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Lest We Forget, Gbenga Adeboye (1959-2003) Part 1 / Gbenga's Tales / When I Found Love (2) (3) (4)

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 5:52pm On Feb 08
Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 8:37pm On Feb 09
I wanted to post an update but half of what I just typed for episode 4 got wiped off as my laptop rebooted itself.

I feel like smashing the dame thing on the ground right now
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by arck1: 9:03pm On Feb 09
I wanted to post an update but half of what I just typed for episode 4 got wiped off as my laptop rebooted itself.

I feel like smashing the dame thing on the ground right now

Eeyah sorry E-hug
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 9:23pm On Feb 09
I wanted to post an update but half of what I just typed for episode 4 got wiped off as my laptop rebooted itself.

I feel like smashing the dame thing on the ground right now

Ohhh. Sorry.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 9:51pm On Feb 09
I wanted to post an update but half of what I just typed for episode 4 got wiped off as my laptop rebooted itself.

I feel like smashing the dame thing on the ground right now

Jisos, see our Sunday jollof oooo
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 11:12pm On Feb 10

Amaka slipped out through the backdoor, she bumped on the Bartender and had some wine splashed on her “Sorry…I am so sorry” she left from the door in a hurry, leaving the bartender gazing at the door in wonder.

She couldn’t stand on the roadside to wait for taxi, soon someone would find the lifeless body of Senator Ovunda, soon they would start looking for her. ‘How many people in that club saw her left with Senator, how many heard her scream?’

She had her shoes in her hands and walked barefooted towards the opposite direction from the way that led to her house. she glances behind her in fear. She was sure no one saw her sneaked out of the room.

“It was a mistake” she kept muttering under her breath and her chattery teeth. She wished the night was a bad dream which she would wake up from.

She sniffed, wipe the tears that threatened to roll down and looked behind her. Someone was coming and she felt the person was after her. She increased her pace, folded her lips inward to stop the chattering of her teeth, she bit her lips and felt her blood in her mouth.

She had no idea where she was going, she had to keep walking or she would be caught. A sob escaped from her and she swallowed hard. “this is no time to cry” she thought

Her day had started like every normal day; she had taken her son back to school and bided him farewell.

“Madam said we would be going out today” Rose has said to her over the phone


“I don’t know, she said some important men are meeting in a Hotel and would need entertainment after their meeting”

She had felt worried about this particular Job “Rose I don’t think I want to go for this one” she had said

“there is nothing there, we only have to do our Job, give those big babies some Lap dance and send them off to sleep…”

“You know how the last time ended Rose, one of the men almost beat you up for saying No to him”

“And what happened after? Didn’t I get my pay? See Amaka, we are big girls and have been on this Job for years now…nobody will make you do what you wouldn’t want to do”

“I don’t know Rose…I don’t want to be going for these outside Jobs again, some of the guys we meet there are not normal…they would want you to do some Nasty things…we are not prostitutes”

“Prostitutes o, Nude dancers o…we are all the same, after all we Bleep some of those men…abeg dress up and come and have fun”

It was a mask club, they had danced nude to the pleasure of men they weren’t giving the privilege of seeing their faces. The girls had danced with all abandonment, boobs the sizes of big watermelon and small coconuts bounced and flapped like they were owned by no one. Fat butt-cheeks separated by ropes shook and clapped that one would think they would fall off from their owners bodies. Vagina lips clasp the poles as the girls curled and hung loose on the poles, and when they spread on the dance floor, with ropes doing poor jobs in hiding their pink holes, the men went wild, some of them ripped their women of their cloths and had sex like animals right their in the club hall.

By the time the girls were done, the floor was covered with dollars and Naira. ‘so far so good’ Amaka thought as she walked towards the dressing room to get her things and wait for her pay, that was when she met the man.

“You are an enchantress, a goddess in fact” he startled her. The man had no mask on, but she had hers.

“How…are you referring to me sir?”

The man eased himself from the wall and walked with an air of supremacy towards her “Oh…you wonder how recognized you?” He pulled on her bra strap and allow it fall on her skin with such force, she pulled her cloak to cover herself “in all the girls that danced today, you are the only one with the perfect thick ass and thick black Nipples that can make a man wet himself’ he gave her Nipple a pinch, “besides, your red lingerie is not difficult to pick out”

She stepped away from him “With due respect sir, my job here was to entertain and I have done that…if you will excuse me, I have to…”

The man caught her by the arm and she stumbled against his strong chest “Of course you are not done entertaining me…I have an offer for you” he dragged her along as he walked towards the top floor, they passed some persons who ignored them and walked on “This offer will make both of us happy”

The man had brought her to a room and locked the door behind him, she had never been scared in her like she was that night, not even when her mother was about giving up her last breath. She felt naked and ashamed, with her hands round her breast trying to cover the skin which her flimsy bra didn’t cover, she ran toward the end of the room and the strange man laughed.

“No girl…not me” he walked towards her and roughly held her by the neck “I would have loved to have you now” he traced his hand down to her butt and gave it a hard squeeze while licking her cheek “I have to share…the boss wants you so…” he took her lips and gave her a bite “I will let him have you” he pushed her to the bed “Be a good girl…we have paid your Madam heavily for your service” he walked towards the door “I will have you the way I want to later “he gave a loud laugh and left the room, locking the door from outside.

“I am not a prostitute please” was what she said immediately the big man entered the room and sank his buttocks on the tail end of the bed

“Oh common babe” he tried to touch her leg but she pulled away from his reach “we can make each other happy…is that what you were paid for”

“I swear I only come here to dance and…and that’s all…I don’t want anything more than my pay”

“And you will get more that your pay…I already paid your madam a lot to have you here all weekend…and I will reward you handsomely…come babe…” he reached for her and dragged her by the leg.

Amaka kicked and fought like a wild animal. Everything happened so fast, she didn’t even know where her kicks landed on the big man, he slipped off from the bed, kicking and stretching like one who was having a seizure.

