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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Mavikolo2020: 10:55am On Jan 02
Janet is making the biggest mistake of her life breaking up with Barry.
Matthew is just a jobless man who addicted to sex
Happy new year Mr silver
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:48pm On Jan 02
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Husband of the year

Music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand, the sound rushing in and around every person in the room. Some react to the beat, others continue in chatter, but always it speaks to them in some manner...., The lyrics swim through Daisy's cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream, the notes relaxing her, enabling the song to call to her entire being. Music could never be something superfluous to her, it was medicine delivered in the most divine way...

The happy birthday music soared through the air like an eagle on an up-draft, taking with it the very souls of the listening and singing audience. They ascended together in a magical flight to the heavens, a breathtaking melody of orchestral exuberance of smooth and odd voices. Then after the song they dived back down, giddy, their breath stolen from their bodies before applauds rumbled in the air....

"Thank you..."Janet said taking a glass of cocktail from one of the passing waiter's tray...

"Look like you're enjoying the party.."Daisy whisper to her ears before taking a sip of her almost finished glass of wine..

When no answer came from Janet, she continued...."Are you sure he's coming..?"



"He said he will..."


They sat down when everyone else did, their eyes fixed on the MC up the stage, Daisy's eyes meet the other two girls and man on her table, she noticed one of the girls was stealing stares from her and tend to turn her face away whenever her eyes flicked to her side....

Refusing to be bothered by the girl, she reverts her gaze to the stage......

A brief outburst of laughter erupted from the audience at the funny words of the MC, the laughter was quickly brought under control except for one girl who didn't get the memo...., she was laughing shamelessly holding her chest as peals of laughter dropped from her thick and fast...

Daisy slithered a flat smirk through crooked lips..., She thought she hated the girl's loud laugh, but every time she hear her giggling through her nose, snorting adorably, she fell a little more in love with her....

When the next joke hit them, there was no un-ladylike..., laughter exploded from the men of valor on suits and women of marvelous gowns and expensive earrings...., Daisy found herself joining the spontaneous laughter..., she laughed so hard, her breath coming in quick gasps between her unstopable giggles....

She felt the beads of her own laughter in her lungs, so hard that it took her breath away. The lack of oxygen didn't matter. All the anguish of the past few days melted like snowballs in a microwave. The laughter created a small vacation, a blessed relief from all the distress that shoved its way into her brain. For a single moment, the lack of money to pay her annoying and unwanted flatmate did not matter. She lost the tightness in her chest. The muscles in her neck relaxed. After all that had occurred, she felt hope. And hope feels good. With hope came the thought that things would turn around, that somehow, Someone in the great Somewhere, had stepped into the birthday arena as her champion.., her financial saviour.......

The latin music cranks Daisy's joy right up, hijacking her brain making her wish things that ordinarily she doubt will come to pass...., her dancing steps followed the rhythm and beat of the music, the bass music bringing an unfaded smile to her face, the sort usually only conjured by the cheekiest of her friends.....

"You've got an admirer..."Janet whisper to her ears..

"Who..?"Daisy whispered back

"Behind you.."

When Daisy stylishly turned to see him, she saw the same man who sat on the table with her.., she quickly turn away her gaze when the man cackled, his lips parting, showing his yellow-stained teeth...

"Definitely not my type..."Daisy scurred

"He looks rich..."Janet said

Daisy flashed a toothless grin and giggled..."Because he wears a suit doesn't mean he's rich...., didn't you see his teeth...?"

Janet laughed..."When has the colour of a man's teeth ever stopped you...?"

"Bottom line Janet..., he doesn't have money..."

"How would you know...?"

"If he does, girls will be flocking him.., look at him, he's standing a lone man..."

"Speaking of that, there are two girls beside him..."

Daisy spun around to face him again, when the man waved at her, she cooked up a momentary smile before taking her face away....

"Those are certainly his type.."Daisy said before dropping the playing music dance step...

"Oh my God...!"Janet slack-jawed

"What..?"Daisy asked tossing her hair backward..

"Is that Laura's husband..?"Janet asked pointing

Daisy gaze followed Janet's fingers..., her eyes enlarged with a rude awakening when she saw Richard, Richard hands on another woman's waist...

"What...?"Daisy reiterated...

Both girls flinch when Richard squeezed the girl's bottom....

Daisy's head swell with annoyance..."This got to stop..."She sneer taking a step to walk to Richard but Janet hold her before she went any further...

"What do you want to do..?"Janet queried

"I have to stop this.."

"Stop what..?"

"Janet, Seriously, you don't expect me to stand here and watch that bastard cheat on my friend in public..., look at him, he's smiling and squeezing that shameless woman's ass..."

"You can't do that Daisy.."

"I can and i will..."

"No you can't, it's none of our business .."

"What are you saying Janet.., Laura is our friend.."

"Laura knows her husband is a cheat.."

"That doesn't give him the right to cheat on her in public..."

"He's just holding her...."

Daisy huff..."Do you know where 'just holding her leads to..', a hotel room.."

"Even if that's true Daisy, you can't go to him..."

"I will..."

