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Lest We Forget, Gbenga Adeboye (1959-2003) Part 1 / I Found Love Again / When I Found Love (2) (3) (4)

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 4:49pm On May 07
Welcome back babe and thanks for the update

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by oluwatosin070(m): 9:52pm On May 07
@Op, you are doing well.. grin

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 10:44pm On May 07
Thanks for the update

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 1:12am On May 08

The dirge at the grave site was getting on his nerve, not to talk of the eloge, but the priest had to earn the huge money being paid to him. Keny was glad when he sighted the Governor amidst his political friends, he pulled away from the burial ceremony and entered into the dead man’s sitting room where he knew the Governor would come in search of him.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here” the Governor did well in hiding his displeasure

“I have to make sure my work is properly done”

“But you and I know he died that night”

“this burial sealed the business”

His excellency waved at a passer-by “Walk with me” he instructed and walked ahead while Kenny followed. They hurried into an SUV, his excellency pulled a bottle of drugs from his breast pocket, unscrew it and threw two capsules into his mouth.

“why are you really here?” He asked

“To connect with old friend”

The Governor was uncomfortable, “I told you to stay out of sight for the time being, someone must have seen you in that hotel that day, and seeing you here…” he pointed “Seeing both of us here”

“I am not here for you your excellency,”

“Then who brought you here?” the Governor dabbed his forehead with a handkerchief

“I came here for another business that has nothing to do with you sir”

“I hope you know what you are doing” His excellency said. He cared little about the criminal seated with him, but he was concerned about what Keny knows about him. “How is our girl doing?” he asked

“She is okay, I think she have moved on”

“Good, but keep an eye on her. I suggested that she be silenced but you said no”

“Its of no use, she saw nothing that night, she posses no threat to us, besides, we may need a lady to carry out a job and since we already have this one where we want her, she will always play ball”

“If you say so”

The short meeting ended as fast as it started, Keny left the car first and disappeared before the Governor joined the ceremony.

Like a hawk, Keny allowed his eyes to roam in search of one person that brought his to the burial ceremony, it didn’t take him time to spot her laughing at jokes and smiling at complements. Keny took a glass of wine from the tray being passed around, his eyes didn’t leave the woman.

“I’ve found her” he stopped the woman on her way out.

“You found who?” she pretended not to be interested

“Don’t play dumb with me, you and I know you have been looking for your girl Amaka”

“I don’t know what you are talking about” the woman insisted

“You can either keep pretending that you don’t know what I am talking about and allow this girl sing like a bird, since she know you as the owner of the club and knows what you do with girls underground, or you can give me audience, Honorable ma’am”

The woman paused for a while, “Follow me” the walked away from the crowd “I have not seen or heard from that girl after she was reported to have murdered, er…” she looked around

“And she will not hesitate to point at you if she is caught, she started working for you even before you were appointed by this government”

“So where is she now?”

“Don’t be too fast”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“you have a dark business going on inside that club…you use some of these girls…”

The woman looked at him in shock “How did you know all this?”

“Not necessary”

“So, what do you want?

“I want in” he challenged the woman with his eyes “I want to be part of it, a steady income from this business of yours, and this girl will be my package”

“I will have you know that I am not the person running this business directly, I am an honorable member now”

“Your business still runs full time ma’am, with your name and under your watch. You know me” he gave her a mocking smile “I can pull you down in a minute”

She held his gaze, she hated everything about his gut. It’s a pity he has turn to become a necessary evil to them all “this girl Amaka has never been part of the girls I use for the deals, she may know about it, but no…she is too innocent for this”

“Well, you leave me no choice then” he meant to walk away

“Wait!” she called him back “What is on there for you? Why her?”

“Let’s just say…we have a little score to settle, and I want to collect what she owes me”

“Okay, bring her in”

“One more thing ma’am…” he ran his palm on his bald “I will appreciate if you can get me videos of her”

The woman looked at her with uneasiness and walked away

“Useless! It’s all useless” Gbenga wound down, peered from his window before he parked by the road. He tightened his grip on the steering and shut his eyes, “…I don’t feel anything, you mean nothing to me” her words cut deep in his heart

‘But why?’ was that her way of melting out vengeance” his sadness choked him, he glanced around for a bottle of water, took a long drink before he stepped out of his car to change his tire.

His skin burns under the sun, his shirt clung on his body out of perspiration, by the time he was done fixing his tire, it was midday and he was late for the church pastors meeting, not he would have wanted to be there anyway. Gbenga was not a pastor yet, he wondered why his father even want to make a pastor out of him.

“I love the lord Pa, but I can not accept pastoring a church now, except I am sure it is what I want to do! I have to think this true pa, let the lord call me like he called you” Gbenga had told his father last week. But when he came back from Amaka’s house Monday night; he was ready to agree to anything his father said, as long as it would make him be together with Amaka, he was ready to stay in Nigeria.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” he turned his ignition on and pulled the car back on the road “I guess it wasn’t meant to be, how foolish I am to think I can change her and make her love me”

By the time he got to his street, he had made up his mind; he would go back to Canada and would never come back.

“Yes…yes…its an emergency he needs to come home, yes…I don’t mind him coming tomorrow, okay Friday then, thank you so much”

It wasn’t the best choice but she must do something to save his son. She would make sure her son is comfortable and secured, then she would wait for the stranger.

She thought of Gbenga and her heart sank “What will you think of me now Gbenga?” she whispered to herself. He was wrong to think that she didn’t feel anything when he kissed her; it was one of the best moments of her life, having his arms round her, her mouth being captured by his, feeling his arousal with her knee, her heart had pulsated at his touch. He was shy before her, he was scared of what he felt for her, but she had shamelessly wanted him.