Everything was quiet for few seconds, only the buzzing of the Air Condition and her own heartbeat interrupted the silence. She slowly crawled down from the bed, and hurried towards the door, she was expecting him to come after her but the big man lay still, she walked back to the man, fidgeting, she carefully touched him with her feet, the big man didn’t move. She bent down and gave him a gentle push, yet he didn’t move. His steady gaze to emptiness, his cold body and bared teeth that seemed to be mocking her told her that something was wrong

“Sir…sir?” her voice shook “Sir wake up…” nothing

She slid out of the room, looked at the other end of the long passage to make sure no one took notice.

She stumbled on an abandoned water pipe and bumped on a passer-by “Look where you are going girl” the passer-by gave her glance and mumbled something while walking away

“Sorry…” Amaka muttered, pulled her cloak to cover herself. She roughly wiped the tears that was threatening to flow and sniffled.


Gbenga kept coming to look for her, he would drive to the club every night, when it would be assumed that he was engaged with church work or meetings with youth leaders

“I have a lot to do if I must pastor a branch” he had told his parent one of the days his father questioned his recent late night keeping. He wasn’t sure if they believed him, but they didn’t raise the topic again. He had felt terrible lying to them.

He sat in the dark, inside his car and waited like he had waited for five days after she warned him off. Gbenga had convinced himself that he had come searching for the little girl whom he hurt twelve years ago, to make amends, yet he knew there was something more he had wanted from her, though he couldn’t point out what it was he wanted.

“I think you should forget the past and move forward” his Godfather had said to him when he came visiting. It was easy to open up to the retired preacher than his own parent.

“How can I move forward when my past is always haunting me? This particular past stare back at me, it reminds me of how unworthy I am to call the name of the Lord”

“You said you have met this lady and she doesn’t want to see you”

“Yes sir…I don’t know what to do”

His Godfather said nothing for a while, took a bite from the bitter kola he picked from a small saucer and chewed slowly “life has a way of laughing at us…you thing you have everything going on for you…” he chewed again, and swallowed “…then your life is thrown in a maze when you least expect it”

“What are your parents saying about this?” His Godfather asked

“We never discourse it”

His God father had prayed for him, warned him and wished him God’s blessing “You have to speak to your parents…they are your parents, and your spiritual head”

Gbenga had already lost the hope of seeing Amaka that night, he wondered whether it was worth it, seeking a lady who wants nothing to do with him. he brought his car to life and made to drive out when he saw two ladies chatting and walking out of the club. He killed the engine, stepped out of the car and waited for then to approach

“Hei! Excuse me”

They turned simultaneously, looked him up and down and flashed him one of the fakest smiles he has ever seen.

“Fine Bobo” one said

“See fresh guy…” the other added and the giggled seductively

“Ehn…sorry I am looking for someone” he looked from one lady to the other

The ladies sunk their faces in disappointment “na who be that? The person fine pass me?” One asked with an air of hostility

“Who be that? Fine Bobo watin be the person name?” the other lady asked, trying to slip her finger inside his shirt from the unbuttoned collar, Gbenga took her hands and dropped it

“Her name is Amaka”

“Amaka…who be Amaka?” one asked

“Amaka na…miss fire fire” the other said in recognition

“Ah ah! Miss fire fire! The one way bin dey carry her small pikin come?”

“Pikin…what Pikin?” Gbenga asked

“Oga na wetin na? we look like people you fit interrogate? You be police?”

“No no…I am not a policeman, so where can I find her?”

It was a miracle he saw her; he had already walked pass her but when he took a closer look, he realized she was the one seated inside an abandoned shed, with her legs folded to ger chest. The way he saw her, it was as if she was hiding.

“Amaka” he called her

She was startles, shaking her hands and mumbling words, she moved further inside, away from him

“Amaka…what is wrong with you?” he tried to touch her

“No…no stay away from me!” her body shook vehemently

Yet he gathered her in his arms, “Come let’s get you out of here” she followed him.

When she was secured in his car, she broke down and wailed even more than she did when her mother died.

The stranger saw her leave the hotel room, he waited for about few ours before he sneaked in to the hotel room, slipped his hand glove, went toward the window and retrieved the hidden camera.

He looked at the lifeless body in disgust “Old fool…I thought you have nine lives” he spat on the corpse and walked out, carefully closed the door.

The dead body would be found the next day, the newsmen would carry it, the Hotel and the police would go on a search for the Killer, the stranger had gotten his job done and it came with a souvenir.

He would look for the girl, but at the right time.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Oremeyii(f): 1:05am On Feb 11
The straaa-anger!

Me I'm singing Stranger by Sigrid o *walks away*

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 5:04am On Feb 11
Hot hot hot!!!!!

Too interesting. Thanks Rosy for the update.

Waiting impatiently for the next update.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 6:29pm On Feb 11
Who is this stranger!!!
What will my Amaka do now

Thanks for the update

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 1:44pm On Feb 12
Who could this stranger be? Thanks for the update ma'am!

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Liposure(m): 8:40pm On Feb 13
welcome Rossie
hello gorgeous

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 12:44am On Feb 14

“Where do you want to go to”

That was the first thing he had said to her since he picked her up that night. She had cried till there was no tear left and no voice to wail with. She had lay her head on the seat rest, backing him and had remained still that aside from the periodic rise and fall of her shoulder, he would have though that she had passed out.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Yet nothing from her, no sound, no gesture, no signal, only the rise and fall of her shoulder and the periodic sniffing. He gave her a side glance once in a while.

“Where is your place so I can take you there?”

She moved her hip, balancing her weight on the right hip; she crossed her legs exposing her peanut butter colored thighs. Gbenga caught the sight of the exposed skin and looked away as fast as he looked. He swallowed hard and asked;

“You need an extra cloth, should I stop by and get you one?” though he wondered where they could get an opened shop and buy some cloths at that time of the night. She said nothing. Her silence got him confused, his confusion gave way to frustration and anger. He quickly wheeled out of the road and pulled over.

