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Lest We Forget, Gbenga Adeboye (1959-2003) Part 1 / I Found Love Again / When I Found Love (2) (3) (4)

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 6:48am On May 21
Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 7:19am On May 21
Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Saintidee: 5:28am On May 22
Thanks for the update... I will still be ur top fan ��
forgive me and love me back o
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 10:35am On May 22
Episode 23

Amaka was engulfed in the song she was playing with the guitar when the doorbell rang continuously. She looked at grandfather clock and jerked of the couch. He had that effect on her each time she heard the sound of his car or his footsteps at the doorsteps.

“I am so sorry I didn’t hear…” shock and disappointment overtook her on seeing who was at the door.

“You open the door without first checking who it might be?” Amanda allowed herself inside the house “It could be dangerous” she gracefully sat down and crossed her legs

“I was expecting Gbenga, my husband” Amaka shut the door and walked towards the dinning

“Your husband ha!” Amanda mocked “well I left him in his office” she studied the other woman’s face “Gbenga cannot get enough of my company even with you as a…” she waved in disgust “wife? I have been the woman that makes him happy”

Amaka swallowed hard “Why are you here?”

“I have come to ask you why you are doing this? What you tend to achieve?”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about” Amaka picked up the guitar from the couch and carefully placed it on it’s stand,

Amanda’s eyes followed her with envy. She didn’t get a clear view of this woman last night, seeing her now left no doubt how beautiful she was
“Don’t play dumb with me, I know who you are and what you do, but why you chose to destroy a fine gentle man like Gbenga is what I don’t know”

Amaka heaved a sigh and turned towards the other woman “Like I said, White lady…I don’t understand what you are doing here, nothing you just said here is making sense to me” she was determined to face this woman squarely.

“Really! You want to play the saint on me now? Is that what you want to do, LovePeddler?”

“What did you just call me?”

Amanda laughed hysterically “She finally reacted!” she had triumph writing over her “I have heard so much about you girl, how you throw yourself on a man who never wanted you and got pregnant for him, how you live off men” she demonstrated “spreading your dirty black pussy for money! When that didn’t pay off you blackmailed My Gbenga into taking you back and fending for your bastard child!”

“Do not call my son a bastard!” Amaka tried to contain her anger “I swear to God I will whoop you so bad that you will not recognize the road to your house”

“What is that? You are angry already?” Amanda enjoyed the moment “But I have not finished” she said patronizingly “I have not told you that I know Gbenga brought you to Canada to avoid his parents’ disapproval and what did you do to pay his? Oh like always, a LovePeddler ran away to the LovePeddler house” Amaka turned away from her but Amanda followed “you sold yourself to men who used you all night, you moaned to their pleasure and got paid…” she spoke from one of Amaka’s ear to another “How much do you charge LovePeddler? How much did Gbenga offered you to bring you home?”

“Stop…Stop right now!” Amaka warned

“I am not done here black bitch” Amanda followed Amaka to the kitchen “Tell me LovePeddler, was sex with Gbenga different from what you are used to? Is that why you have not run off this morning? Did he tell you about our nights together?”

“Get out!” Amaka clung her teeth

“You want to know how I got to know your sick pathetic past? He told me” Amaka clutched her heart and groaned in agony “Yes, he has always told me about you. Gbenga doesn’t want you here, he despises you. You mean nothing to him…”

“Shut up please…” her body rocks in Angry sob.

“I will not! Gbenga cannot wait for you to run off like you use to do, the only thing still keeping you here is that bastard you call a son…”

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” Amaka grabbed and threw a ceramic cup on Amanda, she missed it by a brush and it shattered on the refrigerator, Amanda looked from the shattered ceramics to the raging woman in shock. She took few steps backward when Amaka grabbed a ceramic plate and flung “GET OUT!!!”

Amanda dodged again “Jesus! You are a crazy black woman!”

“this crazy black woman will cut your throat and turn herself in if you do not get out of my house now” she was visibly shaking, Amaka grabbed a knife “I don’t care what you are to Gbenga, I don’t even care how many times he has bleeped you, as long as I am the one wearing his ring now, I am his wife” pointing the knife at her, Amaka walk towards the other woman “And I want you out of my house this minute” she followed the frightened Amanda to the front door “And do not ever step your feet anywhere near this house, ever again” she gave the other woman a rough push and jammed the door.

