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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ego2(f): 10:09pm On Apr 19

him dey press your mumu buttons !!!
him fit��....
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by fashionnisir: 10:11pm On Apr 19
him fit��....

Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by fashionnisir: 10:23pm On Apr 19
him fit��....

highest you go do am Grace, he don finish, you see your life ? I no blame you oooooo
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 10:35pm On Apr 19
I was so eager to read your story.
I went through ur profile and saw the end of the story how she broke ur head with a bat
I am sorry.

Hahahaha mehn that was quick, how did you figure out she was the one.

And BTW that wasn't the end of our relationship, lol, we actually dated 4 extra months, how we lasted that long still baffles me. Smh, now you don make me drop spoilers, smh
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ego2(f): 10:37pm On Apr 19

highest you go do am Grace, he don finish, you see your life ? I no blame you oooooo
do wetin oga?
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by fashionnisir: 10:58pm On Apr 19
Have you seen my beautiful baby?
Have you seen my tomato baby ooo? iyele
Baby softly dey cool me temper Ada
Baby na sugar sugar iyooo

Everybody dey wait
Puta kene na ogbo
Ife di m mma amaka
Better soup na money kill am o
Adanwa ngwa pekem pekem iya
Ada Ada (oyolima)
Ada Ada iyooo

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by VincenzoZhuxu: 11:38pm On Apr 19

Omor me na normal dope i dey do, AZ na time to time, CO or Loud na Big NO for me, pass the kpoli boss. I'm back.

welcome back boss no worry I get one bag of Az liddis today make I tap ham finish
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Telegram234(m): 6:55am On Apr 20

Omor that one matter never start yet, dude was still in the sidelines, story still long.

Shift make i smoke my igboh.....
No need.
I have deleted both our post to increase the suspense
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 9:22am On Apr 20
Hello ladies and gentle men, including the hot tempered folks grin grin

The hotly expected chapter don arrive. I hope y'all enjoy it.

One more chapter and we'll be through with book one. Maybe book two might drop today if I'm free enough.

Tomorrow is gonna be a strain for me, so lemme pump una enough chapters as I can today.

Still I Rock....
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 9:23am On Apr 20
Chapter 9...
And the two became one.... Or maybe four....

To say that week was a snugfest netween Grace and I was an understatement. I snapped at her for every little provocation. Grace knew what my problem was but she wouldn't buldge despite failing her part of the deal.

Victor soon became Ada's roommate, he only returned home weekends, take a new set of clothes, dash back to Ada's place and have fun. I was always green with envy when he narrated their different styles and bedmatics.

One day I noticed him drinking from a small brown bottle, I immediately knew it was a form of 'Lin', I was surprised that he took stuffs like that, he claimed that drinking that stuff gives him moral to handle whatever Ada throws his way.

I was gulping down the cough syrup before he finished speaking. We were walking to our girl's house that evening. In few minutes I was strangely overpowered by a strange weakness. I didn't know if I was walking forward or back wards. I tried speaking and couldn't recognize my own voice, I was sounding like a roaring lion.

Grace was impressed by my new voice that she almost took our pre-intimacy that night to new heights but I was long passed out when she initiated the idea. The next morning she was mad at me, claiming that she was vigorously trying to stir me up but I was snoring hard instead. I confronted Victor, he said, it was the reaction from the cough syrup.

The next day he handed over a red tablet to me, calling it TM, I was asked to take half of the tablet, Victor claimed that it had the opposite reaction to cough syrup, so I was going to be agile and alert.

Turned out that my body had other plans for me, I was agile alright, for awhile but after about an hour I had a permanent base in her toilet, I kept throwing up coupled with a head searing headache, I didn't know how I survived till morning. I guess that was pretty the last time I ever touched Tramadol with a long fork.

Then the only thing I took was beer and shisha, maybe a couple sips of syrup when I wanted to quickly pass out to avoid Grace's noises. I dumped TM and any other kind of stuffs Victor brought along. Some times I attempt them just to see the effects on me, I never took any twice, just taste, catch cruise, repent-repeat grin grin

"Hey baby, will you come to my house this evening?"

"No." I answered abruptly.

Grace was standing above me, I was marking some notes while my pupils slept except for two of them, Emeka and Lucky, my two favorite pupils for two conflicting reasons. Emeka was the class genius, I heard he had been a class toper from his play class. I immediately knew the reason why when I met his parents during PTA meeting. Emeka was their only child after more than 15 years of marriage. They were both teachers so they both committed time to build the kid in their image.