Janet snort..."Daisy you're not listening to me..."What will you tell him.., oh Richard, i saw you holding another woman's ass, are you cheating on my friend.."

"Why would i ask him that when i know very well he's cheating"

"Precisely why you can't go there..."

"Am not okay about him doing it in public...."

"His pants are not down Daisy.."

"Oh they'll soon..., after the party..."

"Oh God..."Janet swallowed

When Daisy face Richard's direction again, a wave of resentment flushed through her when she saw him kissing the girl, all the while squeezing her ass tightly....
"You see that..."She turned her angry gaze at Janet

Janet sigh but didn't reply..

"That's precisely why am going over there now..."

"Daisy..."Janet called out but couldn't stop her...

Still smouldering in her angry look, Daisy walked towards him, Richard is shameless and she's more than ready to give him a piece of her mind....

"Hey..."She sneer breaking the cheat and the slut kiss...

"Hey...."Richard said back..

Daisy almost start the impolite conversation with insults, but where will be the fun...

"I see your hand is full..."Daisy said, eyes engulfed with resentment towards him

She watched him clean his lips dry from the kiss, annoying her more...

"Who are you...?"He asked

Daisy scoff..., he's asking like he doesn't know who she is..."You know who i am..."

He raised his brows..."Do i...?"

"Oh please don't pretend because i caught you kissing this..."She eyed the girl before saying...."Person.."

"Oh i remember...."Richard said..."You're my wife's friend.., are you Lily...?"

Daisy's stomach churned with irritation..."No, am Daisy.."

"Oh, Daisy...., You look stunning Daisy..."

Daisy threw him a smirk before her eyes turned to the girl clinging at his side..

"You want her to leave...?"Richard asked

Daisy didn't reply

"Go on belle fille..."Richard said to the girl...

Daisy wince in revulsion when the girl grabbed his tie, and pout her lips..

"Est-ce que je vous verrai à nouveau...?"The girl asked in French...

"toujours.."Richard replied before pressing a kiss on her lips...

Daisy hated his guts, right there in front of her, he was kissing her...

"Où étions nous..?"Richard asked when the girl left..

Daisy sighed with anger...."I don't speak french.."

"Oh, my bad, you want to dance...?"

Daisy almost hissed..."Hell no.."

"Then what do you want..?"He ask closing the distance between them.., his eyes lowering down to her breast..."Do you want me...?"

Daisy took a step back, her fist dying to be slam across his face...."Why are you doing this to my friend..?"

He adjusted his tie..."Why am i doing what...?"

"You just kissed that slut..., you think cheating on your wife in public is a good thing..."

"It was just a friendly kiss...."

"Oh really...., you were really trying so hard to make the friendly kiss a memorable one.., you squeezing her ass, was that a friendly squeezed also...?"

He jut his chin..."Don't tell me you walked up to me to ask me that..."

"I walked up to you to asked you many things Mr Laura's husband..."

"So ask me..."

"I just asked you one..."

"Didn't Laura tell you it's not appropriate for singles to meddle into couple's life..., i mean married couple not boyfriend and girlfriend couple..."

Daisy curled her lips..."Laura is my friend..."

"Yeah, i warned her against that.."

"Against what..?"

"Against been friends with you singles..., single girls are bad vibes to married women..., i hope you're intelligent enough to understand what i mean..."

Daisy eye-beard him, she understands enough to punch his stupid face..."Do you enjoy hurting my friend...?"

"Did she tell you that...?"

"No, am asking you that.."

"You have no right to ask me that.."

"Am her friend.."she snarled

"Then stay in the friend zone, don't cross your limits..."

"What kind of a man are you...?"

"A gentleman who's wasting his time talking to you..."He fling back...

"Laura have done you no wrong yet you take pleasure in suffering her....."

"Did she tell you that...?"

Irritation sliced across Daisy's face...."You better stop putting my friend through shits..."

"Or...."He shift closer once more...."We better start getting acquainted...., if you want, I can book a hotel room right now, let's get acquainted in bed, believe me when i say this, am a perfect gentleman in bed..., i hit where you want it..."

Her mouth went hard with fury..., her fist clenched behind her, she snarled..."You disgust me..."

"And you think you don't me, you nothing, walked up to me and threw at me stupid questions..., how the hell did you even cross the gates...., who's dumb enough to allow you come in here..."

Exasperation triggered her guts but she kept her cool, he's not worth her fury...."It's a free party..."

He bit his lips..."I warned Akinshola against that, now see what the free wind blew in..."

"Aren't you just too full of yourself...?"

A cruel smile circled his lips..."Aren't you full of yours.....?"

Daisy glared at him..

"Oh, come one, begone with that look, i know you came here for the men with the money, i have the money, so let's go have some fun...."

"I'll rather have fun with a goat than stoop so low to even think of touching you, your face alone gives me crumbs...."

"So you fùck a goat..?"

Daisy nearly suffocated in her fury, she knows very well she'll burst with rage very soon...
"Stop hurting my friend..."She scowled

He didn't reply, instead he direct his attention to the man who joined them...

"Mr Walter..."Richard said..."Please meet my wife's friend, Darry.."