How could one feel anger for a man and still melt at his touch at the same time “Gbenga, I wish we had time, I wish my life wasn’t what it is”

“I love you” He had told her that day, but she was afraid to admit that what she felt for him was love, but there was no time to explore what she felt.

“I am so sorry Gbenga, I hope you will forgive me as I did forgive you”

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 6:49am On May 08

Thanks for the update

Good morning to you all
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 6:52am On May 08
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 10:24pm On May 08
Episode 13

“Mommy where are we going?” the child rubbed his sleepy eyes and hurried to the side of his waiting mother. He gripped his mother’s hands and they walked on “You have been acting weird since I came back” he jumped over a puddle “Are you sick mom? Sometimes I thing you are”

It wasn’t easy for her to think out what to tell her son Ekene, he was no longer eight, “Your father wants you home” she had told the boy immediately they left the school gate and settled on a taxi

“my daddy is back? mom! But you said…”

“Darling” Amaka had ruffled the boy’s low-cut hair “I will tell you everything about it when we get home, I don’t want people to hear our little secret” she had whispered

She had suppressed her sorrow and has shared in her son’s happiness throughout the week; “Wohoo…mom! We’ve got a new house! did my daddy built it for us? Is he going to come leave with us here? Is he coming back today?”

“Slow down Ekene” she had laughed and had followed the happy boy round the house

“Thank God we are no longer staying in that dirty place again”

“Careful young man, I raised you there remember”

“But it is still a bad place” the boy had thrown himself on the bed and laughed happily “Will my daddy come back tonight?” he had looked at his mom impatiently “Mom, you are not answering any of my question”

“Okay champ…yes, your daddy got this place for us” she watched his son beamed a smile that reminded her of Gbenga

“So, is he coming here today mom?”

“Unfortunately. No” The boy frowned “He doesn’t stay here with us”

“But you said he is my father, he travelled and couldn’t come back all this while, he should be happy to see us now that he has found his way back?” Amaka had opened her mouth with no words to say “Mom? Does my father hate me?”

“No baby, he cherishes you so much, and I know he would be very happy to hold you in his arms again, the thing is, he is not here right now. I have to tell him that you are back”

“Then tell him! call him mom”

Amaka had kept watch over her son and had eaten the bread of sorrow last night. The thought of returning the boy to Gbenga broke her heart, but that was the only way the boy would be safe.

She had packed few things and had woken the boy up for the journey “you are going to meet your father” her heart beat faster and her voice shook. “You will be staying with him for now darling”

The boy stopped walking “Why? I thought we will be staying together with dad, don’t you like my daddy?

Amaka squatted and held the boy’s face “I love you and your..er…I like your father so much, but mommy is making a journey later today, and you have to be safe while I am away”

The boy shrugged off her hands off his cheek “Where are you going mom? You want to go away like my father did?” trickle of tears dropped from his eyes down his cheeks “I thought we will be together, you, me, and daddy”

“Come on love” she gathered the boy in an embrace, “Mommy is not going far away from you, I will be back before you know it, and besides…” she tickled his side “Daddy is a very good man, he will take you to all the fun places, you will hardly miss me” Amaka knew this, Gbenga would not be aloof to his own son. “You will also meet your grandparents”

“Wow! I have another grandparent other than grandma?”

“Yes, your father’s parents, they are alive and can not wait to meet you” the thought of Bishop Mark and his wife send doubt to her heart “They are eager to meet you too darling, Oya, lets hurry, the sun is up and the road is getting busy. We need to get into that bus” she pointed

“I am sorry Father, I really can not join you to the office today” Gbenga abandoned his half-filled cup of tea, pushed his chair backward and stood up
“I have so much in my hands right now”

“Gbenga it is very important you come, you have been distancing yourself from the work and…”

“Father please, I told you I have some arrangements to make,” he gave his father a side glace “I have to finalize my travelling arrangements”

“What? Gbenga! Since when did you start this preparation? Who did you discuss that with” Bishop mark turned to his wife “Look at this boy o, what is he talking about?”

“Dear please…” Mrs Mark cut in

“Or did you discuss this with him? how come I don’t know about this?”

Gbenga shook his head in frustration “Father, you are forgetting that I still have a job, this was supposed to be a holiday for me not a relocation, I may lose my job if I stay longer”

“And I am telling you that you will not lack any good thing if you take up this responsibility, ease some of these stress from me”

They would not understand if he told then the burden in his heart, he had to robe his pains and saddle them round his waist, the more he stayed, the more guilt and disappointment would consume him “Father, I can’t, please understand. I am no longer a boy” he went to his father and took his hands “Allow me to make my own part, I will come back if the Lord really wants me to do so” the Buzzing of his phone interrupted the moment and the identity of the caller troubled him

“What do you want?”

“I am standing at your gate, please come out”

“And why do I have to see you?”

“there is something I want to show you” He said nothing “Please Gbenga, it is very important” Amaka pleaded.

Gbenga, cut the call, looked at his parents and walked out.


She had her back on him when he came out, chatting happily with a boy who wouldn’t be anything more than eleven, he envied her for being so calm and relaxed after all that happened.

“I am here” he said to her hearing, the hatred in his eyes spoke loudly “What are you doing here?”

Amaka couldn’t found any word to say, “Er…Gbenga, I…” with his eyes sunken, he looked like one who hadn’t slept for weeks.

“Mom,” The boy tugged at her trouser, she looked at the boy

“Mom? He called you mom?”

