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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:47pm On May 01, 2019

May 1 bro, thank you. *wipe tears*

Lol. I'll update very soon.. B4 evening.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:47pm On May 01, 2019

She said her favourite writers were gone...you and Audreytimms

Really? Wow. Thanks Crislyn.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 11:23am On May 04, 2019
Good morning. I had a very busy and stressful week. I wish I could update more than once, or probably make today's update so long.. But this new week that starts tomorrow, I'd update up to three times this week.

I'll be dropping Episode 4 now and we'll continue later.. Probably tomorrow or Monday.

Thanks for understanding.

Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 11:47am On May 04, 2019

Desmond breathed in and out but air wouldn’t enter his lungs. He starved for air as his heart raced tremendous speed. He stood right there for what felt like eternity but it was five minutes. Kike just wrote his trouble series! She told him her father said he would like to meet him immediately. How did the parents even find out about the pregnancy? How? He has entered this hot pot of soup and no one can show up to help him out.
He tried to push his feelings down but he couldn’t. The face of Kike’s father flashed back into his mind and he wanted to tremble. How would he do it now? What would happen to Feire? Everything was happening so fast, so fast that he was now confused on what to do. He didn’t know if he should tell Feire about the issue or just play along as the father of the unborn kid, or possibly go to meet Kike’s parents to tell them the truth.
He gathered himself after spending extra minutes outside and he walked back inside. He told his friends he had to leave at that moment because it was an emergency call for him. He barely waited to entertain questions before he hurried out of the place. Feire was seeing everything but was wondering why he could have been rushing, she first felt he was rushing because he already saw her with someone but she saw him when he went outside to receive his call. She didn’t want to interfere because of the presence of his friends.
She shook Fola and told him she was ready to take her leave, at least there was nothing more for them to also discuss. She fastened her steps even though Fola followed her to see her off to her car. As she got outside, she couldn’t find Desmond again. She first stood, wondering how he could have left that place so early. She hoped something bad was not happening with the facial expression and rush he left that place with. She hopped into her car and hoped she would get to meet him on the road, if not, she was going home and would call him later to know what went wrong with him.