Lucky was the class bully and 'Dundee'(all pun intended), he was the first to run out for break and the last to return because he would have turned his once clean uniform into a dashboard for dust management. I kept asking how a dude almost as tall as me(no pun intended) still be in Nursery Two, even some Primary four students were scared of Lucky, he could easily command a place in the football team even though every one knew he couldn't score a goal to save his generation, he'll just keep running around, tackling both foes and friends.

One thing that joined the two boys was their penchant for attracting troubles, they had a mutual respect for each other so they instead collaborated to frustrate the hell out of their mates.

When I saw them still awake while everyone slept, I grabbed my ruler, stood up, asked Grace to 'shiiii' and walked towards them. They immediately closed their eyes shut and pretended to sleep, their eyes were vibrating as they struggled to look at me while still pretending to be asleep. I was giggling as I bent towards Emeka, immediately he noticed me, he tightly shut his eyes without flinching, I observed him for half a minute but he didn't try to open his eyes. I turned towards Lucky, his eyes were still vibrating like a tiger generator, I broke into a smile, guess what, brother man smiled back, I swipe the ruler on his cheek for good measure.

He wriggled around rubbing his cheek as he tried to suppress a cry, in minutes he would be proudly snoring. I walked back to the table smiling. Those children carry my eyes see pepper when I began teaching them until I went Django Unchained on one of them. grin grin Their repentance was 'instanta'.

"So what were you saying again ma'am?" I asked Grace.

"I want you to come to my house later, I'm ready to have sex."

I simply raised my eyebrows to look at her, a wry smile crossed my lips, I wasn't buying that line but I agreed nonetheless. By evening I had taken half bottle of syrup and was sludged outside her door on a bench where they(tenants) sat outside. Grace had forbid me from stepping into her house, she claimed she was preparing a surprise for me, I didn't care for any surprise, I just wanted to SLEEP... I was drowsy as fuvk....

Finally when I was about lying on the bench, she opened the door and asked me to walk in, I didn't know how she did it or who helped her but Grace's room was so erotically decorated that I developed an instant hard-on just staring at the bed. Red and blue party lights engaged the room against the backdrop of her pure white bed sheets covered with plastic rose petals which smelled nice nonetheless. I turned to look at Grace who was dressed in pink nightie that barely allowed her breath, I was enchanted and began stripping off my clothes, drowsy or not, I was gonna burst a nut or die trying. grin grin

Grace ushered me into the bathroom instead. Bathing worsened my condition, all I wanted to do was to pass out but my erection had other ideas, it kept pumping blood to it's boss as I stepped out of the bathroom naked. Grace was dancing to a Jam on MTV when I walked in.

Not minding my nudity or wet body, I went behind her and was rocking her sexy body, my two hands massage her boobs till I slip off her straps and grabbed them flesh to flesh, my dick almost shifted her spinal cord from behind.

I carried her to bed and quickly stripped her, kissing every available skin on her body while she squish around. After sending her one down, I stretch and laid down, dragged her to climb me, I was expecting same treatment that I gave her or atleast halfway but all she did was kiss me for minutes on end while wriggling on my body.

"Baby girl, can I make love to you?" I whispered into her ears. She nod her head, I was pumping my fists in my heart as I turned her over. I was about getting up to go get my condoms from my discarded clothes when she spoke.

"If you're looking for condoms, check that my brown bag on the wall".

I found it strange that my woman had over hundred condoms in that bag, different types and shades including female condom. I was still trying to process the information when she claimed that she kept collecting the condoms from guys who had visited her and tried initiating sex with her. I was too high on tetestrone and codeine to even process that information, common sense didn't tell remind me that she never for once touched my condoms chilling in my wallet. I removed three pieces and walked towards her.

As soon as I tore the condom and put it on, she began saying she was afraid. When I made inquiries, she said SUG president was the first guy that tried busting the gate, he actually did but she claimed to have stopped him immediately and haven't tried penetration since then.

"Aunty but my finger dey enter without obstruction na, wassup?" I was screaming in my mind.

Physically I kept reassuring her that I would be gentle, believe it or not, my purpose was to straff and nothing else. Finally she opened legs for me, when I say open, I meant she opened it just wide enough for one of my laps to pass through. I was angry, I kept trying to force her legs wider but she kept struggling so I gave up and removed my CD, threw it on the rug and slept the other way.

She began apologizing, I kept quiet for awhile until she said I should come try again. I was hesitant at first but I picked up another CD and strapped on, I noticed that she had turned face down but her legs were widely spread. I went between her legs and began rubbing my cap on her Vulva when she stopped me again, she claimed she had become dry so I should suck her again to be wet enough. La ila ilala, Shege Banza Yarinya. (Ask any Hausa person to interpret for una).

