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Roses / Kisses & Roses / Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Adichie:who Do You Think Really Opposed Pa Eugene (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 10:05pm On May 27
Hmmmm,I smell trouble. This Alexis sef..

Thanks for the update anyways.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:32pm On May 31
Episode 8
He touched her on her boobs and caressed it and she responded with a loud moan. He grinned and advanced further underneath her skimpy gown but she quickly slapped his hand and moved away from him.
"Ah ahhhhh"Udenna bellowed "Ukamaka,why are you being so conservative?am I not your future husband again?''
She folded her arms and smiled. Ukamaka was one of the palace maids. She was tall and curvy but she didn't have much of a pretty face. She had been invited by Udenna to his quarters.
"I know that but we've talked about this, haven't we? marriage first before anything"
"Please spare me that"he then continued mildly "look, just give me one chance. I promise I won't disappoint you. I must surely marry you. I love you very much,o Uka m"
She murmured in response. He smiled and drew closer to her. He put his arms around her when there was a knock on the door. He immediately jumped up,came back to his sensed and made to hide his guest. She too panicked as she shoot in fear.
"Quick,under my bed"
She obeyed and immediately and rolled under.
He then exhaled,put on a shirt and made for the door.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:01pm On May 31
He opened it and saw his co-staff,Chioma,a short,plump and fair skinned lady. She was stretching her neck to see the source of the strange noises she heard from inside the room. Ude frowned immediately.
"What are you doing here,Chioma?"
"Oh" she said as she stopped trying to poke nose "the queen sends for you,she's in the garden"
"Ohh, Okay,tell her I'm on my way"
"Ok"she stood still trying to see.
"Well,you can leave now"
He immediately shut the door.
Re: Purple Roses by kesmiraAutos: 10:25pm On May 31
He opened it and saw his co-staff,Chioma,a short,plump and fair skinned lady. She was stretching her neck to see the source of the strange noises she heard from inside the room. Ude frowned immediately.
"What are you doing here,Chioma?"
"Oh" she said as she stopped trying to poke nose "the queen sends for you,she's in the garden"
"Ohh, Okay,tell her I'm on my way"
"Ok"she stood still trying to see.
"Well,you can leave now"
He immediately shut the door.
Weldone stblessing.. Keep the good works going! Am ;DAnxiously waiting for the next episode
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 4:25am On Jun 01
Well done OP