“Can you at least tell me where your home is so I can drop you off or do we continue driving round GRA till dawn?” she said nothing and it drove him crazy

“for Christ sake where are you going? What happened to you over there? What is this about? Do you realize that if you don’t talk to me…I can’t help you” he screamed

“I kill a man!” she shocked him


“I didn’t mean to…” she turned and faced him “I was only trying to get away…he just…he just died”

“Amaka people don’t just die like that…”

“I didn’t kill him! I swear I didn’t” she searched his face to see if he believed her “I didn’t touch him”

He was so shocked that he couldn’t find the right words to say “How? What happened?”

“It was supposed to be business…a job…he wanted…I didn’t…” she wasn’t making sense “We fought and I tried to escape but I found him on the floor! I didn’t touch him”

“who is this man” he asked after some time

“I don’t know… I have not even seen him in my life before, he was one of these big men…everything happened so fast and…I left…I don’t know…”

He saw her shiver again “I need to get you home so you can have a bath and a warm cloth…”

She looked at him as if she was just seeing him “I can’t go home” there was fear in her big brown eyes “they must have found him…someone knew I was with him and…they will look for me in my house!”

Her body shook that he feared she would have a panic attack; he took hold of her by the shoulders “Amaka! Amaka breathe” he ordered and she did
“you have to calm down if we are going to find a way out of this situation”

“what am I going to do…where do I go?”

“Do you have a family…a friend or anyone?” he asked, his nails dug into her skin

“I don’t have anyone…no one in Port Harcourt, I have my grandfather in the village but…”

“Any friend?”

“If they don’t see me in my house they will search Rose’s place”

“Who is Rose?”

“She is the only friend I have, we…we are…we do the same thing”

Gbenga understood what she meant “Let me take you some where you can stay for the night…by tomorrow morning we will think of something” she nodded. He released her shoulder, covered her with her cloak and brought the car back to life.

They got to ‘Valleyview’ hotel that night “Stay here, I will be right back” he went in to the hotel and came out after a short while “Come” she was still apprehensive, she looked behind her every now and then. Amaka had her face shielded as she walked rapidly into the hotel room.

“I will go now to get a decent cloth for you, rest here this night, I believe you will think clearer by morning” his fingers covered the door handle as he was about to leave when she called him back

“you don’t have to come back” she said “you are not supposed to be seen with me in the first place…now I have added murder to my CV…you should stay far away from me” he said nothing, yet she continued “go back to your good life, go back to your church…” she said the word ‘church’ with disgust “entangling yourself with me will only dent your image, you shouldn’t have anything in common with my kind…”

“You need help and I am only trying to help you…” Gbenga said quietly

“I don’t need help from you Gbenga…please go and don’t come back”

With no other words to say, he left and closed the door behind him. he came back few hours later and handed the receptionist a new clean cloth “I don’t want to bother the lady, please deliver this to her” he had instructed before going back to his car.


“Tell his excellency that a message has arrived for him”

‘No one saw him when he slipped out of the Hotel and entered into the waiting tinted SUV and drove off. The job was to make sure Senator Ovunda didn’t live to attend the party primaries next month.

“Take that Bastard out of race or he will ruin your ambition” that was the only solution for Honorable Dickson to emerge winner as no other contender posed any threat to him.

Kedy was shown into the office and the door was closed behind the two men. “Honorable sir” he called out

The big man wheeled his chair around and faced his visitor “I couldn’t go home I have to be here waiting for good news from you”

“And I have the news you seek my honorable” Kedy grinned and handed the camera over to Dickson. He watched for a while and gave the camera back to Kedy

“What of the girl?”

“What about her sir?”

“Wont she be a problem for us? I though you would have taken care of her after this?”

“the girl is just a call girl who was unfortunate…I will take care of her all right, but everything will not happen the same time or there may be suspicion”

“That is true”

Kedy stepped out of the premises with smiles on his face, he had not stopped thinking about the girl from the hotel, the more he though of her the more he want to get hold of her…he imagined how it would feel to have her dance for him alone in a secret place, this time he would have a letch round her neck and watch her do as he would command.

‘I will have fun having my way with you little one, I will make you scream like you have not done in your life, you will beg me girl…I swear you will…”

he gave his groin a squeeze as he opened the car and had the driver drove him to his home where he would masturbate to the image of the girl with the red lingerie on the dance floor.


“Go back to your church and don’t come back”

She was sending him away again, wouldn’t it have been the best time to walk away? the lord knows he had done according to the scriptures. He shook his head and navigated towards his street.

Aside from the noise from their generator, everywhere was quiet. He tooted his horn and the gate opened few minutes later. His mother was outside waiting for him.

“Gbenga what is going on?” she followed him inside and they stopped at the sitting room

“Mum…what do you mean?” he took a half full glass of water “You drank this?” he asked and didn’t wait for an answer before he drained the remaining water

“Gbenga…I was told you left the church meeting before it ended and no one knew your way about”

“Mum I actually have to take care of something”

“something that is worth leaving a crucial meeting for? Something you can not tell your parents?” Gbenga didn’t say anything “Gbenga, are you in some sought of trouble?”

“Far from it mum, I am fine” he pulled his shoes and held then in his hands “A friend needed my help with something so…I had to go help out”

“Son please tell me if you are having issues, I can help out you know”

Gbenga wished he could talk to his mom about Amaka, how much he would like for them to make peace, how guilt that weighed him down, the thought of watching her in her misery knowing that he contributed to whatever that was happening to her.

“Mum, don’t worry. Everything is under control, I will let you know once I can no longer handle whatever” he took his mother’s hand “you have to go to bed now mum…come let me walk you to your room”

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 4:56am On Feb 14
Thanks Rosy for the update.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by aprilwise(m): 6:50am On Feb 14
Things is getting serious. Innocent amaka is in center of the problem. Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 9:36pm On Feb 16

“You came back”

She was startled when the knock came and he walked in. He had caught her staring with her mouth opened and he gave her a smile while closing the door behind him. she pulled her eyes away immediately as he cleared his throat

“Good morning to you too” he said and pulled a chair “Here…I brought you these” he handed her a bag which he hesitated before taking it. She looked at him suspiciously and emptied the bag on the bed.

