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My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature / “OGA MADAM” – Late Night Short Story! / ONOME My Landlord's Daughter (humor, Erotic And Romance Thriller) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 1:49pm On Sep 18, 2020
You're Free To Do So Jharey My Brother.
thanks, boss
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Nobody: 4:00pm On Sep 18, 2020
nice update Sir Elvictor
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by protonz(m): 5:00pm On Sep 18, 2020
nice update Sir Elvictor
as i see this moniker fear hook me small, until i noticed its false....
na one general name be that oo!!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Nobody: 5:23pm On Sep 18, 2020

as i see this moniker fear hook me small, until i noticed its false....
na one general name be that oo!!

My guy no reason am.all na cruise but the name na just because of my passion for NA,
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 6:06pm On Sep 18, 2020
Thanks Sir for the update...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by SirMichael1: 7:52pm On Sep 18, 2020
Thanks for the update. One thing I like about your story is that it truly represent the environment 80% of us grew up from. Keep it up
Abeg i no grow for this kind environment oh. Lol.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by yungbanks(m): 11:11pm On Sep 18, 2020
Nice one , I wish profit go comeback ooo
She still needs some lashing u know what i mean
Then about his babe her mara tire me ooo Aunty Vero
Nah wetin she carry come nah
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 2:13pm On Sep 19, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 133

Na Veronica side-man be this? if naso I no go ever mad go challenge am. Me and my posterity know say if you no slim and look hungry we no go ever bother to fight you at all.

Veronica: baby, meet Agent Carl and Carl meet my boyfriend.

Me: boyfriend ke! I be her fiance.

Veronica: when you propose to me?

Me: when you dey coma.

She laughed and Carl joined her, proposal na proposal even if the person no too dey aware of it.
Carl was a nice guy the way he talked freely and laughed easily you will say isn't the cold fellow standing there before.

Carl was to take over from Veronica after her undercover had been exposed, we talked about her travelling back to US but she refused to hear that one.
stubborn girl, I stayed with her through out that day and received a call from the Governor to come over next morning.

I drove to the Governor's residence with Ugochukwu and we met a lot of people there, so the man nofit even allow the news to be calming down before he will go into crazy jubilation.
See wine and etcetera etcetera, who talk say money nodey this country must be stoned to death.

The kind wine and designer I see for there make me feel like say I no belong there at all, the Governor asked both of us to walk.
We went out of the house and stood around the garden.

Governor: son, am proud of you.

Me: thank you, father.

Governor: what is your next plan?

Me: to serve my people.

Governor: your servitude depends on more power you command, inform me if you need anything.

I nodded and we both went inside the house, no wonder I dey see expensive cars upadan.
Nothing dey disturb this elite league at all, them dey cash out steady steady.

I hang around there and ate what I could eat, the Governor introduced me to all the honourable members that won their constituency and also introduced me to the former speaker who has decided to run for the seat of senate.
So wetin this man mean say make I run for the speaker, no shakings.

Ugochukwu and I left to purchase a ring, we went around till I bought the kind of ring I was looking for.
I was just staring at the ring without understanding what kind and type of ring it is, my mama no wear this one oh!

Me: Ugo, which kind of ring be this?

Ugochukwu: na engagement ring?

Me: so, we nofit use am after the wedding?

He shrugged and both of us drove out of that place, we arrived at the hospital and he told me he will be leaving.

Me: you for come witness the engagement na.

Ugochukwu: as a representative of your ancestors or wetin?

Me: I nodey like am oh! so, which finger I go put am?

Ugochukwu: the fu-ck you finger.

Me: wetin be fu-ck you finger?

Ugochukwu: the tallest finger.

I nodded and alighted from the car, I went inside the ward were Veronica istisd knocked twice before opening the door.
I saw Veronica sitting on the bed her back placed on the wall, I knelt by the side of the bed and said the best lines I could remember.

Veronica: I will manage you.

Me: as if you get choice *I grin*

Veronica: no be that finger this one.

I thrusted it on the finger she directed and everybody is okay, I sat on the bed with her.
She looked at the ring smiling and then send sexy looks my way.

Me: you no well but your mind still dey reason bad thing.

Veronica: shhhh! *place a finger on my lips*

Then she started a kiss and we nearly ripped our clothes off if no be say one nurse scatter the show.
Through out the night we were doing sexy things, but we nofit do.

The next Morning Carl came and the doctor declared that Veronica is fit to be discharged.
I had to use the imaginary baby to convince her to leave for U.S.A.

Veronica: baby, will you wait for me?

Me: yes na, ofcourse.

