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My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature / “OGA MADAM” – Late Night Short Story! / ONOME My Landlord's Daughter (humor, Erotic And Romance Thriller) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by indodon(m): 8:35am On Sep 23, 2020
Finally here..

All hail the great elvictor
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by preshman22: 12:25pm On Sep 23, 2020
Season finale

as I go meet Aisha those her gorilla with the name of bodyguard come meet me show me where she dey
many things happened but to cut the long story short I killed Aisha and those her bodyguards

the end......
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by preshman22: 12:25pm On Sep 23, 2020
Season finale

as I go meet Aisha those her gorilla with the name of bodyguard come meet me show me where she dey
many things happened but to cut the long story short I killed Aisha and those her bodyguards

the end......

nice story
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by preshman22: 12:28pm On Sep 23, 2020
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:20pm On Sep 24, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 138

I kept silent as I drove to Aisha's residence parking close to her gate.

Me: come down.

Ugochukwu: to come do wetin? to even park close to the gate dey dangerous talk more to come down.

Me: help me snap me in case I no come back then use the picture as evidence since the system only prosecute thief wey them catch for hand.

He came down and followed me to the gate, when I got close to the gate.
I turned and he took a few shots and I knocked on the gate, he took several shots till I got inside the house.

One of the gorilla escorted me to were Aisha is, I wonder where the kid is, I mean my son.
She was relaxing in the balcony, I joined her and she asked the bodyguards to excuse us.

I felt like pressing her neck.

Aisha: thanks for coming, have a seat.

I sat and listened to whatever she had to say.

Aisha: my men called me yesterday and detailed what happened that day, while they were holding her hostage they were attacked and she was killed.

I felt like recording it but while touching my pocket couldn't find any bulge that means I have dropped it in the car.

Me: the police also said so.

Aisha: the thugs that attacked my men were sent by your associate, I guess someone very close to you don't want us to marry.

Me: you claimed to know the person who did it, why don't you say the person's name?

Aisha: I think the governor's wife should know better, ask her.

Me: thank you for wasting my time.

I got up from the chair and glared at her before taking my leave but she said three words before I could go out of sight "I still love you". That woman is totally insane or worse than an idiot.

I told Ugochukwu what she told me and he discouraged me from asking Madam Stella that she will see me as ingrate, how I wish he knows the bed stories betwixt that woman and me.

After we were sworn into office by the Governor, we were giving one million naira each to entertain our guests and supporters.
I was like aahh! for country wey them say money nodey?

I thought of what to do with the money and what came to my mind is to use it to build a massive poultry farm that will employ five to six villagers from my village.

I drove to village with Ugochukwu and asked of graduates that studied agriculture relating to poultry in my village and I got four of them, amongst four of them only one graduated from the university.

I took them to the site and contacted an engineer that will build the structure, that is five of them.

We agreed on housing thousands of birds that will produce hundred of eggs daily.
I took their numbers and asked them to meet me in my supermarket the next day to get the money to start the building first, I will make contact for the birds later.

I called Ishi to get a potent ofor that kills after three hours of going against oath without mercy, trust contractors and strangers at your own peril with your funds.
They will embezzle it and still claim that is our oyel money, nothing you fit do.

Ishi arrived before them and displayed the ofor in my office, I could feel the power of the ofor even Ishi head added more powers to it.

Me: I thank all of ona as ona come, if you know say you no wan do the work go back *no one did* if you wan do the work step forward *all of them did* now, if you know say you wan do the work to chop the money clean mouth shift back *no one did* now, before I trust you, you go swear say you no go ever use one naira from the money do something wey the money no meant for or even try use means steal the money.

Engineer: sir, I be christian I nofit swear. wetin be one million naira wey I nofit get?

Me: the work no be for you, you fit leave us. So if you wan join me to raise the poultry farm to help our people, take swear.

Ishi gave the four graduates who have been unemployed for years the ofor and they swear to abide by the plans, the engineer reluctantly swore to abide also, stingy man.