"Daisy.."Daisy corrected, voice thick with spite.

A sneer formed around his mouth..."Yes Daisy.., she's single and overly ready to mingle..."

Daisy puff..what the heck..

"Hello Daisy..."The man's hoarse voice sent her insides seething

"Hello Mr Walter..."

Richard smile at her before turning to face Walter..."Please Walter, use a condom, these girls spread strange things, this one particularly sleeps with a goat..."

A vortex of anger swirls inside Daisy as the words hit her ears hard..."You're a mad man Richard..."She snarled ignoring the people that heard it...

Richard eyes flickered from the now interested viewers to her..., he shrugged before damning Daisy bravado to nuts...."Touchè..."

Daisy almost walked after him to hit him just once when he walked away leaving her and Walter alone....

"Hello again Daisy.."

"Not interested..."She said to the man and retraced her steps to Janet


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:49pm On Jan 02

"God i hate him, i hate him..."Daisy cursed angrily..

Janet scoff..."I told you not to go there....."

"That man is a bastard..., am calling Laura..."

"Jesus Daisy, you can't do that..."

"Laura need to see this..."

"You saw how he embarrassed you, how far do you think he'll go to punish Laura if she comes here.., you can't call Laura, you can't tell Laura anything about what we saw today..."

"I can't keep my mouth shut after witnessing this.., i have to tell Laura..."

"Don't do it.."

Daisy pace, her anger recoiling in her stomach, she regretted why she didn't punch him even once.....
"Look i need to pee..."Daisy said agitated

"Okay..., but don't call Laura.."

"I won't.."

"Am serious Daisy, don't tell Laura.."

"I said i won't..."She blare out before walking away totally oblivious of where she was heading..

After asking a few persons, she traced her way to the guest toilet..., her eyes mounted on the AC..., she nib wondering who puts ACs on the toilet..
There was no sign specifying male or female on the toilet doors.., so she entered the first one without knocking..

Her heart pounded when she saw a guy sited.., pooing.., she quickly ran out, her eyes must have caught sight of his dick.., who poos and holds his penis in his hand...

"Am sorry..."She stated closing the door, her heart still pumping from the sight of his limb dick..., or was it erected......

"Next time, try closing the door..."She shouted before knocking on the second one...

When no answer came, she turn down the knob but it was locked...

"Is anyone inside there...?"She shouted

Her mouth warped with irritation when no answer came, yet the door was locked..

"There is no one in there..."The guy in the other toilet said...

Daisy sigh, she was about walking out when the guy came out...
Daisy raise her brows.., then her eyes lour down to his fly to be certain if he was hard inside or not....

"Oh it's soft now, i masturbated..."He said

Daisy look askance at him..."Oh..."

"Am kidding..."He added...."Sorry you had to see that..."

"Sorry i barge in like that.., i thought no one was in...."

"Only few people come here..."He said..."The rest use the main house..."


"Am Simon..."He said extending his hand for a handshake...

Daisy grimace at his hand....

"Oh, sorry i forgot to wash my hands..., i didn't know these little things i overlook will cost me a handshake oneday..."

Daisy forced herself to laugh...

"Unfortunately there's no soap in here, so i just rinse my hands with water and dried it with the machine..."


"You haven't told me your name.."



"Yeah, Daisy..."

"Nice name..."

"Nice perfume..."She sniff..

"Oh thank you..."

"Are you done..., cos i really need to pee.."

"Yeah..., but don't freak out at whatever stench you might perceive.."

Daisy frown in revulsion..."Okay..."

She was about going in when her phone vibrated in her purse.., she ignore her need to pee and took her phone out to look at the caller..., her heart raced when she realise it was Laura......

"Are you done..?"She asked Simon awkwardly...

"You asked me that before.."

"I mean are you done to leave, i want to take a call..."

"Oh, okay, I'll be outside..."He said, hesitated a bit before leaving her...

Daisy sigh and touch the answer button....

The music echoe in Daisy's ears as she once again walked into the life of the party, before now she could have dance a few steps to the beat of the music and but she was so down and angry now, all thanks to Laura's huaband..., beastly husband of the year....

She search for Janet but she wasn't in sight..., still smouldering in her angry look, she called her on thr phone...

Janet answer at the second ring...

"Where are you...?"Daisy asked

"Am sorry Daisy, i had to leave..."

Flutters washed through her..."What.., why..?"

"Kenny came..."Janet said from the other end..."He wasn't comfortable with the party, so we had to leave.."

"And you didn't even bother telling me..."

"I called, you were on another call, check your inbox, i dropped a message..., where you talking to Laura on the phone..?"

Daisy sigh...., a bit sad at Laura's reaction when she spilled the bean..."Yeah..."

"Daisy, did you tell her...?"

"I couldn't lie to her Janet, she's my friend, it hurts me when she's hurt.."

"It was a simple lie Daisy.."

"The simple lie turned out to be hard.."

There was silence then Janet's voice came again..
"I have to go, I'll call you later..."

"Be care...."Her words seized in her mouth when the call ended..