Veronica: promise me, you will stay away from Her excellency.

Me: I promise.

She got into the car with car and they both drove away, I felt empty and then I realized how much I love that girl.
I drove to my yard and those guys nearly mob me with their way of celebrating my political victory.

I fought my way to my room and locked the door, my phone rang and it was a call from Veronica.

Me: baby.

Veronica: Aisha son isn't...

I heard crashing sound of something and the call ended, I dialed the number several times but it didn't connect.
Maybe is network.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 4:23pm On Sep 19, 2020
Aishi again, this woman o.Thanks Op
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by xaviercasmir(m): 5:59pm On Sep 19, 2020
Abeg i no grow for this kind environment oh. Lol.
hahahaha not everybody ooo
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Zishot(m): 9:18pm On Sep 19, 2020
Elvictor nice ond but, abeg make nothing do Veronica!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Zishot(m): 9:18pm On Sep 19, 2020
Elvictor nice one but, abeg make nothing do Veronica!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by yungbanks(m): 10:39pm On Sep 19, 2020
Aisha son is not his own
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 7:50am On Sep 20, 2020
It be like dem Don finish Vero o
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 6:56pm On Sep 20, 2020
Elvictor Thanks For The Update O. It's Amazing
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:34pm On Sep 20, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 134

I called her line several times but it didn't connect and I also tried Carl's number who drove her to airport but didn't connect.
I dialed Ugochukwu's number and he picked after ringing thrice.

Ugochukwu's voice: oh boy! Shantel na milk and honey.

Me: I no call you to tell me about promise land, abeg... show for my house now now.

Ugochukwu's voice: wetin happen?

I ended the call and waited for him for three hours before he showed up, we quickly drove to the airport.

I was just looking around until we got to a place were lot of people had gathered, I came down quickly and asked a man standing with the crowd.

Me: oga, no vex wetin happen here?

Man: I just come now.

I asked like three more people before someone told me a tragic accident happened here and two cars caught fire.
They didn't really came out to see what happened because of the gunshots that rocked the area.

I went back to the car and met Ugochukwu who was unmoved in the car were we parked before coming out.

Ugochukwu: wetin happen there?

Me: them say na accident and gunshots, those people just dey talk like people wey no know wetin happen there.

Ugochukwu: you just dey bother yourself, you know whether Veronica don elope with her boyfriend go U.S change number.

Me: you release your sense inside Shantel toto?

He laughed and I got inside the car both of us drove to the airport to check if the plane she boarded have left, we confirmed that the plane has left.

I tried to verify if Veronica really boarded the plane but they were just claiming classify information, I had to call the Governor and he helped me got through with the details I wanted.
Veronica actually boarded the plane alone without Carl, I was relieved but worried about how the call ended abruptly maybe na network.

Ugochukwu: you just dey worry for nothing, abeg enter make we commot here.

Me: my body dey do me somehow.

Ugochukwu: when you turn prophet of doom? alaye! abeg enter make we vamoose here.

I joined him in the car and we went back home, for two days I didn't hear from Veronica I wasn't comfortable.
I later learnt that Carl died in the accident I inquired about the other day, Aisha is on the beat but I happy say Veronica don commot from the country.

A knock landed on my door and I asked who it was, the person introduced herself as Cynthia.
I opened the door and find Cynthia standing, we got inside the room.

Me: babe, you don come back from village?

Cynthia: abi.. so, how far na?

Me: I dey oh..

Cynthia: what of your babe?

Me: she don travel.

Cynthia: I wan invite you to my wedding and everybody for the yard.

Me: with your soldier boyfriend?

Cynthia: which soldier boyfriend ke?! I don see fine bobo wey wan marry me.

Me: congrat, aunty Cyn.

Cynthia: you cook anything?

Me: operation no near my kitchen.

Cynthia: my hear word.

She got into the kitchen and finished my food, my phone beeped and I checked it.
Is a message from Aisha.

"Come to my house without your dog"

My mind fly, I laugh small when I realized the dog wey she dey talk about na Ugochukwu.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by MAMBALIAN(m): 11:43pm On Sep 20, 2020
Come O Wetin Dis Aisha De Fine Na
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Shedrack777: 11:02am On Sep 21, 2020
i don't think vero is really alive.but ma no lie, ugogoro na bad guy i swear down. good job Elvictor
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 3:03pm On Sep 21, 2020
Thank goodness vero is fine...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 8:17pm On Sep 21, 2020
I Thank God For Keeping Vero Safe O, Wait, What's The Secret Behing Ugo? I Remembered The Seer Said It.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 11:47pm On Sep 21, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 135

Cynthia thanked me after making sure my rice pot were making nonsense emptiness sound and left, I thought of the text message I got from Dolce, how on Earth did the devil still have my number?