“Yes Gbenga, I wanted to tell you” she sniffed

“I have to be cleared” he squinted “what do you want to tell me?”

“He is yours Gbenga, the pregnancy that…” she caught herself “the son you left twelve years ago”

“Mommy, is he my father?”

Amaka sniffed, squatted and pressed her forehead on her son’s “Yes darling, you have his nose…” she pinched the boy’s nose and the boy chuckled “And his eyes” the boy chuckled again “Oh…and those laughter” she laughed and cried at the same time

Amaka stood up and faced Gbenga “Please, take care of my boy”

“I don’t understand this, you are just telling me we have a…”

“Gbenga please don’t say it, I didn’t tell him our past” there was plea in his eyes “he means everything to me”

“Then we need to sit down like matured people with sense of responsibility, and talk for Christ sake!” he couldn’t help raising his voice

“I can’t Gbenga” Amaka looked from Gbenga to her son Ekene “I am going away”

“What? Where are you going? What is going on?”

“You will not understand Gbenga, I am doing this for both of you”

“you are doing this for yourself Amaka! It has always been about you!”

“Keep your voice down Gbenga, the boy hears everything!”

Gbenga looked at the boy, then to Amaka. He had suspected about the boy, coming face to face with the truth left him drained “My dear can you sit with those men inside the gate?” he gently gave the boy a push towards the huge house. the boy gave his mother a long gaze, waiting for approval

“Go Honey, its fine”

The Boy dragged his bag and walked in.

“So, can you just talk to me now? Even if you hate me so much Amaka, can you at least reason with me for the sake of this boy?”

“What do you want me to tell you? I am going away for everyone’s good okay?”

“Just like that? You are going away?” he wanted her to say something to him, anything that would justify her decision “Oh!” he was disappointed “I guess the offer is good then” anger shootout from his eyes

“What are you talking about?” she challenged him

“a new job er? How many men? politicians? Are they paying well? Enough to abandon your son”

“Please don’t say those things to me, I am begging you please Gbenga don’t torture me any further?” she had tears in her eyes but he didn’t care

“I am a fool to think you would change, maybe turn around to love me a little bit” he spat “I guess you never wanted to come out of what you do”

She watched him turn and walked inside, from a little opening at the gate, she saw him talking to there son, father and son walked hand in hand into the house.

Amaka heaved a sigh and slowly walked away.


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 7:45am On May 09
She should at least tell him na, no matter what,
Cuz all die na die

OP thanks for the update jor
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 7:51am On May 09
She should at least tell him na, no matter what,
Cuz all die na die

Abi oooo, what's there to hide again
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 8:19am On May 09
Emotional update.some secret worsen some situation.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Nickibeauty(f): 12:47pm On May 09
welcome back Rosie

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by TroubleIsland(m): 8:14pm On May 09
Forgive a ghost reader like me Roxy.
In love with all your write ups

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 11:15pm On May 09
Episode 14

The girls got to Murtala Mohamed international airport early Saturday morning, “If the time isn’t rescheduled, you girls will arrive in Canada in the next twelve or thirteen hours” Madame was talking as fast as she was walking, “Do not answer any question from anybody, I will take care of everything” she waved at an immigration officer and continued.

They followed her like little children afraid of being left behind by their mother. “Wait here” Madame left them outside and walked inside the hall. Amaka clutched her backpack close to her chest, her eyes roamed. Her last memory of this airport was an excursion, she was in primary school and had hidden beside a pickup truck when other kids entering the school bus. Her absence was not noticed until her mother came to the school like a mad woman, they later found her at the airport, seated in-between two police men, eating groundnut and drinking coke.

“I want to go to Amelika” she had replied when she was asked why she stayed back, her mother had embraced her and had bathed her face with tears. But the beating she received from her mother that night made her to wonder whether she was adopted.

“You have not said much since yesterday, don’t you want to go?” one of the girls tapped Amaka

“Mtcheww” Amaka Hissed “I have a lot in my mind right now” she gave the girl a full gaze “I don’t think I have seen you at Beyances’”

“Na…I don’t work there, I run my own thing” the girl pulled a bottle of chewing gum from her purse and offered one to Amaka “I heard about this trip from a friend who work there” she looked around “That girl…” she pointed “she told me about it, I got interested”


The girl gave Amaka a surprise look “you ask me why? I sleep with men here and they pay me peanuts, and I do the same job in Canada, I will be paid in dollars”

“I am a pole dancer” Amaka looked away

“Really? You don’t have side hustle? I mean, like sell pussy for money?”

Amaka frowned “Once in a long while” the girl busted laughing “There is no different girl, you sell pussy every day to earn a living, or you sell pussy as a side hustle, all na the same thing”

Amaka lowered her gaze in shame, the girl said the truth, “I have a son who is in secondary school, sometime it is difficult to take care of him with what I get from the club” she muttered

“I know, we all have reasons for doing what we do” she placed her hands on Amaka’s shoulder “See, I am not judging you” she spat out the gum “So where is your son now?”

“With his father”

“He has a father? Then why are you here?”

“I am not married to his father actually, though he tried to make amends later…that is why he took the boy”

“I don’t understand, but this I know; if a man leaves a woman with a child and later wants to make amends, three things are involved, either he is married and his wife is as barren as a desert, or he has gone impotent or he actually loves this woman and wants to be a better man to her” she was a fast talker, “If the third explanation is the case, then you my friend, is a fool for turning away from a good man” the girl smiles with satisfaction “What is your name? Mine is Mildred”

“I am Amaka” Amaka forced a smile

The two leaned on a car “Why didn’t you listen to the father of your son? Your feelings for him dried up like an old stream? Or you think you can make more money in Canada?”