Amaka lean on the door, clutching her chest, she slid down to the floor and wailed bitterly.


The door cracked open as Gbenga touched it. He stepped on the knife which lay carelessly at the entrance. He picked the knife and looked around the sitting room

“When where you going to tell me what she really means to you”

Gbenga saw her seated on the staircase and walked towards her “Hi, how was your day. I am so sorry for coming home…” Her face was emotionless

“Is it a faster way to get rid of me? Sending your woman to insult me?”

Gbenga withdrew his hand “What are you talking about? What woman?”

“You shouldn’t have taken the pain of putting up all these acts, we know what this is about” she looked at him “you and me” she poked his chest “a charade, a lie that you are so ashamed of” she stood up “I thought that you may have an attraction for me” she spoke with angry calmness “you know…you got me” she laughed and clapped like a drunk woman “You got me thinking that I could get another chance with love, that both of us could forget the past and move forward together.” She exhaled “Well, I miscalculated again, and for the second time, you hurt me badly”

Gbenga reached out for her “Oh Amaka, Amaka please don’t say these things…I don’t even know what you are talking about” she moved away from him

“You don’t know what I am talking about or you didn’t know your white lover would come over the house to do the job you are afraid of doing yourself” her angry gaze burnt him “you are afraid of calling me a LovePeddler, a prostitute and a slut, you are afraid to talk about how I sell sex and hop from one man to another, but she said those to my face”

Gbenga tightened his fist “Amanda” he muttered

“Is that her name? “she peered at his face

“Amaka please stop, you must understand that nothing that lady said to you is true!”

“I understand nothing!” she shouted “she told me everything, everything you told her!”

“I told her nothing!”

“Then how did she know”

“I don’t know! Except Deion my friend must have narrated few things to her, others, she must have made up to spite you!”

“You are lying!”

“I have never lied to you Amaka!”

Both of them gazed at each other intensely “I am telling you the truth, Amanda is only trying to break you”

“She was at your office today” she whispered amidst sob

“Yes” he stuttered “But she only came to…to well”

“To do what Gbenga? I swear I won’t be angry with you. I am too tired to get angry”

Gbenga swallowed hard and looked at her “She was there to lure me in to sleeping with her…” he took Amaka’s Hands “I am so sorry I didn’t tell you more about her, I thought it was not necessary…”

“Have you slept with her?” he didn’t answer “Have you?” Amaka insisted

“Two years ago…only once, we were working together on a case and it happened…a mistake I have apologized over and over again. Twice she had written to me, asking for a relationship which never existed. I swear Amaka, there is nothing going on between Amanda and I, all she wanted is to get to you and probably make me look her way”

Amaka sniffled and wiped her eyes “Last night makes sense to me now” she muttered “You still desire her,” she said so herself “She is your perfect woman who is qualified to quench your sexual hunger, the alternative you have while I, I am dirty, a LovePeddler who had been bleeped by many, I disgust you!”

“Amaka please! Don’t say that, don’t do this!”

“you left me hanging with your pathetic excuse while all you felt for me was disgust, you couldn’t get it up for me because I am a LovePeddler? Then next thing…” she snapped her fingers “She was at your offices today, seducing you like you said. How do I know you didn’t call her?”

“Amaka do not say another word!” his voice was cold with anger

“I am not finished!”

He grabbed the back of her head “I think you are” he pulled her roughly towards him and took her lips in his. She was too shocked to resist “You think I didn’t want to tear off your cloths and make love to you on the floor? You think it was easy for me to sleep knowing you are a room away from me?” he looked her over “you have no idea how much I struggled to remain sane throughout today with your scent all over me and the image of your body making go crazy”

Amaka suddenly felt desires washed over her, she had struggled too, the long bath she had that morning couldn’t quench the desire he awoken in her last night. Even with her anger; her body betrayed her, her stomach fluttered and she craved for him.

Gbenga was torn between walking away and loosing himself totally to her. But his body moved faster than his brain; he closed the gap between them, lifted her off the ground and crushed her gently on the wall. With her legs coiled round him she yielded to his longing.
“You don’t know how much I want you darling” he took her tongue and suck the sweet nectar.

