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My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature / “OGA MADAM” – Late Night Short Story! / ONOME My Landlord's Daughter (humor, Erotic And Romance Thriller) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:04am On Sep 30, 2020
Ola* MaDdoo��
Nigga don collect "eye wey see"
lol, this your riddle sweet me oh. good morning
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:05am On Sep 30, 2020
[color=#006600][/color]i use to be a ghost reader.....but this is the bast literature have ever read....so i must comment...thumbs up Elvic...

aaahh! boss you don make me lose for sambisa, thanks sir
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:06am On Sep 30, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 142

He walked into the box and he was given a bible since he said he is a christian to swear, he swear fearlessly if na the gods he won't try it. Aisha's lawyer got up and adjusted his coat then moved over to him.

Aisha's lawyer: can you tell the court what happened that day?

Olamide: yes, this Madam *pointing at Aisha* came to our supermarket to strike a deal with my boss after that day she came again, that was her last visit.

Aisha's lawyer: so what happened on her last visit?

Olamide: I was attending to a customer when he made an inquiry of an information from me which I can't give, I got up and went to my boss's office only to find this lady here struggling and fighting off my boss who was determine to have her.

Aisha's lawyer: why didn't you alert the police or call for help?

Olamide: I couldn't 'cause I couldn't do without my salary that Month, my mom was sick and my father wasn't in a financial position to pay for her hospital bills.

Aisha's lawyer: my lord with this summation the accused is guilty as charged.

Aisha lawyer walked back to seat and sat while my lawyer took the stage.

My lawyer: in your family who do you love most?

Olamide: my mother then my father.

My lawyer: how are they doing right now?

Olamide: the..y a...re fine *sweating already*

My lawyer: can you call them to confirm if they are truly safe?

Aisha's lawyer: objection my lord!

Chief judge: objection over-ruled.

This Aisha lawyer stay one place and stop confusing the thunder, my Lawyer asked him to put a call to his parents which he did and a man voice thunder.

Voice from phone: hope say you don do am? make sure say you do am if you want make your mama and papa dey alive.

Everybody in the courtroom started making disbelief noise, Aisha turned to me.
I winked at her and blew a kiss to her, she frowned and faced her front.

My lawyer: it has been proven that the accuse have defamed my client and also have the tendency of violence at any slight provocation, are this kind of people able to raise and nurture a minor in the direction the society want?

Aisha: he isn't his son, his not his father *screaming in the courtroom*

Chief judge: silence in the courtroom.

The mad woman refused power is intoxicating sha.. We took tea break. The judge left while Aisha was ordered by the court to bring the child, me and Ugochukwu dey one corner dey chill when Olamide came to beg.

Olamide: good afternoon, sirs.

Me: Olamide my boy! how far?

He was surprise anyway, was he expecting me that set the trap that he wasn't aware of to be angry.
I forgave him and asked him to run down to shop while I ordered my boys to release his parents.

Ugochukwu: you don dey bad well well, how you go do that kind thing?

Me: if I no do am I no go win that woman and there is no way I go even get that pikin apart from this sense I use.

He supported what I said, Aisha son was brought to court due to Aisha disagreement that am not the father of the boy I was asked to run a test with the minor.
I took his blood sample and headed to hospital immediately, the court was adjourned tomorrow.

The test came out and I met with the doctor to confirm if Aisha is lying or saying the truth.

Doctor: this result here showed that you are not the father of the boy.

Ugochukwu: I talk am.

Me: wetin you talk? Doctor so I no be the father at all.

Doctor: yes.

Even if I am not the boy's father, Aisha had already done enough to loose the boy to me.
I took the result and headed home to prepare how I will father the boy from tomorrow, the next morning I woke and prepared to head to the court.

One mind tell me say make I switched on the television and I did, a female broadcaster appeared on the screen.

Broadcaster: judge Akintola Tony is dead, details will be reported shortly.

I went for my phone and dialed the judge number presiding my case with Aisha only to be told by one of his family member that the man has joined his ancestor.

I never even digest that one when letter fly come my hand that the case has been moved to Abuja, which case again?