“I thought you would need these so…” he pointed at the things scattered on the bed “I brought them”

She went through the cloths and toiletries he brought. With her legs folded, she gave him a side glance as she opened another bag with under wears.

“I felt you need those so…” he looked away uncomfortably

“Have you eaten?” he ran his palms on his bared head “I brought food for you”

She didn’t know how hungry she was until she opened the food and the sweet aroma romanced her nose and made her stomach rumble. She took a bite from the meat and looked at him again before she dug into the food like one who has not seen food for days.

“Why did you come back” she said with her mouth full “I told you not to come back” she swallowed

“I am sorry but I want to help you”

“you cannot help me Gbenga, you have never helped me…all I have known since I know you is pain…”

“this time it is different, I want to right the wrong I have done to you”

She slammed her spoon in the half empty plate and splatter some grain of rice on the bed “I am not your responsibility now Gbenga, I was not your responsibility twelve years ago…I am not going to be your responsibility now” she abandoned the food and pushed the plate away “Thank you for last night, thank you for this…” she gestured “But I will not be at your mercy Gbenga”

Gbenga ran his hand on his head and exhaled heavily. He had a lot of things to say to her; lots of questions too, especially about the little boy he heard of the previous night. “Jesus help me” he muttered and turned towards the window.

A Cellar Spider dances on a feeble web which seemed to carry its weight perfectly. He had always loved insects while growing up, and would trap then inside jars and would watch them

first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. His parents dismissed his disturbing attachment as loneliness as he had no siblings. They had made him go out more, make friends with other kids, yet his fascination with insects was never washed away.

“this is not ordinary; we have to take him for deliverance” his mother had suggested to his father the day she pulled a jar filled with dead cockroaches and another jar with three centipedes.

Gbenga wondered why he didn’t end up as veterinarian or a surgeon, or even a biologist. “Law is a noble profession” his Mother had convinced him “Who cares about Biologists in Nigeria? You will end up being a school teacher”

Not that he regretted going for law, after all he was doing well for himself, working with a renowned law firm in Canada is a dream every young Nigerian prays for, though that may come to an end if by the end of his holiday, he was able to be convinced on walking with his father in the ministry.

“What now?” Gbenga asked Amaka

“What do you mean?” she asked, he eyes fall on his well shaved jaw. He had grown more handsome with age; strong jaw, and welled chiseled cheekbones. He used to be chubby, looking at him now, she wished she had…she shook the thought off her head

“where will you go from here?” he asked her

“back to my house…”

“I thought you said…”

“for all I know, nobody maybe after me…I was too scared last night” she uncoiled her legs and stood up and walked towards him, standing toe to toe, she was almost the same height with him “Why are you here Gbenga? Why did you come back?” she was a breath away from him, eye to eye, both search each other for answers “Why did you come looking for me…church boy” he spat out the ‘church boy’ with disdain “how come you suddenly show up and is pretending to care…you never did twelve years ago…”

“It is not a pretense Amaka, I really care, I want to help you”

She laughed so hard, a laughter fill with bitterness and scorn “your family has never cared for anyone except themselves, you know nothing about helping anyone Gbenga, you are not capable of doing that…”

“I agree I am not capable of helping but Jesus…”

Storms formed on her face as she pushed him hard on the chest “Do not preach to me about your Jesus! Don’t you ever! Where did you keep your Jesus when you and your family pushed us away that night? Did you leave your Jesus in the kitchen when I pleaded with you to admit what you did to me! You denied me and my pregnancy!” she hit him again and he had his back hit the wall “Where did your mother keep Jesus when he turned me back the day my mother wad dying?” her shoulder rocked in silence sob as all the anger and pains she bottled for years were released. She turned her back on him “I came crying to your parents…I came to your church” her voice was a loud whisper, it was as if she was talking to herself “they told me your church was no place for me…I pleaded for them to allow me see your mother…or your father” she wiped her nose with the back of her hands “you mother told then not to allow me in…I screamed for her to hear my voice yet she shut her ears…”

“I am so sorry Amaka…I wasn’t aware”

“Of course, you were not aware, you were far away…securing your future as mommy and daddy wanted” she said with scorn

“Maybe they didn’t know you came…or why you did” Gbenga tried to defend

“my mother died two days later in the house…I guess they didn’t even know that too” she challenged him “seven years after my mother died, no words from your church and your parents…” she threw her hands up and shrugged “Of course light has nothing to do with darkness…I am the daughter of jezebel”

He stood like a roasted lamb, his heart heavy; his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, his legs so heavy to move as if he wore bags of sand as shoes

“Did they tell you what I do now?” she sniffed “Nude dancing…” he didn’t react “I shake my ass off for the world” she watched him…wanted him to react, she want him to blame her, to call her names, to walk away but he did nothing.

She pushed him again “I sleep with men when I have to! Doesn’t that bother you? Doesn’t it repulse you? Wouldn’t you walk away and go preach your Jesus somewhere else? I have a dead man on my head and you still stand there playing savior…walk away and don’t come back Gbenga”

“I don’t want to walk away Amaka…not anymore”

“What will you do church boy?”

“I don’t know…the holy spirit will help us figure this whole thing out”

She picked the bags he brought for her, carelessly pushed the cloths and toiletries inside “I don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t care” she turned to him “Thank you for all these…you probably think I wouldn’t take them” she gave a wicked smile “I am at your mercy, so I will take what is giving” she was ready to leave

He came close to her, offered his hand but she didn’t take it “Can I at least take you home please?”

She allowed him to walk out first, then she followed.

Kennedy was his name, Kedy was a name he took during his secondary school days. He has always known tough life, not that he was born into it, his father was once a manager with Savannah bank while his mother was a cloth merchant.