** ** **

Kike paced around her room. She wasn’t really that kind of person, but letting Uche father her kid? No! She wouldn’t allow that for a second. She has been in awe over and again on what could have made her give in to him. He raped her! Yes, he did. Though it didn’t look as though it was by force, she was drunk and he took advantage of that and had his way. He was not even in the office of being a father, nothing for her child to emulate, not to talk of loving her deeply. She hoped she was not making mistake by hiding who the original father of the child was, but what would she do? Abort? No way!
She woke up that morning and it was too hard to hide the morning sickness of that day, little did she know her mother has been paying close attention to her, she tried to deny when her mother suddenly walked up to her and asked her if she was pregnant but at the mention of visiting the hospital, she confessed. She had vomited that morning and already told them she was feeling feverish earlier than then. She didn’t know who else to tell them than Desmond.
Her father has been quiet since then, just told her to invite Desmond because he would love to meet him immediately. She wished she could ask him why he wanted to see Desmond, but she was sure it was not for him to be dealt with. She already made it clear to them that it was with her consent, so they wouldn’t think that she was raped.
She picked her mobile phone to call her but dropped it again. She didn’t want to be on his neck and also didn’t know the hint to give him because she really didn’t know what was in her father’s mind. She just needed him to help her out of this mess, if not, she would tell her parents the real father and wouldn’t want to end up with Uche.
Sitting down, her mind crawled back to what she just thought about. Could it be that there is something inside her that really wanted to settle down for Desmond? She didn’t know. She liked him, yes he is handsome and eloquent, just the way she would love her guy to be but it wasn’t as though she specially thought in her mind that she would want to marry him or let him end up with her. An average person would see her as a devil, but it wasn’t as if she wanted to destroy Desmond and she knew him to be single. Though, they’ve never talked about it, but she knew that if a guy has no interest in a lady he’s getting close to, he would show his babe off, or at least mention her once in a while but he’s never mentioned that there’s any girl somewhere, so she felt him to be the best one to stand by her.
She heard a knock by the gate and whisked to her feet. That should be Desmond. What should she expect? She slammed the door as she left the room and dashed downstairs. She opened the door to the living room and stood by it as she watched him walk in. He surely didn’t have the liver to drive his car inside the compound that day.
Desmond, on his own side walked into the compound and the beauty he saw in the compound suddenly disappeared. His eyes were seeing something farther than beautiful house at this time. He sighted Kike by the door and tried to calm himself down with the thought that she would stand up to defend him. Kike signaled to him to come inside the house, opening the door wider for him and he was expecting her to come outside and close the door so they could talk before he enters the house and end up scattering everything. He stared at her with a blank expression as he entered the living room.
“I am sorry.” She whispered to Desmond as he entered the living room.
His mind relaxed, not seeing her father on seat was a relief. He faced her but didn’t know what to say. “Why? Kike, why me?” He whispered back.
“There was nothing I could do anymore, Des. They already found out and I couldn’t have mentioned Uche. I had to just tell them the truth, Des.”
“But this isn’t the truth. What if I am ruined by this so called truth?”
“Nothing can happen. I believe he only wants to meet you on the platter of questions and answer, Des. I am sorry, I couldn’t do anything at that time again.
“What if Uche finds out this is for him?” He pointed to the tummy.
“Who knows about it apart from you and I? Who will tell him?”
He scratched his head.
“Young man, welcome.” He heard the voice of her father approaching the living room. Kike showed him to a seat instantly and sat beside him. “I am going to defend us.” She told him.
“Us.” Desmond repeated and gave a dry smile. “Good morning sir.” He dashed to his feet as he saw him.
The father stood and stared at him for a moment. He couldn’t not figure out any expression on his face until he took his eyes off him and was looking down. “Good morning..” He repeated before the father had his seat opposite him.
“So what is your plan now?” He asked him.
Desmond looked at Kike. What was he supposed to say?
“Sit down.” Kike’s father addressed and he sat down. His glance shuttled between Kike and her father. “Em… plans, sir… I…” He began to stutter.
“See, you don’t need all these that you are doing. I know my daughter well and even though I am so disappointed in her, I am not going to let you off the hook. I don’t mean any harm, I just need to hear a word from you, once I hear it, forget it, our meeting has ended.”
“The pregnancy was a mistake sir.” He started.
“I take full responsibility for it sir.”
He scratched his head again and looked at Kike if there was something he needed to say again that he hasn’t said. Kike too knew what should be said but was afraid it was hard to tell him this was what her father was expecting from him. She didn’t know how she would interrupt the discussion at this point and wouldn’t want it to be that it is from her mouth her father heard what he wanted.
“Oh…” Desmond’s mind thought of something. He heaved a sigh and finally opened his mouth. “I love her sir.”
“You don’t even have a choice, you couldn’t have slept with someone you hated.” Her father’s reply was sharp and unapologetic.
“I am going to… em… I am going to marry her sir.” He finally dropped the bombshell.
“Good. I need the whole processing to start almost immediately. Her tummy must not protrude before she leaves this house. That means, she has to get married latest a month’s time.”
“Ah!” Desmond exclaimed.
“What? Were you not planning to marry my daughter before pounding her like yam?”
“No sir, I am going to marry her sir.”
“Don’t worry, every finance is on me. In fact, I am going to supply everything you will need to be a good husband and a quality father. It will be a reproach for me that my daughter got pregnant and is living under my roof. I have no issue with you, this mistake has happened and we can’t start fighting you two because of the mistake you have made, but the thing we can do very quickly is to rectify this mistake. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
“So don’t think I am trying to enforce my daughter or trying to enforce marriage. No! But it would be bad if that child is born without a father figure and it would also be bad if she starts carrying her tummy all around with ring in her finger. I don’t want to be named the name my parents didn’t give me.”
He sighed again. “Sir, can I talk sir?”
“Don’t see me as wicked or heartless, Desmond. You have become my son-in-law and you can express your mind.” He replied him.
“Thank you sir.” He glanced at her again before facing her father. “Sir, I am also concerned about the plans I have… sorry, I meant that the plans we have, sir. I am thinking one month is too close, sir.”
“Desmond, one month is too far. By one month she would have had a protruded tummy. You two have made a mistake and I wouldn’t sit and watch the mistake kill the two of you. You have to rise as early as possible. See, I am going to transfer a lot of my business to you, Desmond. If it is the financial aspect, forget it, I cannot send my daughter out and expect her to feed on grass. But!” His facial expression changed. “But if I find out that you are maltreating her, or you don’t love her like you have told me, I won’t pity you at all, Desmond. I am not going to pity you!”
Desmond stuttered. “I won’t do such sir.”
“So when do we expect your parents, Desmond.” He heard from her mother, approaching them.
His breathing was heavy and his heart was racing. He looked at Feire again. “I am going to tell them about it sir, they will come as early as possible ma.”
“Please do, we have started the whole preparation from this moment.” She replied him.
“Yes ma.”
Kike dropped her head. She has landed him in deep shit.