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Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 7:51am On Jun 01
Thanks for the update on,but I do wish for longer updates though....
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:55am On Jun 01
Thanks guys. Sorry my updates are short Purplephoenix,I shall strive for longer updates.
Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 7:59am On Jun 01
Thanks gu grin ;Dys. Sorry my updates are short Purplephoenix,I shall strive for longer updates.
No problem. Good luck grin
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 11:03am On Jun 01
She's not consistent with this story. Learn from other writers on nairaland. I'm almost loosing interest in this story.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 2:37pm On Jun 01
He heaved a sigh of relief as he closed the door.
"Okay,you can come out now"
Ukamaka slowly crawled out of her hiding place and then stood erect. She exhaled slowly.
"That was close"
He nodded his head in agreement
"Yes,it was. The queen is asking for me. We'll continue later. Come over in the night"
She nodded and then headed outside. She opened the door,looked left and right before tip-toeing out. Ude then changed into his royal blue and orange clothes before heading for the garden.
The royal garden was a large expanse of land,decorated with beautiful flowers and plants,both from home and abroad. It was located by the side of the extra large palace. It was always cool and a well known relaxation spot of the royal family.
Queen Erinma sat gracefully in the middle of the garden with a few maids surrounding her. Some were fanning her while two of them were painting her finger and toe nails respectively. One of them was dressing her hair. She closed her eyes and smiled in enjoyment.
Udenna soon arrived where she was. He bowed than and greeted her.
"My queen,you called for me?" he said
"Yes Udenna,rise and sit" she responded while pointing to the green plastic chair that was opposite her. She snapped her finger and the maids dispersed. She sat up and faced him.
"You must be wondering why I called you here. I'm made to understand that you are very good friends with my son,am I correct?"
"Well...y..yes my queen"he replied nervously.
She smiled "don't be afraid,I'm not angry"
He became relieved.
"You see,these past few days,I've noticed that,ever since Uche returned from youth service,he's been continuously in and out and I'm starting to get worried."
"It's nothing to worry about,my queen"
"I'm just thinking. Could there be someone special in his life who,you know,has changed him like this? He's always happy,he now spends a lot and then there's his going out frequently. Could it be that someone is behind all this, perhaps,a woman?"
Ude kept silence for a while as his heart continued pounding within him.
"I'm afraid I'm not in a position to tell you that. He made me promise never to talk"
Erinma smiled at her employees hypocrisy.
"Anurika! Anurika!!"
Soon,a short, skinny, chocolate complexioned and middle aged woman who was dressed in a royal blue and orange gown came out of the palace. She was plain looking and looked deadly.
"Yes my queen?"she responded while prostrating.
"Bring out the package"
Anurika dashed into the palace and a few seconds later,came out with a fat envelope. She placed it on Ude's lap as ordered before moving behind the queen, awaiting more orders. Ude opened the envelope and gasped on shock.
"My queen, what is this?''
"A little something for your betrayal. You shall receive other benefits,if,you co-operate"
Ude smiled. Yes,Uche was his best friend,who had greatly assisted in bringing him out of poverty,but he had never been this generous. And besides,he hated Ngozi because she was drawing Uchennas attention more than him and Uche was showering her with everything she needed and sometimes,refused to grant some of his own demands. He was a love sick puppy,who,he felt,was being used by Ngozi. That needed to stop. Uchenna deserved more than a daughter of a drunkard. He decided to succumb to the temptation.
"What do you need to know?"he asked after thought.


Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 2:56pm On Jun 01
Evil friend.

Thanks for the update.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:42pm On Jun 01
Episode 9
Rose exhaled slightly as she walked in front of the door. She knocked on it 3 times and waited for a response.
"Come in" said Susan's voice from inside.
She opened it and then immediately squeezed her face in disgust at the stench that greeted her. It stank of strong alcohol and tobacco and the source was none other than the bottle of whiskey and and the packet of cigarettes which was scattered on a stool in front of her mother. She held her nose and asked.
"Mum,what's going on here?"
Susan smiled and brought down the glass on her face.
"As you can see,I'm having fun. Why not come join me?"
"I'm sorry,I'm not interested. I want to ask you something."
"Okay,come sit down"
She walked to the extra large, rainbow coloured bed and sat on it.
"Mom,who is Alexis?"

Susan dropped the glass and it shattered.....

