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Married And Slaying: Diary Of Mrs. Nwakaego Etadafe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 8:32am On Dec 16, 2019
Janet am warning you, stay with Barry.
Daisy shouldn't bother asking around for the owner of wallet, everyone will claim it's theirs.
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by petersononome: 2:39pm On Dec 16, 2019
Silver weldone
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 8:01pm On Dec 17, 2019
You too much silver, Janet will never vallue what she have until she lose it
Re: Married And Single (18+) by StellamarisIII(f): 10:11pm On Dec 17, 2019
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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:36pm On Dec 17, 2019
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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:49pm On Dec 18, 2019
M & S

The phone ringing tone went off like an annoyed rattle snake snapping Daisy out of her dizziness, she quickly pick up the phone, not bothering to look at the caller, she answered it...
"Hello..."She said lazily

"Hey it's me.."

Daisy widened her eyes and glance at the caller again, she huff when she realise it was the guy who misplaced his wallet, she saw his ID when she went through the wallet, lucky for him there was a phone number on it...

"Hey hi.."She said back

"Am at the address you gave me.."His voice came through

"Okayy...."She coos, then she rearranged her dress, if the guy is rich, she need to look atleast sexy.., she trot towards the door, she saw someone back with phone in his ears, when he spun around, she waved....

She dropped the call allowing him to come towards her, he wasn't what she expected, he was young, probably 22, 23, 21, whatever..

"Hi again.."

Daisy drown her eyes at his perfect face, He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression.., and his perfect lips were ripe for kissing, he was damn handsome.., too bad he's a kid...

"Adam..."She said after much lust at his face....

"You know my name..."His beautiful smile etched its way into his face...

"I saw it on the ID"

"Yeah, i almost forgot those things have names.."

"Let me get it for you..."

"Yeah of course.."Adam reply following her inside...

"So how did you lose it...?"Daisy asked over her shoulder..


She grit, she would have never lost that kind of money even if she was careless...

"Well try to be careful next time, not everyday good samaritans sees wallet on the ground..."

"Well thanks..."He said taking it back...."I appreciate this.."

"You're welcome..."Daisy shrugged

"What's your name...?"


"You're a good person Daisy..."

Daisy could not help but blush..."Thank you.."

"I mean it..."

"Yeah, thank you..."

"Can i take you out for dinner...?"

Daisy flinch, almost tempted to ask him how old is he...

"I don't mean it the dating way..."He added

She faked smile, she know his type, just because he's cute and have dollars in his wallet, he thinks anyone can fall for him, too bad she's not his age mate and he certainly wasn't her type....

"I know how you mean it..."She crowed almost inclined to embarrass him..

"Please.."He protested

Daisy suck in when he pouted, God his face was perfect, she would have jumped at his offer if he was older...

"Am a very busy person, am sorry i can't, nevertheless thank you.."

"How do i show you how much i appreciate this..?"

Daisy sigh, this guy is definitely flirting with her.."You've already shown your appreciation by thanking me.."

"It's not enough.."He cut in

"Do you want to give me money.."Daisy blare out before realizing the words came out wrong..

"You need money...?"

She didn't reply, but slack-jawed her eyes when he handed her some of the dollars...

"Take it.."He said...

God she wanted to but her stupid ego wouldn't allow it....."Oh you're so sweet, but thanks i can't accept it..."

"Why can't you...?"

Irritation swept across Daisy's face...

"Am giving it to you from the kindness of my heart..."

"I believe you have use for it.."

"I lost it.."

Flutters washed through Daisy...

"I want you to have it.."He added.."Please.."He pout

Damn it, she needs money, putting her pride aside, she took it...

"You're beautiful.."He said

Daisy eyes rolled....."Thank you.."

"I'll love to take you out sometimes..."

Daisy couldn't help but put her smiling face away, he must think they're age mate just because he gave her some dollars....

"How old are you..?"She asked brusquely

"23..., but age doesn't matter, does it..?"

Jesus, she hates little boys, they're so full of themselves, just because they have little money they think they can sleep with any girl...

"It does to me boy, am like your older sister"

"I'll be grateful if i had an older sister as pretty as you"

"Okay boy, you have to go now..."

"Am sorry..."

"For what..?"

"For coming at you like that, it's unlike me.., i don't know what came over me.."

Daisy exhales...."Okay"

"Are you angry..?"

"No am not angry.."

"Thanks for the wallet..."He said before turning to leave...

When he walked past the door, Daisy sigh, a sigh of relief, she counted the dollars and smile at herself.., she was about dropping it in her bag when the door reopen...
Resentment washed across her face when she saw Matthew...., she hissed and dropped the money in the bag..

"Who is he...?"Matthew asked

Annoyed, she turn her face towards his direction..."Who is who..?"

"That boy, i saw him coming out from here..."

Daisy look away showing no interest in the question...

"Who the hell is he..?"Matthew snapped

"Someone called none of your business..."Daisy fling back...

"None of my business huh.."He sass...."Is he your boyfriend...?"

Irritation pricked her..."I don't have to explain a damn thing to you, we're no longer a thing..."

"Are you fùcking him...?"

Frown lines encroached on Daisy's face...."What are you doing here Matthew...?"

"That isn't the answer to my question, are you fùcking that boy.."

"We broke up Matthew, which means whatever i do is totally not your beeswax..."

"We never broke up..."

She scoff..."Oh yes we did..., you remember Paul, she's the reason we're no longer a thing..."

"I apologise..."

"And i forgave you, but we're no longer whatever the hell we use to be, get that and get the hell out of my store and out of my house..."

"So you're fùcking him huh.., that little boy, you do little now..?"

"I will do whoever i want.."She barked back, voice clipped with spite....

"Seriously.., are you that shameless...?"

Exasperation trigger her guts making her almost latched out on him but she held herself...., she loved him and it's killing her...."Get the hell out of my boutique..."

He nib his lips and look around...."I don't think it's a boutique any longer, you should close this down.."He mocked..

"And whose fault is that, you remember what you said to me..'Baby, set up the house with your money, I'll pay you back ..."

She watched him laugh and it infuriated her more, all she want to do now is take something and hit his head....

"I said that..?"

She sneer..."Get out Matthew..."

"That isn't a way to welcome your lover..."

"You're not my lover..."

"Can we be mature now..?"

She grit..."Mature.."

"Yeah, like settle our differences and move on like other lovers do..."