I gave him the money he claimed to build the massive poultry structure and his total payment also.
I and the other four graduates agreed on salary, but the amount was base on production and profits.

I received a call from one of the PHCN officer that one of the community in my constituency is asking them to pay marching ground before they will drop the transformer and wire the community.
Marching wetin?

I called the military man that his number was given to me by the governor and he provided six vans with military men.
I headed to that community with the military men and saw twenty or more of the village youths with some chiefs asking the PHCN officer to pay before they will give them light, madness!!

I asked the military men to round them up and instructed the PHCN officers to wire the community of darkness.

They were all taken to the local government council, I asked a lawyer to make a legal agreement.
I stood before them ashamed of the village chief who was in their midst, this is wickedness fah!

Me: ona want light or money?

Voices: money! who dey reason light?! give us government money make we chop!!

Me: no problem, if you sabi read pass like this.

Only three guys were left out with one elder, I asked the military men to share the agreement papers.

Me: if you sign that paper anybody for your lineage no go ever use that light till this world end, if you sign I go give you fifty thousand naira.

Naso all of them take confuse, they started deliberating amongst themselves.
The legal papers were all brought back without any of them been signed.

Me: so ona like light like this?

Voices: yes oohh! we no like darkness, better honourable!! honourable talk and do!!! the man of the people!!!


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 10:30pm On Sep 24, 2020
Ah! Madam Stella, e no go better for u o... Honourable talk and do, sense just dey too much for u head. Thanks for the update Op......
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 5:43pm On Sep 25, 2020
Great Piece
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by arfezces: 10:01pm On Sep 25, 2020
Weldon OP...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Nobody: 11:49pm On Sep 25, 2020
Nice one Elvictor.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by samuel19222(m): 10:32pm On Sep 26, 2020
Elvictor where you dey
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:00am On Sep 27, 2020
Ah! Madam Stella, e no go better for u o... Honourable talk and do, sense just dey too much for u head. Thanks for the update Op......

good morning, sir. happy sunday
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:00am On Sep 27, 2020
Great Piece
thanks, good morning and happy sunday
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:01am On Sep 27, 2020
Weldon OP...
thanks sir, good morning and happy sunday.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:01am On Sep 27, 2020
Nice one Elvictor.
thanks sir, happy sunday and good morning
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:01am On Sep 27, 2020
Elvictor where you dey
see me oh! happy sunday, sir
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:02am On Sep 27, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 139

The hailings was too much and I got the subtle mention attached with it, which is "anything for the boys" many people in this country will rather pocket one thousand naira from electoral exercise than voting for infrastructures that will develop their communities.

I charted three buses to take them home and shared one thousand naira each to everyone presence, they were so happy like the money wasn't actually coming from their taxes or from mineral resources in the land they stayed.
I was lost on the logic those happy faces operated with, is because I can't boast of the one thousand naira I gave to them that is giving them so much joy or something else.

I thanked the military men that helped me settled the scores with some cash, I was about leaving when one of the soldier a high ranked soldier.

Soldier: oga, you try oh! see the way you dey force them to accept better thing, abeg no change we want people like you for government.

Me: thank you, I wan change my constituency story. The only thing wey dey pay for my L.G.A na crime no place to work and earn.

The military man agreed with me and left, I was in my office when the Governor called me for meeting.
I drove there and saw sixteen assembly members with him, the opposition members refused to attend the meeting.

The governor spoke at length concerning the position of the speaker and he picked me to be the new speaker, others welcomed the idea but among them was one old honourable looking rebellious.
I just picked the man as someone who I should handle personally, after the meeting was over.

I find way and related with the other members taking their numbers, I didn't take the rebel amongst them phone number to tell him am ready for him in any ring he wanted to engage with me.

After the meeting I followed the governor out of the hall, the press were not present because it was a close door meeting.

Governor: son, how are you doing?

Me: am doing fine, father. do you think I can do the job?

Governor: yes, ofcourse you have proven beyond doubt to deliver.