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 4:42pm On Jun 02
She remained frozen as the name pierced through like an arrow. Rose,who had been frightened by her mother's sudden action broke the silence.
"Mum,what is wrong with you?"
Susan got back to her senses.
"Nothing....I'm very sorry. Why do you ask?"she said nervously.
"I've heard the name before and I just got curious".
She bent down and picked up the large pieces that scattered around the floor.
"She's your father's ex girlfriend. They used to be together back in the University until something happened along the line and they broke up. They still remained friends and kept contact though,even after we got married. It was when you were born that she moved abroad with a Spanish man,so I heard" she dropped the glasses on the stool. "But I still don't understand why you are interested in her. That was a very long time ago"
"O nothing,I'm just being a curious daughter" she stood up and headed for the door before stopping and turning to her.
"But what if she suddenly comes back into dad's life. Could it mean anything?"
Susan kept mute and starred at her,dazed by the question. After a while,she responded.
"That,can never happen. Even if it does,George already belongs to me. Nothing can seperate us, especially not a past ghost"
Rose smiled at her mother's ignorance and said.
"Don't be so sure about that"
She walked out.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 5:09pm On Jun 02
Susan became dumbfounded. Could it be that her worst enemy had returned? Recently,she had noticed that George had been coming home later than usual. He had also been more happy and was very conservative with his phone. She hadn't suspected any sign of infidelity at first but with Roses sudden confrontation,she had second thoughts.
Susan suddenly remembered how she and George got together. Back in the University of Jos,both of them were in the same department of Business administration. He was the courses head student. He was very handsome at that time. Tall, muscular and dark with eyes to die for and very intelligent too. He was perfect for her even though his parents weren't rich. However,he was a boyfriend to the most beautiful and popular girl in school at that time, Alexis. She was a billonaires daughter and no one could match her. Susan gave up all hope on being together with her prince Charming until she heard that the two of them had a sour break-up. She didn't waste time and took advantage of that opportunity. She got close to him and did all she could for him. George tried to turn her down until she revealed that she was the daughter of Mr Richmond Onwuzulike, the richest oil tycoon at that time. Desperately wanting to get out of poverty,he finally succumbed to Susan's advances after graduation and married her, even though he never really loved her.
Five years after their marriage, Susan discovered he was still close with Alexis and had sensed both of them were playing cheating games. To make matters worse,they still had no child. This put their marriage under fire until the birth of the twins and Alexis' departure to London. Still yet Susan felt that George hadn't let go of Alexis but pretended so that her dear marriage wouldn't crash.
She came back to the present. As all these thoughts filled her mind,she cupped her hands and whispered.
"Please,let her not come back....."


Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 5:32pm On Jun 02
Thanks for the update.
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 6:11pm On Jun 02
Well done OP
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 1:41pm On Jun 03
Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by Taniaa(f): 2:55pm On Jun 03
She could still remember the joy she felt in her heart after she was told she was pregnant for twin girls. After ten good years of fruitless marriage,one could only imagine how happy she and her husband were. She could remember the way the prepared for the bundles of joy. She could remember her husbands eagerness for the babies to finally come into his arms.
On the day the delighted parents would finally touch their children,an enemy said they wouldn't enjoy the two and stole one of them taking her to a far away place. It felt like a dream to her and a fairy tale but it was real as hell. Someone was angry. She could remember the fury that lingered in his heart due to the loss. He had almost even shut down the hospital due to carelessness on their part. They searched for culprit and victim all to no avail. She was gone and she thought,would never return.
But destiny had other games to play with her

Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:17pm On Jun 03
Episode 10
Uchenna exhaled a sigh of relief as he opened the door of the palace sitting room. He had just returned from a three day business summit in Abuja because he represented his ailing father. The trip was exhausting and he had planned to have a long rest.
Erinma was watching a program on the television. When she saw her son,a smile drew across her face.
"Welcome son"
He walked over to her and pecked her on her cheek.
"Hey mum"
"So,how was your trip?"
"It was fine,I guess,and very successful. But it was tiring as well"
"Then if that's the case,you go have your rest and freshen up.Your food will be ready soon"
"Alright, thanks mum"
He walked away from her and walked upstairs to his room. As he did, Erinma had a very mischievous smile on her face.
He arrived the foot of his door, sighed in excitement and opened it, only for him to see the shock of his life. There was a stark Unclad beautiful woman,sitting on his bed with a dirty smile on her face. She winked at him and greeted him.
"Hello my prince, you're welcome...."
He let out a piercing scream....
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:37pm On Jun 03
"Mother!! Mother!!!" He kept telling as he ran down stairs in panic. His heart had sank and he was sweating from head to toe.
"What is it?"she responded as she stood up.
"Mother,there is a Unclad witch,in my room. I have no idea how she got there" he explained panting heavily.
"Your words, Uchenna. That is Princess Nnenna of Uzochi,the neighbouring community. I invited her here to entertain you after your tedious trip" she told him smiling.
He felt numb and betrayed. He suddenly stopped panicking.
"Surprise, aren't you happy?"
"For WHAT? Did you seek my consent before doing something as gross as this?"
"Heyyyy,I can't believe I'm getting this response from you. Do you realize what you are saying? No reasonable man would never turn such a woman down. It's an honor"
"Well I'm not 'reasonable' okay? At least have the decency to respect my privacy. How could you invite such a...a...a lady to my room?"
"Don't you dare scold me. Would you rather invite the daughter of a drunkard to your room?"
He stared at her in shock and awe.
"What?you think I wouldn't find out. I know that you have been wasting your time with a useless peasant"
"Don't you judge her mom. Ngozi might be poor but she still has more dignity.......even more than you"
"How DARE you?"
"Look mum,get that bleeping thing out of my hoy,okay? I'm not INTERESTED in her"
"Well that's not my problem, because she's the one you will marry, period."
"Okay,come and force me to marry. Non.... anyways" he hissed stormed away "And she'd better not be in that room by the time I come back,or hell will be let loose" he shut the door "if I come back...."
"Uchenna! Uchenna you are walking out on me? No problem. Come and bring anything for a wife into this house. Nonsense" she breathed heavily.
"Anyways,it's not your fault. Evil communication corrupts good manners. That girl will PAY"
At that moment,A dressed Nnenna began to walk down.
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 8:45pm On Jun 03
Wahala dey oooo, Ngozi eyes go see fire ooo

Tanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 5:37pm On Jun 04
Thanks for the update.
Re: Purple Roses by kesmiraAutos: 7:50pm On Jun 04
I am already feeling for Ngozi the innocent girl in love with the Prince sad
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:37pm On Jun 04
Episode 11
Rose watched closely from her window in her upstairs room as she saw her father get into his posh Grey Lexus car and zoom out of the compound. That was the moment she had been waiting for. She quickly dashed towards her bed,picked up her violet hand bag,took a quick glance at the mirror before leaving the room. She hurried downstairs so as not to have much distance between her and her father.
She got in front of the gate and waited patiently for a cab as she didn't want to use a private car so that her target wouldn't escape. Luckily,a yellow taxi was passing by and she boarded it. She had remembered the address she has heard last night and told the driver.
"Take me to the 'Costa La Villa' hotel"
"Ah madam, that place dey far oooooo"said the hungry looking driver.
"I'll double your pay, just move!'
The driver quickly stepped on his breaks and zoomed of.
It was a 39km drive from the estate to the hotel. Rose anxiously prayed that she would catch him red handed and at the same time,meet the Woman who had decided to break her family apart. She has overhead the both of them planning to meet up at the hotel the previous night on phone by 11 in the morning, and had decided to confront them the next day.
After the long drive,the car finally arrived it's destination. She jumped down from the car,paid the fare and walked up to the building. She peeped through the glass door and saw the culprit with his cohord gisting and dining away at the center of the restaurant. They looked so much like lovers and it disgusted her. How could her father act that way with another woman?his EX for that matter. No,It was unacceptable
She thought of storming in and slapping the LovePeddler to death. But she changed her mind and decided to walk in dramatically so as to have a good look at their surprised faces. She first of all,took out her iPhone and snapped a few pictures of them before dropping it and adjusting her dress. She then exhaled and pushed the door.
"Honestly George,you really need a vacation for yourself. Perhaps you could go to Hawaii or Fiji. These are nice places. You work way to much" said Alexis as she took another spoon of the delicious fried rice and chicken that was before her.
"I'll think about it Alexis. You keep pestering me about it anyways"he replied with a smile.
"And one more thing dear,you need to change your body lotion. It's darkening your skin tone to much. Try something that will lighten it up a little. But don't bleach ooo"
Both of them laughed before they heard the cold question from behind them
"And since when did YOU become his personal dermatologist?"
His smile dropped immediately and he slowly turned back. It was none other than his ' ever surprising' daughter towering in front of him.
"Oh poo."
She raised a brow at him.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:11pm On Jun 04
''heyyy sweetie,how's it going?"he asked as he stood up and pecked her. He got a plaintive look in response
"Umm"he scratched the back of his head and swallowed hard "I'd like you to meet my old friend, Alexis. Alexis,my daughter,Rose.
"Really,she's so pretty. Pleasure to meet you"she grinned and shot out her hand for a handshake.
Rose turned away from her and starred at the confused man by her side.
"Seriously dad,your EX? How. How could you think of doing this to your family? To mum? Isn't she enough for you?"
"Rose,I can explain. It's not what you thi...."
"Oh save it,I've heard that line a thousand times before. The explanation is already written on both of your sorry faces. Don't bother denying it because I have pictures. As for you"she turned to Rose "you have already marked your self as a shameless,old HAG!"
"Yes,do I know you?"she raised her phone up and took another shot of both of them with melted faces
"I'm gonna post this on social media. Imagine, the great George Okoye, caught with his ex mistress. Isn't that sweet? Good luck!!" She eyed Alexis,hissed and stormed out. George just starred at her with cold feet....
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 9:59pm On Jun 04
Thanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 5:49am On Jun 05
Thanks for the update.