I scanned her room in a second, quickly stood up when I saw what my eyes were searching for, I returned with her bottle of Goya oil, she quickly turned when she felt the oil on her pussy. Before she could complain, I was already halfway inside of her, my hands pinning her back to prevent her from moving.

She was trying to cry and asking me to pull out, if I hear, I was gonna drive in slowly not to hurt her but something funny was going on, I was supposed to feel some obstacles as per her supposed first time of penetration but I just kept going in like an endless train rail. Before I could realize, first time penetrated pussy don swallow my gbola.

No cap, I'm on the averagely big size, atleast most chicks with high body count have had trouble taking me full but Grace had just comfortably swallowed me to the brim, she achieved this feat with her back turned towards me. Is her god not wonderful?

So this was the pussy that I spent three months earnestly hunting, I was in it but still not impress, yes she was tight as fuvk and her ringtones had always been maddening but I was disappointed at the whole thing. I just absentmindedly pumped in and out for a couple of minutes till I felt my pressure building, I collapsed on her back as I tried to catch my breath.

She was urging me to continue not knowing that man's have cum and come to his senses. I pulled out to a disappointing sigh from her. Walked to the bathroom with the previous CD and took a quick shower.

She was waiting for another round when I came back, I simply pushed her legs close and laid down next to her, she tried stroking me, I grabbed her hands and warned her not to touch me. She was still nagging when I fell asleep. At least for once, I was on top of the table.....

End of chapter 9...

Still I Rock....

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by sterlingD(m): 11:27am On Apr 20
I no know wetin to talk.l no understand.l am lost here

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by oscoxa214(m): 11:27am On Apr 20
Hmmm, nice one bro, I'm feeling this story gan..
Apparently Grace is not who claimed to be..
Ogaa oh,your earnestness was met with excruciating disappointment...
Ride on
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by fashionnisir: 3:38pm On Apr 20
Goya oil did the trick therock5555 , was it ?
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by donmat06(m): 7:56am On Apr 21
D Rock is back with a bang.....Following
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ayomide119: 8:31am On Apr 21
Lol, you've turned the manipulative skills on her.
she'd be wondering whats wrong with her pvssy
You're the King at the moment grin
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by fashionnisir: 2:15pm On Apr 21
Lol, you've turned the manipulative skills on her.
she'd be wondering whats wrong with her pvssy
You're the King at the moment grin

the fight is not over yet,he still needs to register three or more times before he can claim the throne.
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by lanreabbey(m): 4:56pm On Apr 21
Ride on grin
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:43pm On Apr 21
I no know wetin to talk.l no understand.l am lost here

Where loss you? LoL
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:43pm On Apr 21
Hmmm, nice one bro, I'm feeling this story gan..
Apparently Grace is not who claimed to be..
Ogaa oh,your earnestness was met with excruciating disappointment...
Ride on

How man go do, I gats chop so as not to lose na

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:44pm On Apr 21
Goya oil did the trick therock5555 , was it ?
Hahahaha, you're OYO
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:44pm On Apr 21
D Rock is back with a bang.....Following

Mr donmat, so them never ban your IP address yet, yeye boy

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:45pm On Apr 21
Lol, you've turned the manipulative skills on her.
she'd be wondering whats wrong with her pvssy
You're the King at the moment grin

King wey no get throne, that one na king. Lol
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:45pm On Apr 21

the fight is not over yet,he still needs to register three or more times before he can claim the throne.

As per Johnny Sins wey I be abi? Lol
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:47pm On Apr 21
Ride on grin
I don drop am as e dey hot oga...
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 6:47pm On Apr 21
Chapter 10....

Whenever I'm listening to songs and the above title 'Sad', a song by the late XXXtentacion comes in, I always remembered the sequence of that fateful day. The day I realized what self esteem could do to people. It prepared my mind for what to come next and embezzled me the knowledge of a world I never saw until that moment.


The next morning, Grace was nagging again as I prepared to rush home so that I could rush to school. She claimed that I left her high and dry. I reminded her that, she had a nice penchant for that also, she wasn't supposed to judge me. She tried initiating sex that morning but I rebuffed her.