"I want to move on, but not with you Matthew..."

"Why, because i cheated, who doesn't cheat in a relationship....?"

"That's exactly why i can't have anything to do with you, i don't want to be your lover, i don't want to be your friend, i don't even want to see you..."

"Am i that loathsome....?"

"You're an upgrade version of that..."

"I really want to make up with you.."

"Make up and go on cheating, fùcking your numerous girlfriends with your black dick.."

"Black dick.."He chuckle

"Yeah, that's it, now get the hell out of here.."

"Can't you see Daisy, this loneliness is killing me.., i miss you, i miss your body, i miss holding you..."

"And i don't miss you, can't you see, I've moved on.."

"Have you..?"

"I have.."

"So you really breaking up with me..?"

She hissed..."People break up and go their separate ways.."

"People break up and make up ..."He fling back..."With a hot sex..."

"All you think about is sex..., you don't love me Matt, you love having sex with me and that's something i won't do with you anymore, so please let me go.."

"I can't let you go..."

"Oh God.."She sass annoyed

"You're mine Daisy..."

She glared at him.."No am not.."

"Yes you are.."

"Am not..."

"Like it or not Daisy, you're mine..."

"Get out.."she hollered...."Get the hell out of my shop..."

Her anger took the better of her when he didn't move, she pushed him and he almost hit the shelves....
"Get out..."She latched out

"I will..."He said in surrender...."But you tell that boy i saw coming out from here, if he comes close to you again, I'll break his legs and cut off his little dick and shove it up his ass....."

"Get out Matthew..."

"Yes sweetie..."He blended in with a smile...."See you at home.."

Janet let out a slow controlled breath and attempted to loosen her stiff body..., she wasn't comfortable sitting close to a total stranger.., she knew accepting his offer was a total bad idea, but she accepted anyway..., She gave her shoulders a wiggle and lolled her head in a circle...

"You seem stressed...."Kenny said with a cringe at her..

Her eyes moved with the alertness of his voice...."Yeah.."

"You need a massage.."

Her eyes poked out...

"Not from me, but i can arrange it..."

She sigh.."You get a massage whenever you're stressed "

"Mm-mmm, sometimes.."

"Don't have the money for a private massage..."

He chuckle..."It's not that expensive you know..."

"Whatever it cost, am not interested, a goodnight sleep will do the magic..."

He laughed and she felt free, relaxed...

"Take your left..."She said to him..

"Yes Ma'am..."He replied and they both raunt out in laughter

"You stay alone.."He asked

"Yes..., it's a one room apartment...."

"Not bad, you rent it yourself..?"

She felt reluctant to answer his question...."Do you think there is a guy behind it...?"

"I didn't say that..,i..

"Am just blowing your head, yes i rent it with my money, it's what i can afford now in this hard economy..."

"Wow, you must be really hardworking...."

She laughed..."You know what they say, never wait for anyone to do for you what you can handle..."

"I love that..."

"You're welcome.."

Her phone rang in her bag, when she took it, she frown on realizing it's Barry calling...
She dropped the phone back in her bag ignoring the call..

"You don't want to answer...?"Kenny asked curiously

She shook her head shabbily..."Its just my cousin calling, he disturbs too much..."

She shouldn't have lied, she knew that, her conscience was biting at her but damn, she was so tired of Barry..., she need time to think without Barry interrupting with his calls....

Irrtation slice across her face when the phone rang again, she hesitated before reaching for it in her bag...

Kenny darted his gaze towards her, his eyes peeping at the caller...
"Barry..."He said

Janet look askance at him..

"I just oversaw it..., your boyfriend..?"

Janet swallowed..."Still my cousin..."

"Why aren't you taking his calls...?"

"He disturbs too much, he's probably calling for money which i don't have..."She riposte before throwing the phone back in her bag..

"I had a cousin like that too..."


He turn his face to her..."He died.."

"Oh God, am so sorry.."

"It was two years ago, motor accident..."

She sigh, her conscience still slicing her inners for calling Barry a cousin...

They both stepped out of the car when they arrived....
"Thank you for the ride..."She said, a smile circling her lips..

He smile back and she blush...."You don't have to thank me.."

"You want to come in...?"


What was wrong with her, she rode in the car with him, a total stranger and now she's inviting him into her house.....


The whisky turns down the volume on Lily's thoughts. It brings memories of good times past, and she let herself dwell in them rather than think about her present predicament...., And in that moment she was there and not, existing in two perfect moments. Somehow it steadies her, gives her the resolve to go on with her sex starved marriage....

She eyed the amber liquid and the golden glow of the glass-like cubes. She poked them with her perfectly manicured nail to hear them jingle in the pre-dawn silence. She watched, entranced, as they bounce back up- remaining mostly submerged like mini icebergs. Wrapping her long fingers around the glass, she felt her heat leach into the drink. Alcohol, now the elixir of her life. She raised the glass to sip, feeling the keen burn on her tongue and throat- a burn that made her recoil as a married sex starved woman....

She dropped the glass when Tony opened the door and walked in, she didn't say a word to him, didn't want to, once again she seek solace from the bottle of alcohol, she grimace, the hot taste licking at her tongue and throat once again...

"What are you doing..?"Tony asked

She eye-beared him and took the bottle again, he snatched the bottle and put the glass away before she could take anymore ...

"What is wrong with you...?"Tony snapped..."Why are you drinking yourself to stupor...?"

She chuckle as if the words sounded funny in her ears.


She wipe her eyes and stand up to meet his gaze, she let out breathe and he flinch, she lean closer and grabbed his dick...

He slapped her hand away..."You reek of alcohol..., why are you drinking...?"

She grabbed his dick again and once again he pulled her off and hold it...

"That's why.."She crowed

"You're drunk..."

"Am not drunk.."She snapped....."Am very sober, do you hear me, am sober..."

"Go take a shower Lily, you're drunk.."

"I want sex Tony, i want to have my own children..."

"Go take a bath and relax, we'll talk when you're more sober..."

"Am sex starved..."She latched out..."Why aren't you, don't you want me, what have i done to you that you refuse me sex..."

"Am serious Lily, go take a bath.."

She curl her lips and step back...."It's not me something is wrong with, it's you.."

"Nothing is wrong with me.."

"Everything is wrong with you.."She yelled..."We need to see a doctor..."

"Am perfectly fine..."He protested

"You're far from perfectly fine, you're not even fine let alone perfectly..."