“It’s a long story Mildred, I hope he can forgive me”

“Okay girls, your tickets are all good. Like I told you yesterday, you have to work hard to earn your pay.” Madame handed their tickets to them “There is nothing for you here anyways, see this as a ticket to a better life”

Madame had looked her in the eyes, “I don’t know what that man holds against you Amaka, believe me, I didn’t choose this for you but” they were alone in the hotel room “Who is he to you?” a question Amaka could not answer, why has Kennedy decided to do this to her? What grudge did he bear?

When the big bird took off, she had her eyes on the moving fields and the buildings that would soon look like toys until they disappeared. She pulled her son’s picture from her pocket and wept

“He is so handsome” Mildred whispered

“Like his father” Amaka muttered

“I think you still love him”

She nodded


“I am looking for Gbenga!” a lady was about to pick a fight at the gate, Gbenga wanted to ignore but the commotion got louder and had woken the sleeping boy; his son.

“Daddy who is that?”

“Go back to bed son” Gbenga caressed his son’s forehead. His bonding with his son was immediate, for one thing, he was a great kid

“That woman is calling your name” Ekene said drowsily “Maybe she needs your help”

“We should be careful how we get involved in other people’s problems” Gbenga said softly

“oh! You are right dad, but she might be someone you know”

“Who is that woman screaming your name by this time of the night Gbenga!” Mrs Mark entered the room


The old woman softened her face and gave the little boy a smile “My baby, you are awake”

Gbenga had fears his parents reaction towards the boy, but like a charm; the boy won them over “If I have to atone for my sin, let me start from him” Gbenga had insisted, “But what do we tell people, how do we explain him?” His mother was alarmed “Are you sure he is yours?

Honey, look at the boy and your questions is answered” Bishop mark had said.

When Gbenga got to the gate, he couldn’t place the face of the lady “I am Gbenga”

“Thank goodness” the lady moved towards Gbenga “My name is Rose, I used to work with Amaka, can we talk? Please?”

“I don’t want to hear anything concerning her” Gbenga turned to go back

“Wait! Its urgent!”

“Did she send you?”

“No, but you have to listen to me or you may not see her ever again”

“I don’t know the difference it will make since she already said she was leaving”

“Gbenga you have to listen, she was scared to tell you…I got to know about what was going on only yesterday, I asked her to let you know but…”
Gbenga turned fully to the lady, “What are you talking about? What is going on?”

I don’t know who this guy is or what he has with her, but Amaka told me that this guy threatened to hurt her son and even you” they were seated by the pool in the compound “Amaka has always been secretive, she didn’t tell me about you till same day”

“What else did she say?” Gbenga was desperate for answers

“Not much, but I am so sure that she didn’t agree to embark on this journey, this guy made her do it, and I still don’t know why, she refused to say!”

“Wait! Which journey? Where did she go to? She refused to tell me no matter how much I tried”

“She only told me they are going to Canada, she and some girls. Madame is taking them and believe me, its not good news. She was crying when she came to my house. I tried to press further but she was so scared to tell me more”

Gbenga massaged his temple, it was all making sense; he had always felt her distance and couldn’t place his finger on what was wrong. “When did she tell you they are leaving?”

“Today, they must have left…I guess”

“And you are just telling me now? What do you want me to do? Its even 9pm for Christ sake!”

Gbenga paced round his room wondering what to do. Why didn’t she tell him? why couldn’t she trust him enough to confine on him? he wouldn’t have let her go no matter what.

He wondered who the man in question was and what he wanted with Amaka, “What does he want?”

Gbenga pulled his phone and made a call “can I get the names of passengers that flew from Lagos to Canada today? I know man…its going to be difficult…I don’t even know the airline…you can do this for me for old time sake please…okay let me send you the name of the person I am looking for…yes…I don’t mind at all…I will appreciate that so much, Okay…I will be waiting for your call…thanks”

He silently prayed that Amaka had not left, “I don’t know what is going on but please God, I want her back”.


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 11:38pm On May 09
I hope Gbenga gets to her before she leaves... Glad to have you back Rosemary33. Thanks for the update!

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Samadict(f): 12:10am On May 10
I hope she gets help before things get too messy for her. Thanks the update.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 7:35am On May 10
Thanks for the update

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 7:37am On May 10
I hope Gbenga gets to her before she leaves...
Glad to have you back Rosemary33. Thanks for the update!
I am glad to be back and I am honored to have you on board

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 12:47am On May 11
Episode 15

Their names changed to ‘Madame’ once they got to Montreal, for a man was already waiting for them at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, with the inscription ‘Madame’ lifted above his head.

Echoes of “Bonjour, Bienvenu” filled the air. In all the lectures they had received from, madame; few French words where not part of them. They walked with caution to the waiting man.

Je vous en prie” the little man said with a wide smile immediately he saw their attention on him “Madame? Per ici!” he waved
“What is he saying?” one of the girls asked in confusion

“I don’t know, I heard Madame and pa isii”

“I think he is here for us, he wants us to come over” Mildred said with pride

The man who had mustache like Harbert Macaulay lead the five girls to a waiting van “Je m’apelle Jerry” he brought the van to life “Nouvelles filles eh?”
Parlez vous anglaise?” Mildred asked

Oui! I speak English” the jovial man answered

‘thank goodness’ one of the girls rolled her eyes.

Names actually reflects on their bearers, Amaka could see the animated ‘Jerry’ all over the man. The way his thin long neck bends as if it was to weak to carry his head, and the love handles round his waist made for a spectacular funny picture “How can that be possible? He is small and still has those…” Mildred had whispered to Amaka who had remained silence since they landed.