She arrived school late and didn't bring food for me. I ignored the gesture and jubilated in the knowledge that I had chop and clean mouth. I became very non chalant in the relationship, started visiting her less. Well the truth was, she turned the tables on me and started comparing Ada and Victor's relationship to ours, she wanted me to be her permanent roomie like them but I wasn't having none of it, I still had to take care of my siblings cause my dad wasn't going to be back for awhile, my mom had gone for her masters in another state, so I was pretty the head of house.

The school term examination had started so we were more occupied marking scripts that we didn't have the time to argue much, after that aforementioned night, I rarely slept in her side again, I'll just go after school, stay till evening and rush back home, she'll keep complaining that Ada and Victor's bedmatics was keeping her up all night.

As I kept marking exam scripts, I noticed that Emeka was on course to be the class topper once again. At the beginning of the term, his mother had asked me to give him a special home work each day. Grace was against the idea, she felt I was already teaching for free so giving Emeka special home work each day was against ethnics but I continued unfailingly.

The night before we'll hand over results to the pupils, Grace was insisting that I crash in her crib, I refused. We had a big quarrel. I stormed out of her house. Safe to say, the next morning she was hostile to me. While Ada was brimming from ear to ear because of Victor's bedmatic skills, Grace was sulking throughout. Trouble started when I was shuffling between HM's office and my class, most of the TP teachers were gisting under a mango tree. They were not too occupied with the result sharing because they had permanent teachers in their classes. Grace had refused to complete some of her results script so I was sweating to get them done in record time. She didn't even try to help me. My mood was pure crisom.

As I shuffled around, a big rotten mango fell inches away from my direction, Grace wanted to hit me but her aim was weak. As I looked towards them, she mocked at me, calling me the permanent staff without salary, I sulked it up and kept moving.
Finally I managed to finish the results and was sharing them while she pressed her phone after joining me minutes later. Parents began to stutter in to pick up their wards. I was still sharing the report cards when Emeka's mother arrived and signaled to see me from the window. I passed the remaining report cards to Grace who didn't touch them and went outside.

Emeka's Mom thanked me for helping her son with the side homework so as a token, she handed a small brown envelope to me. Before I'll stretch my hands to collect it, Grace had over took me. I didn't know she had followed me and was standing right behind me, Emeka's mom knew we were dating so she didn't find it out of place to call my attention. I thanked the woman as I walked back in. My mind was boiling as Grace checked the contents of the envelope. Ten thousand was in it, she quickly counted out 7k and placed in her bag then dropped the envelope with 3k for me claiming that my money was also her money. I couldn't snap in front of the kids so I kept my cool till they all left. Then I verbally attacked her, asking for my money back. She claimed that she contributed to the home work giving which was true because most times i'll be so occupied that I'll beg her tirelessly to help me, which she does grudgingly.

Despite that, she had no right to claim the lion's share of what she did an ant's share of. Our quarrel got out of hand, she began shouting at me in front of other teachers. I tried to savage the situation but she wouldn't back down. I was getting barrage of insults that I lost my cool and asked for a break up. To say she was shocked at my abrupt decision was an understatement. She immediately began crying and turned the tables around, she began telling everyone how I've used and dumped her, painting me as the meticulously defined villain. I wasn't having any of it so I informed her that my decision was final, she was free to go her own way, since she felt she had a right to do whatever pleases her. I could still hear her wailing as I left the school compound. Other teachers could think what they want, I was soo done with Grace.

I passed to a mutual friend's shop and was gisting with him when Grace called. I ignored the call but she kept calling. Finally a text message entered. I checked it out and laughed out loud, the friend I was with was amaze at my sudden outburst until I showed the text message to him.

"Peter, if you don't want to send my dead body home with an explanation. I want to see you in my house in the next ten minutes. Or else I'll commit suicide."

I was jerking around with laughter as I discussed with my guy, he kept mounting pressure that I go check on her but I was adamant until a strange number called me. The caller turned out to be Grace's land lady.

"Na you be Grace boyfriend?" The woman inquired.

"Eh, something like that." I replied.

"What is something like that? What is that supposed to mean? Young man better come and check on your girlfriend immediately, she locked herself since she came back from school and has been crying since then. Please come and check on her before she hurts herself. I don't want anybody to carry police enter my compound."

As the call went off, I noticed another text message from Grace, this time she claimed that in five minutes, she would be leaving the world for me.
With encouragement from my guy, I quickly took a bike to her house. I used four minutes to reach her side. When I entered the compound, all eyes were on me like I was TuPac Shakur, if only eyes could kill, the dozen of eyes staring back at would have melted my soul. Ada was crying as she kept pounding on Grace's window which was tightly shut. They began berating me as I walked towards the door and brought out my spare key. The door was jam lock so one trial and I was let in, she had prior stated that nobody should try to come check her except I was the one or else I'll have been lynched as soon as I step into that compound.