** ** **

“I am sorry.” She begged him.
He dropped his head on the steering rack. Frustration was the least of what was flowing through him that moment. He hated himself. “Is it too late to tell them the truth?” He asked her without batting eyelids, he wished he could just close his eyes, open it again and see that it was all settled.
Her face wrinkled as if she wanted to cry. “Please Desmond, help me. There is no other person who can help me except you.”
“See, only Jesus can help a man. He is the savior, he is the one who knows how to help. Didn’t you hear all the things your dad said? I am done for.”
She sighed. “What do we do, Desmond?”
He looked away. The two were in his car, outside the compound. He didn’t know the deep mess he has landed himself into. Why did he ever meet her? Why? Would he leave Feire now and marry Kike at this stage? Marrying her would have been easier if she was not carrying another man’s baby, it would be explosive when the father of the child finds out that he has a child with her. He dropped his head on the steering again.
“I am sorry, Desmond.” She repeated.
“So the end of everything now is that I marry you, right? See, can’t we just abort this baby and tell them it’s a miscarriage?”
“Were you not the one talking about Jesus now, Desmond? How did you quickly divert your thought towards this angle? Abortion?”
“See, let us put spirituality to one side and face the reality, Kike. Don’t you know this thing is hard? It is! It is just as if I have been snared.”
She sighed. “So abortion, right?”
He glanced at her and looked away. His conscience could not allow him speak. That’s murder! But leaving Feire too is equally like killing her. When would her suspicion not be justified? “Don’t kill the baby. I think I will just get back to you, Kike.”
She was relieved. “Please Desmond, I am sorry. I just need you to help me out.”
“This is no longer help, Kike. It is now marriage. I am not even ready for it. Having money is not the criterion for this thing, I have never planned my tomorrow with you, not to talk of future. It is not easy getting married to you and living with the child of another man. I think I just need to be alone and think. I am burning out.”
“I will just leave.” She said and alighted. He watched her leave and kicked the engine. He had to just go home.

** ** **

...to be continued...

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by JojoBlue(f): 12:36pm On May 04, 2019
Kike is selfish

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Tife101(m): 2:12pm On May 04, 2019
Nice one OP. Just finished reading scenes before the ring and scenes after the ring. It was breathtaking. More grace, sir.

But, I've not been able to download MOFE on your blog. The link isn't going. Always displaying error

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Ann2012(f): 3:08pm On May 04, 2019
This is serious oooo
Thanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by skubido(m): 5:31pm On May 05, 2019
This is serious oooo

Very very, haaaaa kilode

Tanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by aprilwise(m): 11:47am On May 06, 2019
Desmond is in for a big trouble. He has gotten more than what he bargain for. Thanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by queenitee(f): 2:47pm On May 06, 2019
Please another one

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by DivineSpecial(f): 8:46pm On May 06, 2019
Geez He should not marry that Kike ooh

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by OPC90(m): 9:01pm On May 06, 2019
Hmmmm anyways it might be the will of God. You are doing a great job dear, Thanks

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by spiceybae(f): 10:22am On May 07, 2019
goodness!! y do I feel so angry?dea z only so much one can do fr friends nd kike z only being selfish..