The mistake they made was sending him to school, he hated it every single time he had to seat and be forced to listen to things he couldn’t understand. His teachers made it a point of duty to mock him for his inability to comprehend

“Kennedy! Answer this…what do you understand by this…” they would point at him, made him to stand up and bend his head in shame with the deafening laughter of his class mates that made him want to disappear.

He took his empty plate to the kitchen and took a bottle of beer from his small fridge. “Mama…I wish you were here to see what I have achieved for myself” he took a gulp from the bottle and took the remaining back to the sitting room.

The first killing he made was an accident. He was in senior secondary, thanks to his wealthy parents that always pay for his promotions. And it was for her; the nude dancer. She was the new girl every boy wanted, very beautiful and intelligent. ‘The girl with the golden skin’ was what they called her.

She was the reason he endured the torture of school yet she had ignored him, she had always walked pass him with no smiles or waves. He had dreamt of her, wished she could look his way, but she had chosen the son of the principal over him.

The boy was found a week to their senior WAEC inside the school pool with a knife stuck on his temple.

It was many years ago, he left Port Harcourt after the incident. He picked his phone and dialed a number “I have a job for you Larry…yes…I will give you her picture…I want every detail by Friday…as usual…okay”

The phone went dead, he wiped the surface on his shirt and smiled

“After all these years…”


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 11:29pm On Feb 16
Who is this Kennedy again nauuu?

Amaka let Gbnga help you ooo...hmm

Well done Rosy.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by aprilwise(m): 10:36am On Feb 17
It's won't be an easy battle.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 3:08pm On Feb 17
Who is Kennedy now
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 8:34pm On Feb 17
Who Kennedy be gan

Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 1:55am On Feb 19


Gbenga straightened and looked up away from his laptop. He has been studying a file sent to him by his colleague. “Tell me what you think about this case man, it’s kinda complicated” Mildred had said to him over the phone before sending the files. He didn’t know how long he had been on the desk until the soft voice pulled him out of the misery.

His face softened as the fair lady gave him a warm shy smile “My Father said to tell you he is ready to leave” her smiles got broader.
“And…who is your father” Gbenga asked politely

“Oh! Sorry…” the lady chuckled and offered her hand for a handshake, Gbenga took the hands “My name is Martha, Barrister Iwo’s last daughter” she kept twisting from side to side like a twine “I came back yesterday from UK…” she gave a chuckle “I rounded up my masters degree and daddy wants me back so…”

“you came back” Gbenga finished for her while she nodded in agreement.

“I hear about you almost all the time even before I came back…” she looked around “Can I seat down?” she asked

“By all mean” Gbenga replied “So what have they been telling you about me” he supported his jaw with his hand and looked at the young lady with fascination.

“A lot” she pulled the chair closer “Mercy said the church has gotten a cool pastor…”

“Who is mercy?” Gbenga pulled his hands away from his jaw and rested his back on the chair rest

“My sister” she pushed few strings of hair away from her eyes and hung them behind her ear “Are you staying?” she asked

“I don’t know yet…I still have till the end of this month to decide”

He shut his laptop and put it inside his backpack “As for now… I am just a Lawyer who is trying to do the work of God as a layman”

“No wonder my father likes you”

“You are a lawyer! My father loves legal profession…unfortunately none of his children is interested in that” she shook her head

They were interrupted by a soft knock and Barrister Iwo pushed his head through the slight opened door

“I am sorry sir; I was about coming to you” Gbenga stood up as he spoke

Martha looked at her father then back to Gbenga shyly “It was nice speaking with you Pastor” she delicately took her bag and walked out.
If the elder suspected anything, he didn’t show it. “Are you going home from here?” he asked after he handed some booked to him for the Bishop

“Not really…I have an errand to run before heading home”

She saw him first instead of turning away, she followed him from a far until he got to her compound. And headed towards her quarters. Theirs was a community of its own, houses scattered like market ‘lock up stores’ no specific entrance and no specific exit. It was as if desperate houses grew from every free spot on the large land.

Amaka saw him stopped to greet some men who paid him no attention as they continued in their heated football argument, it was useless greeting those men whenever they gather and are ready to tear each other to shred, its almost as useless as greeting an Igbo man who is counting money.

When he got to her door step, he knocked for some time; she saw two girls approached him and he said something to them, the plump one smiles at him and picked out an invincible bug from his shirt.

“Bloated Elephant” Amaka muttered from where she was. The girls giggled and continued on their way.

She met up with him as he was about leaving “Hey…” she said and walked pass him, open her door and walked in. he hesitated a while before he knocked again and entered. “you are the first of your kind to enter into this place” she dropped her keys on the table, folded the curtains and opened the two windows. She walked round her room as if he wasn’t there, yet she was aware of his eyes on her.

She pulled her jacket of her shoulders; life has gone back to normal few weeks after the incident. She went back to work and no one had talked about what happened, not even her madam “Why are you staring at my butt church boy?” she caught him staring from her mirror

He looked away, blinked severally “I wasn’t actually looking at your ehn…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, my butt is the first thing people notice about me” she pulled her earrings off her ears and dropped then on the table too.

Gbenga couldn’t connect the bold, outspoken, curvy woman standing in the same room with him with the slender, naïve girl he was attracted to twelve years ago, for one; this lady was a full-grown woman with everything in perfect place on her body.

He had seen beautiful women; he had also fallen twice to the temptation of lust, his last was with Amanda, the Black American from Arizona whom he met while handling a murder case, Amanda was the sister to the deceased.

Their attraction wasn’t planned, working together on that case brought then closer and one-night Amanda had slept over his place and had come to his room in the middle of the night. He had regretted that night and had made sure he didn’t see Amanda again after the case.