Aisha 600years of suffering for you, nonsense and ingredients. Abuja fire! am not going anywhere, I get immunity joor.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:07am On Sep 30, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 143

I ignored the letter and awaited who will drag me from my house to Abuja for court hearing, their head don shift I swear.
I concentrated in my L.G.A building goat ranch in all the villages with poultry farms.

I built cool room in the centre of the local government that layers are brought from my poultry farms to froze it, we built a modular refinery with private partners.

The project wear trouser abeg, I was in the site when Madam Stella called me.
I picked up the call.

Me: good afternoon, ma.

Madam Stella's voice: baby, I need you now sweetheart.

Me: I dey for site oh.

Madam Stella's voice: get over here I am so Hot, I need you.

I ended the call and switched off my phone, my head is paining me can't come and be enduring one yeye nagging from that lady.
We walked around the site making observation, after the inspection I went home to rest.

I slept off and woke up late in the night then switched on my phone, I received a text message from Madam Stella.
I opened it

"You dare switch your phone on me, am going to deal with you"

Is high time I deal with this woman before her feathers will expand to swallow me up, I called Mikel and he picked up the call.

Mikel's voice: you still get my number? you no try at all, man wey show you road na you forget like this.

Me: my brother man this one you dey yarn like this, how I go forget person wey make me who I be today.

Mikel's voice: thank God you know, I for don talk say you don get selective amnesia. So how far na?

Me: on God, you fit help me run guy wey fine well with big blokos?

Mikel's voice: when you turn to gay, my brother?

Me: God forbid, I nofit leave toto dey pursue strong yansh. Abeg, just look for that kind person for your manny..

Mikel's voice: no wam, by tomorrow I don deliver.

Me: send me your account number my wire you some mill.

Mikel's voice: face of assembly! man wey sabi how to run parole.

Me: na me, minister of internal and external ashewo affairs.

We concluded the call and I sent him money before I slept off, the next morning I drove out my residence which isn't far from the governor's residence.
Getting to the governor's residence I met Alicia, so Ugochukwu didn't send the flat head to jail.

Something is fishy about her presence in the house, I went inside and find Her excellency with another lady.
I greeted her but she just threw question at me straight.

Madam Stella: did you switch off your phone on me?

Me: I didn't, my battery was drain didn't charge before leaving for the inspection of the project.

Madam Stella: how is going?

Me: tough, I want to speak with Father.

Madam Stella: he is in.

I went inside his library and find him reading, I sensed that the man agility is dying slowly.

Me: father, good morning.

Governor: son, have a seat.

I sat with him and asked about his health, he told me not to worry that he is fine.
But he doesn't look fine to me, I told him about the refinery and he promised the state will intervene.

I was happy and left them after having breakfast with his family, he told me his daughter will be returning very soon that they will be going to US to do something something and then his daughter will return, I don't care!

I went back home and called Mikel after instructing Jack my personal aid to form my solid intermediaries before him in accepting Mikel's offer.

Mikel: face of assembly, my man. I don prepare your package oh!

Me: no be my own, na one guy talk say my make contact, but hailings I believe your ministry.

Mikel: hops say the person get muscles to handle the bills.

Me: I don't know, he will be coming to do the business himself, na ona go settle am.

We talked about personal issues and hung-up, I asked Jack to look for any guest house for a total rent one day.
I texted Madam Stella the address of the guest house.

She was just bombarding my phone with text messages, on the fixed day I lodged in the guest house with Victor and also the other guy lodged in the same guest house as Victor.
I asked receptionist to point to the other guys room since the room number will be similar in few figures.

Three hours later Madam Stella called me and informed me of her presence in the vicinity, I told her am going to wash up that the receptionist will direct her to the room.

I saw her walked to receptionist desk with the camera staged in there and then she went into the room to meet the guy, I have already instructed the guy to get into the bathroom with the number that the man contacted him uses, I also instructed him to ask her to join him in the bathroom.

Immediately she saw the clothes on the marbled floor, she stripped naked and entered the bathroom where the guy was backing the door.

Po-rnstar first lady I hail oh, she hugged him from behind and grabbed his hard di-ck stroking it while dropping kisses on his back.

Konji can make person blind oh! I was just enjoying the view in my room. The guy na all those tramadol crew wey nodey reason before them grab person mother like who-re and start molesting.