The room was dark when I stepped in. Grace was seated on her bed, her Bible was opened in front of her. It took me awhile before I noticed a white bottle filled with sniper on her right and her kitchen knife by hér left side. I was smiling broadly as I set my side bag and faze cap down while watching her action keenly. She didn't raise her head for once or speak to me when I got in, I didn't speak either, I just removed her chair from the reading table and sat infront of her, I wanted to know how far she would go, if truly her threat was for real.

After reading her Bible for a couple of minutes, she finally lifted her head and looked at me. Then smiled, did sign of the cross and grabbed the bottle of sniper. I was still watching her keenly, but this time my heart was beating like crazy. I never imagined she'll go through with anything, I felt my presence there would change everything, I was dead wrong. As soon as she opened the bottle and threw her head backwards with opened lips. I dashed after her. As I grabbed her hands, she began slapping me furiously, I didn't feel any pain from the slaps, I was more interested in priving the bottle of sniper from her vice like grip.

While struggling with her, I was begging profusely, telling her that I still loved her and wouldn't want to leave her, anything to stop her from struggling. Since I had no choice as I was getting pummeled left and right, I punched her hand which made her scream and let go. I stood up quickly and retreated backwards. I was already soaked with tears and sweat. As I contemplated what to do with the bottle of sniper, she had slowly recovered from the punch and was sitting upright. Then both our eyes went to the knife at the same time. I realized my foolery and dashed for the knife. She was closer so she got it first.

Without thinking twice, I grabbed the knife by its blade. The pain was instant but I didn't flinch, I didn't even think of it, we just kept struggling while I kept speaking to her, promising her everything I could think of. She kept screaming that I should let her be since I don't love her anymore. Saying I'll have to explain to her folks how she came to school in a Jeep and is leaving in a casket. Even Davido dey learn work for my side with the kind of assurance and accolades I poured on her. I told her she was every man's dream so killing herself over a naughty dude like me wasn't the way forward. I painted myself as a nobody while she was queen of the coast.

Finally she collapsed in another fit of tears. I held her like a baby and stroked her hair lovingly and planted kisses on her temple. She was soon sleeping. That was when I paid attention to my badly cut palm. I took the knife and sniper with me to the bathroom after making sure that she wouldn't use something else to harm herself. After nursing my injuries, I went to the kitchen and prepared Indomie and egg with juice for her. I woke her up, carried her to the bathroom, washed her off and fed her, she was grinning all through as I worked my ass off.

After reassuring her that I didn't mean to break up with her earlier, we had another round of boring sex, yes I said boring, because I was doing all the pleasure giving while she just laid down squirming and dragging my hair recklessly. When time reach for penetration, she just simply turn behind and asked me to enter, I don't know why she didn't fancy the good old missionary, abi na my prick size she dey fear. Hahahaha.

Hours later we both came out, every other tenant were still hanging around. They began cheering us like two saints that fell down from heaven. I was forced to smile and hold my chick tight.

We finally settled our differences in front of her Land lady who counselled us. I liked the first question the woman asked her.

"If you kill yourself because of this guy, will that bring una relationship back?"

Grace was blushing throughout. We finally agreed to share the money equally even though she did little to no work, I just didn't want another issue again. I was already having a migraine.

Two days later, Grace and Ada traveled back to their state for the Christmas holiday. Nobody was more elated than I, Victor was moody throughout but that didn't stop any of us to freely chase girls as much as we could.

I had to get a small phone and placed one of my sim in it because Grace and I spoke for hours on end each day. She did 90% of the calling(I've never been a fan of phone calls. I call only when necessary), whenever she calls and I didn't pick, she will start accusing me of being with another girl. Even though she was right most times, I had to keep reassuring her that everything was well. I had to even start phone intimacy just to appease her.

Everyone around me in church kept asking of her like she was their long lost sister. Most of them would tell me not to let go of that good girl, I'll nod my head and smile. If only they knew what I was passing through.....

Na who wear the shoe nai know where dey pinch am pass......

End of chapter 10..


I wish I could share all the sexcapedes that happened when Grace and Ada traveled but I would need a completely different story to share that. Oh, I actually did share it, years back, my first story in the sexuality section but I've erased the story through safe for the posts that folks quoted. grin grin grin and I don't think I'll be rewriting that again. Nevertheless, I'll share with y'all some memorable things that went on that period.