“I have seen girls come to Canada for the same ‘Job’ you are come for” he was doing a poor job in trying to sound American “Its not going to be easy I tell ya” he watched the road “a Lorra work en little to show fa rit”

“What do you mean?” Mildred asked, she was the bold and outspoken one among the girls

“Nothing, jest tha…some o’ya has been worken their arses off fa years…still in debt…paying bills…” he looked at Mildred, then turned to the others “Oh camman…its nat that bad. You will make it, if you work smart ya know hmm?”

Voici! Here we are, Saint Henri and its glory” the man announced and pulled up in front of an old two-floor building “My job here is done belles fammes” he hopped down the van and opened the door for the girls who shrieked in wonder

“Welcome beautiful girls” A white thick woman walked out gracefully towards them spreading her arms “Madame told me you will be coming” she gave Jerry a nod “Thank you Jerry, I will call you later”

“You are welcome to Canada!” she smiled at the girls “Come” she led them inside

Amaka was the last to leave the van and so was behind, she felt a strong grip “I hav been watching ya” Jerry said in a hush tone “What they do to girls here is terrible”

“I, I don’t understand” Amaka was horrified

“you have to get out of here fas, do all ya can to leave!” he looked around, jumped into his van and drove off before Amaka could comprehend anything, she stood looking at the van

“What did that bird of a man tell you?” a cool female voice said behind her. When she turned, the woman that welcomed them stood beside her.

“Nothing! He was just er…asking my name”

“Do not listen to anything he says” the woman held her hands “Come on, others are already settling”.

She was given a room with four other girls, none of which were the ones she came in with. “I will see you again in the night” the woman had told her

“Girls, take care of her” she had instructed the others

“Madam Charlotte, she is the ‘wrongest’ woman to mess with” they one they call Mercy said

“Hey! New girl…where are you from?”


“of cause we all are from Nigeria, where exactly?”

“I am from Anambra State, I leaved in Port Harcourt”

“Hmm, Port Harcourt babe, a little advice for you; don’t get to familiar with that woman that brought you here, use your head”

That night, their passports and visas were collected “someone payed for these and other logistics, you are expected to pay back in full before you can be free to run your own business” Madam Charlotte said “You will have the rest of the week to acclimatize, your customers will be arriving by Monday next week, its all about survival so do well to survive. This business is a discreet one, the service we render has been tagged illegal so do not implicate yourselves, I will deny you if you do.”

“What kind of service are we rendering ma’am” Amaka asked

Charlotte gave her a cold gaze “Our customers also understand how discreet this business is, they will play their part” she ignored Amaka’s question “And if any of you tries to disappear even before paying all you owe, you will not live to tell the story, this is Canada, not Nigeria” she had her eyes on Amaka.

“I am so sorry man, it took me a lot of effort and persuasion to get the lists, I think they left same day you call me, with Turkish airline”

“Do you have any idea, the destination they are headed to in Canada?” Gbenga asked

“How would I know? But I found out their last destination is Montreal; I don’t know any other thing”

“Jesus” Gbenga muttered “please did you find out who made their traveling arrangement?”

“Gbenga why are you asking me this now? What am I, police?”

“I am so sorry man…just that I need to know how to find this lady”

“Okay, but I really don’t know any other thing about this”

Gbenga paused for a while, he had more questions but dint know who to ask “Okay, thank you so much”

“Hey man, who is this girl to you? A sister or something”

“A special kind of friend…see you will not understand man, but thank you so much”

“Any time”

Gbenga sank on his Offices chair in anger, he suddenly lost the desire to do anything, he abhorred everything; his parents for starting the whole thing “I shouldn’t have abandon her, I led her into this” he thought.

He felt disgusted by the church and the thought of becoming a pastor there repulsed him. “pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and help the helpless…” the words on James 1:27 came to him

“Jesus!” he muttered in frustration.

Gbenga ran out of the church like someone who has ants on his pant, jumped inside his car and drove off.

“I want to see Madame”

“She is not around”

Gbenga pushed the door before the boy who opened it tried to close it on his face. Rose said the woman is always around in her at the bar during the day and goes in at the inner office during the night. She was on the phone when he entered “Can I sit?” she gestured with her hands.

“Hmm…what can I do for you?” She settled herself on a chair opposite Gbenga

“You are Madame” he asked

“The one and only” she smiled “You want one of our girls?”

“I am here for my woman” that was new, he had not called her ‘his woman before’

“Your woman, who is she? She works here?”

“Amaka, she used to dance here” he saw the shock in the woman’s eyes “I was told she was last seen with you” he said carefully

“I have not seen Amaka for the past one month” she busied herself with her phone

“You don’t know what you will get yourself into if you don’t tell me what I want to hear, I am a lawyer and I don’t practice here, I have connections in
Amnesty international and other international human right organizations. The whole of your life will be on international news, this place shut down and you will find yourself in prison if you don’t talk to me now” there was fear in her eyes which she tried to hide

“If she is your woman, and you all these things you said, why did she have to work here as a cheap slut!” she blurted

“It is none of your business, however, do not call me bluff for I will make do of my threat.” He gave her a long gaze “I heard you took some girls to Canada” he watched the woman carefully “I know she is one of them, now…which part of Montreal will I find her?”

“I can not tell you that!” Madame was alarmed

“Really? Then you are ready for the war I will bring upon you?”

“See young man, I don’t know what you want from me, I am not even the sole owner of this place, I am only managing it. Amaka wasn’t in the picture originally, the owner of this place brought her name, said one man wanted her to be moved by all means…”

“May I ask who this man is?”