We were discussing about the meeting when the other honourable that I didn't take his number appeared.

Honourable: aahh! Honourable Victor, you no take my number?

Me: oh! sorry, I forget abeg give me.

I followed the Governor home and had a drink together before leaving, he was telling me about his daughter that will return to the country soon.

I didn't relax at all I quickly swing to entice the opposition in the house with money, after having the support of eight members opposition on my side. I realized that all politicians are greedy people who are always ready to have more and more of public funds.

I also called the assembly members that I took their numbers that day without inviting the man that doesn't want to support me, when the other fifteen members arrived.

I entertained them before telling them why I called the meeting, when I spoke of the Governor's wish two or three of the members were not happy claiming that am just new to the house and I wanted to lord them.

I took the three members out and hand them over to Ugochukwu and then locked the entrance to the indoor meeting, I made sure ghana must go went round for the benefit members.
They were all smiles when the meeting ended and am very sure they will support me and are all afraid to even go against the Governor, with money they won't be influenced anymore.

The three members came to me and asked why I took them out of the meeting and shared the goodies for those who stayed behind.

Me: my honourables, ona talk say ona no go support me na.

Honourable1: we no talk like that na, we just wan tell you say wetin the governor do, how we go even make you understand?

Honourable2: you know say our party slogan na unity, we no go fit go against the choice of the governor.

Honourable3: make we benefit wetin others benefit too.

Me: the thing don finish but later we go still meet, talk about am.

Greedy men quickly agreed pledging their allegiance, I was very quick to regard them as opposition.
They ain't loyal to the governor and neither we they be to me, is better I have a thing on them than be their friends.

I had someone to check on the school that Aisha's son attended and his routine, who usually pick him from school and time.
After I got all the details I sent Anderson and Rufus, with three others to stall the driver that usually pick the child from school by fighting each other with hired cars on the road that the driver always drive through.

While I and Ugochukwu drove to the school to pick the kid up, I wanted to lay my hands on that child. shebi Aisha talk say na my pikin why she no gree my near am?

Ugochukwu: you sure say the pikin go come outside the gate, cars dey drive in they pick the children make we drive enter.

Me: you talk truth if we wait here further we no go fit take the pikin.

I parked the car and we walk inside the school, oh men rich people they different world from poor people I swear for this country.
Different cars were taking children, I sighted the kid and we both went to pick him up.

Me: are you Johnson?

Johnson: yes, did my mommy send you?

work made easy, we both nodded at once and the kid followed us.
The gateman on sighting us started hailing honourable, I just know say all the praise and worship na because of money.
I gave him something to hold his side.

Johnson: I usually see you in TV? are you Honourable Victor?

Me: yes, you are a smart kid.

I touched his head and went round signaled Ugochukwu to put the kid in the car so that we can leave there.
Immediately I sat down on the driver's seat.

Johnson: I want to poo.

Ugochukwu: the boy wan shit oohh!

I didn't answer the kid quickly ran inside the school while we waited for thirty minutes he didn't return.

Me: you be sisi oh! you no know say that pikin been dey pretend?

Ugochukwu: how I wan take know ehnn? like father like son.

We waited for more minutes but the kid didn't even come out of the school, I wonder where he get that evil antics to deceive him papa.
We just have to drive out when I sighted the car the child's driver usually come to pick him with.

Me: I wonder which kind brain you dey use, common to kidnap small pikin you nofit.

Ugochukwu: and who tell you say I get career for kidnapping or I wan start one.

I dialed Anderson to ask if they are fine because I don't trust Aisha and all those her gorillas.

Me: where ona dey?

Anderson's voice: police station.

Ehnn.. this woman no get joy at all oh!