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Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 11:46am On Jun 05
Weldon stblessing...it's getting interesting

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Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 2:33pm On Jun 05
What a great story you got going on here.. kudos to the OP for this wonderful and classic story.. Bring it on.
more updates pls

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:05pm On Jun 05
She quickly boarded another taxi and headed straight for Susan's office. As the car drove along,she shed tears as she want through the pictures she had taken of the two. She wished it were all a dream but it wasn't. Dad was cheating and she caught him red handed. She wondered how Susan would take it.
They finally arrived the Sunfield Oil and gas main office, founded by Susan's father. When he died,she and George inherited it since she was the only daughter and she became the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, directly after George. She loved him that much.
Rose got down from the taxi,paid the fare and dragged herself to Susan's office. She felt weak and helpless. She got to the reception area and met up with the stern looking,fat receptionist. The lady,was typing on the computer with rapid attention when she was interrupted. She frowned and looked up thinking it was her former gossip mate.
"What?!!"she raised her brows in realization and forced a smile "oh,miss Rose. Um..,I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you. How may I help you?"
"Is my mom around?"she asked less concerned.
"Please tell her that I need to see her. It's urgent."
The lady quickly obeyed and put a call through Susan. After a short conversation,she dropped the phone.
"She would like to see you now"
Rose turned quickly and headed for the elevator. She entered it and it took her to the first floor where Susan's office was. When she arrived,the door opened and she quickly headed for the office trying to hold back her tears. Even the secretary greeted her but there was no answer. She pushed the door open which forced Susan to jump up in shock.
Without letting her finish,Rose threw a warm embrace at her. She held tightly, letting all the tears flow. After sometime,she became consoled.
"Rose, what happened?why all the drama?"
"I'm sorry mum"she said as she cleaned her eyes "I just got lost for sometime"
"What's going on?"
"Remember when I asked you about Alexis, dad's ex girlfriend?"
Susan's heart skipped at the mention of the name.
"Yes,I do"
"Well my suspicions were right. I caught the both of them red handed today"
"What?" She as slowly.
"It's true. I overheard the both of them planning to meet up at Hotel Da Ville later this morning. I decided to follow them and I saw them, having the time of their lives at the restaurant!"
"No...no,that isn't true"she said almost in tears.
"You can see the pictures" Rose said as she showed the pictures of them to her mother. When Susan saw the last,she walked back and bumped on the wall
"No,it can't be. Alexis can't be back. She can't be back to ruin my life. Please tell me it isn't..tr..true" she broke down.
"Dad's been lying mum. He's been deceiving us. Now it's time for us to fight back!I'm so sorry mum"
Both interlocked each other and drowned themselves in tears......

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Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 8:34pm On Jun 05
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by kesmiraAutos: 10:37pm On Jun 05
More Grace Op. Keep it up.

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