*Victor and I had our own rooms, (literally). Grace and Ada left their spare keys with us so we usually visit their cribs to eat, Grace specially had a drum roll of goodies, we reduced her stock to 2% before they got back. grin grin

*Victor outpaced me three chicks to one and my bed bore the brunt. Dude was always bringing girls to my house, girls that had no friends, smh, bros was doing chop and clean mouth with my house while punishing me with numerous hard ons, I had to threaten him before he started asking this girls to bring along a friend wey sabi for his guy.

*One day we went clubbing, he met a fair chick and asked her to our table, babe immediately left her squad and turned up. Victor asked what she wanted, when she told him, he stood up and went to get it. As soon as he dropped the bottle of beer in front of the girl, she began complaining because the beer was already opened. He told her that, he personally opened it. Babe was complaining that he would have brought it first before opening it in her presence, the werey told her that bar man wouldn't let go of their bottle opener.

The girl laughed and shook her head, she immediately raised her bottle up and burst into a sadistic laughter. I looked at Victor with disgust. Two white tabs were settled at the bottom of the bottle. Dude wanted to drug her so that he could easily take her home.

The girl went berserk and almost caused a scene, I had to quickly drag her away. Pleaded severely and personally ordered one crate of beer for her squad to calm things down.
The girl kept saying, "na because of you ohh," repeatedly. People were wondering what went wrong but thankfully she didn't say anything else, we had to shamefully exit there quickly.

Victor was even bragging that the babe was lucky, else she'll have lose guard, I almost choked slammed him.

*Finally, I managed to straff Jenny without my twin friends knowledge(long story). Funny thing is that we still hook up once awhile till date.....

*I fell into one Yahoo babe hand that won't stop coming to my house with her siblings or friends, them just dey catch cruise on top my head. She never came to my house alone. I got fed up one day and gave all her siblings 100 bucks each to go buy what ever they want, before she could stop them, they were already darting out in a hurry, I locked the door after them, lol, na unto pantamita shifting things oooo. Lemme stop before my oga at the top turns up.

As for that yeye girl that Collins arranged for me, I finally track her again, I promised her all the whole goodies that even her father can not buy for her. When she came she was more freer with me unlike the first time, maybe because I told her that me and my babe were no more or because of my room. Either way, I made sure I dropped two years worth of my life span inside that pussy. After the act, she asked what we were.

"Pencils in the hands of the creator."

I've been waiting to answer someone like that for ages. She began billing me, I began putting her on a long thing till nobody told her to flee for her life. Till date we still see once awhile, that evil looks never fail to make me chuckle, it's been years but babe still no wan forget the matter.

She dey steady tell me say, "no guy don ever chop her clean mouth run." She forget say me no be any guy. Hahahahaha.

The End....

Still I Rock......


Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ayomide119: 7:19pm On Apr 21
King wey no get throne, that one na king. Lol
The throne na your babe cool
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ayomide119: 7:21pm On Apr 21

King wey no get throne, that one na king. Lol
The throne na your babe cool
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by oscoxa214(m): 7:25pm On Apr 21
Nice one boss, ur story is so interesting...but baba that ur Grace dangerous gan oh, na d breakup story i dey wait for, because from what i could tell,u getting fed up of her annoying attitude..

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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Cylovee(f): 12:08am On Apr 22
weldone sir, still you rock...
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Ayomide119: 6:42pm On Apr 23
you no wan continue? issokay
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 4:16pm On Apr 25
Hi guys, happy Sunday....

Sorry I left y'all hanging.... I had to make it up to una by making the next chapter lengthy.

After finishing book 1, I wanted to give myself one day break and continue. Omor I got involved with GTAV and got stuck, omor naso I went three days off o, no work, Just gaming, booze and dope.

Hahahahaha make una no vex, now i'm back with a banger......
Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!!! A True Story. by Therock5555(m): 4:16pm On Apr 25
Book Two...

Chapter 1....
You Returned With A Broken Leg? Seriously!!!

By the middle of January, Grace hadn't resumed yet. I covered for her because she claimed her folks had missed her and weren't going to allow her come until the last week of January. Little did I know that she was having the time of her life. Our calls were still frequent still but she was always on the road, either she was going to one state for a function or another for pure visit.

One evening she called, she was crying. I was non chalant at first until she informed me that she got involved in an accident. I weak. I was already expecting her that weekend. She had been bragging on the phone that she'll use pussy and destroy me. In my mind, I was like, How?