"I said am fine Lily..."

"Then prove it.."She snapped..."Act like a man and plant your seed in me...."

Embarrassment wrapped it's cold hands around Tony..."I don't have time for this..."

"You have time for nothing.."She fling back.."You have no time to get your dick hard, you have no time to have sex with your wife, what sort of a man are you, even cheating men have sex with their wives..."

"Am not cheating if that's what you're implying..."

"I don't know what you're into Mr, i don't know if you're gay, i don't know if you prefer fùcking women in the ass, i don't know a damn thing about you....."

"Take a bath Lily.."

"I don't want a bath, i want sex Tony, i want sex.. "

Lost in words to say to her, he left her there

"Yes walk away Tony, that's what you do best, walk away..."She grabbed the bottle and gulp down a bit of it.....



Re: Married And Single (18+) by Treasurewamiri(f): 8:59pm On Dec 18, 2019
Please, what kind of a man is this Tony? Is he gay or impotent?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:01pm On Dec 18, 2019
Janet is just getting me angry, she has turn her boyfriend to cousin embarassed
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:18pm On Dec 18, 2019
Please, what kind of a man is this Tony? Is he gay or impotent?

I tire ooooo
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:20pm On Dec 18, 2019
Janet is just getting me angry, she has turn her boyfriend to cousin embarassed

Leave her na, I just hope Kenny doesn't toy with her
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:26pm On Dec 18, 2019

Leave her na, I just hope Kenny doesn't toy with her
I swear, the girl just dey make me vex

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:27pm On Dec 18, 2019
Please, what kind of a man is this Tony? Is he gay or impotent?
The guy mata tire me, i nor just understand am
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 11:04pm On Dec 18, 2019
Tnks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 9:49am On Dec 19, 2019
Tony is not straight or he's impotent
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by izaray(f): 10:16am On Dec 19, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by petersononome: 8:39am On Dec 20, 2019
Tnks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Etteanna: 12:08am On Dec 22, 2019
Some women actually do have husbands like tony what a pity.getting addicted please next chapter
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 3:51pm On Dec 22, 2019
It seems I missed episode 3
Pls, can someone kindly quote it for me biko sad
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:55pm On Dec 22, 2019
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- The beginning of bad times

After a long shower, Daisy changed into her nightie and slumped into her bed, the sudden reminder that she wasn't alone in the house infuriated her...., she pick up her phone and scroll into her contacts, she dialled Janet number, it wasn't reachable, she was about calling Lily when her phone begin to ring, she huff at the unknown number, she hesitated a bit before answering the call..

"Hello.."She said


Daisy narrowed her eyes..."Hey.."

"How are you..?"The caller said

"Who is this..?"Daisy retorted

"It's Adam.."

Daisy dropped the phone and look at the number again, how come she didn't notice...

"Why are you calling Adam...?"She said before realizing the words came out wrong

There was silence and it made her wonder what he was thinking..

"I didn't mean it that way..."She said, her conscience pricking her for been too harsh..

"I know..."He said

Daisy sigh, more of resentment towards Matthew than for the kiddo calling her...

"It's late Adam..."She said

"I know..."He said back..

She rolled her eyes, agitated to end the call or better still tell him never to call again..she don't do kids.., she's four years older than him..

"I miss you..."He said

She frown at the words...."Okay.."

"I really do.."He added

She gulp a dry lump in her throat...."I heard you Adam.."

"I've been thinking about you...."He said again..

Irritation sliced across Daisy's face...."What do you want Adam..?"

There was silence for a moment, then his voice came up..
"A date.."

"A date.."Daisy reiterated

"A date with you.."

She suck in.."That can't happen..."

"Because am 23..."

"Because am older.."She blare out

"The same thing.."

Exasperation triggered Daisy's guts..."Look Adam, we can't go on a date, do you understand that..."

Silence erupted almost prompting her to end the call..

"I don't know what you did to me..."He said

Flutters washed through Daisy.., what the heck..."I did nothing to you.."

"Then how come i can't get you off of my head.."His words came even before she could take a breathe..

Daisy sigh, more of annoyance...."Don't you have a girlfriend....?"

"I don't..."

"Oh please.."

"No one believes me.."

"You really expect anyone to believe that, you're so cute..."

"You think am cute...?"

Daisy widened her eyes, the last thing she wants is giving him the wrong ideas that she's interested but can never be with him because he's young.......like it isn't the reason...

"You know you're cute.."She sass

"That means alot coming from you.."

"Okay Adam, go to bed.."

"I can't sleep.."

"Well..., try..."

"You permit me to think about you..?"

She blushed..."You already did without my permission.."

"Alright.., I'll call you tomorrow okay.."


"Have nice dreams..."

"Okay you too.."

"Am already dreaming about you.."

She almost laughed..."Okay, good night naughty...."

She sigh, a sigh of relief when the call ended....
She swung up from the bed when her room door open...

"Go to bed naughty, who the hell where you talking to?"Matthew queried

"How did you get into my room..."Daisy asked infuriated with his guts...

"The door was open.."

"Yeah, remind me next time to lock it properly..."

"Adam..., who the hell is he..?"

"Where you eavesdropping..?"

"Hell yes i was eavesdropping, who is Adam...?"

Anger pricked her spines..."You want to know who Adam is, he's my boyfriend.., my new catch.., oh, did i forget to mention, he pounds me really good with his fat dick..."

A wave of bitterness swept across Matthew's face...."Don't you dare cheat on me Daisy..."

"How long am i going to keep reminding you that we're done.., we are done, done..D.O.N.E Done.."

"And you don't get it, we're done when i say we're done, understand..."

"Stop making this hard for you.."

"No you're making it hard for us.."Matthew fling back...

"I don't want you anymore Matthew..."

"I want you Daisy, you're mine, you'll always be mine.."

"Get out of my room.."Daisy snarled

"Are you kidding me, we're in the middle of a conversation here.."

"We're in the middle of nothing..."She fling back...

"How long are you going to be mad at me huh, i told you i was sorry...."

"Sorry will never cut in.., haven't you realise..?"

"Realised what..?"

"That once a cheat is always a cheat, and Seriously nigga, i don't need that bullshit in my life anymore..."

"Mention one man who never cheated"


"Who the hell is Joseph..?"Matthew queried

"Joseph the carpenter, the father of Jesus..."


"You'll always cheat Matthew, i can't do that with you..."

"We can't break up..."