“Do you still play?” Amaka walked to the edge of the room and picked a guitar, she caressed the box and stroke some strings, heaved a sigh, closed her eyes and started playing Asa’s “Jailer”

“That was beautiful” Gbenga was grateful that he was able to move his thought from the sin of the flesh and from her body, “Can I?” he asked and she handed the guitar over to him, she sat on the bed her legs folded, she watched his long fingers romance the strings.
No matter how much she wanted to forget, she remembered how his fingers played noted on the keyboard that night,

“Play for me ‘Jesus take the wheel” she had said to him, it was their monthly vigil and she couldn’t go home. not because her house was far, but because she actually like him and could do anything to be with him.

She was sure he like her too, for he would seat with her during rehearsals, he would slip notes in her hands and would speak to her silently when no one would be looking.

“You can sleep inside my father’s office” he had said to her that night and had taken her hands. She didn’t object when he started kissing her, she had wanted him too. She had had escapades like the one she had with Chima under their primary school staircase; she was only ten and Chima didn’t even know where to put his penis.

Gbenga made her a woman, it was painful but she loved him so she held on to him as he humped her on his father’s office table. Her eyes concentrated on his fingers as he played.

“What made you do It, why did you not say something that night?” she asked him

“I have no excuse…I was a coward; I couldn’t stand the disgrace it would have brought to my parents and the church”

“I have waited all these years for you to look me in the face and tell me why, I guess it doesn’t matter now” she shrugged “so much has happened and I have so much going on in my life right now…”

“Amaka I made a mistake that has cost me so much, I couldn’t live with myself. I came back not just to find you but to find me peace, I am here right now seeking for your forgiveness so I can equally forgive myself…”

“So much has happened, what you did has given rise to some other things” she swallowed

“How do I make amends?” he left the chair and sat with her on the bed

“You can’t Gbenga…its already late, I have gone far”

“Let me try…”

She gazed steadily at him and then shook her head “you don’t know what you are saying”

“I know I don’t understand but I can try…”

Amaka looked at her phone, and looked at him “Time to go Church boy its late”

She saw him to the door and was about to turn back when he said “I will like to see you again”


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by aprilwise(m): 9:32am On Feb 19
Gbenga parents will cause obstacles to their reunion. thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 6:31am On Feb 20
Gbenga mother would rather die than to allow gbenga be with amaka.

Well done Rosemary.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 1:48am On Feb 22
Episode 8

“O boy! You wan jam me? You dey craze! Park!”

Gbenga pulled over and remained inside his car, for a split of a second he saw death smiling down at him. the sight of the policeman with a gun pointed at him, made his jump off his skin

“Come down! I go shoot you na!”

He quietly stepped out of his car and looked from one police to the other confused

“What is going on officer…what happened”

“Na me you dey ask? E be like say your head no correct” the police looked him up, peered into his car and turned back to him “give me your papers” he said with an air of authority

Gbenga pulled out the car documents from the car and handed it over to the police who scanned through it, handed it to a colleague “Go and speak to my Oga” the policeman instructed and walked away.

Gbenga finally got home few minutes past ten after he parted with some naira notes.

“Daddy is no longer comfortable with your frequent absent during family dinner” his mother welcomed him

“I am sorry ma, but I think you worry so much about me”

“you are my son Gbenga, why shouldn’t I get worried?” they stopped at the bottom of the stairs

“Mum, I am a grown man, I think you and dad should stop seeing me like a small boy”

“You are my boy…if anything happens to you I don’t know what I will do…”

He gave out a laugh “well mum, you aren’t there with me in Canada”

“and this is Nigeria Gbenga, things are not the same, we have insecurity issues here”

He held his mom by the shoulder “Mrs Abigail Adewole, you worry too much”

His mother gave a weak smile “Gbenga Adewole, son of Bishop Mark Adewole…this is Nigeria and things do happen here, besides you should know you are the only son of your father the Bishop, people are watching you, you will soon stand beside your father as his assistant and if the lord pleases…you will one day take over the ministry…”

“Okay mum, I have heard you” he laughed loud

“Gbenga!” his father’s voice interrupted them

“Good evening Pa”

“Meet me in my room now” his father walked back into his room before Gbenga could say anything

“Apologize to him, he is right if he gets angry you know” his mother said

This would be one of the days he wished he has the pleasure of staying alone in his own house, without his parents waiting up on him.

As he lay down, sleep eluded him; he thought of Amaka and smiled. ‘she still plays the guitar’ he thought. It was one of the things that drew her to him, she was fascinating to watch then, “I am not too good” she had told him. Now she was not just good, she was amazing, when she played, he had read her deepest longing from the tone of the music she played.

He supported his head with his hands on the pillow “Church boy” she had called him, not bad so far, he was making progress.

She shut her window after he had disappeared in the dark, bit her lips and went back to her bed. She shouldn’t have allowed him in, yet she felt no anger towards him.

“How do I make these go away?” he had asked her “I can do anything to change what happened…I was stupid now I know better” he had added.

She pulled a bottle of cheap bear from her old fridge; the door fell off and she picked it open and tactfully fixed it back. she dribbled from the bottle and took the rest to the bed. She picked a book she has been trying to finish for the past three weeks.

It was useless reading anything so she closed the book and adjusted herself to sleep. As her eyes got heavy, she wondered what Gbenga would do when he gets to know about Ekene, her son”

Now that she remembered it, the boy actually looked like his father.

She was on her way creek market when she saw his car parked beside an Anglican church at Lagos bus stop. She hastened her steps and get to the bus stop. If she must get a good Nembe Crayfish for sell, she must get to the market before other early shoppers arrive.

She had often made it early to the market but that day wasn’t her lucky day “Taxi drivers don go strike” one voluptuous woman said to no one in particular as she adjust her wrapper in readiness to go for any available taxi.

Amaka strained her neck in search of a taxi, her customers would soon get tired of waiting for her and buy from someone else

“Hey” she felt a firm grip on her shoulder and a merry voice behind her

She shut her eye to control the turmoil in her stomach before she turned to him “Are you stalking me church boy?”

