickly opened a browser. He clicked in the search box and quickly typed in his search query. In a minute, the google search results were displayed and there were so many results from news websites. Austoin Edwards was Paul Edwards' son who was said to have been killed in the bomb blast in school.

"Go back to the records, I want to find out who his doctor is and what he is been paid attention for."


Doctor Sylvanus stood just beside the hospital bed and the patient who was sitting in a chair beside. Noah Edwards, the father of the patient was sitting adjacent his son and the doctor while Paul Edwards was sitting directly opposite the doctor.

"What does it take to get this equipment outside Bexford? I don't want him always coming around for check ups, it is very dangerous." Paul Edwards directed his question to the doctor.

"I explained before sir, not all hospitals in Bethanna are equipped enough to carry out the checkups and it is almost impossible for an individual to get the equipments, one needs an hospital licensed by the federal government to get such." Doctor Sylvanus answered him.

"You just acknowledged that it is possible, why don't you make every step we need to get it, we will fund your every move.'' Paul Edwards replied him.

"It'll take some time sir, but I'll get back to you by evening tomorrow."


"Thank you so much Doctor for coperating with me," Henry said with a mischievous smile to the doctor after getting the data he needed and copying some from the laptop into his device. He still had the gun in his hand as he returned to the visitor's seat.

"Now, take the file and write, Precribe some malaria drugs for me."

The doctor picked the file and his pen and did exactly as Henry said. Henry picked the file and crosschecked. "Good one Doc," he hailed with a mischievous smile.

He put his bag on the table and took out a purse, he brought out a syringe and an ampoule from the purse and handed it to the doctor. The doctor widened his eyes as he read the label on the ampoule.

"Drop that first," Henry said and cocked the gun which he had uncocked before again. He moved the gun closer to the doctor. "Now, you'd pick the line and call the reception, tell them you want to rest and that they should not send any patient to you for the next two hours."

"But..." the doctor wanted to argue.

"I'll fix a bullet into your head if you argue," Henry interrupted him.

The doctor picked the line and made the call immediately.

"Now, pick the ampoule, draw in the sedative and inject yourself."

"Are...are you sure it's not poi...poisoned with another substance?" the doctor stammered.

"You want that or want this?" Henry threatened, asking him to choose between injecting himself or taking a bullet.

The doctor sucumb quickly and injected himself the liquid. In less than thirty seconds, his body felt weak and he slept off in his chair.

Henry got up and proceeded out of the office immediately. He met another group of nurses at the reception when he got there. He gave them his file and they looked into it. He was asked to sit and wait while they prepared his medicines.

He proceeded out of the hospital first to check the garage and he discovered that Paul Edward and his escorts' vehicles were no longer there.

He returned to the reception and paid some amount of money before he was given the prescribed drugs.

He proceeded out of the hospital without bothering to get the bike again. He pondered on his discovery as he walked out through the gate. He had been right when he believed that Paul Edwards loved his family so much and would have never allowed for anyone of them to be taken by the Invisible terrorists but until this discovery, he was unsure of Paul Edward's involvement with the terrorists.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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