"We already did, now get the hell out of room and out of my house.."

"It's my house.."

"Well it won't be when i pay back your #210"


Her stomach churned at the money.., where the hell is she going to get that amount..."We need to set some rules while you're here..."

"What rules.."

"You don't cross your boundaries, you don't come into my room, you don't touch what's mine and i don't touch what's yours, we act like two total strangers, and don't you dare touch me...."

"You forgotten am a man, and once a while need to let go of some steam..."

"You know exactly where to let go of your steam..."

"I know exactly where, my girlfriend pot, who is standing right in front of me.."

"Your whòres..."She fling back irritated, "Now get the hell out..."

"You better tell Adam to hide, if i catch him around you, he's going to regret ever coming close to you, capisce"

"Get out..."

He grope his eyes on her nightie making Daisy adjust when she noticed...

"Are you sure you don't want me tonight.."He pout

"Get away asshole..."

He lick his lip and punch his fist on his other palm..."That ass..., it's going to be mine forever..."

"In your dreams..."She croon before pushing him out, then she locked the door...

"Three thousand, ten naira..."The cashier said

Lily grit wondering what the extra ten naira was for..., without complaining, she paid...

"Thank you.."She said to the rude cashier before walking out of the shop..
She trot towards the road and began to wait for a taxi going her way when a voice rumbled from behind her


She look at her side at the sound of the voice, shock raced across her face when she noticed it was her university friend....boyfriend

"Oh my God, Michael..."She coos

"I thought you wouldn't remember me..."Michael said

"Why.., because you've grown too fat.."She said jokingly

He laugh, and she joined in the laughter...

"How are you...?"

"Am fine, God look at you..."She returned letting her eyes access him...

"Yeah look at me..."

She laughed..."I thought you were in Japan..."

"Came back last week..."

"And you didn't even deem it fit to remember your Nigeria friends...."

"I lost your number..., even Daisy, Laura and the other slim one.."


"Yes Janet..., how are they...,where are they now, what do they do.."

"Slow down traveler"

He laugh..."I really miss them"

"Laura is married..."

"Wow.."He slack-jawed...

She smile but didn't say a word, against her will, her eyes traveled to his fingers, there was no ring..he's single and still hot just the way he was in their university days...., still she wanted to hear it from the horses mouth but he beat her to the question...

"What about you, are you married..?He asked

She faked smile...."Yes am married.."She crowed flaunting the ring in the air...

"Wow...., someone beat me to it..."

A swoon washed over Lily suddenly...."Mm-mm"

"Do i know the lucky one...?"

"No you don't, met him after school.."


She couldn't help but smile, then she lust at his face, he had that dark eyes that make her weak at the knees, He’s fair, a few inches taller than her, which she like...., then in their university days, he was slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face..., girls were drawn to him, but he was drawn to only her.... they had the almost perfect relationship, but as they say, nothing good last forever......

"How's Japan...?"she said stopping her eyes from lusting any further......

"Japan is great.., it feels good to be back to my country though....."

She laughed then she asked the question she's been wanting to..."So where is she..?"

"Where is who...?"

"Your wife..."

He chuckle..."There is no wife...for now."

"It's really nice seeing you again Mike, how long has it been...?"

"Four years..."

"Yeah four good years..., it's been really long.."

"So how have you been..?"

She almost frown at the question, where would she start...., she's sex starved, frustrated....."I've been good.."

"What about your friends.., Daisy the trouble maker, Laura, and...

"Janet again.."She chime in with a laugh...

"Yeah Janet, i keep forgetting her name.."

"I doubt she'll remember yours..."

"So how are they, are they in the city...?"

"They're right here in the city..."

"So the four of you are still friends..."

She smile, though the question sounded stupid, she's been talking about them, even a lunatic will know they're still friends....

"Bff..."She said

"That's great..., you girls have been friends for long..."

"Since our first year in school..."

He lick his lips.., Lily almost keel over with lust at his fresh ripe lip...., then a sudden force snapped her out from her thoughts reminding her she was and still married....

"I will really love to see them again..."He said

"You better..."She chimed in

"How about i take you girls for lunch tomorrow, for old time sake..."

"I doubt it will be possible..."

"Oh i almost forgot, Laura is married, you're married.."

"Daisy and Janet are always busy at work..."She added

"You work too...?"He asked folding his hands across his chest..

"I don't for now..."

"So you'll be free tomorrow...., i mean for lunch, for old time sake.."

She almost declined the offer...."I will check my schedule..."She said like she had one....

"I really want it to be possible..."He said, lips parted

A swoon washed through her..."Okay.., for old time sake..."

He smile before giving her his phone to dial in her number, when she did, he gave her phone a ring..


"Laura..."Richard hollered before opening the door...

"Laura.."He shouted again....

He stood, waiting for her to come out from wherever she was hiding, when she didn't, he shouted her name again...

He glare at her as she stepped out from the kitchen...

"You called..."Laura chided

Vexation lick through him, then he threw the big envelope at her face...."What's the meaning of that...?"

"Meaning of what...?"

"Of that..?"He snarled pointing at the envelope..

She pick it and took out the documents...., then she look back at his face...."Yeah, i sent them..."

"You did what...?"

"You can read Richard..."

"You filed a divorce..."

"Yes i did.."She groan, voice clipped with spite....

"And you think i will sign the divorce papers.."

"Sign them.."Laura retorted..


"Sign them Richard and let me go.."

"Why would i want to let you go...?"

"You torture me, you treat me like shit..."

"You're my wife, i will treat you the way i deem fit..."

"I don't want to be your wife anymore.."She latched out..."Let me go Richard, is that too much to ask..."

"Do you know how much i spent so you can belong to me, do you know how much i paid your impecunious parents and poverty stricken uncles for your bride price, do you know how much i spent in making our marriage the best ever been in your craptastic village.., then our wedding that got struck in people's mouth for months..., and now, you think you can divorce me.."He chuckle..."Listen here you poor wrench..., you cannot divorce me, when i get tired of you, i will throw you out.."

Laura sniffle, almost letting her tears out.., she refuse to cry, refuse to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry...

"Sign the damn papers"She growled...

"My father married four wives and he never divorced any of them, i won't divorce mine either...."

"Am a human Richard, not some dirt you can spit on whenever you like.., am tired of you seeing me as one, am tired of the bruises, the insults, the lies and every damn thing you throw at me, am fed up with it.., even if you sign the divorce papers or not, am leaving.."