“Maybe you are the one following me” he smiled “So where are you going to?” he asked the same time a taxi stopped and fight erupted among those waiting to enter

“na so them dey do, see as that one dey collect two-hundred naira for watin way be hundred naira before o” the voluptuous woman murmured and hissed

Amaka stepped away from the already filled taxi and frowned “I would have entered that taxi if not for your distraction”

“I am sorry” he ran his hand on his shirt “Why don’t I take you to where ever you are going to?”

She turned fully and looked him up, he had on him a body hugged sweat shirt, and a knee length jean knickers, his eyes smiled at her and she couldn’t stop her knee from getting weak. She should be ashamed of what he made her feel. Once she had allowed him have his way with her, she wouldn’t allow that happen again.

“What do you say?” he asked

“Don’t you have something to do for yourself Gbenga”

“I am actually free for the next two hours or so…Jesus wants me to be here with you at this moment, probably because you need a ride” he smiles like a child

“Jesus doesn’t know if I exist” she walked ahead of him “even if he does…he doesn’t care”

He pointed her to his car and they walked towards it “Jesus cares for all of us”

She pulled on the door as if her fight was with the car, she sat inside and he turned the ignition on, “Good luck with your Jesus…as for me, he doesn’t exist”

It would be a tough feeling, driving with a man she once hated yet each time he looked at her, she felt like her heart was going to explode, she felt naked, his eyes didn’t change; sexy, alluring and calm like a river.

He had a good laugh on her unique sense of humor, she has changed alright; bold funny and lovely when she managed to smile. He may get used to being around her, though he feared their rediscovery may arouse feelings he thought must have died years ago and it bothered him.

He gave her a side glace “are you going to let me get lost or will you please tell me where we are going?”

“I wish you could actually get lost” she murmured without looking at him “That way you would leave me alone” she chuckled “I can’t wait to have your parent go wild like geese in search of their only son

he didn’t know why but it turned out to be an amazing ride, she wasn’t all careful, neither did she fake smiles yet he had wished the time could be extended, by he time he bid her farewell at ‘Rumuomasi morning market’, he had a little hope that she may soon forgive him and may even become friends with him.

while he drove along stadium road and sang along with ‘Mercy Chinwo’ ‘excess love’ he wondered if he was getting too attached again with the Lady, Amaka.


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 2:16am On Feb 22
Thanks Rosemary for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by YoungBruzzy: 9:56am On Feb 22
Thanks for the update OP.. More ink to your pen..

More updates please.....
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 2:08pm On Feb 22
I'm loving the reconnection

Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by agbaman1782(m): 2:01am On Feb 24
Why can't Gbenga just give the poor girl some reasonable amount of money and move on with his life but hey sometime love can be very complicated
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Samadict(f): 1:03pm On Feb 24
Well done Rose
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 11:18pm On Feb 24

“We meet again fire girl”

She had pushed her money inside her bag and was folding her empty sacks when the voice spoke to her sending chills down her spine. ‘Fire girl’ only those that knew her as the queen of the night called her by that name. before she could turn, the stranger closed up between them and slid his hand round her waist “I have missed you” he said

She tried wiggling herself off his grip but his tightened his grip and dug his fingers close to her ribs that she felt a sharp pain “Be a good girl and finish up from here…we have a long and interesting walk to take”

Kedy led Amaka carefully through the busy market to where he packed his car “Enter” he ordered coldly.
In one last attempt she turned to him “I don’t have anything of interest you may want to have, please let me go…”

He brushed his fingers on her cheek “Of course you have all that I want my dear…” he said slyly “Now enter!” he barked

She sat her butt in the car, he bent across her to fasten her seat belt; his hands brushed her breast and he smiled, “What a pity” he whispered “You don’t remember me? That makes me sad and Kedy don’t like being sad” he closed the door with a bang. Her heart raced

His face was familiar but she wouldn’t wait to know who this strange man was and what he wanted with her. She made a calculative move; as Kedy opened the driver’s door to enter, Amaka pushed her door, dashed out and fall on her side, she staggered to her feet, her dirty slippers left in the car, she ran like a pray who had a lion at its tail

“Kidnapper! He wants to kidnap me!” she screamed as she ran into the crowd coming in and out of the market.

Each failure attracted physical punishment, a practice he started as a shy boy who couldn’t walk up to any girl and Bleep her like his mate did. He would lock himself up in his room and would slash his tongue with a razor blade, he would be in pains for weeks until his tongue heals.

He remembered in his Senior secondary when the principal’s daughter lured him to her house, he had met the girl alone in the house and she had taken him by the hand like a child in to the room. he had stood like a slowpoke and watched the girl pull her cloths and walked to him.

He had sweated like a man close to a burning Furness, his mind became detached from his body that he couldn’t move his hands to touch the girl who waited for him to grab her like his mates would have.

He had loved to Bleep Mira, in fact; she was one of his fantasies back then in secondary school, with her plus size breast and a backside that dances on its own when she walks. But his courage failed him once again and he made a fool of himself in front of a naked girl.

Mira had wanted to help him “You have not done this before!” she had asked with a chuckle while he nodded like a red headed lizard, Mira took him to the bed, lay with her legs spread that her pink wetness beckoned on him “Oya put your finger here” Mira had guided his finger into her slimy hole and worked then in and out like he saw in the porn movies he watched secretly.
All of a sudden, he let out a loud cry and felt his wetness coming,

“What!” Mira asked and looked down at the mess he made of himself “You have released? We didn’t even do anything!” Mira has pushed him out of the house like an unwanted child

That failure earned him self torture, like every other failures, he had cut his index finger and almost bled to death.

As he rode into his big compound, reminisce on how much he failed again, anger rose like bile to his throat, he could taste its bitterness. He punched in the air and kicked at nothing.

“What are you looking at!” he yelled at his dog. The poor thing whimpered and hurried off.

Amaka was his bad habit those days he was powerless over her, unlike Mira, Amaka was a Mistry; she had carried herself like a peacock and had walked with her head high. She was his woman, yet she didn’t notice him. little wonder she couldn’t recognize him, even after he encountered her nights ago, he had remained insignificant to her

“little bitch” he muttered as he opened his sanctuary of self-torture.