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 12:54pm On Sep 27, 2020

thanks, good morning and happy sunday
How's The Weekend Going On Your Side Bro.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 12:54pm On Sep 27, 2020

thanks, good morning and happy sunday
How's The Weekend Going On Your Side Bro?
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 8:03am On Sep 28, 2020
Elvictor, more grace and favour i pray comes ur way IJN. Your works has this originality, something most people could relate to... *Reading each update full of smiles*
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:18pm On Sep 28, 2020
How's The Weekend Going On Your Side Bro.

is going well with the visible hands of God, good noon.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by mokoh(m): 4:19pm On Sep 28, 2020
Baba Abeg give us update
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:19pm On Sep 28, 2020
Elvictor, more grace and favour i pray comes ur way IJN. Your works has this originality, something most people could relate to... *Reading each update full of smiles*

thanks brotherly, people like you are the much needed motivation for the youths.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:20pm On Sep 28, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 140

I turned to Ugochukwu.

Ugochukwu: why you dey look me like that?

Me: them say them dey inside police station.

Ugochukwu: why you dey tell me? drive make we go meet them.

Me: no na, you know say Aisha go suspect say na me send them.

Ugochukwu: which person sense you wan use? no be you bring out this failed ideas? Aisha wey dey Abuja how she go take know?

Me: na wa for you oohh! you nofit help person go there on my behalf.

I hissed and we drove to the police station, thank God them never lock them up.
I met with the officer in charge and he said Aisha asked him to hold them, I past brown envelope around and they were all released from police clutches.

We came out of the police station with Anderson, Martins, and Rufus.

Me: ona no try oh! just imagine ona nofit make those people stay there for an hour.

Anderson: we try, until police and some gorillas appear tie us come police station.

Ugochukwu: we thank God say ona still dey alive.

Oga Rufus: Honourable talk and do *I raise my hand*

Me: I don change am to Face of Assembly.

Oga Rufus: okay, hope say the mission dey accomplish?

Martins: *shining* I wan chop the benefit of my labour.

Me: which labor? the one wey you labor like Nigeria past heroes? abegi, make we dey go.

We all left the station to our different locations, I stayed around Government residence.
Mehnn.. life in that area is on different class, I planned on how to get Aisha's son abi no be she say na our son? our son through court.

I thought about different possibilities and one idea pop-in, I planted cameras around my compound for the final strategy.

The poultry building was finally completed and the engineer called me to inspect it, he built four different self-contains for those who will be taking care of the birds.
A house for the security that will watch the area, I planted cameras around the compound and make sure the fences were made of jump and die.

A largely built four birds house that will be housing the layers, I contacted someone that will be supplying quality feeds after taking oath.
The business started in ernest, when the Month ended I had an alert of ten million naira.

I haven't done anything yet as a honourable and such mammoth cash have grigri in my political account.
We converged in the house and I was made the speaker after thoroughly dealing with my opposition.

With allowances adding to the mammoth cash I was been payed, I looked for a site and started a nice city library which isn't anywhere in the State.
I made sure I built it in the village close to the express-way for my next agenda, with too much money the building was built so fast that in space of four Months it was completed and I named it after the governor.

I even asked him to commission it and he was so happy, I just dey hype say he is interested in revamping education in the whole state.
I was just reasoning to develop my constituency against the other constituency.

The state university doesn't have two faculties which are management and humanities, I proposed a bid on it and the governor approved it.
I met with the community and had a sweet dialogue with them about the lands that the project will be carried out, after promising the villagers cleaner and non-academic staff jobs they were ready to give their lands.

I prepared another site opposite the university that I wanted to make another income centre, one hundred self-contains with shopping mall and five stars hotel.
I built a market and a park around the university area, the projects were on going when I hired some boys to kidnap Aisha's son I knew she will definitely come for me so I made sure the camera are fully active.

Ugochukwu: you sure say this your crazy plans go work?

Me: why not? she go surely vex come here.

My phone rang and I picked it, it was from the boys that I sent.

Voice: boss, it is done.

Me: hope they are safe.

Voice: yes, boss.

An hour later cars drove in with their numbers inside my compound, I came out and saw Aisha with lots of thugs with guns, she sef dey hold gun.
Before I left the sitting-room I already called the boys to release her son and her driver immediately and hand their phones over.