"Leaving..., to where...?"

"Wherever that is not your business..."

"You cannot leave Laura, not until you give me what i married you for..., children.."He blare out

"I will die before i bear a child who have your blood..."She retorted and scurried off to her room leaving the divorce papers on the floor...

Janet sigh as she look at the food menu.., some of the foods were new to her, if she was there alone, she would have at least tasted one of them, but she can't do that, not when she was there with a man she knew little about..., he will probably laugh when she grimace at the bad taste of the food..

"I will go with this..."She said pointing at a food in the menu..."Egg rice and pepper chicken..."

"Alright ma'am..."The waitress said taking the menu from her...

"I will take the same thing as her...."Kenny said

The waitress nodded and left them...

"Have you tasted it before..."Janet ask

"No..."He coos, a smile surrounding his sexy lips....

"Then why did you go for it..?"

"It must be good since you chose it... egg rice and pepper chicken.., sounds yummy..."

Janet laugh and he joined in the laughter....

"Not as yummy as you're thinking..."She said

"I guess it will sweet as you..."He pout reaching for her hand across the table

When he smile, she returned it, his touch flooding her insides with a strange sensation.., a strange feeling she had never felt before.....

"You are as pretty as your dress..."He said squeezing her fingers lightly...

She blushed..., at least he noticed her gown, she put in so much effort making it look good on her.....

"Thanks..."She replied with a shrug before gently pulling her hand from his light grip..

"I mean it..."

"I know..."

He smile again, then he juggle his fingertips on the table ...

"So what do you do...?"She asked curiously

"Am into exporting..."

"So you travel...?"


"On a scale of twenty, how much...?

"Eighteen on the least.."


"Could take you on one of my trips, if you want.."

His gaze on her felt like every ounce of breath was taken from her lungs floating into the air like midnight smoke..., like her eyes were seeing galaxies instead of just pupils....

"Not really the journey freak.."

"Journey freak..!"

She faked smile at her choice of words.."I mean.., you know what i mean.."

He chuckle and she felt embarrassed...

"Most people would do anything to get out of the country..."

"Most people are not me..."

He trace his lip lightly with the tip of his finger, It pouts slightly, and Janet had the urge to bite it, to kiss it.....

"That's why i find you so unique.."He said snapping her from her thoughts...."You think differently from other girls..."

"And how many of these other girls have you been with..?"
The answer to the question wasn't her business, but she was curious.

When he gave her his cute smile again, she curled her fingers into the palm of her hand, not even feeling them dig in. If she didn't fancy this guy she won't be funny and flirtatious, since she did her mouth was full of sawdust and her brain was malfunctioning as much as if she were drunk....

"Well most.."

"Most!" She tried reading a number to it.....

"A few.."

"Can't you tell..?"

"Do you want me to start counting" He said jokingly

Embarrassment hit Janet, and she pear slightly into other people in the restaurant regretfully....

"Why are you single...?"He asked

She filled the pause in their conversation with a deep breathe as the question ring in her head...., trying to ignore the question, she shift her gaze to the people who walked pass her, first a female, a man followed..., she almost collapse at the sight of the third person..., right then she knew her date or whatever it is was about going to hell when the third guy with a camera spun around to face them....

"Barry..."She mutter, shock threatening to rip her heart out...

Her heart pulsated irregularly when Barry drew closer, then her eyes moved with the tension in her heart from Barry to Kenny, then Kenny to Barry...

"Barry..."Kenny chimes in...."Barry your cousin.."

She froze at the sudden revelation..., Barry dark stare sending daggers to her spine....she lower her head to take a breathe before witnessing the demons from hell to come separate a fight she intentionally started....or whatever the hell that's about to happen next...



Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 2:52am On Dec 23, 2019
What's wrong with Richard sef.....
Kasala yaff burst, Barry vs Kenny grin

Thanks for the update OP
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 7:14am On Dec 23, 2019
grin grin grin
Thanks for the update dearie
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 8:50am On Dec 23, 2019
shocked shocked
Barry should be a gentleman and walk away without a fight
Thanks for the update dearie
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 5:29pm On Dec 23, 2019
Thanks for the update... This is really a tense period for all the girls...lol
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 7:39pm On Dec 23, 2019
"Mention one man who never cheated
"Joseph the father of Jesus. grin grin grin
Silver you aff mad o grin grin grin, the reply really got me laughing

Barry should find another gf, he has lost Janet
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 1:30pm On Dec 25, 2019
M & S

When Janet finally raise her face to meet Barry's gaze, her heart almost capsized, Barry fixed her in a stare that could have frozen the Pacific....

"Cousin huh..."Barry said
His voice sounded gentler than what Janet expected but he was still smouldering in his angry look

Kenny's eyes flick from Barry to Janet..."When you told me Barry was your cousin, i actually thought he'll be much more smaller.., i mean younger.."

Barry's head spin with anger but he kept his cool...

"Your cousin is a wonderful person Barry.."Kenny said, his words adding more fuel to the burning animosity Barry was feeling..


Janet force herself to swallow when Barry was called by those he came in with..., he must have come to the restaurant to take pre-wedding pictures...

She lower her gaze again when Barry dark stare reverted to her side..., then she saw him walk over to the people he came with without uttering another word...

"Is he okay...?"Kenny asked pointing at Barry

Janet took a deep breathe..."Would it be awkward if i say we should leave..?"

"No, are you okay...?"

"Am fine.., i just don't feel well..."

"Okay.., what about the food..."

"Forget about the food, let's just leave, please.."

"Okay.."He nib before saying.."That's fine by me.."

She stood up before him, she stole a glance from Barry before walking out of the restaurant, Kenny tagging along....

Lily walked leisurely to the shower, steam filling the room as she cut the shower on. She bathed her skin lightly, the water pours down, it drips by her side..., the sensation of the water calms her, it takes her mind off things...

After her shower was finished, she stepped out, changed her panties and swung in her female shorts and bra..., her wandering mind revisit who she met earlier that day, Michael, her boyfriend in their university days.., a smile circled her lips prompting her to take her phone to call Laura..
She slumped into the bed waiting for Laura to answer the call....

"Hello..."Laura voice came through when the call connected

Lily reclined her head in the pillow...."Guess who i stumbled on today..."

"Who..?"Laura ask from the other end


"You know am not good at guessing, just tell me, who is it..?"