I picked up my phone from were I kept it on the chair and dialed Ugochukwu's number, he picked the call and we both exchanged greetings.

Ugochukwu's voice: Veronica don call you?

Me: she never call me, I still dey wait for her call. Something serious happen.

Ugochukwu's voice: wetin be that?

Me: guess.

Ugochukwu's voice: I nofit guess anything, the only thing wey dey my mind now na different styles wey me and Shantel go do this night.

Me: abegii! my hear word!! bro, you fit escort me go see Aisha?

Ugochukwu's voice: Ai wetin?! I fit follow you go hell fire but that woman house, you are on your own.

Me: fear fear, I know say you no go follow me go just want tell you in case.

Ugochukwu's voice: I don already buy my black suit and black shoes, you no need to remind me.

I hang up and prepared in ernest to leave for Aisha's residence, I got into the car and drove directly to her residence.
Before I was allowed to see her I was stripped of everything to communicate with.

I met her sitting by the pool side with three bodyguards stationed on different position with guns, I come dey wonder why all her guards dey look like gorilla and chimpanzee.

Aisha: I think say you no go come, sit.

Me: *I sit down jare!* is late, I no wan stay long here.

Aisha: I won't keep you long either, sorry for your lost on agent Carl. such a fine agent.

My heart raced when she talked about the death of Carl, my breathe practically caught in my throat as I stared at her hopelessly trying to understand what she is trying to communicate to me.

Me: oh! thank you, you don become nicer these days oh! *I smile uneasily*

Aisha: you never can tell.

She didn't say a word again but drank more from the glass she held, it took a long abi na my imagination dey go wild before she spoke.

Aisha: how is your girlfriend?

Me: she is in U.S

Aisha laughed and laughed getting me confused on what was actually amusing her to laugh wickedly.

Aisha: fool!

I didn't say a word but watched every of her action, she ordered her bodyguard to display a screen.
On the screen was Veronica tied to a chair after she was beaten thoroughly, I was confused and tried to see the person as someone who isn't my Veronica.
Alas when I saw the ring on the person's finger I had to owe it, my Veronica is in bad shape.

Me: why? *I mumble*

Aisha: she is a bad business.

I remembered what Veronica told me about Aisha, the dirt she uncovered about her dealings. Damn! this lady don get all the information and she has took one down now gunning for Veronica, I breathed uneasily.

Me: what do you want?

She laughed and laughed before she finally spoke.

Aisha: you, marry me and she will live.

Me: God forbid, I reject and scatter!

Aisha: so, you no need to go church after all to turn to christian.

She returned my disdain look with wicked smile, I go meet police and army to rescue Veronica and I ain't gonna marry over used kitten, matcheeww.. of the highest order.

I got up and clenched my fists about to turn and leave when she warned me not to involve any third party or she dies and nothing is gonna happen, she gave me two days if I don't accept the marriage proposal she dies.

See the way she dey mention die upadan you go think say na chicken she wan kill, some people are just cursed to be wicked.
The whole night I couldn't sleep was tossing on my bed till daybreak before I slept off.

I woke up later in the noon and my head was playing band, I had to drink some tablets after eating and bathing.
If is to marry Aisha so that Veronica go live why won't I, Ugochukwu visited me in the evening.

I was so weak to even do anything was sulking like a child that lost his mother.

Ugochukwu: wetin happen?

Me: bro, I wan marry.

Ugochukwu: virginia people have come again oh!

Me: I dey serious.

Ugochukwu: to who and when?

Me: to Aisha.

Ugochukwu: you hit your head for where? what of Veronica?

I couldn't tell him because that witch warned me not to, I just cooked up an excuse say she be my babymama and blablabla.
He tried to convince me not to marry that witch as if say I get choice, he left when he got tired.

I called Aisha and gave her my positive reply, she only directed me to get ready for court wedding the next day.

My phone rang and I checked the caller after I hang-up from the call to Aisha, it was Madam Stella calling.
No courtesy she went straight to the point.

Madam Stella: why on Earth you wan marry that useless middle aged woman?

As if say she no be the same age with her wey dey tell me say make I marry her.

Me: you no go understand.

She tried making me to understand but I end up inviting her and her husband to my wedding tomorrow.

Ugochukwu came in later and met me preparing to go out for shopping for what to use in the wedding tomorrow.

Ugochukwu: where you dey go?

Me: to buy suit.