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 5:53pm On May 07, 2019
goodness!! y do I feel so angry?dea z only so much one can do fr friends nd kike z only being selfish..

Guess she's also stuck. Are you seeing from her perspective at all? Let me keep quiet sha.. cheesy
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 5:54pm On May 07, 2019
Hmmmm anyways it might be the will of God.
You are doing a great job dear, Thanks

Hmm.. Thanks so much boss. I'm grateful.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 5:54pm On May 07, 2019
Geez He should not marry that Kike ooh

Hmmmmm... Thanks for your comment. It means a lot!
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 5:55pm On May 07, 2019
Please another one

Tomorrow! Winks.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 5:55pm On May 07, 2019
Desmond is in for a big trouble. He has gotten more than what he bargain for. Thanks for the update

Aprilwise.. grin Thanks so much.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Nancydearie(f): 6:34pm On May 07, 2019
I wonder what Desmond was thinking when he agreed to father a child that wasn't his, he must be stupid. I guess he is looking at the benefits of marrying Kike. He should have declined the offer out rightly. I mean who does that? It's not as if they have known each other for long. That Kike is selfish for trying to make Desmond the father of her child, why didn't she tell her parents the truth. I mean there is nothing wrong in being a single parent. I wonder what would happen to fire? Anyways, let's see how it unfolds. Well done T-Dan.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:13pm On May 08, 2019

Desmond made some tea and sat before his laptop. He searched for a movie he could see so he wouldn’t let the thought weigh him down. He already had headache and if he should continue thinking about what to do, he might end up sick. Perhaps, telling Feire the truth would be the best, or just playing along and trying not to make Feire know anything about what was going on, or what exactly would he do that would get him out of this trouble?
He sipped from the cup of tea again and found out the movie had played for five minutes and he didn’t know what has happened. He shut down the laptop and rushed the remaining tea in the cup before going inside the room. His mind thought of another thing to do- twitter savages! He wouldn’t only stop thinking about what to do, he would even have a brightened mood.

** ** **

Feire knew he friend would have been waiting for her to know the outcome of the meeting. She wished she could just get home and rest but meeting Mosun at home is just not going to make that happen. She opened the door and met a bowl of popcorn before Mosun, with her legs crossed over the stool. “Welcome.” She greeted Feire.
Feire stood by the door and stared at her for some time. “Where did you get popcorn from?” She asked.
“I bought it. I actually needed something I’d be eating while you gist me about what happened today. Common, sit down.”
Feire hissed and sat down. “You can’t be serious, Mosun.”
“I am actually serious about this, babe. Let me know what happened today jare.”
“It was just a meeting, he wants me to be a part of his company, that he would be paying me triple of my present salary, that’s all.”
Mosun clasped her hands together. “You don’t know how to gist someone, Feire. I have been teaching you since we were in school! Was this how fast the discussion was?”
“Of course, no.” She shrugged.
“So why is the gist summarized? Alaye, explain in details jare.”
She chuckled. “You are stupid. Please don’t disturb my life.”
“Okay, I am begging. I have been bored here since morning, your NEPA people have refused to restore power and I have been waiting for us to chat, don’t spoil today jor.”
Feire laughed. “Why didn’t you switch on the generator?”
“Was waiting for you to come back.”
Feire started explaining how the meeting went to her and how Desmond had called her to find out about the guy she was sitting with. She soon joined her on the popcorn.