She exhale and scan her eyes for Richard.., when she didn't find him, she thought he must have booked a hotel for himself and a slut...., Richard ruined all her plans for the party..


Her gaze followed the alertness of the voice..., her stomach churned with butterflies when she saw an older man probably in his fifties,.. fair and cute., she lower her eyes to his fingers, there was no ring...

"I've been watching you for a while now..."He said to her

"Hello to you too sir..."She fling back

He smile, even his smile was as cute as him..

He deep his hands into his pocket and took out a card...."Here is my card.."He said handling it to her..."Call me..."

Daisy look stylishly at his name..."Prince Tarris..."

He smile..."Call me, there is alot i want to discuss with you.."


When he left, she dropped the card on her purse and once again let her mind wonder what will happen when Laura confronts Richard....

Lily dropped the remote to pick her ringing phone, a swoon washed over when she saw the caller.., with a smile on her face, she answered the call...

"Hey you..."She said reducing the volume of the TV...

"Hi..."Michael's voice sounded

"I never expected you to call so late in the evening..."Lily said glancing at the time...

"What's the time..?"He asked


" I didn't realise.., i missed you, wanted to hear your voice.., can't stop thinking about you.."

Her stomach churned with butterflies..."Am married Michael, you should stop thinking about a married woman..."

"If it's a crime, i will love to be arrested for it.."

She smile, then she looked back to see if Tony was there, certain he wasn't, she said...."It's a serious crime..."

"Then jail me.."

She pout...."God, you're silly..."

"I really miss you Lily..., and i want to see you..."

"You can't see me..."

"I don't mind coming to your house..."

She raised her brows...."You won't do that..."

"You think i won't..?"

Her body flushed with desire..."You can't come Michael, like i said, am married..."

"Are you happy with your husband...?"

Flutters sliced across her face..."I am.."She bit her lip at the lie..

"You barely talk about him Wherever we are together, and when i ask about him, you divert the conversation to something else..."

"It's not proper to discuss one's husband with friends..., in bracket the Male exs..."

"Are there female exs..?"He asked jokingly

"Don't be silly Michael.."

She heard him laugh and she laughed at herself for defending her vegetable of a husband..

"We should have ended up together..."He said

She blushed.."I doubt it.."

"You do..?"

"We broke up remember, and then you traveled and stayed away five years without a phone call..., come on, even Juliet couldn't have wait that long for Romeo.."

He laugh and she join in the laughter...

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.."

She rolled her eyes..."Don't tell me is because of me cos boy, that line is old, boys should try and invent something new.."

"When i put it that way, you know i mean it..."He said

"Do i.."

"I think you do.."

"Go get yourself a wife Michael, am someone's else property..."

"I will..., if you permit me to see you tomorrow.."

Against her better judgement, she said..."Okay..."

"Alright goodnight Lily.."

"Goodnight Michael..."

She sigh when the call ended..., not wanting to think about how sexy and how well Michael will be in bed, she turned off the Tv and took a turn for her room...
She opened her room door, her eyes widen when she didn't find Tony in bed, not that she care though...., she was about climbing into bed when she heard moans from the bathroom..

Curiosity triggered her nerves prompting her towards the bathroom, she gently pushed the bathroom door open, shock raced through her when she saw Tony nakèd and moaning from masturbation....

"Tony..."She blare out...

Tony quickly spun around to face her, his last gush of sperm racing from his penis to the ground...

Lily's eyes glanced at his phone in his hand, but she couldn't capture the picture he was looking at before he dropped the phone..

"Where you masturbating...?"She growled

Eyes burning with rage, Laura glared at Richard as he enters the room...

"You didn't bring her home...?"She snarled

Richard suck on his teeth..."Bring who home..?"

"You know who..."she said putting the pillow aside..

"I don't have time for your assumptions Laura, if you have nothing important to say, go take a bath before i fùck you..."

"The french chick..."Laura snapped standing up to meet him..."The one you squeezed her ass and kissed in public..."

"We fùcked too..."He sneered..."I guess your friend left out that information..."

She lost it and furiously slap him hard in the face....
"You cheating manwhore..."She yelled directly at him....

"Did you just slap me..?"

In reply to his question, she slapped him again...., she was fed up, tired of his bullshit and all she wants now is release every ounce of anger she's feeling into him....

His fingers roamed in his face, when she yelled at him again, he grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze..

His strong hold sent daybreak out of her.., she gasp and try to breathe...
His eyes brimming with hostility, he pushed her on the bed..

She cough.., eyes red with fury, she jumped from the bed and jumped at him, they both crashed on the floor..

Richard regained his balance and caught her hand, he slapped her, the hot slap sent stars to Laura's eyes but she didn't give up, she was at the verge of slapping back but he hold her hand, furiously dropped it and slapped her again before pushing her...

She hit her body on the wall and stumbled on the floor, what followed was a harsh kick to her stomach..

She groan in pains as he kick her once more, then again and again..

"You useless bitch..."Richard growled kicking and matching her mercilessly

Laura cried, she was bleeding but he didn't notice, he kept kicking her stomach and matching her body, With each kick the pain amplified, her muscle quivered, her consciousness ebbed. Black mists swirled at the edges of her mind drawing her into sweet oblivion of unconsciousness.....