“Gbenga” she moaned and wrapped her hands round his head “Oh God”

Her moaning heightened his desires, with her back on the wall, he hurriedly pulled her blouse over her head “Jesus!” he muttered as her hard nipples threatened to tear her bra “I am afraid I may not be able to let you go…” desires filled his voice, he grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed roughly

“Please Babe, I don’t want you to let go” she moaned

Did she mean not letting go of the desires that burned in them or she walking away? He didn’t care to ask. He lifted her off the wall and hurried to his room, with her head on his shoulder.

“Let me see you, beautiful one” Gbenga placed her carefully on his bed and removed her trouser, he gave himself the pleasure of admiring her body while undressing himself before he eased himself beside her “I want you so much Amaka, I don’t want to stop halfway…I can’t”

“Then don’t say anything, make love to me Gbenga, you said you want me to desire you so much that I will beg for it” she kissed him “I am asking you to make love to me…take the whole of me my husband, fill me with your erection and make me scream your name…”

Gbenga didn’t wait for her to finish, he drew her close and adore her body with his kisses; he made her lay on her back, gently parted her legs and ran his fingers on her clitoris before he slid them inside her wetness, she moaned and wiggled with pleasure

She has not felt alive the way she did when he finally entered her, she held her breath as waves of cold sweet sensation took over her, Gbenga held her waist and watched her turn her head side by side in pleasure before he started thrusting, with his eyes still fixed on her face.
It was the most magical moment of his life, different from any sex he had ever have. She met him thrust with the movement of her hips and they made the most beautiful rhythm musical notes and voices could not describe.

He felt his own ejaculation coming and gripped her waist tight “Hold still darling, I want to wait for you” his voice tightened, she overturned him and balances herself on top of him, with one of her hands pined to his chest she slide his erection back into her and took his breath away as she rode his wild.

“Jesus!” he saith throatily “You are killing me”

“That is my intention church boy” she whispered and gave his ears a little bite. He held her arse firmly as her orgasm knocked, she rode recklessly and screamed like a woman possessed by a spirit. Gbenga felt the hot rush of her orgasm on his erection and lost his control, with a heavy groan, he let himself lose.

“I have never felt like this before” She said, smiling down at him “Thank you for this beautiful moment”

Gbenga eased her off him and carried her to the bathroom “You know what this mean?” he said while washing her hair “You are mine forever Amaka”
She shut her eyes in satisfactions “I am not going anywhere soon” she wished to explore what she feel for this man, yet she still harbored little fears.

“I saw a knife by the door, were you trying to kill yourself?” they were on the bed

“I was trying to kill your white lover” she chuckled, she was coiled beside him while he played with her nipples


“She called my son a bastard”

“Our son, Amaka, our son” He pulled her to him in an embrace “She is lucky I wasn’t here when she said that, I would have cut her tongue”

“Don’t bother, I scared her enough that she would never come here again” they walked hand in hand to the couch “She called me a mad black woman” they laughed

“I thought about you throughout today…I missed you”


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 11:13am On May 22
Finally the forbidden apple has been crushed and the scale that has been covering the love vail has been uprooted.it now time to bond and face the world togather.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Samadict(f): 11:52am On May 22
Aww....after so long! grin. Well done sis. Waiting for more.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 3:19pm On May 22
Lovey dovey
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Amarita(f): 7:23pm On May 22
Sweet as ever.... grin
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 10:31pm On May 22
Hi everyone, I will not be writing this night. I have an online reading, questions and answers about my anthology and upcoming books in the next 30 minutes. I have been preparing all day. Please bear with me

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 9:37am On May 23
Hi everyone, I will not be writing this night. I have an online reading, questions and answers about my anthology and upcoming books in the next 30 minutes. I have been preparing all day. Please bear with me

Wishing you the best dear
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Sharafawizkidayo(m): 12:25pm On May 23
This is an interesting story.. op i hav been a ghost reader all along bt nt anymore i really need to salute the author/writer of dis story.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 2:00pm On May 26
We all say thank you too
Thank you so much for reading. i so much appreciate you and every one who takes time to read this story, i dont take it for granted.

every episode here is a fresh one from my head at that moment, not copied and not dug up from archive so you people are my inspiration.

on a lighter note, we are all writing this story together, i do pick your minds from comments, and you guys has helped me on my two previous stories which are currently with a publisher (a lot of modifications and editing has been done to them though) and will be debuting by October this year. you people made it possible and i am so grateful. thank you all once again
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Samamerc(f): 5:38pm On May 26
Please come and update oh

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