The guy turned her and spread her a-ss for pen-etration ministration, the fu-ck up be say I nodey get any sounds is still better.
When they are in action I called her several times since I know say she no go pick, I went out of my room and met the receptionist to pretend like I didn't see her entering they don't even know of the camera.

She affirmed and I went to knock on the door of the room, nobody cared to open it.
I called her several times but she dey enjoy some dicking in the bathroom with one tramadol crew, I took my things and asked Jack to dismantle the cameras when she leaves.

Mission completed and link broken, before they will look for the guy that Jack directly linked to.
He will be in Dubai, I sent Jack some money to run his visa some weeks ago.

When I got home I packaged the footage for future purpose, and put a call to Ugochukwu when I remembered about Alicia.

Me: guy, why you no arrest Alicia again?

Ugochukwu's voice: which Alicia? the Alicia wey I know dey kirikiri dey chill with top criminals.

Me: your own version of kirikiri na governor's house?

Ugochukwu's voice: I no understand, wetin you dey talk?

Me: I talk say you be mumu.

And I hung up on him before he will vomit more nonsense, local man isn't happy.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 7:25am On Sep 30, 2020

you are welcome bro, good morning
Good morning. Thanks for the update..
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 7:47pm On Sep 30, 2020
honourable has forgotten mrs stella has a video of him on the very first day the whole thing started....wey hin dey shake hin hard buttock for mrs stella...obey orders like zombie....well..maybe he plans to use for the same purpose mrs stella has too....lol...what a drama....hin name suppose be HONOURABLE SMART AND WISE....

Mr Elvic...weldone

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by permit(m): 7:51pm On Sep 30, 2020
Man wey Sabi I hail ooo
You're really doing wonders...
The only minister of women interior affairs
Your landlord
The comic novelist
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Shedrack777: 8:47pm On Sep 30, 2020
Too much wisdom kills. That's what will kill honorable. Weldon elvictor
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 3:51pm On Oct 01, 2020
honourable has forgotten mrs stella has a video of him on the very first day the whole thing started....wey hin dey shake hin hard buttock for mrs stella...obey orders like zombie....well..maybe he plans to use for the same purpose mrs stella has too....lol...what a drama....hin name suppose be HONOURABLE SMART AND WISE....

Mr Elvic...weldone

thanks, boss

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 3:51pm On Oct 01, 2020
Man wey Sabi I hail ooo You're really doing wonders... The only minister of women interior affairs Your landlord The comic novelist
thanks boss
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 3:51pm On Oct 01, 2020
Too much wisdom kills. That's what will kill honorable. Weldon elvictor

thanks my manny
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 3:53pm On Oct 01, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 144

I drove home and had a wonderful sleep only to wake to see a missed call from Madam Stella, I quickly called back and she picked up.

Me: good afternoon, ma'am.

Madam Stella: where are you?

Me: you didn't show up.

Madam Stella: yes, I didn't.

Why you go show up when you are busy in the other room with someone else, she told me about their journey to U.S the next day. At least I will have space to breathe, she ended the call after our discussion.

The next day Ugochukwu visited me and find me having breakfast in the dinning.

Ugochukwu: big man sweet, so wetin be the name of that one for your plate?

Me: mad man, Shantel dey do you well oh! sas you don freshen up finish.

Ugochukwu: na evidence of better wife, so wetin you been dey tell me about Alicia?

Me: even me shock when I see the babe for Governor house, abi she get twin sister?

Ugochukwu: I no believe wetin you talk like this because the officer in charge assured me say she go dey there for a long time.

He stood up.

Me: were you wan go as you dey stand up like that?

Ugochukwu: to confirm with my eyes.

Me:go ahead.

He left and some minutes later my phone rang it was a call from Mikel, I picked up immediately.

Mikel's voice: my guy you no try oh! you for tell me na say na bad business you dey contact me for.

Me: I no understand wetin you dey talk at all Mikel, abeg explain wetin you mean by bad business.

Mikel's voice: the guy I give you them don drop am yesterday, even the guy wey link am to the business contact nodey go.

Me: no worry, my try the man number.

I hung up and dialed Jack's number, he quickly picked up.