"Michael.."Lily said excitedly

"Michael.., who's Michael..?"

"Don't tell me you don't remember Michael..., Michael my boyfriend in our university days.."


Lily laughed at the nickname they gave him then..."Yes Akura.."

"I thought he was in china.."

"It's Japan.."

"Yeah Japan..., so what's him doing in our country...?"

Lily bit slightly on her lips, she didn't even ask the reason he came back..."I didn't ask him that, but he said he'll love to take the four of us out tomorrow..."

"He said so.."

"Yeah he did.., so will you be free..?"

"What time tomorrow..?"

"Noon i guess.., he said for lunch.."

"Op.., i won't be free, i have a lawyer's appointment..."

"A lawyer's appointment...!"Lily reiterated...."You have a lawyer now...?"


Lily exhale, then it hit her..."Wait, is this about the divorce you spoke about...?"

"Yeah it is.."

"Are you really going through with it...?"

"I already did.., the lawyer served him the papers."

Lily huff..."So how did he react.., did he sign..?"

There was silence, then Laura's voice came...
"No he didn't.."

"Do you think he'll sign...?"

"He won't, he made it very clear.."

"So what will you do if he doesn't sign...?"

"Am moving out regardless..."

"Moving out...!", Where would you go...?"

"Anywhere but Richard's house..."

"Do you have money to get a small apartment...?"

"I don't.., thinking of crashing at my father's place for a while.."

"Laura you can't go there..."

When Laura didn't reply, Lily continue..."You can't go back to your father's house.., you're a married woman..."

"Not anymore.."Laura chided

"He hasn't sign the divorce..., as long as he hasn't.., you're legally still married to him.."

"I can't stay in Richard's house..."

"You can't go to your father's house either, it's derogatory..."

"My parent are not that way.."

"All African parent are like that...."

"I can't stay here Lily.."Laura's voice rumbled low..

Lily frown when Tony walked in.., ignoring him she continued..."I understand Laura, but you need to weigh your options before making any drastic decision..."

Lily flicked her eyes at Tony as silence erupted from the call...

"Laura are you there..?"She asked eyes still pearing at Tony as he UnCloth

"Yeah am still here..."Laura mutter

"Can your lawyer cajole him into signing....?"

"I know Richard, he won't be lured..."

"That's because he wouldn't want to split his properties..."

"Am not after his properties..."Laura's voice rumbled loud..."I just want to leave..., am tired.."

"I know Laura, honestly i can relate to what you're passing through..., am going through almost the same hell over here..."

"Don't even compare yours to mine.."Laura fling back..

Lily sigh, then she eye-beared Tony when he opened the wardrobe and a bunch of intimacy gadgets and rubber joysticks fell out...

Tony pick the different sizes of joysticks up..."Are these yours...?"

Lily almost hissed at the question..."Laura, let me call you back okay..."

"Tony there..?"Laura benign voice sounded..

She eyed Tony before replying..."Yeah..."

She sat up after ending the call...

Tony poke his eyes...

"Yeah they're mine.."Lily riposte...

"What are you doing with fake joysticks...?"Tony queried with a cringe at them..

"What do you do with your penis..?"Lily retorted

Tony huff and threw them back on the floor..., then he revert his gaze to the wardrobe...

"Don't you want to talk...?"Lily snapped

Reluctantly, he turn back to face her..."Talk what..?"

"About us..."

"What about us Lily..?"

"Where is our marriage going to...?"

"Is it supposed to be going somewhere..?"Tony fling back

Irritation sliced across Lily's face......"Don't do this.."

"Don't do what..?"

"Act like everything is okay when everything is literally fùcked up..."

"Am not acting Okay.., you're the one using fake joysticks to give yourself pleasure..."

"Do i smell a green eye, when the husband doesn't perform his duty, something replaces him.."

"So you replace me with doodles..."

"I should have replaced you with a bottle..."She said brusquely

He nib his lips..."It's not funny Lily.."

"What is not funny is you not having sex with me..."

Ignoring her, he turn around to face the wardrobe..

"Of course he turns around when i talk about sex...., seriously Tony, what are you.., are you impotent...?"

He spun around to face her again.."No am not impotent.."

"Are you into occult activities..?"

"Jesus Lily, where's that coming from.."

"Well are you gay..?"

"Am not, that's disgusting..."

"What's disgusting is you refusing to have sex with your wife...."

"I'll have sex with you.."

"When.."She latched out..."When am old and wrinkled...?"

He exhale and reverts his gaze back to the wardrobe...

"We need to see a doctor Tony.."

"I told you before, am fine.."He said over his shoulder...

"You're not fine.."She yelled..."We're seeing a doctor.."

"Am fine Lily..."He latched out facing her..

"Okay...."She unhook her bra and off her panties going completely naķed in front of him...

"What are you doing..?"He ask

"Let's have sex Tony..."

"Am tired Lily.., i need to rest.."

Exasperation swept across her face..."You must be crazy Tony...., you shouldn't have proposed when you know fully well you won't have sex with me..."

"I'll have sex with you, am not just ready yet..."

"When will you be ready huh..?"

He sigh but didn't reply

"It's been three months since we got married Tony..., three fùcking months...."

"I'll have sex with you...., when am ready.., i promise you.."

"Stop making promises you can't keep..., am sick and tired of your bullshit...."She retorted and slid back in her panties before laying back on the bed


"Do not Lily me you no sex drive man..."

"No sex drive man...!"

"What, should i call you, impotent, gay, ass fùcker.., occutic ....?"

"Am not any of those things Lily..."

"Go to hell..."She growled

He suck in, pick up his underwear from the wardrobe and walk into the bathroom...

When he close the bathroom door, Lily furiously threw the bed pillow at it...

Janet took a deep breathe before stepping into Barry photography workshop....

"Excuse me guys..."Barry said to his friends when he saw her...

"Cousin hum..."Barry snarled when his friends were out...

"It wasn't what it seems..."Janet said, her conscience pricking her..

"It's exactly what it seems..., you were on a date with him.."

"I wasn't.."

"Stop lying.."Barry said trying hard to keep his cool...

"Am not lying.., we're friends who just went there to take some few drinks.."

"Drinks in a restaurant..."

"To eat..."She corrected

"I saw the way he looked at you.., and you told him am your cousin.., explain that..."

Janet look away, berserk eating at her stomach...."Look am sorry i called you my cousin okay.."