I thought her injuries were minor, after a week I was already asking her to come back. Lo and behold, when she called me that evening that she was in town, I hurriedly ran there, going to get some coochie love as per loyal boyfriend wey i be.
She was lying on the bed when I walked in, I immediately dived untop of her, I noticed the horror look on her face when she saw me diving, she was trying to form the words 'No' but since I wasn't a super human or had powers to control or reverse time, I landed on top of her with a thud. The scream was priceless..... I had double-dislocated her knee. (According to hér, she, claim the knee cap was half broken.)

So that's how I became a Herbal doctor. Grace had gone to a hospital to visit an Aunt. She went out to get groceries and got ran over by a motorcycle. She was admitted next to the person she went to visit in minutes. She suffered a broken knee cap and a sprained elbow.

Due to her strong head and obligations in my town, she had to cut the hospital charade short and come back. She intended going back every weekend for more treatment which I wasn't comfortable with. The same knee cap that I dived like Oliver Khan upon.

Even though I had a busy schedule, I had to be in her house every morning and evening, even during school days. I'll cook for her, bathe her and spend minutes, massaging her knee. I could see the worries on her face because her doctor informed her that she might never fully recover. She'll keep yapping about how she doesn't want to be using crutches for life or walking with a dent on her walking style.

I kept getting into trouble with HM because she felt that I was coming late intentionally and Grace was using a minor injury to avoid school. HM gave Grace two days to appear in school or face an expulsion which would mean forfeiting the TP project. I wasn't happy with the whole ordeal but an order was an order.

The next morning, I had to go to Grace's place extra early, cooked, bath and dressed her for school. Then she had a special Bike man so she called him to her house. I carried her to the bike, packed her crutches as we left for school.

HM was standing outside the school gate when we both alighted from the bike, as soon as she saw Grace being carried down by me and given crutches, she instantly asked Grace to go back home and rest, while I was to drop her and come back to school. Grace politely hopped pass her and went to her class. She was clearly struggling but determined to continue her day. Throughout that week, Grace kept coming but I did all the teaching until HM replaced her with Swem. To say Grace was displeased was an understatement, she would have agreed for another staff to take her place except Swem. Swem was the opposite, she was clearly elated to be in the same class with her 'presido'.

Grace would hop from her class and come to spy my class through the window. During break I'll have to be in her class before five minutes else she'll sulk all day long. Within two weeks, I was drained already, despite being slightly immobile, she still kept tight tabs on man pikin. I had to press down all my babes except Jenny who had become her favorite bestie, Jenny would run all cooking stuffs when I was in school.

Since Grace had an unlimited access to funds, they'll bake all day long, cook food that could feed their whole compound, the other tenants would just come back from their various lectures and assemble in Grace's room with their plates, Jenny would serve them all. In minutes they'll be cooking again.

It's said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So while my stomach was always filled up with two much food, my eyes were on Jenny, like excuse me, I'm a man jare, I hadn't bang for weeks and my balls weighed a ton. I was trying to get closer to Jenny but she kept rebuffing my advances, the steady presence of Ada and Victor. I usually shamelessly flirted in front of them whenever Grace went out.

I finally got my chance one weekend when Grace traveled for her therapy section. Jenny was cooking as usual for the whole compound while I lazied around flipping through channels, she was putting on wrapper as she went in and out of the room. One time I noticed that no bra straps were showing on her shoulders which meant she was braless. Dirty ideas began to float through my head. The Chinese movie I was watching started looking like telletubbies.

I set the movie on record when I couldn't hold it anymore and went to where Grace kept her condoms, I slide one into my shorts pocket and tip toed to the kitchen, I stood watching as she stirred the Egushi soup on the gas cooker. She was humming a song as I sneaked behind her.

As soon as my arms wrap around her, she squealed and tried to turn but my grip was too solid. I immediately began kissing her neck. Of course that was her weakest weak point.

"Stop nah, Pe...." She was already running her fingers through my hair while wiggling her bum on my crotch.

Someone knocked on the door. We paused and listened. Another knock. Then a loud voice of a hungry tenant asking if 'food neva done'.

Before Jenny would respond, I screamed back, "remain 10 minutes". The disgruntled fool went back clinking his plate on the wall as he left.

My grip all this while hadn't left Jenny. I knew I had limited time, it was a matter of time before others came, Ada or Victor would easily enter if they were at the door. So I quickly loosed Jenny's wrapper, she was already clearing the sink when she turned and saw the look of erotica desires in my eyes, it was no use arguing or trying to talk her way out of the situation she found herself in, she just let things be.