Ugochukwu: so you dey serious about this wedding of a thing?

Me: yes.

Ugochukwu: aru!!

Me: you be my best man.

Ugochukwu: God forbid! you better go hire goat to best man you.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 11:54am On Sep 22, 2020
Like seriously!!! Honourable, who go rescue u from this Aisha woman..
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by preshman22: 12:18pm On Sep 22, 2020
this story na bomb elvictor you suppose win Grammy Award for this your story
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four(m): 1:20pm On Sep 22, 2020
grin Elvictor I Don Begin Dey Fear U O, Lmfao, D Kain Spirit Wey Dey Give U Dis Kain Inspiration No Be Here O, Nice Story Up There.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by MAMBALIAN(m): 6:19pm On Sep 22, 2020
i remember de seer warned about de 2 women
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:25am On Sep 23, 2020
Like seriously!!! Honourable, who go rescue u from this Aisha woman..

i swear, she hol am for place wey nofit run. good morning
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:25am On Sep 23, 2020
this story na bomb elvictor you suppose win Grammy Award for this your story
you don burst my head collapse my brain
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:26am On Sep 23, 2020
grin Elvictor I Don Begin Dey Fear U O, Lmfao, D Kain Spirit Wey Dey Give U Dis Kain Inspiration No Be Here O, Nice Story Up There.

thanks my man, the spirit must be high on weed
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:26am On Sep 23, 2020
i remember de seer warned about de 2 women

you have a good memory
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:28am On Sep 23, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 136

What Ugochukwu said made me laughed hard.

Me: consider yourself goat if you wan still be my guy, I be your best man for your wedding why you nofit do the same for me?

Ugochukwu: why you dey do this thing? *I shrug* wetin be your plan?

Me: I tell you say I don fall in love with Aisha and nobody go fit stop me from marrying her.

Ugochukwu: you need deliverance oh! that woman don jazz you.

Me: abeg prepare make we dey go the wedding na tomorrow.

I had to call my Aunt and my uncles to come to the wedding anyways, they were all shocked when I broke the news to them.
Ugochukwu and I drove out to buy the suit, we came back later in the night and he left for his house.

I was stressed out when I came back and I received a text message from my uncles saying that they won't come with a message similar to Apostle Paul's epistle.
I hissed and tossed my phone aside and slept off, Governor woke me up with a call the next morning wanting to see me.

I quickly dressed up and drove to his residence only to meet him in his library, a whole Governor. Does this man even care about the people he is governing or he was forced to be governor.
I greeted him and he made his displeasure known about me marrying someone that is too old for me.

Governor: do you know who this woman is, son?

Me: father, I really love her and I want to marry her today.

Governor: *he sigh* alright, son. I will always support you but I won't be able to come to your wedding.

Me: is fine with me, father.

We spent some quality time talking about governance and when I will be sworn into office.
I left his house after I received a text message from Aisha concerning the venue, I was surprised is no longer in a court rather a church.

Thought it was a court wedding rather than church, this woman is just pack of surprises.
She called to confirm if I will be coming with my people, I cleared her up on that.

If is to marry her in exchange of Veronica's life I will gladly do it. I called Ugochukwu and he arrived with Shantel, I had earlier sent the address of the venue to my Aunt.

She called on our way to the venue that they have arrived and met so many people, I didn't understand the many people until I got there and saw many cars parked in the church.
It looked like a wedding planned before now unlike what I envisaged.

My Aunt rushed to me immediately she saw me looking sad.

Aunt: when you see woman wey you wan marry?

Me: Aunty, aahh! ahh! you no want make I marry?

Aunt: I want make you marry but no be like this.

Josh: brother, hope say your wife go get money and no stingy?

Harry-p: hope she go help me feature Davido for my next album?

Ugochukwu: na ona go tire oohh!

Me: no mind Ugogoro jare! na very nice woman.

Aunt: wetin you mean by woman?

Before Ugochukwu will open his mouth and 'cause more havoc one of Aisha's monstrous bodyguard came to inform me to go in that the wedding procession is about to start.

I headed to the pulpit with my best man and stood there with the priest officiating the wedding standing on the aisle.

The doorbell rang and entrance door that was magnificent was opened wide presenting my bride, I inhaled looking at Aisha.
She is pretty no doubt but too old for me to marry and her witch career na top notch.

She climbed the aisle with lots ashebi or wetin ona dey call them sef brides convoy?

the coverage was carried out with well known media crew, the priest started officiating asking Aisha nonsense before turning to me.

Priest: do you take Aisha mallum as your lawful wife?