“I don’t know, right? But they said something about settling old debt or something”

“And who is the owner of this place?”

“I cannot tell you that either, get all the answers you want from me and walk away”

Gbenga heaved a sigh and stood up “I don’t have much time, can you tell me where in Montreal they are?”

Madame had her eyes on the young man until he drove out of sight, then she made a call “A man is asking about that last girl you wanted me to add to the list…Amaka, I don’t know what he want”


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 1:54am On May 11
Thanks for the update.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Samadict(f): 10:54am On May 11
This is the only path there is for Gbenga to get Amala back but should thread it carefully. He's not about to go to war with mere man. Following you closely Rose and thanks for the update.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 8:27pm On May 11
Nawa oooo

Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 10:22pm On May 11
I will not be able to write tonight please forgive me. I had a tough day arranging classes with my kids. we just finished the last assignment. I promise to continue tomorrow please. forgive me and love me back

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rittysylvia(m): 10:35pm On May 11
I will not be able to write tonight please forgive me. I had a tough day arranging classes with my kids. we just finished the last assignment. I promise to continue tomorrow please. forgive me and love me back

Forgiven. Hope you will make up for this evening tomorrow. Thanks in anticipation

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 5:08am On May 12
Thanks for the update ma'am

I just pray my Amaka is OK b4 she's rescued


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Bjteensdes24: 5:42pm On May 12
Please oooo Mrs Rose come and finish what you have started. May God continue to strengthen you.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 7:48pm On May 12

“I thought we have gone through this? You can not get up and travel to Canada just like that!” Bishop mark looked at his wife for support “What has gotten into this boy!”

“Father I have a life! I have to go back to it”

“This is not about your life and your career; this is another drive son” the old man was mad “What is this about?”

“Gbenga, Kini, ki lo nsele? What is going on? Why do you want to break your father’s heart?”

“Mum please” Gbenga turned to his father again “I am tired of pretending that everything is fine around here Father”

“What are you talking about?”

“Yes! What am I even talking about? Father, I have to make decisions by myself and set things right for once without both of you using your religious blackmail on me” He looked at both of them “I am going to Canada to think without being choked by both of you! I am…” I am going after the mother of my child, he would have said, “I need this space, father please…” he waited for their approval “I can not tell you why I am hysteric about returning to Canada but trust me on this, I must do this…” he paused “For my own sanity” none of his parents uttered a word “For my son” he tried convincing them

“Does it have anything to do with her?” His mother asked,

“Mom please don’t ask me this” he didn’t want to open up another argument, he waited for them to say something but they didn’t, he nodded and made for his room when he father finally spoke

“When are you leaving?”


“What about the boy?” his father asked

Gbenga looked at his mother for an answer

“The Child stays with me, I don’t want him to get entangled with what ever it is that is bothering you”

“Thank you, mom”

He was in the belly of Lufthansa airplane the next day, with a number and an address written on a paper and stock in his breast pocket. He would have wanted to probe more about the mysterious guy but time was running out on him,

“I am here for my woman” Gbenga had thought that was the easiest thing to say at that moment, but he wasn’t sure if it was just a casual statement. No matter how much he tried to ignore it; he knew he loved her and it hurt like hell.

My woman” he muttered; the heart belongs to where it belongs to.

They bargained for her as a one would do while buying crayfish at town market, as if she wasn’t there; the men talked and laughed they only looked her up and down once in a while, then one by one they left leaving the heavily bearded one.

“Two thousand dollars for one girl? Comon Madame; très, très cher, she is expensive”

“Alexander…” Charlotte was deliberately slow to respond “Look at her” the two glanced at Amaka, “She is a trophy, a fresh meal to relax with”

“That is true, but I have not paid even a thousand dollar for la pute, non…its one thousand dollars or nothing” the one referred as Alexander shook his head vehemently

Charlotte heaved a sigh, all the while she had a smile plastered on her lips “Come girl” she beckoned on Amaka “Come over here, daddy wants to see you” Like a little lamb, Amaka walked towards her, “Unfold your hands girl…turn around for him to see” Madame Charlotte brought Amaka’s hands down and turned her around “Alex…” Her voice was as alluring as the ware she was selling; Beautiful, seductive “…What do you say now?” she turned towards Alexander, with a smile plastered on her face

“Oui! Qui!” the man gave Amaka a seductive slap on her backside and licked his lips “I like them curvy…” he demonstrated with his hands “Handful… le popotin…big backside you know” he wet his lips again

“And my girl here has it all, slim waist for you to hold comfortably” Charlotte chuckled confidently “and of course, with an arse as hers, you can not have enough”

“Okay, I like her already”

“Perfect” Charlotte clapped “So how many days?”

“That depends on how happy she makes me” he carelessly squeezed Amaka’s arm “A whole night for now, and if I like it, I will call you”

“Okay” Charlotte said in satisfaction “You are paying cash, yes? You understand the reason why I always prefer that”

The man counted some cash and slapped them on the table, he made for the door and turned when he realized that the lady he paid for wasn’t following

“Few seconds please, she will join you” Charlotte apologized, Alex nodded and walked out.