I tore the condom in record time. Jenny laughed when she noticed what I was doing.
"You came prepared abi? Yeye boy."

Her soft moan plugged the air as I started drilling her pussy like crude oil was outlined in it's manual. Three minutes every where don burst o. She was not satisfied. I wasn't expecting her to be. That was the game plan, she'll be soo Hot that she wouldn't want to go home that day. Which equates to an all night romp for me. Isn't that a Win-Win?

I was learning how to cook Egushi soup minutes later when Victor walked into the kitchen, he bursted into immediate laughter and winked at me. We all knew that he knew but who cares, he better not snitch, there was too much to lose. One, I could fuvk his own relationship with Ada also. Two, we were buddies and he knew my game paroles. I never told him about Jenny, even though he deciphered some facts but we were to water tight to drop a real cue for him. Well then he knew all his suspicions were true.

Grace arrival didn't stop anything, Jenny and I still found out ways to fuvk codely. Grace's leg wasn't getting better either which worried her alot, she started getting depressed and pulling away from everyone. As a 'caring' boyfriend, I was always there for her..... and Jenny..... and some minor side chicks.... grin grin

Fortunately, my mum came back to town for a couple of weeks. I laid on my bed that night after mumsy came back. I was reminiscencing about Grace's condition. I thought about my mum too, she was the best bone doctor I've ever met. Infact mumsy is a full blown doctor that never made it to Medical school, Her brothers felt school of Education was the best option back then for her but her love for science never left.

My grand dad was a herbal healer so being the only female in the family, my mom was always with her dad, learning everything she knew till date, she has never tried learning anything from the medicine line till date but doctors and owners of Pharmacists always refer hardened cases to her especially matters involving bones. Unfortunately she turned down most long term works and she rarely charge folks she treat. (Be like say na the spirit wey I get wey I sabi do work for people for pennies. Smh)

I had faith that mumsy could handle Grace's case but how to connect both of them was a problem. The next morning, I started by telling her about a female colleague of mine who broke her knee cap and have been struggling with it since. I left the impression that the girl was helpless and her handicap situation was making me do two times my usual work in school. Mumsy bought my lamba and asked to see Grace that evening.

When I informed Grace, she was skeptical at first, she claimed her therapist said she shouldn't allow any other third party to touch her knee. I kept assuring her to give mumsy a trial, by the way, it was free, safe for the items she was to buy.

By evening, she was seated nervously in my sitting room. I warned her to shut up about our relationship. My siblings were aware so they kept their mouth shut too. Grace and Mumsy soon warmed up to each other. My mother began the massage.

Quietly I left the room and went outside. I knew how cringing this sections tend to be. Grace was soon shedding bucket loads of tears as she tried to free herself from my mom's iron grip. Next thing Grace began screaming for her boyfriend to come hold her. Mumsy was confused and was asking where the boyfriend was. Grace immediately choked as realized the precarious situation she was in. Nevertheless, she never stopped screaming for her boyfriend to come safe her.

Amazingly, within ten days, Grace was walking without crutches again. It was a long battle from both her parents and doctors but she stuck with my mum till she got better. Her mum even called mine to thank her.

Within a month after her arrival, Grace was chasing me around the house. Her love for me grew exponentially. We were about copulating for the first time since she came back. I went to her bag to get condoms. She insisted that I brought the bag down. I reluctantly did. She asked me to pour all the condoms on the bed. Then she began counting it.

It was 12 short, I was looking at the ceiling as she counted. Then she started accusing me of cheating on her. I wasn't in the mood for bullshit, okay I was actually in the mood for bullshit because I flipped the table at once on her without remorse.

"Are you asking me of stealing your condoms? Or cheating on you?" I barked at her.

She tried to counter but I was too smart. I started the pity party, reminding her that I was with her all through her ordeal and my payback was an accusation. She weak. Began to apologize and shiiiit. I practically walked out by 11pm that night.

I didn't go far though, I simply pose in one corner and called Victor. When he came out, I explained things to him. He knocked on her door and went in, after five minutes, he came back and asked me to go back in.

Grace immediately knelt when she saw me, begging profusely, I swiftly swept her off to bed and began pressing breast. As I wan enter, I remember say I never strap on, naso I say make I go check for the condom. She press me down. Say make I dive in raw like niqqa raw. I gats ask her twice to be sure. She agree, say Victor don tell her say na him been dey carry her condoms. She come dash am the remaining one, say I don get rights to the nack her raw.

Omor naso I dive in. Kai, toto sweet....... Toto sweet.....

End of chapter 1.

Still I Rock......


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