Happy new year everyone....


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:00pm On Jan 02
Janet is making the biggest mistake of her life breaking up with Barry.
Matthew is just a jobless man who addicted to sex
Happy new year Mr silver
Happy new year man
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:03pm On Jan 02
Matthew head is turning on im own
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:03pm On Jan 02
Caught in the act. Thanks for the update
U welcome
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:04pm On Jan 02
Matthew is a goat....
Daisy.....I don't know what to say to you

Thanks for the update
u welcome dear

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:04pm On Jan 02
Happy new year silver
U too broda
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:05pm On Jan 02
A jobless Michael, why won't he want to let off steam, when he is lazy, he only wants Daisy because he needs a backbone. Such a lazy pest.
Silver thanks for the update.
Abeg jaara go dey, am olivertwisting
smiley smiley
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 8:19pm On Jan 02
Laura cry

I don't understand Tony
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Toeyean1507(f): 8:38pm On Jan 02
I so hate domestic violence with every ounce of my blood and that's why I keep telling folks to run very fast at the first sign of it,.............if the lady don't end up killing the man out of retaliation, the man will eventually kill her one day.

You are doing a great job, brother. Well done sir.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by indodon(m): 9:30pm On Jan 02
dis tori dey totori me no be small
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 9:42pm On Jan 02
Are there no good men in the story.
Richard is something else.
What is really Tony's problem, is he scared of sex or what abi he was abused
Thanks for the update op
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 10:18pm On Jan 02
Silver please give us bonus Episode to celebrate the new year.
Some men are demons from the pit of hell, so sad for Laura and Lily now
Thanks for the update silver
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 1:45am On Jan 03
Tony Tony, caught in the act
At last Laura will lose the pregnancy then Richard will be ok
Daisy, I just hope this your Prince Tarris is real
Janet......enjoy ur relationship while it lasts

Thanks for the update

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 11:40am On Jan 03
This is what some women suffer from some men.
Op you're doing a great job, keep the updates coming
Re: Married And Single (18+) by mitakemi2427(f): 8:30pm On Jan 03
Are there no good men in the story. Richard is something else. What is really Tony's problem, is he scared of sex or what abi he was abused Thanks for the update op
Pls help me and ask i cant believe i actually teared up reading this episode
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 9:34am On Jan 04
Am so sad for laura now cry
Re: Married And Single (18+) by mitakemi2427(f): 2:05pm On Jan 04
So i just re-read this story again and i have to ask a question Why was tony masturbating? What photo was he soap-ing to? And why do i have The Feeling that daisy will sleep with robert Meanwhile i feel janet made a mistake by dating kenny Anyways thanks author
Re: Married And Single (18+) by do4luv14(m): 5:21pm On Jan 04
No thanks for Daisy and her big mouth

Am so sad for laura now cry
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 6:56pm On Jan 04
M & S

The early morning sunlight, soft and diffuse, gives way to the first strong rays of the day, the ones that bring true warmth. In this light, water evaporates in slow waves, waves that eddy in the gentle breeze, flowing upward to white-puffed clouds, ships of white in the blue above. The opera from the trees becomes all the more powerful, as if these golden rays are their conductor's wand, and together they are the song that calls forth the spring...

Laura breathe in the sweet air as the birds soften the dawn with their chorus..., The sun poured through the cracks in the curtain and awaited entrance into Laura's eyes. Sight still in the clutches of the night's glue, she hesitantly rubbed the dreams away. Thoughts of the visions in sleep come and go in waves, clinging on to the very last memory before her sudden temporary departure....

"Good morning..."Stephen, the doctor said before checking her wrist...."How are you Mrs Richard..?"

Laura rubbed the remainder of sleep from her eyes and gazed at the horizon....
"Where am i...?"She asked shabbily

"Hospital..."Stephen replied jotting somr things on his diary..."Your husband brought you in lastnight..., you were unconscious..."

Her head swell with anger when her head brood over what happened..., that bastard beat her until she fainted..., her hands glided to her stomach, eyes enlarged with fear, she faced Stephen..."My baby.., how's my baby...?"

Adrenaline flood her system, pumping and beating like it's trying to escape when Stephen gave no reply
"Stephen..., my baby.., is my baby okay...?"

"Mrs Richard..."

"Stop calling me that.."She snarled..."You've never called me that so don't start now.."

Stephen sigh..."Laura.., am sorry.."

Her fear sparked in her belly with added gasoline..."You're sorry what..?"

He nibbed his lips, involuntarily snap his forehead with a finger before speaking up..."You lost the baby..."

Laura's heart froze..., she can't lose the baby, she was planning on keeping it after watching "Am a kid again..", the kids were adorable, then she started believing that truly her child was a gift to put a smile in her face.., and now....

"I lost my baby..."She stated, voice engulfed in tremors..

Stephen exhales..."You were bleeding profusely when he brought you in..., you're lucky to have lost only the baby...."

"I lost my baby.."She cut in with a yell....

"Am sorry.."

Her hands tremble with quickening breathes, then beads of tears began to flow from her eyes...