Aisha: where is my son?!

Me: you mean our son?

Aisha: don't joke with me, Jax turn the house upside down.

The gorillas rushed in Ugochukwu was behind me, instead of him to be in the front and die for his leader, yeye citizen.
Aisha pointed a gun at me.

Aisha: where is he?

Me: why are you asking me all these useless questions?

Her thugs returned and reported that the child isn't inside, she insisted that I should produce her son.
She received a call from the child's driver before she finally left my house with her gorillas.

Ugochukwu: you sabi risk your life for mumu things ehnn.

Me: no worry, you go see the benefit of this foolishness very soon.

I called my lawyer and delivered the footage to him and also sent him the dna test result, Aisha see you in court.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:21pm On Sep 28, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 141

The appointment of new party chairman in the L.G.A kicked in this period, I had to stall the case against Aisha for my political gain and made sure the footage was leaked online to be talk of the day.
Different blogs, media teams, I even made sure that lawyers were invited to studios to analyze the situation in my favour.
The news was getting hot everyday and Aisha will be feeling the heat, the real heat is coming anyways.

Back to the drawing board I set in to get a perfect candidate for my L.G.A party chairman, one pot-belle man was trying to get the position claiming he is old and experienced blablabla.. that he has been in the party long enough to earn that position.

Such a person had his own personal agenda so I kicked him out of the group, the man was pulling weights and I knew Okoye is behind him and the best thing I could do is to study his past and I used it against him.

I created him in the big failure picture that anyone who wanted to come against me in my L.G.A will be giving a space there, Okoye was the chief embezzler of the L.G.A funds, I made a slogan for the man "where you drop our oyel money".
with this slogan his own supporters were against him over night, I went for a young and energetic party chairman and selected.

Before I forward his name I made sure he took an oath, I gave it to the village that haven't smell the corridor of power and the praise was warming to my heart.
After the selection of the new party chairman, the next in line was excos and I personally did an exclusive lists of those who are my die hard supporters.

I didn't just put their names there without them paying their allegiance through oath that can 'cause them their life if they betray, money can make any human being dance a different song from the one he/she is suppose to.

My plans were perfecting as I wished to displace Okoye and his political structure completely from grassroot, the next thing that got my attention was terrorist running havoc.

I knew this are Okoye boys trying to disrupt the peace of my constituency, and those idiots are from my constituency.
cultism and nonsense ingredients, I didn't even smile at them.
I made all the connections I could make even bringing in police and soldiers, total state of security in my constituency when three people were shot dead.

Those boys were even shooting with soldiers and policemen, I was like ehnn! these children have smoked away their destinies.
Ugochukwu and I were in my sitting room in my new residence in the Government residence area when the call came in reporting a soldier and a cop were shot dead in my constituency.

Ugochukwu: so wetin you wan do? you know say if you no get better plan your constituency go be war zone.

Me: this new plan now go scatter their cultism and stupidity.

I called the governor and told him if he can create a chance for me that I have people that are wiling to join the military to fight the menace of boko haram, he called me later that if those people are ready to join that they will all be assigned to go to Sambisa.

I was so happy, since they are about creating another Sambisa in my constituency why can't they go to the real Sambisa instead of re-creating one.
I made these forms available for them in form of amnesty, and those useless guys took it up.

Their leader refused but I was able to convince his assistant and many of his terrorist gang to drop arm and join military where they will be Nigeria Rambo, all the strong men picked the form with mago-mago they were all certified as military officer and were zoomed to Sambisa.

The others who were claiming their own no good were taken care of, and in the process I made informats to inform me of any cultism activities in the villages, is better you take care of it earlier than later.

The local Government election set in and I choose councillors from villages in wards that haven't produce one since they existed in those wards.
They took an oath to pay me one hundred thousand naira since they will be earning in millions every Month and also took an oath to give half of their salaries to their wards developments and the other half for themselves.