Me: umhh.. *Aisha give me one bad eye* oh! yes.

Just then I felt a cold chill something like fear and anxiety, I turned to the entrance and saw someone like Veronica standing there.
She turned facing the door with her bloodstains clothes, what she wore was extremely dirty and eyesore to anyone.

I followed her slowly ignoring all eyes on me, when she got to the door and turned blood dripping from her mouth suddenly she disappeared.

Me: Veronica!!! *I scream*



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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:28am On Sep 23, 2020

Episode 137

I felt the eyes of everyone in the church on me but I didn't care, I ran out of the Church through the majestical entrance door and came out of the porch to see her at the gate.

I ran out of the porch and couldn't see her any longer at the gate, the heat of the sun was weaken and I knew it a signal that doom loomed.

Ugochukwu came out of the church with some other guests and my family members.

Ugochukwu: why you dey mad na? why you dey shout Veronica upadan person wey dey America.

I shook my head as tears flood down my cheeks, my eyes were bloodshot from the cruel realization.

Me: Veronica don die, Aisha don kill my Balenciaga.

I pulled off the top suit and went inside the car ignoring the camera men and the appearance of Aisha, I got inside the car and drove to Governor's residence.

Luckily I find the two of them in the sitting-room engaged in intense lovey-dovey, immediately I stepped in their two got up from the couch with surprise look on their faces didn't realize I was looking like a mess already.

Governor: son, what is the matter with you?

Me: oh! my fiancee, Vero why! oh God!!

Madam Stella: be calming down, have a seat and explain what happened, *look at a maid* get him water.

I sat down and the glass of water was served, one gulp the glass was totally drained from water.
I calmed my breathe and narrated the failed travel of Veronica and death of Carl at the process.
the adoption of Veronica and then the marriage proposal of Aisha with resulted to the ghost of Veronica appearing to me in the church during the wedding.

Me: I want justice, that woman is wicked.

Governor: do you have evidence concerning this?

Me: no.

Madam Stella: are you sure your fiancee is killed or is just hallucination?

Me: am sure, oh! Veronica!!

I cried weeping profusely as I dropped from the couch to the marbled floor looking miserable, the Governor left us and went out of the sitting-room to make calls.

He came back after some minutes looking gloomy.

Governor: the police has recovered her body it was gathered that she was killed in a process of gun battle.

Me: which station?

He informed me of the station and I ran out of the house, got inside the my car ignoring the Governor and his wife beckoning on me to calm down.
I nofit calm down, I drove to the police station and asked the police to show me her lifeless body.

Officer: you be her relative? na federal government body she be abegi, no disturb us.

Me: *I clutch his neck* show me her body! na my fiancee!!

Other police officers seeing the situation came for rescue and had no choice but to show me her body.
I gathered her lifeless body to myself and weep.

All my hope of raising a family with her was broken to different pieces without mercy, this woman called Aisha am coming for you.

I was forced to leave the body as it was about taken to the mortuary, Ugochukwu called and I gave him directions to the station were I was.

We all left the station after her body was taken away, I was wretched for days after that heart-wrecking day.
The bury was fixed and she was buried with military ovation.

The day before the day we were to be sworn into office, I visited her grave with Ugochukwu with beautiful flowers.
The few days I spent it in his house nursing my great lose.

I stood around her grave wishing she could come back alive or her ghost to live on but all were wishes I knew they will never come through.

Me: I think say you wan marry me, why you just leave me with so much hope. Em dey sweet you as I dey cry like this, why you just die without fighting for life?

Ugochukwu: forget all these nollywood she no go hear you.

I left there after spending some minutes there swearing to get back at those involve in killing my own Veronica.

On our way to Ugochukwu's house I received a call from Aisha after weeks of silence from her, I picked call immediately.

Me: you evil witch, I promise say I go marry you why you kill her?

Aisha's voice: no be kill her, if you wan know who kill your girlfriend or whatever come to my house.

She ended the call after she had vomited that nonsense, Ugochukwu gave me an askance look alternating it betwixt my phone and my face.

Ugochukwu: who be that person you wan kill with ancestral curses?

Me: na Aisha, she talk say no be she kill Veronica if I wan know who kill her make I come her house.

Ugochukwu: ona try, so you wan go see that woman?

Me: yes, I wan go see her to know who really kill my Balenciaga.

Ugochukwu: you go try drop me for that junction before you go visit satan wife.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 8:04am On Sep 23, 2020
Ugo never cease to amaze me with his choice of words atimes.. Those two women the late Seer talked about, my guess are Madam Stella and Aisha. Good morning to u, OP....

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