"Does Richard knows you were Pregnant...?"

She didn't reply, she just smouldered in her angry look and let the tears flow constantly from her eyes..

"Should i call Richard and tell him you're awake...?"

Eyes sparkling anger, she shift her angry gaze at him..."No.."

"Do you want me to call anyone....?"

She blink, giving permission for more tears to run down her cheek...."Call my friend.."

"Your friend..."He reiterated

"Yes, Daisy..."

He jut his chin and took his phone out..."Do you know her phone number...?"

She look away, allowing her anger relax inside her before it tears her apart....

"Okay..., am listening.."

She sniffled before calling out Daisy's phone number to him....

Lily rested her head on her hand, her face red with suppressed rage, in her lying position, she glare at Tony as he stood up from the bed and trot towards the wardrobe, another night without sex...

The moment Tony entered the bathroom, Lily jump from the bed and pick up Tony's phone eager to see the picture of the whòre he was masturbating to...
She bit her lip, hard that she felt the pain, he had a password on his phone.....

Infuriated with his bullshit, she pounce on the bathroom door like an enraged panther and gave it a violent knock..

The door open a second later and she stepped in with a yell...
"Which married man puts a password in his phone...?"She queried, voice molded in spite..

"You went through my Phone...?"He fling back holding the towel around his waist to prevent it from falling..

"Yes.."She retorted..."To see the whòre you were masturbating to lastnight.., but your phone is locked.., why..?"

"Because it's private.."

His words sparked her rage...."Private to who, your wife..?"

"Private to everyone..."

"Because you stored the pictures of your whòres in it.., you cheating bastard.."

"Lily, i don't have time for this..."

Her head swelled with resentment, she glared at him before forcefully pulling the towel from his waist baring him naķed....

"What is wrong with you...?"Tony yelled

"You not having sex with me is wrong with me..."She yelled back...."What do you think i am Tony, a picture you look at one second and in the next you've forgotten it was there, an entertainer who yells at you and beg you for sex...., am a human Tony..., for christ sake am a human, i craved sex like other women do, i want to be fùcked like other women are been fùcked..., and if you can't give me that, then I'll get it somewhere else..."

"You won't do that..."He said stepping out to take another towel..

"I'll do whatever i want.., you know why Tony, because you're a useless vegetable..."

His heart bruised at the harsh words..."Am a what...?"He ask facing her...

"A withered and useless vegetable.."She reiterated angrily..

"Is that what you call your husband..?"

"Husband..."She laughed hysterically..."You're just a band who derives pleasure from masturbation..., aren't you ashamed of yourself..., what married man masturbates...?"

He took a deep breath, grabbed another towel and retrace his steps to the bathroom...

"Who is she...?"Lily queried, rage seething her insides..

He stopped and spun around to face her..."Who is who..?"

"I just said 'she', don't pretend like you didn't hear it..."

"Who is she...?"

Irritation sliced across her face..."Do not take me for a fool..."

"Am not taking you for a fool, in the other way, you're the one taking me for a fool...,besides she is not a person's name..."

"Am talking about the she, the whòre, whose picture you were masturbating to last night..."She snapped

"I wasn't masturbating to any whòre..."

"A man then.."She riposte..

"Why would i masturbate to a man..?"

"Cos you're capable of many things that i detest..."


"Like not having sex with your wife, like asking to bang me in the ass, like masturbating......"

"What's your thing with sex..?"He asked irritated

"What's your thing with no sex..?"She fling back

He exhales..."Am taking my bath.."

"Well what else do you do than taking your bath...?"She sneer

"What's that supposed to mean...?"

"What it's supposed to mean..."She riposte

"Don't cheat on me Lily..."

Exasperation flushed her insides...."I shouldn't cheat, you want me to remain sex starved all my life and watch you masturbate to your old cargo whòres pictures..."

"You masturbate.., why are you making mine a big deal...?"

"I don't masturbate..."

He scoff..."Then the fake big black penìses in the drawer are for what..., remote for the TV..?"

"No they're there, in place of you..."

"So then you agree you fùck yourself...."

She bit on her lip.."You're shameless Tony...., you cannot perform as a man and you aren't even bothered about it and you open your big mouth that moans from your stupid masturbation to tell me to not cheat on you....., you must be really stupid..."

"Enough of the insults Lily, there's a limit to what i can take..."

"And there's a limit to what i can take.."She yelled back....."What sort of a man are you...?"

He didn't reply, instead, he walked into the bathroom and shut the door, what followed was the erratic sound of water dropping from the shower....

"We're not done Tony, we're not..."She shouted banging the bathroom door...

Her stomach ringing with butterflies, Janet entered the restaurant..., she look around then she found him sitting in a corner..., she wore a smile on and walk towards him...

"Hi..."Janet said..

She blushed when Kenny open his mouth at her sight...

"God.., you're an angel..."Kenny said giving her his own smile..

"Angels are in heaven.."She teased before sitting opposite him..

"This one...."He pout and look at her face..."Is in earth..."

Her body tingle with an unexplainable feeling...."You asked me to come.."