He was rich now, wealth he acquired by becoming hitman to the powerful and wealthy men around Nigeria, some he just worked for without seeing them. Yet the very few that met him personally are scared of him.

He could wield enormous power on even the powerful, yet he was very helpless before Amaka. He got a buzz from the gate “Enter” he ordered; he could open the gate from his room.

The lady walked into the compound and the gate shut by itself, she fixed her mask on her face and walked into the house, to the troubled man waiting for her.

He led her inside the room, shut the door and picked a long black whip among his numerous instruments and handed it over to her.

The first lash kissed his flesh and went round his body like a snake “Harder!” he bellowed

When he was younger, he would whip himself till his arms become sore, as he got older and richer, his hunger for pains increases and he needed to be punished by another woman to ease the torture Amaka had given him all those years.

“Harder!!” he commanded as the whip tore his flesh and blood painted the floor

The lady was on his pay role, the only permanent employee he had and whom he had sworn to secrecy which penalty was death.

The lady had stopped, and he sat still with his eyes closed, yet he could feel her eyes on him. she stretched out to touch him and he jacked like a wounded adder “Don’t!” he said

She withdrew immediately and hurried out of the room.

He would remain there for a long while before he would crawl to the bathroom to moan in the ecstasy of the pains that would shake his body when water slaps the open wounds.

The night of the murder was not planned, Amaka was never in the picture, but as he sat at the back in search of his pray, he saw and recognized her, it didn’t matter how long he had gone away from her, he felt she knew he was there, he felt her making love to him. when she slapped her breast and spread on the floor, he felt she was daring him to come, to have her if he had the balls.

There and then he had chosen her for the work, he had wanted to see horror in her eyes when she would recognize him and imagined what he would do to him, but she had beaten him again and had made him insignificant.

Fresh pain tore his body as water washed through his hair down his body, he crouched on the bathroom floor, his body shook as his body began to adjust to the pains.

Amaka wondered along stadium road, she stopped a boy selling ‘purewater’ and drained the sachet. She discarded the empty sachet and walked on. Her panting had reduced and she was steady.

She felt her bag for her money “Thank God!” she said softly. She needed a taxi as fast as she could, whoever the kidnapper was knew her from somewhere and she could swear his face looks familiar.

Without slippers, it was difficult for any taxi to stop for her, and the gazes from passers-by made her want to laugh and cry at the same time. She didn’t blame them.

“And we meet again” Gbenga pulled over beside her

She hurriedly opened his car and sat down, exhaled from her mouth and rolled her eyes “Man am I glad you showed up now…I though you are gone?”

“Nope, had some business to take care of before heading back”


He had a grin on his face, as he kept giving her side glances “Can I ask what happened to you?”

She said nothing “You look…”

“Finish the word” she said carelessly “I had a rough moment immediately you left…someone wants to kidnap me”

“Now you are getting me worried…what is going on in your life girl?”

“Can you just shut up?” she blunted out

When they got to her house, he followed her in and closed the door behind him. she still had her back on him when he held her shoulder and she stiffened “Amaka” he couldn’t tell when it started but he knew he was drawn to the girl he left many years ago, “I am worried about you…the other time it was…an old man who died…and…and..”

“It was a mistake!” Amaka shut at him

“And I believe you! I do Amaka, that is why I am still here” he turned her to face him “forget what happened between us in the past, I want to help you now! I don’t want you hurt by whoever is after you!”

“Why would you care Gbenga?”

He had asked himself the same question and the answer scared him “Because…I feel we can at least be friends and friends look out for each other”

She pulled herself from him and walked towards her table, she looked at him and gave a stubborn face “Well, there is nothing you can do for me Gbenga…this has been the life I know”

“What if we start by getting you a place far away from here?”

She looked sharply at him “What are you talking about?”

“Whoever it is that is after you may know this place, it’s a matter of time before they would follow you to this place…I can get you another place” he waited for her answer

She was skeptical “and what will I give you in return church boy?”

“Do you always give something in return for helps?”

“I have always given a part of me in return for every damn favor…as far as I know Gbenga, no favor is free even from your God!” she cut in

lord! What do I do to make her see you in a different way? How do I make her free enough for you to break her?’ Gbenga made a silent prayer “It may be hard Amaka but can you please trust me for a second time?”

“The last time I did, I got what I didn’t bargain for”

“And I am asking you to please give me another chance to prove to you that things could be better…please Amy”

She looked him in the eyes and in that split of seconds she saw what she feared; something powerful enough to draw her to him. she tore her eyes from his and shook her head as if shaking off what she was feeling at the moment.

“I can’t Gbenga”

“Why?” he sounded frustrated “You don’t want to accept anything from me because of what happened in the past, I understand but…you need a safe place, you need a life out of here…”

“Its not that Gbenga, in as much as I would rather want go to hell than accept anything from you…” she swallowed hard “I agree with you, I need to get out of here, but I can’t right now”

His eyes lightened up with hope and he knelt in front of her “Why can’t you?”

“I have a s…I have my small brother in school and I am solely responsible for him” her lie stunk so bad that she couldn’t breath

“that has nothing to do with moving from here Amaka and you know it, except there is something else you want to tell me” he had wanted to ask her about the pregnancy, the little boy she took to the club sometimes

“Amaka” he held her gaze “Do you want to tell me anything?”

The truth she harbored choked her, tears ran down her cheeks but she couldn’t say anything. He didn’t want to press further, he gathered her in his arms and allowed her cry.

“So, when do I move?” she asked while cleaning her face

He smiled back “Let me make some contacts…”

“Church boy” she chuckled


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by tijehi(f): 4:56am On Feb 25
Kedy is one sick fellow

Well done Rosemary


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 10:43pm On Feb 28
Obsession will kill Kedy
A nice move Am aka, thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by YoungBruzzy: 2:22pm On Mar 01
As Genga don dey catch feelings again like this ehnnnn...

Thanks for the update OP.

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