“Look here…” the sudden change in demeanor was like magic “I don’t know what your problem is but this is my business and you will not ruin it for me” Charlotte threw her hands on the air in frustration “What am I even saying, you have a lot to pay back, in fact; you are paying double of what others are paying, so the sooner you started working this your arse off, the better for you”

Amaka looked the woman hard in the face “I am hard working ma’am, I can do anything to pay off these debts”

“This is Canada young lady and jobs doesn’t land on people’s laps. Nobody will give you job without a permit”

“I can work in a bar, I am a good dancer and I swear to you I can make you all the money you want”

“You are such an idiot” hot steam glares out of the older woman’s face “You were brought here to do what I want you to do and that you must do, do you understand me?” Charlotte had her finger up Amaka’s face “If you mess this one business up for me, I will kill you and discard your body, no one would look for you because you are a black woman, and a prostitute” she moved back to her chair “Don’t forget that” she took her seat and looked at the young lady before her “One more thing, these men like playing smart, he may want to offer you money directly and have you for more than what we agreed” she gave Amaka a long stare, “Don’t be tempted to take the offer, tell him to call me and let him do the needful” she smiled “Do not be tempted to steal from me, I will know and you will not like me” Charlotte said in finality, Amaka said nothing “Now run along, your first customer awaits”

Charlotte watched Amaka walk out of her office “Look at those eyes, she is a bold and proud one” she yawned “I have to keep an eye on that one”.

“Nobody is cut out for this job, we all have to survive in this harsh place, unfortunately some lose their lives even before they could be free” Mercy had said to Amaka the previous night when they all ran out to a pandemonium, a body was dumped in front of the building.

“I know her” Amaka had said in between jittery teeth “We came together” Mildred went missing the first night she was assigned a customer, Madame Charlotte had screamed and cursed, “black girls! Bring them to Canada to help them, what do they do? Turn around, steal your money and run away”

How Amaka wished Mildred had ran away instead of turning dead, she had a dagger half buried in her throat, the blood round her throat and on her cloths seemed to be dried “They killed her long ago” Mercy had said

“Why would they dump her here?”

“I don’t know, maybe to serve as a deterrent to all of us” the entire building was quiet that day, some of the girls cried. Mercy lit a Cigarette and puffed in the air “It happens once in a while here; girls go missing and later are reported dead” she inhaled “But none has been dumped here before”

Amaka was scared that night more than she was the day she left Nigeria “Do you think madame Charlotte?” she couldn’t finish the question.

Mercy gave her a side glance and puffed out smokes “It has always been the men who came for them, sometimes they ask for the abominable, something a girl can never think of…” she pulled a small bottle of local alcohol and drank a little “madame Charlotte…I don’t know”

“What now?” Amaka had asked

“Nothing, nobody gives a shit when a black prostitute die”

It was just yesterday, now she was in a tinted SUV with a strange man in a strange land. The man kept glancing at her and sticking out his tongue like a dog.

It would be a long painful night, and the guilt of betraying the man her heart yearned for and the thought of her son would hunt her for a long time.

The sky was getting dark when Gbenga arrived Armstrong, by the time the taxi dropped him in front of his house, it was already late to open a directory and call anyone. His house welcomed him with warmth. It has always felt like home here; he loved the neighborhood “I love this place” he inhaled deeply.
Messages started pouring in immediately he clicked on the answering machine;

“Hi Gbenga, I Called your firm and they said you are not back, see me as soon as you get back, Mr Charlie”

“Hi, I can’t find the last file on Mr Wilson’s murder, the case is coming up in two weeks, please call back”

Gbenga grabbed a tissue, wiped part of the dusty table and placed his wrist watch, he would have to get himself to bed somehow and would clean the house after work the next day.

“…Hi Gbenga, I got the message you sent, I know the place. Let me know when you get back”

The message he had waited for “He picked his phone and dialed the number.

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Ghen ghen grin ominous theme playing!!!

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 9:36pm On May 12
Game on.I just pray gboye gets to her on time before a lot of damage will be done on her.
Human trafficking is real.as I type now some girls for sure are facing this exact predicament. We know the economic situation over here is had but I will advice girls to stay back and engage their self in useful crafts.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 12:33am On May 13
Ghen ghen grin ominous theme playing!!!
grin grin grin
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 12:24am On May 14
Episode 17
“Madame Charlotte! Charlotte!!” Alexander squeezed himself out of his SUV, tugged on his sash and stomped angrily towards the woman “The girl!”

“Alex” Charlotte cut in “What a pleasant surprise!” that was the only cliché she could think of “I wasn’t expecting to see you this early…” she looked behind the man and lower her voice “Where is she?”

“That is why I am here madame” Alexander’s voice was anything but low “elle est partie She is gone!”

Charlotte gasped “What, how?” she didn’t wait for any response, she gripped the man and walked inside the buildings, up to her room.

“What happened Alex, I don’t understand”

“She is a wild beast! An animal I tell you, she bolted before any of us could catch her!”

Charlotte squinted “any of you? How many of you”

“Doses it really matters?” the big man stuttered “you should be concerned with paying me back my two thousand dollars…”

Charlotte managed a smile irrespective of herself “Come now Alex dear” so typical of her to sound patronizing. She had the gift of making those men feel little before her “You know that will not be possible, she left with you last night, didn’t she? I saw her enter your vehicle and that was the deal”

Non non, that wasn’t the deal madame; I payed you for me to use a girl through the night, I didn’t pay you for her to seat in my car, if I wanted that I would have gotten my wife or kids to do that”

“Well” Charlotte had to think fast “These things happen you know, call it bad business”

“Bad business? My time was wasted! I have people waiting for me…”

“What are you talking about Alex, time wasted and people waiting for you…I don’t understand”

“Forget that” he scratched his nose “how do I get my money back?”