Me: Jack is the guy dead?

Jack's voice: yes, boss. The second guy is also dead, we are trying to reach the other guy but he has left the State.

Me: good, hope the other guy is out of the country already.

Jack's voice: yes, boss.

Me: keep your eyes on them.

I hung up and dialed Mikel's number again to explain what happened, he wasn't happy about the bad business. I didn't expect the woman to be killing people like christmas chicken, na wa oh!

I received a call from Chairman for the new project plan of establishing an L.G.A computer training school. That educate people everything about computer, programming and turning them to computer softwares guru.

After the meeting we voted for the money and hand it over to team of engineers that will took care of the buildings, I made sure they took an oath so that they won't be able to make prices of things to rise like Ijebu garri.

I returned back to my residence to find Ugochukwu waiting for me in my house.
He wasn't happy when I saw him.

Me: why you dey keep face like person wey swallow old man shit?

Ugochukwu: na truth you talk, I even go meet the officer and him tell me say Governor wife order am to release her. Just imagine!

I sat on the sofa thinking about how things are playing out nowadays, is it that Madam Stella is actually using Alicia to carry out some evil schemes because the Governor looked ill nowadays.

Me: just relax, I go talk to her about am. You fit go your house 'cause your wife godey look for you.

Ugochukwu: thank you, my mother dey hospital I wan go see am first before I go go house.

Me: make we go together nothing I go even do for house now sef.

We got into his car and drove to the hospital, after we met his mother who was undergoing treatment we came out of her ward and met a little girl who was playing along the hallway.

Little girl: good afternoon, sirs.

Me: afternoon, how are you?

Little girl: am fine sir, you look like my father.

Ugochukwu: where is your father? Vic, this one you don dey look like another father again issoright.

Me: be calming down make the girl talk finish before you conclude.

Little girl: mommy always shows me daddy in the tv, daddy is always in the TV.

Me: wait... wait.. no be this hospital them bring me when them shoot me?

Ugochukwu: at least you get last memory, yes.

A young lady appeared from somewhere and called the child.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 5:40pm On Oct 01, 2020
hmmm....abi dem won set up honorable....abeg update quick my man...am too curious...you don put me for big suspence...

Elvictor....this story suppose give you award. You too try
My fellow nairaland user..abi wetin i talk..
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Zishot(m): 9:40pm On Oct 01, 2020
Wetin be this Madam Stella own na? Abi na that nurse pikin? Thanks for the update!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 10:38pm On Oct 01, 2020
Thanks for the update, honorable elvictor
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:50pm On Oct 02, 2020
hmmm....abi dem won set up honorable....abeg update quick my man...am too curious...you don put me for big suspence...

Elvictor....this story suppose give you award. You too try
My fellow nairaland user..abi wetin i talk..

you don burst my head, I don lose for Sambisa.

thanks man, I still be small boy I never reach the ward standard, thanks for making my day
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:50pm On Oct 02, 2020
Wetin be this Madam Stella own na? Abi na that nurse pikin? Thanks for the update!

thanks bro, more updates go clear all your questions
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:52pm On Oct 02, 2020
Thanks for the update, honorable elvictor

I never feed fine na to go drag election for this monecracy wey Nigeria dey practice.

but I say big amen to the honourable title
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:53pm On Oct 02, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 145

The beautiful fair nurse approached us with fear or some kind of feelings that I couldn't decipher.

Nurse: Baby, come here.

Little girl: is this not daddy, mom? *pointing at me*

Nurse: don't be stubborn come with your mother, sweetheart.

Ugochukwu: wetin sweet about the heart, na her papa be this I mean this one? *using his head to point at me*

Me: guy you better behave before I jack cane for you, nurse am I her father?

Nurse: no *trembling* you are not *shaking her head*

Suddenly she loosen her grip from the child and her two hands was forced to her throat, she grabbed her throat choking it.

Nurse: aahh! he...l *coughing*

Little girl: mommy, why are you coughing?

Ugochukwu: guy this one don pass joke, person dey kill herself.

We had to rescue her because she was strangling herself of life, it wasn't an easy task to release the hands pressed tightly to her neck. She fainted after we are able to loosen the clutched hands to her throat.
We called on the nurses to attend to her while I asked the doctor in charge to run a DNA test on the child and me.