His cheeks radiates with a smile before he spoke up..."Yeah.."

"What's the urgency.?"

"Are you angry i asked you to come...?"

"No, am not..., just that am a bit scared my madam might show up at my workplace.., though i asked Flora, my colleague to cover up for me.., i told her I'll get her an icecream when i get back..."

"And icecream she shall get.."

She chuckle...

"I keep thinking about you...."Kenny said

She blush..."We spoke all through lastnight after the party.."

"I wasn't comfortable with the late night call, i allowed you have your sleep, remember..."

"Yeah, i do.."

"Well i couldn't sleep after i ended the call..."

"You should have called back..."She said.., then her conscience barked at her she hated night calls..., maybe she hated it with only Barry...

"Wanted to.., but i felt you still need to get your sleep.., i saw how stressed you were after the party..."

"God, i hated the party..."

"Is your friend still angry you left...?"

"Daisy..., i haven't even called her since we last spoke..."

"It's my fault, i shouldn't have dragged you away the way i did..."

She smile...."Trust me, you did me a huge favour when you dragged me out, i was getting fed up with the whole party noise and sight of girls with panty gowns..."

"Panty gowns...!"

"Yeah...."She suck in before saying..."The type that reveals everything you have..."

He chuckle...."Am no fan of these type of parties either..."

"I never wanted to go there, my friend dragged me along..."

He smile and reach for her hand...

His touch sent her body electrifying with strange desires....

"I got you something...."Kenny said pulling his hand from hers..., he deep his hand in his pocket and took a necklace box...
"Here..."He said handling it to her..

Face brimming with excitement, she collected it, then she opened it...., her face flushed with shock when she took out a diamond pendant....

"Oh my God..."She slack-jawed...."A diamond pendant..., is this for me..?"

He smile..."Yeah..., it's a gift from the purest part of my heart to you.."

"Oh My God Kenny, this must have cost you a fortune..."

"For you..., anything is priceless..."

A swoon washed over her and she felt the urge to kiss him...."Thank you.."

"Thank you for coming into my life..."He replied...

She almost cried..."I really appreciate this Kenny, i really do...., thank you..."

He reached her hand again, his face looking straight at hers...

Janet felt her heart jumping with confused feelings and a violent desire to kiss him stupid.....

"I love you..."He mutter

Janet eyes enlarged with butterflies.., she swallowed as the words registered in her head once more..


"I love you.."He said again caressing her hand with his right thumb.....

She try to talk but what came out from her mouth was engulf in stutters.."You..., you love me..?"

"I know it's too soon, I've thought about it, these feelings inside me as not just as friends..., i think about you day and night, you have no idea how am feeling right now that I've let that out..."

"How do you feel..?"She asked Shabbily

"Free..., my feelings for you have been biting me from the inside for days now...., i just have to tell you, you don't need to love me back, if you aren't interested it's fine, i won't force you take any decision against your will..."

She ran out of words to say to him...

"But whatever you decide Janet, know that i love you with my heart.."

She sat dumbfounded, how stupid she must be in front of him, just staring at him like that, allowing his words sink into the deepest part of her soul....

"You want to eat something...?"He ask pulling his hand from hers....

His question snapped her from her thoughts, her head still spinning with conflicting thoughts, she said..."Yes.."

"Careful Laura..."Daisy said as she pushed the door open..., a wave of bitterness swept across her face when she saw Richard watching a football match...

"Look who's back home..."Richard sass..."My wife..."

Burning rage hissed through Laura's body like deathly poison, screeching a demanded release in the form of an almost unwanted uproar.., Daisy noticed and stopped her before she booked them a flight ticket to hell..

"Laura please, don't answer him, just go to your room..."Daisy mutter..

Face rigid with anger, Laura walked away.., Daisy sigh and shift her gaze to Richard

"If we keep meeting like this, I'll begin to think you need something from me, something big and pointing, something that can fill a hole..."Richard sneer...

Daisy frown, a vein pulsing in her forehead...."You disgust me..."

"Ah ha...., you said that to me at the party....., just nod if you're thinking what am thinking..."

Irritation sliced across Daisy's face..."How could you do that to your wife..., beat her unconscious, what sort of a man are you...?"

Richard hissed and refocus on his football match...

"Only a monster will kill his own baby..."Daisy groaned, finally letting the trashy skeleton out of the cupboard..

"What did you say..?"He ask meeting her gaze..

"I said only a monster like you will kill his own child..."

He scoff..."My own child..., you must be out of your mind, i have never had a child.."

"Laura was pregnant..."Daisy cried out angrily...."And you killed the baby..."

Shock stroked him..."I,i..i did what...?"He ask standing up..."She was pregnant..?"

Daisy sniffle, allowing a tear to fall from her eye...."How would you know when you don't think twice before torturing her...., before making her life a living hell, you punch and kick her every chance you get...., you're just a demon..."

"She never told me she was pregnant..."

"Go to hell Richard..."

"How could she not tell me she was pregnant...?"

Daisy sniff, anger choking her, she was about to latched out when she heard a cranking sound on the wall.., she turned and saw Laura with a baseball bat...
"Laura..."Daisy mutter gently...