"Why would you tell him am your cousin huh..., girls deny their boyfriends when they meet a new guy and he's the new guy, isn't he..?"

"He is..."She boom out, tired of hiding it..."He's the new catch...."

Infuriated, Barry stood up to her..."What about me huh, who am i...?"

"Barry.."She stepped back, avoiding any form un-uncontrolled anger that will land a slap on her face....."We spoke about this.."

"We spoke about what...?"He retorted, voice louder..

"About us..., haven't you notice we aren't compatible..."

"Are you breaking up with me..?"He snapped..

She flinch, against her better judgement she said..."Yes.."

"Because of him...?"

"Barry this has nothing to do with kenny..."

"Kenny.., that's his name huh..."

She swallowed..."This has nothing to do with him, am breaking up with you because am tired.."

"Tired of what..?"

"Of your closed pocket.., your attitude and everything.."

"That isn't the reason Janet..."His voice rumbled low...

"Then what is...?"

"You know am changed, you changed me.."

"Then it's good, keep up the good change for your next girlfriend...."

"Don't do this Janet..."He mutter holding her hand...."Don't break up, we can resolve this..."

"There's nothing to resolve Barry.."She fling back pulling his hand away..."I can't do this anymore with you, am sorry..."


"Am sorry.."She said before she scurried off from the workshop not bothering to look back..


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 1:31pm On Dec 25, 2019

Daisy drool at the marvelous style of the hotel, she greeted some soldiers at the hotel gate before heading towards the outside bar..., she look around and quickly sighted him at a corner....

"Heyy..."She said waving her finger in the air..

"Am glad you're here..."Adam said

"How long have you been waiting...?"She asked helping herself to a chair

"Two hours..."

Daisy flinch..."Two hours.."

"Yeah, you said you'll meet me up by 4pm, it's 6:13pm already..."

"Oh am so sorry, i was waiting at the boutique, i thought some customers might show up, unfortunately, no one did..., that's why am late..."

"I should have come to the boutique instead..., you know, bring the drink there..."

Daisy sigh...., he looked more handsome than the last time she saw him, he's definitely trying to impress her...

"That would have been a total bad idea..."

"You working for someone...?"

"No, i own the place...."

"Then i don't see why i shouldn't come.."

Daisy huff.., the only reason she's at a hotel bar with the kiddo in front of her is because she doesn't want to go home to meet that brutish swarm pervert in the form of a human called MATTHEW...

"You see i have a dog.."She said..."A very big and dangerous dog, he gets furious when he sees unknown visitors at my workplace..."

Adam chuckle..."You do know that's awkward right.."

She returned the smile..."If you see it that way..."

"So what would you take...?"

Daisy look around, she caught sigh of a girl drinking black bullet, she grimace her face because she know fully well how the girl will end..., willing and ready to Bleep a dozen of men when she eventually gets drunk.....

"What are you taking..?"She ask glancing at his bottle..


"Mangrove, what sort of drink is that...?"

"It's new, came out a month ago.., i tasted it and now it's my favourite...."

"Any alcohol.."

"Just 2percent..., mostly sugar.."

"You do know sugar isn't good for you right...?"

"Yeah i know..."

She sigh, then she signalled the bar man who walk up to her...

"What fruits juice do you have...?"She asked

"Exotic, 5Alive, forando, Apple cream..."

"I will go with the apple cream..."She cut in

"One or two.."

"One please.."

"Apple cream..."Adam chimes in when the barman left..."Never heard of it.."

"Me either..."She said

He laugh.."Then why did you asked for it.."

"Didn't you hear the name...Apple cream, it seems tasteful...."

He laugh and she join in the laughter....

"So are you in school..?"She asked

"Partially..."He said

She poke her eyes..."Partially..!"

"I was, then i wasn't.."

"So you dropped out..?"



"Same reason people drop out..., money.."

"But you have money..."

"Now i do, then i didn't..."

"So what are your plans towards school...?"

"Am not too old to take jamb right..?"

"You aren't.., you're incredibly young.., do you know when i first saw you, i thought you were 21..."

"21..."He chuckle..."Am way mature than a 21 old kid..., people think am 26..."

She laugh..."You seem 21 to me.."

"What about you, are you a graduate...?"

Before she replied, the bar man dropped her order..., she nib as she stare at the plastic bottle...
"I thought it's in carton like exotic and the rest of it's colleagues..."

Adam chuckle..."You got what you asked for....Apple cream.."

She smile and opened it to take a sip....

"Tasteful...?"Adam asked when she taste it

"A bit..."She said cupping it back..."Exotic is preferable..."

Her phone rang, when she took it from her bag to stare at the caller, frown lines encroached on her face..., without a word, she rejected the call by ending it...

"You want to go somewhere other than here...?"Adam asked

She scoffs.."Look who have money to spend..."

The phone rang again and she cursed at him.., why can't Matthew stop calling her..., infuriated, she ended the call again...

"I don't mind spending it all on you.."He said back, his sexy smile accompanying his words...

Daisy phone beep with a message, she clicked on it only to realise it's from Matthew..., she glare at the message then she deleted it.., how dare him ask her to get her ass to the house because he's Hot...

"Are you okay..?"Adam asked at the change of her expression..

She sigh, more of anger towards Matthew..."Yeah, i am.."

"You don't seem..."

"I don't think am going home tonight.."

"Problem at home...?"

"Yeah, rodent problem..."

He laugh..."Where will you spend the night...?"

She exhale, she thought of going to Janet's house, then Lily's...., she was so confused..

"I can book you a room here.."

Her eyes widened with surprise..."In this hotel.."


"Who will pay...?"She asked awkwardly

"I will.., their rooms are not really expensive, i think the lowest is eight thousand..."

"Eight thousand..."She slack-jawed..., that's money for a pot of soup she doesn't even have at home..
"No thank you..."She said

"I insist..."He replied reaching her hand with his...

Daisy swallowed..."Okay fine..., thanks..."

"We can go to the reception now if you want..."

Daisy took a deep breathe wondering if she was taking the right decision...God he's 23..
"Sure..."She mutter....

"Wow...!"Daisy exclaimed after the potter left....."It's beautiful..."

"The room..?"

"Yeah..., thank you again.."

He smile..."Don't mention.., its the least i can do for a beauty like you.."

"Don't get flirty now boy.."

"Oops, totally forgot.., you're older.."

She laugh and sat down on the bed..."Whoops, the bed is strong..."

"Visco inelastic mattress..."