We stayed in the hospital looking after the little girl play around who doesn't know her mom was dying inside, the doctor called me to her office.

Doctor: here is the report.

Me: thank you, doc.

I took the medical reports and didn't understand what is written there, too many medical blabla..

Me: am I her father?

Doctor: yes, you are.

I was happy and terrified also because I remembered Veronica was pregnant and didn't give birth to the child because of circumstances and now God has blessed me with another child, I came out of the doctor's office to see Ugochukwu waiting for me.

Me: how many minutes you don dey wait for me for here?

Ugochukwu: em never too tay, I been go visit my mother for her ward. so how far?

Me: *I smile* na my pikin she be.

Ugochukwu: how? when you play away you no tell me?

Me: I tell you but you been dey doubt me, remember?

We went to see the nurse that gave birth to my child but she was still lying there unconscious, I carried the little girl with me and she was pinching my nose, ear, and playing with anything she find at the reach of her hands.

A nurse was by her side watching her every move.

Me: how is she?

Nurse: she refused to wake up we haven't seen such case in this hospital, we will soon call a pastor.

Ugochukwu: I get one wey dey cast demons with rotten teeth and wings, make I give you the number sef.

Nurse: *laughing* you are funny, I will rather call my pastor, can I speak with you alone?

Me: no problem, lets see outside.

I hand over the little girl to Ugochukwu and she started crying, Ugochukwu body odour na em make the pikin cry.
I have to bribe her before she stopped crying, smile girl.

We left the ward and came to a more suitable place to talk, the nurse was hesitating before she finally let out the cat.

Nurse: my friend Linda was once married.

No wonder she no tight that night, her husband must have finished all the milk and honey then expand the coast down there.

Nurse: but she was unable to give birth for years and she was divorced, a pastor was the one who gave her the revelation of sleeping with unconscious person before she will give birth, I hope you understand my friend Linda's action sir. I hope you won't take away her joy or make any legal attack.

Me: I have no such plans, but the kid should be with me for now because she is still in coma.

Nurse: I don't think so, it will be okay if you let her stay with me if by tomorrow she didn't wake up. I will hand her over to you.

Nice business sha.. I had no choice but to agree, we went back inside and saw Ugochukwu dosing like someone thag was drunk and the little girl was busy disturbing her mom.

Little girl: daddy, mommy isn't waking up.

Me: she is sleeping, don't disturb her.

Little girl: sleep mommy, I won't disturb you again.

I had to beat Ugochukwu out of the sleep before we left the hospital I told the nurse to take good care of my daughter and gave her some cash to take good care of her, on our way home.

A mad man stood on the road preventing our car from passing, I tried to move to other lane but he still went ahead blocking us with seriousness.

I moved out of the road 'cause I was kind of preventing people from moving, immediately I cleared from the tarred road the mad man moved away from the road laughing.

Mad man: *laughing* mad man, he wants to run away from his shadow.

He turned sharply and started running screaming incoherent gibberish.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 9:08pm On Oct 02, 2020
This matter tie wrapper o, honorable.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 10:37pm On Oct 02, 2020
plenty wrapper self
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:16am On Oct 04, 2020
This matter tie wrapper o, honorable.

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:17am On Oct 04, 2020
plenty wrapper self
lol, boss boss
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:17am On Oct 04, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 146

Ugochukwu: chaaaiii! *exclaimed* the gods nodey happy with you at all!

Me: wetin you mean by the gods nodey happy with me?

Ugochukwu: you no see how mad man dey call you mad man too? it takes a mad man to recognize another of his brother man.

Me: mr explainer I don hear you, the mad man point me hand? no! no be two of us dey this car? yes! if them examine both of us now na you go be get the qualities of potential mad man.

Ugochukwu: aru! how responsible married man like me go get qualities of potential mad man? you don dey take coke?

Me: free me abeg.

I started the car and shifted it to the road then gunned down the street, some minutes later we were in my residence.
He took his car and drove home while I went inside, took my shower and had decent dinner.