** ** **

It was Sunday morning. Desmond had thought it over and again and felt it would be too heartbreaking to tell Feire about the whole issue. It would just be better to play on and tell his parents about Kike, they fake the wedding and maybe break up after some months so he would marry Feire.
He went for church service and thought of going to his parents’ place from church. He drove down to his parents’ place. As he got to the gate, he remembered he should have told Kike to follow him so they could see her. He really hoped everything would be coded enough for Feire not to know about the whole issue. He didn’t want to break her heart and didn’t want leave Kike hanging because he felt he was the only help she had.
He looked around as he alighted from the car. It’s been few months he came to greet them, greeting them had only caused a discussion of him settling down. At least, the fake news that they were about to hear would make them happy that he was going to obey them. “Mama.” He hugged his mother from behind. It seemed as if they just returned from church too. Her headgear was still on her while his father had already dropped his cap by the edge of the chair, seeing the television.
“Desmond, how are you?” Joy flushed through her face.
“I am good, mum. Happy Sunday.”
“Come and sit down.”
He went to greet his father and sat beside him. They were seeing a movie on African Magic; the station they have always loved. “How was service?” He asked as he also looked at the television couple of times.
“It was fine dear. Did you go to church too?” His mother asked.
“Yes, I thought I should just come and greet you so I am even coming from church directly.”
“That’s good of you. Are you going to eat pounded yam too?”
He smiled. That was the bonus he always got from visiting his mother again. Why would he say no? “Yes.”
“I will just out the yam on fire, you will be one to pound it.”
His smile ceased. “I am not sure I am eating again.”
She shrugged as she stood up. “Even if you are not eating again, you are still the one who will pound it.”
He chuckled. “I am going to eat then. You are not even considerate, I am putting on shirt and tie and I will still be holding the pestle.”
“Who else would have pounded for you, Desmond?” His father cut in.
He shrugged, “what if I didn’t come here.”
“That is another case, but now that you are here you are going to do it.”
“Mum, wait. I actually came for something important.”
“Can’t it wait till yam is on fire? I am hungry.” His father opposed.
“I thought the yam might either burn when we start talking, or it would get cold to use it for pounded yam.”
“So what is the subject of discussion?” His father asked.
“A lady is pregnant for me.” He spilled. He knew beating around the bush would do nothing than to delay. His head dropped after, not wanting to read the expression on their faces. He knew for sure that he has fumbled for getting a lady pregnant out of wedlock, they would preach the whole King James to him that morning before discussing what they’d have to do.
“Desmond.” He heard his mother’s voice approach him. She was already on her way to kitchen before, she had to take a seat beside him. He was not wrong when he said the yam would either burn or get too cold for pounded yam. He could not respond anymore, he wasn’t sure what they were going to say, but he could predict that they would first attack his spiritual life.
“And you call yourself a child of God?” He heard his father’s voice.
“How could you have slept with a woman you were not married to, Desmond?” His mother’s voice followed the torment.
“And you feel that’s good news enough for you to smile in and share?” His father added.
“It was a mistake.” He found his voice again.
“That means all the while you were in the university that I have been trusting that my son knew God and was consistent in him, you have been doing nonsense with ladies but this only turned out to be pregnancy, right?”
“No dad, actually…”
“Or maybe they have been aborting, doctor just said this time around she would die if she should abort, who knows?” His mother added more fuel to the fire.
He gushed out air from his nostrils with force and wiped his face. “No! I made a mistake and this is the first time it is happening. Things just happened between us and I regret it. I couldn’t have aborted my child, that’s why I am here to tell you about it. You two are making me regret why we never aborted the child.” He blurted out.
“Abort the child now, on whose hands would God find the blood? Don’t you know the word of God says the bed should be undefiled? Don’t you know?” His mother began the sermon. Desmond squeezed his face. He saw this coming but never knew it would be up to this level.
“Mum, I know the Bible…”
“But you never acted it out, son.” His father interrupted again. “What is the essence of knowing God’s word and not applying it to your life? Have you forgotten the book of James that says…”
“Dad! I know that scripture, I know it! I am sorry for the mistake I made, these scriptures can’t rectify it now. Let us face the reality of the matter on ground. I am so sorry but what I need now is not the torture by the word of God.”
“So what is the next step?” His father asked.
He shrugged and began to explain what happened when he went to see her father and all that they told him to do. He was as fast as possible because he couldn’t wait to leave that place. He would have loved to tell them that he was lying all along and that the baby wasn’t his, but they would just warn him not to take the child that isn’t his own and he would now leave Kike without any help?
“This type of wedding… Who is the girl in question?” His father asked.
“The man’s daughter.” He replied.
“No, I thought it was his mother. What is her name!” He hit the sofa.
“Kike. She is the only child of her parents.”
“So what do you feel?” His father asked his wife.
She shrugged. “What else? When the knife cuts the hand of the child and the child throws it away, hasn’t the knife accomplished its mission already? I just feel we should just play our part so we don’t elaborate what is not.” She replied.
The father sighed.