I personally hand picked the chairman since the governor was fully in support of me, I was able to dictate and run the local government with the obedient sub-ordinates.
Secondary schools were been re-built in the Local Government with pace that other Local Governments were wondering were the funds were coming from.

The extension university was a top-notch having CCTV cameras around the school in case of any kind of cultism plans, the housing was completed.
The mall was owned by me and the local government, the new market and park were the best in the whole country and those who were in charge of collecting tax for the L.G.A took a life oath.

Every worker involved in maintaining and running of these properties took a life oath, so things were going fine and a platform for lodging complaints was made available for the Local Government populace.
The L.G.A were starting new businesses to benefit the populace, big poultries and we boasted of roads without the help of the Governor.

Other local government workers were complaining of non payment of salaries while ours are boasting of increment, I was impressed when I learnt of how people were rushing to my L.G.A to earn a living from the numerous poultries and goat farms scattered around the L.G.A, roads were fixed rapidly and in other to boast the security of the L.G.A.

Cameras were installed in the streets to enable the police control crime in my L.G.A, I called my lawyer and the case was fixed.
I have already made plans to counter any surprises from Aisha, with the numerous people singing my praise in my L.G.A and other Local Government populace were begging me to teach their politicians how I did it. I come dey wonder wetin I wan tell greedy people wey wan save their money to win the next election that Nigeria is practicing monecracy instead of democracy.

We all appeared in court and my lawyer started blowing plenty grammars on top Aisha and him lawyer.

My lawyer: why did you want to kill my client?

Aisha's lawyer: objection my lord!.

Judge: objection over-ruled.

Judge wey be my own man, ona go tire oh!

Aisha: he kidnapped my son even his school's security knew of his first attempt.

My lawyer: how can a father kidnap his own son?

Naso the DNA result reach judge hand, the man study am ask Aisha wetin she get to say.

Aisha: he isn't recognize as his father, because he raped me.

My lawyer: can you provide an evidence concerning your claim?

Aisha: yes, but not today.

Judge: court rise, the case have been adjourn till tomorrow.

No joy just some hours space, I will help her and provide evidence on her behalf if she can't.
That night I made some calls and everything was in order, the next morning we appeared in the court and Aisha was asked to provide evidence for the rape she claimed.

Carry plenty medical reports pass for judge table, I wonder where on Earth she forged those real papers, na wa oohh!

Judge: aside this, are their no further evidence or someone to testify?

Naso Olamide appear for courtroom, even the security nofit stop am.

Me: wetin you come do for here? you leave shop *I surprise*

Ugochukwu: why you dey disgrace us, we dey courtroom.

Olamide: I wan testify to the rape.

Aisha looked confuse but when them ask am say whether she know Olamide she agree. She even agree say make Olamide testify, she is on God sha.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by arfezces: 6:00pm On Sep 28, 2020
This last update sweet me die... I just hope honourable talk do.... our own face of assembly...will not be in trouble o..cuz I dey fear this woman called aisah o
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Shedrack777: 9:27am On Sep 29, 2020
ola is here to turn things upside down. i know he'll be confused
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 2:39pm On Sep 29, 2020
Hope Ola hasn't collected money for Aisha o. Thanks as always
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Rainer8(m): 10:19pm On Sep 29, 2020
Ola* MaDdoo��

Nigga don collect "eye wey see"
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 12:01am On Sep 30, 2020
[color=#006600][/color]i use to be a ghost reader.....but this is the bast literature have ever read....so i must comment...thumbs up Elvic...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:02am On Sep 30, 2020
This last update sweet me die... I just hope honourable talk do.... our own face of assembly...will not be in trouble o..cuz I dey fear this woman called aisah o

lol.. thanks brotherly, good morning
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:02am On Sep 30, 2020
ola is here to turn things upside down. i know he'll be confused

God plan, good morning.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:03am On Sep 30, 2020
Hope Ola hasn't collected money for Aisha o. Thanks as always

you are welcome bro, good morning

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