"How could you not tell me you were pregnant...?"Richard yelled

Anger boiled deep in Laura, it churned within ready for destruction, she gave in to her anger and snarled at Daisy when she came closer...

"Laura.."Daisy called out with pulsating heart before taking a step backward..

Holding the baseball bat firmly, Laura turned on the flat screen TV like an enraged panther, she smashed it violently with the baseball bat, the TV tripped off and cascaded in broken fragments.....

"What did you just do...?"Richard growled walking closer..

His voice triggered her anger more, like fuel added to fire, she swing the baseball bat at him and it almost reach him...

"Laura calm down..."Daisy begged as Richard hide behind her...

"Do you think you're the only crazy one...?"Laura growled

"Laura please calm down.."Daisy said shifting aback as Laura push forward..

"Do not tell me to calm down...."Laura yelled directly at Daisy...."This monster, this good for nothing thrash made me lost my baby today...."

"I know Laura, please...

"Out of my way Daisy...."Laura growled

"You need to calm down first..."Daisy begged

Laura scream, then she walk out and reappeared a second later with a gallon of fuel...

"What are you doing...?"Richard queried...

When he went closer, she wave the baseball bat at him, not once but twice, the second attack hit his arm and pain erupted from the point of contact...
She targeted his head but Daisy hold her before the wood reach Richard's head...

Infuriated, she pushed Daisy aside, glare at Richard before stepping outside..

"Laura what are you doing...?"Daisy ask running after her..

Laura smashed Richard car windshield, then she poured the fuel on the seats...

"Laura don't do it...."Daisy begged...

Her pleads fell on deaf ears, Laura lit the match stick, and threw it in and the car burst in flames...

"How dare you...?"Richard retorted walking furiously towards her...

Anger hovers around Laura, clouding her judgement, then it pushed her into a state of acrimony.., without thinking, she hit Richard's head with the baseball bat...

Head spinning, blood gushing out, Richard fell to the floor...

Daisy rushed to Richard..."Oh God.."She whimper trying to stop the bleeding..."Laura what have you done...?"

Daisy's eyes flick from the burning car to Richard again..., heart pulsating she shouted..."Laura we need help, he's dying...., Laura..."

Ignoring her, Laura went into the house, what followed was smashing of glasses and every valuable thing in the house...

"Laura...."Daisy screamed


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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:05pm On Jan 04
I so hate domestic violence with every ounce of my blood and that's why I keep telling folks to run very fast at the first sign of it,.............if the lady don't end up killing the man out of retaliation, the man will eventually kill her one day.

You are doing a great job, brother. Well done sir.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:07pm On Jan 04
Are there no good men in the story.
Richard is something else.
What is really Tony's problem, is he scared of sex or what abi he was abused
Thanks for the update op
U welcome bro
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:08pm On Jan 04
Silver please give us bonus Episode to celebrate the new year.
Some men are demons from the pit of hell, so sad for Laura and Lily now
Thanks for the update silver
U welcome dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 8:03pm On Jan 04
Jesus, what kind of anger is this shocked
I never supported the way Richard was treating her but i don't support this untamed anger either.
Daisy is even lucky that baseball bat didn't touch her.
Janet, not all that glitters is gold
Lily might cheat since Tony is a "vegetable"
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 8:06pm On Jan 04
So i just re-read this story again and i have to ask a question
Why was tony masturbating?
What photo was he soap-ing to?
And why do i have The Feeling that daisy will sleep with robert
Meanwhile i feel janet made a mistake by dating kenny
Anyways thanks author
I guess we'll find answer to your questions very soon, silver carry on but pls Richard should not die, it will be tough for Laura if he does
Re: Married And Single (18+) by mitakemi2427(f): 9:18pm On Jan 04
I guess we'll find answer to your questions very soon, silver carry on but pls Richard should not die, it will be tough for Laura if he does
K tanx
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 10:24pm On Jan 04
Wow, the return of Laura is bad.... What a come back cheesy

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by xaviercasmir(m): 10:33pm On Jan 04
Jesus, what kind of anger is this shocked
I never supported the way Richard was treating her but i don't support this untamed anger either.
Daisy is even lucky that baseball bat didn't touch her.
Janet, not all that glitters is gold
Lily might cheat since Tony is a "vegetable"
Thanks for the update boss
Accumulated anger is what happened to her. I kind of support her. I have a friend that behaves exactly the same way towards women and whenever our discussion reached to the level about women, we tend to have a huge misunderstanding.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by mzlorpeh: 11:28pm On Jan 04
Go Laura Go�
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 11:34pm On Jan 04
To be honest... I'm speechless shocked

Thanks for the update sir
Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 11:56pm On Jan 04
Lets call a spade a spade.

Laura went too far, she didn't only break the Tv, she went to the extent of burning his car, am not supporting Richard but Laura should have been more sensible in her acts and control her anger, there would be more better ways to handle the situation, if Richard dies, she'll suffer a great deal.

I blame Daisy for this, she should have kept quiet or tell Laura some other time, she was just too quick, see what her tatafo has caused, someone life is on the line.


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