** ** **

Feire was back home from church. As much as she didn’t like Mosun’s stress, she would miss her now that she had gone after the church service. She was back to her boring apartment. She needed to do something to get her busy or probably go out before she gets to plan how the shows of the week would go. She barely sat down when she remembered she hasn’t told Desmond about the job offer contract and seek his opinion if she should go for it. It might be a perfect excuse to get out of the house and go visit him, she had thought as she picked her phone.
Desmond was on his way out of his parent’s place when he got her call. His heart almost skipped a beat because he felt she had heard what happened. He picked and tried to mask his feelings as much as he could. He told her he would come to meet her at home so they could talk better since Mosun already left.
Feire was in the kitchen when he arrived. The rice was almost ready and she still had stew in her refrigerator that she just warmed. She hugged him and told him to sit by the dining so he would be close to the kitchen, or better still, come to the kitchen to join her. He joined her in the kitchen, though just sat down as he watched her bring down the stew from fire and also get the sieve she would use for the rice.
“So how was service?” She asked him.
“Fine, what about yours?”
She nodded. “It went well. We actually had something like family talk today and it really made sense. If I had known that would be this Sunday’s theme, I would have pulled you to my church.” She winked.
He smiled. “I am a worker in my own church too.” He replied.
“It doesn’t matter. I think I have the topic for my show for this week. The pastor was sharing some experiences of how some marriages worked out, I didn’t even believe such marriages would work out. He talked about forgiveness, not hiding something from your partner and a lot of them…”
Desmond cut in. “I thought you wanted to talk to me about the contract deal, Feire.” He was not in the mood for all that, especially now that it had to do with marriage issue.
“You missed a lot jor, am I not just trying to update you?”
“Let me know the contract details so we can decide.” He repeated.
“Okay.” She began to explain to him.
“Are you sure it is not you this guy is trying to get, Feire?”
She smiled and winked. “You know how hot I am, you’re just lucky you’re the one in charge.”
He hissed. “Answer me, Feire.” He seemed too serious for her play.
She frowned. “Why are you giving me attitude this afternoon? Did anything happen in church?”
He shook his head. “I am not just in the mood this afternoon.” He replied.
She served the food and led the way to the dining. “Is there anything wrong with you that I need to know?” She crossed her hand across his neck as they sat on the dining.
He shook his head again.
“Are you sure?” She asked again.
“I am serious. I think I just need quality rest.”
“What are you saying about the deal?”
“I feel you should not do it. I think the man just wants to get closer to you, Feire. Who gives triple amount of salary just like that? What is so special about your shows?” He blurted.
Feire was quiet. Her eyes were looking straight as she seemed to have gotten lost. It took few seconds before Desmond noticed that she was lost. “Feire!” He called. She slowly turned her face towards him and stared at him.
“What is it?” He asked her.
“What is so special about my shows?” She sounded irritated.
“Oh… that’s not what I meant. I was just trying to say why would he want to give you triple of your present salary because of just one show, Feire. Don’t misunderstand me, babe.”
“Are you telling me not to take this job because of insecurity?” She dropped her spoon.
“Why would be insecure? See, Feire it has nothing to do with it. I am just trying to help you out here. Okay, go for it then.”
“Do you think I would leave you for him, Desmond?”
“Stop this, Feire. Should I not tell you what I feel about an issue ever again?”
“I just feel this particular one is to the extreme, Desmond. I can sense it in you as though you feel the man would make out with me, like I would reduce myself that low also or could it be the salary?”
Desmond smiled. “I am sorry, I think you just misunderstood me. You know what, just take the job, so you don’t feel I don’t trust you or I am threatened by the salary.”
“Why did you leave that place early that day, Desmond? I tried following you but you have gone far. What happened?”
“I got a call, I had to attend to something urgently.”
“What was it?”
He frowned. “Why are you trying to get words out of me this afternoon, Feire? Is it that you don’t trust me?”
“Stop that, don’t even try to take the issue to that direction so as to avoid my question. Where did you go to?”
“Kike called me, it was concerning the job on ground, Feire.”
“I trust you and I totally believe you. I was only bothered because I wanted to meet you but as I got out, I didn’t see you anymore. I drove after you but you were still nowhere to be found. Are you sure all is well with you? I don’t know why I am losing my peace that you are alright? Is the work posing threats?”
“No dear. Not at all. It’s just stressful and Kike herself has been stressful. She likes things being too perfect.”
“So are you going to take the job?” He asked her.
“Sure. If you can work with Kike and not be affected, I should be able to work with him too without any strings attached.” She replied.
Desmond lost his voice.