"Oh...,okay.., it's nice..."

"Do you need something to eat...?"

"You've done enough Adam, i won't die if i go hungry tonight..."

"I want you to be comfortable..."

"I'm comfortable and stop standing at the door, come on, sit with me..."

He trot towards her.., when he sat close, she inhale his perfume..., God she hopes she knows what she's doing...

"You look really pretty..."He said, then his lips pout...

A strange force almost pulled Daisy mouth closer to his lips..

"Thank you.."She said, when she turn away, he hold her hand and she face him again..., his ripe lips, cute face was killing her.., he was perfect almost in all ramifications....

For a moment, they said nothing, they just sat staring at each other, then he lean his face closer..., she should have look away but she didn't...
Slowly, he connected his lips with hers.., he kissed her, she kissed him back, a strange desire wrapped them....

When she realised what was happening, she pulled out....
"We shouldn't.."She mutter trying to catch her breathe

"I'm...i..am sorry.."He said

She looked back at him.., he was so adorable and innocent..., she damn her wits and dive back into the kiss...

Denial crumbled to dust under the force of their mutual need. She whimpered into his open mouth while her hands skimmed over the tightly muscled form beneath his clinging shirt....

When the kiss broke, it was only for their mutual need to breathe, but those eyes that had plagued her dreams these past few nights were scant inches away. He gazed back at her steadily while the light pulse of his breath grazed her lips. His hands slid across her ribcage until he was touching her breasts through the skimpy fabric of her dress, the pads of his large thumbs brushing back and forth across the rigid points of her nipples....

Her nipples grew harder and throbbed under the steady brush of his thumbs, yet there was still an air of hesitation in his touch. His fingers never moved to push underneath her skirt, only serving to send that flame burning in her core higher than ever....

Daisy felt her eyes water and her face flush with heat. She didn’t know whether to stop him or rip his shorts off. He squeezed her nipples harder and her pussy flushed with agonising heat....

She pushed him on the bed, In a deft flick of her wrist, she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall. Then she climbed onto the bed, straddling his hips. She leaned down to kiss him again while she reached behind to unzip the top of her skirt, exposing her aching breasts as she ground her ass against the prominent bulge in Adam’s trouser....

Without time wasting, Adam did same, carelessly loosely his belt and pulling down his trouser....

She didn’t think it was possible to taste enough of his mouth or get enough of the feel of their tongues dancing between their parted lips. His hands grasped at her hips, savouring the feel of her skin as they moved to clutch the shapely spheres of her ass. When she finally rid herself of her bra, she reared upright, letting the stiff-pointed teacups of her naked breasts hover in his face....

A guttural moan rose from his throat as his hands slid from her ass to cup and squeeze her breasts. He lay back only long enough to let her unbutton his shirt before rising up to taste her breasts. She could feel the painful strain of his penis inside his shorts while he nuzzled her body with his face and hands, his tongue wetting her nipples...

Somehow, even trapped under the clamp of her thighs and pussy, the power of his desire was rattling the façade of her alleged control. His hands were strong, caressing her firmly, and the insistent press of his penis through the gusset of her pant was causing her to soak through the fabric...

She pulled his shirt off his shoulders and pushed him back down against the bed. Moving further down his legs, she untied his shorts and pulled them lower as he lifted his ass. Her heart raced when she saw the beautifully thick, sturdy penis snap up against his taut belly....

"Oh Jesus..."She slack-jawed at his size


She didn't reply, instead She pinned him with her eyes as she leaned down and took his impossibly hard flesh in her hand, drawing him upright to lower her mouth toward his oozing dome. He moaned the second her breath hit him. She’d never had anything so thick inside her mouth before, but the throaty growl he released as her lips enclosed the head made her feel there was nothing she couldn’t do...

Suddenly her mouth was full of rich, tangy flesh. With her hand wrapped around the base, she kept her eyes on his wincing face as she stroked the upper half of his penis with her moist lips. He groaned deeper, harder, reaching for her face and brushing her dark, luxurious hair aside as he gazed at her sucking his penis...

Feeling his eyes on her as she stroked his shaft with her mouth only made her pulse beat harder and faster. The broiling emptiness of her pussy was clawing at the walls of her consciousness. She might have sucked him until he filled her mouth with his cream, but she realized she was the one who could only take so much more...

She finally released his pulsing penis from her mouth, pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and yanked off her pant. His eyes were constantly on her as she moved back over him to sit astride his hips. Holding his dick in place, she finally lowered her smoothly waxed pussy onto his rigid shaft...

"Condom..."He said with pants breathe

"You brought a condom...?"

"Yeah, my trouser pockets..."

She search for his trousers, when she found it, she took out several naira notes before she reach for the condom, she rolled it in...

They groaned at the same time, and he pulled her forward to kiss her as she began to ride his length with the rocking drive of her hips. He clutched her ass tightly, pulling her open as he met the rock of her hips with his thrusting penis...

He moaned into the sheets as she fùcked him harder...

"God am going to cum..."He groaned



She rode him faster, then she felt his fat shank exploded with blossoms of wet heat inside the condom while he moaned and gasped for precious air....

She rolled off and slept beside him..

"Oh God..."He breathe against her face..

Daisy woke up at the sound of noises..., she sigh, when she turn around, she saw Adam still sleeping peacefully, then it hit her, the reality of what they have done.., what she had done..., she stoop so low..

Shame engulfed her, she quickly climbed out from the bed and slid in her clothes.., she look at the time, it was 6:11AM, not bothering to wash her face, she pick up her shoes and her bag and began to tip toe out of the hotel room, embarrassment, shame flushing every part of her body...

She gently open the door so the creaking sound won't wake him up, then she stepped outside, her pair of shoe in her hand..., she close the door and walk away....a dirty walk of shame.....


Merry Christmas to everyone


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Lilly4endu(f): 2:58pm On Dec 25, 2019
Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for the update.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 3:06pm On Dec 25, 2019
Ahh Daisy grin grin grin grin
A merry Christmas to you too silver
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Tnks for the update silver
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 10:06pm On Dec 25, 2019
Janet is a fool for breaking up with Barry
I don't just understand Tony, what exactly is wrong with him
thanks so much for the update boss
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 10:08pm On Dec 25, 2019
Exotic Christmas grin

Daisy Daisy. cheesy wink
Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 10:29am On Dec 26, 2019
Chai Daisy fall my hand
Thanks for the update

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