“Are we still on that Alex?” she came close to him and caressed his arm “What do you say I give you another girl for two nights as a compensation?” twelve years ago, she would have offered herself to him, in that room, she was no longer the desperate woman who was struggling to establish herself in Canada, the big woman from Nigeria who bought her idea had made sure she didn’t lack girls and money. Even after paying for the girls, Charlotte had enough to fund her hidden luxurious life.

“Two day…and let her be good!

“She is good, I promise you”

Madame Charlotte hates losing money, and that girl was a fool to even think of disgracing her by running away “How far does she think she would go without money and food? Foolish girl” She muttered “It won’t be long, you will either walk back or I will find you” she stood up and pulled the drawer by her bed, she took out a large book and flip the pages of names until she got to recent ones “Amaka, I will make you pay ten times what you have cost me”

Charlotte lay down and wondered how she was going to report the girl’s missing to her Nigerian partner.

“How did you get to this place?”

“You gave me an address that day, I took my chance” Amaka was very tired, breathing heavily, she prayed the man ‘Jerry’ would not turn her down like the others did. “You said I should call you if anything happens”

“Then why didn’t you call?” Jerry was scared “Come inside quickly, before someone sees you here”

“I had no phone and…I saw phone boots but I don’t have any money with me” the small man didn’t offer her a seat, he wasn’t sure what to do with her “I don’t know where to go, I knocked at few doors and…”

“Of course, nobody would give a shit about a girl who is dressed like this and is walking the street of Montreal in the night!” he was almost yelling

“I am so sorry” Amaka sobbed “I don’t know what else to do” she was mad at herself “I couldn’t stay there…those men, three of them” she sniffed “there was a camera, they wanted me to sleep with three of them and, and they wanted to make videos” she wiped her nose “I know what that means…”

“They want to make a pornography with you” Jerry muttered and Amaka nodded, with her hands on her mouth, she cried
“What is going on there Jerry, who are you talking to?”

“My wife” Jerry looked worried, “Er a friend honey” he yelled back. His wife came out before they could figure out what to say to her “Who is this?” she looked at Amaka up and down before turning to her husband

“She is one of Charlotte’s new girls”

The woman turned to Amaka with her mouth opened “Oh my God! You ran away from there” the black beautiful woman said “Do you know what you have done to yourself? Charlotte is a terrible woman; you will not get far from her wrat”

“They wanted to use her for a video” her husband added

“Like they did with my cousin, they drugged, raped her and made videos of her” Amaka looked from husband to wife, she didn’t understand why Jerry would still work for Charlotte

“I was working there already before it happened, we didn’t know she worked for her until that time…my husband was threatened by some men”

“I have to continue answering to her, that is the only way she could keep her eyes on me, I couldn’t report to the authority, she has connections”

“Come” The woman took Amaka by the hand “Let us get you out of these cloths and make you something warm”

It was a small house, the husband and wife tried to keep it modest “You can not stay here girl, they will find you, my husband and I will be in trouble” Mrs Jerry said with concern

“Where will I go to? I have no money and no papers” they were at the dinning

“I don’t know, maybe you should stay for few days and maybe we could figure out what to do”

“I am scared” Mrs Jerry said to her husband when they were alone “I am trying to forget what happened to Jessica and this…”

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” Charlotte wore back her smiles, she wasn’t expecting customers until night, but this one came early “I have not seen you here before” she admired the well stature young man

“I flew from Armstrong this morning” Gbenga said straight faced.

“Armstrong” Charlotte was a little bothered “are you a press man? I am a genuine business woman there is nothing to…”

“Madam I am here for a lady” Gbenga cut in

“Oh” Charlotte relaxed “well…you are at the right place” she adjusted herself on the seat “As a black man, you must be looking for an adventurous woman” she brought her face closer to his and winked

Gbenga held himself from exploding ‘you have to calm down, take it easy if you must find the lady you are looking for” His friend had told him. so there he sat stomaching his disgust for this woman and this place.

“Actually, I am looking for a specific lady, Amaka is her name” The woman gave him a suspicious look “I think she is one of your new girls” he added

“I don’t have any girl with that name, in fact, no girl has arrived here for a month now”

“Really?” Gbenga brought out a picture from his breast pocket and handed it over to the woman “this is the lady I am asking for”

Charlotte reluctantly took the picture and gave it a pretentious scrutiny “Hm…hm, I don’t know her” she handed the picture back to Gbenga “Have not seen her before”

“What a shame” Gbenga muttered “I would have offered anything to have her warm my bed tonight” he tried another bait. The woman’s eyes lightened at the mention of money

“Wait!” She cleared her throat “Okay, she was one of my girls, but she is not here now, I can give you another beauty who will take care of you”

Gbenga gave a secret smile “I may consider that” The woman relaxed “So what happened to Amaka, where is she?”

Charlotte considered whether to spill, what would she lose “She went out last night and didn’t return” Gbenga almost shouted “But that’s not a problem, I have sent out my men to help me look for her”

He would have thrown away the sermon on the mount and strangle this woman till she provide his Amaka, or threatened fire and brimstone, shout down that building until he would get what he wanted, but he would pretend as if he wasn’t desperate and walk away “I am staying in town for few days, I will come by again tonight or tomorrow to try my luck again” he stood to go

“Wait!” Charlotte called “How did you know about her?”

“I saw her the day they arrived, before I went back to Armstrong” he lied

“You frequent Montreal then?”

He walked away without another word. “What now?” He asked his friend at the driver’s side of the car”

“That woman is lying, give me till night fall, I will find the truth”

Amaka, what have you gotten us into, why do you keep doing this to me?” He thought


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Tenaj: 12:28am On May 14
Well done OP
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 12:16pm On May 14
OP U too much

Like as u dey bring ham

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