I sat on my bed and thought of what the mad man said but nothing was adding meaning to my condition, maybe his madness is on terrorist level-up then.
I slept up then woke up the next day and prepared to visit the hospital, I got a call from Ugochukwu that he will be joining me later.

I had to go on my own to the hospital located the ward the nurse is and was surprised to see different faces around that place in deep sorrow, I opened the door and find two old couples inside lamenting.

Me: what happened? am I in the wrong place? doctor where is the nurse?

Doctor: sorry, sir. We lost her.

I didn't even know when tears left my eyes suddenly, I felt pained when her body was taken to the mortuary.
I had to go with her parents to discuss about my little girl, her parents weren't that rich the girl was really helping them train up three of her younger ones.

I gave the three scholarship and promised to sponsor their daughter's burial and also continue sending them up-keep, I allowed them be with the little girl for awhile to comfort them with her presence.
I needed to know where all this ugly situations were rearing head from, Ugochukwu and I went in search of someone who will tell me what is happening.

Ugochukwu: why you carry your pikin give those people wey dey cry like that, mehnn! who go take care of the child emotions?

Me: you want make I just hijack the child when them dey grief their daughter death? be calming down even their daughter spirit no go happy with me.

Ugochukwu: I don hear you Mr. spiritual.

I laughed at the silly name and drove faster to the prophetess we had gone to meet to prophecy to us sometime ago, I parked at the road side and we walked bare-footed to her chamber.

Prophetess: why have you come here? you are the 'cause of your troubles.

Me: I know, but how can I know the solution to my problem, how can I fight this?

Prophetess: your problem is your shadow, you can't run away from it you will either suffer for your mistakes or re-write them.

Me: I don't understand you, why are people around me dying?

Prophetess: you took an oath for it, now it has come to haunt you, now leave! leave my chambers!!

Ugochukwu: guy come make we dey go.

I for no commot there until she say all she had seen instead of whining me, Ugochukwu dragged me out of the place.

Ugochukwu: which time you take oath say make all your babes dey die, you don join occult?

Me: your brain give your sense smackdown? when you see me join occult, I no even remember taking oath for anything.

Few days I picked up my daughter from her grandparents home and took her ti my house, I had ordered a nanny to clean up her room and set it to a wonderful baby room with plenty of toys to play with.
She was so happy about the room and I took her to one of the best primary school and enrolled her in.

The Governor and his wife returned I took her with me to visit them, the Governor was very fond of my daughter but his wife was keeping walls around the little girl.

Madam Stella: how is her mother?

Me: she died not quite long.

Her reaction shocked me if I was dealing with human or beast, she just nodded and went about everything like I never told her about someone's has lost her life.

I took the kid with me and went about shopping, even taking her to the park to play with her fellow kids. Time to time she will be asking me about her mother, I told her she has travelled and will be moving around the air watching us.
She will jump up and shout

Baby: my mommy is a super-woman.

I come dey wonder who tell am that one sha.. The next day I was busy supervising some drainage plans in my L.G.A when I had a call from Governor to pick up his daughter.

I abandoned the work for the Chairman to handle it and drove straight to the airport, I just dey look around to see the girl.

Voice: are you Victor?

with British accent too, I just dey admire her oyigbo skin and fine face with Nigeria shape.
This girl and Profit godey wrestle who fine pass I swear.

Me: I am.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 8:05am On Oct 04, 2020
Na that oath wey you take with governor wife I dey suspect o.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by permit(m): 10:44am On Oct 04, 2020
Another banger has landed in the airport.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by MAMBALIAN(m): 2:45pm On Oct 04, 2020
nawa oh
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 5:05pm On Oct 04, 2020
that is the doom of honourable oo....if he do mistake Bleep her..chai...odeyshi don spoil be that..

''Dont Bleep mother and dauther''
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Taniaa(f): 5:06pm On Oct 04, 2020
Thumbs Up,keep it up
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by collinometricx: 7:29pm On Oct 04, 2020
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Only you

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Taniaa(f): 10:35pm On Oct 04, 2020

Only you
ok stalker
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by collinometricx: 6:59am On Oct 05, 2020
ok stalker

Fortunately, the three stories are what I'm following currently..

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Choices: Another Perspective / Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba / I Fell In Love By Toyin Taiwo(ty Praise)

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