** ** **

..to be continued...

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 12:14pm On May 08, 2019
I wonder what Desmond was thinking when he agreed to father a child that wasn't his, he must be stupid. I guess he is looking at the benefits of marrying Kike. He should have declined the offer out rightly. I mean who does that? It's not as if they have known each other for long. That Kike is selfish for trying to make Desmond the father of her child, why didn't she tell her parents the truth. I mean there is nothing wrong in being a single parent. I wonder what would happen to fire? Anyways, let's see how it unfolds. Well done T-Dan.

Thanks so much Nancy. Your comment means a lot to me.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by OPC90(m): 2:59pm On May 08, 2019
Both Desmond and Kike are matured enough to take good care of themselves. I REPEAT THAT I DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THEY ARE DOING. God has plan for everyone.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by aprilwise(m): 3:19pm On May 08, 2019
Desmond accepting responsibility that's not his. Keke have a plan B.

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 6:19am On May 09, 2019
Both Desmond and Kike are matured enough to take good care of themselves.
God has plan for everyone.

Lol. Thanks OPC
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 6:19am On May 09, 2019
Desmond accepting responsibility that's not his. Keke have a plan B.

Hmmmmm.. Maybe. Good morning Aprilwise!
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by Ann2012(f): 7:30am On May 09, 2019
Desmond better opens up to Feire

Thanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 11:07am On May 09, 2019
Desmond better opens up to Feire

Thanks for the update

Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by izaray(f): 1:29pm On May 09, 2019
Desmond keeping secret in a serious relationship as such is bad na habah

Op thanks for the update

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Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by queenitee(f): 12:56pm On May 10, 2019
Both Desmond and Kike are matured enough to take good care of themselves.
God has plan for everyone.
I do not completely agree. Even if Desmond was just helping Kike, for the fact that he's dating Feire, be should have told her about it and they ought to reach a conclusion together and have a joint decision, especially since marriage is involved(Fake or not, they would exchange rings.)
What if Fiere finds out? It's stupid even if it wasn't what it looks like. Please before you do something to your partner, always ask yourself if you can accept such, this thing goes both way. No matter the justification, what's bad is bad abeg
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by aprilwise(m): 3:25pm On May 10, 2019
Things you think going to be walk over at the end becomes a bigger problem to solve.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by OPC90(m): 7:45pm On May 10, 2019
A hidden relationship is dead.
Knowing what you want is different from knowing how to get it.
Remember that we are pencils in the hand of our creator.
The probability that this story is a dream by desmond or kike is lying is there.
My question to you is what have you done to keep your love safe?
The holy book says... In everything give thanks to God.
He has a purpose for us all Jeremiah 29:11.
Some of us might not the plans of God for us till we meet him in heaven.
In conclusion
If you doubt it ask your Mum and Dad if that person they got married to was their first love?
Okay that person your even in a relationship with or married to was he your first DREAM MAN?
SISTER PLEASE MAKE YOUR BLOOD NO DEY HOT as something must always happen for the children of God to posses their possession.
Good night.
Am in my house in USHAFA (BWARI) here in Abuja if ANY OF YOU is still angry with DESMOND or KIKE, come and beat me.
Re: FEIRE - A Romance Story by TemitopeDaniel(m): 8:31am On May 11, 2019
Desmond keeping secret in a serious relationship as such is bad na habah

Op thanks for the update

I love your signature.. Thanks for the comment.


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